Fall Foliage

This are the classic images we conjure up when thinking of fall foliage



North Carolina


They do foliage different in Georgia


Florida? Yep …


In Colorado it’s all about the aspen


Just kidding


New Mexico




Most of the “Fall in Hawaii” search results were about tourists dying after falling off high places like waterfalls and mountains. “What a spectacular viiieeeeeeewwwww!” … splat



Hard cider? You betcha!






  1. It’s hard to get excited for fall when it’s still six weeks off.

  2. Our Star is sick with something. She has a bad habit of eating stuff she finds at snout level. Most often she just drags clothes and shoes to her crate and squirrels them away. Every once in a while she’ll eat part of something. After losing multiple rolls of toilet paper from the multi pack we buy at Sam’s I bought a plastic tote to store them in. Someone left the lid on the bathroom trash open and it was like a buffet for her. Tuesday morning she ate her kibble and went upstairs. When I went up later I saw all the kibble vomited up on the stairs with a tampon mixed in with it. She has gone downhill since. After watching her Tuesday she spent the day at the Vet yesterday. Vet says she has a fever. X-ray of belly and labs normal, got IV fluids and an IV antibiotic. Really no diagnosis though. She’s going back for another day of fluids and they’re going to give her doxycycline for Lyme even though she has had the vaccine and tick/flea prevention. She hasn’t moved but maybe 10 feet since coming home from the Vet. Hopefully she bounces back. Not really sure what the diagnosis is, veterinary medicine is a little different than human medicine I guess. She’s an old girl, we’ve had her 5 or 6 years and they said she was 3 when we rescued her. Vet took one look at her back then and said she was more likely 6 or 7. As much as she barks at me every time I move or even look at her I kind of love my dysfunctional doggie.

  3. Vet told us to keep her cool. We left the windows in the living room open overnight and it dropped down to 38 degrees last night. Mission accomplished. The heat hasn’t been turned on yet … thankfully.

  4. We have a round crockpot as well as an oval one (at camp). The round one is big enough to fit large hunks of meat. I did cut up the Boston buttocks I made last weekend because it was two pieces of meat and I didn’t want to spend my day flipping my meat to get in the juice if you know what I mean.

  5. Prayers up for your doggie Jimbro

  6. Biden is going to have to make a choice:

    In order to have a remote chance at the presidency he’ll need to throw his kid overboard.

    Will he?

  7. Dogs are the worst. And by worst, I mean the best.

    Hope everything is ok.

  8. Christian Girl Autumn models look weird. Their faces are flat.

  9. In order to have a remote chance at the presidency he’ll need to throw his kid overboard.
    Will he?

    If I were Hunter, I’d worry that someone cuts my cocaine with 90% fentanyl,

  10. Tried to come up with variants of “franchise” for Delaware. Gave up when I realized I actually don’t give a rat’s mass.

  11. Those girls have weird legs. Like their calves are just bone or something.

  12. “Arkancide”. Fuck off, autocucumber.

  13. Hunter’s upcoming tragic overdose will be the jump-start the Biden campaign needs.

  14. Deer season just opened. Just got the call I have to go out and do the annual “find the shot deer” routine. My FIL hit a buck using his bow. Mid 60’s light wind, wet from showers last nite with passing showers and harvest is underway….happens every freaking year. Just once I wish he get a instant kill shot.

    My Sons car broke down yesterday and had to extract the vehicle from the side of the highway, it sits on the trailer as we speak and preliminary indications are he ran it dry of oil. Anyone got any cheese to go with my whine?

  15. So Fox News got rid of Todd Starnes now. After Michael Knowles. Even Fox is into cancel culture now.

  16. If I were Hunter, I’d worry that someone cuts my cocaine with 90% fentanyl,
    Maybe Biden could use his death for political gain. He’s been doing that for 40 years.

  17. Hope Star bounces back.

  18. He did it with Beau. The question is whether Joe is human enough that losing his only surviving son would crush him emotionally and get him to quit and spend the rest of his life in something akin to penitence or if he’s the sociopath I think he is and he’d make a campaign speech at the funeral.

  19. Campaign speech. Blame Trump.

    Lost the primary to Buttigieg anyway.

  20. I still don’t think it’ll be Buttplug.

  21. Sometimes Elliot eats something and is lethargic for a couple days. Nothing this serious, though. Hope Star gets better quick!

    I know what you mean about dysfunctional doggoes. I can’t be out with mine without him being a complete protective asshole. He’s fine with the wife. Drives me nuts.

  22. It’s gonna be Warren.

  23. Superdelegates don’t suck at math, they know Buttplug with the nom means at least half the black population stays home or votes Trump.

