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Hello friends, and welcome to the Big Boob Friday Finals, 2017!










Contestant #2 – Bettie Ballhaus



Contestant #3 – Nigella Lawson



Contestant #4 – Jaclyn Swedberg





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  1. This poll helped me create my own pole.

  2. Good morning.

  3. 11 votes and 2 comments.

    Warm the bullwhips up, we’ve got company

  4. Minus 14 today. Forecast said it’s gonna warm up to the single digits later.

  5. Supposed to snow again tomorrow.

  6. Man Jimbro, that’s pretty cold. It got that cold here a couple years ago, for the first time in like, ever. Everybody’s hydrangeas died back to the ground and didn’t bloom that year. Apparently we mostly have the kind that blooms on old wood.

    I remember Monty telling us about how materials behave funny at -30, -40…breath freezes and falls to the ground, etc. Never have seen that here in CT.

  7. OH, just noticed my avatar is outdated. BRB

  8. Old wood…

  9. Avatard changing is a project for later this weekend. Got some stuff going on this morning and then hopefully skating away from the hospital for another 3 day weekend. I’m not complaining about back to back 3 dayers but spreading them out a little more would be more beneficial to my mental health and waistline

  10. There’s my little New Year’s baby! He’s ready to party. If by ‘party’ you mean, suck on a zwieback toast for a while, poop his diaper, and go to bed at sunset.

  11. Snowed about half an inch here last night. I’ll need to sweep off the deck.

  12. Count your blessings Jimbro! I’ve been unemployed exactly one month now and it’s incredibly depressing. Sad every morning.

    I did this beginner Pilates video yesterday, Leon: youtu.be/lCg_gh_fppI

    She was mean to me. You would like her.

    Today I’m going to do the 7-minute workout app on my phone once or twice and call it a day.

    I need to finish a sewing project and set my bike stand up in my bedroom.

  13. Scratch that, I’m reorganizing kitchen cabinets today and baking cookies. I have gifts to give this weekend, and my cabinet/ grocery bag situation has gotten way out of control.

    Houseguest has brought more items into my kitchen than it can absorb without moving stuff around again. She’s got a thing about reusable plastic containers with lids. They’re taking over.

    And, I save plastic grocery bags. It’s a sickness. I used to just shove them in a basket, but that basket ended up overflowing and taking a whole shelf…I just can’t seem to throw them away. Bags are useful.

    Time to just go do it.

  14. She looks really mean, Laura. I’ll try it later.

  15. Wakey wakey

  16. YEa, it’s 7 here right now. much better than yesterday. Dusting of snow which I’ll ignore.

  17. We reuse shopping bags for empty cans and bottles for the trip to the garage and dump (donate the deposit to the VFD). Also used to pick up dog crap on walks

  18. I just went through a plastic bag dump last week. It had to be done.

  19. We’re doing a goals thing at my Zumba cult. So far I have:

    1. lose 10 pounds so I can improve my pullup
    2. Improve my snatch- work on it weekly (shut your whore mouths)
    3. Do “grace” RX this year. We did it yesterday and I accidentally did it at 85 pounds – RX is 95. It really just involves me getting strong with my clean and jerk, so this is really two goals in one. Grace is 30 clean and jerks for time – so the weight should be “light” enough for you do just wipe them out fasts. Right now, 95 pounds isn’t that light – I think my one rep is 105.

  20. i hate you guys so much.

  21. I horde bags even more now that I have to pay for them. I’ve got a huge stack of paper bags and a plastic beg full of other Plastic bags.

  22. Goals for the new year:

    315 squat
    405 deadlift
    275 bench and rows
    225 press
    10 pull-ups
    16 min two mile run
    Lose 4 inches off my waist

    30 min of violin practice a day
    Finish the duolingo Russian course
    Find a new job outside of California
    Read the whole bible

  23. I was going to vote for Nigella, but those red shoes turned me off. So I went with Ellie.

  24. I reuse the bags for cat litter pickup, but I don’t grind through them at the rate I acquire them.

  25. Getting paper bags is a rarity now. I fold them and keep them beside the plastic bag bucket. There’s always something that needs a paper bag and nothing else but I’ll be damned if I can think of one right now. I last used one for the fruitcake as a heat shield to prevent burning the edges. Old timey technique requiring scissors, string and planning to accomplish.

