Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born August 6th, 1998 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation. She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 362436 and 128 lbs. Please don’t invade Miss Evgenia Talanina AKA Jane Fays.


  1. Comment by Car in on March 31, 2022 9:47 pm

    I don’t really want to know but which one am I in that scenario?

    Everybody knows Mare doesn’t wear underwear.

  2. If you get skip to the last part of the videos linked in “Evgenia” and “Talanina”, the photographer included some outtake video that kind of makes me dig her borscht.

  3. Good morning. In re to Sean’s derp, I think early risers would prosper if we didn’t have to stay quiet because another person is still sleeping. There’s a lot I could be doing in here right now but it would be too noisy.

  4. Wondering if this is my new pattern. Last couple nights I’ve been crashing around 9PM. So weird for me.

  5. Toooo many tats. If upon her there’s doodle, never touch her with your noodle. This trend must cease.

  6. A younger unmarried monkey would prepare the noodle to invade the doodle.

  7. Sweet mother of the Russian federation!!,

  8. For me, she’s an interesting mix of psychological inquiry and mesmerizing.

  9. I think you’re going to get some mixed reviews on this one, Pupster. Inked all the way to the hands, bleargh.

  10. always hit refresh….

  11. Today’s model is fortunate, Putin has attached the ruble to gold. Making the ruble soon to be, if not actually, more valuable than the dollar.

  12. Gold backed polished turds would beat fiat junk.

  13. I didn’t know that the commie had done that.

  14. Tattoos?? Ya went and did it now Pups. Let the grumbles begin!

  15. I report you decide.

  16. Inked hands just look grody. One of the many nice perks of youth is pretty hands. She’s wrecked ’em. Oh well. It’s not like you only get one skin.

  17. Skin collecting is a fascinating hobby

  18. 4/10 would smash

  19. *rummages though closet looking for a business casual skin

  20. Hunter Biden’s type. Trash.

  21. No one is looking for a long term commitment from this dame. We’ll be ogling another candidate in less than 7 days. As for today’s model, enjoy the ride! So to speak

  22. Teeroy, lots of us think there is a difference between men and women, therefore, some of us look at tats differently on men than women.

  23. Happy April Fool’s Day Hostages, lurkers and skin collecting enthusiasts

  24. Im watching to catch a predator on youboob. Apparently Chris Hanson is still doing this but only streaming or something. Whatever.

    Anyway, it’s totally insane. Men and women preying on young girls and boys with reckless abandon. I had no idea it was so prevalent.

    I used to think it was insane to think pedophilia will be normalized but I can see it happening. We’re headed down that road for sure. Grooming is a thing.

  25. It’s just so gross. I don’t know what malfunction people have, but honestly they should just be put to death.

  26. wakey wakey

  27. For the record, while I am moderately tattoo’d, I don’t care for them on women unless they are delicate, subtle, and easily covered.

    In this particular candidates case, regardless of the content, the size of the piece(s) make them masculine in my eye.

    @ Mare, if you are just getting into food storage I suggest approaching it by increments. (2 weeks, month, 90 days,). The townhouse scenario is tough. Rule #1 don’t discuss with neighbors unless you are 100% familiar. Portability comes into play also.

  28. There’s a commenter at Ace’s who has a great line about this:

    “Someone tells you not to tell your mom and dad something, okay, don’t. Tell me instead. You need your mom and dad at home with you, and they can bring you to visit me. I won’t be in prison that long.”

  29. There are two things going on here…either the urge to bed an underage person is so strong that people are willing to destroy themselves for it OR they get away with it regularly and keep doing it.

    The power of AND™ probably applies here.

  30. Mj, Not even getting to the why they actually attempt – I mean the malfunction that they have the desire.

    Leon would blame porn. I mean, I “get” the desiring young adults things. ADULT. over 21. But young physically or mentally? Yuck.

  31. Just kill them.

  32. They are damaged beyond saving and no one wants them around.

  33. Porn’s part of it, I’m sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s the only cause by any means. I think it’s as much about power as it is about sex. Young people are easily overpowered by adults, and that’s thrilling to a lot of broken folks.

