Countdown To Armageddon

If you listen to, and believe, the MSFM catastrophe is right around the corner. If Trump (PBUH) isn’t threatening nuclear annihilation to NoKo and, by extension, China he’s frying the planet by backing out of the Paris Hilton Climax Awards. Next thing you know he’ll be building walls North and South to keep the Snowbillies and the Beaners out of ‘Merica,  letting people keep more of their money and giving parking tickets to Third World-ers double parking in NYC who are only picking up their dry cleaning for the love of Allah. It reminds me of this song by Europe, a group from Sweden who prove that men have been dressing and wearing their hair and make up like women long before the current crop of Millennial kuntz. Perhaps even more amazing than that is the fact that this group has actually released eleven studio albums, three live albums, three compilations and nineteen music videos. Quick bonus quiz: name one besides this one. Enjoy the analog clocks and cathode ray tube monitors that convey crisis and urgency in this video which evokes the panic we felt when Russia was our mortal enemy. Wait, is Russia still our mortal enemy…didn’t we reset things with them?

The other countdown is of course the New Year’s Eve countdown to 2018. Yawn. Other than being a kid and trying your darndest to stay up till midnight there really is no thrill in it. I vividly remember the year it turned 1984 being at some random house party with my friends and “dancing” to the tunes of Van Halen’s 1984 album. I’ll put dancing in quotes because it was more like swaying to the sounds of the album while holding a red Solo cup and rolling my eyes at how meta the whole thing was. Despite everything bad about the party, it’s a good memory because in that memory I can see my high school/college buds in my mind’s eye and life was good. That was before Pete got his ptosis fixed, TJ drove us everywhere in his Grand Caprice and before us losers met women who would put up with us and fragment the gang with what can only be described as “the rest of our lives”. Non sequitor time


This time of year it’s customary for various newspapers to list their Top 10 Lists of songs, albums, books, etc. I really used to give a shit about them too. The other day I realized hat I haven’t given two shits about those lists for a long time. At this point I just pick a station on Prime music or a YouTube channel and just listen (unless I’m listening to Wiser Radio of course). I couldn’t find a Top 10 Your Mom but this is a close 2nd

Oh well, time flies by, what are you gonna do?





  1. Safe travels, Teresa.

    Good morning, all.


  3. New coffee maker is doing the sacrificial water run.


    *Listens absently while checking fingernails*

  5. It’s so cold my garage door wouldn’t shut. It’s a tradition this time of year. Hopefully Paula can get both down later before she leaves for the day. The oldest boy is supposed to park his car behind the other garage. Too cold last night so he tucked it in right behind Paula’s side of the garage. As I backed out this morning it nearly had a Toyota-shaped dent on the side. THERE’S A REASON YOU PARK THERE DUMBASS

  6. The garage is dented or the car is?

    Either way, that sucks.

  7. -19 here in lapeer

    wakey wakey

  8. PT at 10 . ugh. It’s freezing, I don’t want to leave my house.

  9. -3 here. Toasty.

  10. By a miracle there was no dent. There was maybe a few inches between my bumper and his car

  11. The chicken water-warmer broke last night, so there’s another trip to TSC in my future today.

  12. 50s here. We may get as high as the 70s today. Pray for us.

  13. I got several seed catalogs in the mail. It’s gonna be a good day.

  14. 3 on the back porch – balmy compared to mi

  15. *shuns c

  16. *colex*

  17. 50s here. We may get as high as the 70s today. Pray for us.

    And we wonder why CA produces so many wusses…

  18. damn phone

  19. -7 here.

  20. OMG, it’s up to 1!

    Global warming will kill us all!

  21. The irony being that global warming may actually have killed quite a lot of us… in 9700 BC.

  22. As I backed out this morning it nearly had a Toyota-shaped dent on the side.

    There was one Christmas, MIL left a Mercury Sable-shaped dent in our car. We were parked on the grass, because there’s only so much room in one driveway for five cars. Didn’t help.

  23. We’re in Tucson for a couple of days. Visiting my mom. Pretty sure it won’t get below zero.

    Stopped to visit Penelope’s grandma on the way over. She’s 100, but still in pretty good shape.

  24. My chickens and the heat lamp keep my coop warm enough that it hasn’t frozen yet. I love my new waterer – there is zero mess, and prevents water spillage in the coop, which usually is what makes a lot of the mess.

  25. It’s similar in design to this:

  26. Won’t get out of the 40s here in the MTG in the AL. Yeah, I know, lots of y’all would consider that a great improvement.

