Hello best friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born July 30th, 1979 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  She measures 34DD-24-33, 5’4″ and 103lbs.  Please avert your eyes before you welcome, Miss Jessica Canizales!











  1. She seems nice.

  2. She seems nice

  3. Ha! I opened BBF a while ago and got busy with life before commenting.


  4. Listen, Jimbro, that was my line about 8 years ago when I first saw a BBF model…you know back when Rosetta was scaring us all.

  5. More like 11 years.

  6. She’s got a little bit of a Sarah Jessica Parker look going on in that last picture, but I like the outfit.

  7. Kids have a 2 hour delay due to freezing rain. Paula just got to work and said the roads were awful. Hopefully they’ll be out with the salt and sand before they go in. My case is of the late morning variety so I can supervise their departure.

  8. I’m partial to the pink fishnet outfit. That’s probably a common ensemble for women living in warmer climates.

  9. Yes, we all wear something like that here in Florida.

  10. I’ve done some additional research on our model and can conclude she is obviously in great shape and benefited from a great plastic surgeon but is, sadly, endowed with a butter face. My career advice for her is to make a lot of money young before her only option is MILF-p0rn and multilevel marketing of beauty supplies.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. She doesn’t look like she can deadlift much. Just saying.

  13. Paul Ryan? A big swirling turd in your face, NO, THANK YOU!

  14. That picture of Chelsea on Drudge is doing her no favors.

  15. I don’t see no picture of Chelsea on Drudge.
    And HOW DARE YOU ATTACK a child of a candidate. Kids are OFF LIMITS.


  16. Oh, sorry they took it down. Luckily for Chelsea.

    Donald Trump trying to smear Cruz with an “affair” rumor is really shitty.


  18. His ego is worse than Obama’s. Very, very dangerous.

  19. Yeah, based on the video, fantastic body, supple curves, face de butter.

  20. So let me get this straight. Team Cruz airs a ad using a image of Trumps wife implying a negative. Team Trump fires back with a unflattering pic of Cruz wife. And Trumps the bad guy?

    Makes sense to me.

  21. Dog gigs of exceptional quality.

  22. *gifs* dammit

  23. Troy, the opening salvo in that battle was by Liz Mair, who while anti-Trump, can hardly be said to be pro Cruz. Cruz campaign had nothing to do with the ad.

  24. Good Friday morning to you all. I’m on baby duty, but it’s at least a vacation day.

  25. So it was this Liz Mair that aired the Ad and not some “super pac”?

  26. She looks like she would make a passable step-mom to some surgeon’s kids.

  27. Liz Mair heads an “anti-trump” PAC, which I believe originally backed someone else. So no – not Cruz.

  28. Second wife material, for sure. Maybe third.

  29. “Make America Awesome is a SuperPAC dedicated to blocking and reversing Donald Trump’s political ascent. We are an independent group, and are not authorized by any presidential candidate or candidate committee. Our focus is on using unconventional and cost-effective tactics, as opposed to stereotypical high-cost, limited-yield methods with the objective of providing maximum donor value. – ”

  30. We should start a SuperPAC.

    “HostagePAC is dedicated to providing mediocre-quality butterfaces with inflatable titties. Our focus is on chickens, gardening, exercise fads, and making fun of your mom.”

  31. Any candidate would be lucky to have our help.

  32. “The first step is to work on your ability to think on your feet when it comes to press questions. We’ll play members of the press and ask you questions. You have thirty seconds to answer. Mare will be in control of the shock collar. If she doesn’t like your answer…”


  33. Ah….. a “anti-trump” pac. Interesting… there are people out there willing to give money to a pac, not in the interest of getting someone elected, but in the interest of seeing one specific person NOT be elected. …..yeah, that makes sense to me too.

  34. Countertops being installed.

  35. A candidate cannot confer with a super pac, it breaks all kinds of election rules. Cruz, if nothing else, is smarter than that.

