Hello pillow-biters, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is from Doylestown, PA, born February 10th, 1991.  She stands 5’9″, 34D-24-24.  Please stop rubbing ass and welcome, Miss Samantha Hoopes.




  1. Hoopie!

  2. Workie workie

  3. so, MeAgain had michael Moore on to bash trump. huh.

  4. Michael Moore on Fox News? His micropeen was probably at full staff for the first time in years.

  5. So I’m listening to an audiobook of How to Win Friends and Influence People, and there’s a reference to in the early part of the book.

    That would be almost impossible to notice today. Nancy Pelosi pulls that level of graft every day of the year, as does at least half of congress and most of the senate, everyone in the IRS…

    Drain the swamp, fire everyone, audit everyone, arrest everyone.

  6. Is this derp life?

  7. I’m not hard enough for the derp life.

  8. Leon, you don’t need to buy GoRUck gear to do a challenge.

    wakey wakey

  9. There is one in Detroit in April.

  10. I do need a sturdier rucksack. Strap on mine started to fray really early.

  11. Wait, I’m wrong, that strap is fine, I’m thinking of my backpack.

  12. I can’t find anything on the site that describes the event requirements. The “6 week training guide” has a bunch of sprinting and calisthenics in it, but is that part of the even, or is it just hiking with weight?

    Also, cult vibes from the video. Looks dangerously like Zumba.

  13. She’s nice I guess…

  14. It’s a cult.

  15. I bought cross fit shoes recently.

    But only because I like them, not because I do zumba.

  16. Also interesting: The ABC WP poll that was +12 is now +4 for Hillary.

    I guess the narrative is that the polls are closing.

    On a related note I was able to stop Entatra and Latressa from using my address to vote today. FU, bishes.

  17. Did you buy a house, MJ???

  18. So if republicans did something scandalous back in the ’20s, does that mean it was really the democrats who did it?

    Just aksing.

  19. Not yet, mareface. We’re meeting with the new Realtor at 12:30 today to narrow down our list of 8. He’s going to face time tours of the houses early next week, then GND is going to fly out to make a decision.

    A bit of a setback after losing the house we wanted, but that’s ok. I’ll email you the one we’re leaning toward.

  20. I think the Go Ruck things vary according to where they are.

  21. Go Ruck Yourself.

  22. Finished season 6 of The Walking Dead last night on Netflix. So I bought a subscription to season 7, and watched the premier.

    Now I’m really bummed. This Negan fucker is going to inspire intense hate.

  23. They still do stupid shit on the show that gets them all in deep doodoo. It’s a wonder that they made it this far.

  24. Does anyone actually believe this bullshit?

    If you do, Clockboy has a fake bomb he’ll build for you.

  25. Your mom likes a good rucking

  26. Link took me to a NYT log in page HS

  27. I had a scary dream about their stupid asses, and their stupid kid’s dreams. There’s the door, don’t let it hit where you sit.

  28. Try this.

  29. they pay her $10/week to pray…

  30. It just boggles the mind that the NYT runs bullshit like that. It’s so utterly transparent that it is crap, but they run it anyway.

    Just like that fag muzzie kid. Don’t forget to set your bombs back one hour on Nov. 6.

  31. It’s not bullshit to their reader base, it’s the truth! Now, if they were trying to expand their user base, to include people that actually want the truth, they would think differently.

    and they might make money. But you wouldn’t want that, right?

  32. we’ve been fighting those bastards since 17whatever; we lose thousands of our best; we spend our own treasure for their freedom; they won’t step up to take charge of their own future as free ppl in a modern world; they leech off of every society they invade; they bite the hand of help and stab us in the back every chance they get; they are gutless sniveling barbaric scum.

  33. *wonders about a run for public office*

  34. btw:
    nice booobs pup

  35. I have continual scarey thoughts about Muslims blowing up my kids. So STFU about your dreams that are less than 99% likely to happen than mine.

  36. I wish Cyn would come back and give us all squishy hugs.

  37. Me too.

  38. Me three.

  39. Mare, in her absence, it’s time for you to step up.

  40. Is there any way to look up/determine if she’s physically ok? It ‘s weird for her to completely ignore everyone.

  41. I sent her an email a while back that went unanswered. Mare did this to us a few years ago. I think it’s a menopause thing.

