It’s Halloween Time


Yeah, I’m a little early. Halloween has always been a fun time for me. Some years more than others for sure. Between my own years of trick or treating in the days of full size candy bars, the drunken revelries of college and med school days and seeing my kids enjoy the holiday I’ve come full circle. As it stands now I keep the lights down low and hope no kids brave my long driveway to seek candy that I’d rather eat myself. Plus reining in two psycho dogs is a giant pain in the arse.

A toast to Halloween!




I’ll have another Lloyd (Love The Shining)


Here comes the airplane! Zombies are still popular. They’ve had a good run.


Blah blah blah Thursday  



  1. YAYYYY!

    Got another exam Monday. A biggie. Using up a vacation day on Sunday so I can study.

  2. Lol, how long has that new tag line for the comments been here?

  3. Sometime yesterday. Hotspur said “Good job Laura” or something like that and it was out of the blue. I just shrugged my shoulders and figured I missed something. I noticed the comment tag later.


  4. Tried to sleep in this morning but no dice. Scott is still abed.

    Gonna turn on the coffee machine and get back to studying.

    This is where I become Shitty Ninja. The bedroom floor has been successfully silenced, but the rest of the house has more creaks in it than a 90-year old breakdancer.

  5. Hey, thanks man.

  6. The zombie being fed a mouse is mesmerizing for some reason.

  7. Mouse gif is from season 2 (I think) of TWD. I forget the exact context but I believe the little girl is a little nutty living in their new world and is either being nice to the zombie or she knows the guy from before. Pretty sure another survivor comes across her and slathery ensues.

  8. I woke up early too (an hour ago). Whatever.

  9. Yea, the girl is completely losing it. She decides to befriend the zombies (I think because she’s lost so many to it). She gets slathered looking at the flowers.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Ah. Never have seen TWD. Zombies usually don’t do it for me. Sometimes. But mainly I’m a vampire gal. Love them. You could poop in a DVD case, label it ‘vampire story,’ and I would buy it and try to play it.

    OK, I have coffee now and I’m really gonna study. Thanks for posting an early thread, Jimbro.

  12. Carin! Oh hey, I can’t study while Carin is here. She’ll think I’m antisocial.

    *firmly closes book*

  13. And my 11hr work day begins.

  14. Too bad, though. This next bit about Papillary Muscle Dysfunction was sure to be scintillating. I really can hardly wait.

    So Carin, what’s on the agenda for today?

  15. Leon!

    *slides book under desk with foot*

  16. Lauraw, you should try a game of “lava” this morning. See how far you can sneak around the house (not touching the floor of course) w/o waking Scott.

  17. Well, today is my first completely free day in weeks, it seems. I’ve got cleaning. And dog training. WOrkout.

    I’m fasting until 4 or so because I had a late-night mishap when I got home last night BECAUSE WORK ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SUCKED and it was either 1) stay up all night and stew or 2) have some pizza and wine.

    I think I made the right decision.

  18. Papillary Muscle Dysfunction

    “If you have goosebumps longer than 4 hours contact your doctor”

  19. Pretty hard to get down the stairs that way, Carin.

    *tries clinging to the wall like a spider*

    *closes eyes and makes a wish*

    *wishes really, really hard!*

    *chickens out*

    Maybe after one more coffee.

  20. cardiac, ya goof

  21. You don’t have a railing? Ok, we can make a rule for this – to go down the stairs, you need to ride down on a matt or in a box or something.

  22. Wow, lots of people up early. This is nice.

  23. I’ve got 4 meetings today, and between them I have to do a hefty amount of coding.

    I’m no longer living the dream, but it’s not especially unpleasant. I should really get Tushar to mentor me on slumlording, though.

  24. Romacita! Well this is a very nice little coffee clatch we’ve got going today.

  25. That sounds like a hard day, Leon. Slathery, even. But at least you’ll be able to snuggle a baby at lunchtime, right?

  26. Stew pizza in wine all night.

  27. Laura, I’ve been an early riser my whole life, if the ninja game of being first awake is new to you, I have tips:

    Bare feet, walk toe-to-heel, favor the edges of rooms where boards creak less, ditto for stairs. Turn on no lights unless needed. Move slowly but deliberately.

