1. Tinder one is my favorite.

  2. Too many to pick just one

    I did send the guy falling down the stairs one to Paula

    She laughed a little too heartily for my comfort

  3. Star is on the rebound. Still not herself yet but heading in the right direction. Serology is still pending but the Vet is thinking either ehrlichiosis or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a Lone Star Tick. If it is RMSF it’ll be the first case she’s seen in this area. She’s walking by herself, back to eating some food and halfheartedly barking at me.

  4. I blame fcuking ticks and the ghost of John Denver

  5. Glad to hear Star is doing better.

    Trying to get motivated to do stuff today. I have been doing laundry one load per day and hanging the clothes to dry on towel racks and shower doors. Looks like the Clampetts here. Mr. RFH has offered to put up a clothesline, so I need to find the clothespins in the prepper stuff.

  6. The other thing I need to do is keep my promise when I ripped up the diocesan Catholic Charities pledge card and send donations to the Catholic charities that actually do something useful and don’t undermine the Church.

  7. Bishop’s Appeal arrived a few days after I heard him on the radio talking about the “myth” that immigrants (he didn’t qualify) use more social services than citizens.

    Haha. No.

    Pretty sure he’d help Somalis invade if there were $$ in it.

  8. Tango and dinner afterwards last night. Actually woke up early this morning, so I’m in the gym before is gets busy. Deadlifts, 3 miles on the treadmill, then breffest. Tonight is more tango and another three miles, and somewhere in between I want to get some Bible reading in as well as some investment research.

  9. Guard weekend, solo dad. Mrs is taking her last-chance fitness test tomorrow. If she fails she’s out and we’re off tricare, big bummer and a hit to the wallet. If she passes she’s switching to Battle Creek so her commute will be 90 minutes rather than 300 minutes.

  10. Good luck to the Mrs.

  11. Off to the bank and then to pickup my new glasses. Then I get to come back and fight with the FIL because his crazy ass was talking about going out hunting and a farmer called saying he wanted FIL to “help” with Harvest. Help means run a combine or drive a semi neither of which he has any business doing until we get some more concrete information regarding his episode yesterday.

    Sitting on the porch this morning having coffee with him and I say “Dad yer just going to have to slow yer roll until we get this squared away.” Ole man says “I’ll be aight.” I reply “you weren’t anywhere close to aight yesterday and you scared the shit outta me, you dont owe anyone anything and those deer will be there when shotgun season opens.” He responded with a non-committal grunt.

    Fucking Hard Ass…. I love him, but godbless there is a time to turn it off.

  12. So hard to come in on either side of that Teeroy. He sees it as “Fuck it, this is how I lie my life and if I stop moving and doing the things I like, why live at all?” And you and his loved ones see it from the perspective of his continued health and presence in your lives. Most hard asses eventually see the light before it’s too late. Sounds like he might need a nudge or two in that direction.

  13. live my life

  14. Great grandpa died mowing the lawn at age 94. I will likely go out similarly.

  15. Wakey wakey.

    This, from our local facebook scanner page:

    UNKNOWN ACCIDENT / EMS ALPHA 30 (EARLIER CALL 10-4-19): Lake Pleasant Rd. and Newark Rd. A passerby stated there was a M in the ditch, with a mower of top of him. He wasn’t moving.Caller didn’t stop to check on the M. The caller went back to the area,and there was nothing there. Caller then stated there was a M cutting his grass.Caller made contact with the M that stated he was cleaning grass from the bottom of his mower.Caller stated everything was all set. #Attica

  16. What part of the fitness test is she worried about ?

  17. I hear ya. I know that his passing will come sooner than later and his happiness is all that I’ve really been concerned with for the past few years. Its the reason I went to Wisconsin last month, he would’ve went alone if I didn’t go. I don’t want him passing alone and I want him to have his dignity to the very last moment. I just want a more definitive read on whats going on before he saddles back up.

    And Im off! Like a herd of turtles!

  18. Epic, Pups!

  19. I like watching the various “abandoned places exploration” videos on YT. Some are better than others. This is a long one at a half hour but the place is huge. An abandoned hotel complex in upstate NY

  20. The run, primarily, and the waist measurement. The two are not unrelated. She did a practice test in the gym on Thursday and passed, but her margins were slim.