  42. Carin can’t do this to us because I know where she lives. I’ll totally go there.

  43. LOL. True .

  44. Shut your chardonnayhole, Hotspur. When Hostages emailed me, if I saw them I responded. Cyn may be going through something that needs a detachment from the regular. Heck, this election duck alone could put anyone over the edge.

  45. People drift away … it’s just weird for her to have done that. My imagination comes up with a bunch of possibilities, none of them very good.

  46. I was thinking that Mare did respond and was seen elsewhere. Just not here.

  47. Duck? Duck? Autocorrect FU. Cycle. I meant cycle.

  48. Nothing comes up in news from her area, in my limited abilities to google things.

  49. Yeah, I shouldn’t joke about it. After what we went through with Rosetta, some things just aren’t funny.

    I really hope she is okay, and wish she would come back, even if only to say she hates us.

  50. Well, I doubt she hates ALL of us.

    Probably just a few.

  51. /avoids eye contact with Hotspur

  52. /looks around

  53. *stares at hot n tot*

  54. HotBride has never seen Young Frankenstein, and since it’s Halloween Monday, I looked for it on Netflix, HBO Now, and Amazon Prime. None have it. I couldn’t even buy it or rent it on iTunes. Weird.

    So I bought the DVD which will arrive tomorrow.

  55. Hahahahaha

    Ace is savaging bitch exwife Megyn Kelly the past few days.

    I can barely tolerate looking at her, much less listening to her bitch exwife voice.

  56. MeAgain Kelly is a perfect name for her.

  57. FBI has reopened Hillary email investigation.

    HA HA

  58. Well well. FBI is reopening its investigation into Pickles private server.

    Can’t wait to hear Comey say everything is just peachy…again.

  59. FBI has zero credibility now. They say “nothing to see here” and WikiLeaks says “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”.

    Freakin’ Bullshitting Idiots.

  60. FBI status:

    [X] love

    [ ] hate

  61. Probably coincidence on the timing, but a woman came forward to say that Donald Trump touched her inappropriately in middle school. She looks familiar, but I’m not sure who she is.

  62. FBI taking a beating for original Email investigation and having more informants and agents than Bundy’s at the Oregon bird sanctuary

  63. The $700,000 contribution to the wife of the lead agent. FBI must know what is coming in the wikis to be scared enough to pretend re-opening the investigation. Local news here is hilarious.

  64. Three days before the election:

    FBI: Yep, we re-examined the case, and we were right all along.

  65. Hahahahaha

    Ace broke out the flaming skull x 3.

    It’s Halloween!!!!

  66. Or even better, coverage of Clinton’s campaign headquarters on the night she wins is interrupted by her arrest and removal in handcuffs.

  67. Hahahahaha

    Ace even turned the comments red for that thread.

  68. hmm, wonder what Greta would have said about this. She was a dem, but at least she was fair.

  69. It’s ok. Sam Stein from Huffington Post says it’s not a game changer.

  70. Nothing will happen. It’s a Clinton!

  71. Assange claims he’s releasing emails next week that will get Hillary arrested.

  72. Book em, Danno.

  73. Bernie!

  74. It would absolutely fucking priceless if Cankles campaign imploded because of Anthony Weiner sexting a 15-year-old girl.

  75. Breitbart…’If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.’

  76. Breaking news: first female presidential candidate schlonged by a horny Weiner

  77. How do I submit a cause for sainthood? Because if Andrew’s legacy is that, we’ve got 1 miracle on record.

  78. Drudge said he had a bomb to drop.

    Assange has bombs to drop.

    Next week is going to be fun.

  79. Hahahahhha, hey, bitch, corruption, it’s what’s for breakfast (along with the diarrhea feeling when they pull out the federal warrants)!

  80. Please, baby Jesus, give Donald J Trump Jr. the strength not to say anything too dumb over the next few days.

    Also, if you could keep him from grabbing a stray pussy or punching a baby in the dick that would be nice too.

    And no throwing shade at a gold star family, mentally challenged people, or Michelle Obama.

    In fact, if you’re not busy ‘lil Jesus, could you just take away Donald J Trump Jr’s voice for a few days.

    TYIA, your buddy, MJ.

  81. HA! MJ, I swear I wrote a comment starting with “Please, baby Jesus…” And changed it. We are the same person.

  82. HRC is under a curse. I have no other explanation for this.

  83. The other hilarity is that Weiner and Huma’s marriage was only a political power marriage. He was not interested in her, she was not interested in him. The families and powers that be saw an upward politically mobile Jew in Weiner and a Muslim side kick in his wife. A match made in lefty New York heaven.

