Reaping what we sowed since 2009

I’m not sure what she’s growing down there but the solution is in that can.


How to know when you’ve had one too many drinks or tokes


“Time machine, take me back to my first spring break”


Instant classic


Waiting for warmer weather. Any minute it will be arriving.



  1. Coffee’s ready.

  2. YEA! Wakey wakey

  3. What was going on at Devens yesterday Jam? The conversion of Fort Devens to the “town” of Devens was a real wtf moment for me. Fort Devens was where I learned how to find my way through thick woods with map and compass the Army way, shoot an M-16 and properly blouse my pant legs in my ROTC days. After college I mostly drilled at the MEPS Center in Boston, the Springfield NG Armory or Camp Edwards down the Cape during med school and residency. When I got the word the Fort Devens was going to be decommissioned it was a bit of a blow but it sounds like they’ve kept part of the training grounds intact.

  4. I made a salad for lunch and my coffee for the day. I get to drink one cup, then it’s outside to feed the horses and go to Dearbornistan.

  5. I think the gal in the top photo is feeling the bern or something.

  6. No snow at home, but where the highway meets the other highway, nice and slick! Slow drive in!

  7. Probably got that from Sean.

  8. aerosol version of this?

  9. jimbro the village now caters to a corporate park primarily.
    pharma and assorted tech.
    the south post is still operational.

    i’m going there more frequently doing work for a pharma customer that moved their process development group to devens

  10. That’s a good use of the land really. Anything that brings more bidness to MA will help fund the state pension fund a bit longer. Pretty sure there’s a federal penitentiary there too.

    Drug trials on prisoners? Win win!

  11. i raffed out roud when i saw the “Athol” this way sign on 2. i think scott linked that once

    judging by the way they drive everyone up there is from Athol

  12. Heh, Athol always cracks me up! I learned to drive in MA and my dad and older brother were my mentors. Needless to say they taught me the Masshole method. My grandfather used what my younger brother and I called the “touch and go” method of navigation through parking lots.

  13. Happy Birthday, Sean!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Sean!!!

  15. Hbd Sean

  16. Happy birthday Sean!

    I got you something:

  17. Happy birthday, Sean.

    Please don’t let Carin’s negative attitude toward your beard spoil your special day.

  18. Happy birthday, Sean!

  19. Texas weather – ran the A/C yesterday, gonna be running the heater today.

  20. Sean! Happiest of Birthdays to you! I got you one of these.

  21. Happy Birthday, Sean. And many more!!

    Many more Seans, not birthdays.

  22. So, he should reproduce and die? That’s not very nice, mare.

  23. So I go to the music store like I do every morning to do some bookkeeping work.

    There’s a (obviously mentally handicapped) guy waiting by the front door when I arrive. He asks me if I’m the owner. “no, but what can I do for you?”

    “Would you be interested in buying this original Elvis Presley CD, still in the original wrapping?”



    Happy birthday, Shawn.

  24. Since we no longer have Rosetta around to bitch about it, I will remind you once again, when you change the header photo, change the fucking tagline.

  25. Tagline changed so the crotchety old man will pipe down and eat his pudding.

    Can someone please put on a Matlock rerun.

  26. –header photo

    Ewwwwww. Where’s that been?

  27. It’s 24K gold plated.

  28. Happy Birthday Sean!

    Spring break is overrated. Except when you’re the beneficiary of easier traffic.

  29. Heh. Jimebro’s hitting his stride.

  30. Hotspumanti, your blinker is on.

  31. Hotspumanti, your blinker is on.


    hahahaha Cranky old man gotta crank.

  32. Sean M, happy barthday. I wanted to get you something real nice but couldn’t find the good Hoody album online. You’ll have to settle for Ricky Gerkvaice’ Greatest English One Liners.
    It’s in the mail, hold yer breath til it gets there.

  33. * makes plans to sit next to Mare in Yhe H2 Doomsday Bunker*

  34. It’s a trick, Sean.

  35. Hotspur, Im going to be in Napa for the next two weeks. You should cruise over.

  36. And the Ewok goes Hillary over Trump.

    Not that DJT ain’t a trainwreck, but…

  37. What are you doing in Napa Mr. Chumpo? Besides drinking fine wine, eating great food, looking at the gorgeous countryside and wondering how CA got so effed up.