  21. What time does she have to get?

  22. Two weeks until my half marathon. Then … I have nothing to look forward to. Tool tickets are still pricey. Sigh …

  23. I don’t recall the exact numbers, the distance is only 1.5 miles, but my wife (and her tremendous rack) really isn’t built for speed.

  24. She needs to double bra those babies. She’s not a runner, or need it often, but I know some great bras that work.

    I’m just a fraction size wise, but it must be hormonal shift, because they’ve gotten a tad … bigger, and more … sensitive. I’ve had to clamp down on them for my runs.

    /bra blog

    If she’s close to the time, she should be able to pull it off.

  25. One of the girls on my ragnar team, runs a 4:1. That means she runs for four minuets, walks for one. She pulls some good times with that (as a crossfitter, not primarily a runner). She can get down to 8:30 miles sometimes for her runs.

  26. I really should try it. I did once, and actually was amazed at my time. I just like to zone out a bit while running.

  27. the 1.5-3 mile runs in the various fitness tests are bullshit, IMHO. You don’t run those types of distances in combat. You are either sprinting short distances, or moving tactically. The Army would be better served by switching to a 40 yard spring / 5 mile road march combo as part of its PT test rather than a two-mile run.

  28. Ok, so my mom “shared” a meme with the caption: “This photo is too beautiful not to be seen by everyone”

    It is a picture of this:

  29. “This photo is too beautiful not to be seen by everyone”


    (Axtually it’s nice!)

  30. Well, sure. But it’s an animatronic deal.

  31. My thinking matches yours, Alex. A hike with equipment or equivalent weight paired with some sprints seems much closer to real-world needs.

    She does two bras, Carin, but it’s still a lot of weight above the waist, which makes running simultaneously more mechanically cumbersome and energetically less efficient.

  32. Ouch (Roamy attempted to fix)


  33. First link doesn’t work for me, Pepe.

  34. Spartan race. Climb over shit. Under shit. With a ruck. There you go. BOOM. Perfect military PT test

  35. Actually, some of the crossfit shit would work perfect. Carrying heavy things up and over things. One of the games consisted of carrying a certain # of sandbags up stadium stairs. For time. You could carry as many at a time that you could haul.

  36. Monkeyed with it, think it works now.

  37. The Army already does Spartan races. They just don’t charge hipsters for it, much to their dismay.

    But seriously, obstacle courses create problems for use as a PT test. First and foremost is simple availability. You need to be able to scale up the test when necessary, to handle either a single soldier, or several hundred, and do this basically every day without getting in the way of everything else. Second, the more complex the assessment, the more time gets spent training for it, which takes away time from other training.

    As for crackfat, part of the reason that the Army and Marines are redoing their PT tests is due to the rise of crossfit and other fitness trends, which illustrated the weaknesses of the current PT tests. The issue again is the logistical requirements associated with adding various exercises, as well as balancing the number and type of exercises you do.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t object to a PT test that consisted of thrusters, pull-ups, sprints, and a road march.

  38. It seems you wouldn’t need to watch every solder. Scaling is made by weight carried, or height of shit climbed over. It just seems that if you actually want to measure combat fitness readiness, you’d need to do something that is relatable. Running up hills. Crawling under wires. Etc. Pulling your body up stuff.

    Unless the PT test is really just a bs thing anyway and they don’t care if anyone is actually “fit”.

  39. They just don’t charge hipsters for it, much to their dismay.

    haa haaa haaa …

    Honestly – as much as people make fun of it, it’s all just in good fun. Shit, it’s better than all the “Lets do drugs and have sex with strangers” music festivals.

  40. Back in the day I’d make points on my run to compensate for my scores on push ups and sit ups. Because I was out in ‘94 I was never at risk of flunking it.

    I still remember guys who were pissed at me for flagging them on retention physicals because of stuff I found. One soldier literally had two black toes from vascular insufficiency, he was a pack a day smoker. He wanted me to pass him as fit for duty. I emphasized with his predicament but was unwilling to let him have the big one on duty with my name on the form declaring him A-OK. All that happened was a further review by another doctor who probably passed him.