  36. Some nice canizales there Jessica!

  37. Not fasting today after all. No way I want to be hungry while I’m taking care of baby. I won’t get to eat much anyhow.

  38. Lurker or new person?

    Hotspur, you gonna ask or do I need to?

  39. So we have a Gaye commenter now? Aren’t we diverse.

  40. Leon, we need to discern sexual orientation before interrogation begins.

  41. We’ve had Jewstin for ages. Even back when we spelled his name right.

  42. I don’t mind the gaye, but fucking granola? Really?

    Bacon or GTFO.

  43. I’m fasting and I just did one of the hardest work outs in one of the programs I do. Kicked butt and offered it up to Jesus. But I’m sore now and hungry, which is good.

  44. Update to PoL for cool people who want to see baby girl hairstyles.

  45. Possum is adorable!

  46. HostagePAC – put me down for whatever change is under your mom

  47. HostagePAC – the proud sponsor of tonight’s debate will open with the same first question for all of the candidates: ” How many bull whips do you have shoved up your ass …. Right now!”

  48. In Hillary’s case it would be “None. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head is up there right now.”

  49. The Amtrak station is right across the street from my office. There are fucktons of people lined up to board right now.

  50. I used to use that station in college during freshman year. Train went right to my hometown.

  51. Dowagiac?

  52. Is there room in politics for a PAC named “Keep America Stupid” or is that impinging on Organizing for America’s turf?

  53. Niles. The station’s beautiful, been in a half-dozen movies.

  54. Of course, it wasn’t Amtrak when that was built. It was one of those evil, profiteering corporations that wanted to move people back and forth from Detroit to Chicago for nefarious ends, like work.

  55. Sweet jumpin’ Jesus, I think Ace is getting ready to go full whackjob…

  56. If ace is supporting Hillary, then he’s supporting treason and public corruption.

  57. Don’t Niles and Dowagiac use the same station?

  58. From a story at Drudge:

    “President Obama has stoked controversy after he suggested to an audience of Argentinian youth that there was no great difference between communism and capitalism…….”


  59. They might, but the station is in Niles city limits, close enough to my old house that it was next to my paper route at one point.

  60. I should move to Dowagiac. It’s a nice little town. If I’d just stayed a telecommuter…


  61. Also, not to be an asshole about it, but I don’t buy for a second that Ted Cruz managed to bed 5 women in addition to his wife. I’m still pleased as punch that he got 1 woman to sleep with him.

    If he got 5 others, while married? The man has more game than the NBA.

  62. That is a National Enquirer story.

    The National Enquirer is owned by a good friend of Donald Trump.

  63. i looked up the story – i hadn’t heard that one. `

    “and David Pecker, the tabloid’s chief executive, is friends with Trump.”

    real life is truly humorous at times

  64. Is Liz Mair a good friend of Trump? Cause her name is all over this. I thought she was anti-trump?

  65. Im with Leon, Cruz doesnt have the game to pull off 5 affairs.

  66. Newt Gingrich couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison. And yet……

  67. if cruz was humping 5 other chicks that should help bring some of the clinton vote over to his side

  68. he should hire monica lbjski as his new spokesman

  69. Hilarious for anybody to call Cruz an adulterer in order to help Trump. If you’re someone for whom infidelity is a dealbreaker in a candidate, Trump was never your guy to begin with.

  70. Newt has game and fat sacks of cash. He can come across very charming, that’s how he kept getting elected.

  71. You know who’s ecstatic today?

    Tom Green.

  72. I think Alvin is the last candidate endorsed by HostagePAC.

  73. Who is Tom Green and why is he happy?

  74. Tom Green was a comedian / MTV host back in the 90s who made a box-office bomb titled, “Freddy Got Fingered”. There was a news article about a guy who was arrested for failing to return a rented VHS of the movie back in 2002.

  75. Thank you, Alex.

  76. He was briefly married to Drew Barrymore before she did all those movies with Adam Sandlar.

  77. Ahoy.

    I have house guests.

