Hello bear-dogs, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born on March 16th, 1986 in Prague,  Czech Republic.  44-28-39, 5’8″ and 135 lbs, please take evasive action and say hello to Miss Terry Nova! (AKA Brandy Lee, DeBmi, Tereza S., Tereza Sweet, Teri Melody, Teri Nova, Teri Sweet, Terry Sweat, Terry Sweet).


  1. Disgustingly lovely

  2. I bet she could realign your chakras

  3. Wakey wakey

  4. Tragically oversized.

  5. Good Lord!

  6. Not a crossfitter.

  7. Snowed here, I guess it was inevitable.

  8. She might be a tough mudder.

  9. 0/10 would smash

  10. SUUUUUUUUUUU Weet boobage Pup!!!
    she’s awesome.
    3 thumbs up

  11. “tough mudder.”


  12. If she had a great personality, a warm laugh, and I met her in church, okay.

    Any other set of circumstances and she can push her own tit wheelbarrow.

  13. Rosie would approve.

  14. Snowed up by me as well

  15. Snowed 2 days ago, yesterday was ok, now back to the fridge. Not deep freeze, at least.

    But snow again this weekend.


  16. Heh, Kurt nails it, again:

  17. I’ve got some seasonal disorder bs going right now.

  18. Dignity is lost on media anymore. FFS, they think Dan Rather has gravitas.

  19. BTW, Trump isn’t going after abortion because it’s not as important to him. Isn’t he pro-choice, pro gay marriage, gays in the military?

  20. I may have to shovel global warming on Saturday. That’s not something I’m going to miss if we ever sell this house.

  21. Carin, take some D3 and get a full spectrum lamp.

  22. We won’t see action on abortion under Trump, anymore than we saw it under Bush. The best we can hope for is PP defunding on fiscal grounds. I don’t like it, but it’s less bad than Cankles.

  23. Trump is a businessman, and will play both sides to get an economy rolling. That is what he is good at.

  24. Car in, go roll around in the snow with Moose.

  25. She’s got the face of a slightly less offensive Amy Schumer and the body of a young Kerry Marie.

    Rosetta would have been so proud.

    And hard.

    Mostly hard.

    But proud too. Proudly hard. But not hardly proud. That doesn’t work.

  26. Category added to poat.

  27. Heh, excellent addition to this edition of our addiction, or affliction.

  28. Pushing the tit wheel barrow is my favorite new phrase.

    Q: How was work?

    A: You know, just another day pushing the tit wheel barrow.

  29. Im done with the weather also. Calling for rain and snow overnite here and then showers until afternoon Sunday. ALL the projects I want to do involve being outside, and dry and at least 50 fucking degrees.

    Question for all you electrician types. Whats the normal feed into a residence from outside to the circuit box? Is it 220? I need to run a 220 line to the spare room.

  30. I still have to rewire my oven outlet to 110.

  31. 240v.

  32. 1410. You gotta go big.

  33. That’s what your mom said.

  34. She says a lot of things.

  35. Lol Rosetta would be in love!

  36. I bet she’s dusted a few beds.

  37. I bet she’s busted a few beds.

  38. I bet she dusted a few wheel barrows.


  39. I bet she’s been plowed on camera.

  40. I’ve been plowed before, but never on camera.

  41. Moo-oooooooo

  42. I knew someone in college who did her eyes like this boob chick. Come to think of it, she had pendulous bosoms too.

  43. I just saw a picture of Kevin Williamson… what the hell is with not grooming his beard? He looks like the upskirt shot of a seventies porn star. I’m not saying he has to take it to hipster levels, but a bit of oil or wax to keep it under control, and maybe trim it down a bit wouldn’t hurt.

  44. My wife asked me to cut the mustache off but keep the beard. I look borderline Amish now, but she loves it for some inexplicable reason.

  45. It got into the high 50s yesterday and I was able to sit in the sun for some D. Went for walkies, too.
    Today…hitting 40. Maybe. Rain is coming which will turn to snow.


    Also, my bird feeder holds up to 7 pounds of seed. I filled it yesterday evening right before the birdies turned in for the night. I like to throw some on the ground so the ducks will have a little something, too.
    Nine o’clock this morning, the f*cker is empty. I’m thinking swarms of grackles and democrats (cow birds) are tipping it all onto the ground.

  46. Very few men can pull off just wearing a mustache without looking like a creeper.

  47. Penbo’s!

  48. She’s trying to make you less attractive to others, leon.

  49. Heh, my mom calls Box Elder Bugs democrats. because they are unwanted, get into everything, and serve no purpose.

  50. I couldn’t really care less about the other women so long as I’m taken care of at home, and her enthusiasm for amishbeard seems genuine.