  24. With Bernie out, it’s going to be Warren.

  25. Poor Star. Hope she’s better soon.

  26. ww

  27. A woman who’s entire career was built on a foundational lie to acquire privileges.

  28. In her defense, I think she actually worked a few times in her life and accomplished a thing or two. That’s hard when you’re a natural bitch with an awful disposition. And I don’t think she’s ever ordered an arkancide, or she’s much better at hiding it, which is really an accomplishment in its own right.

  29. Harris takes out Warren.

  30. Nobody likes Harris.

  31. Warren created herself, using a little lie to help her along. but she built it on capitalism first to make her millions, then shifted over to “helping the poor” with her pay cut to $400k a year at the university. Barely living wage, for her.


  32. You should read the fawning headlines as you google “Warren early lawyer career”. That link was down the page.

    Even a couple protecting her Indian lies.

  33. Thing is, Warren isn’t an idiot, and she didn’t sleep with her boss to get ahead.

  34. Without the lie, she’s not an Ivy league-er. The whole course of her life is built on getting into Harvard. She’s a CPA in private practice with a blog if she doesn’t lie for that access.

  35. Probably true, but she isn’t stupid.

  36. Then again, neither is Hillary. Just not street smart.

  37. Her undergrad was University of Houston, and she went to law school at Rutgers. By the time she was hired at Harvard she was already pretty well established. She probably wouldn’t have won a Mass senate race, but she’d end up in other Dem circles. Probably influential in state politics at minimum.

  38. Warren and Hillary are both Tracy Flicks. Full of themselves, willing to stab others in the back to achieve their goals. Warren seems to be a bit more of a normal human being than Clinton. Hillary used anyone and everyone. Warren just seems to have drifted to the left as she got older and further into academia.

  39. Ah, okay, I’d missed the nuance about working at Harvard vs attending.

  40. With Joe and Bernie out, Harris is in the number two spot and she has Clinton on her side.

    Crazy old white lady is toast.

  41. Don’t count Hillary out. With Biden fading away, Bernie on bypass machines and Wall Street not loving Warren I think it’ll happen

  42. Prayers up for Star.

    I remain certain the eventual Dem nominee isn’t in the race yet. And I include Hillary as being transparently in the race without officially running. It ain’t gonna be her.

  43. In every poll, Warren is #1 or #2. I don’t see Harris in the top in anything.

  44. I don’t see Harris in the top in anything.

    she certainly, at this point, can’t get on top of enough people to win the nomination.

  45. Pat thinks it will be Hillary too.

  46. Not even democrats want hillary. There’s nothing that will make her palatable to the left and dems.

  47. It won’t be Hillary. After two attempts she’s done. The hard-left won’t accept her, and voters would find it insulting if she was the nominee again.

  48. Every time I read a Craig interview, he comes across as a thoughtful, gentle guy genuinely interested in peacekeeping in the city.

    Tlaib should be deported. With a cannon.

  49. Left’s having their “Trump moment”. Difference being there are a score of competing would-be “insurgent” candidates and the establishment is all but extinct. The struggle is between factions of the new regime.

  50. https://tinyurl.com/yybgtmbb

  51. That nickleback thing is too funny.

  52. From Car in’s link…

    Ultimately, this administration is not really outside the mainstream policy wise except on their foolish and economically disastrous tariffs.

    He was going fine until this point. Seriously, “economically disastrous”? The economy is doing fine, even with the trade war. The inability of these jackwagons to not react hysterically to every policy proposal that they oppose is frightening.

  53. Agreed. But I thought it was interesting from the perspective that Trump haters (Erickison included) are wrong on a LOT of things.

  54. It’s funny, because Bush made a shit tonne of mistakes, but somehow that’s different. /shrugs.

  55. Erick is a never trumper trying to get back in the good graces of the sane part of the party.

    He needs to try harder.

  56. LOL. He just can’t let some of the dislike go.

  57. The pro-Trump wing of the party is the sane part. You’d have to be bereft of your faculties to look at the actual policies and the results and clear popularity of the man himself and then declare that it’s the wrong approach to achieve the stated goals of the GOP.

    Or, you know, you could not actually share the stated goals and simply intend to do every bit as much damage as the Democrats, albeit at a more leisurely pace.

  58. Trump has demonstrated that much of the establishment were nothing more than grifters or incompetents.

  59. Right, and Erickson is in that camp, though he may simply lack the self-awareness to realize it. He’s what could have happened to Tucker Carlson if TuCa had somehow missed the moment.

