Hello furry friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your subject for today is a model, illustrator and cosplayer, born on January 7th, 1989 in Hungerford, Berkshire, England, UK. She is 5’7″ tall and weighs the obligatory 125lbs. Please ignore that smell long enough to welcome, Miss Charlotte Herbert (aka Chad Suicide, Charlotte Something).


chadstartrek 08 ss1












  1. There’s a “tit for tat” joke in here somewhere, but it’s early.

  2. She seems nice

  3. …how complicated is it to repair an amputation where no bones are associated before the digit(s), metacarpals / tarsals, etc
    Some are just hanging by a bridge of skin and, after discussion with the parents, I can ligate them in the office with a silk suture tie. The baby always cries for a few minutes and the digit takes longer to fall off than you think….could be up to a week or so. When they’re more established with bone and tendons in them that’s an operative case and I wait till at least a year to allow organ system maturation prior to the anesthetic. You can cut the bone with a scalpel at that age, no saw required. From my perspective a duplicated thumb is the toughest because of the reconstruction after you remove the extra digit. The ligaments and tendons need to be preserved and reconstructed and they’re teeny tiny.

    Look up Wassel Classification to get the gist of it.

  4. Too inky, but no one could claim she has a dull affect.

  5. Big Baubles Friday?

  6. Big Bazookas Friday?

  7. She has a very decent tuckus in addition to her bazookabaubles.

  8. wakey wakey.

    i dont’ want to work today. i got a Ton of shit-work done yesterday , so now i could just ‘play’ in the garden. but i work.

    by my day off, the shit will have piled up again.


  9. Friend with cancer is taking Neulasta to bump up blood cells which apparently makes your bones hurt. He’s taking Zyrtec for the pain. I thought that was for allergies, but apparently it helps with this. (Either that, or he’s got the wrong name, but he can spell leucovorin just fine.) Whatever works.

  10. Took Mrs. Pupster out to dinner last night, we are becoming regulars at a local pub. Our favorite waitress drives a Subaru, but I think she has dealt with autistics before and is super patient with Boy1. She gets rewarded.

  11. Zyrtec is an anti-inflammatory, isn’t it? If the bone pain is inflammation, that’d explain it.

  12. It’s an antihistamine.

  13. How does it anti the histamine?

  14. We gets autistic kids (with parents ) rather often. It’s not really that much of a thing.

  15. To wait on. I mean.

  16. Just DON’T FUCK UP THEIR ORDER. If they said no pickle, they motherfucking meant it. :)

  17. They are much easier to wait on than the gluten folks.


  18. I’m not hard with the gluten thing, I just order burgers without a plate or in lettuce. I can disassemble it myself if something goes wrong, but I hate to waste food.

  19. “Do you have a gluten free menu? ”
    “Does your [insert-sauce name] have gluten in it? ”
    “Is the soup guten-free?”

    No, no and no.

    You can order PLAIN fish or PLAIN meat with nothing on it. You can’t have any of our soups or breads or dressings or sauces.

    You choice this life. Own it. Live it.

    /apologizes to leon

  20. Tats are a dealkiller.

  21. To be fair, the vanishingly-small contingent of celiac sufferers didn’t actually choose it. I’m sensitive but I can tolerate a little here and there.

    And I never order soup. There’s probably pee in it.

  22. Leon, I don’t know. FIL might have known, he was the pharmaceutical chemist. I assume it blocks something.

    Tex, yeah, that leopardy tattoo made me think of Dax from Star Trek.

  23. The rib one is okay but the thigh one seems a little over the top. None would be better. Her British accent is charming. At the end of the video where she says “Bye” it reminded me of Shaun of the Dead when Shaun’s girlfriend says bye to him on the phone.

    Found $20

  24. This would be even better if our football team wasn’t so horrible:

    Cyclones, storms, you get it. Got a brand new coach, and expectations are high (read: 6 wins and a bowl). I’m predicting 4 wins. It’s the Big 12, and the south is murder.

  25. Hey, tequila is gluten free and low calorie!

  26. She’s fleshy. Good job, Pupster.

  27. Hmm, looks like even though agave is non-digestible, it is fermentable, so I won’t be able to use it to sweeten beers (especially fruit ones).

    *back to the drawing board

  28. To be fair, the vanishingly-small contingent of celiac sufferers didn’t actually choose it. I’m sensitive but I can tolerate a little here and there.

    IMHO, the majority of “guten free” people are just hypochondriacs or fad-diet people. They want to tell me all about how they need to be gluten free, but then put it on ME to tell them what is ok. They shoud know. If it’s really an issue, they do know.

    That’s what I’m really making fun of. The few people who really have issues know exactly what they can eat and they order such. Plain fish. Plain veggies. Salad no dressing.

  29. Surely not all of the agave syrup would ferment, Jay. If all of the sugar in beer fermented it wouldn’t have carbs.

    An experiment in teqiuilabeer is in order.

  30. I get up early expecting to see some world class tittays and Sohos hasn’t bothered to show yet.

    Where’s the friggin coffee pot?

  31. I had someone go all over it with me, and then order the pot soup ( I think- it was something that obviously had gluten in it). That doesn’t bother me, she said.

    I think she could have HEARD my eyes roll.

  32. Skipping crossfit to garden. Coffee is drank. Breffast is ate. Kitchen is clean. Laundry machine is churning away.

    Time to hit it.

  33. (I think I need a plus one this morning on the coffee deal though)

  34. Carin, you’re not wrong. Most are doing it to be trendy. OTOH modern wheat is a weird effin’ mutant strain out of nightmares.

    And GF people are still better than vegans.

  35. She’s pretty. Too bad she’s ruined her body with tattoos.

    Taking a half day in order to work on Russian stuff. I’ve got a paper to write, an online post to write, and a review section to work through.

