Hello sports fans, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born October 16, 1995 in Itami, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.  She stands 4′10″, 32-22-33 with a non-translatable I cup.  Someone please explain the metric system to me before I introduce…Miss Jun Amaki!




  1. another prefect joob pup!!

  2. Thanks Jam. How’s Duck?

  3. No tattoos!

  4. it’s been very relaxing.

  5. my mil used to have a place on LBI, that was ok – obx is more relaxing tho.

  6. Oppai pen!

  7. Good doggie. Have a biscuit.

  8. 4’10” you say. If you’re nose to nose then you’d blow on her toes. And vice versa.

  9. wakey wakey.

    New Amity album comes out today. Probably be my soundtrack for tomorrow’s 10 mile run

  10. I’ve been reading books on running. I’m truly a nerd.
    Comment by scott on August 23, 2018 10:11 pm

    I know how to run.

    I choose not to.
    Comment by scott on August 23, 2018 10:16 pm

    But I am not in a cult that forces me to do stuff.

    So what do I know.

    My cult actually frowns on running. lol. They mostly hate it – most of them. The books aren’t really about form. The most we run in crossfit is a mile at a time, and everyone bitches. Except me.

  11. The last religious book I read, “The Case for Jesus” was 25% footnotes, according to my Kindle. It was not a slog, in fact, Brant Pitre makes a pretty good argument for the Gospels being written much earlier than the current “scholars” say.

    I “read” that on Audible and liked it. The missing destruction of the Second Temple in all New Testament writings seems like solid proof that they were all written before AD 70.

  12. Pupster, if you’re looking for a new (retro) BBF model to give Hotspur carpal tunnel syndrome this one might work

    *tasteful but nonetheless nsfw warning*

  13. Yeah, there’s shrubbery in dat link, no clicky at worky.

  14. Nice BBF post, Pups! I hope it portends a good end of the week.

  15. Wait. I learned my bible stuff at church, and in 1 semester at college, but the Gospels were supposed to be written a long time after Christ’s time on earth?

  16. I believe that most of them are thought to date around 70-100 AD.

  17. I gotta read more

  18. Tick tick tick. Gotta work this morning. I don’t even remember what’s on the lunch menu.

  19. My avartard fits my above comment. That will be me today if anyone asks questions.

  20. In the house we rented when we were in Duck, the living room / kitchen was on the 3rd floor.

    Interesting layout.

  21. Not bad. She’s probably crazy AF, but that goes with the territory.

  22. That’s a weight loss scheme.

    “Do I really want to lug this food up 3 flights?”

  23. Leon, what clicked for me was Luke ending Acts with Paul under house arrest. It had to have been written before he was martyred. The martyrdom of Peter isn’t mentioned either, so that puts Acts being written in the early 60’s. He makes good arguments for Luke using both Matthew and Mark as sources and the whole “Q” Gospel concept as bunk.

    One thing he didn’t mention is that Luke probably interviewed St. Mary. It makes sense to me that Luke either wanted to fill in details not covered in Matthew and Mark or counter the heresies found in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Why interview then wait 30 years to write it down?

  24. Wait. I learned my bible stuff at church, and in 1 semester at college, but the Gospels were supposed to be written a long time after Christ’s time on earth?

    That’s almost certainly when the manuscripts were codified into what would become canon, but the gospel authors very likely did their writing before 70. Luke in particular wrote Acts as a sequel to his gospel account, and there’s no reason he wouldn’t have added an epilogue for Paul and Peter if they’d already been martyred.

  25. Jay and Alex, that is one of the main points of the book, that the Gospels were written earlier. The 70 and later date comes from Mark’s mentioning the destruction of the Temple, that he put that in the Gospel as having happened, not a prediction that it would happen. Matthew and Luke certainly used Mark as a source, and John is traditionally the last of the Gospels to be written.

  26. I believe John is supposed to have died in AD 90 of natural causes, but only because he survived an attempt to boil him alive sometime before he wrote his gospel. His writing appears to stress the refutation of one of the earliest gnostic heresies: that Christ was not bodily resurrected, but merely manifest as a ghost.

  27. So we’re a child porn blog now?

  28. She’s almost 23, Hotspur. Young enough to be my kid, but she’s not a kid.

  29. You have us confused with the HQ.

  30. The “what have I done” look: Not just for humans

  31. But, Judge, she told me she was 23.

  32. That hamster is trying to figure out just how drunk he was last night.

  33. John lived 86 years after Jesus died?

  34. Never mind, 60 years. Still a really long time

  35. Traditionally, he was the youngest apostle, probably only a teenager at the time of the crucifixion. I don’t believe a trade is ever mentioned for him either, suggesting that he hadn’t yet taken one up.

  36. OK now i understand the whole anime/manga/hentai thing. That young lass is cute.

  37. Join us on Fridays at the Hostages for Boobs and the Bible…..

  38. Comment by Hotspur on August 24, 2018 10:18 am
    But, Judge, she told me she was 23.

    Now you’ve got some time to kill,
    In a little town called Henryville.

