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Your model for today was born in South Korea on October 28th, 1989.  She stands 5′ 7″ and weighs 108 lbs.  Please learn sign-language and welcome Miss Ryu Ji Hye !




  1. Wholesome

    No tats or Brazzers watermarks on the pictures

    I’d invade across her 38th Parallel

  2. The song of the day, is it a repost Jimbro? I know I had it cued up one week, but I thought I picked a different one instead. Anyway, give these guys a listen, 5 Horse Johnson is my new favorite band name.

  3. The song/video was new to me so maybe new to the H2 as well.

  4. Five Horse Johnson has a CD called Fat Black Pussy Cat


  5. Since the Red Sox are just playing out the clock until they can focus on their off season activities I’ve been paying more attention to football stories lately. ATL-DEN last night, I watched a little of it but really can’t commit to preseason football. Belichick pretty much uses these games to look at the bubble players on the roster to decide who’s in/who’s cut so they’re not that compelling.

    NE Revolution are actually being mentioned on the local sports news. I’m not so starved for football that I’ll start watching “football”


    Probably upset about the Chappaquiddick anniversary

  7. 그녀는 멋지다.

  8. Flash. Bang. Hot wind. 7/10 would vaporize


    LOL This comment from MJ works on almost any poat.

  9. She’s pretty darn cute. And her body is pretty darn great.

  10. Hanging out on my garage door light this morning:

  11. She’s cute, but there’s no strength in those limbs, giving her limited utility around the farm. 7/10 would consider importing.

  12. Numbuh run modur, Pup.

  13. She’s not built for scythe work, I’ll grant you that Leon.

  14. I would let her tend the fish in my rice paddy.

  15. That was probably incredibly racist, but I wouldn’t mind having fish or a rice paddy, so if she has any experience with them that’s a plus.

  16. Thanks N8.

    The software that runs basically the whole company is wonky this morning so I can’t do my jerb. Seriously considering going home for the day and shaking out my backpacking gear. It’s been 5 years since I’ve slept outside on purpose. Too long.

  17. Wet nurse

  18. Jimbro’s a thinker.

  19. If she’d been around during the 1930’s the japs might still occupy Manchuria.

  20. wakey wakey.

    You all will be happy to know that the new browser has now learned NOT to correct my wakey (although it continues to point out that it’s a typo). ALSO – Tool is now available on all streaming services.

    I repeat – Tool is now available on all streaming services.

    Now you can return to talking about the utility of today’s model.

  21. Carin, eye update??

  22. Eyes are great. I have to put drops in them for a few days to make sure I don’t get an infection, and they are a little dry still. But vision is awesome.

    The only bad thing is that I can’t work out … Doc said a week, but Monday is probably as long as I’m going to make it.

  23. My vision came out even better then they hoped. 20/15. And my close vision is awesome (could read even the smallest line on the card).

  24. The crazy probably comes out after a couple of rounds of soju.

    /stamps “APPROVED”

  25. Holy shit, people at the HQ are just now figuring this out?!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this is not 11-dimensional chess on the part of Trump. That said, this is the man who wrote The Art of the Deal and he’s a proven master at sizing up opponents’ strengths and weaknesses in order to come out on top.

    This has been fucking obvious for the past two years. His skill is reading the room, so to speak. He can sense where popular opinion lies, what gets people emotionally active, either for good or bad, and use it to his advantage.

  26. 10/10 would smash

  27. Why not 11/10? Racist!!!

  28. Why not 11/10? Racist!!!

    Because she doesn’t have a penis.

  29. This has been fucking obvious for the past two years. His skill is reading the room, so to speak. He can sense where popular opinion lies, what gets people emotionally active, either for good or bad, and use it to his advantage.
    One of my favorite observations about Trump’s intelligence is that at least he knows what game he’s playing.

    There are so many media types and politicians that have no idea what game they are in. For example, Mitt Romney is playing a moral game
    –when he’s not killing gay saints or beating women with a studded baseball bat.

    You can’t win that game.

    Flash. Bang. Hot wind.

  30. Why not 11/10? Racist!!!
    Plus their hoo haw is horizontal, haven’t you heard?

  31. What’s the difference between Kamala Harris and a filthy lying whore who screwed her way to the top?

  32. Carin, that’s fantastic!

  33. For example, Mitt Romney is playing a moral game


    Emphasis on the GAME.

    He’s an asshole, who is trying to work both sides and leave hardworking Americans to go eff themselves.

    Mitt would pass climate change bullshit to lick ass and make the middle class pay.