  27. Ours was sitting in a heated dog-water bowl that happens to be a lucky fit for the watering base, but we can’t replace that. Going to try and get a galvanized waterer and a heated base.

  28. Anything on the ground gets dirty so fast. This thing is awesome. What if you directed a heat lamp at a hanging waterer? This thing is awesome.

  29. 35 up from 27 earlier. I used to be tough enough to handle this shit.

  30. And we wonder why CA produces so many wusses…

    It also produces year-round girls in shorts and sun dresses. But yeah, a lot of wusses.

    When I was in Valencia people were bundled up in heavy coats and scarves, and I was walking around in a short-sleeved shirt.

  31. What’s your situ ColEx?

    I’m probably going to be in San Bernadino in February-ish. For a bit.

  32. Still working in Santa Barbara. Gonna drop to part time in January, while I go back to school for a semester. Looking for work outside California. The Midwest or Texas would be idea. Virginia might be acceptable, as long as I don’t have to live in DC.

  33. So I went to the dentist this morning…


  35. I can’t see them getting trained for nipple water at this point in the winter.

    Giving them away later tonight.

  36. Well, selling them for a pittance, but basically giving them away.

    We weren’t going to move with them anyhow, this is for the best.

  37. while I go back to school for a semester

    I can’t see them getting trained for nipple water at this point in the winter.
    Giving them away later tonight.


  38. Nessie the Wonderdog just mixed it up with her only friend in the Canine World. Fenceline status: DEFCON 3

  39. Same.


  40. Hey Glow Plug,

    There is golf on TV.

  41. Geez. I thought I had it bad when we’re in the 20’s with teens overnight. If it got down to 1° or negative temps, I wouldn’t leave the house until spring.

  42. Did you name any of your chickens, Leon?

    Have you run the final egg/vs/feed/xtime/keto to the third power?

  43. Hey Chi, this is important.

  44. No names this time. No math either, other than the simple “I’m so sick of eggs that I’m giving them away, and I’m about to spend more money on a heated waterer. This is bullshit.”

  45. Obviously the horses have broke you.

  46. SIck of eggs? These words appear to be english, I just don’t understand them in this order.

  47. I need maybe a dozen eggs in a given week, not 7.5 dozen eggs. I don’t have an office full of people buying them from me, and while giving the eggs away is working, I’m just done. We won’t have a coop to move them to in the spring, and we were considering including them with the house when we sell rather than transporting them 100 miles in a pair of dog kennels in the back of the truck.


    I hear it’s as easy as ordering a pizza in DC as well.

  49. /waits until leon has to attempt to eat a store-bought egg

  50. I can buy eggs around the corner from another farmer any time.

  51. Mr smarty pants has an answer for everything.

  52. I did not arrive at this decision lightly. We’ll get layers again in 2019.

  53. Pfft, 2019…

    You mean if we live to 2019 without net neutrality!

  54. Binders full of layers.

  55. I don’t notice all THAT much difference in store bought vs fresh eggs. My sis brings me farm eggs when she come into town.
    I have a buddy that goes to the Farmer’s Market* every Saturday to buy the fresh eggs at $5 per dozen. I get 18 eggs for 58¢ at Wal-Mart.

    *Even Farmer’s Markets are now racist. They cultivate racism by normalizing the eating habits of white people – or some such BS.




  58. The nutritional profile and the material properties can vary a lot with fresh vs old eggs (all store eggs are old and runny compared to fresh eggs) and foraging vs commercial feed (mostly in the beta carotene content of the yolk and the w-3 vs w-6 ratio). That said, you won’t taste the difference unless you’re really used to one or the other, which is why Carin is noting that I’ll be grossed out by store eggs.

    She’s likely right, but I probably won’t buy eggs for months.


  60. Couple of meme’s Ive seen lately I find amusing. The first one is “No Step Snek”, I gotta get a flag to go with Old Glory with that for the front porch just to be goofy. The second one I see more and more recently is reference to Pinochet and helicoptors. The HQ (as some refer to it) has one up on the Morning Rant, made me raff and also struck me as interesting cause that blog has been hardcore no reference of violence in the past. Overall I see that blog shifting, and wonder if that “means” anything in the big picture or if its a expression of something else.

  61. So for today’s dinner, I

    1) pounded 3 chicken breasts (store bought) down to about 3/8 of an inch
    2) stirred 3 Tbl of scorpion salsa into 8 oz of cream cheese
    3) spread spicy cheese on undersides of chicken bewbs
    4) rolled chicken into tubes
    5) wrapped tubes in bacon
    6) baked on a rack at 375 for 45 min

    Muy excelente.