  39. I could use both right now.
    Hung out with an old HS buddy yesterday. The premise was re-doing his bathroom while his wife is in Germany visiting family.
    We ate and drank all day, I woke up at 0200 in his front yard with a broken(?) foot and a dead phone. I think I was trying to call an Uber? Maybe a hooker or an ambulance? I have no earthly idea.
    All I know is, I’m not a teenager anymore.

  40. Come for the titties, stay for the theology …

  41. Was your foot broken, or did you have someone else’s for some reason?

  42. Does your foot smell funny? Any unusual substances adherent to it?

  43. don’t worry it’s always that color

  44. rub some dirt on it

  45. John McCain to discontinue cancer treatment

    Where’s MJ?

  46. For Leon

  47. It took me 30 minutes to hobble the 20 feet to the bathroom to get an ace bandage.
    Yes it smells funny, but that’s pretty normal.

    Holy Mackerel, but I could use a bloody Mary right now…

  48. Duncan Hunter is now trying to focus attention on his wife.

  49. here ya go hop-a-long…
    i axed this chick to make one for ya:

  50. “Duncan Hunter is now trying to focus attention on his wife.”

    that’s douchey – and it makes it easier to lump all politicians together…

    in my snarly opinion he’s the head of his campaign.
    with him.

  51. He’s like some parody of the douchebag majors I used to encounter sniffing around the division HQ: ambitious, greedy, amoral, with wives to match.

  52. You need this

  53. caught 1 fish this AM.
    finished filleting it and cleaning up.
    when the girlie-girls get back from shopping or whatever girly shit they’re doing i’m gonna take them to
    herefor lunch, then off to visit wilbur and orville

  54. This BBF model is smart, I know this because she wears glasses and she’s Asian.


  55. Stop by here for T-shirt’s.

  56. Capt’n Franks is hiring!

    I bet you come home from work smelling like a weiner after your shift

  57. This is hilarious up to the point where you realize the correction will get next to no coverage compared with the initial hair-on-fire story

  58. Least appetizing restaurant name ever!

  59. Always a fun thing to do around the girly girls – take a spoon and scoop out the fish eyeballs, the chase them with it.

    Captn Frank’s is pretty good. Hqvent ben in years, though.
    Find out what brand of dog they use.
    Nathan’s? Hebrew National? Sabretts? Dachshund?

  60. Generic Wal Mart?

  61. For Leon

    That’s some deep satire there.

  62. Yep. “Test”.

    Admit it, you were bored.

  63. That’s some deep satire there.

    Someone should write a scholarly paper about Crackfat as a Gnostic heresy.

  64. Just curious if they’d changed the password from “password”


  65. “12345”

  66. Remind me to change the code on my luggage.

  67. I knew it! I’m surrounded by Assholes!

  68. I knew it! I’m surrounded by Assholes!

    Shep Smith would be elated.

  69. The combo for my lead gown at work is 4321. If they’re not locked up they go missing. When you wear lead you sweat in the OR even with the room chilled and there’s nothing worse then using someone else’s lead gown with anonymous sweat on it. I figured no one is likely to try to use my gown because there’s a lock on it and I wanted a simple combo. None of you assholes better hijack my lead.

  70. I promise I won’t sweat on lead gown. Heh.

  71. I’m gonna steal your lead vest and melt it down for bullets.
    I might make Jammie a couple of fishing sinkers.

  72. If we need a 4-digit code, we use numbers from our wedding date (it’s has a zero at both ends, so we just use the middle 4 numbers); for a 5-digit number, we use our zip code.

  73. OK. so in the never ending saga of euro trash piece of shit cars…..come to find out the transmission problem that we thought we were having and was advised 1200 dollars from the tranny repair shop was corrected by purchasing a new battery. Thats right I said problem was corrected (vehicle under powered like trans was slipping, wouldn’t allow shifting into 4th like clutch was failing) by replacing the faulty battery. 20 bucks to the first person that can explain how this could happen. (Of course I know the answer, Im the one that figured it out)….

  74. The OR nurses are charged with shielding the patients with lead when we use C-arm for x-rays. There’s a thing called a thyroid shield that goes around your neck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen them grab a thyroid shield and plop it on someone’s junk. As residents we didn’t have our own lead. Needless to say I never used those thyroid shields. Now they have special 2×2 squares of lead for the job. The orderlies wash them after each case. At least they’re supposed to…

  75. New way to protest Trump!

  76. Ha! Jay! Good one.

  77. The clearance thread at the HQ is annoying.

  78. I’m back.

  79. Thank GOD!

  80. Was it a tooth day or soccer day?

  81. Keno day.

  82. carin, would you be a dear and put this dollar on the keno giggy thing for me?
    and get me a water please…

  83. service around this place sucks

  84. *leaves a penny tip*
    *Flounces out in a huff*

  85. Hey! Who was drinking from the dishwater?

  86. Dammit TTroy! I figured you’d have spilled the beans by now. Clue me in, why would a new battery by itself fix your son’s BMVay? Adequate charge to the car’s computer brain?