  38. I have respect for Ace, Cavil. It’s the dickhead factor that has infected that space that makes the comment section suck.

    Maybe you agree.

  39. I’ve got to get a place apprased and inspected for to go on zee market. Come over.

  40. HA! Michelle Obama is in Argentina giving a speech to girls about her struggle as a girl/woman growing up having men judge her for her looks and gender.

    HOLY SHIT, You were raised in middle class America, which is pretty fricken awesome. You went to Princeton. You “earned” a law degree. You lived in tony neighborhoods in Chicago…YOU NOW LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE, you were on boards paid a shit ton for doing nothing. You travel around the world on our dime. What is your problem, bitch?

    Every single human had to deal with something growing up. Get the eff over it.

  41. I have never been (traveled through have not toured) to Napa or Sonoma and considering my travels and living on the west coast it’s something I greatly regret. For Heaven’s sake, I lived in Mountain View for six months.

  42. Although I was pregnant while living in Mountain View and could not drink or hold food down the whole six months. Horrible. Not a good time to visit wine country.

  43. America gave Michelle opportunities that almost all other countries would not have given her. If America is so horrible, GTFO.

  44. Chumpo, I would love to. Spent most of my time in the Navy on Treasure Island, and been back to SF many times, but never been to Napa.

  45. Victims gotta victim.

  46. I usually go to O’Reily’s myself.

  47. Yeah, kinda why I’m broadening the blog horizons. Still, voting Hellary over Trump? A bridge way too far for me…

  48. My cousin Barb lived in Mountain View. Spent many a weekend liberty with her.

    Now she lives in Woodside. If you want to know how California got so effed up. Go hang out with the folks in Woodside.


    Ace, you don’t have to vote for a Presidential candidate. Not voting for Trump is a lot different than voting FOR Hillary.

    This election cycle is making everyone insane. And I’m right there with them.

  50. Woodside full of 60’s dumbass hippies?

  51. Eff it. Saying you’ll vote Hellary over Trump is going full retard. You NEVER go full retard.

  52. I’m with Ace. I’m going to be really effen drunk to vote for Trump, and probably have to stare at photoshops of Hillary offing puppies as I walk into the poll.

  53. I’ve worked on stuff that involved protecting information assets, sources and methods. I handled them with great care and have never and would never compromise even the slightest of them.

    Had I done what Hillary did, I would never see the sun again. Any random name out of the white pages would be better. If it’s her against X and X has a shot at winning, I will vote X with enthusiasm.

  54. I’m not saying I’ll do it, but there is a valid reason people are suggesting they’d rather vote for Hillary.

    To burn the mothafocking REpublican party down. What Trump will do as a “republican” President … I can’t even …

  55. If I had to chose one or the other I’d choose Hillary with out hesitation or remorse.

    Of course the last president I voted for was Perot. I have zero faith in nat politics and it’s turtles all the way down.

    Of course I dont judge people based on thier politics because in my opinion that’s uncivilised.

  56. what leon said.

  57. I’ve been to SF twice for a conference at the Moscone Center. Once on the cheap as a resident (1997) where we stayed 4 to a room and ate burritos big as your head for combination breakfast/lunch and then ate free food at industry-sponsored events for dinner. Next time (2000) was when I was working and I stayed at a much nicer hotel and got to tour wine places with my ex-wife and my friend and his wife. It really was a beautiful place. We managed to bring a case of assorted wine back on the airplane (pre-9-11, pre-Y2K dot com meltdown).

  58. Woodside is full of 60s rich white liberals.

  59. If one were to drive from santa rosa (sonoma co) west and then borth for an hour it woukd be hard gas station the entire way.

  60. Really all the way to Eureka

  61. I’d rather go by boat.

  62. John Kasich said he would not rule out a democrat as his running mate, but he has ruled out being someone’s vice presidential pick.

