MMM 251: Review and Resolutions

Finally combed through my phone and pulled the shots I’d taken of mushrooms I’ve found this year.

St. Patrick’s Park, May 2018.


Same park, August.  Chicken of the woods.


Funky toadstool, August.


Some orange caps, species unknown.


Found these in a wooden tent-like “structure”, pretty sure they are psilocybes.


Front yard, September.


Inverted and with (dwarven) hand for scale


Fungal mass nearby, different species growing on sunken tree stump.


Tore some off to look at texture.


Growing on wild cherry tree in back yard, December.


What are you going to try and do differently in 2019?


  1. I resolve not to use Roamy’s data or Carin’s command hooks.

  2. I resolve to get to bed at a proper f’n time.

  3. I resolve to declutter the basement to the point where you will be able to play ping pong on the ping pong table. (Lots o’ crap stacked on the table right now, and barely enough room to move around it.) Also, lose some weight.

  4. Everyone has to read the end of the weekend thread to see why I’m in an effen bad mood.
    And roamy the data thing would piss me off. My boys switched to their own plan when they started working. Hannah is still on our plan, as are the other two.

    I don’t remember, but there was something about wanting more or new phones? Why they switched, I mean.

    Jimbro watch – still upright?

    I work in 45 minuets, so someone else may have to take charge of his ebola watch.

  5. Freezing rain again. Where’s my damned polar vortex when I need it?

  6. I can’t afford to get sick. Stay away from me, you swine.

    *wipes down poat with bleach wipes*

    *sprays lysol around*

    *hits doorknobs with propane torch*

    Fair warning, I’m going to flame those doorknobs every few minutes. You should all get in the habit of wearing oven gloves to get around in here.

  7. My dad has let my sister stay on his phone plan for years (I think she pays him the $20 for the additional line). She’s 33 and I don’t know if she’s finally on her own plan or not. She’s married and lives half-way across the country, for cripes sake.

  8. And Er in needs to move out. It’s time. Tell her that she has a month, two at most, to figure out where she’s going to live. She’s working so there’s no reason she can’t start splitting a cheap apartment with her friends like normal people do at her age.

  9. I read the ‘look inside’ excerpts from this book. I don’t know why. But the things in here are somehow really interesting even though I have no reason or need for this knowledge.

    The term bog-spavin made me laugh. It’s like someone made up a word that sounded old timey.

  10. Yikes! Didn’t know it would do that. Is that new? I don’t think amazon links used to do that, did they?

  11. Rocketboy has made an offer on a house and is waiting to see if it’s accepted. It’s a reverse mortgage home being sold by the bank as is. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but it’s in a good neighborhood and a bargain price since it’s been on the market since August. I’m hoping he got locked in at the lower interest rate before the Fed raised it.

    I haven’t seen the house yet. Mr. RFH has. FDIL gave her vote of approval.

  12. I have no idea what I’ll do differently this year compared to last year.

    This can only mean I’ve achieved perfection and require no more changes or adjustments to my character.

    *flames the H2 bathroom doorknob with propane torch again*

  13. Laura, I just ordered an agricultural chemistry textbook from the early 1900s. Couldn’t help myself.

  14. Is there any of your shit on New Horizons, Roamie?

  15. My mother-in-law is on my phone plan. She’s circumspect with data use and this ensures that my wife can call her, though, so I’m okay with it.

  16. Hotspur, no, but I worked on the Mars InSight lander.

  17. Comment by leoncaruthers on December 31, 2018 10:23 am
    Laura, I just ordered an agricultural chemistry textbook from the early 1900s. Couldn’t help myself.

    Powell’s in Portland used to have a huge technical books section with a lot of old science and engineering books.

  18. Booklegger here gets the old books from the Redstone Arsenal library.

  19. I bought a CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics for 1978 back in ’93. Still got it. Pretty sure we can rebuild after the zombie apocalypse if I can keep my library safe.

  20. My CRC is from 1967. Melting point of aluminum didn’t change.

    I bought a couple of books that I think Leon and Lauraw recommended a few years ago. Mini-farming and how to butcher and preserve meat. I confess I haven’t read them, and I hope I never have to.