  62. I’ve avoided stuff like that…despite a level of frustration that leads me to be helicopter-curious…because it’s putting a target on my back.

    Some folks are to the point where the fucks count is negative. And the more revelations turn up, the more folks join that crowd.

    I have no idea how many people are there in “meat space”. I don’t discuss politics out there. Most folks don’t have a clue where I stand and I’m not sure I could honestly speak out without repercussions to myself and my employer (thus why you never hear me discuss who I work for or what I do for a living). These are dangerous times, and people are responding to that fact.

    And it will get worse. Much, much worse.

  63. Meh. Food.

  64. I’m pretty much at the point of publicly endorsing Vlad Tepes in the right company. Or Bismarck. The international Left wants us to die like Europe is, it’s a threat not to take lightly.

  65. It’s 77 degrees in Tucson. We may take my mom’s Miata for a drive later. My mom is 81 and bought a Miata a few months ago. It’s a lot of fun.

  66. My 81 yo great grandma bought a Mustang back in ’91 and took ill a few months later. I inherited it and got to drive it for a few weeks in ’93 before my parents made me trade it for a Tercel to lower the insurance costs.

  67. No one here at crossfit.

  68. They all froze to death on the way to their cars?

  69. My grandmother in Ireland never got her driver’s license or owned a car. My grandfather had an old pick up when we were kids and then a Chevy Nova. He kept that until he went into the nursing home, no idea where it ended up.

  70. I had to work outside part of the day.

    It sucked, and now I feel like I was hit by a truck.

  71. My grandmother drove a Studebaker Commander.

    Yeah, I’m getting old.

  72. The car I most associate with my grandmother was a burgandy Monza. It was a four speed and I swear to god the clutch took about 75 lbs to depress while grandma was lucky if she weighed a even 100. Plus the shifter itself required phenomenol shoulder and arm strength to move through the gear pattern. To this day I have no clue how she was sble to operate that vehicle. I drove it a few times and struggled.

  73. My grandmama (Meme) drove a ‘57 Chevy convertible, two tone metallic lavender over cream with a cream color top and interior, white walls, fender skirts.

    She was pretty badass.

  74. My dad bought a Monza as a reaction to rising gas prices. It was interesting, watching him fold his 6′ 2″ self into it.

  75. Oh, and rear chrome bumper extension with a Continental kit.

  76. 2017 has by far been one of the best years.

    My kid (who is on the spectrum) has made great progress.
    He can now add up to 10. 20 if he is not wearing socks. 21 if he is not wearing pants.

    The other kid, who was having difficulty with Math is now getting As.

    I still have a job, the Mrs and I celebrated 19 years of marriage yesterday, there is Trump in the White House and God looking over us.

  77. Bake the cake!

  78. Tushar, you’re a good man. Hope we can meatup in 2018.

  79. Hope to meet you soon too, Hottie. It has been long.

  80. The chickens have flown. Actually, they drove away in a GMC pickup, but they are gone to what sounds like a good home.

  81. “Good Home”. I told my kids that story too.

  82. We had about a dozen Elk cows & their babies in the yard at about 0800. They found some grass, not covered by snow, under the firs in the back-yard and clustered there,for the ravaging that was to be done. After a bit, they wandered to the south, heading back to their home turf. About five minutes later, there were three big “Coyotes” following their trail. I say “Coyotes” because the Department of Fish and Wildlife assures me that there are no Wolves in western Washington. There is one calf that has a bad “right-rear” and I think they are trailing him. If he gets too far behind, he’s a goner.
    Oh, I don’t think “Coyotes” pack-up and hunt elk…

  83. Eh, he can kill them and eat them tomorrow for all I care, he paid for ’em. Sounds like he’s already got a flock of 50 layers. Lives about 4 miles south of us.

  84. It’s the CIRCLE OF LIFE … everybody sing along with me.

  85. Did he have a hammer?

  86. ^story I was thinking about.

  87. No, just a box cutter. If he’s going to do it, that’s not the worst tool.

  88. Killed it, just like the birds.

  89. Comment by Car in on December 28, 2017 9:48 pm
    “Good Home”. I told my kids that story too.

    “Erin, the young man went to live in a Good Home. Pat drove him there himself.”

  90. “It’s a nice family farm where he can run free, grow his own weed, and write rap ‘music’ whenever he wants.”

    Disclaimer: the first dog I can remember (I was maybe 3?) was a mean German Shepherd that bit one too many people. My whole childhood, I believed the parents took him to become a police dog…

  91. I’m staying at “a good home.”

    We had goose, duck and chicken for Christmas dinner.


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