MMM 335: It’s full again

Septic guy apparently got my permit from the Health Department yesterday, which calls for my tank to be connected to a 20′ by 40′ vent system at a depth of 2′.  As I understand it, this will cost a hefty, hefty amount.  Septic guy is coming with the tractor to dig up the line to the existing drain field and I’m praying the inspector is right and we have a line issue, not a broken field.  That’s like a $5000 question, I think, to be answered shortly.  meanwhile, I had to “lessen the burden” on the tank again so we could wash some damned dishes.

I think this is Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Spider-Gwen.


She has a big dog.


What do you call it when hair is braided like this?


Speaking of hair, I can’t imagine deadlifting with it down like that.


Pretty smile.


Anllela never smiles.




Some beach.  Some where.  Not here.


And that’s Monday kicked off to a septic start.


  1. Time to go check the pump.

  2. The braids are cornrows, I think.

  3. That first chick looks like a Photoshop from head to toe.

  4. Tough call Alex. 80% of my high school would not let her call them cornrows…

  5. She’s probably part African*, so it’s fine.

    * per 23&me

  6. Man, fuck the WP app.

  7. Did you try to create your own page on the mobile app, BroCav?

  8. Wakey wakey.

    Doctor’s office

  9. McLame is on the tv – they are over the top with their accolades.

  10. Doctors are a scam
    I’d rather deal with wasps.

  11. this is all a person needs to know about mccain:

    “Chuck Schumer plans to introduce resolution to rename historic Senate office building after McCain”

  12. McLame is on the tv – they are over the top with their accoladesMcLame is on the tv – they are over the top with their accolades.

    This is another reason that I don’t have cable TV. Or when I did, I never watched a news channel (even FAUX).

  13. So far so good

  14. I use the app only on my Kindle or phone, in either case it’s an utter Charlie Foxtrot on usability. If I could get the stupid thing just to show comments and read by just showing me the stupid web page…grr.

  15. McCain….poster child for term limits and sleeper agents.

    Constitution 2.0 think about it…..for after…

  16. J’Ames, you do realize they’re more likely to find a new overlord than to bother to do what it takes to defend their own sorry selves, right?

  17. I dont know if it’s WP or my shitty tab, but at home the app wont load the portion right under the comment box that has the log in and “post” button. I can tap the comment box and the keyboard will come up, but no cursor in the field. The only fix I’ve found is to go into settings in chrome and navigate around for a minute, and when I leave back to page, the log in and button will appear and then I can type stuff…….Now, some of yall might consider this a good thing as it limits my stupid comments over the weekends but it is a pain in the ass (especially) when Im trying to “help” by offering a solution to a problem being experienced by others. Like the best wasp and hornet killing technique that also doesn’t harm honey bee’s.

    And I’ll end with Happy Monday and fuck you all very much.

  18. Chi, it’s not just on cable. The media is acting like he is some princely guy who did great things for mankind and if anyone does not bow down and preface any comment with ‘war hero’, you’re a hater.

    He may have been someone to his family and condolences as they grieve but to most, he was just a vindictive politician who screwed over a lot of people.

    Better men have died in the past few days and there will be no media coverage or state funeral for them.

    btw….early this morning……..

    RIP, Beasn Pop’s-in-law.

    3/26/28 – 8/27/18

  19. How many planes did McCain crash?

    How many sailors died on the Forrestal?

    How many mistresses did McCain have when married to his first wife?

    How many years did McCain leech off of the taxpayers?

    Who were the Keating Five?

    How many of these fawning democrats voted for him in 2008?

  20. Condolences, Beasn.

  21. opps… I meant “Have a nice day”

  22. Sorry to hear that, beasn, but he’s in a better place. Condolences.

  23. My 70+ yr old FIL & MIL are heading up to the camp in northern Wisconsin…..Im terrified something will happen. He is classic “I can do shit like I used too!” NOT!

    Prayers to Beasn family.

  24. heh, that’s the first question I’ll have for anyone that asks me about McCain, HS. Did you vote for him in 2008?

  25. Beasn, my condolences.

    And John McCain may have been a good father and a loving husband, but his ego kept him from being a great man. He was vindictive, arrogant, and impulsive even to the end.