  34. I’m sort of intrigued by the concept that life is a series of games.

    Some unknown Nazi named Jordan Peterson talks a lot about it.

  35. “Holy shit, people at the HQ are just now figuring this out?!”

    Shit, there is A LOT of stuff the folks at HQ “are just now figuring out”. I use the site to check the pulse of the “normies.” Probably 60% of the conversations occurring today would’ve resulted in a ban hammering 4 yrs ago…

    Now Ace screams “Cuck” with abandon. Talk of kinetic response is allowed to a degree, etc. etc.

  36. I generally stay away from keto treats because of the artificial sweetener and it’s easy to eat too much, however, this is easy and delicious.

    Related: Walmart has a new bag of no sugar added chocolate chips that have the same macros as Lilly’s but are less expensive.

  37. I think I have a comment stuck….nothing important, just my normal anti social spew…

  38. Disregard my last…..Im retarded

  39. Lilly’s macros are awesome. Totally.

  40. I loathe Mitt Romney.

    He’s a two-faced carpet bagger.

    He’s John McCain with better hair.

  41. DO NOT use anything sweetened with maltitol if you value sphincter integrity and your undergarments.

  42. Im retarded

    You’re here. This need not be said, it is understood.

  43. Maltitol is a BIG no-no in the keto community. They (this recipe) use erythritol and stevia. I have problems with neither, but I know other people do. I rarely eat artificial sweetener.

  44. Comment by Hotspur on August 2, 2019 9:58 am
    Lilly’s macros are awesome. Totally.


    One of the rare times I can’t tell if Hotspur is being a snarky jackass. Odd’s are 99:1.

    Heh, stupid odds are stupid.

  45. *cough*

  46. Now you can return to talking about the utility of today’s model.

    She can reach the upper shelves at TSC.

  47. She can reach the upper shelves at TSC.

    At 5’7″?


  48. So basically, TeeRoy, the fact that I was frontrunning the Horde on some spots marks me as a “slow learner” here?

  49. Daughter and Husband close on a new (to them) Home on 5 acres today and we will “move” them this weekend. Nice property that has already been named “Ft. Meier”. Property has nice pasture, barn, chicken coop……can you say “pony” boys n girls? Cause the grandson is definitely getting a pony until he’s ready for a full size horse. (The family philosophy is every child should know how to care for and ride a horse). we also have the range laid out and will be bringing in dirt for a three sided berm. Sustainable energy is on the list, so lots of work to do in the future but its the good kinda work. It will be the family retreat in times of uncertainty. Hence the name….

  50. Comment by MJ on August 2, 2019 9:50 am
    I’m sort of intrigued by the concept that life is a series of games.

    Some unknown Nazi named Jordan Peterson talks a lot about it.

    Games and play in general are a way to simulate abstract ideas about the world around us. Games are, fundamentally, a series of interactions governed by a set of rules, where the goal is to accomplish some objective through skillful employment of those rules. We think of them in terms of children because games are one way that children learn about the world and about social interaction.

  51. LARP games helped me be better at life in so many ways it’s spooky.

  52. Shit like this is why I’m not a libertarian.

    Elderly woman feeds feral cats. Local govt cites her and tells her to not do it again. She continues to do it, and continues to get cited. Eventually the government ups the ante and sentences her to 10 days jail. Libertarians scream bloody murder.

    EDIT: Link fixed.

  53. I tried to fix Alex’s link but there’s only “this” in the tag.

  54. Link is fixed.

    Seriously, the libertarian mantra, “your right to swing your fist ends at my nose” is apparently bullshit. Commenters have pointed out that feral cats are a health hazard for communities and the response is, “Wah, you’re a fascist!”

  55. I was going to say this model weighed a tad more than 108, but the full leg shot….or should I say ‘chicken leg’ shot, she probably is. My daughter is 5’7″, 110#, and has very little for chesticles. But she makes up for it with a nice set of pins.

  56. Off to feed the fishies. The lone fighty fish gets all wiggly when I show up. Can’t tell if he’s happy to see me or wants to kick my ass.

  57. RE: HQ getting a clue……check out today’s Morning Rant…..absolutely, positively wouldn’t have been allowed to see the light of day a couple of years ago….

    The Beginnings by Rudyard Kipling

  58. On bad days like to remind myself that I’m descended from a tribe of people named for the axe with which they killed all their neighboring tribes until they decided to start banging all the Anglish girls.