    Worse, adults who feel powerless often latch on to things that let them feel as though they have some. The worst abuses are done by those who were or are abused in many cases. This is only gonna get worse as WEF types try to Immanentize their Eschaton.

  34. I’m torn. The whole pedophile thing is pretty bad but a close second is the way the pedo eats. He brought a pizza with him and when Chris Hanson comes out he asks if he can eat some pizza before they have their chat.

    His manners leave a lot to be desired.

  35. @ Mare, if you are just getting into food storage I suggest approaching it by increments. (2 weeks, month, 90 days,). The townhouse scenario is tough. Rule #1 don’t discuss with neighbors unless you are 100% familiar. Portability comes into play also.


    Thanks, Teeroy.

    And agree with you about the tattoos.

  36. Except for castration, you cannot “fix” a pedo. They have to be removed from society or “taken care of” in jail.

  37. Here’s a good anthem for this topic. From the album “Kill ’em All”

  38. It’s from a site selling orgone pyramids so I have my doubts

  39. Yeah, orgone is bunk. Luminiferous aether, though…

  40. That said, if a guy who makes a living hunting Bigfoot tells you he saw a robbery, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a robbery.

  41. People I follow on Instagram talk a lot about 5G. I think those in charge can turn the “power” of 5G up or down. When they turn it up, those who are sensitive (or have a toxic load—shut your whore mouths) feel more upset, sensitive, irritated.

    If any of you follow Dr. Mindy Pelz who does a lot of youtube and Instagram posts on fasting, she just casually on Instagram mentioned 5G making those with a toxic bucket of stuff in their body, more sensitive to 5G.

    She is not someone I would consider “out there.” (Except for her jewelry size sometimes.)

  42. Leon, do you know if manufactured creatine is any more or less good for you than other creatine? Is it all manufactured in a lab? I didn’t think so but don’t really know.

  43. The Bluetooth thing is probably bunk. I sure haven’t seen any sign of that around the vaxxed folk I know and I’m not even clear how that would even work.

  44. Thumbs down to the tattoo model. I seem to recall that level of ink is sort of a sign of ownership in certain circles. Bad vibe all around.

  45. bluetooth has been turned on with BBF for months now, and no one has complained.

  46. tattoos are a thing in Eastern Europe. Big thing

  47. twitter: things you won’t hear in the news

    there is no 7 hour gap on 1/6, nevertrumpers, just like we told you

  48. damn, lots of sites hate adblockers nowadays

  49. I know that family. My wife watched the meeting live. Think about a school board meeting with 1,400 people in attendance, and the board members basically saying “screw you all for caring about a kid’s education, by the way we fully expect to be re-elected.”

  50. The tattoos are a shame.

  51. sobek, I’m flying on Thursday. Do I need N95 masks, or is my cloth one ok? Doesn’t say N95 on Allegient site, but wondered what real world says.

  52. I’m leaning towards Car in’s solution. But mostly because these people are dumb. Oh yeah, and the pedo stuff too.

    If you’re a math tutor you probably shouldn’t have a ton of social media profiles that are all about smoking weed. Just sayin, that might be the reason your business is struggling. Oh, and pedo.

  53. I didn’t read it completely but it looks like the federal regulation goes up to age 21

    I recall many of my patients who “aged out” of school which led to a transition to a day program for them so their parents could continue to work. Covid threw a big monkey wrench in the day programs which led to a lot of parents scrambling to make other plans.

  54. Cloth masks are fine. Unless you’re flying from France to Italy, in which case they make you wear an N95, but they won’t tell you that until the plane is boarding so you have to run through the airport to find a store that sells them.

  55. I didn’t mention it, but we have 2″ of snow here today.

    Nice prank, Winter, now go home.

  56. My explanation for the pedophile/groomer trend is to first look at the people doing the grooming. They are miserable unattractive misfits – for the most part.