  28. In theory, I’m finishing a paper this morning and having two meetings this afternoon. There’s been some solar array deployment tests going on, and those are more fun than writing.

  29. Holy shit, that’s good advice man. Being up this early all the time is not native to me so I didn’t know that stuff.

    I do try to be very quiet but seem to always hit a creaky board, or something. I just realized too, that I probably shouldn’t always put on this headdress made of wind chimes when I wake up. It’s a habit, I just don’t even think about it. Wake up, put wind chime headdress on, get up and walk around the house.

    Do you think the headdress made of wind chimes is a problem?

  30. Taking this thing *off* is pretty noisy, too, dammit

  31. Hahahahaha. Wouldn’t surprise me to find a windchime headdress on Etsy.

    “Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, has anybody seen my sweet gypsy Rose?”

    Worky worky, y’all have a good day.

  32. Go with the dream catcher head dress early mornings. Save the wind chimes for later.

  33. If it’s not windy in your house I don’t see why the headdress would be an issue.

  34. Seriously though I suck at this. Also, in my household when I was a kid, there was zero respect for sleeping people. Nada. Doesn’t excuse anything I do now, like when I stand at the foot of the bed opening candy bars, but it does demonstrate why I suck at being sneaky. No practice.

  35. Ciao Romy

  36. It’s habitual for me, I have to deliberately make noise so I don’t sneak up on people. Wife used to yell at me about it when we first started living together. It’s probably OCD on my part, or sinesthesia, because I just hate doing anything I perceive as “noisy”. Part of the reason I rely on hand tools so much.

  37. Red sky this morning. ‘Wintry mix’ in the forecast. Boo.
    Time to put the glass in the porch doors.

    I’m going to do a garden blog today, I think.

  38. I bought 6 garlic bulbs to bust up and plant this weekend, but I’ll need to amend the soil and remove the dying/dead pepper plants first.

  39. I have to deliberately make noise so I don’t sneak up on people.

    Have you ever thought of singing a theme song everywhere you go? That way people would not only hear you coming, they’d know who it was.

  40. lol lol lol that’s evil and that’s why we love you

  41. My grandfather lived with my aunt for a while. He demanded she ring a bell when she entered her own living room because it “startled” him.

    The arrangement – surprisingly – didn’t last long and he moved into assisted living.

  42. I used to sing when I went to see the chickens for eggs or feeding/watering. Tip I picked up somewhere, calmed them a lot. Quiet approach makes them think predator.

  43. The teachers at my kids school are staging a “protest” because they don’t have a contract Instead of going into the building AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO to help kids before school, they’re sitting in their car and walking in together right before the bell rings.

    Assholes. I’m in no mood for assholes this morning . As I said to my daughter – THEY’RE STILL GETTING PAID, RIGHT?

    But remember, it’s all about the children. @@

  44. Carin, at my school the union members post complaining signs all over campus right before all their contract negotiations. Because their lives are so tough.

    I want to write on them, ‘nobody is keeping you here against your will’ but after all you know, there’s cameras everywhere and they’d just hunt me down and kill me.

  45. I can’t believe they are STILL so insulated from the real labor market that they actually think these shenanigans garner sympathy.

  46. I make a lot of noise and turn lights on when I let Rowan out in the dark. I want to believe it gives the skunks a heads up so they’ll go to their hidey holes.

  47. A gift for Carin. Nobody else look.

  48. Omg!

  49. Wait for it.

  50. Psychologically insulated, maybe, but other educational offerings are chipping away at their actual insulation. At this point they are banking their careers entirely on things that require state licensing to practice. Everything else will eventually have a market competitor that doesn’t give a fig about their union.

  51. hee hee hee

  52. They (and probably me too) are lucky I didn’t know what they were doing when I saw them – I may not have been responsible for the words I may have used.

  53. My avatard is good to go until Thanksgiving.

  54. I should do a garden blog of the pumpkin mound now that it’s almost done.

  55. Yes. Yes you should.

  56. I’m protesting everything this morning.

    Except for coffee. Gotta support big bean.

  57. *walks into blog wearing robe and slippers , scratches ass, turns around and sees everyone*


  58. Festive one for Christmas

  59. I caught a little grey kitten last night, ran like a shot when I opened the trap. No raccoons on trail cam, maybe the other one got scared.