  36. I had to start avoiding wheat a few years ago. Okay for 40+ years, then it really started irritating my guts. Trying to avoid it is a nightmare. They put wheat in everything. Traveling is fun too, everything is wraps or sandwiches or burgers or burritos or breaded. I would love to eat the stuff with no problems.

  37. I don’t have a problem with wheat or gluten. I just try not to eat a lot of it – but more in the Taubs model. I don’t think it’s poison, but it’s not good for me either.

  38. Nice jerb, Pups!

  39. I don’t mind a single delicate feminine tattoo on de wimmens, but the big pieces are a no go. This is hypocritical on my behalf as I have a large number of tattoo’s myself, but they all can be easily covered and I don’t parade them around. Being the old school fart that I am, I’ve always viewed tattoo’s as more masculine than feminine.

  40. Heh, Ben Sasse has had enough sass from Sean Hannity:

    Bout time someone said it. Wish it was on stage.

  41. It will be interesting to see who they pick as a running mate for Hillary. With her age, health issues and possible indictment, she is the most likely candidate in ages not to finish her term. Could be a bait and switch type of thing orchestrated by ?????

  42. Men with tats are partially signalling tolerance for pain, which is a masculine trait in that a man who can endure it is more likely to defend a wife and kids. I’m not saying women can’t handle pain, I’m saying men need to advertise that they can because it signals their value as mates. Women signal this best by merely appearing healthy and fertile.

  43. Pepe, I’ll bet you a dozen doughnuts* that it’s one of the Castro brothers.

    *loser eats the doughnuts

  44. Cute chick. Too bad about the tattoos.

  45. I speculate that tattoos on a woman also tickle the part of a man’s brain that’s looking for skin conditions, lesions, and other signs of ill health.

  46. I think it tickles the part of a man’s brain that thinks they’re stupid.

  47. Hepatitis is hot.

  48. Many of the girls I work with have big tattoos such as these.

  49. At the vet. No book. Internet connections is in and out.

    Like your mom.

  50. A dozen doughnuts might kill me.

  51. Tattoos in women also signal low inhibitions and poor impulse control.

  52. Mornin’ all. My Sears is closing down so I may take time over the weekend to liberate some clearance items. (Got really lucky this morning, needed a new battery for the truck and snagged the last Die-Hard in that size available, huzzah!)

  53. Tattoos in women also signal low inhibitions and poor impulse control.

    Also, low self-esteem and daddy issues.

  54. Many of the girls I work with have big tattoos such as these.

    They do cover stretch marks.

  55. Many of the women Carin works with have also had Sean’s penis, so I think everyone’s right, here.

  56. Sean’s Penis should run for president. I’d vote for it.

  57. Well, the bursitis has dissipated……I still cant get over how bad that shit hurt. I mean I expect a certain level of pain from certain conditions..Kidney Stones a level 8 isnt unusual, broken ankle…7-8,
    blown disc in back 7-10….bursitis I figured would be a 6 max. But holy shit!

    I have a theory about grumpy old people…..its cause they are in pain all the time. Seems like the older I get the more “aches & pains” I have on a daily basis. The kind where you hurt when you wake up. My theory is that these aches and pains continue to multiply as you age and this produces the GRUMP. There is another layer to my theory, but I’ll stop here…

    So with that said, If elected President I will enact legislation that will supply everyone over 50 with a Vicoden per day.

  58. Will Sean’s Penis give you Vicoden???

  59. No, just herpes and a kid.

  60. I think it tickles the part of a man’s brain that thinks they’re stupid.

    Nailed it.

  61. I’ve always thought that tatts – massive all over – was a substitute for actually becoming an interesting person by reading/learning/doing stuff.

  62. “All my tats have meaning. “

  63. a 19 y/o told me that.

  64. I’ve said this many times before: Paula’s brother is a tattoo artist and she has no tattoos.

  65. Like anything else, I think tattoo’s can be a healthy expression or a unhealthy expression.

    A tattoo artist with no ink? That is highly unusual. I’m not so sure I’d want someone inking me that didn’t know what it felt like. Is he any good?

  66. Wait, did I miss read that?

  67. Her brothers a artist but she has no tattoo’s…. ok..

  68. I’m really ticked off. I proudly placed my Secret Santa gift in the back yard a few weeks ago, a lawn gnome-eating T-Rex statue. This morning I noticed it is gone. Some ass-wipe stole my T-Rex! WTF,people?

  69. Stealing garden gnomes is a “thing”.

  70. My wife wants to get a stylized batman symbol tattoo on her ankle. She got a big butterfly tramp stamp a few years ago. She knows I don’t care for it, but she’s ready for another one to cover her breast cancer surgery scar next! When did I lose control, or at least the illusion?

  71. My wife is more mad than I am about the T-Rex. She’s blaming college students exiting the scene, but you really would need to be in our backyard to see this thing.

  72. Inside Job?

  73. ago, a lawn gnome-eating T-Rex statue. This morning I noticed it is gone. Some ass-wipe stole my T-Rex! WTF,people?


  74. I only a few hours until I have to work. BOoo. No time to both garden and work out.

    booo booo boooo

  75. Vet appointment ate up my entire midmorning.

  76. I dug up a LOT of the mint. IT was taking over.

  77. That was my first thought TT, but unless my son moved it, there’s no one else “inside”. She seems miffed when I asked “Did you move the T-Rex?” when I first noticed, so I doubt it was her. She printed off a picture of it to post in the neighborhood “Please return our T-Rex statue”.

    We expected this kind of thing when we lived in Baltimore, but not in small town mid-America!

  78. Has Car In turned into a ghost?

  79. “All my tats have meaning. “

    Let me guess: the butterfly is for when you went through some moderately discomforting ordeal and came out stronger, the musical notes are because you love music (but don’t play and instrument) and there’s a tattoo there that represents your sibling/parent/other relative that you’re so close to. Did I pretty much cover it?