    They will take what power they have and inflict as much damage as possible – like a three year old does to his toys when he’s angry. Or like a sadistic little shit does when he pulls the wings off flies.

    They can’t really inflict damage on adults directly (adults are who they are most angry with) so they will get “back” at you for being “happy and normal” by attacking your kids, thus wrecking them. Hence they have gravitated towards the public schools. That’s where the children are.

    Misery loves company – never forget that.

  57. Jimbro, yes, apparently Montana is one of two or three states with our rule. The legislature recently passed a law that said “for special needs kids, a district can raise the age limit and we’ll cover the extra expenses” but the school district responded “the law says we can, but doesn’t say we have to.” I’m not exaggerating at all, that’s what they said to an audience of 1,400 angry parents.

    They had state legislators at the meeting who have comment. They said yes, we said you “can” because in Montana we believe in local decision making so school boards can be responsive to the community. Here, you’re flat out ignoring the community.

  58. Kudos to the mom for fighting for her daughter. I liked the dad’s comment that he felt sorry for the school board, they didn’t know who they were messing with.

  59. Hotspur is making sense. A lot of sense.

  60. Twitter: there is no such thing as a moderate democrat

    Remember that in Nov.

  61. A local radio station offered businesses free and time if they put signs in their stores supporting this girl. So there are signs all over town, on gas station marquees, everywhere, saying “Let Emily Graduate.”

  62. twitter: go all in, Democrats!

  63. She looks like a fun girlfriend to have for about one deployment.

  64. Oh, a bunch of students were at the school board meeting. One of them said they circulated a petition on behalf of the girl. The Vice Principal took it from them and locked it in a drawer. So the students went to the Principal and asked for permission to circulate a petition. He said no.

  65. Jay, that tweet can’t possibly be anything but satire. Either that or Eli Lake lives in the type of bubble even I didn’t know existed.

  66. Public school staff and officials are about to find out what happens when they antagonize the parents of all the kids in their school. If it doesn’t get resolved at the school board elections, making enemies of everyone who lives around you and pays your salary is going to be a real educational experience for them.

    I can never comprehend why these school officials don’t understand where their authority comes from, and how quickly it can dissolve.

  67. Pretty sure this is satire

    It was published in advance of 4/1 so it had me going for a minute

  68. Comment by ruralcounsel on April 1, 2022 9:34 am
    She looks like a fun girlfriend to have for about one deployment.



  69. Those types of positions attract midwits lusty for petty power over others.

  70. I can never comprehend why these school officials don’t understand where their authority comes from, and how quickly it can dissolve.

    A. Many of them are former teachers
    B. Those who aren’t As, are activists looking for the easiest seat in the community
    C. Nobody votes at school board elections. They are purposely rigged (at least here in my area) to occur in August, when teachers are off, and many families are out of town)
    D. Once elected, they believe that THEY are the authority – how dare you question them.
    E. Their authority won’t dissolve quickly because C.

  71. that’s why federalizing schools sucked. Made all sorts of admin positions necessary. Instead of the money going to more teachers, and better ones.

  72. And finally, let’s not forget what unions have done to the schools. (All you have to do is listen to that Randy Weingarten cunt to know what school administrators are up against.)

    Try to tell a teacher what to do – they file a grievance through their union. Try to discipline them – same thing. You better have a file an inch thick with reprimands and examples of misbehavior. Even then it’s an uphill battle. It’s a protection racket.

    What does the pussy on the playground do when he knows his bigger bully friend will protect him? Yep, he bullies you.

  73. HS, that’s why Loudon county in VA made such a splash. Lots of parents have started voting.

    It’s actually happening nationwide. They tried in Iowa too, but certain districts kept their lackeys.

  74. bullies only respond to one thing: turn around and pop them in the mouth.

  75. My theory about the grooming is that it is in essence how they “procreate” their species. What we see in the schools is I believe a concerted effort to enlarge their population.

  76. i can save $80 a month on groceries if i buy a supermarket

  77. Should’ve never let em put of the closet. Cause now we’re going to have to kill them to save our kids.

  78. It’s actually happening nationwide. They tried in Iowa too, but certain districts kept their lackeys.

    I am elated at this. I just hope it isn’t too late.