  59. “What’s the difference between Kamala Harris and a filthy lying whore who screwed her way to the top?”

    Kamala would take a check.

  60. coalex, down in the comments someone linked another story where a magistrate, in absence of a judge, had handed down the sentence. Another judge dropped it and will hold another hearing.

    I’m all for feeding feral cats……in order to catch them and remove their breeding parts. My brother used to get cats in his yard. He disappeared them. Some may have been feral…some may have been pets.

  61. Probably upset about the Chappaquiddick anniversary

    Whenever one of the Kennedys rapes, kills, or croaks in some self-inflicted death, they always like to bring up the ‘Kennedy Curse’, as if the God’s have it in for the sweet, innocents.
    Drunk and doped up is no way to go through life, son.

  62. Beasn, I saw that link.

    I don’t have a problem with someone who captures them, neuters them, and ensures that they aren’t a problem for the neighborhood. But this woman obviously wasn’t doing that.

  63. The Kennedy clan are shanty Irish putting on lace curtain airs

    Yeah, I’ll mourn the loss of her life and future potential to be a force for good with her charitable efforts but won’t beatify her at all (as the media is pre-programmed to do for the Kennedy’s).

  64. We’re going to take a look at this property. Eighty acres. They raised geese and used it as a B&B. They got themselves a good photographer. The inside of the cottage is cute. Love the built-in beds. Click through and you’ll see some great shots…especially the geese running across a wintery shot in front of the barn/shed.

    I like it but we’d have to sell the farm and our primary residence to afford it.

  65. CoAlex, I agree. If my neighbor was doing that, I’d be pissed.

  66. Hermann, MO, is beautiful country. Lots of wineries in and around the area.

  67. Instead of geese, I’d have pet ducks and use one of the outbuildings as the guinea pig residence opening out to a nice, enclosed yard for them. *chut chut chut*

    Maybe I should buy some lotto tickets.

  68. Comment by beasn on August 2, 2019 12:44 pm
    CoAlex, I agree. If my neighbor was doing that, I’d be pissed.

    Yeah. What angers me is the way they keep trying to blame everyone but the woman responsible.

    “Why don’t you just buy a dog/pay to trap the cats/etc.” Why the fuck should it be my responsibility to deal with the negative effects of her decisions?

    “Why doesn’t animal control trap them?” How do you know that they aren’t trying? Or that they don’t have other priorities that are higher? It doesn’t give you license to create a negative externality that affects me.

    “They should have tried to figure out a reasonable, neighborly way to solve the problem!” She was cited multiple times and refused to comply. I guarantee that asking her would have done jack and shit.

    “If someone had called animal control on me I’d burn their house down!” (Actual comment) You’re a savage who doesn’t belong in society.

  69. Beasn, that land looks beautiful. I’d love to be able to buy some place like that some day.

  70. That property is ridiculous. 80 acres?? You can’t hardly buy a house on ONE acre for that little $ in CT. And the property tax is twice that amount here, for one small house on a small lot.

    The interior decor is overcute-grody, though. First thing I’d do is make a wainscoting bonfire.

  71. That’s a beautiful spot Beasn. Hopefully they clean the furnishings out after the sale. My former contractor sold his farmhouse with 80 acres for about the same price but it was a half hour further away from work than where we are now so I didn’t even look.

  72. I hear Baltimore is dealing with an abundance of feral cat food.

  73. I decided to stay home. Mr. B. is going to scout the place for me. It’s about a two hour drive and it’s warmer today (this whole week has been beautiful, weatherwise).

    Yeah, some of the interior is too cutesy. I’d keep the kitchen mostly like it is. Love the built-in beds/cabinets. Like some of the wainscoting. I’d paint the exterior and rejigger the garden. Maybe enlarge the pond.

    Husband had the real estate agent take a look at the perimeter as one of the properties near it looks trashy. Yep, while you can’t see it from the property of interest, the property nearby may be owned by rednecks. They’ve got a lot of junk in their yard.

    Mr. B was looking at another 150 + acres, mostly used for hunting. It was a pretty piece and the pictures they are using to sell it, are from wildlife cams. Lots and lots of deer and turkey…some up close and personal. One of a deer staring at the camera from a couple of feet away with it’s tongue hanging out. Others of does fighting each other.

    Lots of places in MO are still very affordable.

  74. Lemme see if I can find the place…

  75. At 5’7″?


    1. In heels

    C) How would you know?

  76. Our ‘farm’ is a double-wide on 16 acres with a pond. The property taxes on the place is a third of what we pay for this house in the suburbs.
    Husband wants to move up there permanently because he hates the taxes here. Can’t do that with his mom living with us.