    Oh, and the tattoo of an animal that you love so much.

  80. I like the sign idea.

  81. One girl did a YUUUUGGGGE lighthouse on her shoulder (her entire upper arm) and the “light” points “West” (her baby – no dad is named- Westen).

    So, yes, please explain the deep meaning of your tattoo to me. I just can’t grok it.

  82. She also has bows tatted on the back of her leg – mid-calf, which are cute on a 20 y/o or so. When she’s 35 or so those are gonna look pretty silly.

  83. “All my tats have meaning. “

    This one says you’re an idiot. This one says you’re an idiot. This one says you’re an idiot that doesn’t understand Chinese. This one says you’re an idiot that can’t tell tribal patterns from random squiggly lines. This one says you’re an idiot that can’t spell. This one says…

  84. Full disclosure: I have friends with tats. Good ones, pretty cool stuff. They don’t do the whole pretentious “They have meaning!!!1!!!eleventy!!” crap though, so they’re cool.

    Also, they aren’t idiots.

  85. This one says you’re an idiot, but I still like your mom.

  86. TT, your trip to the ER was for bursitis? That stinks! Is there something you’re eating or drinking that is causing the inflammation?

  87. She also has bows tatted on the back of her leg – mid-calf, which are cute on a 20 y/o or so.


    Carin, I love ya, but you’re wrong on this one. No calf tattoo on a women is ever cute.

    What I can’t figure out is how these people who look like homeless (which I know they aren’t they just look like it) afford tattoos?

  88. So a buddy of mine got a tattoo of Joan of Arc on his shoulder. One day in OCS, we’re cleaning up in the barracks after a long day of training, and his underarmor shirt is soaked and nearly transparent. He points out to one of the other officer candidates, “He Sneed, like my tattoo?” Her response was, “It looks like a man peeing in a bucket.”

    You could hear him shouting from down the hall, “IT’S NOT A MAN PEEING IN A BUCKET, IT’S JOAN OF ARC!”

  89. Some advice to fat women, getting tattoos does not show the world “even though I’m fat, I’m a rebel and don’t care what others think because, you know, I’m a rebel.”

    It just makes your fat look grosser.

  90. Some more advice (hey, this is fun!)

    Guys, barbed wire on your arm does NOT make you look tough. Especially if your arm is the size of a kielbasa.

    mmmmm kielbasa

  91. Some more advice, like Brother Cavil mentioned, do not get Chinese characters. Why? You are not Chinese, you do not speak or read Chinese and based on the way you look, no amount of Chinese “character wisdom” is going to help you be a productive member of society.

  92. Some more advice, dear middle aged women, that dolphin tattoo on your ankle does not say, “I had a transcendental experience in the ocean with a dolphin.”

    It says, I got a little too drunk on girls’ weekend in Miami.

  93. Some more advice:

    Dear Hispanic person with a tattoo of your child, although your gesture of love seemed emotionally moving at the time, the tattoo “artist” made your baby look like that kid from the Chucky movies.

  94. Here’s some advice: don’t be stupid.

  95. These need to be compiled into one long Mare’s Musing.

  96. Comment by terribletroy on May 6, 2016 11:55 am

    Seems like the older I get the more “aches & pains” I have on a daily basis

    Welcome to the party, pal…….

  97. This whole Ben Rhodes deal Ace is working on is so very, very sickening. These people are horrible. Simply horrible people.

  98. Like I said over on the HQ: Ben Rhodes looks like a sleezebag. He looks like the kind of guy who has a small dick and who pays hookers to let him slap them around.

  99. The first time I ever saw a woman with a tattoo I was 21 years old and was wheeling 12 cases of Budweiser into a strip club on old Route 66 in Amarillo. Summer job working for beer distributor. She was dancing on around a shiny brass pole. Rose on her tit and a butterfly on her scapula.

    That experince has shaped my opinion of chicks with tats ever since. That being said, my older daughter has a tat of a Mexican dia del la muerta skull on her calf. I was no longer paying her bills when that shit went down.

  100. Ben Ruodes brother is chairman of cbs news I believe. Part of the inbreeding and nepotism between the Democratic Party and msm.

  101. Ben Rhodes’ name used to be Ben Dover.

  102. Roamy, I found this and a few other ones like it

    File under: stuff that seems to work

  103. Ace just got a free 5 minute commercial on Rush.

  104. It would not surprise me to learn someone working for Rush commented on the HQ incognito.

  105. Comment by Hotspur on May 6, 2016 2:21 pm
    Ben Rhodes’ name used to be Ben Dover.



  106. Yes, I was listening to Rush on my bike ride, he had some very good stuff to say about Ace.

  107. He has said nice things in the past, too.

  108. Carin, I love ya, but you’re wrong on this one. No calf tattoo on a women is ever cute.

    Eh, I didn’t mean I necessarily mean I liked it. Cute was the look I’m sure she was going for. When I first saw it my thought was “really?!??”

  109. calf bow tattoos are apparently a thing. I didn’t know.

  110. what.

  111. Stupid bitch. That looks ridiculous.

  112. I dont get it…whats being symbolically tied? Is it a signal towards a inclination to bondage?

  113. She should have just bought some bowed knee socks.

  114. I think those are a variation of these

    placed in a spot where they get more looks

  115. Doesn’t seem like a bondage thing to me, Troy, just girlish adornment that she can’t take off, like bows on stockings or in hair.

  116. Did anyone else have an argument with a 50-something leftist coworker about GamerGate today?

  117. OMG The hispanic Chucky tattoo!!!! I saw one this morning!!! Woman with a racer back tank.

  118. When I look at calf ribbons I see Yosemite Sam.

  119. I think the calf ribbons initially also came with lines running up the back of the leg to simulate wearing silk stockings.