  21. I have read both my pig and chicken books cover-to-cover. Almost finished with the sheep book, then I’ve got Art and Science of Grazing to work through.

  22. As you should, if you are looking for farm income and financial independence. I admit I am lazy.


  24. In 2019 I resolve not to blow chunks all over my unsuspecting patients anymore.

    Alright, it didn’t happen, but it could. I chewed a couple of Tums just in case I do upchuck to decrease the pH of el vomito. Still got a couple of morning patients left and then the whole afternoon. Sigh …

  25. Actually increasing the pH to a more basic level. Whatever. Did the pH system change in the new chemistry books?

  26. Banglar bear trap!

    If you ever see one at a yard sale, buy it.

  27. “Heyyyy…this vomit isn’t so bad! Was that a cherry Tums?”

    Things Never Said by Jimbro’s Patients, vol. IX


    Higher is more basic (NaOH, lye, bleach), lower is more acidic (vinegar, HCl).

  29. And it hasn’t changed since I learned it. I think 2% milk is like a 7.5 to 8, which is part of why it can settle a stomach.

  30. Log in to my bank account this morning to discover

    a) The boss fucked up my direct deposit again. When I brought it to his attention this motherfucker actually says “Well I dont know what to tell you..” Im like how bout you fucking tell me your sorry and will get right on it cause making sure your troops are paid properly is important to you? This fucking guy….he says the dumbest knee jerk shit sometimes…..

    b) found a erroneous 100.00 charge that was supposedly made yesterday. So now I have a dead debit card, not the amount of money I was expecting in my account, and I got my bills to get squared away.

    Fuck it. Shit happens and then you die…

  31. That sucks, Troy, my sympathies.

    I’ve been spared any further hi-jinks since my fraud in 2014, thank God.

  32. Let’s go camping for a weekend and do some mushrooms, Leon.

  33. My brother-in-law says he’s grown them, we talked microdosing for depression a little at the Christmas gathering.

    So, you know, I might have a source.

  34. Awesome. Let’s do it.

    Regular dose.

  35. Where are we camping? I’m not far from Warren Dunes State Park.

  36. shhhh… he only thinks he’s camping…

  37. My government project lead is furloughed until the shutdown ends.

    I should send Trump a thank you note.

  38. So does this mean you do non-essential work?

  39. It was a acid trip that finally made me leave home. I was surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends, cept that (unlike uncle Bob) I was at home…..Summer of 81, I decided then and there I had to get the fuck away from those people and by Sept I was gone.

  40. Just pulled the trigger and purchased two pear whips and two plum whips. I’m going to prune them to ‘little tree’ size, ie, prune each to a knee-high bud the first Spring while still dormant (right when planted), then prune again in Summer to keep them human-size.

    I’m going to plant them in a line in the front yard and use the ‘little tree’ technique to keep them pruned to my height or less.

    I should have fruits in some short number of years…these trees are supposed to be precocious when you do it this way. I hope.

    Also hope I don’t suck at this. Guess will find out soon.

  41. So does this mean you do non-essential work?

    No, it means the guy that was running the project was. My labor is funded for the next 6 months.

  42. Something pointed out by the transvegan vlogger I listen to (he’s a carnivore who identifies as vegan), is that the whole “lab-grown meat” thing you’re hearing about isn’t really about meat, it’s about eliminating the “peasant class” that moves animals around and lives in rural areas. Soy and corn are robot-friendly crops, so the Agenda-21 crowd can eliminate the need for rural people entirely if the only meat eaten in cities is synthetic.

    Yeah, yeah, conspiracy theory. Just like Fakebook censoring speech, Goo-gul editing history, and the existence of the Deep State.

  43. There’s some really great ideas on that resolutions list.

  44. I think for my New Years’ Resolution I’m going to avoid right-wing blog comments for the most part. Too many of them are sewers full of idiots.

    I’ll stick with this site and that’s it.

  45. I don’t think it’s a conscious plan. More like their disdain for the “peasant class” leads them to not care about the impact of these developments on that group.

  46. No, none of it is conscious, I think. It’s the natural outcome of a worldview centered on cities and those who live in them, along with a secular religion based on a weird heresy of Christianity that eschews God and His Son, but extends the circle of empathy to animals while denying it to unborn humans. An economics that enshrines Malthus and Ehrlich while ignoring Simon.