  60. TuCa’s awakening has been fascinating. He’s one of the few who actually looked around after the election and said, “how did we miss this?” and learned from it.

    Can’t cuck The Tuck.

  61. I can’t believe you jackwagons are disagreeing with Scottstradamus.

  62. In public I’m disagreeing. In private I’m betting on what he says.

  63. It really has. If you can find it, he did a one-hour interview with Patrick Coffin when his book was coming out that was fascinating. Might still be on YouTube.

  64. Coconut milk or coconut cream is supposed to make a wonderful flan, beasn. Although for vegans you would have to eliminate the eggs,

    I’m allergic to coconut. I was just wondering if I could do it with say….rice, almond, or chickpea ‘milk’. For myself.
    For the wedding, I’m definitely doing a berry cobbler. Got a deliciously simple recipe from SIL’s aunt, at her mom’s wake.
    I may do little turnover bites (I have pre-made vegan puff pastry sheets) and pumpkin bars. Fruit makes even vegan stuff delicious.

  65. I hope Star feels better soon. Poor girl.
    I love me some dogs but man, they can be disgusting. Friend of ours had to take their dog in twice to get their daughter’s underpants removed from his gut. Friend just wanted to put him down because he, the dog, was an overall asshole…but he was his wife’s ‘baby’.
    I’m thinking he needed to smack the shit out of his girls as they all knew they kind of crap their dog got into but they continued to leave their britches on the floor, where he could dine on them.

  66. Chicken broth is now cooling. Bones didn’t disintegrate like I thought they would, but it smells good. Will give it a taste in a bit, then bag it up for the freezer.

  67. Wasn’t Detroit’s Chief Craig the guy who told his residents to arm themselves from the thugs because they can’t always be there?

  68. Yes, same guy. He’s got to be the only or at least the closest thing Detroit has to an honest public servant.

  69. Reiss, who has been a dentist for about six decades, said he’s witnessed a persistent, biased culture in the healthcare industry that can result in poor treatment for black patients.

    There is a hospital or two in the city of St. Louis, where no sane, conscious person would agree to go to. They ‘serve’ mostly the black community because it is a black community. One is referred to as ‘The Morgue’. Is it a biased culture in the healthcare industry or affirmative action incompetents ‘serving’ their own communities very poorly.

    I’d like to see the numbers of how many black people get abused or dead in hospitals located in better/stable/not inner city communities.

  70. I have an entire shelf of turkey stock in the freezer. I even threw out this year’s carcass.

    So much stock.

  71. I’ve mentioned it before, but my cousin was mostly killed by VA negligence, and then taken to The Morgue where he was left in a back room to breathe his last. I think my aunt got a settlement from whoever ran the ambulance service, for dropping him on the concrete outside the ER.

  72. My husband went to a (black) dentist near our home, and we can only figure she graduated due to affirmative action. Horrible. Scary horrible.

  73. August was super mild. September was what August was supposed to be – Africa hot – up until this morning. We went from weeks of 90 degree yuck, to this morning…. 70 and dropping.

  74. With Joe and Bernie out, Harris is in the number two spot and she has Clinton on her side.
    Crazy old white lady is toast.

    Look homophobes…how many times do I have to tell you that it will be Buttigieg?

    Gay is hot right now. Mega hot. Old white ladies are out.

  75. *cough*

  76. The one year I worked in St Louis I was downtown at the Glennon. My patients were either poor whites on the state version of Medicaid (I forget what it’s called in MO) or black kids from the city. My office census would peak in waves whenever the city bus stopped outside the hospital. I would have stayed longer but I was hardly doing any cases and for a guy who just finished training I was ready to “Heal with steel” as the saying goes. The residents were great, my colleagues were awesome and the kids often made my day as they still do now.

    What hospital is The Morgue? I only went to Glennon and SLU.

  77. Find the Deer 2019 was successful. Dad made a good shot, unfortunately the beast went down right next to a creek with the attendant steep muddy banks (did I mentioned it rained last nite?). Anywhosawhatits… it was a beast of a 8 pointer. Perfect rack probably 200 – 225 lbs, but my ability to estimate the weight isnt that great. We gutted it next to the creek and then it took 3 of us to drag it out to the sled, pull sled to truck and wrestle into the truck. Lots of slipping and sliding and cursing. Worth every minute of effort. FIL is happy man, he gets to punch his man card this season and soon we will have plenty of venison after reporting it and having it processed. He’s old school avid hunter and fisherman who watches all the hunting channel shows daily. Really happy for him. Son got a bit of experience in the gutting process, so good times making family memories

    On the way home I got a call from a prospective employer and have a interview set for tomorrow. They didn’t blink at my requested salary during the “pre-screen” so I figure that’s a good sign.