  60. I see not everyone is using a halloween avatar.

    *imposes not-using-a-halloween-avatar fee

    There. That should fix it.

  61. I’ll update mine after I do the garden blog post.

  62. Mine actually counts as a Halloween avatar because that horse head mask is a Halloween staple for douches. So…

  63. *doesn’t change avatar, because I was told not to

  64. I’m wondering if Scott still thinks Cheeto-man is going to win.

  65. Yep.

  66. Why wouldn’t he, MJ? He’s pulling in 10’s of thousands of people at rallys. She’s barely filling a gym. No one likes Hillary not even the democrats. I think there is a lot of excitement for Trump and he’s been giving amazing speeches.

    The dems are working overtime trying to figure out how to control the polls and voting outcomes. Their usual bullshit. Like you, I’ve been traveling around and without exception Trump (without a ground game, etc..) has been dominating the sticker, sign, T-shirt, and general positive scuttlebutt.

  67. Same thing happened with Romney in 2012.

  68. Ground game sucked then too, and don’t forget ORCA. Dems have been planning and playing winning campaigns for a long time now.

  69. I love it, Bobbie Bowden backs Trump in Tampa.

  70. Five Thirty Eight still has her at 88% win chance. He was right in 08 and 12, too.

  71. What? WTF was excited about Romney?

  72. Dems have been messing with election outcomes for a long time too.

  73. And that’s why they continue winning. We have to overcome that.

  74. Susan Sarandon dumped Hillary for Trump.

    That’s how awful she is.

  75. Not sure I should do a Halloween avatar. My best available choice would give away the game regarding one of my other online aliases…

  76. Nobody was excited about Romney, that’s why so many stayed home. Think about how many people (on H2 for example) are completely pissed at Trump, and aren’t voting. Bet it’s a lot more than were pissed about Romney.

    Hell, McCain had more excitement! Granted, that was due to Palin in no small part, but freakin’ McCain!

  77. I thought Sean and Bcock were the only H2’s letting others decide for them?

  78. And yeah, when you have the media memory holing all negatives and creating problems for your opponents out of whole cloth, you too can be a shoo-in despite being the most inept, unfit, and disastrous candidate in the history of the republic!

    Seriously, f’in media needs to be cut way back down to size…

  79. I think the average voter is eager to say “Fuck you” to Washington.

    I know I am.

  80. There are 3 others right off the top of my head.

  81. 1) I wasn’t excited about Romney and a lot of people just came around to voting for him because of Benghazi
    2) Obama was running – YEA BLACK VOTE
    3) I don’t know if I have any more points
    4) I think the pro-trump PLUS the NOT-Hillary people do constituted a rather motivated base.

  82. Fuckers woulda done it to any nominee. Anyone saying this is a specific Trump problem is full of it. Look what they did to Romney, fer chrissakes.

  83. I hope scott is right. I’m not seeing it out here in flyover country.

  84. Hotpsur.

  85. And yeah, when you have the media memory holing all negatives and creating problems for your opponents out of whole cloth, you too can be a shoo-in despite being the most inept, unfit, and disastrous candidate in the history of the republic!

    What about your GAFFFFFES?

    Dog on the roof!

    Binders of Women!

    Shall we even start on the Trump ones? And he continues to arm them!

  86. There’s a Trump flag flying on my road. lol

    And there’s the union vote- one dude comes in every night to tell me he’s not going to vote for that BITCH despite what his union tells him He voted for Obama the first time (I think not the second.) He’s about as PRO- Trump as they get.

  87. I’m reading a pretty long article about the data operations for Trump and so far it seems pretty strong.

    Way better than an app with no training that only measured who voted and who didn’t cross referenced with a paper list of phone numbers.

  88. Rush has thoroughly gone over how they would have done this to anyone, that’s the dem playbook. Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it. They use that regularly and with the media it is, of course, effective.

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised by that Susan Sarrandon deal too.

  89. Most of my restaurant is pro-Trump. Lapeer is conservative, but some Obama voters are voting for Trump.

  90. Sarandon is not pro Hillary, but she isn’t Pro-Trump. Hillary isn’t left-wing enough for her. She’s a Bernie bot.

  91. How are those gaffes? Binders full of women, that was only a gaffe as crafted by the feminist psychos. ANYTHING can be made into a “gaffe” ANYTHING.