  41. It seems you wouldn’t need to watch every solder. Scaling is made by weight carried, or height of shit climbed over.

    You’d need an NCO on every obstacle to ensure that no one cheated, plus NCOs to record soldier times when they start and finish. You’d also need to keep medics and an ambulance on hand in case of an injury. Plus, using the obstacle course involves all the equipment of the obstacle course.
    Right now you can give a soldier PT test with one NCO and the testing soldier, plus a mat for the sit-ups.

    It just seems that if you actually want to measure combat fitness readiness, you’d need to do something that is relatable. Running up hills. Crawling under wires. Etc. Pulling your body up stuff.

    Of course. And there’s the rub: there are plenty of exercises that can allow you to assess fitness for certain aspects of combat, but each has drawbacks, and you can’t use them all. So which combination allows for the best assessment without increasing the risk of injury to a soldier during testing, or fatiguing them to the point that the assessment becomes worthless?

    The current APFT has lasted as long as it has because, while it sucks, it works just well enough that no one can figure out a replacement that doesn’t cause more problems. That, and bureaucratic inertia keep it going.

  42. I had to max the army PFT in 06 to qual for the trip over. Then I had to do it again when I arrived after two weeks acclimation. I was 42 and smoked. Not fun at all. Everything was gravy cept the run. There was a retired Gurkha with us, I think he was 55, fucker ran the entire thing smiling the whole way.

  43. It appears Trump tweeted a great big Fuck You at Romney….too freaking funny….


  45. Lol, got a warning from my cousin to turn off smoke detectors and air purifiers when smudging the house. I never understood how blowing smoke everywhere is supposed to clean a house, but I learned to not argue with her.

  46. I had to google ‘smudging’.

  47. Not tired of winning.

  48. Boat’s ready to be put to bed until spring. Always a sad day.

  49. Scott, I assume she burned sage, but she did say she had her medical marijuana card handy in case the cops show up. (eye roll)

  50. Smudging came up on a Catholic Answers q&a once, that’s how I heard of it.

    Fire hazard at best, pagan superstition at worst.

  51. “Boat’s ready to be put to bed until spring.”

    * sharpens teeth *

  52. I noticed that our dehumidifier had been running more than usual and last night I discovered why.

    The door seal on the dishwasher failed. Every time we do dishes it rains in the basement.

    Thin piece of foam, maybe 5 feet long.


    * opens dishwasher door seal factory *

  53. Leon might find this interesting.

  54. Leftover Jambalaya. Sam’s has Andouille sausage. Cooking and freezing. Mostly freezing.

  55. Fucking cashier accepted a vertical ID. 50,000 auto for the club. Up to $5000 personal for the cashier. Another $10K for the Club.

  56. Loot boxes are gambling. So are packs of Pokemon cards. Weird when CoE gets something right.

  57. “vertical ID… ”


  58. Person Under 21.

  59. We rarely used our dishwasher and usually hand wash them. Last time I used it there was water leaking out and that was over a year ago. I just watched a video on “how to replace a dishwasher door seal” and think even I could do that. It’s over 20 years old so a failed seal is not surprising.

  60. It’s only money.

  61. It is fucked. Looks like a family dealio. Doesn’t matter. Our 3rd QTR Bonus is in jeopardy. I’m floating my boss new name and gender. Fuck that LAZY POS.

  62. I’ll race you.

    Door seal and 5 burpees for time.

  63. So a family member sold to an underage family member?

  64. I wrote Glenn Beck off a while ago. His work lately has been really good though. His chalkboard on Ukraine is priceless. It’s worth the time to watch.

  65. I’m getting worse. I have food but won’t fix it. I wasn’t like this a year and a half ago. WTF, me?

  66. I gotta have a long talk with my head docs. I may not be in deep crying fits but my get up and go hightailed it somewhere with no extradition treaty.

  67. I have pasta. Clean pot. Water. Prego sauce.

    I promised myself all week I’d make myself spaghetti.

    I sit here hungry.

    WTF is wrong with me?

  68. Fuckit. Making something before I go to bed. Christ I’m a loss.

  69. Will chatting with me help?

  70. Maybe you just don’t like Prego. Can’t blame you, it’s kinda salty, and sweet. Just use some crushed tomatoes, the big 28 oz can. Add 1 Tbs salt (no more) and 1 Tbs sugar (trust me). 1 Tbs Italian seasoning, and 1 tsp (the little one) red pepper flakes. you won’t notice the heat.