  26. Constitution 2.0 think about it…..for after…

    Suffrage only for time-of-war veterans and parents of adult non-felons. No public office for anyone without the franchise. No more than 18 total years in office in a lifetime.

  27. Suffrage only for time-of-war veterans and parents of adult non-felons. No public office for anyone without the franchise.

    This is a horrible idea. You’d quickly end up with a military caste ruling things, and an incentive to target the families of your political opponents.

  28. Universal suffrage is clearly a failure though, and I’m trying to think of some way to tie it to future time orientation and/or service.

    Better ideas?

  29. Yeah, I’m not fond of that version of the franchise. I’d go with combat vets and taxpayers personally. I’d be real strict on “welfare or voting, take your pick, either or”.

  30. I’ve noodled around with some form of auction system for voting rights. Limit the franchise to 1/3 of the adult population and auction off voting rights for two year periods. Legal voters are also required to sit on juries if called to do so, and are the first drafted in a war. You can only run for federal office if you’ve held voting privileges for the past four years.

  31. Taxpayers I like as voting class, also, but that gets messy to define without unraveling the mess of “programs” someone can benefit from.

  32. Sorry for your loss, Beasn.

  33. Sympathies and prayers, Beasn, just scrolled up for that.

  34. Sorry to hear, beasn. 90 years is a good run; may he be remembered well for longer than that!

  35. Thanks you guys, He lived a good long, productive life and raised two great sons. That is something to celebrate, not shed too many tears over.
    He was a little cranky at the end because he didn’t want to go to hospice….as he told the doctor last time he was hospitalized, it takes too damn long.



    *much like your mom

  37. When grandma passed away in her sleep, Dad agreed that it was almost welcome. She’d been sick for a long time, couldn’t eat due to jaw surgeries for cancer, and was very frail.

    You can mourn someone’s passing while recognizing that they had lived a good life, and that watching them deteriorate does no one any good.

  38. It’s a Festivus miracle!

  39. Yay, now leon will get to host lapeerpalooza3: western michigan strikes back

  40. Indeed, CoAlex. Both my parents I took solace in the end of their suffering and lives with positive legacies. The tears are for the living.

  41. I take it the Evil Dead tree roots in the pipe is a relatively inexpensive fix? I know squat about these things…

  42. After the grass grows back.

    I’m going to make a lawn ornament to commemorate the occasion:
    PVC pipe with a ring of holes drilled in it, capped to keep rain out, stuck in the dirt next to the tank lid so I can check whether we have a leak without digging it up. I might cover it with a hollow gnome.

  43. Yes, Cavil. It’s 10′ of PVC to connect tank to dry well, rather than excavating 800 square feet of my back lawn and installing a big vented drain field system. This was probably the difference of $5000 minimum.

  44. Pretty much a best-case then. Good to hear.

  45. The whole process has been unpleasant, but makes me think I really should have pulled the ripcord and started driving a honey wagon a few years ago so I could learn the business, then I could be getting a small bidness loan to buy this guy out.

  46. Cool Beans for Leon.

    Skin in the game voting…..Citizenship test at the DMV before you can register to vote upon reaching majority. And by majority I mean 21 yrs of age. Unless you join active duty military, then at completion of basic and arrival at first duty station. If separated from service under anything that doesn’t include “under honorable conditions” before 21, then reset to default.

    Just spit balling….

  47. Also, Constitutionally ban public sector unions of any kind on any level. Far, far too corrosive.

  48. A citizenship test alone isn’t skin in the game. Skin in the game requires a person to assume some measure of risk over the outcome. I.e., if you pitch a stock you should be required to hold some amount of it.

  49. OMG, I just heard someone talking about using blockchain in the issuance of bonds… FML.

  50. Property owner?

  51. Current outlays are $4.1 Trillion dollars. If you limited the franchise to 1/3 of the current over-18 population, then you could cover the budget by selling the votes at $50k a piece. If you only covered half the budget that drops to $25k a piece, with the rest raised via taxes on income, imports, etc.

  52. Property ownership made sense when the country was largely uninhabited and primarily agricultural. Not so much today when you have large portions of the country (such as urban areas) where owning land is difficult or impossible for many people, even into the middle class. And if you buy a piece of land in the middle of nowhere simply to say that you’re a “property owner” then it kind of defeats the purpose, which was to limit the franchise to people who bore the greatest risk from government decisions.