  92. I was just repeating the things made up about Romney, mare.

  93. The economy alone would normally be enough for Ham Sandwich (R) to get elected.

    Add in Benghazi, emails, pay to play, corruption…

    Friggin Trump, stupid open primaries.

  94. ^what scott said

  95. Sarandon said Hillary would be more dangerous than Trump.

  96. Obama’s been a lot more dangerous than ROmney would have been.

  97. Who honestly wants 4 more years of this shit?

  98. At least the hypocrisy and back stabbing nature of the Republican establishment has been thoroughly and irrevocably revealed. No one, no one respects, trusts or gives a shit about them. Kasich staying in to split the vote from Cruz was the crowning turd on the hellish turdpile that is this election cycle.

  99. Scott, how many outside our lines even know about all that? Or even care about anything beyond Kim K’s ass and the next YouTube video?

    Given what he’s up against, Trump’s probably done better than any of the other pathetic twits that ran for the GOP side showed any signs of being capable of.

  100. My guess is that the decrease in support for Pickles is greater than how many people Trump alienated, with the starting point of Obama v Romney in 2012.

  101. When I say, “no one” I mean those with functioning brain pans.

  102. A couple of dems in my family crossed over and voted Trump. They plan on voting for him in November.

  103. Jay, I would have thought “fly over country” would be pretty much pro Trump?

  104. To add to Car in’s list, 5. There is probably a better than good chance that Romney actually won on ’12. How much did Obama beat him by in FLA alone….49k votes? And how many counties had double and triple more votes than actual registered voters?
    And in other swing states, Ohio, where of*ckface got over 100% of the vote.

  105. Totally agree, Beasnsnsnsns. Did Obama actually win? Pfffffffffftttt.


  106. This –
    “According to the Columbus Dispatch, one out of every five registered voters in Ohio is ineligible to vote. In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible adults who are of voting age. In northwestern Ohio’s Wood County, there are 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote. An additional 31 of Ohio’s 88 counties have voter registration rates over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed.”

    And this –

    “The conservative-leaning military vote has decreased drastically since 2010 due to the so-called Military Voter Protection Act that was enacted into law the year before. It has made it so difficult for overseas military personnel to obtain absentee ballots that in Virginia and Ohio there has been a 70% decrease in requests for ballots since 2008. In Virginia, almost 30,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots than in 2008. In Ohio, more than 20,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots. This is significant considering Obama won in both states by a little over 100,000 votes.”

    If I remember right, those ^^ weren’t even counted in Florida.

  107. Amen, beasnsnsnsnsns.

  108. Early voting makes it easy for democrats to bus people wherever they need them to go. The early and often would be harder to do.

  109. The democrats are so confident in their cheating, Hillary has barely campaigned. What appearances she does make, are small and very controlled with hand-picked ass slatherers.

  110. Here’s the Bloomberg article:

    I think the author might be missing the point of the digital operation a bit.

    Sure it has value after the election, but the point is to win. I’ve never believed that the whole point of the campaign was to do something other than win. It makes no sense.

  111. Cold comfort would be that he set up his kids to actually win.


  112. The economy alone would normally be enough for Ham Sandwich (R) to get elected.

    We said the EXACT same thing in 2012, right down to Ham Sandwich.

  113. People in flyover country should be pro-Trump, but the waters are so muddy from all the scandals that you can’t find any info on Hillary’s lies and incompetence. There were a LOT more Romney signs than there are Trump signs. There weren’t that many Obama signs then either, but that’s not apples to oranges, in that he was an incumbent.

    But there were plenty of Bush signs when he was an incumbent.

    I know I’m being debbie downer, but 2012 should have been in the bag, but they stole it from us. This year is worse, and the same things are happening.

  114. Can’t disagree, jay.

  115. How do you win against a Crime Family, an entire media, your own party establishment who prefers the Crime Family?

    Has anyone heard any noise from the establishment about any of hillary’s crimes, lies, selling access? Anyone?

  116. And what we will be left with is a vindictive lawless bitch, who now has the green light from top law enforcement to continue whatever the hell illegal things she wants to do, packing all of the courts with her ideological shitbirds. Yes, you will all need an ID for single payer no-care, but never to vote.