  26. Brown paper bags are kept for smoking salmon.

  27. Old timey technique requiring scissors, string and planning to accomplish.

    Too crafty. You should smoke the fruitcake instead.

  28. Sous-vide the fruitcake.

  29. Agreed Hotspur. WTF with Oxford heels???

    I went with Ellie also. Although it was pretty much a toss up between the three not named Nigella. That name sounds like a species of bacteria.

  30. Also cold as phuch here. And the snow was such fine dry powder you couldn’t even make snowballs to throw at the God-Damned SQUIRRELS.
    Guess it’s rocks for now then.

  31. Gonna be 19F here today. Might go outside for sledding.

  32. Sous vide fruitcake might represent a tipping point in my purchasing algorithm

  33. I was going to vote for Nigella, but those red shoes turned me off.

    Yeah, she doesn’t have a whole lot of cheesecake pictures. Oh, wait:


  34. Nigella serving cheesecake is the equivalent of anime “fan service”.

  35. Got MIL’s netflix password, I’ve got months of movies and shows to binge for the weekend. Rouge One last night (cheesy), Dr. Strange this morning (Benefit Cucumber is an odd looking fellow.)

    My life is awesome.

    I’m going to close the BBF poll when MMM hits. Every vote counts lerky lerkers.

    Thanks for chiming in Tex, I know you are more regular than most, perhaps some readers and non-commenters can take this opportunity to break your bullwhip record.

  36. Kind of a funny Netflix password story, MIL and Step-FIL pay for it, MIL gave the password to Mrs. Pupster who created a profile for us. Gave the password to her real Dad to watch a movie (mistake), his moochie step-grandchildren started watching everything all the time, created their own profile and deleted MIL and Step-FIL profile, favorites, settings, shows, fucking everything.

    They are takers and have no sense of humility or gratitude. Step-FIL figured it out because they used their real names. He’s been pissed off about it for 6 months, I’m surprised we got the new password.

  37. Netflix costs less than a burrito and chips at Chipotle, why do people do this?

  38. I thought I was getting or giving Netflix for Christmas, didn’t happen even though it was on multiple lists. I guess it kind of happened but we are back in the good graces for a while.

  39. I hope the horses and barn cats took note of how easy it was to get rid of their farm-mates, Leon. That should sober them up to be on their best behavior.

  40. Sadly, it’s only the inside animals that really need a discipline adjustment, and they didn’t even know we had chickens.

    Two poops on the rugs today. Wife stepped in one and we’re trying to sort out how to clean her indoor sandals in this cold without splashing dog poop all over a sink or tub.

  41. The fuck am I?

  42. Did I miss the secret Santa thingy?

  43. Freeze the sand less oudoors, bang it off like mud.

  44. Sandles I

  45. Ugh. 24 horses died in a barn fire here yesterday. Really nice family farm. Terrible.

  46. Did I miss the secret Santa thingy?

    Yes. Repent!

    Freeze the sand less oudoors, bang it off like mud.

    That’s what we’re trying.

    Ugh. 24 horses died in a barn fire here yesterday. Really nice family farm. Terrible.

    That’s terrible. Probably hay that caught. Stuff is like tinder.

  47. Terrible? You rang? What do you want? ….seriously I read that word in the manner of Charles Barkely “turrible” …..

  48. >>Benefit Cucumber is an odd looking fellow.

    That’s not how his name is spelled.

    It is Burlington Coatfactory.

  49. Got MIL’s netflix password

  50. Favorite part is at around 0:18 into the video


  51. Realized I had missed something after I got in bed last night…

    I forgot to remember to forget her,
    I can’t seem to get her off my mind.
    I thought I’d never derp her,
    But I found out somehow
    I think about her almost all the time.

  52. ❤ Cattle dogs! I see them in commercials and stuff all the time now.

    Dorkus was my bestest work buddy for twelve years.

  53. I’m gonna read the bible this year too.

  54. Tushar, how did you get rid of that agency that took over your twitter account?

  55. I’m gonna read the bible this year too.

    The kid has to shoot his dog at the end.

