Because it is Saturday



  1. Owch

  2. How do you spell owch?

    That doesnt look right.

  3. With a u. Ouch.

  4. Take some ibuprofen and have another mai tai. It will get better.

  5. Im taking a bath in mai tai

    Ossita is the cutest lil’ thing you all have ever seen.


  6. Pup is a seven foot black Viking

    Who knew?

  7. Amazing Tales of Tempe


  9. The Stupid Party is loosing it’s flippin’ mind.

    So. Damn. Funny.

  10. Car In, I found your shoes at The Tempe Palms.

    How in the Hell did they get here?!

  11. Be sure to read the editor’s note.

  12. Well, on the one hand T. Rump is an embarrasment.

    But on the other, these these retardo establishment punx deserve keel hauling.

    I dont give a shit if it’s Trump, Hillary-ous, or Kanya West.

    Im ready to get behind a new movement. If this Clowncar 2016 is what it takes then fine.

    I’m not happy about it but there ya are.

  13. One thing we know for sure (based on the comments from that asshole, Lindsey Graham), Ted Cruz did NOT go along to get along and for that I am grateful.

  14. Christie, Graham and the rest of the dick lickers are fricken dead to me. Worthless political whores.

  15. Hoo Boy, just saw the article on that fat ass Christie being Trumps AG. That spineless fat POS is considered for AG?

  16. Well, time to look at Kittens!

  17. Is there wiser radio today?

  18. Morning losers, and those of us at TITS2.

  19. “kittens”

  20. Wiser is prank calling for listeners

  21. We’re up on the roof at the pool for anyone who would care to join us.

  22. I’ll be there in a while.

  23. I lost my damn hat last night.

    Im out getting another. See you all at Lunch.

  24. Jealous of youse guys. Drink one for me. All of you.

  25. The housekeeping crew is here.

    Drunk 1: Drunk 2 is trying to beat up on me.

    Me: Uh. So?

    Drunk 3: Beat him back. What do you want me to do?

    Drunk 1: Make him behave. I can’t work with him and the girl picking on me.

    Crazy Cat Lady: Fine. I’ll talk to him.

    Me: Like sands through the hourglass. . .

  26. I got a contact hangover from Chumpo.

  27. That picture is 50 Shades of Barf

  28. Heh.
    Thats what you get for not keeping track of my hat.

  29. You never would have lost your hat if you kept it on your head where it belongs, mister.

    *wags finger at Chumpo*

  30. Drunk 1: Mind if I roll a J?

    Me: I don’t care. Just go out back.

    Drunk 4: Here. Use this.

    Drunk 1: It’s empty. There’s nothing in here.

    Drunk 4: Yeah. Go ahead. Roll it up.

    Drunk 1: Okay. I have papers somewhere.

  31. >>>>Is there wiser radio today?


  32. Spotted: Chumpo’s hat

    Update: I ate it

  33. I listened, first time in a bit. Good show, even the guy who called in because his number was close to Ann’s Deli.

  34. even the guy who called in because his number was close to Ann’s Deli.

    Oh, man, that was hilarious.

    Here’s a pic of Yale:

  35. Did you hear Tom say “shit” on the air?

    That was awesome.

  36. Cute pup, I’m not a Lab guy but I could learn to love that doggie!

  37. Missed the shit. Hopefully most of the audience did as well.

  38. Good Job WB.

  39. That is not mine hat.

    It tooks like this.

  40. Cute pup, I’m not a Lab guy but I could learn to love that doggie!

    And so well behaved.

    Missed the shit. Hopefully most of the audience did as well.

    We’ll find out soon……

  41. Good Job WB.

    how Yale got out of the studio without my wife stealing him, I have no idea…

  42. Haha Chumpo. Great hat. Mebbe you should’ve bought a watch 😉

  43. Yale is adorbs.

  44. Did they sell you a foam finger with that hat?

  45. Drunk 2 is passed out in the chair and Date Guy is coming over tonight. How do I get Drunk 2 out to the car where he lives?