    Talk about being effing insane? Who are these people encouraging this asshole to stay in. Can only be Hillary people.

    Hillary straight up lied in the faces of the Benghazi families. She is a *unt and I’d rather stick xbradtc’s dick in a car door than vote for that human POS.

  63. Oh, and I’m not civilized at all.

  64. Im not judging you, Mare. Here at the H2 we joke and tussel. It’s a wonderful thing.

  65. Whoa!!!! What did xbrad ever do to deserve having his dick stuck in the car door?

  66. I use xbradtc as my humor muse all the time, Hotspur. It’s kind of running joke.

  67. I don’t think T Rump will be the nominee so I guess all the Badasses will have to “burn this mf’er down.


  68. I remember sitting on the back deck of a bar called Scoma’s in Sausalito one afternoon, drinking margaritas.

    Later, as we were leaving, we drove past a place called “Margaritaville.” (This was before Buffet’s chain was started.) I demanded that we stop and have one more margarita there.

    As we were walking across the parking lot towards the bar, this big biker dude in full leathers, walks up to us from his Harley and asks if one of us could give him a push. I shrugged my shoulders and said “Sure.” And I pushed him.

    My three buddies held him back from beating me to death while loudly explaining that “He’s drunk and an idiot and please don’t kill him!”

    He eventually calmed down and even laughed. “Yeah, I guess I deserved that.”

    We, of course, had no choice but to help him out and push start his bike.

  69. I agree with Leon. If I’d pulled the shit Hillary! did, I’d be in prison for a very long time.

    Trump is a dumpster fire, but I think he can be controlled. If he got into the White House, the GOP will be able to push a lot of people into positions where they could mitigate his worst instincts. Additionally the media will be all over him night and day.

    Hillary! will completely destroy every executive institution. The government will be bent entirely towards her political enemies and the media will happily go along with it.

  70. I dont think The Turtles will let Trump have it, and I dont think anything can prevent Hill Daug. It’s the death rattle of the MFM and they will have thier list of Firsts.

    If it doesnt fot The 50 Year Plan then it doesnt come to pass.

  71. I have no idea who can get the nomination at this point, if it isn’t Trump.

  72. Trump might not get 1237.

    If that happens, anyone can be the nominee.

  73. Dear RNC,

    I’m available. I might even flip my home state.

  74. One of my liberal friends just posted this turd:

    Remember when you were in school and 1 or 2 kids would cause trouble and the whole class would be held back from recess?

    This is how Muslims feel.

  75. It would be a RINO, someone like Kasich.

  76. And then the 1 or 2 idiots would get beaten up by their peers after school until they learned not to do stupid shit anymore. I’m waiting for American and European muslims to do the same. Hang a few of these jihadist nutjobs from nearby lampposts and the rest of us will be a lot more trusting.

  77. The way Trump has been collecting open primaries, I don’t see how he doesn’t get 1237. Cruz hasn’t been getting as many states as he needs, and Kasich finishes 4th out of 3.

  78. Heh, blanket party!

  79. Blanket Party!!!!

    I havnt heard that in ages!!!

    Where’s Rosetta?! He’s due for one.

  80. Yeah, most of the primaries in the North East are coming up and Trump will most likely do better than Cruz there. Everybody treated him like a joke until it was too late.


  82. Eh. Trump won’t make 1237. The convention will be a round robin Charlie Foxtrot. Some squish will get the nom out of nowhere and everything will burn. All in accordance with prophecy.

    This, my friends, is what anaphylaxis looks like, acted out by idiots.

  83. I’m going to have to watch Sam’s speech from RotK again, aren’t I?

  84. Which speech was that?

    Also, ace is really going full bitchy isn’t he?

    Yeah, I’m not going to pay for any more Marvel or Disney crap. But now he’s just trying to piss on everyone else because he can.

  85. Climbing Mt Doom, when Frodo loses hope. On phone still or I’d link it.

  86. WooHoo! 3 trips to MiLs new place. Dan says I can’t throat punch SiL until we get his mom moved in. It was close. She came by to “help”. Carried 2 dresser drawers out to the truck my cousin loaned us. That’s it. 2 empty drawers.