    Way better than prego. especially if you add 1 lb of browned sausage.

  71. Oh, I forgot. 2 Tbs garlic (raw). or 1 Tbs powdered. Not garlic salt.

  72. Disdaining emotionalism, Ralph proceeded.

  73. Feels like it happened longer than a year ago

    Rumor has it they’re moving out of state at some point

  74. Jay, I feel like I went down the rabbithole with that Beck video, but that was worth the time. Down in the comments there was a link to where one of the Ukrainian arms dealers hosted fundraisers for Schiff and Pelosi, and Pelosi’s son is tied to that company. The swamp is a lot deeper than I thought.

    BroCav, I wish I were closer, I would cook you something.

  75. Another odd coincidence

  76. Company picnic today, pray forOso Mrs. Pupster.

  77. I want to know if Mrs. Leon passed the physical.

  78. It is scheduled for 1230.

  79. I ran across “coconut shy” several times in the book I’m currently reading, in reference to a midway-type game at a fair in the 1880’s. The coconuts are on poles, you pay for so many throws, and if you knock one off, you win a prize (or the coconut itself). TIL that I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts refers to the game.

    Also, Merv Griffin was a goof.

  80. Good luck to Mrs. Leon, will be praying for her.

  81. For sure good luck to Mrs. Leon, EYE OF THE TIGRESS!

  82. What Pupster said … I can’t say it with a straight face!

  83. My reading has run into a brick wall recently. I tried reading The House Of The Seven Gables and it’s taken a couple of weeks to get through Chapter 1. The kindle says I’m 11% through it. After getting cross eyed reading Chapter 2 I gave up and started a mindless (for the reader) zombie book. My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive who is not going to the company picnic

  84. I don’t know if she – or any woman – really gets as much out of Rocky montages as even the most effeminate of men.

  85. That’s a lot of salt to put in with a 28oz can of maters. I’d go teaspoon.

    BroCavil, force yourself under threat of asskicking to cook once a week. Freeze into individual portions for those bad days. I’ve got a great lasagna recipe. Or buy already cooked rotisserie chickens from the grocery….tear it up, four or more dinners. DO IT.

  86. Jimbro, that is a crazy story. But amazing in that the boy was thrown and who just so happened to be there, to help him.

  87. Mission music requires METAL. Hard, Crunchy, Im gonna kick your ass METAL. Prayers out for Mrs. Leon.

    Weekend has been kicking my ass. Just returned from the vet. Our teacup yorkie presented with symptoms of gastric distress yesterday morning. Didn’t eat all day, didn’t poop, didnt hydrate, lethargic, clingy, could just tell he wasn’t feeling well. Did all the home care approach stuff. He pooped once yesterday evening and it appeared to be bile and hair laden. This morning he went out, didnt urinate much at all and no bowel movement. He finally ate but 5 mins later was walking across the kitchen floor and let out a couple of yelps, began guarding and seeking shelter. Pulled the trigger and headed for emergency vet (money I do not have but what can you do) Exam indicated stomach tight but not bloated, dehydrated, sugar a bit low, Xray showed no obvious obstruction, gas visible, checked his spine and his hips. 300ml fluid subcutaneous, antibiotic, nausea relief pain med, and B12 injection combined. Home and monitoring, hopefully just some light gastric doggy issue. Changing his diet to boiled chicken and rice. We shall see….Pray for Hercules. He’s a good doggy and the “baby” of the family.

  88. Hercules! That’s a great name for a little dog. A neighbor had a mini dachshund of that name, years ago.

  89. Hope Herc feels better soon. As you know, my Star went through a rough patch this week and she’s on the rebound now. She’s walking on her own now which is a good thing because she is what the Vet calls a “big girl”. Just beginning to eat again and barking at me which is her baseline. When I went upstairs to bed last night it made Paula happy to hear her barking at me because she knew she’d turned the corner to recovery.

  90. When she was picked up we had a bet about what the charge would be. I bet $800 and she bet $1500. It was $900 for 3 days of tests, fluids and labs. We brought her home every night though.

