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  1. I rate this ten front holes.

  2. pup rollin’ funny!

  3. “his dad just realized some shit”

  4. Excellent poat, Pups!

  5. Excellent poat, Puppy!

    *bacon and scritches*

    Jam, there are normals on our street but we are all surrounded by liberals. They’re probably mostly econazis too, because it’s all part of the same cult. Plenty of virtue-signaling happening on the nextdoor dot com website for our area.

  6. That poor father.

  7. The old man’s FB profile pic is 100% true.

  8. Well, a boycott of Lilly Diabetes won’t make a difference in this house, but if I’m responsible for shit my dad said, I’m SOL.

  9. Evidently my parents liked to fuck. Or, more likely, my dad did and mom was willing to tolerate it.

    Your mom, on the other hand …….

  10. I am planning to spend old age looking more like Season 1 Eustace Conway than Season 7 Eustace Conway.

  11. if I’m responsible for shit my dad said, I’m SOL

    Same, lol. The stupid, it is growing beyond our wildest imaginings.

  12. Please let this be true…

  13. Is this the part in the day when I admit I have no idea what you guys are talking about? *checks clock* Seems kind of early for that.

    Boy1 about to be deployed to work, he is in a foul mood. Boy2 and Mrs. Pupster both work later this afternoon, but if you don’t get up for breakfast no breakfast is what you get.


  15. Just for Oso

  16. Excellent poat, Pups!

  17. A lot has changed in the 5 years since Rocketboy was a high school senior. I’m supposed to text a certain number to the school guidance counselor to get college admission updates. Given the quantity and quality of communications so far, um, no. She’s also leaning on Mini-me to apply to as many as 10 colleges through this Common Application thing. Um, no, that’s why we visited colleges to narrow the field, and I don’t give a shit if you’re trying to bump up the college scholarship numbers.

  18. Three stories deep and I still don’t know the word said or context. Was it “honky”?

  19. I kind of assumed the n-word, though they said something about his dad being Irish and not knowing the word was an insult here.

  20. The father had recently arrived from Ireland and was being interviewed and used the phrase “nigger in a wood pile” a phrase that means no coals in the wood pile I think. At least that the context of his response to a question about being ready. 30 yrs ago? Really? Punish the Son? Really?…….and people think this is going to end well…..

  21. From my time in Ireland a long while ago I never heard any nigger this or nigger that. This from people who use fuck in all its various forms like nobody’s business. I did hear the phrase “rat Paki bastard” a lot to describe various merchants around Dublin and Cork. Who knows, maybe modern times and cable TV have brought gangsta speak to the Emerald Isle.

  22. Racial slurs killed it.

  23. The groom dodged a bullet.

  24. Been busy today. Decluttered one kitchen garbage bag-full, balanced the checkbook, did four loads of laundry, unloaded/reloaded dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. Might nap before church.

  25. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on August 25, 2018 3:45 pm
    The groom dodged a bullet.

    I got through about half of that and couldn’t read any more due to disgust.

  26. Really? Punish the Son? Really?…….and people think this is going to end well…..

    This isn’t about “social justice”, it’s about the pleasure of destroying someone else.

  27. I’ve got a show on Labor Day weekend, so I’ve been hitting it pretty hard. Lots of hand finishing the last few days. Hands and back are getting tired. 3 days left. Yikes.

  28. That chick is bugfuck crazy. I guess crap like that is where the term Bridezilla comes from. Dodged a bullet indeed.

  29. It ain’t about justice, it’s about power. Sooner everyone figures that out the sooner this bullshit gets ended.



  32. That man, with that car…ship…vehicle, he gave his last fuck sometime back in the 1970s at the latest.

  33. Blacksmithing is like S&M:

    Lots of iron and leather
    You do it in out of the way locations so you don’t bother the neighbors
    You have to order all your equipment from shady websites
    If you try to discuss it with your coworkers they think you’re weird
    Don’t try to increase your power until you’ve mastered speed and precision of your strokes.