  84. DJTs pops was Fred. Jr is the guy who helped push a stalled car out of traffic yesterday in Mesa.

  85. Totally.

    And if Trump could refrain from talking about how he predicted this a year ago and just bash the living shit out of her, I’d also be very grateful mini Jesus man.

  86. Did you watch the documentary about Weiner? It was called Weiner, I think.

    He clearly wanted to lift her hijab IYKWIMAITYD, but she didn’t seem to notice he existed.

  87. Yes, MJ and via texts and emails we know he’s attracted to body, age everything opposite of Huma.

  88. True.

    But it seemed like he’d hump a fire hydrant if it had a wig on it.


  89. Bingo. He’d hump anything, obviously based on his behavior the “true love” deal DID NOT apply to his marriage.

  90. Oh totally agreed. She was repulsed by him and he wanted to grease her body.


  92. The great thing about this is; no matter how bad this gets for sHillery, there is no way she would step down. There could be pics of her blowing Putin, scissoring Huma, and shooting Vince Foster-nothing will stop her now that she’s this close. The clinton news network will find ways to see all those as presidential behavior. Happy Weekend, ya’ll.

  93. They are going to try and make Hillary the victim.

  94. That’s hilarious, Pups. The prick got what he deserved.

  95. How can she be the victim?

    I can’t think of anything.

  96. Of course, Scott, what other play do they have? I would like to know what is really happening behind the scenes at the FBI. Something is just crazy there.

  97. MJ, it’s going to be something like, “Anthony Weiner put Hillary in this position, ANTHONY WEINER improperly used the email, not Hillary.”

  98. Anthony used her laptop that had emails between her and Hillary to perv Skype with a 15 year old.


    And it was backed up to a cloud server.

    These people are idiots.

  99. Eh, it’s still bad.

    The best spin I’m seeing is that it won’t really change much.

    That’s thin gruel.

  100. It’s really horrible. Really bad. National security FFS. And they will try to again gloss over it. The media are worse than worthless.

  101. Carl Bernstein says it has to be “a real bombshell” for Comey to open the case again.

  102. No touchy!

  103. Some Dem PAC has already filed a Hatch Act complaint against Comey for interfering with a federal election.

  104. Her spokesman took a huge gulp and deep breath when he tried to say that he honestly, swearsies, thinks nothing will come of it.


  106. I don’t think the FBI would get involved in a dick pic case. Something stinks here.

    This may be damage control for what Wiki is leaking next week.

  107. If that is the case, it would have to be very bad.

  108. She’s fucked.

    They didn’t have a response to this so they’re floundering.


  109. Or perhaps they knew Huma had a laptop in the house and used the dick pic “investigation” to get it.

  110. This may be damage control for what Wiki is leaking next week.
    That what I was thinking. Crisis at the FBI about leaked or to-be-leaked emails.

  111. I think instead, Hillary and Huma were looking for a way to cut themselves loose from Weiner, and when the sexting story broke, decided to throw him under the bus, and so didn’t mind if the FBI went after him.


  112. Wow. That would be great.

  113. Probably a rebellion in the FBI ranks. Someone realized they had a smoking gun and threatened Comey “Re-open this case, or I’m going to release the evidence…” There has to be some people left there that have pride and integrity.


  115. So, a 767 caught fire at O’Hare, and a FedEx MD-11 just blew up at Ft. Lauderdale. Rough day for aviation safety.

  116. Has anyone seen Chad lately?

  117. How do I submit a cause for sainthood? Because if Andrew’s legacy is that, we’ve got 1 miracle on record.

    I hear he was also good with card tricks.

    EDIT: tags fixed.

  118. You’ve been spending too much time at the mothership, Alex. We do real html here.

  119. Yeah, I know.

  120. NY Post cover is an A+

  121. How long until the Downfall parody?

    “Mein Fuhrer… the FBI…”

    “The FBI found copies of your emails while searching Anthony Weiner’s computer. They’re reopening the investigation.”

    “Everyone but Huma, Podesta, Palmieri, and Mook can leave…”

  122. Cyn’s Mom’s place was in Payson right?

    Google it.

    No freaking way cell phones work there.