  47. I’d argue that Western History since Christ has been shaped by a constant struggle against resurgent paganism and gnosticism. Much of the left today is some mixture of that.

  48. And I’d agree. And it’s not the paganism of Aristotle.

  49. Which reminds me, I need to finish Nicomachean Ethics.

  50. I’m definitely doing #36, using up the gift cards this year. I found a site for donating what’s left on a gift card (
    so if I can’t use it, it can still do some good.

    I ran the school scrip program for so many years, I have a bunch that I need to get rid of.

  51. Not sure I care where, as long as there’s a place for a fire and good hiking.

  52. I’m already doing 6, 8, 9, 18, 23, 46.

    I’ll work on 13, 31, and 43.

  53. Dionysius vs. Apollo.

  54. We’re living through a replay of The Bacchae.

  55. I’m working on the debt part, as well as building up my retirement. I need to start taking some more classes to build up my woodworking and metalworking skills as well.

    Next fall it might be nice to take a diff eq class, just to keep learning.

  56. If we can get the Comstock land sold at a non-catastrophic loss, our debt picture will be very nice. As it stands we’re down to just the mortgage (which is at better than 75% LTV) and 1 car payment, but I’m wary about the longevity of the F150.

  57. My debt at this point is mostly the loan I took out to cover housing during grad school, the final semester’s tution, and a bit of credit card debt. I have less than four years left on the loan, assuming I don’t try to pay it down quicker. Probably the same for the tuition, and about two years for the credit card debt.

  58. Too many of them are sewers full of idiots.

    I’ll stick with this site and that’s it.

    Make up your mind.

  59. Yeah, but I like you idiots.

  60. I’ve got here and the HQ and a couple of specific interest forums and that’s it. Ditched FARK a decade ago, barely dip into reddit, stopped posting at a couple of other places (under different names, I try not to track my…various selves onto each other).

  61. Mostly I post here, the HQ, Instapundit, and Althouse. Instapundit has gone downhill, and the HQ isn’t interesting anymore since a lot of the regulars I knew went silent.

  62. Just closed the books on 2018.

    After 2 years of Trump my sales have doubled.

    Well, officially it’s 1.999305, but I am going to round the hell out of that.

  63. Scott, congratulations! I know you and Laura had some rough patches during the Obama years, so it’s good to see you doing better.

  64. That’s awesome, Scott, congrats to the Ws.

  65. Lumper Mart


  67. Berkshire-Lumper-Hathaway

  68. We love you, too, Alex, no matter what Mare says.

  69. Congratulations, Scott, that is awesome news!

  70. Mare talks a lot of shit, but that’s only because she’s perpetually chardonnay-drunk.

  71. Not looking good for Virginia Tech. At least it’s not a blowout.

  72. Eh. Not like I post nearly as much at the HQ anymore. I repeat myself too much on serious subjects and just feel like I’m headbutting a battleship half the time. Thus my preference for simple shitposting.

    Which, honestly, is probably why I manage to fit in here relatively well.

  73. Just because it will make you snicker, and MJ probably has it, the stuff on the cherry looks like Ganoderma Butt Rot. I’ll leave that alone for now

  74. I might be able to tweak another 10%, but that will be it.

    Anything beyond that would require an investment and I am too old for that crap.

  75. I’m pretty sure it’s turkey tail, Vmax, but it was old growth and hard as a rock, so I didn’t harvest it.

  76. yes butt rot only on palms and MJ’s mom

  77. Howdy vmax, what’s new?

  78. BroCav, I occasionally post on the AoS movie and book threads, which is kind of funny, because I made fun of the book thread when they started it. I’m usually ignored.

  79. hi pups, not much. Are you used to the frozen southern Canada yet?

  80. The Sunday book thread has been about 70/30 for excellent recommendations/are-you-serious-this-is-crap. I thoroughly enjoyed “The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ” by Brant Pitre, the Rex Nihilo books by Robert Kroese, the LawDog Files, and “Screams from My Father” by Paul Gleeson. I wasted my time with “Bill the Vampire” and “Amy Lynn”. The author of “Wearing the Cat” endlessly flogs his books on the book thread, and no one else chimes in, so I figure those can’t be very good.

