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New record, Jimbro.



  1. If I had a twin…

  2. So, Boy1 gets up 3 hours before he has to get to work, gets Mrs. Pupster up with a cup of coffee and a gentle reminder that they have to leave at 10:15, takes a shower, gets his uniform and name tag on, packs his own lunch, then proceeds to not look at the clock until I say “Hey, it’s 10:30…” I blame Mrs. Pupster, who is habitually late.

  3. Do a shot to celebrate my achievement?


  4. Going to go do a little yard cleanup, y’all talk amongst yourselves.

  5. Our oldest interviewed 2 days ago at a local McD’s and he’s waiting to hear back. The owner is an uncle of a kid he plays basketball with and was talking with him during the interview with the manager. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

  6. I need to smoke Laura’s lunch.

  7. +1

  8. UConn girls are in the sweet sixteen and playing Miss St.

    Halftime score is 61-12.

    I am going to assume that they’ll hang on and win.

  9. After exactly 1 month, off to Urgent Care- diagnosis- Bronchitis. Levaquin and prednisone.

    Prognosis- death by hacking.

  10. I’m not saying my cough is still bad, but google subconjunctival hemorrhage.

  11. Take some Motrin and rub some dirt on it you’ll be fine.

  12. Beats the shit out of The Tilted Kilt.

    Not to pick a nit, but in the kilt picture, she is carrying tucked inside the waistband…is that not classified as concealed and not open carry?

    Also, good for them, I hope it works.

  13. The article gets it right but the picture description flubs it.

    “Collin and his twin brother, Chase, both carry Smith & Wesson .375-caliber Magnum revolvers”

  14. That’s one of DB’s classics, FakeChad.

  15. Heh. Just flipped over to AoSHQ and saw they tried to have a politics thread.

  16. Find the xbrad Gecko:

  17. She wouldn’t get 20 paces into a mall around here without someone calling the police, and open carry is legal CT.

    I have only seen 2 people open carry.

  18. ” subconjunctival hemorrhage” Sounds like a drink MJ should invent.

  19. Open carry means you have to obey all the laws,and honor the gun free zones, and that is virtually impossible in CT.

  20. We have open carry in MI, it usually gets you police attention unless you’re outside and it’s deer season.

  21. Laura’s lunch will be smoked chicken bewb and (because I am a classy mofo) tater tots.

  22. Huh, I was stuck on the old thread.

  23. Amazing how these idiot politicians only think about where we can steal money instead of trimming the fat. Dicks.

  24. 10% endowment tax and we are golden.

  25. Such Bullshit, Scott. They are so out of control.

  26. Businesses and residents are already leaving, and they already whacked the hospitals, so now they eat their own.


  28. Hahaha, Stupid cat.


  30. What an asshole. I bet Bubba did that when he was a pup.

  31. Comment by Pupster on March 26, 2016 4:18 pm


    That was hilarious.

  32. 2.5 hours until go time. Gotta go shave head and face.

  33. Just checked out the state gun laws again.

    If somebody puts a “no guns” sign on the front door of their business it is considered law. Punishable by $500 fine, up to 3 years in prison, and forfeiture gun.

    A business owner can take away my constitutional right with a freaking sign.

    This is why it’s important to conceal here

  34. I am going to order a bunch of stickers that read GAYS.

    If I ever see a NO GUNS sign I can change it quickly.

  35. You have the right to religious freedom, unless the business owner puts up a sign.

  36. No Irish Need Apply.

  37. Opinions vary on open carry. I’m not a fan. If you’re solo and someone notices you then you become a target for an unbalanced person, an anti-gun zealot or a crook getting ready to crook out. It causes the anti-gun zealots to freak out and the potential to be SWAT’ed is there.

  38. Hi guys. Buy guys. Home from work. Fed MA. Headed across town. Trying to get more furniture/paintings etc in place before the big move on Tuesday. MiL is scared and anxious. Lived in the house since 1961.


  40. I favor constitutional carry. IN was close. You could buy a Carry Permit for $25 and a target shooting permit for $15. Concealment was recommended but not required. MI issues concealed carry licenses, but last I checked you needed two letters of reference sent to the sheriff of your county. Open carry is mostly used in hunting season or north of Lansing.

  41. Legislature passed a bill that allows for pistol carry in state forests, parks, and recreation areas.

    If the Governor signs it into law I’ll commit about 100 fewer felonies this year.

  42. Not a fan of open carry, just because the left has been so successful in demagoguing firearms, and most open carry fanatics are looking for a confrontation to scream “I know maw rights”.

    Better to sneaky pete.