  56. I think I just saw the dumbest thing of the year on my mom’s timeline.

  57. I’ve read the whole NT and Pentateuch, all of the wisdom books of the OT, Job, and Jonah. Currently mired in Judges.

  58. This may help


  59. I’ll probably use some sort of framework.

    like perhaps this:


  60. I need podcast recommendations. Preferably philosophy, theology, art,etc. Not so much politics.

  61. There’s probably a bible podcast.

  62. @ Sean…… I was wondering about that, I always read your derp in the morning. When it wasn’t there this AM, I was thinking “I hope he didnt get hit by a bus or sumthin”

  63. Thanks for Posting that link Car in.

  64. If anyone has any better ideas /plans for reading the bible, I’m open.

  65. YW, TT

  66. I just had a random thought… how many “John 3:16” tramp stamps do you think are out there?

  67. Too many.

  68. Spreading her legs and the good message of salvation…

  69. Who’s that writin’? John the Revelator.

  70. https://is.gd/CBDgH3

  71. I voted for the second one. She shows her mish a lot.

  72. First I was all “go to that New Year’s Party, have some fun this time”

    Then I was like “drivers will be insane, don’t do it”

    But then I was completely “screw it, live a little”

    But now I’m “the weather will be like WHAT?!? Fuck that”

  73. We’re forgoing Big Family Christmas tomorrow because the weather is due to be terrible for our drive back.

  74. I don’t know what I’m going to do on NYE. I might go into LA tomorrow, however.

  75. I’ll be at work on New Year’s Eve, then heading straight over to a midnight meeting.

  76. Car in,

    I’ve read the Bible about 20 times in the past 30 years. My usual plan is 3 chapters a day. You can read the Bible in a year if you do that, easily. If you read one chapter a day you can read the Bible in about 2 years.

    You might try the YouVersion Bible app. It has lots of plans for reading the whole Bible, or the NT or OT in certain time frames. I like to use a more modern translation than the traditional KJV, like NIV or RSV, but have done it in the KJV. The nice thing about the app is it keeps track of your progress and displays the text you need to read. Some plans even have “Catch Up” days so you can make up for days you miss.

    I’m just finishing up a 2 year plan that group of people in our church was on. You read a chapter or two per day from Genesis to Revelation and read through the Psalms and Proverbs several times over the two years. I could email you that plan schedule if you are interested.

  77. GO BUCKS!

  78. Quick turnaround

  79. OSU 7 – USC 0

  80. I don’t ESPN.

  81. GO BUCKS!!!! BRB

  82. OSO! *pounce*


  83. Awwwww!!!

  84. *peeks into room*


    *runs away*

  85. OSU 10 – USC 0

  86. UFC 219 tomorrow night. We’re out of corn chips and blue corn chips. Can’t keep up with Take & Bake pizzas or liquor pallets. Selling quite a few 75″ TVs. I’m only scheduled until 4:30 on Sunday. Trying to talk Dan into Sunday evening Mass.

  87. Hey…all you bible readers…please pay for whatever bible you decide to read. Thanks.

  88. OSU 17 – USC 0

  89. Bibles should be free.

  90. University of Spoiled Children.

    I hates them.

  91. Punster (Otto Correct made me giggle. Kept it) There are quite a few people that believe that. After my MIL had her religious statues stolen from her yard and before Dan cemented in the new statuary, my MIL really thought that a person stealing Santos really needed them.

  92. I’m not a huge USC fan by any means, but as the child of University of Illinois Alumni, I am not allowed to like THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ohio State University.

  93. Those blue corn chips are good. Last time I went I bought a giant box of the round corn nacho chips and the boy has been working his way through that.

  94. Scott… USC or THE OSU? Meteor game or pick one?

  95. Jimbro, yes they are. Nachos are my favorite appetizer

  96. Sean’s parents are Illini? Don’t they have a racist mascot that has Big 10 SJWs clutching pearls?

  97. I bought all 8 of my bibles, but the USCCB has the entire NABRE on their website if you’re a real cheapskate.

  98. I don’t speak Oso.

  99. Finished Judges. The last sentence really sums it up. Super depressing stuff.

  100. Carin, check out Ace’s gainzzz post on pullups. So funny you are both chasing the same thing.

  101. Sean’s parents are Illini? Don’t they have a racist mascot that has Big 10 SJWs clutching pearls?

    My dad vowed to never give the University another penny in donations after they got rid of the Chief. He’s not the only one, either.