    We’ve already lost three generations of kids who were allowed to drift through the public schools system with no encouragement or instruction in obtaining a skilled trade.

    All that shit was stripped out of the public schools over forty years ago. Have you ever met a queer who was interested in woodwork or engine repair?

    Send the kids to college where they can be fleeced with student loans, and bonus – indoctrinate them for an additional four years.

  79. bullies only respond to one thing: turn around and pop them in the mouth.

    My dad taught me this when I was about six, and it worked.

    But look what these women teachers have done – no tolerance for fighting at school. You get bullied, you smack the bully, you are in bigger trouble than the bully. So what do they encourage? If you are bullied, go get a teacher. In other words TELL.

    My god, if we had done that as kids everyone in the class would have hated us.

  80. I actually thought when Biden said the average American would save $80 a month in gas if they bought an electric car that was dubbed by some comedy deal like Babylonbee. No?

  81. Pretty sure a master carpenter could whup my salary at this point. They are so thin on the ground that the remainder can turn down work without consequence.

  82. Of course, if I’d been a carpenter as long as I’ve been a software guy, my knees would be shot, possibly my elbows and shoulders as well.

  83. The Dems support this because

    A)`They support anything that destabilized the “norm” and,
    B) they think it’ll replace the black and Hispanic voters that see through the scam

  84. Don’t know about the first part, Leon, but the second part is dead nuts.

  85. (Dead nuts is what carpenters say when a measurement is exact.)

  86. bullies teach life lessons. Those lessons (stick up for yourself, have a little confidence, etc) have been taken away by Karen teachers and moms.

    Bullies serve a purpose, and push timid kids to believe in themselves. Of course its wrong and not fair, but it’s real.

  87. twitter: a fun Beto thread

  88. I think the feminization of everything has been a big fat turd for the whole country.

    Yin/Yang people. Balance.

    Women nurture, men, kick ass.

    There is some crossover.

    Unfortunately, lots of male teachers are gay and worse, femmy. That’s not what we need in male teachers. And lots of female teachers are the bitter, loser types Hotspur was referring to. Ufffffff.

  89. LOL

    Beto O’Rourke – has that cumguzzler ever actually worked?

  90. My dad taught me this when I was about six, and it worked.
    My dad told me a story like this recently. Said he had a neighborhood bully that picked on him all the time (sad) because he was so skinny and wore big glasses.

    Belted the guy in school and never had a problem again.

  91. All of the other kids wanted to do it, but didn’t have the gumption. Your dad showd them how.

  92. I think Beta O’Rourke is loathsome.

    He’s done nothing, looks mental and has done some incredibly sketchy things in public.

    I saw a Beto for Senate bumper sticker in our Walmart parking lot and was tempted to sit in my car to see what type of moron would have that on their car.

  93. You two are remarkably similar. Except you say ‘cum guzzler’ a lot more.

  94. Welp, you guys were right.

    One of the pedos on this show is totally honest about why he does this and he states that it’s about having power over people.

  95. Principal told me to pop the bully in the mouth, after seeing him and his activities. Said it was the only way it would stop.

    He was right.

  96. somebody’s watching MJ

  97. Bloated administrations are a big issue in schools. When my son was in school, there were 350 to 400 students from K to 12th grade. They had a Elementary principal at $80K, Mid and High school principal at $80K, and a superintendent at $103K plus a residence. I think they all had secretaries. These are crazy amounts, especially since at that time the median household income here was around $35K.

  98. Absolutely right. I got bullied as a kid but it stopped in high school after going mano y mano with one in the locker room. Dude took karate, but I got in and grappled and used my mass against him, wound up a draw. (Guess he shoulda took judo instead…) Teachers never got involved, probably never knew, never needed to. Matter was resolved.

    Sometimes, the old ways are best.