  34. he gave his last fuck sometime back in the 1970s at the latest.

    I’m guessing he gave his last fuck once his bank account rolled over past a certain point.

  35. Postmodern Jukebox starting on PBS for anyone interested.

  36. Is it wrong to laugh a little at Diva Mcdashian in roamy’s link?

  37. My mom and sister came up for a visit this weekend. Three nurses at the table so lots of stories. My mom had stories about how she mixed morphine pills with saline, heated it on the Bunsen burner and took a glass syringe and reusable needle to draw it up. They checked the needles for barbs before using them. At night the student nurses were there with the patients and had no supervision.

  38. Up at 5. Left house at 6 to drive to flint for the 10 mile race with ian and erin. Accidentally parked in VIP lot which was awesome and they let me stay. Delay for 90 min because of lightening. Finally ran it. Did ok. Back home. Shower . Chill. Dinner out with Erin’s Mexican. Now Deadpool 2.

  39. McCain just shucked his mortal coil.

  40. Get ready for the non-stop butt suckage.

  41. I am not going to miss him.

  42. “Get ready for the non-stop butt suckage.”

    H2 Jeopardy…..

    What Hotspur ‘s mom said, Alex.

    Next category, I’ll take gardening for $100……

  43. We had lunch at this place the other day.

    If you are a burger fan and find yourself in central CT, go there.

  44. Laura helped me lump some furniture that day. She normally gets paid in lobster or clams, but she saw that place on some food show so we had to try it.

    Steamed burgers kick ass.

  45. Bloody well took his sorry ass long enough. I know I shouldn’t say such things, but, well.

  46. McCain was often selfish, vindictive, and he should have stepped down from his Senate post months ago. That said, he was a husband and a father and my prayers for his family as they grieve. May God provide them with strength in this time.

  47. Mmmm, steamed burgers sound interesting. Id think steamed, and then crisped up on the grill would be even better.

  48. Well, are they going to name Princess Cynthia to replace him? Sounds like a dem.

  49. This game on ESPN could be the worst one ever played.

  50. Prayers for the McCain family. As for him, may God have mercy upon his soul. (And all our souls.)

  51. Steamed burgers are very moist, not greasy, but there are none of the typical grilling flavors.

    On the other hand they taste 2X beefier.

  52. Ted’s had awesome fries, could have been the best I have ever had.
    Ditto for the bun.

    For a $20 meal for two, I will give it a 9.375.

    Wiser should get them as a sponsor.

  53. Way better than a duck cleaning.

    Hotspurs mom is almost a duck cleaner.

  54. service

  55. Yeah, the grilled home fries look amazing. I make some like that in the oven that kick ass. Mine are thinner, and seasoned.

  56. have you tried sous vide burgers? texture is different, but the flavor is great. Wonder if that’s similar. It would keep all that beefy goodness in the little pan.

  57. Sous vide McCain!

    You will be missed.

    Sous vide is Austrian for Godspeed, right?

  58. These had a firmer texture than sous vide burgers.

  59. Sous vide McCain!

    We’re gonna need a bigger container.

  60. Have any of you seen the report that the Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend’ listed the FBI as her employer?

    F the FBI

  61. Oh man, that looks really good, scott!! If I could eat cheese, I’d make the road trip. Fries look pretty awesome, too.

    You know what else is steamed, besides your mom? White Castles.
    Just made a snack run with beasnson.

    Yes, he road in today to say his final goodbyes to his grandpa, whose vitals are on a rollercoaster ride with the lows getting pretty low. The man is a beast. One day we think he’s cratering….the next morning everything is back up and he wants a shake… evening his BP is 82/54.
    Did I tell ya about the time Mr. B. went fishing with him and he got a hook stuck in his forearm? He didn’t work it out. He ripped it out and kept fishing.

  62. Have any of you seen the report that the Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend’ listed the FBI as her employer?

    I haven’t seen it but it wouldn’t surprise me seeing as how quickly they swept everything about it under the rug.