  87. You guys have been making me laugh all day.

  88. Heh.
    I just heard from a leg Trumper that Herself is going to tap Michelle as her veep.

    Please dont eat the brown acid, folks. Or any acid. The drugz are not for you.

  89. Ossiter, you are doing well. Keep it going.

  90. Remember when you were in school and 1 or 2 kids would kill 5 or 6 other kids every other day and no one really did anything about it.

    This is how everyone feels.

  91. It’s true.

    Adults are now babies. Only Ms Bloomberg can save us from the meaney bo beanys

  92. Oh crap. I took the brown acid.

  93. MJ may be on the age cusp, but I’m suspect of any man who hasn’t thrown or received a punch.

    Not always a case of standing up for something but when it happens that way it’s good that a man is willing to step in and use his fists.

    And if any of you give me the old “fighting is not the answer!” BS I’ll simply throw WWI and WWII at you. And of course the ongoing WWIII with Islam.

  94. Woo hoo, delivered and received! I’m in!

  95. I could never boycott Disney or Marvel!!! I’m addicted to their product!

  96. What if a woman threw a punch, Mare? Ok, a girl. I H8D bullies.

  97. I’ve never taken acid but I kind of think the term “bad trip” would apply to me.

    I’d wake up wearing 5 shirts and 3 pairs of pants, with scarves wrapped around my head (turban style), all the house plants in my bed and the cat in the shower stall (with the water running).

  98. Dan made me stop mouthing off to people.

  99. Oso, I threw a punch or two in 5th and 7th grade.

    I don’t like bullies either and I don’t like boys grabbing my boobs.

    I chased a 6’1” 200 pound 8th grade boy out a window. We laughed about that when I saw him about 15 years later. Great guy. Thad was his name. When I went home to see my mom, we prayed for the health of his mother, Carol at Church. I just loved her, she was a smiley fun person.

  100. Good Jay!!

    My husband who is one of the nicest, kindest, polite men I’ve ever met, got into tons of fights when he was growing up. So did my brothers. Heh, my dad told a bully if he wanted to fight my brother he had to do it in our backyard. He actually showed up and as I recall no punches were thrown the kid apologized or something.

  101. Yay, Jay!

  102. ….or they just shook hands and it was over.

  103. My boycott of the NFL, Marvel, and Disney continues.

  104. Dan has only had a few fistfights in his life. His mouthy best friend nearly got him in a few at Steeler games.

  105. As does my boycott of the entire line of Lean Cuisine frozen meals.

  106. Received one beating, delivered another, de-escalated a few by force.

  107. What happened with the Lean Cuisine?


    Find of finger?

  108. I figured we’d have a lot of men of action here at the H2 (not H3 though).

  109. Pretty cool cabin in the woods

  110. Prager mentioned today some dumbass American general who said the terrorists were acting out of political beliefs, nothing to do with religion. Idiot. Do any of you know who that general was?

    Problem is the terrorists SAY they want a European Islamic Caliphate. So a religious war for political power and control.

  111. I’ve never taken acid either. Way too scared to find out what’s lurking in my brain.

  112. Within the last year or so, yeah, landed a punch and got one right back.

  113. Way too scared to find out…

  114. What about a donkey punch? I’m asking for a friend.

  115. Wow, Jimbro that was interesting. Good comments on that thread.

  116. MJ, I knew you were on the age cusp, hence my comment. That’s the difference between 50-60 year olds and 20-30 ish year olds.


  117. Within the last year or so, yeah, landed a punch and got one right back.


    Whoa, xbrad!

  118. Comment by Jimbro on March 24, 2016 6:08 pm
    Way too scared to find out…



    Nailed it.

  119. of these

  120. LOL Pupster, good gif(t).

  121. Acid a few times. It was the 70s. Last time was on a field trip to the plant-arium. South Park’d/ acid buddy freaked out about the laser show. Left in an ambulance. I was seriously freaked and beyond paranoid. Good times.