  120. All it needs is a nose.

  121. My friend’s niece got a huge dragon tattoo across her side and hip when she was 19. She regrets it. She is graduating from UW law school this month and sees the world differently than she did when she was 19.


  122. If I had a tattoo of how I saw the world when I was 19, I’d have a huge tattoo of a cheap beer brand on my drinking arm.

  123. A tattoo like that is at least concealable under professional clothing. Lower leg tattoos, neck tattoos, arm tattoos… all those are a lot more difficult to fully conceal.

  124. Now I would have a tattoo of a wine box on my drinking arm.

  125. I think the woman’s body on the pic Jimbro linked is beautiful and therefore cannot understand why any more adornment is necessary (….to show her gentleman friends that she is indeed willing to do anal and wants you to enjoy the view with added bows).

  126. I just bought a t-shirt at Walmart for $5 that says:

    nobody cares…

  127. My daughter likes to make that “shhhhh” sound and hold her finger to my lips as a joke when I’m telling some dumb story. I can’t wait to wear it when I pick her up at the airport.

  128. On the back is should read, “…and they’re not coming to save you.”

  129. hahaha

  130. Waiting for interview phone call.

    *twiddle thumbs*

  131. And London has elected a new Mayor….that just happens to be Muslim. How inclusive and tolerant of them.

  132. Bows are code for anal. Hunh.

    Anybody tell MJ yet?

  133. The sun set on the British Empire long ago.

    It does not set on the Caliphate today.

  134. Anal? Srsly?

    And where’s the appeal of that? “I’ve let other men bang my squeakhole. Wanna be next?”

  135. 4pm call appears to be either late or not happening. At least I got the lawn mowed.

  136. It was more like her position in the picture, Cyn.

  137. LOL. does MJ have bows tatted on his legs?

  138. Trigglypuff:

  139. You’re waiting for an interview from Trigglypuff?


  140. No, data analytics firm in South Bend. And I’m guessing it ain’t happening now.

    I am trapped. I will never escape the auto industry. Maybe I should give up, send the wife to work and be SAHD guy.

  141. LOL. does MJ have bows tatted on his legs?

    I can’t say for sure, but there was something peaking out below his bicycle pants.

  142. Was MJ going on a honeymoon?

    If so, where?

    And he needs to get his ass back here so we can hear all about his wedding, how he in some way botched it and if the food was as good as advertised.

  143. Video of MJ’s wedding.

  144. Honeymoon?

    All-access passes to Jim Henson’s Muppet Factory.

  145. HA! Good one.

  146. Honeymoon?

    Look! Found ’em at Couple’s Day at Walmart!

  147. Good job on the Mare’s Musings update!

  148. I just don’t get tattoos.

    Which of course doesn’t stop me from occasionally considering getting one on my shoulder.

    I know. No, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

  149. Look! Found ’em at Couple’s Day at Walmart!

    I can’t be all Judgey McJudgerson about that. They look like they might be happy together.

  150. “I cant be all Judgey…”
    Said no Hostages comenter ever since 1909.

    You fuchin’ tat haters!! How dare you not like my “Carpet Diem” tat I got on my wrist in high school to show the world that I speak perfect Latino.


  151. No regrets, Chumpo!

  152. Nobody’s Perfect

  153. MOOOOOM leon got a tattoo!

  154. Big Jim and the Twins

  155. She has nice teeth…FOR A WHORE!11

  156. She goes to Mare’s dentist.

  157. Checked around the yard and found when I got home from work and found the T-Rex statue in the side yard. My wife had posted a “Please Return” poster on a telephone pole nearby.


    Jay, this article is good.
    Out here we get many more heffs than wits.

    They are really good as I wrote the other day.
    Brew one up.

  159. I have a concrete garden gnome that must weigh 20 pounds. The dogs tend to knock it over within a day or two of anyone standing it back up. Finally we gave up and have determined he’s a drunken garden gnome.

  160. That’s awesome, TSwifty! Don’t piss off a chick who’s hot for her TRex.

  161. Yeah, she was upset, especially considering it wasn’t actually *her* garden gnome ;)

  162. You should start putting up posters of stuff you want.

  163. Hi d-bags and d-baguettes.

    We both got Chinese characters tattooed on our necks that we were told say, ‘love conquers all.’

    Turns out they actually say, ‘2 for 1 spring roll available at bar from 5-7:30.’

    The wedding was nice.

  164. “Please Return our 17′ sailboat”

  165. Well well well, look who it is…Mrs. GND.

  166. Are you commenting on your honeymoon?!

    Musta run outta Gatorade.

  167. Oh man, I was missing that boat! ;)

  168. I’m still on the beach, you frackhole.

    Returning manana. The only drama or weird situation was actually on this POS blog, so I count that as a blessing.

    I do have some hilarious and weird stories, though.

  169. >>I do have some hilarious and weird stories, though.

    And these guys didn’t believe that pic of you two at Walmart that I posted earlier. Ha! Vindicated.

  170. Just remind me to tell you about the toast, a block of ice, some space cakes, Mel Gibson holding a chihuahua, and ABBA.

  171. Hahaha! Can’t wait to hear.

    Anything involving velvet ropes?
    I’m asking for a friend *coughPupstercough*

  172. Where did you go?

  173. Wait, wait, waitaminutehere…

    The T-rex statue suddenly get returned and then MJ shows up.

  174. I like the tramp stamp of the MST3K silhouette

  175. Grand Cayman. I didn’t kill anyone so that’s a plus.

  176. ‘Sup?! Yeah, of course I’m awes.

  177. I know I like the witbiers, chumpo, don’t know if I’ve had a proper Hefe. I think I’ll try it.

  178. Nice.

  179. I saw a chick with tattoos the other day that was very memorable. Strikingly beautiful girl, gorgeous face, and nice body. It took me a long time to realize she was bigger than me, she was perfectly proportioned and 6′ tall, olive skin and strikingly beautiful green eyes.