  99. I went to school in Harlem from 68 -75. Bullies? I was one of three white kids total. In the midst of the black power militant Civil rights Era. Bullies? My fucking childhood gave me ptsd. Seriously. All my kids have been taught to stand tall. And to this day no one gets to take any free shots in anyway. I will retaliate immediately. There is no touching allowed. Talk shit all you want.

    All this came in handy doing the Personal Protection thing in later years. I’ve always been able to read people and their intentions better than my peers.

  100. that sounds lovely, TeeRoy. Have you noticed an uptick in racism, in the years between? I think it’s gotten worse since the 70’s. It wasn’t horrible in Detroit then, when I was going to middle school in Mt Clemens. Moved to Iowa after that, small town one color.

  101. How about stop sending the bio home? Whose stupid fucking idea was this in the first place?

    Oh, I bet it was one of you cumguzzling narcissists who just can’t keep your hands off the children.

    They – do – not – need – to – know – about – your – personal – life – .

  102. Most sexual abuse is a power thing.

    They are damaged people. kill ’em all.

  103. And just the other day I suggested that the desire for these people to tell 6 year olds about their private life was a form of narcissism.

  104. You write your fucking name on the chalkboard. You turn around and introduce yourself. You tell the children you are going to be their (x) Grade teacher for this year. You tell them that you expect silence and their undivided attention.

    Then you tell them to get their notebooks out, and you begin to do your fucking job.

    Just think how much actual knowledge could get imparted to the kids if these narcissists didn’t waste half the fucking day thinking of themselves and what they were going to get out of the day, instead of why they are there in the first place.

  105. Her telling me about current trends in education – the cute little Bio? Welp. EVERYTHING BEING DONE IN CURRENT SCHOOLS SUCKS. KIDS ARE KNOWING LESS.

    Is it because of the bio? Probably doubtful, but “current education practices” isn’t really a good defense for the desire to tell 6 year olds you’re gay or trans or whatever.

  106. All I know is that the mid 80s up to 2005 things weren’t as race based. Seemed to me the nite clubs weren’t as stratified. There were no go’s for all but only in deep ethnic territory and they weren’t dominant, there were always more open to all places.

    Like communism, I thought we had defeated racism. I certainly didn’t practice racist behavior cause I learned about it early on. I think the black culture is all kinds of fucked up but everyone gets treated like a individual. Everyone. And as long as you’re not espousing beliefs that harm me or mine, I’m not fucking with you.

    But this shit with the kids? I’m going be the family’s designated hitter. I got a pristine record, I’m old, and previous trauma caused me to “snap”. I’m gonna need a “go fund me” for bail. Not being hyperbolic in the slightest. This grooming shit is predatory (bullying) behavior and it sets me off to no end. On top of that I honestly believe these folks won’t dial back this shit until ass whipping commence.

    Imagine this conversation in jail.

    What you in for?

    They say I beat the shit out of a pedo fag.

  107. From AOS:

    The overwhelmingly white, work-from-home, laptop class was able to maintain their children’s educational progress through the Covid years by effectively home-schooling them. Children of those less privileged, on the other hand, pretty much missed two entire years of schooling. Sadly, elementary-aged children who fall several years behind in math and reading are generally doomed to never catch up.

    They already were.

  108. And Urban schools were the worst. Chicago. Shameful.

  109. All I know is that the mid 80s up to 2005 things weren’t as race based. Seemed to me the nite clubs weren’t as stratified.

    When we lived outside of St Louis, mom and dad would go to jazz clubs in East St Louis. They couldn’t even drive there now. Is Detroit the same? I know we went downtown for games, and eating out.

  110. I want reparations…

  111. in detroit It’s mostly just the neighborhoods that are bad. The city is fine.

  112. probably the same as East St Louis, then.

  113. I went to parent / teacher night at MJrs school this week.

    Couldn’t have been happier.

  114. I saw the picture of Harbaugh with Kapernick on the field at Michigan and after I wiped my mouth from vomiting I thought, now there’s a coach who understands timing and the current mood of America. He knows how to get all those mostly white fans at Michigan fired up and excited to cheer for his team.