  91. Our girl Ruby was the house Crier too. Flush a toilet, bark. Open a door, bark.

  92. Rainy day tomorrow. Looks like a soup day.

  93. It’s only me lol. The boys and Paula walk around and she’s silent. I get up and the barking starts. 9 times out of 10 Paula is in bed before me because she wakes up earlier than I do and Star can’t stay quiet as I get ready for bed. It’s the full on INTRUDER bark too. I got away with it last night though!

  94. Holy shit, $900 for tests? That’s a hunnerd bucks fiddy more than a mastectomy on a guinea pig.

  95. $450. Luckily my daughter actually has a “Care Credit Card” for vet stuff or else I’d be pretty much screwed right now. Been out of a job since 8/15. Working diligently on getting that corrected but 56 yr old white males ain’t exactly high in demand out here and the emergency fund is drying up rapidly. Hoping tomorrows interview goes well and unless I get put up against a recently separated cop I should get the nod. The initial phone interview with Director of Ops went well, the phone screen with Regional Ops went very very well. So Im cautiously optimistic. We shall see, its in Gods hands, everything for a reason….

  96. I finished all my packing before kickoff.

    It’s a Christmas miracle,

  97. She passed. We get to keep tricare and she can finally leave Public Affairs and the crappy management that has moved in.

    Huzzah and thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

  98. Yahoo!!

  99. Good work!

  100. Excellent news Leon. It did me good to read that. Helps with perspective. Congrats to Mrs. Leon for her efforts.

  101. Congrats, Leon. Do you have a video of her running? We could critique her form. 😉

  102. Mrs. Leon can now start training to run the Ragnar next year.

  103. No video, and probably no running for a long time, it was killing her foot and knees.

    Prayers for Hercules.

  104. Feel more better Hurk!

    The Wonder Dog has responded well to the gold-plated wet and dry dog food, but when the free samples from the Vet run out we are going to have to take out a loan. TSC has a rebranded copy of the dry stuff, but the wet stuff is $75 a case. Jesus.

    Congratulations to Mrs. Leon!

    *training montage featuring Pantera, with Leon wrapping up the girls with an ace bandage*

  105. Yay for Mrs. Leon!

  106. Congratulations Mrs Leon! Prayers for Herc

  107. No video, and probably no running for a long time, it was killing her foot and knees.

    Can she get a permanent profile and do an alternate event like walking?

  108. Maybe now that she’s passed, but this was a charity retry after two failures.

  109. Gratis to Mrs. Leon, hoping pets get better, making fucking spaghetti tonight. Really gotta stop staying up so late, I know Damn well that’s when the black dog howls loudest.

  110. Wow, nephew and his family were stuck on the Disney Skyliner cable car for 3.5 hours. They got a $200 gift card and four free passes. Doesn’t really seem like enough, but those passes aren’t cheap.

  111. She made him up some boiled chicken breast and rice and he accepted that so we gave him a couple of tablespoons to kick start. He weighs 5.3 lbs. After eating he went straight to his rack for a hour and a half but no further signs of immediate distress. He did bark at me a bit as I entered and exited the house doing chores so Im taking that as a good sign.

    Pretty sure he’s going on a boiled chicken and rice diet for the foreseeable future, it maybe more cost effective than processed food. I need to check and see what other supplements may be needed so he gets the appropriate nutrients.

    Thanks All for the good wishes and prayers.

  112. Also, if the run is causing that much trouble, she needs to see a doctor and make sure everything is in her military medical records. However much longer she stays in, once she gets out that could mean a decent disability rating from the VA.

  113. My ex used to feed our 4 dogs the BARF diet.

    It involved special food that took up a lot of room in the freezer and buying chickens at the grocery store and cutting the entire bird up, bones and all, to give to them. Pain in the ass.

    Our dogs get NutriSource kibble and between the two of them it’s 3 cups a day, AM and PM

  114. 3 cups total/day!

  115. She knows, there was just no way out of this test in particular. I’m hoping it will be the last of its kind. She needs 5 more years to retire with 20 and we can stay on tricare in perpetuity.

  116. 35 year reunion is on Saturday and I am being pressured to go.

    Undecided as of yet.