    I think Rush is very wrong when he says Sessions sees his position as sacrosanct and respects the ‘institution’ and why he’s going slow and not politicizing anything. If he did, he would be doing something about all of the bullshit happening under his nose.

  63. “He ripped it out and kept fishing.”

    That’s pretty normal.

  64. Has it been debunked that soy gives men boobies and women at higher risk for breast cancer? Or is it still true?

  65. “That’s pretty normal.”

  66. I doubt it.

  67. Rip it out
    Leave it in

    Keep fishing.

  68. Just made reservations at this place for two weekends from now:

    Paul and I don’t want to be in town on Michelle’s first anniversary. We’re taking a “just us” weekend for ourselves – we hardly ever go anywhere where it’s just the two of us.

  69. Sounds like a good plan, Tifw. Have fun!

  70. i’m gonna be “that guy” and say fuck mccain. good riddance to that piece of shit.
    he was an overbearing, self aggrandizing, pompous blowhard.

    he fucked hard working americans left and right for years with his shenanigans. his refusal to step down when he was obviously short term for topside occupancy proved his douchebaggery.

  71. If you sleep with pets, you know when they get on bed. We were having a lovely AC vacay in Vegas. Our last night sucked. Lots of interrupted sleep.

  72. Ghost cat kept jumping on my bed and grooming. Dan kept waking up for no reason. He told me the thermostat was fucked up. I tried to kick ghost cat off my bed. It was fucking weird.

  73. Francis is another douchebag in the worst way.

    “In an extraordinary 11-page written statement (see official English text below), Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 77, claims that Pope Francis knew about strict canonical sanctions imposed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI but chose to repeal them.

    In his testimony, dated August 22, Archbishop Viganò, who served as apostolic nuncio in Washington D.C. from 2011-2016, states that in the late 2000s, Benedict had “imposed on Cardinal McCarrick sanctions similar to those now imposed on him by Pope Francis,” and that Viganò personally spoke with Francis about the gravity of McCarrick’s abuse soon after his election in 2013.

    But he says that Francis “continued to cover him” and not only did he “not take into account the sanctions that Pope Benedict had imposed on him” but also made McCarrick “his trusted counselor” who helped him to appoint a number of bishops in the United States, including Cardinals Blase Cupich of Chicago and Joseph Tobin of Newark.

    Archbishop Viganò also implicates Cardinals Sodano, Bertone and Parolin in the cover-up and insists various other cardinals and bishops were well aware, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl, McCarrick’s successor as Archbishop of Washington D.C.”

  74. Hugh Hewitt is encouraging everyone to simply Honor this great American (John McCain).

    I could write a dissertation on why he is not a great American.

    What do you guys think?

    I’m not saying shit about McCain or his family, they’re grieving. Just can’t quite get Myself to say he’s a Great American.

  75. Thanks for saying what I didn’t, Jam.

    We are simpatico.

  76. “Rip it out
    Leave it in

    Keep fishing.”

    huzzah! keep fishing.

    i did real well this evening fishing. flounder and blues.
    lost a bunch of rigs on stuff that just broke the line like it was floss.

    next time i come down i’m gonna try for shark. the bait store dude said they’re doing pretty well on black tip, hammer heads, tigers, and bulls – with lots of 8 -10 footers.

    all from shore.

  77. That wasn’t a ghost cat, oso. Those were hoppers.

  78. Did you toss all of those back in, jam, or did you eat them? My freezer is lacking fish. Mr. B. is slacking.

  79. Mare, McCain was a corrupt weasel. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  80. Like Car in said, if you can’t say anything nice…

    I’ll wait a few days before unloading on him.

  81. i kept a few. the flounder all went back in.
    we had a nice fish fry last night from fish that we caught over the last few days. the girls actually got into some sea trout when we did a sound trip.

    the trout, whiting, and blues were all very good. i was surprised with the blues because they can be (in my experience) kind of strong – these were very mild.