    What a dumbshit.

  115. Well I hope so MJ, but many of the things education trends coming out of the schools looks good on paper, but is crap for results. Obviously there will be pockets of good schools. But overwhelmingly, the public school system is churning out a pretty bad product.

  116. I have to believe this was pushed on Harbaugh. He’s not that stupid.

    I’m still not watching games, though.

  117. MJ, did you walk in and yell, “If I hear that anyone of you MFers mentions the words sex, penises, vaginas, trans, gay, straight or anything else on any “agenda” to my son I’m going to burn this whole flaming shithole TO THE GROUND!”?

    Because that’s what I would have done.

  118. I hope Michigan gets slaughtered this year.

  119. You generally can’t carry out threats like that if you make them publicly, Mare.

    Better to slyly insinuate.

  120. Harbaugh coached Kapernick at the 49ers therefore he should know the hot potato and the lame ass player he’s become.

  121. Just “lame ass”, Mare. The half-white Kapernick hasn’t “played” in about six years.

  122. So, I gagged my crossfit friends that Erin was pregnant.

    I really can’t believe they fell for it. They were shocked into giving me congrats.

    Then when I told them it was a gag, I got the “OH THANK GOD”. lol

  123. I don’t think this was being pushed on Harbaugh. He IS that stupid.

  124. Maybe she is pregnant, and then the joke is on you.

    Life can do shit like that.

  125. Sweet Fancy Moses!

    Scott’s been right all this time!

  126. When I told her she gave me a shocked “they believed that?”

    I think i’m safe.

  127. Haha, Hail to the Victims

    Steve Kim is a national treasure. He gives Whitlock crap all the time, it’s awesome.

  128. I hope Michigan gets slaughtered this year.

    I hope they do too.

    But they won’t.

    Just because we want it so much.

  129. Scott’s been right all this time!

    Things we hear everyday, at the H4

  130. Okay, hadn’t known about the 49rs connection. He is that stupid.

  131. haha, forgot you guys don’t watch a lot of NFL.

  132. Vegetables aren’t real, and are basically a scam.

    Teaspoon of liver a week and you’re all set.

  133. Oh, good tip, Leon.

  134. This better be an April Fool’s prank or I’m finding a new team to follow

  135. Ha ha ha

  136. Ha ha ha

    Erin says probably a joke

  137. too many tats
    plain jane
    would leg hump

  138. Well I hope so MJ, but many of the things education trends coming out of the schools looks good on paper, but is crap for results. Obviously there will be pockets of good schools. But overwhelmingly, the public school system is churning out a pretty bad product.
    We kept him out of public school and plan on it until HS, but probably for that too. The public schools here are good but they are not immune to woke bullshit.

  139. MJ, did you walk in and yell, “If I hear that anyone of you MFers mentions the words sex, penises, vaginas, trans, gay, straight or anything else on any “agenda” to my son I’m going to burn this whole flaming shithole TO THE GROUND!”?
    Because that’s what I would have done.
    It’s a Montessori school so there’s no technology, which I think is the key.

    They basically asked us in to the school to review their process for teaching math. I was pretty blown away. These kids are pretty young, 4 and 5, and they’re doing fairly complicated stuff like addition and subtraction in the thousands. I asked about what pubic schools were teaching and all of the parents laughed and so did the teachers. They were like, ‘yeah sorry, no idea.’

    It’s hard for me to believe that the kid who just hours earlier bent over to take off his shoes, farted, and then said, ‘I’m gonna fart in your face!’ and chased me around with his butt out is actually learning stuff.

  140. So in 3rd grade I was granted a temp reprieve from the Harlem school as the folks managed to get me into St. John’s Catherdral 112th St. private school. This is not a small church. Anyway while attending, they were teaching basic paleontology, etc. Subjects not revisted until 8th grade in my public school experience. I also think it ruined me for school to a degree. I was a very strong reader and the advanced thinking required for St. John’s was not required for any other school and contributed to my boredom, ultimately leading to my formal schooling ending in 8th grade. (I attended a couple of months of high school, but quit and went to work.)