  117. Do you think she will sell Putin the rest of our uranium? They’re already kicking people off their land for the first 20%.

  118. You have to wonder what goes through their evil little minds – Clinton, Soros, lefties in general. They’ve made millions upon millions, with one foot in the grave, and it’s still not enough.

  119. The FBI will be purged. All newcomers will be Comey and Lynch clones.

  120. Good morning. My you all have been busy today.

    I’m skipping my swing dancing class this morning (they’re taking an exam and I’m just auditing the class), but I still have to go in to the library at some point. I have a presentation due next week, another the following week, along with a paper. And then in to finals.

  121. We said the EXACT same thing in 2012, right down to Ham Sandwich.
    But Pickles is Obama lite. Boring, in poor health, annoying, and dishonest.

    Trump is Romney on coke with an LSD chaser. It’s exciting, dangerous, and might grab your pussy.

  122. Jay I think using the lack of signs as a indicator of motivations and appeal doesn’t work in the current environment. I think people recognize that broadcasting your political intentions in the current day opens one up for open conflict. Most don’t want the nonsense. You recall many stories of people fighting over or vandalizing Romney signs back in the day?

    Lack of signs means nothing in this environment it is a entirely different dynamic that the Romney or McCain election cycle.

  123. No one wants to put a Trump sticker on their car – even here- beause they believe the Hillary voters are crazy and will vandalize their car.

  124. They will. They do.

  125. My neighbors had a party last weekend. We stopped by after the ballet to tell them we’re moving.

    The girl actually told me that she wanted to make sure Trump people didn’t move in.

    What a weird thing to say. And also why Republicans keep their head down. It’s just easier to let it go.

  126. I would have burst out laughing, MJ.

  127. Trump is Romney on coke with an LSD chaser. It’s exciting, dangerous, and might grab your pussy.

    The vapors people are having over the pussy remark makes me laugh. I’ve heard worse at a Cabbage Patch convention in GA.

  128. The girl actually told me that she wanted to make sure Trump people didn’t move in.

    Did you reply with this……

    Trump is Romney on coke with an LSD chaser. It’s exciting, dangerous, and might grab your pussy.

  129. It’s snowing!

  130. It snowed here yesterday.

  131. I remember snow on Halloween. 1991 in Minnesota.

    The storm in question later hooked up with something else over the Atlantic to become the so-called “Storm of the Century”.

    It was kinda crappy and awesome in about equal measures.

  132. No snow here yet, supposed to be 70 on Saturday.

  133. Did you reply with this……
    No, but I will from now on. Sort of love that phrase.

  134. Gotta go vote.

    Not sure yet.

  135. PT Barnum or Chavez… tough choice.

  136. I’m not too happy about the snow. I was gonna take garden pics but it’s just too shitty out. Oh well. Another day. Nice garden post, Leon. I added a comment.

  137. PT Barnum anyday.

  138. MJ, I’m never really sure if it’s better for us to keep silent about our true leanings or not, when lefties get obnoxious like that.

  139. I’ve never made any secret of my political leanings. I don’t push it on people, but I don’t just go along with the liberal rantings.

  140. I don’t comment on friend’s political stuff, because I usually already know what they will say.

    They are sometimes surprised by what I say. Almost like their caricature of Republicans is flawed, or something. I think I have the liberal version nailed, though.

  141. GND is voting for Trump.

    I’m still undecided.

  142. Megyn Kelly is like a bitch exwife.

    Once you were in love with her, and now, every time you see her face or hear her voice you just want to take an axe to her.

  143. I hear ya, test taking lady.

    We’re moving, and they’re pretty young.

    Not worth it.

  144. CT leans Clinton according to RCP.


    She’s in deep shit.

  145. Lots of people voting today.

    Big signs that read, ‘NO ID NECESSARY’.


  146. Michigan requires picture ID. Other states clearly don’t care about integrity.

  147. A lot of the typical conservative sites think Trump is toast.

  148. More like hoping, MJ.

  149. Yea, well when Reagan won, NOBODY voted for him.

  150. Last polling was Carter +9.

    Media and GOP hated him too.

  151. 40 hours fasted. Going to start cooking now, eat after my meeting at 230.