  81. Vmax, I *should* be in Houston again in late January, but who knows with the furlough.

  82. I actually read the “Wearing the Cat” series. I liked it; whether that is a recommendation or a knock against my taste in reading I leave as an open matter…

  83. Survived the day on Tums and a cup of Earl Gray tea w/ honey.

    *cracks PBR*

    “Which one of you is bogarting the dip?”

  84. hi pups, not much. Are you used to the frozen southern Canada yet?

    Fuckin-a no I am not. Checking the weather report up here is a matter of life or death October to April.

  85. PBR? You some sort of yuppie?

  86. PBR is the palate cleanser before the main event.

  87. work was sorta dull. Crossfit was snatches, which is always a challenge.

  88. Those snatches are a bitch, aren’t they?

  89. I can’t do a hang snatch at all. Timing is all off.

  90. *looks off into middle distance*

    Snatches. Why did it have to be snatches?

  91. I think I’ll get in about 40 hours of football viewing this week.

  92. Why not 41?

  93. SHUT UP, JAY

  94. Games start too late.

    Mornings are wasted.

  95. All I know is, it’s been snowing on top of ice all evening, there are going to be some frozen druckcicles in ditches all over the place tonight.

  96. 7 is too cold for grilling.

  97. It’s 5:41 Central Standard Time and I still haven’t had a drink yet. Oh yeah…..I’m still at work.

  98. Gonna be mild tomorrow. I feel a cooking/smoking project coming on. We haven’t eaten beef in a while.

  99. That bear trap is from the late 1800’s and sold at auction for $7000.

    Newhouse #6.

  100. I’ve grilled in a popup snowstorm after dark, not 7, but 18-20. Not fun really. Boy2 got me these cool clip lights and a new ballcap, I usually wear a headlamp.

  101. I thought bear traps had interlocking teeth…like in the cartoons?

  102. ribeyes tomorrow, sous vide for 2-3 hours. Maybe longer?

  103. It has teeth hidden underneath.

  104. over 20 games, so there is no reason not to have 50+ hours of football in by the end of Jan 1.

  105. Wait… are we still discussing snatches?

  106. PG, in answer to your question the other night, yes I do know JJG from Brackettville – he is Mr. TiFW’s nephew; I have known him since he was 5 years old!

    He is now a coach in Brackettville, and loving it 😊

  107. Gym tonight was figuring out my new 1 rep max for bench. 250, which is slightly higher than a year ago, before I got sidetracked for six months.

    I’ll take it.

  108. those bear traps are pretty cool.
    i haven’t found a place to display mine…. it has the drag still attached.
    i didn’t realize they were going that high.
    i’ve got an indian trade rifle and a tomahawk that i always wanted to to display some how together with the bear trap. that older stuff is really neat.

  109. If you can find the make and model of yours, I can may be able to put a price on it. Some of them are big bucks.

  110. I just spent the last half hour trying to tie one of my beanies on Tucker’s head.
    I literally had cotton balls in his ears, and had a wool beanie tied onto his head with bread ties. He shook it off in 15 seconds. Twice.
    He let me do it, but shook it right off. Not fucking happening.
    Looks like I’m in for an evening of pissed off minpin again (he’s not afraid of the fireworks, just mad at them). He will be barking at the sky for the next day or two…

    Hope each and every one of you have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve. I love y’all. Be well.

  111. I could barely bench 250 if you added my two bests together!

  112. i’ll get some pics together for you.

  113. Chi-Chi!!!!
    back at cha

  114. I always thought you were ok if you could bench your weight.

  115. Last time I tried I still could, but that was 10 years ago.

  116. I don’t want to be a dick and call out my favorites, but yeah, sorry folks – jammie is at the top of the list. Deal with it!

  117. Yep – I think that’s a general rule, Scott. You might not be a badass, but you’re solid. Twice your bodyweight? Or just 250 in general? I want you on my side in a dark alley…

  118. That’s why I’m happy with it. I’m 240ish right now, so putting me over that makes me happy.

  119. What if he weighs 400 lbs?

  120. I could bench my weight in college. I was 105#.
    (to get a pass, females had to bench their weight…the guys their weight and a half.)