  82. ” if you can’t say anything nice…”

    then step up and be a poo flinging simian…

    *ponders washing hands*

  83. Heh, nice jam.

    Sounds like fun fishing. I’ve been on the great lakes for salmon, would love to try the ocean sometime.

  84. Jay i saw a car with an iowa plate today…. i honked and waved just in case it was you.

  85. not sure why you flipped me the bird

  86. i was just trying to be friendly

  87. the fishing has been a blast

  88. maybe it’s because he was pulled over and you took off his mirror.

  89. you should definitely give it a go.
    i think v-max is the saltwater guru… he could give u pointers prolly.
    i’ve just been throwing stuff in the water until a fish is stupid enough to bite.

  90. “he was pulled over and you took off his mirror”

    you know him?

  91. Yeah, vmax made it sound awesome too. Plus all the fish are pre brined.

  92. later ppl!

  93. Chi, how’s your foot?

  94. Not gonna say anything about McCain, and I should go to confession for what I think about Jimmeh Carter.

  95. Just as bad as or worse than yesterday. Not really badly swollen, not purple (like I’m used to seeing with fractures and breaks).
    If it doesn’t feel better by tomorrow, I may go to Doc in a Box to get an x-ray.
    My buddy Mike brought me a cane to use, but I’m staying off of it.

    Thanks so much for asking, though!

  96. Shoot, sorry about your foot, Chi! I missed that story.

    When I’m drivin’ in my car,
    and the man come on the radio
    He’s tellin’ me more and more about some useless information
    Supposed to fire my derp.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  97. It wasn’t an important story, Marebear.
    It was a foolish, stupid, childish F-up. The biggest pisser is that I’ll be laid up from work for God only knows how long…
    Nobody to blame but myself.

  98. “Supposed to fire my derp.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.”

    ahh-ite marezee-dotes; that had some funny

  99. cheechchi – is it your prostate? you should have that checked.
    maybe j’bro can recommend a good surgeon.
    i hear they use something to numb the pain before they cut stuff off – so there’s that.


  101. i was just looking for a clubfoot gif –
    duckduck go with strict filtering – one of the results was some chick honkin’ on a guys dong….. wtf

  102. a bunch of bouncing boob and butt gif’s too. (non-nude)

    is “clubfoot” a code word for pr0n or sumthin?

  103. i’m sitting here giggling like a little girl, it’ll prolly wake up the slackers in the house

  104. Bah. Go catch me some fish, funnyman.
    (Still can’t believe you threw back the flounder. Best eatin’ of the bunch)



  107. Okay, John Di Leo said this very well. (copied off Faceplant)

    I have lost a number of beloved people to brain cancer. All cancers are hard to deal with, brain cancer being particularly rough because the nature of the brain causes so many such cancers to be inoperable. So we begin a post, or obit, or whatever this is, by stressing that we know the pain of the disease, and we don’t mean to minimize the pain of such suffering.

    But this is about a political figure, so we should really be able to assume that the above goes without saying, and instead get to the important stuff.

    We’ve had over half a year – about three quarters of one, if memory serves – to prepare for this day. We’ve known John McCain was close to the end since last autumn, so we could work on finding the right words for talking about both his suffering and his eventual death.

    John McCain was, in many ways, the walking illustration of the concept of a missed opportunity. Scion of a respected military family, his naval career was a disaster. Imprisoned in Hanoi for years, patriots have had to spend fifty years trying to speak of him with the same level of respect we have for such other heroes there as the great Jeremiah Denton. When we would speak of one and leave McCain out of the list, others would be there to remind us that McCain was in that same sad club, leaving us to endure the same discomfort again and again, in trying to tactfully say that we didn’t believe he really belonged to that same sad club after all….

    When he entered politics, he appeared to side with the right, and he carefully managed to ensure that his voting record always looked conservative. McCain died with a lifetime ACU rating of 81%, which isn’t bad… but it’s deceptive. He always made sure to vote right on most unimportant bills to keep his voting record conservative, but then he would pick just one or two huge issues – massive issues – and take a very public position in opposition to the right position, This enabled him to do two things that he truly loved doing: to call himself a “maverick” for bucking his party on an important issue so he could get liberal media acclaim, and to truly stab in the back the people on the right side. He only did this on the biggest, most important issues. Federal judges… campaign finance regulations… immigration policy… obamacare… he didn’t oppose the conservative agenda very often – only when he could personally really do massive damage to it.