  102. OSU 24 – USC 0

  103. Until I read AoSH’s poat this evening, I never knew the difference between a pull up and a chin up.

    I still don’t know but with your mom the difference is around $50.

  104. OSU 24 – USC 7

  105. You need small bewbs for pull ups.

  106. Pretty sure we have a tee shirt with Chief Illiniwek from a visit to Springfield back in the day. Dan’s Aunt Pat lived there. It was a very cool logo.

  107. There are Morons that work for the USCCB!!!! I was gobsmacked!!!

  108. G’night all. Dan works early and I can’t keep him awake all night with my aches and pains if I sleep on the sofa.

  109. Nighty nite.


  110. Hey…all you bible readers…please pay for whatever bible you decide to read. Thanks.


    Negative. ok, I’ll work negatives. If it worked for him. I’ll also concentrate on using my back.

  111. SeanM I’m guessing the Disciples from Texas Christian was your favorite team last night?

  112. my MIL really thought that a person stealing Santos really needed them.

    One of my more interesting rosaries was stolen, and no, I didn’t steal it. Cool priest at my old church had been given it as part of a confession. Guy had stolen it from an Ursuline nun in New Orleans when he was a kid. Father wisely figured that Sister had likely gone to her reward, and he didn’t have enough details to track her down anyway. He didn’t care to keep it, he preferred the 10-cent mission rosaries I made because he could give them away without feeling guilty or missing a nice one. The large crucifix opens up to reveal third class relics, and the chain has several attached medals for St. Catherine and St. Pius X. I pray for the thief, the nun, and the priest whenever I use it.

  113. I am really, really tired of the constant ads for the Ozzy Osborne show.

  114. SeanM I’m guessing the Disciples from Texas Christian was your favorite team last night?

    You know it. But I thought they were the Horned Frogs.

  115. That is a cool story, roamy. How are relics classified?

  116. https://is.gd/lXF6YI

  117. First class relic is a body part (bone, hair) of a saint. Second class relic is clothing or other item that the saint used on a regular basis. Third class relic is something touched to a first or second class relic. One of the Moron priests on FB put up a pic of himself shaking hands with Pope John Paul II and referred to himself as a third-class relic.

    What I have are little pieces of paper with saints’ names written on them.

  118. Got it. It’s cool that you have something with a backstory like that, and that you still pray for the people whose hands it passed through.

  119. They are the horned frogs. The church that was involved in founding the university is known as the Disciples of Christ. My little brother and sister are both alumni.

  120. https://is.gd/Pq7WFQ

  121. OSU 24 – USC 7


  122. St. Maximilian Kolbe took the place of one of the other prisoners in Auschwitz who were being punished in reaction to an escape attempt. There are few relics because he died in the concentration camp, but his barber kept his hair clippings. I have no idea if the story is true or not, but I like the reminder to live your life where even your barber thinks you might be a saint and wants to remember you.

  123. I have a sponsee whose wife was convinced that I was the kind of person who walked the earth doing good deeds. I had a chuckle at that.

  124. TCU is not too far from where we live – like two neighborhoods over. Rebecca attended preschool at Kinderfrogs from 18 months old to 6 years old.

    We are die-hard Aggies, but we always cheer on the Horned Frogs because of that connection.

  125. https://is.gd/hN0KXO

  126. Don’t blame me, I voted for Jaclyn.

  127. You find a wave and try to hold on for as long as you can
    You made a mistake you’d like to erase and I understand
    “What’s left for you and me?”
    I ask that question rhetorically
    Can’t buy into astrology, and won’t rely on the derp for anything

  128. Wife has a photo gig, so I’m solo dad until mid-afternoon. Too cold to go outside. I see a lot of Lego in my morning.

  129. wakey

  130. Leon,
    Just make her a short stack of pancakes and drizzle them with Benadryl syrup.
    That wat, you can sleep in all morning!