  152. Michigan requires picture ID. Other states clearly don’t care about integrity. is racist.


  153. Aaaaaany second now…

  154. Now?

  155. *twiddles thumbs*

  156. I’ve got the Mississippi Pot Roast in the crock pot. A recipe I’ve never heard of before. The combination of Roamy describing it with the southern drawl of Brett Favre on his “A Football Life” segment I watched last night was too powerful to resist.

    I took Jay’s advice and used Better Than Bullion Beef version rather than Au Jus Gravy. We’ll see if that makes a difference. I had no idea they sold Au Jus Gravy in a packet until I read the recipe and saw it for myself today.

    I always thought au jus was just the meat drippings (which it is) but reading more about it there’s a ton of recipes to make it with bullion and spices.

  157. The con man isn’t out to destroy me and everything I love. Not. Even. A. Question.

  158. BTW, for those not boycotting the NFL, on Friday night they’re running the show “A Football Life” on Pat Tillman.

    That man was a giant in my estimation.

  159. Had to take mom to dr today. In waiting room and Hillary is speaking on tv. It’s killing me.

  160. You have to be willfully ignorant then listen to this cunt and not know that she’s lying.

  161. She has sucked Michelle’s dick so long and hard that bill is getting jealous.

  162. PG just violated the low level of good taste we have here at this shit hole dump.

  163. Oh dear, I’m starting to develop a taste for those damned peppers.

  164. Put a bucket of ice by the toilet. If you expel your flaming intestines at 3 am, you can pack them in ice and you’re off to the hospital. If not, you’ll still probably have a use for the ice.

  165. Tree climbing pumpkin! I love that idea so much. Maybe I’ll put my squashes at the base of the crabapple next year. Hm.

  166. I saw Tree Climbing Pumpkin open for Hillary’s Gunt at the Ark in 2012.

  167. Make that Hillary’s Slathery Gunt.

    My bad.

  168. Now mooshell is on. Kill me now.

  169. Now mooshell is on. Kill me now.

    I thought he’d NEVER ask.

    *grabs pillow

  170. TCP didn’t stay up there too long. I’d have needed to add a few ties and a stocking or something.


  172. …Put a bucket of ice by the toilet. If you expel your flaming intestines at 3 am, you can pack them in ice and you’re off to the hospital.

    And this is the hospital specializing in those type “accidents”

  173. Hotter than hell here. Should have had a hard freeze weeks ago.

  174. Allow me to sum up Moochelle:

    Vote for this bitch I hate.

  175. I’ll be fine, guys.

    In unrelated news, I just burped and learned that I no longer need the flamethrower.

  176. MJ, if you’re not sure does that mean you don’t know if you’re voting for Trump or just not voting for President?

    There’s a reason there is a curtain (etc) on voting booths, however, you’ve been pretty open about your intentions about other candidates, that’s why I asked.

  177. Usul no longer needs the weirding module!

  178. I’m gonna tell GND to withhold nookie if MJ doesn’t vote for Trump.

  179. Trump can grab my pussy if he does half of what he promises.

  180. Yol…Toor..Shuuuuuuuuuul!!!


    “Sam Wheeler, a renowned land speed motorcycle racer, is dead after the high-performance bike he was testing at Utah’s famed Bonneville Salt Flats fish-tailed, went airborne and crashed at 200 mph. He was 72.”

    Something to aspire to, Hotspur….

  182. Stroking out?

  183. No. Nofap4life. That’s the Fire Breath shout from Skyrim.

  184. I voted for Trump. I was just kidding about being undecided.

    I’m not going to say I didn’t have my reservations; I did. I used to think about what his administration would look like, how serious and effective they’d be, etc. It was hard to see, realistically.

    But then I was swayed by some of the softer arguments for him. I’m not even sure I care about policy that much anymore.

    1. I want to see the political class dropped a peg. Both Rs and Ds.

    2. I believe he loves the country. He doesn’t want to remake it. To update Sinclair Lewis, when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in political correctness.

    3. The media can go DIAF. They’re the worst.

    4. Americans are suckers for many worldly causes. Cold detachment isn’t a terrible thing.

    5. He has never had a drink in his life because his brother died young addicted to alcohol. My experience has been that relatives of alcoholics either don’t drink at all or are alcoholics as well. He recognized the pain and destruction and decided to abstain rather than inflict it on his family. That’s love.