  51. Russ from Winterset does amishbeard too.

  52. How is Russ from Winterset doing? I’ll never forget the time he puked in his helmet.

  53. On my walk yesterday, I saw a most disgusting thing. The lady that owns a vizla puppy was in her front yard picking up piles of dog poop with her bare hand. ……….while her dog was making a fresh one.

  54. He’s fine. His little one has been raising feeder calves, the wife is fine, and his farm seems to be going well. He’s on FB, talk to him a lot. Plus he installs cable for the local cable company, so I see him once in a while.

  55. haha, most people will let it dry up and rake it all up at once. I can’t, have to pick it up as it’s produced.

    meh, it’s just poop, not that bad.

  56. I couldn’t really care less about the other women so long as I’m taken care of at home, and her enthusiasm for amishbeard seems genuine.

    You should start wearing suspenders and a straw hat.

  57. My wife asked me to cut the mustache off but keep the beard. I look borderline Amish now, but she loves it for some inexplicable reason.
    This is frightening on many, many levels.

    Please tell me you’re wearing cargo shorts too.

  58. Heh, my mom calls Box Elder Bugs democrats. because they are unwanted, get into everything, and serve no purpose.

    I feel the same about cowbirds. They lay their eggs in other bird’s nests for the other bird to raise. Amazing thing is, if the host bird doesn’t toss the foreign egg (many do), they’ll raise the cowbird…which knows to go off and join other cowbirds, when it leaves the host nest.
    Also, any other bird flies off when you knock on the window to send them off. Not cowbirds. They’ll snuffle their beak snouts faster in the grub. You have to open the door, shake your fist at them, and holler ‘F*CKING DEMOCRATS!’

  59. Suspenders irritate my nipples.

  60. Cargo pants. Too cold for shorts.

  61. Our two dogs produce an amazing amount of caca. On walks we have bags to grab and go rather than foul our neighbors’ lawns. The fenced in enclosure (aka “Shitpen”) needs to be cleaned out every week or two otherwise it is disgusting. We have tools for the job, not our bare hands.

  62. Cargo pants and an Amish beard.

    Congrats. You did it. I’m the most horrified person on earth.

  63. Of that heifer is 135lbs, them I have an IQ of 190.

  64. I accomplished something today!

  65. Are you eating some sort of meat amalgamation?

  66. I’m about to. Shredded chuck and arm roast seasoned for burritos, with guacamole, sour cream, and raw-milk aged cheddar.

  67. Picking up dog poop with bare hands is gross. Dried or not. Did you ever step in it? The smell!!

    Now guinea pig poops? They eat nothing but vegetation. I have no troubles picking it up with bare hands. Little beans hold together and don’t smell. (When we had piggies, poos would get cleaned every night – with soiled bedding – and generally with a small plastic shovel.)

  68. Hotspur, pat wanted to know if you still were going to move your boat and needed a crew.

  69. I just read that FB is applying for a patent to track your eyeball to see the portion of a screen that interests you.

    Nothing creepy about that.

  70. The “robber barons” of the early 20th century didn’t have a tenth of the power that Zuckerberg has. The censorship and mood-manipulation he’s doing leaves him wide open for anti-trust, and I’m well past the point of favoring it.

  71. Congrats. You did it. I’m the most horrified person on earth.

    Thanks for the Secret Santa idea, MJ. I might send that just because.

  72. Toy R Us is closed though, so I might not be able to find your size.

  73. Buy Buy Baby is still open.

  74. 2 long hours at DMV.

    New license will arrive within two weeks, and then I’ll be able to enter Canada.

    How exciting!

  75. Just so you guys know, Tool is actually in the studio this month working on their follow-up to their 2006 album.


    The careers of some have been born, bloomed, and died out in that time.

  76. Hotspur, pat wanted to know if you still were going to move your boat and needed a crew.

    Not entirely sure yet. I want to, but it will depend on if I can get my act together. I’ll let you know.

  77. The man in the boat killed it

  78. Cats suck

  79. weird weather today –
    driving kinda sucked
    snow is back

  80. One more week of really cold nights…I have a forest of onions and leeks under lights in the cellar to plant, then I can put the tomato seedlings in the space where the alliums were and focus on unloading the greenhouse and and and…

  81. interesting day at one of my customers –
    they’ve been have fluid infiltration in gas control systems that should never see liquids. i’ve been trying to trouble shoot it since Dec/Jan.
    I figured out today what it was;
    bad news was a newish contract scientist fucked up about 120K in mass flow controllers.
    good news is i get to deal with it – it’s about a months worth of work i hadn’t planned on. the mid-level mangler i was dealing with shrugged his shoulders grinned and said “Merry Christmas in April for you I guess. when can we run again?”

  82. little jammette axed me to take her fishing this weekend – trout season opened on the 1st.

    woooooooooo whoooooo!!! that’s my girl

  83. Comment by MJ on April 6, 2018 12:31 pm

    Are you eating some sort of meat amalgamation?