  53. Public sector unions are a symptom, not a cause, of the problems. Easy spending by government officials, combined with both a careerist public-service sector and a tendency for elected officials to shift blame for policy disasters onto bureaucrats.

  54. Not so much today when you have large portions of the country (such as urban areas) where owning land is difficult or impossible for many people, even into the middle class.

    …and the problem is?

  55. The problem is that it’s a recipe for massive civil unrest, and the creation of an aristocracy.

  56. Beasn, I’m relieved for your fil 🙂 And point made – people getting their panties in a bunch when we don’t nod along about the pain and anguish of the loss of SUCH A GREAT MAN, when every day – actually great folks pass away. Me being critical of the accolades being layed on thick is small potatoes.

    RIP Beasn fil

  57. Also, when several western states have an enormous portion of their territory bought by the US Gov’t. Oh, and the EPA dictating how you can and can’t employ your property. Won’t get into zoning laws.

    Almost as if the problem isn’t the rules, but the people…

  58. Good to hear the shitter hasn’t taken a dump, leon.

    We also got good news- the doctor doesn’t feel that the need is torn!! I have a happy kid on my hands.

    Maybe we’ll get good news on my friend Rob today too. That would be awesome.

  59. Any number of our departed loved ones individually was a greater person than John McCain.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  60. need- knee

  61. My mother is outraged by the behavior on the Great Senator’s death.


    ANd my sister said a post I made (copied ROamy’s bit she brought here) was “ugly”.

  62. The problem is that it’s a recipe for massive civil unrest, and the creation of an aristocracy.

    …or decentralization of political power and a direct counter to the Obama administration’s plan to destroy suburbia.

  63. Carin, is this the kid you forced to run with you last weekend? #childabuse

  64. The recipe you speak of is already in place. All the ingredients have been gathered and they are steady stirring the pot. It could easily be argued that we have already created a aristocracy…… hence the word in my original comment “after”.

  65. My dad knew John McCain, and despised him. Which, if you knew my dad, you’d recognize that as a rather singular achievement.

  66. Sorry for your loss, Beasn.

    And happy for Leon’s tank situation.

    Today is TiFW spawn #3’s 26th birthday.

    Car in, do you know what your friend Rob’s Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) number is?

  67. I do not. I didn’t really want to ask, to be honest. I mean, if they want to tell.

    He’s breathing on his own now, so there’s that.

  68. Carin, is this the kid you forced to run with you last weekend? #childabuse

    No Erin and Ian ran with me. THEY WANTED TO. I gave them many, many options to opt out. It was honestly a case where they wanted me to force them into it, and even through the bitching I know they wanted to do it and were proud of their accomplishment. Ethan wanted to run it but I had the excuse of his knee injury to stop that. I didn’t think it was a good idea, but he was being a pain about it.

  69. Yeah, looked like Erin wanted to.

    Just to make the torture stop.

  70. It was honestly a case where they wanted me to force them into it, and even through the bitching I know they wanted to do it and were proud of their accomplishment.


    Crossfit: “Where ‘no’ means ‘yes’.”

  71. In one group selfie you can tell that Ian is trying to blink “T-O-R-T-U-R-E” in morse code.

  72. I gave them several options to opt out. They wanted me to ” force” them. That was part of the allure.

  73. Dad was friends with Jerry Denton.

  74. Denton should have been around longer. A good man and a good Senator. Replaced by that opportunist Richard f***ing Shelby.

  75. Huh. Apparently, Jim Bakker is back in the news – he has a line of zombie apocalypse buckets of food to store in your underground survival bunker.
    I guess those years with Tammy Faye taught him something after all!

  76. Beasn, condolences to your family. How is your MIL?

  77. Saw some posts on Jeremiah Denton. Quite a guy.

    Wish I could talk to some people about McLame, and have it sink in. But it wouldn’t so I won’t bother.

  78. ((((Hugs)))) to Beasnsnsns! I hope this is a relief and your MIL is going to be okay.

    Thinking of your family today.

  79. I have an even greater respect for. xbrad’s Dad.

  80. My mother is outraged by the behavior on the Great Senator’s death.

    Understandable since she voted for him, right?

  81. My MiL is doing okay. She misses him but is relieved because ‘he isn’t suffering anymore’. (He was never in any pain.) Mr. B. and his brother are out making the final arrangements. I think they are taking it harder than she is.