    6. He derives self worth from work. We need that.

    7. He doesn’t fit in. We need that.

    8. I also share an affinity for sexy women.

    9. His family is wonderful.

    10. We can’t continue to reward destruction of our political enemies and hope to win an election ever again. As long as this works–the phony scandals, lies, media bias, etc–any semblance of conservatism is dead.

  185. Brother Cavil and Leon are total dorks.

    Dorks are the mind killer.

  186. I also voted for MrRory, the governor. I could care less if chicks want to pee next to me but I have never in the few years that we’ve known each other, see GND animated by anything like HB2.

    She’ll die before allowing men into girl’s bathrooms. Apparently changing rooms, washrooms, and locker rooms are a really big deal for her.

  187. 4

  188. Skyrim special edition drops tonight.

    Civ IV had a week in my spotlight. Talk about timing.

  189. FUCK

  190. I manage to drink casually and have an alcoholic (15 years sober) parent and (0 days sober) uncle, both descended from the same alcoholic grandparent.

    I have other addictions, but booze never bit me.

  191. I may or may not have pre-ordered Skyrim Remastered for PS4.

  192. “Dorks are the mind killer.”

    well one of them may actually be the little death…

  193. Agree with everything you said, in addition, for whatever reasons Trump chose to run I truly believe that if he became President he would want to be Presidential and be considered a man who loved his country. He would want to go down in history as a good President.

  194. Honestly, someone needs to put up an ad of a little girl walking into a pool locker room, and then looking over to see some old dude in a bathing suit starting to undress. That’s more a concern, IMHO, than the weirdo in the next bathroom stall.

  195. But Pickles is Obama lite. Boring, in poor health, annoying, and dishonest.
    Trump is Romney on coke with an LSD chaser. It’s exciting, dangerous, and might grab your pussy.

    This is exactly the type of political discourse that keeps me coming back to H2.

  196. Will someone let me in on the Arby’s joke?

  197. They have the meat. Much like your mom.

  198. Heh, nice avatar, pups

  199. VI. Civ VI.

    Eff it. Dad’s brainrot is contagious.

  200. The giant, double-trunked, 4-years-dead pine tree next to the pond just fell over, suspended neatly over the dead phragmites that I cut down.

    I am blessed.

  201. Pine burns pretty spectacularly if you get it hot enough. Lots of pops and crackles. Might call for a youtube.

  202. Pitches horror movie plot

    *Leon shimmies over pond on fallen pine tree saddled with flamethrower as the origin scene*

  203. There’s a Nihilist Arby’s twitter account.

    We’re all doomed. Eat at Arby’s.

  204. Pupster, the plan is to strap the gopro to my head for this next one.

  205. Maybe you should get a tripod too.

  206. Jimbro, consider for a moment that I am the antagonist in a horror movie for an audience of opossums and raccoons.


  208. Evening news showing Moochelle pimping Pickles.

    “Shut that gaping hole in your head”

    Who fucking cares”

    “No one mentions you’re a crook”

    (Things Paula says while listening to the broadcast.)

    Followed by:

    “Let’s watch football pre-game. I’d rather listen to that than Hillary’s whore sister Michelle”


  210. That kitty loves that pretty doggie.

  211. I’m not eating at arby’s. We’re going to need physically fit people for the coming apocalypse.

  212. Leon, have you heard of the Go Ruck stuff? I have a friend who’s interested. It sounds like something you might be interested in.

    Stress on “might. ”

    I don’t know a ton about it, but it sounds like fun.

  213. Never owned a motorcycle. Never wanted one.

  214. Me either.

    I don’t really want a sailboat but I think there’s one in my future.

  215. Owned one, rode it, outgrew it. Miss it occasionally, but that’s what my bicycle is for.

    Haven’t heard of it, Car in. I’ll go look into it.

  216. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 27, 2016 6:33 pm

    Pupster, the plan is to strap the gopro to my head for this next one.

    Head is staying attached to your body, right?

  217. I might get a motorcycle after I’m done with school.

  218. Do you know how to sail, MJ?

  219. Eh, sort of.

    I’m not great but my dad is. I’ll probably learn a lot more this summer because we’ll be so close.