    *brought to you by: babysitting tips from single guys

  131. Work was busy last night, sorta. Ugh. I work Sunday and Monday night too. Ugh ugh ugh. And people are begging folks to pick up today.

    Uh … four days in a row? I’M PART TIME BITCHES.

  132. Minus 9 this AM. But it’s sunny out so it could be worse. Paula works 11-7 and she thinks the Psych bubble will be filled because it’s so cold. My job will be to fill the wood stove and find college football to watch during the day. Probably should do the dishes and make a shopping list for NYE and NYD.

    Seafood bake for NYE and bacon corn chowder for NYD.

  133. Crossfit at 9:30. I’m supposed to go to lunch with hannah and her boyfriend, but they went to a concert last night so we’ll see …

    Pat went to work for end of year bs.

  134. It’s a balmy 9 degrees up here.

  135. We are watching Blue’s Clues and she is eating string cheese and veggie straws. Coffee brewing.

    This was one of the easier wake-ups without Mom.

  136. I’m going to try and finish reading a report about FedGov IT modernization. It’s 61 pages, I’m on p 19. Just now starting to get jazzy.

  137. Good morning!
    I was up until 1:30 watching LOTR vids on youtube. I really need to just watch all of the movies. Or read the books again.

    But I kind of love the movie bits I have seen because they did a pretty good job of translating Tolkien to the screen. Diversions of the script from the original storyline (like Saruman and Wormtongue’s deaths) notwithstanding.

  138. Put some glitter in it. And rhinestones.

  139. Unlike CO2, glitter is an actual environmental hazard and it’s production should be banned globally and punishable by neutron bombing.

    Rhinestones are fine.

  140. *sprinkles glitter on my breakfast yogurt*

    I love it. My alimentary canal looks like a tiny hall of mirrors.

  141. This is from Ace’s yesterday.

    If you read it, then read This companion piece, you will see how irreconcilable the two sides are. This can only end in all out armed conflict.

  142. I’m not kidding about the hazard, either. Some ridiculous % of ocean-caught fish have glitter in them now.

    Or the neutron bombs.

  143. I like glitter.

  144. I’m willing to believe that the supposed uptick in tranny deaths has nothing to do with “hate” and everything to do with prostitution.

  145. We know you’re gay, Hotspur, you don’t have to keep reminding us.

  146. Did neutron bombs kill it or was it the glitter? Both are lethal, so at least it makes sense this time.

  147. Rise in deaths at the U.S.-Mexico border

    While U.S. media have covered the rise in missing persons in Mexico, it has mostly overlooked the missing person crisis on the border. A USA Today investigation found that immigrant deaths over the last five years have increased between 25% and 300% –– a range that’s vague because, shockingly, local authorities don’t officially count border-crosser deaths. The groups No More Deaths and La Coalición de Derecho Humanos, which are working to document the problem, say that “the known disappearance of thousands of people in the remote wilderness of the U.S.-Mexico border zone marks one of the greatest historical crimes of our day.”

    They can go fuck themselves. How about you tell me what these “immigrants” died of … and who MOST LIKELY killed them.

    Yea. Not so interested in that, are you?


  148. Maybe glitter killed them.

  149. The last time I saw tuna with glitter in it, a Mötley Cru song was playing.

  150. It’s just awful that crossing the US-Mexico border well away from the official checkpoints is sometimes hazardous and deadly. Just a real tragedy.

    Ought to be more than “sometimes”.

  151. There was a company (in Texas I think) that came with an Internet based deer hunting app. They would mount cameras and guns on platforms in their secure area that had plenty of deer.
    Paying customers would login from home, see the camera footage, be able to move the gun around, aim and shoot. If you manage to bag a deer, they would retrieve it, do the processing and send you the meat, stuffed animal etc.
    It never got off the ground because assholes kvetched.

    This company needs to be given a charter to build their hunting grounds all along the border, and put up signs that say ‘private area. Trespassers likely to die’
    This scheme will bring down illegal immigration and generate a lot of revenue in one shot.

  152. ’s just awful that crossing the US-Mexico border well away from the official checkpoints is sometimes hazardous and deadly. Just a real tragedy

    I’m actually intellectually insulted that they wrote it as they did.

  153. Roamy, check your ya-hoo. Sent some helpful videos. SYWM

  154. anyone watching the most exciting bowl game of the season?