    Moral is you can never downgrade him MJ (educationally) he will no longer be challenged and find other things to occupy his brain. (I also acknowledge that this is probably obvious to you already)

  141. Ethan FINALLY got his orders!!! Yea.

  142. Tell me he’s not going to Poland.

  143. Close. He’s going to Pensacola.

  144. Very similar letters in both places.


    Good. Daily Wire has the right idea, and I hope our side will support them.

  146. Good for Ethan!

  147. My former life I had a lot of coworkers at PNS, but I doubt he’ll be anywhere near those guys. Great weather there, though, unless there’s a hurricane.

    There WILL be incredibly hot Florida girls throwing themselves at him, he needs to be careful.

    And send pics.

  148. Well, he’s been in California for the last 7 months …

    And he’s probably going to be the most fit guy there unless there are other Seal DORs.

  149. Ethan arrives in Florida:

  150. That’s fantastic!

  151. Carin, what will Ethan’s job be in Pensacola?

  152. And your family will have beautiful vacations in Destin!

  153. Seaside is about thirty minutes from Destin – awesome community from a planning and architecture standpoint.

  154. I guess I’m not as tat-averse as most of you. I think she looks cute.

    I’m feeling stupidly lazy today. Already noon and I haven’t accomplished a single thing. I suppose I should get around to stuffing something into my foodhole.

  155. Seaside is where they filmed The Truman Show. It really is an amazing place. Lots of rules though and very strict.

  156. And very expensive.

    But so is Destin.

  157. I haven’t been to the Gulf Coast in ages. Hell, I haven’t done an honest to God vacation in 18 years now (still salty last year didn’t pan out). Pensacola is like a hot woman, looks great, has nasty moods and lots of pit traps, but a great experience if you’re careful.

  158. Just saw an interview with Jerry Seinfeld where he reveals the reason why his character hated Newman: no particular reason, they just thought it was funny. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show so I figured I just missed the episode where that was explained.

  159. I’m sure I’ve been to Pensacola and I think we even have relatives there. I remember nothing about it.

  160. And now it’s almost 1. Foodhole remains unstuffed.

  161. Mitchell, I’ve felt like I was trying to run through water all day. Last night’s sleep not so great. I’m writing it off, calling today Sunday, and gonna try again tomorrow.

  162. Haven’t had a nonproductive low energy day like this in quite a while. I’m blaming the barometer/ weather. Scott said he’s having the same problem, messing up and forgetting stuff too.

  163. Getting Arby’s to stuff in the foodhole. Their roast beast tastes like nobody else’s. I wonder how they do that

  164. Curly fries, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeño bites are “Friends of Meat.” Ok Arby

    I blame Russian Disinformation and Global Warming for today’s laziness

  165. Lauraw, if you read up thread, I was talking about the effects of 5G and I’m not kidding a lot of people who were having issues were from CT. And your and Scott’s s”symptoms” are exactly what they mentioned.

  166. I just looked, we are not upset or irritated. Just feel like sleeping. I actually did crash for a couple hour nap and felt better.

  167. It’s gloomy outside here. Warming up a little bit but overcast and rainy. We haven’t seen sunshine all day. I’m euthymic but Paula has been tired today

  168. Psaki to MSNBC. Not a shocker.

  169. I think sohos is in the Pensacola area, now.

  170. Better half’s funeral is now paid for. She had her own insurance plans through Medicare & AARP, she was 8 years older than me, an unbeknownst to me she let her life insurance policy lapse. I’m now outside my comfort zone for a few months while I rebuild savings, but got that stresser off the to do list.

    Leon. Check your email.

  171. Now, to get used to cooking for one…the adjustments seem to be never ending.

  172. “Psaki to MSNBC. Not a shocker.”

    Baghdad Bobbie, or Baghdad Barbi, depending on your tastes.

  173. Hang tough Dave.

    If you get to meet Leon, ask him about Instauratio Liturgica.

  174. Friday lizard count +1.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  176. Good luck on the moves Geoff and Mitch.