    Have a groovy wknd.

  78. You too, Chumpo.

  79. Good news, bad news, great news. Rocketboy is on his way home.

    One of my co-workers not only brought BBQ for lunch today, but he grunted the entire time he was eating. Maybe that should be good news since no one needs to bail me out.

    Last payment to the contractors today. Lights have been fixed. The lights didn’t work because they installed them before the gutters, and either they leaked or the gutter installation damaged them. Now they need to get the dumpster and the port-a-potty out of my driveway, and I need to get the garage, shop, front yard, back yard, library and basement back to normal.

  80. Yay…boo…YAY!

  81. She looks like she would make a passable step-mom to some surgeon’s kids.

  82. Today’s IB moment


  84. Pupster, looks like cabrito is popular in TX.

  85. Shit, man, don’t post that. Muzzies will be there tomorrow.


  87. Greetings, Goat Census workers.


  89. This one is pretty good, too…

  90. I agree.

  91. Last movie I saw with Superman in it had Brandon Routh. I plan to keep it that way.


  93. Huh

  94. That is incredible, Scott.

  95. I had no idea that was branding.

  96. Not a day goes by where I don’t regret taking that job at Dildo Emporium.

  97. My granddad raised goats about smack dab in the center of that mess. His were raised for mohair, not meat. He got old and had to lease it out to another fellow before I got old enough to have to learn to shear.

  98. PG, my friends John and Beth raise goats for mohair. It’s apparently a shitload of work.

  99. so anyone live in the Sacramento area? Just accepted a job down there. It’s McDonalds but the pay is only slightly below minimum wage so it’s a step up.

  100. My sister USED to live in Sacto.

  101. used to as she is now in prison, used to as in sac. was such a shit hole she fled or used to as in she just moved on?

  102. Why the hell would anyone willingly live in Sacramento? That’s where we ship off our whores and ar-tards to keep them from spreading diseases and licking the windows of decent peoples’ homes and businesses.

  103. first have you ever been to vancouver WA, or vantucky as the locals call it. Second – whores and ar-tards, i’ll fit right in. plus that extra $.02 / hour really bumps my take home pay.

  104. Why the hell would anyone willingly live in Sacramento? That’s where we ship off our whores and ar-tards to keep them from spreading diseases and licking the windows of decent peoples’ homes and businesses.

    Stop electing them to public office.

  105. so did anyone not see this coming – Supergirl: Superheroine TV Show Among Series Not Listed for Renewal by CBS

    I watched like two episodes, way too much emo not enough supery

  106. Not surprising. I watched half and episode and had to go kill a mountain lion with my bare hands in order to get my testosterone levels back into the normal range.

  107. The production values looked cheap compared to some of the other superhero shows on teevee, too.

  108. When Jeb! said she was “kinda hot”, I knew his campaign was over.

    That is just creepy.

  109. they need to do a powergirl show –

  110. Used to, as in just moved on. Though I’d have to say there’s parts of the greater Sacto area that are probably nicer than the crack neighborhoods of Vancouver, WA.

  111. Did anybody get tired of the way anybody else sarcastically called them “boss” every time they interacted with each other today?

  112. Probably Jewstin if I’m guessing.

  113. Your Mom calls me boss.

    It is annoying.

  114. Like a boss.

  115. Cyn can boss me around any time.

  116. Rolled in from another town,
    Hit some derp, too hard to settle down.
    But a fool and his money soon go sep’rate ways,
    And you found a fool lyin’ in a daze.

  117. time to get rollin’

  118. for jimbro

  119. re: pupsters goat census

    there are a few goat places around here. never saw any growing up but they are becoming more popular with the weekend farmer types.

    one of the local goat guys’ must be raising them for meat because he’s got goat heads on fence posts…. it’s a bit odd

    goat diseases:
    brucellosis, Q fever, toxoplasmosis

    they’re dirty little bastards


  121. Thanks boss!

    *gripe – gripe – gripe*

  122. Goat heads make me think of this

  123. D x 4 = Doo Doo Doo Doo

  124. As a young resident I had an intern assigned to our service. She was a tall Jamaican woman who dressed better than the average intern and she was an attractive woman who was friendly. One day we were eating lunch and she warmed up a container of soup which smelled really good. She said her grandmother made it and it was goat soup. I declined her offer to try some. My friend Jack went out on a date with her and reported that her apartment was a mess and it smelled like cat urine from her 2 cats. Deal breaker.