  121. Alex, what is your nic over at althouse? I sometimes catch a thread or two. Too bad the good doctor left.

  122. Not sure I’m going to stay awake for the new year, so Happy Happy without any ebolas, to you all.

  123. Did most of the other females pass, or were you just a badass?

  124. I don’t think Refridger Perry ever had to pass the bench press test.
    As long as he could run over you like a freight train, he was cool.

  125. I don’t know if they passed. Maybe. There were about 4 of us females in that weight training ‘class’. They would do private weigh-ins. They were at least 20-30 pounds heavier.
    I had the opposite problem with dorm food. My guts didn’t do well with it.

  126. Alex, what is your nic over at althouse? I sometimes catch a thread or two. Too bad the good doctor left.

    Mr. Wibble.

  127. No wait…..the females only had to bench 90% of their weight to pass. I benched my weight.

  128. True story –
    When I first moved to Richmond, I met a very large man. Big Paul. When i commented & asked, he said “I’m down to 590.” The biggest guy i had ever seen!
    He loved my car (a ’66 Buick Riviera GS). When I invited him to take it for a ride, he refused. He was afraid that he would break the seats and the suspension! Great man – heart of gold – gone way too young, but his weight played a big role for sure.

  129. HA!

    *ignores that low hanging wibble*

    I don’t usually respond over there. I like watching the others slap the resident kooks around.

  130. My peak bench was 255 for 2, iirc, and I was 35 or 36 at the time, probably about 175# on the scale at the time. I don’t bench anymore, my right shoulder says no.

    Martini now. Last drink until Groundhog Day at the soonest.

  131. I such at bench press.

  132. I’m heading out later for a cocktail and maybe a cigar.

  133. I don’t usually respond over there. I like watching the others slap the resident kooks around.

    I comment infrequently. The pace is slower than the HQ, which is nice.

  134. Resist we much!

  135. Bluegrass and country music drown out fireworks.

    It always worked for Ruby.

    For Tucker

  136. I suck at overhead press. Best I ever managed was 135# for a strict single. My bench was mediocre at best, but not as bad as OHP. Squat and deadlift have always at least been respectable.

  137. I’m about 160, 162. Have been for 30 years or so. Stil a 32″ waist since high school

    Back in my early twenties, I was being trained by a pro bodybuilder – trying to get bigger.
    After almost a year of spending $15+ daily trying to gain weight, I gave up. I might’ve made it to 168 (let’s call it 170). Do you know how much those fuckers spend just to eat??
    I still couldn’t bench more than 175. I got solid, and a fair amount bigger, but I realized how much work & money it was. And that I’m an ectomorph – I’m never going to get big. The “throw” on my bench press is probably twice that of the average mesomorph. I’ll never bench much more than 170!
    I gave up.

  138. Wait until 10:30 and crank it up to 12.

  139. Chinese take out for NY supper. It was bueno! Only place for miles that produces authentic take out. You know the place, the cashier speaks the most English, the rest are Chinese dudes in wife beaters working the woks with a cigg hanging out their mouths. Got all the shiznit, dumplings, eggrolls, lo mein, flied lice, Gen tso’s, sweet n sour powk.

  140. scott i sent a pic to the tip line.
    i can’t find any stampings or marks. it looks to be hand forged. it came out of the mountains of pennsylvania – it’s old

  141. Bear traps? Really. Doesn’t look like cheesecake or a sheet of brownies. Happy New Year! Cold temps and snow. I got home from work before the road shutdowns began. Scott, have you seen the Carolina Hurricanes have Whaler jersey throwback nights?

  142. i spent way too much time and money on bench pressing bullshit in my 20’s to early 30’s.
    all i got for it was my name on the 300 club plaque and a blown out shoulder.
    i couldn’t lift your mom’s dinner anymore, nor care to.
    extreme weight lifting is stupid – i’d definitely never do it again if i had an opportunity for a “do over”.

