Greetings Mates, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

This song is depressing as fuck, please remove all sharp objects from immediate reach.


Your model for today was born on December 28th, 1991 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, she stands 5′ 4″ and 122lbs, 34G-25-35. Please stop buying Pupster drinks long enough to welcome, Miss Jo Paul (aka Jo, aka Jocelyn)!










  1. She’s YUUUUUUGE.

  2. 140-150

  3. She doesn’t miss many meals.

  4. Niiiiiice tits!

  5. Her face is very… English.

  6. I remember Dec 28, 1991. I had just got my driver’s license.

    Today’s 16 year old Michiganders get to drive from sunup to sundown unless it’s to work or school crap. I used to drive in the middle of the night all the time to go hang out with girls in Berrien Springs.


    L to R:

    MJ, Punster

  8. ww

  9. L to R

    Pup, Not MJ

  10. Butter face!

  11. Heh, we did those the other day, punster. Of course, there wasn’t enough counterweight to lift me up, so I had to do it myself.

  12. One of my nephews couldn’t decide if he wanted to get his learner’s permit right away.

    Me? I was panting at the door at sunup of my 14th birthday, just like Elliot. Of course back then we drove fun cars with lots of horsepower.

  13. L to R:

    The World, MJ.

  14. I don’t get why people don’t like driving. It’s a ton of fun.

    And what better way to see the country? Flying sucks.

  15. Flying sucks.

    Ding ding ding !!!

    I hate the whole process. I haven’t flown for about 7 or 8 years and I’m not looking forward to a trip later this year for a conference I must attend.

  16. Flying is fun, once in a while. The whole process of getting on a plane sucks.

    Except for when my buddy wants to go up in his Cessna. Then we just had to wheel it out of the hangar, and go buzz the parent’s house.

  17. Flying can be awesome if you have a long way to go and not a lot of time. My cousin is getting married in Sept in Upstate New york. My mother is REFUSING to fly and is basically saying either me or my sister need to drive her.

    It’s a LONG drive and I don’t really want to take a ton of time off for a wedding. It’s kind of a drag – using any sort of vacation time/money to go to a wedding. They usually aren’t that exciting.

  18. When I first started in practice here my partner chartered a 4 seat plane to go to a remote clinic once a month. To drive it takes about 3 hours and flying took about a half hour. All it took was one trip back to Bangor in a raging snowstorm flying low to convince me driving was the better option.

  19. I have been wedding-free for about 17 years.

  20. one of the last weddings i went to was for a cousin on my wife’s side of the family-
    i sat next to mil who is a less than jovial lass and listened to her whine about my fil divorcing her – 30 fucking years ago.
    then she got drunk and started to cry about how much she missed him .


  21. I drove from Colorado Springs to San Antonio after Christmas for a friend’s wedding. Took me two days thanks to the weather. Still, the drive there and back was beautiful.

  22. carin where in nys will you guys be?

  23. We can make the wedding more fun.

  24. Allow me to qualify; flying sucks in terms of travel experience unless you’re going really far, and fly business class or something like that. So basically what Car in said.

    Driving is great if you have the time. I love stopping in small towns, getting breffis, chatting up the waitress, and going on my way. Most people don’t explore much, but it’s SOOOOO fun.

  25. Today’s model is cute. Not a butterface.

  26. A cross-country road trip should be a rite of passage for American youth. There’s a certain amount of self-reliance and maturity necessary.

  27. Morning.

  28. Possum is on another hunger strike. First bottle was a total loss and she hasn’t eaten in 4 hours. Last time I was alone with her was the same thing, but she was cutting 2 teeth then. Might be more teeth, but either way it sucks to lose that much milk. Lost 6 oz last time.


  30. So, Lindsey Graham proved again he’s a fucking asshole and vise versa last night.

  31. Senator Dickbreath? Unpossible.

  32. Few more loathsome (?) creatures than politicians.

  33. Oh come on, Mare, everyone knows engineers are the worst.

  34. Don’t worry about it too much, Leon – babies and kids go through phases all the time when they don’t eat much.

    Then, a few weeks later they are devouring everything that isn’t nailed down….. (usually right before a growth spurt)

  35. Engineers are predictable. Within a few minutes of meeting an engineer parent in the office I tailor the visit for the engineer brain and use words like force of impact, angle of impact, energy of injury and other stuff I learned way back when and don’t discuss with the Capehart Crowd.

    (“Capehart”: )

  36. Teresa, it’s not a phase thing, it’s bottle refusal. We went through this last time I had her for a day too. I’m not worried she’ll starve or dehydrate, but it’s not fun for her or me because she’s still hangry. plus a warmed bottle is only good for 2 hours, and can only be re-warmed one time before it’s just junk.

  37. Words I discovered last night:

  38. Colorado Alex
    If you drove down through Brady in Texas on HW 87, you drove by the well I was supervising over Christmas….

  39. TexasJew,

    I looped through Kansas on the way down, in order to avoid the worst of the storm. Ended up staying the night north of Wichita and braving OKC the next morning. On the way back I looped further west to pass through Lubbock and Amarillo.

  40. If we don’t show up for dinner, form a rescue party and come get us.

  41. I’m not positive where the wedding will be. Lemme find out. It would be awesome to make it an H2 trip.

  42. Jimbro, after my dad’s heart attack (my parents were visiting when it happened), I told the doctor at the rehab place that if he would simply explain the logic behind what was happening at any given time, it would greatly ease the worry of my dad, the engineer.

    I think the doctor was getting tired of all of the questions….

  43. If you don’t show up for dinner we’re sending the Ws to replace all your furniture with even heavier oak and iron stuff that requires at least four people to move.