    Tell me your favorite movie and why I should watch it.

  177. You should watch Videodrome Pups. 1980’s sci-fi / horror flick by David Cronenberg. Why you should watch: stars James Woods and a very hot Debbie Harry, has a great plot and you get to watch James whip a TV covered in skin. Pull quote: “Television is reality, and reality is less than television.”

  178. So how did Sweeney’s grandparents react?
    “They said I had the best tits in Hollywood,”

    Actress I’ve never heard of in a show I haven’t heard of but definitely a BBF contender


    (Gfycat mp4)

  180. screen.

  181. Ms. Sweeney has been brought to my attention previously, she seems nice.

  182. For Mitchell. No one else listen.

  183. Ugh.

    She’s no higher than a 16th seed.

  184. Pup. The email isn’t about meeting, not that I wouldn’t mind meeting all of ya, you’ve all been a great help through this, but let’s just leave that there, for now.
    There we’d questions how it happened so suddenly, I don’t want to post in comments the how’s and why’s, that’s forever. I’d rather, w/o eulogising, tell what happened, her med history, recent developments and how they turned into losing her, y’all had curiosities about that & I wasn’t in a state to answer. Hoping Leon can take a text doc telling about it & post it outside the threads for a few days so those questions get answered, then remove it permanently.
    Glad I stumbled onto this hole in the wall, you’re all a bunch of assholes, but good assholes. Stopped me from falling off the edge of a cliff. Trying not to sound ghey, but love you all…Godly love, Hotspur & Pendejo, anyone else I forgot


    (Imgur video with sound)

  186. We love you very much, DNH. Keeping you in our 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  187. I loved Pensacola. Went to AOCS there. Beautiful white sand beaches. The Combat aircrew school was there too. Visit the Naval Aviation Museum when you go.

  188. That was great Sobek! Thanks!

  189. Something nobody has ever explained to me: why is Deckard called a blade runner. He has no blades and the only running he does is at the end of the movie as he runs away from “tears in the rain” guy. He’s really just a cop isn’t he?

  190. Desecration of a cathedral is what occurs to me when I look at this rooskie princess. She’s built like the Cologne Cathedral but grafitti has been applied repeatedly.

  191. Prayers for you, DNH. Glad you got the funeral paid for. I had to help my dad with Mom’s funeral, she had only a $5K life insurance policy which didn’t quite cover everything. We probably could have done things a little cheaper, but she specifically stated she did not want to be cremated.

  192. I feel ya, DNH. It’s going to hurt like hell for a long time, maybe seeming like forever. But if you keep your feet and your head you’ll be able to keep moving forward and live on. Sooner or later you’ll remember the good more than the bad and feel fondness instead of loss all the time.

    These are good folk. I know they’ve helped me keep on the right side of the edge. All we can do is keep each other together, and that’s a hell of a lot.

    As for cooking for one…that I definitely grok. I never got the hang, though I had other reasons for that. You’ll manage, I think.

  193. I had my mind blown this morning.
    I was listening to Online Great Books podcast (I highly recommend if you listen to podcasts) on JRR Tolkien’s essay on fairy stories. Where T said don’t explain. The other host said “Hemmingway’s 6 word novel”

    and said the 6 words, showing the power of things left unsaid.

    baby shoes
    for sale
    never worn


  194. Vmax, that sounds interesting. Do you have to sign up to listen? What number podcast is that one?

  195. Dave, we’re here for you.
    Praying for you and stepdaughter.

  196. Duane enjoys red peppers.

  197. When I was a kid I used to stay at my grandparents’ quite often. Right about this time of day is when Nonno would get up and go outside to work on his garden in Summer.

    I remember lying on my cot in the far bedroom, and hearing him get up and get dressed in the next room, and leave the house. Then I would fall back asleep, because getting up at this time is just crazy. It’s for crazy people and grandpas.

  198. Welcome to the crazy.

    Memes A Lot to Meme

  199. Nigel is in the house, thanks to JAM2!

  200. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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