Happy New Year to Meme

Post your resolutions here in meme or picture form.


Or don’t I’m not the boss of you.


Never eat lunch alone.


Get straight A’s


Be cheerful and helpful.


Attack don’t react to problems.


Learn a new trade.


Cultivate Healthy Relationships.


How bout you?


  1. Happy New Years Eve!

  2. I’m making beef broth from the rib section of our Christmas roast.

  3. https://is.gd/QjuE7Y

  4. This morning is off to a slow start.

  5. Meat slicer is a game changer for making perfect frozen cookie coins without getting a knife-dent and pain in my slicing hand. As long as I respect that spinning blade and use the guard.

    So much faster. Love it.

  6. Erin got douched for shifts this weekend. Sat night, Sunday night, and a double on Monday.

  7. My first thought was BIG TIPS! But then my second thought – wait, she’s a hostess,not a server, right? Do they share in tips?

  8. I made bacon and pancakes and some of these:


    Consensus is everyone would prefer pancakes and bacon rather than baconpancakes.

  9. Watching Vikings/Bears, flip back to Jets/Pats and they playing an infomercial about women’s face care products instead of big time commercials during their long time-out break. The NFL is hurting for ad buyers. Good.

  10. I take it back. They are not even showing the game. It’s all Volaire Hair Care Products even though the guide says Jets/Pats.


  11. She gets tipped for doing carry-outs.

  12. wait, she’s a hostess,not a server, right? Do they share in tips?

    Only Sean’s Penis knows…

  13. I think the guide is wrong on DirecTV, I have two evening games on the schedule also.

    GO JETS!

  14. To be fair, Voltaire did have some pretty sweet locks. So that part makes sense.
    I’m betting that the local station decided they’d make more money off an infomercial than an NFL game.

    *inserts Nelson Muntz ‘Ha Ha’ here.

  15. My resolutions:

    315 squat
    405 deadlift
    285 bench/row
    185 press
    10 pull ups
    16 min two-mile run.
    lose four inches from my waist

    30 minutes of violin a day
    read the whole bible
    finish at least ten blacksmithing projects.
    Two art classes
    Finish the whole Russian course in Duolingo.
    Sign up for a martial arts class.
    Write two short stories.
    Move out of California.

  16. By the end of the year? With the fitness goals, you should break it up – like 2 pullups by the end of Jan. stuff like that.

  17. I think the BBF voting has been tampered with. Collusion.

  18. ok, ok, I’ll go to the gym!

    (I really have to, felt better when I was doing that). Wish I could find kickboxing, that was fun.

  19. https://is.gd/GHPUsJ

  20. Car in, the next step is to break it down by month.

  21. https://is.gd/bXlvmC

  22. I briefly considered a #Collusion issue when I looked at the voting tally last night. Even went as far as thinking Jaclyn’s agent found the poll and did a fan club tweet. Damn scoundrels.

  23. It looks more like Bettie’s fan club found the poll…

  24. This post is friggen awesome. I lol’d on the gal training squirrels deal….that pic…..haahhhaha

  25. Also…

    Fart noise.

  26. MERKEL!

    *shakes fist at sky*

  27. #OccupyPolandandTheHostagePoll

  28. Now the Jets game is on. I think someone fell asleep at the switch feed station this morning.

  29. Going to try this “pound the meat flat and roll it up with seasoned cream cheese and wrap it in bacon” thing again. This time it’ll be round steak and I’m going to do just garlic/salt/pepper in the cheese.

  30. My resolutions all have something to do with telling lefties ( in person) to go eff themselves but that is contrary to my original resolution which is no swearing. Conundrum.

  31. Code words Mare.

  32. I believe that the traditional phrase used is, “Bless your heart.”

  33. Bettie Ballhaus?

    *raises fist to sky*


  34. We went with friends to see The Greatest Showman while on vacation – we all really enjoyed it. Hugh Jackman is quite the triple threat!

    And The Last Jedi was better on a second viewing (for me, at least).

    It’s quite cold here in FTW – not going to get above freezing until Wednesday. I know that is shirt sleeve weather for most of you, but we hothouse flowers down here in the South just aren’t used to this kind of cold….