    And when you talk about missed opportunities, will there ever be a better example than his ghastly 2008 campaign for the White House? The man actually said, while running for president, that he didn’t really understand economics at all. Yes, out loud. Of course he lost. He didn’t try. He practically threw the race (some actually believe he intentionally did throw the race, though I doubt that)… Obama didn’t understand economics better than McCain did, but Obama was at least bright enough not to tell the electorate that.

    John McCain was an almost thoroughly destructive force in the Republican party for at least the past 20 years. Many would argue he was destructive all the way back to his early races.

    I have never been a fan of legally mandated term limits, but John McCain is truly the poster child for them. If he had retired 20 years ago, his memory would have at least been a generally positive one. But today, after these past 20 years of shenanigans, his memory is almost entirely negative. He was so bold, so loud, so omnipresent thanks to his pals in the media, that whenever he did one of his big liberal gestures, we all saw it. We couldn’t miss it.

    So no, I’m not shedding tears tonight. At least, not any more than the tears I’ve shed for 20 years, over one of the greatest injustices in history: the fact that the great Jeremiah Denton only got 6 years in the Senate, and his cellmate John McCain undeservedly got 31.

    McCain could have redeemed himself, at least partially, last year, if he had announced his retirement concurrent with the diagnosis, enabling his governor to appoint a good successor so that votes wouldn’t be missed in this tight-as-nails senate. But he didn’t. He chose to hold the seat, unable to actually cast votes, in order to deny the party a reliable vote in such a delicate time.

    As always, we pray that John McCain died in what we Christians call a state of grace; we hope that he will enjoy the blessings of Paradise eventually. It is not ours to judge where he is headed, or how long it will take for him to get there.

    But we do have the right to judge how he spent his career on this earth, and to judge whether we should think of him as a positive role model for our children.

    And the answer is a simple one, in this case:
    No, John McCain is no role model.

    John McCain, R.I.P.

    John F. Di Leo

  108. ^^^^ Five stars

  109. the red courtesy phone.


  111. Ha!

  112. Well, we’re finally rid of McLame. I rarely do this, but fuck him.


  114. You forgot a “t” up there HS.

  115. Good catch.


  117. Apparently McLame as the “standard bearer” for the GOP. According the the LA Times.

  118. That “study” is fuller of shit than a Christmas turkey.


    Got stung by a wasp yesterday while tending my chickens. I can’t even go into my (veggie) garden they are swarming so bad. MOTHERFUCKERS.

    Just found the nest. ugh.

  120. We know a guy,

  121. Ttroy’s advice link from yesterday, wrt wasps:

  122. Yea, I need to got get that stuff. For now, I’m trapping them with meat suspended over a dish with water/oil on it.

  123. I don’t watch a lot of teevee so just going by what someone else said. When CBS started slobbering all over McCain’s death, they started playing campaign clips of Trump bashing him without mentioning McCain’s words that preceded that bashing (McCain trashing him and trashing the base as ‘crazies’. Also don’t forget how he called the base, ‘hobbits’ when they were just a tad upset with congress’ profligate spending and being targeted by the IRS).

  124. Talk about motherfuckers….

  125. I’ve been decluttering the basement, going through the boxes and boxes (and boxes…) of Mom’s stuff and other stuff that Dad gave me. If I can clear that pile out, I get to move the current fridge to the basement (Mr. RFH will then brew lager) and get a new fridge. This is good motivation.

  126. Ttroy’s advice link from yesterday

    First, go in the kitchen…

  127. I have pretty much stayed away from the news channels today, since it’s wall-to-wall McCain. Should have stayed off FB, except for the Di Leo bit, it’s been my lib family posting about “Maverick”.