  123. Greetings, people whose Halloween costumes would probably get you kicked out of college.

  124. Ha! Exactly, Sean!

    *walks away wearing Anthony Weiner costume IYKWIMAITTYD *

  125. Speaking of getting kicked out, I had a Cliff Clavin kind of day, but honestly, if you are an engineer, you should know that the freezing temp for water is 0 degrees C. Mixing up Millard Fillmore with Warren Harding was another matter entirely.

  126. Cell phones worked in Payson the last time I went through.

  127. Serious? 10 years ago we had dead spots in CT.

    That place is surrounded by 100 miles of nothing.

  128. BBF today reminds me of Vanna White.

  129. I can see that in pic #2, roamy.

  130. Comment by MJ on October 28, 2016 4:55 pm


    But it seemed like he’d hump a fire hydrant if it had a wig on it.

    **throws wig very very far away**

  131. I am sad to report that Mostly Peaceful Protest was no match for the dead pine tree. Though dead, it appears quite damp from rain.

  132. Friend’s kid in ICU was responding some today. No word yet on the other. Thank you for all the prayers.

  133. ICU is not a scam.

  134. A while back I did a bonfire in the back yard with a few old Christmas trees that I dragged back from the woods. Needles were long gone but they hadn’t rotted much yet. Flames were pretty high but they were bone dry.

  135. I must have missed that, roamy. What happened?

  136. Good news, Roamy. Let’s keep those prayers going.

  137. Three things Funny Cooking Channel on You Tube. Try the Justice Sandwich

    I am glad LauraW’s test went good.

    Can this election season please be over soon?

  138. I hear that on Monday, Hillary is going to feature a woman that Donald once looked down her top when she bent over to pick up her books out of a bottom locker in High School. She will be represented by Gloria Allred and back up by INTERPOL and the IPCC

  139. Sean, last night two of my friends’ kids were in the hospital. The one in ICU is dealing with pneumonia and blood clots. The other, well, they aren’t saying much, but I have a bad feeling he messed with drugs.

  140. Two different sets of parents, same kind of worry.

  141. Dickileaks.

  142. Could someone explain the Mormon mafia deal to me?

  143. Fuckin’ Cubbies are trying to kill me.

  144. Glad the one is doing better, roamy. I will pray for both families.

  145. HA! Good one, xbradtc!

  146. Mare, stolen from Twitter. Of course

  147. I’m pretty sure Sean just sharted himself when that batter connected with the bases loaded.

  148. mare, the Mormon Mafia thing comes from Lou Dobbs being ugly on Twitter:


  149. Who was Dobbs referring to?

  150. McMullin.

  151. Egg McMuffin.

  152. Oh, and b-rad, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve sharted during this game.

  153. What the hell is Sean watching?

  154. This game called “base-ball,” scott.

  155. My son is watching it. Soooo freaking slow…..

  156. Someone finally scored a point.

  157. Fuck YA, about time GNR showed up here. Or…. fuck I just watched some sally fields movie while with wife while i tried to watch the cubs on PC. And she was still pissed!!!/ Thank Christ for booze.
    On a lighter note I’d still throw a load into sally.

  158. For Leon

  159. Um…okay?

  160. Huh, Shirlena?

  161. Met a friend for lunch that I hadn’t seen for 40 years. Spent 2 1/2 hrs talking baseball. Watching WS with Dan and drinking mai tais.

  162. Holy fuck what a game.

    Sorry Cubbies your in a deep hole now.

  163. “you’re”

  164. I thought NM time was bad. 7:12 here and I guarantee all y’all are asleep. One cool thing about Island time: all baseball is day baseball!

  165. Dan had an el goutcho flare up. My knee gave out this AM. Brought my ice pack. #DamnI’mOld

  166. *waves at oso*

  167. been watching all the tv talkers yapping about commie
    and what it means for our next empress

  168. Comment by PepeLp on October 28, 2016 10:58 pm
    For Leon

    Am I the only one who finds it annoying when someone uses the word “females” instead of “women”?

  169. fuck the fbi
    they dropped a massive shit in our already soiled pool.
    as far as i’m concerned they are a hostile occupying force.

  170. Holla Jam 2!!!

  171. Yesterday, we saw a tall, beautiful, built, sexy woman at pizza place. We heard the voice…it was a xim. Today, walking through the mall, saw a tall, beautiful, slim, sexy polynesian….and it was a xim.

  172. i hope your vacation is awesome!
    we got snow here yesterday – i could go for a little beach time right about now

  173. wiser out there?