  122. I didn’t think acid was very fun. ‘Srooms on the other hand…fun.

  123. I actually had a epiphany while on acid. I looked around at my supposed friends, recognized that they weren’t, woke up the next morn and got the fuck outta dodge. Never hung with those mutts again. Nothing outward negative happened while I was there, its just that I could “see” them for who they really were.

    We used to get all effed up on the cid and then (this was always like 2-3 in morn) go walk through the wealthy neighborhood and admire their lanscape. They always had good lighting and vibrantly green lawns, immaculatly manicured. Of course the cop weren’t alway happy bout three long hairs in that zone. They never caught me, but got my buds once or twice. You know what happens to your buzz when you run from police while on acid? It gets stronger. I learned this sitting in the middle of a bush while I listened to the patrol cars circle the area. I was peaking so bad the whole world looked like a spider web with stars in it.

    I’m still amazed I survived my mispent youth

  124. I love the “Judge orders IRS to quit stonewalling”, or what? What will happen? Court going to call the Justice Dept.? Tell their mom?

    Get a Marshall and start putting people in jail, or forget it.

  125. Pepe / Beanses 2016

    Rope and Chains

  126. If you haven’t been reading Dilbert creator Scott Adam’s Blog, he’s been taking Trump trolling to the next level for months.

    We all understand that a president has to be the leader of dumb people as well as smart people – and there are far more dumb people.

  127. I had some epiff, efiff, realizations too, Troy. Each trip they got worse and worse, the last of which had me hiding under a pine tree hugging my knees and rocking back and forth. The world did not look beautiful to me, and I wondered why I was spending my food money on something that made me crazy.

  128. I had some epiff, efiff, realizations too, Troy. Each trip they got worse and worse, the last of which had me hiding under a pine tree hugging my knees and rocking back and forth. The world did not look beautiful to me, and I wondered why I was spending my food money on something that made me crazy.

    I dated the stripper who had the same effect.

  129. Me to Dan: It is so exhausting listening to the same stories over and over and having to say the same thing over and over. Dan: Yeah. Tough being at my mom’s, too.

  130. Query: Is homicide justified in that particular scenario?

  131. Never did any kind of illegal drugs. I was skeered that I’d like it too much to quit.

    It took me years and years to get off the Oreos. And sometimes I still relapse.

  132. Oso, homicide no. Dickpunch yes.

  133. PG, I would’ve punched him, but we were still in my CiLs Titan and I couldn’t reach!!!

  134. Hahahaha, Dan did a good funny!

  135. I have alligator arms.

  136. Strongest I ever did was your mom.

  137. Dan: Yeah. Tough being at my mom’s, too.

    Damn. Dan’s fucking brutal. I like it!

  138. Pupster, I am totes the Meet The Robinsons T-rex.

  139. That scene is part of my movie quote repertoire. I nail it, every time.

  140. We all understand that a president has to be the leader of dumb people as well as smart people – and there are far more dumb people.

    This was an awesome read. Spot-fucking-on.

  141. *cocktails and debriefs*

  142. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birfday. Even wiserbud.

    Those of you who didn’t say anything can go fuck yourselves.

  143. Whew. I really don’t like fucking myself.

  144. I really think Ace needs a safe space away from the Twitterverse and the comments at the HQ. Maybe IB would work for awhile. IMHO the IB is a smart place. A sane place. Where reasonable adults can congregate. No paste. No window licking.

  145. Those of you who didn’t say anything can go fuck yourselves.


    Lol Awesome Sean.

  146. Ib. H2

  147. “I h8 to fuck myself”

    Youre doing it wrong.


  149. “Those of you who didn’t say anything can go fuck yourselves.”

    is it ok if those ppl think of you during said time frame?

    axing for a friend

  150. Nope, take your medicine.

  151. I really think Ace needs a safe space away from the Twitterverse and the comments at the HQ.

    I’m sure he has more than one where he’s not Ace. There is no way he’s not trolling with the ban hammer behind his back this week. No way.

    “I’ll never vote Trump.”