  117. I’ve never gone to a class reunion. I’m not really in touch with anyone from those days. Might be fun though. Rent a corvette and show up in a tux. Or get some Goodwill bib overalls and borrow a tractor. You can be anyone you want to be.

  118. Because our school was desegged my senior year, we never had a reunion. I am still friends with my BFF from back then. We’re Godmothers to each other’s daughters. I am also related thru my SIL to a former classmate (we were acquaintances then).

    Now my husband, he’s still good buddies with guys he went to kindygarten with…..and his highschool and college teammates. We’ve been to two of his reunions and attend the charity auction his alma mater puts on each year.

  119. Pay some Swede to show up and fight you in the hallway of your old high school.

  120. I went to a high school reunion and hated it.

  121. I went to my 10 year, it was alright. They had it about a mile from my house in a newly built function hall. That was enough reminiscing for me. Probably should have waited for the 50th, might’ve jumped the gun on that one.

  122. Braves bats finally woke up!

  123. I was deployed when my 10 year rolled around. A classmate was about two provinces over from me.

  124. I went to my 5th reunion, way too soon. We went to Mr. RFH’s 10th, and his classmates, with one exception, were incredibly obnoxious. I’d happily meet with Grail again (is that a cool name for a Catholic girl), but the rest of those snobs can get bent.

  125. Haven’t been to a HS reunion. TX High School that holds reunions in August and bitches that no out of state Alumni attend. We tried to get Homecoming Reunions. October+State Fair. We get voted down. Meh. Bunch of Rayciss yahoos. 🤣🤣🤣 TAS is planning a St Louis reunion in June for those of us that can’t afford the Taiwan reunion in March. Beasn, I’ll be in touch.

  126. My 20th and 25th were scheduled on Thanksgiving weekend, which might have worked if my parents hadn’t moved. I didn’t hear anything about a 30th, haven’t heard about a 35th.

  127. I used to give baby food to sick pets. That was a too from the vet that worked great. Gentle on the tummy and they all loved it. Pureed chicken, beef, etc in the tiny Gerber jars. Plain straight from the jar for cats, or I’d spoon it into rice for a dog with the runs.

  128. Don’t know anybody from high school. Not interested in a reunion. I hated every day of school.

  129. I’ve attended Vegas and Nashville TAS Reunions. Missed Austin and NOLA.

  130. My brother has started attending college football games. First game was at LSU. Guy in front of him played baseball against my bro in HS. This year, he went to THE OSU at Nebraska. MFer was wearing Cornhusker gear. Did we verbally harass him…yes. Yes, we did.

  131. Ohio State marching band. Nice job!

  132. Better kNU than tOSU. Low bar, though.

  133. I don’t do reunions, though I have run into folks I went to school with from time to time. Not the college though. Don’t want anything to do with any of that.

  134. small class for me (33), so we all know each other. Mrs. Jay’s reunions are 5 years off mine, and she always goes to mine and has a good time, instead of hers.

  135. How’s the spaghetti, Brother Guido Cavil?

  136. I made ground beef casserole with the prime rib drippings in the freezer. Yummy.

  137. And I used lots of BEANS too, oso. SO THERE!

  138. roamy, as they walked McCann today, I said to Mrs Jay that was a mistake. Dansby is killing us. If Carlos pitches to McCann we probably win.

  139. Molina is a helluva catcher.

  140. I’m making meatloaf right now.

  141. No beans!! Asshole at work yesterday “Do you have canned Chile?
    “ Oso, do you mean Hatch canned chile or Gringo chili? Asshole: Hormel. Oso: aisle 16.

  142. 6 years ago, we stopped carrying green chile dip. Everyone at Sam’s yesterday: Where’s the green chile dip?

  143. Mahomes is a freak.

  144. Had a freezer party today. It was mostly yummy. Dan found an old pumpkin pie. We don’t have Cool Whip or vanilla ice cream.

  145. Mahomes is my freak. Hate the Fingerbangs. Cousin posting pics of her kid with Mahomes at TT. DAN bought a Mahomes jersey just to mess with me

  146. Hormel chili and ritz crackers. Mrs Jay turned me on to that.

    Plus it makes a good chili dog when you run out of homemade.