  35. It’s hot chocolate weather. -2 but no wind, sunny.

  36. If you married a twin you could tell her sister you know what she looks like naked.

  37. My truck wouldn’t start today.

    stupid polar vortex

  38. If you married a twin you could tell her sister you know what she looks like naked.

    What if she smiles and replies, “I could say the same thing to you”?

  39. Hotspur’s avatar looks like a cartoon drawing of a couple of droopy boobs in a bad bra.

    This site has bramaged my dain.

  40. HA! Lauraw, EVERY. SINGLE, TIME, I refresh I think Hotspur’s avatar is a set of droopy boobs.

  41. Thank you, Mare!

  42. This is hypnotic. I gotta learn how to do this.

  43. Droopy boobs with magnificent nipples I might add.

  44. Droopy Boobs.

    Worst gang name ever.

  45. Back when I worked as a butcher in a beef processing plant almost 40 years ago we had to wear a chainmail glove and a plastic forearm sheath on our non cutting hand as safety equipment. I noticed he had neither. He knows his shit though.

  46. I have a kevlar glove for cutting, it looks like he forgoes it for better control on fine cuts.

  47. Next Lapeerapalooza will feature Leon butchering and roasting a pig.

  48. If we wait long enough, it could be Kalamapalooza and it might be my own pig.

  49. I see some kind of fabric glove there – maybe he just put a latex glove on over top of his Kevlar?

  50. He’s wearing his kevlar glove. Neat video!

  51. No long pig, leon.

    Just sayin!

  52. It’s A Good Life comes on at 7pm CST. Syfy. Happy New Year!

  53. Hotspur has some questions for you SoWhat.

  54. hey leon, have you had issues with the Aw Snap error in Chrome on Linux? I have some sites that keep getting that error, and I odn’t see a fix.

  55. Working tonight and heading straight to a meeting. I might just stay sober.

  56. what questions?

  57. it’s been so long, he’s gonna have to ask about bullwhips.

  58. ***tacklehugs SoWhat***

    Hey, lady! How are things with you and the rest of your crew?

  59. I’ve not run into that yet, Jay, but I have mostly regular haunts.

    I’m not drinking either, Sean. Or eating, at this point. My fast began at 7pm. Planning to go until at least Wednesday evening, but I’m going to try and go longer than that. I managed 70 hours last time.

  60. Have a Happy New Year Diet Dr. Pepper on me, Sean!

  61. This is Elementary installed on an older computer.

  62. I’m not very good at debugging Linux issues yet.

  63. Any special reason for such a long fast, leon? I’m going to start intermittent fasting tomorrow. My eating window is going to be between 2 and 10 pm.

  64. I’ve been fasting since noon.

  65. Thanks, J’Ames! And you have an extra one of whatever you’re drinking for me.

  66. I use Mint, Ubuntu, and Kali. I haven’t touched Elementary yet. Are you running any blocking software? I’ve got Ublock origin, NoScript, and AdNauseum running in my Chromium instance (fork of Chrome).

  67. Chromium is what I’m running. I also get the error in Chrome, but not in Firefox or Midori. Running Ublock.

  68. Any special reason for such a long fast, leon?

    Breaking a plateau, immune system reset*, evicting demons.


  69. What site, Jay? I can test and see what I see.

    *hopes it’s not porn*

  70. https://cyclonefanatic.com/

  71. Site loads fine for me. Must just be you.

  72. evicting demons

    I hope you have a drifter (or an annoying teenage boy from Lapeer, say) chained up somewhere. They’re gonna need a new place to stay.

  73. Neighbor has some swine. There’s precedent there.

    Plus I got the donkey now. Once it’s out it will flee the sound of the bray.

  74. Crap. The fireworks have started. Tucker isn’t afraid of them, but he hates them with a passion. He’ll wear himself out tonight running in and out he doggie door to bark at the sky.

  75. Pupster is a good boy!!! Handler was training a puppeh in the Club today. Half beagle/half coon hound. So cute!!! He only made one “stay” mistake. Did really well with “sit” and “heel”. I always get sad when the pups make too many mistakes for treats and have to go home. Happy New Year!!!

  76. Site loads fine for me. Must just be you.

    Must be the content.

  77. I have some sparkling muscato in the fridge for a midnight Eastern time toast, but I put the likelihood of still being awake in 3 hours at about 15%.