  46. I stand corrected. Drunk 2 made a nest on the living room floor. He is not passed out in the chair.

  47. Also, fuck my life. When did drunken fools become my acquaintances? Sometimes I hear the guy from Outer Reaches saying “We control the vertical and the horizontal. Do not adjust your dial.”

  48. Do you need a passport to go to Canada?

  49. No, but I understand that you need a passport to come back to the U.S. Thanks TSA.

  50. Also, half smoked cigarettes torn up and rolled in Zig-Zags are awful. Don’t do that.

  51. We are poolside. Bring your hat.


    I’ve been to Canada twice in the last 5 years and just presented a passport. Which reminds me that I should find mine and check the expiration date. Are you going to Canada if Trump wins?

  53. holy crap Hot’nTot had a sex change (or carin ages poorly by the year 2045 while singing the oldies – you make the call):

  54. Drunk 3: Are you keeping this?

    Crazy Cat Lady: The cabinets?! Uh. Yeah. I don’t have 5 grand to replace them.

    Drunk 3: Bummer. I could sell those.

  55. I got a bunch of antiques that I need to get to Canada.

    If the guy can wait until September maybe Car in can do it.

    It would only add 4 hours to her drive.

  56. Fuck Hollywood. I have my own entertainment.

  57. Entertainment is everywhere if you look just right Jewstin.

    Sometimes it’s uncomfortably close.

  58. I bet Carin would do it. Strap it to the car roof and get a zumba workout delivering it to the client.

  59. My chili came out good. I don’t use a recipe so it’s always a cliffhanger until it’s actually served. Paula’s mom stopped by and I about shit a brick when she sent her home with a container for their dinner tonight before I even taste tested it.

  60. I doubt he will be willing to wait that long.

  61. I love driving, nothing better than getting paid to drive.

    Well, getting paid to drive a blimp might be better.

  62. I dra k so much rum my warch stopped.


  63. You can fix it by switching to tequila.

    If that doesn’t do it, try bourbon.

  64. There’s an empty spot in the living room if you need to crash. Drunk 2/ is ambulatory.

  65. Where in Canada? I have a passport and I could go on another shopping trip.

  66. Everett Ontario

  67. How did your city do in the “Rape-uGee Lottery?

  68. Well “Holy Embed, Batman!”


  69. Neither Midland/Odessa nor Lubbock are scheduled to receive any. Mexicans don’t like to have people fucking their food supply.

  70. All the CT refugees went to the 3 rapiest places.

  71. Googlemaps says 4h 43m from here.

  72. Oh goody, Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Grand Rapids.

    AA and Dearbornistan I get, hippies and other terrorists, but GR? That’s meant as punishment.

  73. My city is not listed. 0?

  74. Portland gets a bunch. Lewiston got the Somalis years ago. Bangor gets the methadone clients.

  75. Also, fuck my life. When did drunken fools become my acquaintances?

    Since at least January 2008, judging from the sidebar.

  76. Drunks are gone. Lasagna is in the oven. I am starved.

  77. You rat bastards don’t count as drunken fools. Mostly.

  78. hole ee shiite Chrispy – Syracuse and Buffalo got butt fuqqt on teh lottery – serves em right for their voting habits – but still – WOW those 2 town are not very big – a couple thousand jihadis in upstate NY will actually stand out.
    & not a single one for Manhattan – weird

    keep fuckin’ the pooch

    have i mentioned recently how much i detest andy cuomo and the leprous camel he rode in on?

  79. Lepers are people too.

  80. Everyone in Phoenix must be miserable.

  81. I can only imagine.

  82. Fooking miserable.


  84. * invents Trump garden gnome *

    Later bitches.

  85. Hahahah….Scott just said , “later bitches.” Maybe it was Laura.

  86. Don’t erase raptured people.

  87. Everybody’s swingin’
    Sally’s doin’ the derp now
    If you take requests I’ve
    Got a few for you
    Play that song called soul twist
    Play that one called I know
    Don’t forget the mashed potatoes
    No other songs will do

  88. Chumpo 7
    The Road 0

    I win again.

  89. Errrrr…. Mr. Chumpo, ummm those weren’t driving points. Those were pedestrians. Which, it must be admitted, had no business being on your road.

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