    She had easily spent a house equivalent worth of $$$$ on her tats, but it was her green contacts framed in her stunning face that I could not tear my eyes from.

  180. Tell me you don’t have those eyes hidden in a jar of olives in the fridge.

  181. Greetings, people who wonder why these girls are suicidal.

  182. No pups, I am preparing the crawl space for a guest.

  183. Pretty sure Dan and I are the only associates at The Club without tats. Guy got fired on April Fool’s Day. Had a baby on the way. He thought it was a joke. Co-workers called his boss a bitch for firing him with a baby on the way. His baby was born Wednesday. Showed up on a mutual friend’s Facedouche. He has a new $250 sleeve. No job. New baby. It’s cool though, he didn’t marry his chick so we’re paying for WIC, SNAP, and Ocare. /


  185. Look, he’s not gonna have time to get that sleeve finished while he’s busy teaching that kid to read and do math and how to grow up to be a successf–



    Oh, man, I almost got through it!

  186. Pups, that is awesome!!!

  187. Pupeh!!!!

    You cut up!

  188. Sean, I worked with a guy at Target that had a skull and crossbones tat on both cheeks. Face tats. Your tax dollars at work paid for his tat removal.

  189. I’ll save my outrage for the coming day when my tax dollars are being used to put the face tattoos on.

  190. MJ, how were the fish sticks?

  191. I guess I must ask. Is Pupsphone pups, or someone new?

  192. I H8 needles. No tats. I have a really cool hidden Mickey dragon tee that would make an awesome tat. Stitch as Godzilla? Excellent. RL friend started getting tats in her 60s. Scorpio symbol. Packers Logo. She turns 65 in Nov. Already shopping for new ink. She’s from WI. Dan suggested a wedge of cheese.

  193. Nope, same ole’ grave robber.

  194. Thanks Chumps

  195. So, this happened, Sam’s Club Cafe has like 10 choices, tops. Illegals in line in front of us. (Yes, you can tell. Clothing is a start) Oldest child was translating from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. 7 fucking minutes to order. At Sam’s. Illegal couldn’t figure out how to pay in cash. Kept getting caught up with the math. Oldest kid was sofa king with math. Me to Dan: Fuck it. I’m voting Trump. (Not really)

  196. I just dropped 2grand at Menard’s for oak flooring for the living and dining. Home ownership.

  197. HS, your new kitchen is awesome!!!

  198. Thanks, Oso.

    These floors are the last major project in the new house.

  199. Pics or it didn’t happen! 😂😘👊🏻

  200. Serial. We’ll expect pics.

  201. You’ll get them, but the shit doesn’t get delivered until the 17th. Then it has to acclimate a few days before it can be installed. So it will be a few weeks.

  202. One of my co-workers got another tattoo. She might be the only one in the building with them. Mid-life crisis is my guess.


  204. Oso, do your illegals dress like this: Dad in denim pants, boots, belt buckle size of a saucer, guyabera or cowboy shirt, straw hat. Mom: faded patterned dress with some embroidery and knockoff designer purse. Kids: One will be wearing Raiders gear, older female will have four inch dia hoop earrings, older male will be in shorts with white socks pulled up above knee and slip on shoes or flip flops,

  205. I won’t vote Trump, but those little shits holding the “Make America Mexico Again” make me glad I live in CA so my vote wouldn’t count anyway

  206. Pretty close. Girls under 12 with skin tight body revealing clothing. Girls over 12: baby bump.

  207. Comment by Hotspur on May 6, 2016 8:22 pm

    These floors are the last major project in the new house.

  208. I won’t vote Trump, but those little shits holding the “Make America Mexico Again” make me glad I live in CA so my vote wouldn’t count anyway

    I should show up at a rally with a sign that reads, “Mexico: Training Wheels for the US Army”.

  209. Invade Mexico: We need the practice before we fight competent foes.

  210. Pepe, shhh. It’s cute when HS is optimistic.

  211. Oso…oh gawd…

    Yeah…we got a new student two weeks ago. She has panic issues with closed doors and is in foster care. Today, an ADA and Social Worker from San Bernardino County came to meet with her.

    Principal says her mom’s boyfriend was abusing her sexually and telling her that if she said anything that everyone would be deported. When she miscarried at 14 and ended up in the hospital it all came out.

    But all cultures are the same…equally valued and crap

  212. You’ll get them, but the shit doesn’t get delivered until the 17th. Then it has to acclimate a few days before it can be installed. So it will be a few weeks.

    You’re making your floors out of shit? Does the acclimation process just dry the shit out, or does it also help with the smell?

  213. I hope downwind neighbor doesn’t have any outdoor plans for tomorrow.

    I’ll be cooking brisket.


  215. MS, my sister is a counselor/teacher in Dallas. Bilingual certified. She was always bringing kids to NM, AZ, and NV on breaks. The kid, Chief, I referenced with my dad’s stroke was one if them. Her mom was a prostitute. Would go to Mexico to visit family. Leave her kids in Dallas. Chief had 3 kids by the time she was 17. Lived with my sister. Her baby daddy made her move out so she could qualify for FSA stuff. In a real world, he’d be prosecuted for statutory. Not in America under TFG.

  216. I actually have thought of how to end the war on drugs. It is cold blooded, but it would work. First step: Presidential FInding that narcotics are a Clear and Present Danger.

    Next step, stopping and switching out small portions of drugs being imported in with untraceable, undetectable poison. Third, treat smugglers as invaders out of uniform, ie Spies, if Cartels adopt uniform, then POW status. Summary Execution when caught, allow immigration through ports for work with proper ID.

    Fourth, addiction treated as a public health problem.