  128. Looks like Jam2 took his flashcards with him on vacay.

  129. yeah, all the libs are lionizing McCain on my feed

  130. Jay, do you brew lager?

  131. I haven’t yet because I haven’t built temperature control, but I want to.

  132. McCain’s nickname ended in rick, but as far as I’m concerned it didn’t start with mave.

  133. Remembering the Maverick

    also a piece of shit.

  134. Anyone had experience with skin tag removal? I see tea tree oil as one, but it’s below my eye, and I don’t want to irritate it.

    Maybe a trip to the doctor?

  135. They can freeze them off like warts. My sister had warts on her eyelid, so I know it can be done even there, and that was 30 years ago.

  136. I ripped one off.

    Nothing bad happened, just a little bleeding.

    I think there is a trick involving dental floss.

  137. I’ve used a razor to slice a couple off from my armpits.

  138. Real men heat an iron bar until it’s at least straw-colored…

  139. Do Leo’s article on MCCain was fan fricken tastic.

    He just absolutely nailed it.

  140. HahhhaaHHHAA, “remembering the Maverick. Also a piece of shit.”

  141. F autocorrect!!

  142. What is going on with this idiot pope?

  143. Hugh Hewitt can kiss my ass.

  144. For XBrad. This is the same plane I photographed 8 years ago, finally being restored.
    (title of poat is incorrect ID)

  145. What is going on with this idiot pope?

    I don’t know, but he is an idiot for lifting Pope Benedict’s restrictions on McCarrick.

  146. Thanks, Roamy. Good for them.

  147. What is going on with this idiot pope?

    He’s a leftist homosexual who covers for his kind, and promotes the progressive LGBT agenda.

  148. He should transition into Francine.

  149. I’m not catholic but I have many catholic friends. I can see where it would be hard to stay committed right now.

  150. That mascot will be intimidating when they put in on the field for football games.

  151. Heard an interview with a retired bishop recently who noted that in the 14th century, there were several cases of invalidly elected “popes” who’s papacies were overturned.

  152. So, the video-game shooter was from Baltimore, 24 years old, *WON* the tournament last year, and when eliminated in the first round this year, thought they were cheating. There was $100,000 on the line and he lost his shit…

  153. Pendejo, for me, it’s actually not that hard to stay committed, but the bishop better be prepared for disappointment on the next Catholic Charities appeal. I haven’t changed the weekly offering, but I’m done with the Campaign for Human Development and other crap.

    As someone smarter said, we joined the Church for Jesus, not Judas.

  154. Overturning Francis’s papacy would get rid of Amoris Laetitia, right?

  155. The Catholic Church got it’s own Obama. But doctrine stays the same.

    Now what to do about it. March with pitchforks to various bishop’s homes?

  156. It wasn’t reported here but he got into shit in S. America for dissing the victims over the same kind of abuse and cover up there.

    The devil is flaunting it’s ass.

  157. Benedict should have never stepped down, or they should have picked Cardinal Sarah.

  158. And it’s been awhile
    Since I’ve seen the way the candles light your face
    And it’s been awhile
    But I can still remember just the way you derp.

  159. good derp roamy

  160. “Got stung by a wasp yesterday”

    there’s a fuqtonne of wasps here too this year. must be the year of the wasp

  161. Overturning Francis’s papacy would get rid of Amoris Laetitia, right?

    More or less. His writings as “pope” would be reduced to the level of theological opinion, at best, equivalent to some of B XVI’s “this is Josef Ratzinger’s opinion, not official doctrine” writings that he put out with that explicit proviso.

    MMM in about 15. Had to get the pump down into the tank again.

  162. MMM in about 15. Had to get the pump down into the tank again.


  163. Fuck me, but I think I found the quickest way to forget about that foot pain!

  164. Maul your thumb with a hammer?

  165. I see the mclame relating continues

  166. Close, Jimbro. But it involves ribs and an armchair…

    I should’ve just wore a depends instead of trying to hobble to the bathroom, maybe?

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