    Your mom called dibs on the meat amalgamation……

  84. fluid infiltration in gas control systems

    Hotspur gets like that when the fishtick fry oil is too old. Bowl of white rice helps.

  85. “Bowl of white rice helps.”

    racist, but a good idea.

    i was thinking of using a bell jar

    the sensors are so small tho that i think they’ll be toast because of precipitates from hotspur’s leaking fluids

  86. My wife asked me to cut the mustache off but keep the beard. I look borderline Amish now, but she loves it for some inexplicable reason.

    Get a tall top-hat and memorize the Gettysburg address. Call her Mary Todd.

    Hello Possum 2.

  87. Greetings, average-weekend-havers.

  88. I think maybe dipshit sales engineer is a sociopath or narcissistic personality disorder sufferer. On monday he blamed me for his mistakes and wanted to fight. I didn’t engage. He has spent the last week slagging me to anyone who would listen, and since everybody at werk likes me and not him I get to hear about what he said back-channel. Today he parks in my cube and we have a nice 30 minute convo where he’s personable and engaging like monday never happened, and like I didn’t know he has been making shit up about me all week. I’m being the company man and letting him tie-off his own ropes, but my week has been super fucking miserable.

  89. Ugh. Sorry to hear that, Pupster.


    *bacon-scented squeaky toy*

  90. When’s the comedy show Sean?

  91. *squeaker-squeak-squeaker*

    Thanks. How’s the organ meat harvesting going? Found any good cache areas in the tunnels?

  92. Speaking of organ meat, I think the insta-pot might be a bit too complicated for Mrs. Pupster. I’ve made roast, ham and bean soup, and a couple of kinds of rice in it so far, I like it a lot. She tried to make rice but forgot how to release the pressure valve manually (there is a big sticker on the top with instructions) so she panicked and started turning the knob and pushing buttons, then just walked away and let it sit there until I got home. I’d like to make a pudding.

  93. I’m not telling a dog where I hide all the livers. Nice try though, mufaku.

  94. It was last night, Puppeh. I had a really good time. It wasn’t just the two of us–she had invited two other chicks, both of whom also thought they were the only ones going with her. The show had the Sklar Brothers, Dane Cook, Tom Green, Jamie Kennedy, and two other comics whose names escape me. All of them were really funny, and everybody had a really good time.

    Here’s a pic of our group. She’s the one in red, seated next to me. I kind of have crazy eyes here because I blinked in the previous picture and was trying not to.

  95. Sean, she’s lovely and you are looking sharp…and trim!

  96. Cute gal!

    The Sklars are hilarious. I could do without the others, honestly, but I’m sure they have their moments.

  97. Thanks, mare. I’m down a little more than 15 lbs since the beginning of the year. Intermittent fasting and an almost complete elimination of frozen, processed food have done wonders.


  98. It’s a good looking crew, Sean. A couple more nose rings and some aircraft cable and you could really get something going.

  99. I’ve loved the Sklar Brothers for years, chi. I’m not a fan of any of the other guys, either, but they were all really funny last night.

  100. I can see why you’re smitten Sean!

    *fingers crossed for you*

  101. My last day will be sometime in May. I still dont have any leads on follow-on work.


  102. Sean,
    Has anyone ever mistaken you for William H. Macy?

  103. I’ve been told a couple of times that I look like him. Not sure how to feel about that. I have been mistaken for Jesse Hughes of The Eagles of Death Metal a couple of times, which is slightly less bruising to the ego.

  104. Macy is pushing 70.

  105. Thanks, scott. You’re a pal.

  106. Ha!
    I can see the Hughes, too. From what little I know, at least he seems cool.

    I never got it, and most friends couldn’t see it, but I used to get called Randy Travis by a couple of my black friends. I never found it flattering.
    I think it’s one of those “you all look alike to me, anyway” things, and they just picked a famous ‘redneck’ name that they knew?

  107. He is The Cooler.

  108. Today he parks in my cube and we have a nice 30 minute convo where he’s personable and engaging like monday never happened, and like I didn’t know he has been making shit up about me all week.

    This is why I have a “Say No to Assholes” sticker on my computer monitor at work.

    I’d usually put a sticky note or otherwise cover it up when managers came through, but I forgot with the deputy lab director, and he thought it was funny.

    I also have “ISO9000 Can Kiss My Ass”, but that’s in barcode and no one says anything about that one.

  109. Yay, Sean, for the date and the weight loss! I’m down 21 lbs, which is where I was before heart surgery in 2010.

  110. Online equivalent of walking into a room and wondering what it was you were there for – opening a tab to look something up, fingers hovering over the keys, can’t remember what it was.