  155. are the videos about improving Car in’s snatch?

  156. Today I worked on pull-ups. My snatch is still in it’s same sorry shape.

  157. >> My snatch is still in it’s same sorry shape.

    OMG! TMI!

  158. Well, y’know, five kids.

  159. Snatch status: Proven!

  160. I just threw the frisbee for Rowan wearing a hoodie and pajama pants and the sun felt nice and warm on my face. Of course I was only out there for 10 minutes but I feel like I augmented my Vitamin D level a skosh

  161. That’s just windburn.

  162. Howdy, beaches…..

  163. It’s weird that Rowan wears pajama pants. A sweater is OK, but pants?

  164. Seems like they might get loaded up.

  165. How’s tricks, Wiserbud?

  166. Things are okay, pups. Just spent a week on a cruise ship with my asshole BiL who somehow managed to find a way to out-asshole himself every day, finishing up with a blatant physical threat in my face in front of out MiL because I dared to tell his kids that I didn’t appreciate the lack of respect they showed me at dinner earlier in the week, to their father’s amusement.

    I know that his wife has already spoken to a lawyer and the local sheriff and is going to file a long overdue restraining order, have him removed from their home and divorce him, assuming she has the strength to follow through.

    My last comment to the cancer was ”I hope you everything you deserve in the NewYear.”

  167. My family also learned that we are not cruise people.

    Surrounded by rude obnoxious people all week, while trying to find someplace, ANYplace where you can get a moment’s quiet, to no avail.

    Was never happier for a vacation to end tgan I was yesterday.

  168. I’ve been on one cruise, 30 years ago.

    That was enough.

  169. The cancer did it’s best to ruin everyone’s trip, including his own family’s.

    We stopped at an island for a day, where we swam, snorkeled, are good food and drank good drinks. The cancer forced his entire family to stay on the ship because it was slightly overcast and he didn’t want to go.

    When the cancer got in my face on the last night, one of his sons said to my son “can I just bash my father’s teeth in with a bottle now?”

  170. I honestly would not be surprised to hear that one of his son’s kills him in his sleep.

    Poor kid tried to spend as much time with me and my family, just to get away from his own father.

  171. Highlight of the trip was going to Atlantis. The cancer just sat on one of the lounges all day while we all had a blast, riding all the water slides and stuff. The cancer just sat there.

    I loved it.

  172. Oh, and the unlimited drink package? Greatest decision I’ve ever made.

  173. Welcome back, Wiserbud.

    We’re going on a Viking cruise to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in October.

    Never wanted to go on a cruise, but several friends have told us that these river cruises are different.

  174. Uhm, wow. Sorry for the family drama, your BIL sounds like a very unhappy person.

    Yeah, I’ve only been on one 3 day Royal Caribbean Cruise, I didn’t see it as very family friendly, certainly not full of peace and quiet. An H2 cruise with unlimited drinks would bankrupt somebody.

  175. I went on a Caribbean cruise around 2000 or so with my ex. Decent enough time, I enjoyed seeing the islands we stopped at and strolling around the ship. We sat at a young newly married couples table for dinner and it was nice meeting some people from different parts of the US and former British Empire. I feel like I checked that off my list and have no desire to repeat it.

  176. I don’t like people, so I am pretty sure I am not a cruise person.

  177. >>> Decent enough time, I enjoyed seeing the islands we stopped at and strolling around the ship

    The strolling on the ship was old by day two. And we stopped in Orlando (yawn).

    Then the private island (fun) and one day in Nassau at Atlantis. No strolling there and THE FUCKING DUTY-FREE LIQUOR STORES WERE CLOSED BECAUSE OF A PARADE!!!!!

    Casino stuck like stale cigarettes, forcing us to find alternate routes. And outdoor activity on the deck was limited, due to the temps on days 1,2,6 and 7 (ship left from NYC.)

  178. >>>I don’t like people, so I am pretty sure I am not a cruise person.

    I will guarantee that you are not a cruise person.

  179. Oh, and the unlimited drink package? Greatest decision I’ve ever made.

    Did you think it was strange when the Captain was trying to sell off a couple of the lifeboats while he was docked in Orlando?