  217. Guy finally called about 45 minutes late and apologized a lot. We talked for about an hour, sounds like we might have mutually aligning interests.

    Oh dear God I don’t want to move again. Or pack. Or fix the landscaping. Or figure out what the hell I’m going to do with the garden until we figure out if I’m leaving.

  218. The US government poisoned people with hooch when it was illegal, too. Bad Idea Jeans. I understand your frustration….um but no.

  219. Oso, I can relate. I am losing patience with the little brown snowflakes that are 3rd or more generation American. Including the Nahuatl named agitator’s kids, who on Monday accused me of ‘giving’ him a bad grade.

    “No, Cuitlahuac (<—Seriously), you earned a bad grade by turning in 4 assignments since March, one of which was copied, word for word, from (student who was expelled)'s work."

  220. I remember reading that, lauraw, but cocaine can’t be grown domestically. Actually, that would really only work with coke

  221. I also need a hug really bad and a shoulder to cry on about my son.

  222. Strike the idea of shoulder…I need a pillowy bosom to cry on

  223. How is he doing, Mundo?

  224. *backs away*

  225. strike pillowy…ANY bosom

  226. I remember reading that, lauraw, but cocaine can’t be grown domestically.

    There’s a guy north of me with lemon and orange trees that produce fruit. He just moves them into the house when it’s cold out and keeps them under lamps during the day.

    Poisoning citizens is Orwellian, and Laura’s right, the FedGov did it during Prohibition. When cocaine was – I remind you – perfectly legal.

  227. Hotspur Comedy Texting Theater:

    HotBride (out with her girlfriend): Where would Pat find her security key for her Internet?

    Hotspur: Written down in the secure list she keeps stored on her cell phone.

    Hotbride: Pat says you’re a dick.

    Hotspur: You guys should smoke dope, drink wine, and ignore the Internet.

    HotBride: I agree with Pat.


  228. I don’t trust the DoJ, the EPA, the IRS, or the FDA.

  229. I totes read that in Hotbride’s voice. ❤️ Her

  230. I don’t particularly trust the DEA or ATF either.


  232. Oso, they wanted me to post on Facebook that I needed a kidney for him. 18% function, he gets tired a lot. Still just a good kid

  233. Early bedtime.

  234. Generic post for people to get on kidney registry. Car in knows kidneys.

  235. I really think the government function is really three things: Protect the border, Provide security and enforce contracts.

    Thats it

  236. By “security”, I mean kicking the teeth down the throat of anyone who tries to harm us.

    And by government, I mean the Federal

  237. Prayers here, Mundane. Is he on dialysis?

  238. Evenin’, purveyors of pendulous protrusions

  239. He can’t do dialysis because of his autism. The arterial shunt is too dangerous, he wouldn’t leave the peritoneal site alone.

  240. Oh, no Mundo. Prayers (but no pillows).

  241. That’s what is should be.

  242. My godson is still non-verbal. Lots of patio dining in his future. Best restaurants are the ones that will plate his microwave mac and cheese and make an off menu grilled cheese or whatever for him. There are a lot of good people in this world.

  243. He can’t do dialysis because of his autism. The arterial shunt is too dangerous, he wouldn’t leave the peritoneal site alone.

    That sucks. Prayers for sure, man.

  244. MrScience,
    The FedGov don’t have to poison junkies. China is already doing it.
    The are making fake copies of Vicodin, Oxycotin, and Norco in Chinese pill factories and shipping them to Mexico by the container-load. The cartels then smuggle them here.

    Unfortunately, they are really Fentanyl, and 50-100 times stronger than what they think they are getting.
    The stuff has even made it up here in the PNW.

    Every day, now, I hear on the scanner;
    “ALS (acute life support), overdose”, followed by location info.
    The bad ones are followed in about 3-5 minutes by;
    “ALS Cardiac Arrest”.

    Natural selection, I suppose…

  245. My comment was referring to a 9:29 comment

    * refresh *

  246. Scott, we got that. You have a huge heart and we knew what you meant

  247. Yuge.

  248. Yuge

  249. True story: Type II sucks. No tats. No waxing. No mani-pedis. (I still wax. Taking my chances)

  250. Why I’m burning part 3097: Dan and I have a day off on Sunday. Breakfast and Capt America. We thought about flowers and brunch with MiL. Dan: I just need one day for me. She doesn’t even remember what Mother’s Day is! I’ll go on Tuesday and tell her it’s Mother’s Day. Maybe Susie will spend Sunday with her. (<<<the part where I burn. Early days. By Sunday, Dan will want to go by and visit his mom.)

  251. We don’t have to worry about MiL and full care. She was a depression kid. Saved everything FiL earned. She could live to be 100 and not have to sacrifice care. I want her to live to full care plus 1$ so SiL gets nothing. When we sell her house and roll it into her account, she could live to be 100 and 10.

  252. My dad knew he was dying. Ran up credit cards. Lived life to the max.

  253. WooHoo!

  254. Owning the comments as my phone dies.

  255. 🎶This is what it sounds like…when my phone dies🎶🎶🎶

  256. The more I drink, the more askew my tiara becomes. Dan thinks a photo library of drunken tiara is artistic.

  257. Dan needs to share more pics.


  259. Cyn?

  260. Dan is a dead man if he shares pics.

  261. Pepe… HA!

    No one is ever THAT naughty.

  262. I need a new haircut that isn’t Pete Rose. Open to suggestions

  263. Dunno if laura is around or she’s out rigging my car’s AC to fill the passenger compartment with mustard gas, but I know she likes old Soul sometimes, and I thought of her when I watched this:

    Kind of rare to see a female vocalist playing guitar back then, right?