    *raises hammer over head*

    “I’d vote for Hillary first”

  152. I’m more offended he didn’t like GOTG than I am at his declaring he’d vote for HillBot.

  153. Then again, he got me to watch Wicker Man.

  154. Happy birthday, Seen. I was just waiting for you to show up.

  155. In our multiple trips to the Home today, there were a few tables set up with Jigsaw Puzzles. Saw several residents working the puzzle tables. Last trip to the home: I saw a Q-tip pocketing a puzzle piece. Made me laugh.

  156. “I figured we’d have a lot of men of action here at the H2”

    marez – most guys learn early on that getting punched in the face sucks.

    i used to spar in college on weekends: i wasn’t too bright in those days, i actually enjoyed the contest.

    i’ve been punched (and kicked) in the face a bit – three of those times i wished i was someplace else

    there’s ultimately gonna be someone bigger or faster or stronger or luckier – so don’t fight him, ‘cuz otherwise you will learn

    getting punched in the face sucks

  157. College roomy’s nephew boxed at West Point. Little guy. Hispanic. Poor guy is on the Jimmy Carter detail and hasn’t been able to come home.

  158. I wasn’t ever much a puncher. Now a grappler…well when you’re overweight and have any IQ worth measuring, you figure out quickly to make it work for you in a scrap.

  159. Dan is getting real. Getting MIL safely in her new place is priority number one. Mi familia is once again helping. Dan is getting ready to tell SiL to go fuck herself.

  160. I love mi familia. Holidays add lots of stress, but mi familia is standing up. Dan is going to war with his sister. My FiL counted on us to take care of his Janey. Shit just got real.

  161. I saw a movie!

    The 18 year streak has ended. Theater seating in powered leather recliners.

    Not too shabby.

  162. lawdy lawd – i’m listening to obamie about his top priorities –


    an entire regime based on vapor

    we really do need to reset

    and before leon breaks out the frodo on me – i believe now is the time to bring it…..


    Vote for good people only –


    don’t be dolly

  163. Which movie?

  164. Probably pron

  165. “I saw a movie! ”


  166. Deadpool

  167. boy.

  168. Actually, it was a double-date.

    Wiserbride and I joined the Ws for dinner and a movie.

    Probably the first movie I’ve seen in a theatre in at least 10 years.

  169. Heh

  170. I got the H2N1 and Dan watched Deadpool without me!!!

  171. My idea of dinner and a movie was TBS and involved monkeys.

  172. swingers

    that went out out with records

  173. Good movie. A little over-rated, but enjoyable.

    Certainly far better than I was expecting.

  174. Augh!!! I will be the last person in the history of America to see Deadpool!!! I was too sick to go. I thought Dan would just watch The Revenent”

  175. We’ll go see it together, Oso. Wearing matching tiaras.

  176. I need a tiara upgrade. I settled. Orlando road trip for tiaras for all?

  177. Rockefeller Family Fund plans to divest all fossil fuel stocks
    Descendants of founder call company `morally reprehensible’


    make generational wealth

    and then pull out and help drive economies into poverty

    let it burn

  178. ROAD TRIP!

  179. I can gift my tiara to loser! My fav jewelry store just opened at Disney Springs. Na Hoku. I needz Red Gold

  180. Wiser –

  181. Rose gold.

  182. Oh man, Na Hoku… I was on their mailing list for eons.

  183. Happy birthday, Sean!

  184. Too late, he already told you to f yourself.

    I’ll wish him a happy birthday next year….if his attitude improves.

  185. If I say happy birthday to seanm this late can I maybe get away with just sticking my finger up my ass? I hope so…….that’s more what I’m in the mood for than what he suggested.

  186. Here comes the judge.

    If they have that in a 3″ barrel it would be great.

  187. 3″ barrel that fires rockets.

  188. >>>Wiser –

    That’s what I’m talking about!

  189. The regular Taurus Judge is pretty cool too.


  190. Deep within the womb of derp,
    a creature thus be born
    The seed of life is united with
    the egg of tyranny
    Gestates forth from within the womb of life
    for three-quarter and nigh a year
    The creature thus be born!
    The creature thus be formed!

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