  82. FFS. Just looked in on facechimp. Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh are having the vapors over the flag being raised back up on the White House re: McCain’s death. Bad Trump…vindictive pettiness…and why isn’t he sucking it up and making mention of what a great hero McCain was (Joseph Curl)?

    And it looks like, for a sitting congressman, the protocol for half-staff, is two days.

  83. I won’t lower my flag to half – if anything, I’ll limp out there and remove it altogether.

    Have theyentioned where they’re planting him yet? It better not be Arlington…

  84. IIRC he had arrangements for his remains (ashes?) to be interred/scattered at Annapolis.

  85. When I die, I wish for my remains to be scattered over Disneyworld.

    No, I don’t want to be cremated.

  86. Indeed. When it’s said that I left my heart at Space Mountain, it is my wish that it be literal fact.

  87. BAHAHAHA….goofballs. This is why I lurves you all.

  88. Also, my wang at It’s A Small World, because fuck that place.

  89. I left a hooker’s heart in San Jacinto…

  90. Jus prop me up beside the jukebox…

  91. Comment by Brother Cavil on August 27, 2018 5:38 pm
    Also, my wang at It’s A Small World, because fuck that place.


    This made me LOL. Although I have fond memories of my Dad saying he loved small world because on a hot day it was air conditioned and he could take a nap.

  92. I want to be buried or ashes dispersed in Hawaii.

    If that can’t happen, well, I want the exact replication of Call’s journey with Gus’s remains in Lonesome Dove. Easy peasy.

  93. Ha! I just read Jay’s comment and lol’d. (Although I had to read it twice!)

  94. I don’t know why, but I’ll be damned if the “when I die” talk didn’t make me think of this:

  95. I like that Chi!

  96. my condolences beasn

  97. Yeah, it’s a good song, Bees.
    I came to realize that most country music is just great storytelling.

    True story:
    A few years after Katrina, I was talked into going to Nawlins to work. 3 of us piled into a pickup for the 24 hr drive, punched a country station on the radio, and headed south. That song came on every twenty minutes regardless of what state we were in or station we switched to. Drove my buddy Ronnie NUTS. When we got to the house he said ” finally! I don’t have to listen to that damned song!”

    If you’ve ever been on a construction jobsite you know that a radio is on somewhere, and it’s tuned to country. The first day we walked on, what do we hear playing? ” People are crazy.”
    Went through a good four weeks of hearing that 50x a day.




  101. Heh, nice song.

    Don’t sweat it mare. I had to write it twice, too.

  102. Friend of yours, pups? Being all awesome, and shit.

  103. Wtf was that dolphin thing?

  104. I consolidated a bunch of old emails yesterday, found some from Lapeerapalosa. 6 years ago?

  105. roamy, it was a break in programming at nbc to announce mccains demise – they went back into the show at that point….

    clunky & funny as hell

  106. I guess there’s a good reason why I stick to MeTV, baseball, and classic movies.

    Speaking of classic movies, we watched “Lethal Weapon” the other night. It was as good as I remembered and better.

  107. Oso, Lilo and Stitch is coming to NetFlix next month.



  110. Well, now you’re just trying to hurt my feelings. Damn.

  111. He looks totally stressed in that pic. And he was, the whole time. Poor Dorkus.

  112. Goodnight shmoops.

  113. No, I thought you’d like it, I am sorry.

  114. Our neighbor up at the farm has a doggo like that. Her name is Daisy. She finally allowed me to pet her by leaning her fat self up against my shins and sliding down to land on my feet….”Let the belly rubbins commence.

  115. We might have slept in a rail yard or camped by the river bank
    We fed ourselves from the fruit of the land and quenched our thirst with rain
    We never did allow no roots to grow beneath our feet
    Life just had no pattern for Gypsy Joe and me.

    All we had was each other and the rags upon our back
    The closest thing to a home we new was some abandoned derp
    But we had all we needed and the rest we didn’t need
    Life was free and simple for Gypsy Joe and me.

  116. Derp you really want to hurt me?
    Derp you really want to make me cry?

  117. wakey wakey. 2

  118. if anyone has a quickie post they could throw up that’d be great.

    just got news of a meeting that i’m supposed to be at in 50 minutes.

  119. I’ll throw something up.


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