  125. One of the orderlies in the OR was talking about how much maple syrup he was making and when he mentioned he just might get sick of it before too long a light bulb went off over my head. I mentioned swapping some honey for maple syrup and he was game. He’s got 2 pints of honey and next week I’m getting a jug of maple syrup.

  126. i had goat at a greek restaurant in atlanta many moons ago – it was eh

    the business associate that i was with was a close friend of the owners of the place – it was a multi course affair, that involved a lot of cheap wine and devolved into a long night and a horrible hang over

  127. We’ve both been working the past few days and the dirty dishes have been piling up in the sink. In a cruel twist of fate I’m off today and Paula is working 12 hours so it’s my duty. I just went out and looked at the sink and it was a little disheartening. Because we both enjoy our health we do the dishes as opposed to having the boys do them half-assedly.

  128. i used to help my uncle with his apiary when i was a kid –

    nothing like raw honey in the comb

  129. As a fellow I worked with a resident who was quite the character. He grew up on a ranch in Rifle, CO, rode rodeo for college, climbed Everest with his dad and was engaged to a most beautiful girl. He was a humble, aw shucks kind of guy, just a really good human being. His fiance had parents that owned a Greek restaurant where lamb was the specialty. He hosted a dinner there one night for his fellow residents and invited me as well. That was some of the best lamb I’ve ever had.

  130. Oh, raw honey in the comb really is good.

  131. I mostly get liquid honey, not comb. When I do get comb it’s from the bees trying to pack more in if I leave space between the frames. That’s good on toast or just eating it like candy.

  132. XBrad, you’re either up really early or you pulled an all-nighter.

  133. I’m up really, really, really fucking early.

    ((coughs up the 27th lung this week))

    **schedules trip to Urgent Care**

    **suffers subconjuncitve hemorrhage**

  134. Good luck x

  135. Feel better soon, XBrad.

  136. **coughs up a spleen**

  137. Have you seen my monkey Cyn?

  138. Hold on to your pancreas XB

  139. Well, why should I? Damn thing will just attack me in a few years.

  140. You’ve got more than one lung and kidney, liver cells can regenerate and you can live without a spleen or gallbladder but you need your pancreas in spite of its ornery nature.

  141. Beta cells can recover if you give them long enough rest.

  142. Welp, I got about halfway through this gallery and turned into a blubbering idiot. Dust alert:

  143. I think I broke my little toe.

    While getting dressed the Mission Impossible theme song plays in my head.

  144. Sheesh, pups, I ruined my make-up reading that…excellent.

  145. Yale has a $26 billion endowment.

    CT is broke.

    Trouble is brewing.


  147. Let the leftists eat their own.

  148. I got to the paw print sympathy card before things got blurry.

  149. Cleaned the fridge out, made a run to the dump, cleaned dishes and pots and pans and played with my doggie. My dilemma: too early for a beer and I don’t want to dirty a mug for tea or instant coffee. Do a shot to celebrate my achievement?

  150. Comment by Jimbro on March 26, 2016 11:48 am
    I got to the paw print sympathy card before things got blurry.


    That about killed me.

  151. Yale has a $26 billion endowment.
    CT is broke.
    Trouble is brewing.


    Heard about that yesterday. Let’s see what kind of backbone (ha!) Yale has. On principle they must not let the irresponsible politicians get their hands on money on they will just squander on retirement funds.

    Horrible, horrible precedent.

    Also, wtf is going to give to endowments anymore if it’s going to some state employee’s IRA?

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