  143. You can’t forget quite possibly the worst bluegrass song ever written.

  144. Never worked on my benchpress. Always worked on slinging my 100# rucksack over my head and landing on my back.

  145. BB kicks ass

  146. The rucksack will come later this spring, once it warms up a bit and I can find a good trail or two for ruck marching.

  147. I saw him in concert twice.

    I am a lucky man.

  148. I’m hoping I’ll finally be well enough to hit the gym on Wednesday this week. Wife agreed to take “before” pics for me tomorrow. Going to start tracking weight, waist, and food on my crapblog daily.

  149. One of the guys I sponsor is in the Rocket Surgery business and he’s working on something out in Maryland over the next week or so. He just texted me a picture of himself with Brian May, who’s there assisting them with the mission data.

  150. I’d have a hard time not asking him to sign albums. I’d dig out my vinyl Flash Gordon soundtrack.

  151. Happy New Years, You degenerates!
    Love you all…

  152. I hear that, leon. I think my guy was able to keep his cool, but he was pretty starstruck.

    Happy New Year to you too, Crispy. I hope you and Anita are doing well.

  153. Where is Roamy for that post?
    She should and would be all over it.

  154. What the?
    I just opened up a small Reese’s that was in my Christmas stocking and popped it in my pie hole. I wanted a snack.
    Really? A second paper wrappsr hoding there? Fate wants me to eat a wax paper wrapper? Eating paper? That’s how I end 2018?
    I don’t have good feelings about 2019 already…

  155. Almost happy new year, Easteners!

  156. Only thing cooler would be if he was teaming up with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter on a project.

  157. How is anyone else cool enough to know who Skunk Baxter is?

  158. Happy New Year, Turds!! Make it a great one!!

  159. And, the competition for most annoying fireworks has started!

  160. Binge watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime. It’s good.

  161. Happy New Year!!

  162. Lauraw has a cute baby new year avi

  163. Cheers!

  164. On the north, they’re lighting off the the cheap shit. To the south, very expensive stuff…
    I don’t mind the competition, but the doggeh is in some mind of “fuck me” mode. Not. Happy.

  165. Happy New Year, everyone! We still have an hour before we can celebrate 😊🎉

  166. Are you having carbs for New Year’s?

  167. Happy New Year, easterners.
    Please say a prayer that my doggeh doesn’t actually make it through the plate glass picture window. He is trying…

  168. Happy New Year to the Central Time Zone folks! I’m going to bed!

  169. Happy New Year, Hostages!

    Brian May is working the New Horizons mission, which flew by Ultima Thule about half an hour ago.

  170. happy new year, midwesterners!

  171. He apparently wrote a song about it, roamy. I’m told it may be up on YouTube soon.

  172. Happy new year. I’m getting ready to pull the plug in the party music. 5 minutes. I can’t wait.

  173. Happy New Year! Hoping for a more upbeat 2019…

  174. Fucking rednecks and their fireworks – I guess I shouldn’t complain. That was me 30 years ago!

  175. Happy New Derp!

  176. Happy New Year!

    Someone wake up the monkey.

  177. Gumnemneh.

  178. Scott is telling me that people wore diapers to Times Square last night. I guess because of anti-terrorism measures, they were all herded into pens and they weren’t allowed to leave the party. While wearing diapers. In the rain. And they weren’t allowed to have umbrellas either.

    It’s like they set out to create a giant living breathing metaphor for masses of liberals, living in a liberal city.

  179. People wore diapers because they were dressed as baby new year, or because there are no bathrooms?


  181. Before turning in last night I flipped from football over to Fox and saw people outside the TV people’s barriers wearing clear plastic ponchos in the rain. The anchors, knowing they had a wardrobe allowance and a warm truck awaited them off camera, wore their finery despite the rain. One guy held up a golf umbrella because, you know, TV reporter.

    I guess what I’m saying is that the chance to stand in the dark and in the rain in a crowd control pen among thousands of fellow potential terrorist targets and voluntarily wear an adult diaper just to say “I was there!” is one I would pass on.

  182. I don’t normally stay up on NYE but my kids were here; my husband was watching the ball drop, what a stupid show.

  183. I didn’t stay up. Winds have been howling all night, not too cold, though. Another big storm blowing through. It’s been rough so far, really hoping for good weather the rest of the year.

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