  180. Curious, Wiserbud, and I mean this respectfully, you have this BIL that you refer to as cancer. Why would you go on a cruise with him?

    Who did you make this sacrifice for to make them happy?

  181. Looks like the race is for second place, Bettie and Jaclyn are tied up at 24 votes, Ellie is lapping the field at 32.

    Don’t forget to vote lerkers.

  182. I don’t think I”m a cruise person.

  183. >>>Who did you make this sacrifice for to make them happy?

    Parents-in-law. They paid for the cruise.

    The cancer decided, the day after the in-laws paid the non-refundable deposit, that he didn’t want to go, so his family wasn’t going.

    Damn shame that they didn’t consider that a good investment.

    As it turns out, my family and my parents-in-law has a great time together all week. It was only when the cancer appeared that things went to hell.

  184. >>>>> Ellie is lapping the field….


  185. >>>>>Did you think it was strange when the Captain was trying to sell off a couple of the lifeboats while he was docked in Orlando?

    Not so much the lifeboats, but when he starting auctioning off the leetle girls…..

  186. We’re going on a Viking cruise to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in October.

    Never wanted to go on a cruise, but several friends have told us that these river cruises are different.

    I’ve heard that the pillaging you get to do on a Viking cruise makes all the difference.

  187. They make you row.

  188. https://tinyurl.com/y9dw4ra8

  189. Not so much the lifeboats, but when he starting auctioning off the leetle girls…..

    What’s the going rate for a slightly self-centered teenager? Asking for a friend…

  190. It’s an excellent way to stay fit. And did you see the teamwork there? Those guys are gonna remember that cruise for a lifetime.

  191. They make you row

  192. One of my Irish cousins has (probably) figured out a big mystery for us.

    My paternal grandfather died when his 4 sons were young and when his future grandkids grew old enough to wonder about their lineage there were a lot of dead ends. After years of research my cousin Gerard found out our grandfather was one of 8 kids and as the youngest was fostered out to another couple and took their name. So 3 generations of his descendants, including me, have lived with his foster parents name.


  193. Beasn, thank you for the video help.

  194. So, what’s your real last name?

  195. My great grandmother was married at age 22. Occupation: Servant.
    Great grandfather married at 25. Occupation: Coachman.

    On the marriage registration he’s listed as Bachelor and she’s listed as Spinster. Those were harsh times in the Old Sod.

  196. Sullivan

  197. Sullybro

  198. >>So 3 generations of his descendants, including me, have lived with his foster parents name.

    What part of the world does the last name ‘Bro’ come from?

  199. The Hood

  200. Say hi to your cousin Andrew at the next family reunion.

  201. Lotta Sullivans out there…

    I went to HS with 3 kids named Sullivan just in my class alone. One was a hot chick. That might have stirred up some controversy had anything developed. Thankfully I was spared that eventuality by teenage awkwardness and a nose zit.

  202. Trying to remember if there are Sullivans in my family tree. There’s Murphy and Keough on the Irish side.

  203. I have something like the 9th (I know, I know–why not 8th?) most common last name in America. The only hot chick I can think of that I share it with is Demi.

  204. Darwin in action


  205. Dan’s Grandmother was a Sullivan.

  206. We have a Moore on his paternal grandmothers side.

  207. Roamy, that is an awesome story. My Grammo had 3 rosaries stolen from her pew while she was going to Communion. Different times. Different churches. She told me to always take my purse and rosary when I went to Communion, because Catholics steal everything!!!

  208. Lauraw, watch Bright on Netflix

  209. They steal Bibles at night, mostly.


  210. Osita is related to everybody.

  211. Jaclyn up by 6 over Ellie at this point.

    Someone’s been doing some lapping

  212. Did I say lapping?

  213. Polls close later in the Panhandle.

  214. Roamy, 6 degrees of Osita. One of Dan’s Lagermann cousins, sought me out on FB. He has so much wonderful stuff from Germany. He has started researching the Sullivan side. Young guy. His great grandfather and Dan’s grandfather were brothers. I’m thinking about just letting him go crazy with the Gorton side too.