    And now, Back to your regularly scheduled program….

  78. https://nypost.com/2019/10/03/four-officers-killed-in-paris-after-police-employees-knife-attack-inside-station/

    “The suspect, believed to be a disgruntled deaf administrative employee … “

    No word if Aloha Snackbar was a factor

  79. That’s great Teeroy! Venison on the way just in time to take advantage of the recent news that red meat is OK

  80. Who is Scott’s prediction?

  81. Last Christmas, Houseguest got me a gift certificate to a spice company near here. I went a few weeks ago and loaded up on goodies. Today I pulled ras-al-hanout and dried porcini mushrooms out of that new stash. I’m making chicken with mushroom sauce and I think the ras-al-hanout will go great in it. Never have used dried porcinis before, I’m excited!

    The ras-al-hanout is delicious just tasted off a wet finger. Really different and good. I hope this works.

    Same company makes a berber spice mix that is incredible but I only got to taste the sample at the store. They were out of jars. 😦

  82. Vet just called and said she thinks it might be infection from a Lone Star Tick. She’s treating empirically but sent blood off to confirm


  83. berber spice

    Is that for the carpet?

  84. I have some ras-al-hanout in the cabinet. I’ve mostly used it to season chicken pieces.

  85. I thought ras-al-honout was what muslim panhandlers say to passers-by.

  86. The temp here went from 90 to 55 so fast you’d think it saw a state trooper.

  87. ehrlichiosis? sounds like Paul Erlich’s work.

  88. Is that for the carpet?


    Bet it tastes fishy

  89. berber spice

    The last Spice Girl. Just lays around, doesn’t even sing.

  90. Berber Spice leaves a tang on your tongue

  91. What hospital is The Morgue?

    Holy carp….I think it may have been Deaconess? I’m waiting for my sister to answer the question to refresh my memory. My BIL was a city cop and said 2 hospitals were pretty bad and the one he had always referred to as The Morgue, that I forgot what it’s real name was.

  92. How freaking cool are these?

    Costumes Turn Kids Into Transformers


  93. MJ is wrong. Buttplug has zero.zero chance.

  94. Kinda longing for a simpler time. Like back in the good old days when the leaders of a failed coup were stood up against a wall and shot…….

  95. Feel more better, Star!

    Nessie the Wonderdog’s eyeball appears to be healing, but even after 10 days of chicky and rice she is still having tummy problems. I boiled some beef (ran out of chicky) and mixed it with her rice last night, and about 1 hour later she barfed up what seemed like 3 days worth of food plus a horrific brown smelly gravy. Trip to the vet today, they don’t think she has a blockage, so now more meds and prescription dog fewd. Hooray for laminate flooring!

  96. 0.0?

    I like those odds.

  97. Not missing my dog right now. All these things, I remember them well.

    It sounds like Star has something similar to what Dorkus had, years ago. There was a day when he just apparently couldn’t move. He had to be carried out of the house. Pretty much the same Dx, some kind of tick disease.

  98. Jimbro, maybe Alexian Bros? Sister can’t remember either. We just know if you get sick in St. Louis, Barnes/Jewish or SLU are your best options…or go to the county.

  99. Pots de creme recipe posted on the recipe site.

  100. I still miss the pupper. She was with me for so long that I still hear things and think its her or that I need to take her out when I get home.

    I assume that’ll go away eventually.

  101. I still miss the pupper your mom. She was with me for so long that I still hear things and think its her or that I need to take her out when I get home.


  102. I’ve got no emotional attachment left to any of the inside pets. I’m eagerly awaiting a pet-free home.

  103. I used to think I could do without pets. Still feel that way about cats, but I’m kinda fond of Elliot. He’s my bud, follows me around like I know what I’m doing.

  104. She’s back from the Vet. Able to walk in the house on her own. She lay down by the water bowl and lapped up a bunch of water and then tried to hop up on the couch which didn’t happen. After thinking about it for a minute she went to her crate. I’ll know she’s feeling better if she barks at me when I get up to move

  105. I will always have dogs. Period.

  106. My schedule makes keeping a dog difficult. I’m never home. A cat I might consider.

  107. I like being able to come and go as I please, not having to worry about a dependant.

    The wife would NOT be able to live without pets.