  77. Found it. 201 acres. $625k. Scroll down for some awesome wildlife pics.

  78. Hey Miss Doe-A-Deer, what did you think of the demrat clown show?,22

  79. That’s the one that stick out to me!

  80. stuck

  81. The sat view shows there is indeed trashy neighbors and they are at the end of the driveway. Looks like the drive actually cuts between the used car / salvage lot and the residence with the obligatory green pool.

    Street view isnt so bad, yard is mowed, trash isnt strewn everywhere and it almost looks as if the place was (at some point) possibly a store. The salvage lot isnt as visible from the road as overview depicted, but in winter probably fucks up the scenery.

    Prop looks good for hunting and light agriculture. Nice mixture of wooded and cleared field. The current satellite overview shows round hay bales in the field.

    PS. The decor looks like someone gave some urban faggot some money and said “make it look country”.

  82. Oooo, a stocked 10+ acre lake. Good place to set up shop for when the zombie apocalypse happens.

  83. The decor – “make it look country”.

    I wonder if they made much as a B&B. Imma text Mr. B. to ask the agent.


    Family: What’s for dinner?
    Beasn: Crappie and bass filets
    Family: Again?

  85. Mmmm, crappie!! Husband’s buddy bought a chunk of land a couple of years back. It had a house already on it, but they built their ‘forever’ home on a better hill. He also added a huge pond, which is now pretty stocked.
    Husband went to see him yesterday with a request from me for some pulled pork for my birthday, which I will gladly pay him for. He sent Mr. B. home with a sealed packet of pulled pork AND a bag full of, I think, bass fillets. What a sweetheart.

    His pulled pork is to die for. SYWM.

  86. In and around the lake
    Vans falling out of the sky

  87. That property is to die for Beasn. That would be so awesome. All that land. Could start a cult.

  88. OMG! If you don’t watch the whole thing, you have to watch the first 10 seconds.

    I’m squeeing here, people. SQUEE-ING!!

    The Largest Guinea Pig Rescue In the World | Animalism

    She generally has 400 piggies. After a rescue they did…where some fuckwit had 700 he was slumlording….she took in 400 females, many pregnant, she wound up with over 1100. And she’s been finding, will find them homes. Check out Harry.

  89. Wasn’t this roamy’s baby?

  90. I thought Roamy was working on the death ray.

    Of course, with a sufficiently reflective surface any object is a death ray…

  91. The house was built in 1880, Beasn?

  92. The Nazis wanted to build a solar mirror. No idea if they could have pulled it off if it wasn’t for that whole “losing the war” thing.

  93. Punster, The Dial Up Dan Campaign is the reason we finally upgraded our internet access. Well that, and DUD trying to draft his Fantasy Football team and the DU being so slow, the system started to auto draft his team.

  94. BBF is cute. Very KPop.

  95. OSO! Discovery?

  96. Pepe, I guess it was built in 1880 or maybe part of it was and it was expanded over the years. Maybe the part with the beams? I’ll have to ask the husband if the agent has the story.

    That whole area was settled by Germans looking for something that reminded them of back home.

  97. 1. In heels

    Okay maybe.

    C) How would you know?

    I had a girlfriend who was 5’7″. Reaching things on high shelves was one of her 2 redeeming qualities.


  99. So Mrs. Pupster started an online store where you can buy her art printed on things, and she wants to make a test purchase. I can buy a hooded blanket with anything on it I want…what should I get?

  100. Pups!!! Did you see that Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund has a new sister? Only one video, so far. He seems to be adjusting about as well as Gingy did.


  102. BroCav, I didn’t work on the Planetary Society solar sail, but I worked on Nanosail-D and a couple of others that didn’t fly. Next one is NEA Scout, NEA = Near Earth Asteroid. Everyone is paying attention to the Planetary Society sail orbit, and there’s argument over whether it’s actually steering or not.

    First Planetary Society solar sail was the same launch as one of my experiments. Bill Nye is a camera-seeking twit, but we knew that.

  103. heh, watching Kristen Gillibrand, and her voice is so annoying.

  104. Roamy, check your yahoo mail please

  105. howdy Jay!
    Ever brew any cider?

  106. I did. apple cider, cranberry, and orange. All were good.

  107. Ah, I had those scrambled. Wonder if we can get Nye on the next solar sail out…

  108. Vmax, answered.

  109. Diego especially revered Patton.

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