  44. Sorry to hear that, Leon. It sounds like Possum is a “picky” eater 🙂

  45. Bigly

    Those are horrible dog names. They will not be making the list.

  46. Wedding is south of Albany, Castleton-on-the-Husdon.

  47. Oh yeah Teresa, I totally get that. Some people want to know everything in excruciating detail but most people just want the watered down version. Since the detail-oriented people are in the minority I really don’t mind much. What I can’t stand is when people ask me questions and before I’m even finished with the explanation are already asking another unrelated question. My nurse is helpful in that instance and she will gradually take over the visit as I escape the room to move on to something else.

  48. I had to work the scroll button to even see Castleton and Michigan on the same screen

    hoo boy

  49. Choker was the name of David Carradine’s dog.

  50. Chokers are my favorite neck accessory on a woman. Nothing kinky there for me, I just think they look really neat and classy.

  51. Ok, Mapquest sucks. I just mapquested it and it says that the destination is Castleton-on the hudson NY work and it takes me to washington DC.

    It’s the weirdst thing.

  52. It’s 9 hours if I go through Canada.

  53. She has nice teeth for a Limey bint.

  54. Chokers are my favorite neck accessory on a woman. Nothing kinky there for me, I just think they look really neat and classy.

    Agreed. A long neck with her hair up and a chocker is sexeh.

  55. It’s 9 hours if I go through Canada.

    I can see the problem right away…

  56. The Hudson valley in September is nice. I’ll make every effort to be involved in a mini meat up if there is one. It’s an easy drive from Binghamton. It’s not too terribly far for the CT contingent either.

  57. That’s 2 hours from here.

  58. You guys are obligated to make this wedding worth my while.

  59. The Albany Pump Station is a pretty good micro brewery with a decent menu. It’s been long enough since my last visit that they’ll prolly let me back in

  60. Well, Krispy Kreme just came out for Trump.

    Looks like he’ll be professionally attacking Rubio from now on. It’s good work if you can get it.

  61. Laura will be back in school, so we’ll only be around for the weekend. If you give us notice she can take Saturday or Sunday off.

  62. The wedding is on a friday … 😉

  63. Ba haaa haaa MJ. I just got your joke.

  64. Is it soon? Do you have a relative deranged enough to get married on a Friday during Lent?

  65. I’m having sushi in Yuma.

    What are you all doing?

  66. Playing tug of war with a red heeler using a bacon flavored nylon bone

  67. Keep repeating: “It’s a campaign, not a cult”

  68. Lot’s of mansions to tour up that way.

    Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Martin Van Buren,

  69. “Comment by scott on February 26, 2016 12:48 pm
    That’s 2 hours from here.”

    Pfffft…..takes us 6 hours to drive to my MIL’S house, and we never leave Texas 😉

  70. I had a burrito. *burp

  71. It’s in september

  72. Let know what your plans are. We can meet for lunch, hang out all day and do touristy stuff, or pretend you aren’t coming.


  74. Made it back to secret mountain lair.

    What’s the plan tonight, drinks at the hotel?

  75. I’m making pizza, and eating venison gyros.

  76. Pups, 5ish at the hotel bar.

  77. Alrighty then.

  78. Pour out a 40 on the curb for me.

  79. I sure hope their barmaid has a breakdown. That’s always fun.

  80. So far today I have managed to take two (2) naps and shop for groceries. I’m exhausted.

  81. Guess who’s having drinks w hawt chix?

  82. Your mom?

  83. An undercover vice cop?

  84. Steve McQueen?

  85. BTW Ace’s latest poat is destined for the HoF. Great observations re trump.

  86. Honestly, after last night’s pathetic performance, I simply cannot see how anybody can still support Trump.

    He came off looking like a whiny loser who’s was about to cry.

  87. Overheard:

    Drunk: The wind is cold. I’m wearing all of my shirts.

    Roommate: Shirts? My roommate don’t believe in ’em.

    Me: *not wearing a shirt*

  88. Quiet. Everyone in Phoenix must be miserable.

  89. Mare probably showed up and ruined everything.

  90. We are raging!!!

    I love these peeps!!’

  91. They’re currently packed in a car driving out in the desert.

    Cyn is leaning out the widow waving her bra at passing cars.
    Chumpo is drunk and about to puke.
    Sean is at the wheel screaming “JUST LET ME DRIVE! LET ME THINK!”
    Xbrad is curled up in the back seat sobbing uncontrollably.
    The hooker in the trunk isn’t actually dead, contrary to what everyone thinks.
    Oso and Dan are in jail.

  92. I hate them all.

  93. even the hooker?

  94. Not supposed to talk about Chumpo’s mom.

  95. Does the car have a name?

  96. These peeps eock

  97. We might be missing you guys a little

  98. Oso and Dan are in jail.

    Well, thank goodness. I was worried that anonymous tips to the FBI didn’t work anymore like they used to.

  99. b-rad is trying to explain the blog to some attractive young women right now.

  100. Sean and i are looking for a jazz club

  101. I miss all of you.

    Here’s some old Tempe rock for Cyn:

  102. whats the police blotter lookin’ like?
    i gotta toddle on out to Odyssey of the Mind and cheer on my little one.
    let me know if i gotta forward a plugged nickle or two for bail –

  103. Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me.

  104. So, pretty much going forward, I’mma be a ladies health care provider.

  105. XBrad, single-handedly fighting against the War On Women.

  106. single-handedly


  107. That article is riddled with correlation = causation fallacy.

  108. Scott was right. Meet ups are the BEST!!!!

  109. Time to make the chili

  110. Ace’s post yesterday on Melissa Harris Perry is the Ace I miss so badly.

  111. Bonus nachos.


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