  174. Beach time is me time. I’m rayciss, so my beach time is pretty limited to HI.

  175. After blowing out his knee at two different mainland jucos, my friend ended up as the UH equipment manager. He would talk hitting with Tony Gwynn when TG played Hawaii. Fast forward. Goes to Padre game with friends. Tony Gwynn recognizes him from college days. Hangs with Tony Gwynn talking baseball. Talking hitting. So jelly. (I still call my friend Jizz. That was his nick. 40 yr old habit is hard to break.)

  176. I’m on a concrete way
    The derp is blowing to the north-northwest
    It smells like sands of the southern island
    When a black cat crosses my path

  177. Sleeping past 5 am is for fags.

  178. So apparently deer are voracious predators of ground-nesting birds. I find this darkly hilarious. Herbivore, shmerbivore.



    This is how we get engineers who don’t know how Centigrade got its name.

  180. buncha fags

  181. simul-post

  182. That is a steaming pile. No, actually, we DO want our engineers to be good at math. Holy shit.

  183. Although it is making me reconsider my next career path. I was all nursing gung-ho until I read this: “You want to find life in the universe? You want to build rockets? Then, you’re in.'”

    BOOYAH. Awww, yeahhh. Yes, in fact, I DO want to build rockets!

    *runs for scissors, glue, and construction paper*

  184. She’ll be the next administrator. Gotta check that box

  185. Am I the only one who finds it annoying when someone uses the word “females” instead of “women”?

    Ditto, it cheapens women. The pumpkin in my avatar is technically “female” and “curvy”, but that don’t make it a woman.

  186. Yeah but Leon, your pumpkin is hot as fuck.

  187. That lady at NASA is ripe for a purge. I’d lay even odds there are some criminal acts in her future or present that ought to get her out of the job. She’s climbing what ought to be an technical meritocracy by “people skills”, and there’s bound to be favor-trading in such a climb.


    Of course, half the people voting for her probably think quid pro quo is a new way to order at Starbucks. Caramel latte quid pro quo with cinnamon.

  189. Yeah but Leon, your pumpkin is hot as fuck.

    No question. I can barely wait to get my hands on dem curves.

  190. Time to go buy a chainsaw.

  191. Going to mount it onto the flame thrower?

    Good thinkin.

  192. Impractical. One goes on each arm of the power armor.

  193. “Brake malfunction” on Pence’s plane. Conspiracy theorists crank it up to eleventy.

  194. I went out last night so I missed a lot of the tears and lamentations over this email thingy.

    But when I got home I nearly died laughing. Fucking weiner.


    *lays out very official looking pumpkin carving plans, gasses chainsaw, makes bloody mary

  195. Sleeping past 5 am is for fags.
    I made it till 0717. Holy shit, I never sleep that late.

    On a separate but perhaps related note, does these accessories match my outfit?

  196. I slept from 9 to 1, then from 130 to 330, then from 430 to 630.

    Waiting for Ace to open at 9 so I can buy my anniversary present. Taking wife out to buy jewelry later, then sushi for dinner. Today is 11 years.

  197. Congratulations to the Carutherses

  198. Happy anniversary, Leon and Mrs. Leon.


  200. Hahahaha, I wasn’t the only one thinking that about Pence’s plane. Day by Day said Hillary’s losing her touch.

  201. Thanks guys. Wife is away now taking the pony up to where it’s owner lives. Going to put another hour on the clock indoors then go do gardening/non-chainsaw-stuff until she’s home. Having a chainsaw accident alone seems like a bad plan.

  202. Wakey wakey

  203. My cousin’s husband dressed up as Hillary in a prison uniform and took their little kids trick-or-treating.

    I LOVE IT.

  204. That seems like a good idea Leon. Before and after pictures would be amusing to see. Of the tree of course, not of the anniversary celebration because that would just be weird.

  205. I managed to scorch it moderately with MPP. Part of it is over open water, so I may need to wait for the pond to get a hard freeze or drag it out with the truck or something.

  206. Congrats, Leon! A happy wife is a happy life! And of course vise-versa.

  207. Pumpkin thread this evening.

  208. Pumpkin harvest in about 20 minutes.

  209. Blumpkin harvest.

  210. I thought it was, “a happy wife, a tired mailman.”

  211. Ha! Excellent, Scott!

    I love that one if them is sold out.

  212. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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