  111. If all else fails, just Google “meat amalgamation”

  112. Right on, roamy!

  113. Congrats, Sean. She’s really cute.

  114. Just solved The Case of the How Does Seven Pounds of Bird Seed Fall Out of the Feeder Overnight.

    I took the feeder off it’s hook which stands near a small white maple in the back yard, filled it up, and set it up on the deck after dinner this evening.

    Something told me to check on it before I headed up to ready for bed. Turned on the porch light, peered out, and WHOAAA! A big ol’ heffer of a raccoon had taken off the top, and with both hands, was picking out the peanuts!!! He turned around like ‘The f*ck you lookin’ at?’

    Little f*cker.

    Bird feeder will no longer be left out after dark.

  115. I’m guessing the little shit was climbing the tree and somehow while trying to flip the lid, he gets it over the hump of the shepherds hook, where it gets caught in the ‘v’ and it all dumps on the ground…..where he climbs down and eats all the nuts (and raisins).

  116. Back when I had a real job and made decent money, I used to have something like 7 feeders out back. I really enjoyed watching the different birds I could attract.
    Then one day I realized how much I was spending and started paying attention…
    I was feeding more squirrels during than day and racoons & possums at night than any cool birds I could count.

    I put the feeders away and stopped completely for years.
    Just this winter, I put the two smallest feeders on a double hook right out front of my picture window. Even the grackles, starlings & cowbirds can’t get to the seed, but the squirrel gang has been stalking it.
    Rodents are my nemesis – I will defeat them!

  117. When it was winter, I’d spread the seed on the corner of the deck. Or sit out the small feeder and let the sparrows throw it around for everyone. As spring approached the grackles, starlings, and democrats showed up in swarms. They’d fight over the small feeder which would have it swinging and dumping all the seed on the ground. Took me a couple weeks to figure out what was dumping the big feeder (which I started putting out about 3 weeks ago). Not sure what to do about the grackles and starlings.

    I haven’t seen any rodents during the day….but did draw the attention of a pair of ducks.
    Guess I’ll have to get up early to set the feeder in the mornings.

  118. What kind of feeder do you have, chi? A container with a ‘roof’ or one of the cylindrical things?

  119. And oso arrives to defend the Trash Panda in 3…2…1…

  120. My son says to get out the .22. I say I’ll tell a family friend and he’ll bring over his giant ‘traps’. SNAP!! He caught four or five of them with it, up at our farm. Little jerks had made a nest under the house. Nearly got in through the vents. Holes are now plugged and Mr. B says the inside no longer smells like dog.

  121. Yes,, beasn – the cylindrical type with four holes/pegs and a small roofed round job are the only two I have out now.
    I also have a metal “squirrel proof” barn-shaped feeder out back that supposedly closes when a tree rat tries to get the feed, but they’re smarter than the engineers that designed it.

    Also I used to have out some ho-made feeders. A tray type that cardinals & Blues Jay’s love, a ginormous pole-mounted glass & wood roofed unit that holds a 20lb bag of seed by itself – probably 16 or more little “feeding stations” on it, and a couple more. I just can’t afford to buy that much for birds these day. But I may put out another couple small feeders, the tray and a few hummingbird feeders after this weekend’s rain/snow/cold spell.

  122. The bird nerd killed the it.

  123. My BIL in PA occasionally has to replace bird feeders when the bear rips them down.

  124. I don’t want to be tied
    To anyone’s strings
    I’m carefully trying to steer clear of
    Those things
    But when I’m asleep
    I want somebody
    Who will put their arms around me
    And derp me tenderly

  125. You slackers are still sleeping?

  126. Up a few minutes ago.

    I used to have several feeders with different foods in them for the birds. It was like a bird airport, lots of different interesting birds coming together here. And flying squirrels would glide in at night, taking the handfuls of peanuts we’d throw in the crotch of the old locust tree. I even saw a Cooper’s Hawk nail a cowbird coming off one of the feeders. But alas, cost and rodents ended the fun.

    We’d find birdseed-stuffed caches in the garage, in lawn equipment, etc. And I think a mechanic found some part of one of our vehicles packed with it. Fucking mice. Grody.

  127. I witnessed a hawk nail a pigeon/dove on the ground under a feeder a few years back. I didn’t see the hawk so much as seeing an explosion of feathers.
    It was quite impressive.

    By the time I ran outside, the hawk had dropped what was left of the carcass on the ground and was gone.
    It was a lot cooler than seeing the neighborhood cats stalk and use my birdfeeders as a prey station – it was like a free candy machine at one point.

  128. Talk about value added

    Saw this on the news today. There’s some crazy ratio of how many liters of vodka they can make versus maple syrup. The money is in the vodka.

  129. I don’t like Rosanne and don’t plan to watch her show, but I really hope she is successful and has great ratings because it’s pissing off all the right people.


  131. Raccoons aren’t really related to pandas, nor are “red pandas”. The term “trash panda” offends my desire for accuracy.

    I prefer “bandit weasel”.

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