  264. I’m lying. All my haircuts are Pete Rose. Good link, Sean. I’m sure you’ll be spared through the wknd. Pretty sure. Mostly. Kjnd of. SOON

  265. Now I would have a tattoo of a wine box on my drinking arm.

    SQUEEEEE – Mare and I are gonna get matching tatts!

  266. I need a new haircut that isn’t Pete Rose. Open to suggestions

    Um, okay.

  267. They have those kidney registry things were everyone mass donates to strangers and more people get parts.

    I’m no longer eligible to donate.

  268. No tats for me. I came from my maker in perfect condition. I don’t want to fuck up his work.

  269. My foot hurts like a muthafocker tonight. Wine and ice before bed.

    GARCON – I need another glass of wine!

  270. Exterior decorating is limited to cellulite.

  271. Sean’s linky at 11:03 pm, Um, okay (

    I’m pretty sure that “OF” in the upper right corner stands for Out Fielder, but show of hands… who else thought “OFB” with that hair-do?!

  272. I would tat a scar. Tatts for military things are fine. I just think some people lose perspective.

    Long term it’s not going to be a good look.

  273. I thinking about a tat for my 50th.

  274. I had to go back and look. OFB never entered my mind. Geronimo!!!!

  275. That’s from ’78, Cyn. I don’t think manscaping was a thing back then.

  276. Cyn, need suggestions and locations?

  277. Tigger on calf

  278. You’re just trying to make me Google “1970’s Manscaping” and I won’t do it!

    *runs from room crying, slams doors*

  279. bows on calf. I think you’ll get dates.

  280. I know of the registries (and he is on them, although inactive due to post-op concerns that I am working through with a behaviorist and psychologist) but I also do math. 99,737 people on the Need Kidney list in the US. Last year 9.3K got one, including live donations. Son is also a blood type that 3% population has. Right now, he is just having a good time being a kid. No pain yet, which is good

    Its just life. And why I scoff at the stupid idiot 18 YO student who has to smoke medicinal pot for their “stress” and “insomnia” (And I wonder how in hell they afford it too. )

  281. Cyn:
    “I thinking about a tat for my 50th.”

    Just reading that makes me want to cry.
    I would so love to be looking at 50 again.

    ChrisP Class of ’66.


  282. Yea the wait list is really a crap shoot. That’s why the active live donor things are better. But it’s really not the silver bullet everyone things it is. There are reasons they consider some better candidates for the surgery and it makes a lot of sense. Weakened immune systems are no joke.

  283. You’re just trying to make me Google “1970’s Manscaping” and I won’t do it!

    Your loss. People were doing some really creative stuff with Afro picks back then. Stunning. Tasteful.

  284. Serious question time: Make a Wish is taking Micah and I to Hawaii ostensibly to swim with fishies and toitles. But what else to do there from those of you that have been? Going to the four biggest islands on the Pride of America.

    Please Advise…

  285. If I were going I would definitely see Pearl Harbor.

  286. Waimea canyon. Na pali coast. Swimming with mantas on the big, and turtles on Oahu. Big Makena. Lappert’s. L&L

  287. Punch Bowl.

  288. As a Catholic, different churches. St Mike’s on Big. Therese on Maui. Augustine on Oahu. Immaculate Conception on Kauai. My tia did the Molokai tour. She lived longer with Stage 4 than anyone else in mi familia.

  289. Not sure Micah could appreciate Pearl Harbor, but it is fantastic. But yeah, Waimea. And swimming at Hanauma Bay.

  290. I am thinking that a lot of what gets done in Hawaii depends on Micah’s tolerance for busy.

    If he likes to walk and see things, the volcano stuff was fun on the Big Island, and while the Pearl Harbor trip would be boring for him, he might like climbing thru and exploring the USS Bowfin sub on drydock (some tight spaces in here, but lots of gadgets to see and some to touch). Punch Bowl no; shopping at aloha bowl would only be fun if he likes to walk and window shop the various vendors.

    Maui Ocean Center was great for my boys too (they were young and stayed entertained).

    The most fun was just watching them play in the water and build sandcastles. Those are probably my best memories of the trips right there.

  291. Of course, most of my time in Hawaii was spent in Davey Jones Locker, the Red Lion, the Lewer’s Street Annex, and the Shorebird (aka, the Sure Thing).

  292. My son would not care to see Pearl Harbor, and when I was in my 20’s I went to Normandy. I literally could not get off the bus. The rows and rows of crosses just broke me. I imagine Pearl would have a similar effect.

    I figure swimming and sailboating when we can find it. Was wondering about Road to Hana. He likes rides in cars and buses

  293. Xbrad, I can’t take him to bars…yet. His fake ID sucks

  294. Lewer’s street has been ruined. Road to Hana…dramamine. Big Island has lots to do. Paniolo camp.

  295. There’s no rows of crosses at Pearl. But yeah, the Punchbowl, which, I always liked. Lots of crosses, but very beautiful, and very peaceful.

  296. I’m not a luau person. Pick one. I like the Kauai Coconut Coast Luau because Stitch!!! Kauai movie tour was awesome if you like Jurassic Park.

  297. Pearl Harbor was hard.

    We didn’t do that “road to Hana”; there happened to be major road construction and we passed on that.

    This helped us pick places for the boys:

  298. Snuba or scuba at Molokini

  299. Malasadas.

  300. That was written by a chick at Frommer’s but I’m not finding any pages at their site anymore that I like.

  301. from that awesome link I have come up with;


  302. LoveAboy

  303. Whale watching is dependent on island and time of year.

  304. Kahlil and The Gang

  305. IED Speedwaggon

  306. Mundo, if you can get to Maui, Hookipa Beach is fuckig amazing

  307. Martha and The Muftis

  308. I was raised in a very patriotic family and it stuck. And I am still in love with my country. But that level of sacrifice…I just feel it

  309. UDay 40

  310. The Dole Plantation was a fun little detour with a train ride too; Oahu.

  311. Quran Quran

  312. The Religious Police

  313. If you were thinking a helo ride might be on the menu, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters took very good care of us and the ride was amazing.