  87. *whispers*

    That was hot dog water


  89. Tango doesnt start until 7pm, so I’m sitting ere listening to the marching band practice on the soccer field.

  90. Your on it Jimbro. The computer viewed the battery failure as a threat and it placed the car into a “protection mode” aka limp mode. I knew this feature was in vehicles, but I didn’t think it applied to this car as it’s a 2002 and a manual.. I didn’t think the computer could interfere with the clutch mechanisn.

  91. Your mom hates the limp mode.

  92. Sometimes visual aids are helpful with training.

  93. My Sprinter would go into limp mode whenever I was on the highway with a strong tailwind. I don’t know why, but I suspect the turbo wasn’t getting enough air.

    Scared the hell out me the first time because I was about 200 miles from home.

    Restarting solved the problem.


  95. We just got 681 gallons of propane for $1.04/gal. Not too bad for heat, hot water, and cooking for a year…

  96. Click the speaker


  98. You need to start building a pipeline, Chrispy.

    It’s $2.93 a gallon here.

  99. Go Loins!

  100. There’s a wood floor place in my town that just started selling wood pellets. I’ve been driving past shrink wrapped pallets advertising $219/ton for the last 6 weeks or so. When I drove by today it was $239/ton.

  101. Those are always cheaper in the summer.

    I think oil will be cheaper for us again this year.

  102. Great deal, ChrisP. I paid $2.48/gal for the pre-buy.

  103. We found out the old cast iron sewer line, about two feet out from the house we’s gonna buy, has a hole in it. Replacing that section = $2500. Replacing the entire line to the main one = est. $5k – 7K. We want the whole thing updated as doing a small section could run into problems with the line continuing to break down as they work – forgot the term the plumber used.
    We asked the owners come down $5k on the price. Owner agreed. Now a new contract and good wishes the owner comes out of his surgery this next week in good health.

  104. The driver said it went up a nickle. We could have got it for $0.99 last week…

  105. What we do is ask all the folks on the old skydiving airport that use propane ( and have 250-500 gallon tanks) if they want in on a buy, and how much they need. Then, we call dealers and tell them we can empty their truck in one trip and what will they bid. Since we have a 1,000 gallon tank that we run down to 10%-15%, we are gonna get a deal anyway, but we get the other folks a break, too…

  106. Dick Clark has a cameo on this episode of Perry Mason. He looks about 22.

  107. I ask for derp and you give me beasn.
    I ask for butter and you give me margarine.
    I ask you for the time and you tell me I am already too late.
    What you mean?
    Someday girl you might change your mind
    You realize what you left behind
    I got news for you baby, I just might not wait, no more.

  108. Wakey wakey. We’re a block from the starting line

  109. Seeing “runners” reminds me why I crossfit.

  110. We’re up early for our XC runner. There’s a memorial race at his HS that the team is running.

  111. There’s a paper next of white faced hornets in the forsythia next to the house. It’s doubled in size in the last few weeks.

    Have to have it removed. It’s in an out of the way spot easy to avoid, and so I wouldn’t have bothered them, but now they’re sending scouts to circle me, when I’m just looking at the nest from pretty good distance away. Too pissy. They’re just too pissy to risk having them around.

  112. OH, and good morning, Front Holes.

  113. My last run in with hornets in a big paper nest was at least 10 years ago when I was unwittingly using a weed whacker about 5 feet away from a cedar tree with a humongous nest in it. I was so focused on what I was doing with the weed whacker that I failed to notice the several angry insects pouring out of the hive. After 4 or 5 stings I sure as fuck noticed and walked as fast as I could manage away from the scene. I laughed when I saw the nest torn down and opened by some marauding animal about a month later.

  114. @ Laura

    Read a good post on getting rid of theses critter at rural revolution website. (Not a radical site) it’s run by a couple doing the sustainable farm thing in Idaho. Very Christian and moderate. They were having a super bad year for wasps and hornets (like so many couldn’t work in the garden ) pics show method works well and in inexpensive.

  115. Holy crap! That is a great post and idea, TTroy. Too late for me, the guy is already on his way. But I’ll try that method next time for sure! I love that it doesn’t affect honeybees.

  116. Linky, for the curious:

    In my case I would probably put it right near the nest I want to kill, and not use the wasp lure liquid. I still want some wasps in the area, eating my garden bugs.

  117. While the guy was in his bee suit at the end of my driveway, a neighbor walked up to him and said something to him. She looked like she was giving him shit. As she walked away he was shaking his head. I just wrote him a check but forgot to ask him what her deal was; now I’m curious as Hell.

    Personally I think it’s fucking stupid to go up to a guy wearing a bee suit. He literally just walked down my driveway with a whole wasp’s nest in his hand. Did whatever to it in the bed of his truck.

  118. those white faced devils are the embodiment of evil!!!
    ‘cuz you know….
    white –
    faced –

  119. is your neighbor an eco-nazi?

  120. the eco-freaks i run across usually leave me be within seconds of engaging in conversation ….
    i am merciless when it comes to their stupidity.

  121. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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