  43. Hoplophobia has consequences. Like mass shootings/stabbings/bombings.

  44. Irrational fear of hoppers.

  45. Hopper fear is acridophobia.

  46. Jimbro, there was a lot of concern when Texas (areas) went open carry. The sherifs, police and state patrol were speculating that it would create all kinds of problems.

    They (local police, etc.,) reported after a year that all the anticipated problems never materialized.

  47. Legislature passed a bill that allows for pistol carry in state forests, parks, and recreation areas.


    This is a great thing. I did not do hikes at local places alone in Texas because it was a felony to carry in State, Fed Parks.

    No way I’m going into the woods without a gun. Or a man with a knife or gun.

  48. “I know maw rights”.


    This has not happened…in Texas.

  49. Beard Update, Day 147: Saw a guy this morning who I hadn’t seen in about a year. He said that the beard makes me look like I was always supposed to look.

  50. I have yet to enter the woods without it. If you need a gun the law doesn’t matter.

    The bear still might get me but my chances will be better.

  51. Laura’s NRA instructor ignored that stupid law too.

    She got smart and moved away.

  52. At my buddy’s wedding in December, the best man and I crashed at the couple’s apartment that night while the newlyweds stayed at a hotel. The best man pulled two pistols and an AR-15 from his car and admitted the he took them everywhere.

    I’ll admit I think that’s a little excessive.

  53. That’s a common theme anytime gun freedom laws are passed Mare. Maine passed constitutional carry and it became effective in October, 2015. There have not been any gun battles in the cities, towns or unorganized territories that I’m aware of. It goes without saying that the liberal press would make sure we knew all about it if there were any.

  54. You carry the pistol to get to your rifle

  55. And the movie theater we went to, there were only two doors, one of them being the fire escape.

    Block the fire escape from the outside and everyone inside would be trapped by one shooter.

    It’s a gun free zone too.


    Not while I am there.

  56. I’m sure you are not alone

  57. I agree, Scott, but add (for women) that lots of freaks hang out in parks and it ain’t happening (me going into a park with out a gun). I’m more afraid of freaks than bears and I hate bears.

  58. I just read a story about that Yale endowment dealie you mentioned. They linked the bill ( ) and I believe the politicians are cray cray enough to go for it. After all, unlike a business or individual, Yale isn’t going to move to another state. The kleptocracy is real.

  59. I hope they do. It will be one tax that wont affect me.

    I think Wiser said they are jacking our gas tax too.

  60. I am not a fan of open carry for the same reason that I am not a fan of open display of penis, both are more effectively deployed if they are kept under cover until needed.

  61. My house guests are lame. You all would be much better.

    Hasta lo.

  62. *lights paper bag of dog poop on Chumpo’s front stoop*

    DING DONG !!!

  63. I am not a fan of open carry for the same reason that I am not a fan of open display of penis, both are more effectively deployed if they are kept under cover until needed.

    You have obviously never come into contact with Sean’s Penis. It does not like to be covered.

  64. Well, the squirrel hole is covered up, but the darn squirrel keeps trying to get back in – maybe that’s where he stashed his food supply…

    If he keeps gnawing at the wood – we dusted it with cayenne pepper this afternoon – Mr. TIFW is getting out the pellet gun.

  65. It could be where she stashed her babies.

    You should know in a few days.

  66. Get out the flamethrower.

  67. Don’t think it’s a mama squirrel – haven’t seen any teats on the underside.

  68. Don’t think it’s a mama squirrel – haven’t seen any teats on the underside.

    she might just be really flat chested – the keira knightley of squirrels.

  69. Teats On The Underside is The Rolling Stones’ most underrated album by far.

  70. Frosted Squirrel Teats should be a breakfast cereal.

  71. Have w had squirrel tits on BBF yet? we may b missing a thing.

  72. Nope, not gonna.

  73. And if the blog you read starts going to the pits
    I’ll see you on the underside of squirrel tits.

  74. Shall I compare thee to a squirrel’s teats?

  75. Best cereal ever!

  76. Stays milky in milk!

  77. What is this “Irrational fear of Hoppers” you speak of? I’m all about the sneaky pete approach to guns.

  78. Fear of hoppers is entirely rational!

  79. I’m in favor of the *legality* of open carry. It’s usually a bad idea in a city or suburbia. But I loathe giving the police another law to impose restrictions on the lawful exercise of a Constitutionally guaranteed right. After all, remember that open carry is a state wide issue, and there’s a shitload of people that simply want to be able to carry a weapon when they’re in a forest or out on their ranch or otherwise about their lawful business.

    Would I open carry in downtown Chicago were it legal? Nope. But I would love to simply be able to legally strap a sidearm on while touring a friend’s farm in downstate Illinois.

  80. Also, Teats on a Squirrel was way scarier than Snakes on a Plane.

  81. Did anybody try to tell anybody else that their podcast might attract more listeners if it wasn’t just an hour-long weekly diatribe about not being able to find shoes that fit well today?