  215. Jaclyn up by 6 over Ellie at this point.

    They were about tied for me, but that second pic of Ellie is special. Put her over the top.
    I just can’t believe that the ginger pornstar skank is getting any votes at all – meh, to each their own.

  216. True Story, Ambrosio told Dan he was going to start dieting. Ambrosio weighs 260. Dan to Oso: He’s fat like you. He’s dense and doesn’t look as fat as he is. Oso: (glares)

  217. I think I know who the dense one is.

  218. Damnit am I gonna have to commit election fraud in order to get Nigella over the finish line??

  219. Roamy: I weigh 170#

  220. No you don’t.

  221. Yes, I do. And did when I met y’all in CO.

  222. Your scale is broken.

  223. My Dr Scale when I get weighed and shamed in public is broken. Every nurse ever: Let’s do this again…one more time.

  224. “hard fat”

  225. Her liver weighs 60 lbs.

  226. Or it could be her heart of gold.

  227. Let’s go with my fatty liver that is getting ready to be put on a diet.

  228. Do you take all the stuff out of your pockets before you step on the scale? Try taking all the stuff out of your pockets before you step on the scale.

  229. It’s -6 and snowing. I have icicles in my eyelashes.

    I didn’t think it snowed when it got this cold.

  230. Pretty sure we need Canadian science on this.

  231. Dan has his toe on the scale.

  232. Dan has weighed 220 for almost 30 years. His jeans are so old.

  233. Imma gonna have to learn Danish to find records on family. Wow, this is HARD!

  234. J’ames not really as hard as you’d think. Lot’s of local groups ready to research

  235. Oh yeah, pretend to be Mormon. Mormons love genealogy

  236. yep, lots of records from Latter Day Saints.

    I’m on a Danish site. Seems they take it pretty seriously. Dutch too.

  237. found birth records for my great great great grandpa and grandma. Dad used to take pride in his name ending in -on. Not so much, Danish boy.

  238. I put on weight over the past month and a half. I’m back in the gym regularly now, and trying to get back on a low-carb diet.

  239. I just can’t believe that the ginger pornstar skank is getting any votes at all

    I will fight you.

  240. heh, put weight on too. Gym time coming, once I find one.

  241. careful chi, pupster likes his skanks red.

  242. December’s ending. Remain patient.

  243. No Counting Crows derp, please.

  244. EVE !!!

  245. How much longer is voting open?

    *contacts newly discovered Sullivan clan to vote for Ellie*

  246. I managed to put on 10# between my birthday and Christmas. Haven’t touched a carb since then and I’m back down 5#. I’ll start 2018 at 176# or so after having started December at 172#. I think I started the year at about 175#. Planning to end 2018 somewhere in the 150s. Going to start the year with a long fast, at least 72 hours.

  247. Weigh-in is tomorrow. wakey

  248. I’ve had maybe ONE christmas cookie and that’s because no one made me any.

    /sad trombone

    I love sugar cookies.

  249. My mom is explaining on facedouch (through a cartoon, of course) that climate change causes global disruptions of the climate change and weather phenomena like the POLAR VORTEX.

    It is just like that (horrible) movie.

  250. Jaclyn is roaring back, Ellie is looking vulnerable and voluptuous.

  251. Washington marched in a polar vortex year. Must have been GW brought on by roasting chestnuts.

  252. I watched “The Hateful 8” last night, it was easily the worst movie I’ve seen in many years. Quinton Tarantino has lost his damn mind, he is just trolling audiences now and Hollywood is along for the ride.

    Avoid at all costs.

  253. My attempts at making fruitcake cookies were good. When I tried speeding the process up by using sheet trays that weren’t designed for cookies I ended up burning them. Realizing I didn’t want to spend 5 hours working through the tremendous amount of batter I had made with the one cookie sheet we have I improvised. One hour later I was done … Fruitcake Muffins are now a thing.

  254. Paula is out shopping. I just finished fridge clean out, dish washing and trash patrol. Time to shave and shower before she gets home. Tree is going back to the basement today before 1:00 kickoff.

  255. Nice haircut, Hotspur.


  256. Scott took the electric food slicer down so that I could use it to cut the remainder of my cookie dough today instead of hurting my hand again. So that will be nice.Hopefully I can keep the bloodletting to a minimum.

  257. from pups link

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