  314. The Exploding Pumpkins

  315. Qurans of the Stone Age

  316. The Allahu AkBar-Kays

  317. The Throwing Stones

  318. ABBAS

  319. Turban Turban

  320. I.E.D.

  321. The B-52s Targets

  322. The Traveling Wahabbis.

  323. Rage Against The Crusades

  324. Muezzin

  325. The Beaheadles

  326. Bomb Jovi

  327. Hehaklhekljhadlkfahwei!!!!

    Fuck you Infidels!! I have goats too fuck!11

  328. Adeel

  329. INtifadaXS

  330. Van Halal

  331. A-Cha

  332. So I took a half day off from work, planning to come home, take a quick nap, finish up Russian homework and extra credit, and study before I went out for a drink. Then tomorrow I’d study for a couple of hours and then take my chapter quiz and final exams.

    Instead I log onto the website and find a note from my professor saying, “Hey everyone, remember that your homework and quizzes are due tonight! Good Luck!” Check her other emails… sure enough, yesterday she posted a note saying that we had until the end of the day on the 7th to complete everything. FML.

    I got it all done, but ended up with a 72% on the final exam. Got a 91% on the quiz. I don’t know if the extra credit paper was what she wanted, since the instructions were kind of unclear, but the worst that can happen is no extra points so whatever.

  333. They Might Be Goatfuckers

  334. The Allahman Brothers

  335. Vanilla Isis

  336. The Pet Boys Shop

  337. akljsdfakldfgaklsdfjhaklsdfgjakldsfgalsdkfjahdklsj!!!!1

  338. Chowdary and Tenile

  339. Boys To Tents

  340. Guantanamo Ballet

  341. Run DMZ

  342. Marvin There Are No Gaye People In Iran

  343. The Carbombs

  344. Tonight We Are Going To Stare At The Fire Like It’s 1499

  345. Shut it.

  346. Andy, is your brother out or did he re-up?

  347. He’s still in. Working off a college edumacation.

  348. good for him. Is he stationed on your side of the world?

  349. DeadMuz

  350. Yep. Benning.

  351. That’s good. I visited Benning a couple of times.

  352. jimbro – thanks for the knowledge

    went down the rabbit hole –
    now lookin’ at Nicholas Andry
    H.O. Thomas (wow 79% reduction in mortality with a splint)
    Robert Jones

    hmm cool list

  353. A boy tries hard to be a man
    His mother takes him by his hand
    If he stops to derp he starts to cry
    Oh why

  354. The smoke from the fires in Ontario is here, the whole world smells like a campfire.

  355. I blame Trudeau.

  356. Feeding horses, then taking a walk around the block with my training pack. 4 miles, 40#.

  357. Good thing you guys came up with your game after I went to bed. I needed my sleep.

    wakey wakey

  358. Correction, waiting a little bit and taking wife and kid for a walk in the park. We’ll see how many miles they can do.

  359. Carrying kid and diaper bag – good training weight.

  360. They go in the stroller. I may push it, but I’m not carrying them too.

  361. Carrying them would be a memorable Mothers Day gift

  362. You need a baby carrier that’s like a backpack. Those are good for hikes.

  363. I got her white Reeses cup minis for Mom’s day. I might add a card and a flower or two.

  364. MJ was here! MJ was here!

    Alex, how come only Ivy leagues have grade inflation? With all the affirmative action that goes on there, we end up with clods like Barack and Michelle touted as geniuses when they can barely right a coherent sentence.

  365. Baby’s not heavy enough, Roamy. I have to carry 29# and I train with 40#. She’s not quite 16#. Plus we’d both be really uncomfortable after 4 miles.

  366. Add the extra, Leon. She’s the mother of your child and the most important decision of your life!

    Even though it’s one of those Hallmark made up “holidays” ( I highly recommend making your own card) throw in the extras. Why not?

    Once my husband was buying a card at the store for me and when he got to the checkout the lady said it was $7,99. He told the lady I can’t buy that, my wife would kill me! And he was right.

    He’s bought me lots of cards but they are getting kind of crazy.

    Oh, look, 20 bucks!

  367. I lost $10 yesterday, so I hope someone found it and gets to tell half a story.

    Speaking of losing money, I am fake betting on Mohaymen for the Derby.

  368. Baby napping instead. Time to go solo, I guess.

  369. touted as geniuses when they can barely right a coherent sentence.

  370. ^


  371. touted as geniuses when they can barely right a coherent sentence.

    Ewe tell ’em, mair!

  372. I know mah writes!

  373. hahahaha

  374. I’m smartar then shite.

  375. The H2: Righting coherent sentences since March 2009

  376. On the other hand I didn’t go to Princeton or Harvard.

  377. On the other hand I didn’t go to Princeton or Harvard.

  378. If I were to create a new college I would name it Harverd.

  379. If I were to create a new college I would name it Harverd.

    I would major in gazintas

  380. Alex, how come only Ivy leagues have grade inflation? With all the affirmative action that goes on there, we end up with clods like Barack and Michelle touted as geniuses when they can barely right a coherent sentence.

    It’s not just the Ivies, from what I’ve read. They just have the worst problem with it. You have a school full of kids who’ve literally never gotten a bad grade. They’ve been pushed by their parents, who’ve often provided tutors, extra help, gone to the high-school teachers to complain, etc., and who’ve taught their kids how to game the system. By the time the kids reach Harvard I don’t think they know how to react to getting a C.

    Add in the SJW mentality that has infected the place, and all of a sudden giving little Susie a bad grade is a sign of patriarchal oppression. So she gets bumped up, and so is everyone else who is smarter than her just out of fairness.

  381. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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