  82. Hey man, it’s not a diatribe if it’s true.

  83. Hey Cyn! Something occurred to me last night: Was everybody else but me who stayed at the hotel in rooms in the same area?

  84. I don’t have a podcast. Yet.

    Easter vigil went well. My sponsee is baptized, confirmed, and took communion for the first time. He gets to sleep in tomorrow, too.

    I don’t. Gotta take wife and bebe to 830 mass.

  85. *open-carries well-fitting shoes and spits

  86. Hey Sean! No, I am pretty sure that they split us all about the hotel, so unlike STLMU, it was not the fucking ice machines.

  87. Fucking Ice!!

  88. I had them put norovirus in all the booze.

    That’s why Sean was safe.

  89. DAMMIT.

  90. You’re a bad man, leon. Good thing you’re going to mass tomorrow.

  91. Went out today and killed the shit out of some clay pigeons.

    Have to fly to London tomorrow.

    I joiined the ‘Victory Serivces Club’


    It’s kinda like the American Legion for Brits.

    Two blocks from our layover hotel and the beer is cheap.

  92. FUCK SALT!

  93. Can’t talk, my brothel business is taking a bit of hit right now.

  94. Phat, was watching a video of some crazy crosswind landings at Birmingham, England today. Thought of you. Man, those 767 wings were flexing.

  95. VSC club looks interesting.

  96. Xbrad,

    I have to say that the 757/767 is the best plane I’ve ever flown.

    T-37/T-38/A-10/ C-21/C-5/C-9/C-40. And that;s just in the AF!

    In the airline it’s been 727/737/ airbusA320/757/767.

    Fun job.

  97. You’re a bad man, leon. Good thing you’re going to mass tomorrow.

    It’s cool, I already confessed the bioterrorism. The penance wasn’t even that bad, probably because I told him it was against you people.

  98. I just woke up from a dream where I was the sidekick in a buddy movie with Tom Hanks. I saved the day but he still got Meg Ryan.

    This is fucking bullshit.

  99. I keed, I keed.

    And now, I sleep.

  100. MAKE ME, Jumpsuitboy!

  101. You’re going to have to wait though – kid run.

  102. I saved the day but he still got Meg Ryan.

    You don’t want her anyway. Obsessed with Trump. Terrible foot odor. Sad!

  103. “Top Gun” era Meg. Terrific, really great. America’s sweetheart. Didn’t give me a shot, went with the funny guy. I could’ve made her great again.

  104. I saved the day but he still got Meg Ryan.

    Have you seen her lately? You probably dodged a bullet there.

  105. Co-worker was in AZ the weekend after us. Baseball tourney. Her hubby, one son, and half the travel team got sick.

  106. Gossip sites link Meg Ryan’s fucked up face to botched plastic surgery after a Russell Crowe beat down. She was glowing in Sleepless in Seattle.

  107. AZ is flu ground zero. Very sad. Horrible. Lucky for me I have these luxurious hands to cough into. Have you seen these? It’s fantastic. They are just a little smaller than large. But proportional. Above average. Bigger than Tom Hanks. Much bigger. Really great.

  108. Gah, what is it with no school offering courses in the summer? Seriously, is there no one you can find to teach a fucking Differential Equations course? No grad student in need of money or professor who got caught diddling a freshman?

  109. Sean’s beard is awesome.

  110. When did they start calling today Easter Eve? Why was I not informed?

  111. I’ve got enough 757 sim time to really enjoy it, but TRANSLANT in a 767 is just boring. LOTS of excess power in a 757. Getting out of KSNA is easy. Into… not so much.

  112. When did they start calling today Easter Eve? Why was I not informed?

    We held a meeting about it. We voted to keep you in the dark because it would be fun.

  113. Lord, I kneel and offer you
    My derp on a wing
    And I’m trying hard to fit
    Among your scheme of things

  114. wakey wakey.

    He is risen.

  115. I love Pupster’s subtle humor. And his really great hands.

  116. I’ve been busy the last few days so I don’t know if the case of the vet who got his motorcycle (attempted) stolen and he fought for it. What didn’t make the news – but is obvious from the video – is that two other people came to his aid both of which appeared to have guns (one for sure but the posture of the other suggests he did as well).

  117. We don’t call it Easter Eve where I am, it’s on my calendar as Holy Saturday.

  118. 2.5 hour Easter Vigil last night. Mini-me was altar server and rang the bells at the Gloria. It’s a long time to ring the bells, and you could tell she was getting tired. One of the choir people suggested she needed to ice her arm. Rocketboy said it was the first time being home for Easter and not altar serving since he became an altar server.

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