  147. I love Hormel no beans chile.

  148. I don’t understand how Mahomes can be so good in the NFL, and Iowa State could beat him at Tech.

  149. Oops. Chili.

  150. As usual, KC will be great offensively, and get beat on defense.

  151. heh, chili/chile always reminds me of the Good Eats Chili episode. very good!

  152. North Albuquerque is inundated with balloons. This week and next. We attended Mass at our old parish. If this parish was suburban, I would go every week. City of Albuquerque supplies port o potties for the homeless. There is one in our parking lot. Security hired by church attends Mass with us. Oso wants her really cute little gun. Dan got mad when I refused to participate in Meet and Greet that is destroying traditional Catholicism.

  153. Manziel
    Matt Leinart
    JaMarcus Russell

    It’s a different game. He can see it.

  154. …..and he doesn’t have loser brown eyes.

  155. heh, his eyes are hazel, not blue.

  156. in other words, brown.

  157. Also known as light colored.

  158. Hormel no beans chili is in Pioneer Woman’s 7 can soup. I always think of the different cultures cooking meme. “American: You open three cans and heat them up in a pan. Congratulations, you cooked.”

    Chinese was “How much seasoning? Your heart will tell you, ask the stars.” Some Scandi country was “Boil it, soak it in lye, then go enjoy today’s five minutes of sunlight.”

  159. I haz hazel eyes. Based on my skin and hair color, people assume blue.

  160. hmm that sounds really good.

  161. I wish someone would do a copycat recipe of Lorna Doone cookies. I just made a batch of shortbread I saw on the innertubes and I know they aren’t going to be as delish as Lorna Doones (which are vegan). Hmm. LD has corn flour and starch. How much? I DON’T HAVE TIME TO FIDGET WITH IT.

  162. that one isn’t vegan, it’s got butter in it

  163. Wow, Mason Rudolph is out? Who knew he was in? Another one that I don’t get how he’s so good in NFL. Bad choices in college.

  164. I can use a butter substitute. Fleischmann’s unsalted margarine is the only margarine that is dairy free.

    I saw that recipe you linked. It’s similar to Pioneer Woman’s recipe but she uses almost a cup of cornstarch to that puny less than a teaspoon.

  165. Fleischmanns has soybean oil in it, though. I usually use Earth Balance soy free, butter substitute. I’ve got one shortbread resting in the fridge. I think I’ll make up Ree’s tomorrow and do a comparison.

  166. Looks like I’ll have to turn on the heat tonight. Getting down into the 40s overnight. If I didn’t have a 90 year old housemate, I wouldn’t.

  167. This is prime sleeping weather. No humidity and low is going to be 45. I literally just opened the window. Lil Doogy pooped! Yay us. Got his medication administered and he seems to be perking up. Im emotionally exhausted tween the ole man and the li doggy been nothing but worry all weekend. Thanks again for the supportive comments. Gnite.

  168. 38 here this morning.

  169. Been great sleeping weather the last couple days. One morning it was 60 degrees in the bedroom when I woke up. Made it feel very snuggly to stay under the covers. Not so much coming out.

    I have tomorrow off. Gonna process a British Imperial Asstonne of peppers in a variety of ways.

    And probably make a giant end-of-the-garden crustless quiche in two 9×13 pans for cutting and freezing in tv dinner size blocks.

  170. Yes, my life is really this exciting. Thank goodness.

  171. Spaghetti was good. Actually getting it made, even better.

    Tomorrow night, chili mac & cheese. Been quite a while since I made it!

  172. Debbie’s earnings remained paltry.

  173. Ignore this comment if you’re boycotting the NFL:

    Mahones is indeed a freak of nature. He’s in the right system at the right time surrounded by the right players. Mess any of things up and he becomes an average QB.

    During the first half of the Pats-Skins game earlier in the afternoon I was watching them struggle against the woeful Redskins and thinking that this was KC’s year. Losing to the Colts shows they are not invulnerable. And I think Scott or Jay mentioned it upthread, their defense is not playing to the same level as their offense is now.

    I have nothing to support this but I think part of the Patriots struggle in the first half might have been Belichick trying out some new receivers in a game situation to see what they have on the roster. Or the wheels may be falling off the engine … not sure either way.

    I now return you to your regular blog


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