  220. Yes, Pepe, that is always the plan.

  221. Detachable head makes cleaning easier.

  222. Not a salesperson, just pointing out the features

  223. Say I was in the market for a detachable head.

    What would that run a muppet?

  224. True, and if it were detachable I could lift it up to look out the window in my front door.

    The rucking activity looks interesting, but the gear is pricy.

  225. I told you, I’m not a salesperson.

    But I do know a guy.

    *writes a figure on a slip of paper, folds it, slides it across the table*

  226. Damn! Missed it!

    The body of water in the top picture with Punisher and Thor is the Penobscot River toward the northeast.

  227. * reads paper

    Ok guys. I’m gonna need to borrow $222,900. Small bills. Nothing marked.

    And does anyone have a lock of Matthew McConaughy’s hair?

    Lastly, I’ll need baby’s breath. Not the floral stuff, a literal jar of baby’s breath.

  228. Ha! Baby’s breath.

    *calls mare’s real baby’s breath dealer*

  229. Pickles McMaosuit running ads in HI. 2-1 ad buy to Trump.

  230. Why? It’s over. She has it in the bag.

  231. I’m seeing really soft ads here in NC.

    Trump and Ivanka pimping the child tax credit.

  232. Buying ads in Hawaii????????? Hillary???? Holy shit, she’s in trouble.

  233. You don’t waste money for ads in an obviously consistently D state. What is going on?

  234. She was drunk and the sales lady was cute.

  235. Mare, that’s what I thought when I saw the first Hill Pickles ad. Why ad buy in HI? Then I saw Trump ads. Pretty effective.

  236. Evening fuckers. Anyone do anything interesting today?

  237. Just your mom… so, no.

  238. You finished with your own mom so soon?

  239. pickles mcmaosuit, I like it

  240. I loved my virago, lots of fun

  241. Trying to lose any visuals of “Slathery”

  242. Pickles McMaosuit….hahahahahahaha Good one, Oso.

  243. If Hawaii doesn’t vote for Hillary she’s selling it to China.

  244. Alaska is already on eBay.

  245. Hillary Clinton: The most hated person in politics, making Nixon look lovable and Michelle Obama adorable.

  246. She’s Carter’s Obama.

  247. Anyone do anything interesting today?

    I had one meeting that was 15 minutes and another that was 30 minutes. No one wasted my time, no one licked their lips. The rest of the day, I played in the lab.

  248. And if you have some good thoughts and prayers to spare, I have two friends with kids in the hospital tonight. One is in ICU with pneumonia and blood clots causing havoc.

  249. On it, Roamy. Hooboy, it’s tough out there sometimes.

  250. Do you know the kids’ names?

  251. Prayers for your friends’ kids. My kids have by and large stayed out of the hospital, but that shit is scary when they’re there.

  252. Any word on Phat’s brother?

    Mare, their names are Kai and James. Thank you.

  253. Prayers, Romacita

  254. No response from Cyn?

  255. Someone please tell us if you’ve heard from Cyn.

  256. No response

  257. at least the phone is still on

  258. Shit. How long has Cyn been MIA? I’ll email her now. She responded to me last time I was around and she had been gone a bit.

  259. 2017 just keeps getting better.

  260. Shit. How long has Cyn been MIA?

    I both sent her an e-mail and left her a voicemail last week, letting her know that people are getting concerned.

    no response.

  261. And if you have some good thoughts and prayers to spare,

    I’ve got tons of good thoughts to spare and they are all focused on those kids.

  262. I found a picture of Oso on her vacation.

  263. Pretty much. I have two backpacks packed in my backpack. Crappy book associate at Sam’s doesn’t even have last weeks new releases out. I want to buy 3 new releases. Neither WalMart or Sam’s have them stocked. Already read 3 books on the flights over here. I was counting on having something to read on the way home. Dan: What if the Honolulu book associate is on vacation in NM?

  264. Steal a bible and read it on the flight.

  265. Hotel room has a bible and a buddha book. Buddha is in Japanese. I went through the understock books looking for my new Harry Bosch and Sandra Brown.

  266. Look, he’s crawling up my wall
    Derp and hairy, very small
    Now he’s up above my head
    Hanging by a little thread

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