  108. I need to have my doggies in my household. They provide unconditional love and there is a purity to them that I need to be reminded exists in the world. I’ll be sitting on the couch and my doggie will jump up and sit next to me, just to be next to me. Doesn’t want anything, doesnt demand anything, just wants to be there. I think most households with children should have a dog and a cat as they can be used teach compassion, loyalty, playfulness, tolerance, etc. I believe God placed them here for a reason and we should accept the gift when possible.

  109. We had 7 or so months between Tackle and Nessie, I call them the hair-free days of yore. Honestly if my idiot SIL hadn’t blackmailed us into taking The Wonder Dog we would probably still have dogs because it makes Mrs. Pupster happy.

  110. I haven’t had a pet in ages. Been considering a cat, but I have some other ducks that need to be in a row first.

  111. And no, I am NOT getting a duck for a pet! Too messy.

  112. I hope Star gets better. The MFM keeps pushing Harris. They really want her.

  113. We had dogs for nearly the first 20 years of our marriage. We did love them. And they do keep you moving. We were sad to lose them. They get under your skin and break your heart. However, there comes a time…the break has been nice.

    We both have fewer random allergy attacks than when we had dogs. And we love being able to come and go as we please, go on vacay without much advance planning, etc.

    The last part of Dorkus’ life I moved to the downstairs bedroom because he couldn’t do stairs anymore and he was so attached, he was miserable without me. I put a cheap temporary cleanable rug in there because of his accidents. He had to go outside or otherwise woke me up almost every night for months and months.

    I did this for a dog that was an asshole. Imagine what a GOOD dog would put me through? Nope. No more. Not for a long damn while, anyway.

  114. I’m with TeeRoy

  115. Every bark and every piss on the floor assaults my charitable nature.

  116. And I could go the rest of my life without cleaning another cat litter.

  117. NM pic looks like the Bosque by the Manzanos.

  118. Cold rainy shitty day today. Was perfect for spending the whole day heating the house with the oven, cooking a variety of things.

  119. So I read a book yesterday. Not long, but well done. The Lost Secret to a Great Body. It’s a particularly well-written (for an exercise e-book) treatise on the well-documented but controversial “light dumbbell program” that was what a lot of old-time strongmen/physical culture types and boxers openly claimed they used to train their physiques and substantial strength. Modern bodybuilding would have you think that this was just what they told people to sell books to the gullible, or that if they did this stuff at all it was just as beginner programming, but the author lays out a compelling case to dispute that.

    It includes a routine that’s essentially a copy/merge of several of the published routines (the originals are already well out of copyright and easy to find). I’m tempted to try it for a while and see what comes of it.

  120. Sounds tedious. Why don’t you just sit next to me and have a nice slice of this cake, instead.

  121. If you do enough 12 oz curls you get six pack abs.

  122. Leon, that looks interesting.

    Rippetoe would not approve.

  123. You should listen to Scott. He’s pre-med. Way, way waaaayyy pre-med.

  124. I don’t like beer, though.

    No, Alex, Rippetoe would not. And it sure ain’t crossfit. Closer to Pilates back before someone decided that was just French yoga.

  125. I will have to borrow my wife’s 5# weights. I hope they aren’t too heavy. Sadly they aren’t hot pink, to really compound the shame.

  126. I can’t remember if I told y’all. Minnesota released hockey tickets for the MN-Duluth game. $44 a ticket for college hockey. So excited. Balloon Fiesta unofficially starts tomorrow. Pray for Oso

  127. so #MyRagnar is no longer a thing?

  128. Not supposed to talk about your ragnar.

  129. No, Alex, Rippetoe would not. And it sure ain’t crossfit. Closer to Pilates back before someone decided that was just French yoga.

    I’ve gone to yoga classes that left me terribly sore the next day. When done properly it seems like it’s a similar type of focus: lots of working a muscle until exhaustion with added stretching as well.

    I would imagine that this might be good for older folks worried about trying to maintain muscle mass as well as their balance.

  130. *tosses Leon a can of hot bubblegum pink spraypaint*

    *fingerguns/ wink combo*


  131. Why did you have that!?

  132. Well, sometimes I’m doing some work around the house and I just need to

    *suddenly runs away*

  133. Peaky fooking Blinders tomorrow

  134. Comment by MJ on October 3, 2019 4:17 pm

    I still miss the pupper.

    Was that Ripper? Awww.

  135. So, an AOC fan thinks we don’t have any time, so we need to eat babies?

  136. https://is.gd/8JJuUs

  137. Jay, people like that whacko remind me to buy more ammo.

  138. And we really need to bring back mental institutions.

  139. I don’t know which was funnier today, watching Trump’s OODA loop with the press or the Dems defending Nickelback.

  140. Despicably, Edgar robbed pensioners.

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