    **passes another Diet Dr Pepper down the table to Sean**

  78. SyFy is running a Twilight Zone marathon for me SoWhat.

    Happy New Year to you too

  79. Happy New Year Lauraw!


  80. Sign me up!


    From the sounds of this story I’d be better off staying home, keeping warm and pissing in my pants while watching the ball drop on TV

  81. Thanks, roamy!

    Even when I was drinking, NYE was never a big thing for me. It kind of sucks here on the west coast, for one thing. The only times we ever really did it up were out of town. I was in Vegas for ’95/’96 (never got carded anywhere, even though I was still only 20) and New Orleans for the Millennium. THAT was a blast.

  82. Forgot about fireworks. It’s minus 4 out there so the amateurs are all keeping warm in their mom’s basements. Bucksport is across the river and they do fireworks at midnight. We’ll have two nervous dogs to ring in the new year with. Worst Year Of The Dog gift ever.

  83. Drink more coffee, get through A&P 1 and 2.

  84. HNY AliceH!!!

  85. LOL pupster!! That took me a minute. That was a belly laugh.

  86. Happy New Year Jimbro!


  87. Happy New Year, AliceH!


  88. Happy New Year Shawna-na!


  89. Happy New Year, you deplorable and irredeemable bastards.
    May GOD bless you and yours in the coming year…

  90. Happy New Year Compos!


  91. HNY to you too, oso, and to all of you 🙂

  92. Happy New Year, Roamie!


  93. Happy New Year, Pupster!

  94. In the end, I lamed out and skipped the party.

    Never did like driving with New Year’s drunks, anyway…

  95. Spending NYE at home too. Me and the Captain are kicking it off, Braveheart Blu Ray playing, -15 outside.

  96. New Mexico law means no booze sales before 12 noon. We opened at 7. 5 hours of PA announcing no booze sales. Members taking booze to registers…

  97. J’ames, I’m trying to Netflix and chill. Dan keeps watching lame NYE TV BS. Trying to keep it real and see what the cool kids are listening to…

  98. The cool kids aren’t listening to anyone who’s performing on a network NYE show.

  99. NYE is what refer to as Amateur Hour. No adult actually goes out on NYE if they know what’s good for them.
    The only day that even comes close would be St. Paddy’s Day.

  100. I wonder if Kathy Griffin is crying in her champagne about now?

  101. Crying, and blaming Trump, I’m sure.

  102. Heh. Champagne. That’s a good one. She’s crying into her sherm.

  103. Happy New Year, Hostages! Hope your upcoming year is happy and healthy 😊💕

  104. Happy New Year.

    We watched the Kingsman 2. They really screwed it up, stupid, stupid, stupid.

  105. I hope everyone has a good new year.

  106. Car in is working? That will be a long night. She’s just about at the witching hour.

  107. Happy New Year, Hostages!

  108. Happy New Year, Northeast Cabal! What’s it like there in the future?

  109. Pepe I liked K2. Looking forward to K3.

  110. Happy New Year, hostages.
    I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful,healthy and prosperous 2018. It can’t possibly be as insane as 2017, right?

  111. Happy New Year hostage lovelies!!

  112. 2017 was cray cray, Chi

  113. The future is pretty groovy. You’ll see.

  114. Huh. That “You’ll see” makes me vaguely uneasy for some reason.


  115. I have a Superfun Future-Viewing Capsule. You should step inside and see.

    *opens heavy, creaking door*

    It’s dark inside, I know. But when you get inside and I shut the door, the illumination begins!

  116. Supposed to be -10 tomorrow (Monday).

    Low of 2 today. I filled up the bird feeder in coat, hat, and basketball shorts. Exposed legs kept things even-Steven so as not to trigger a hotflash.

  117. I’ll bet that new year baby has little fangs.

  118. Meh, -10 is so this afternoon. We’ll be lucky to see zero tomorrow.

    You Mizzou’s are so spoiled.

  119. Wow, you’re getting colder weather than us in the northeast, beasn.


  120. OK, goodnight shmoops.

  121. -17 here, -23 in western Iowa. My brother just texted me.

  122. Should old and quaint tents we four got…something something…auld lang syne…

  123. Happy New Derp!

  124. 0 degrees here.

    Jay, go outside and spit, and tell me what happens.

  125. MMM in about 11 minutes.

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