2017 BBF Championship Contestant #2

Contestant #2 – Bettie Ballhaus

Pupster’s note:  We have four semi-finalists for 2017, I will repeat poat for 4 weeks and then we’ll have a final poll to determine Miss Big Boob Friday 2017.  

From April 28, 2017:

Hello beaver chasers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

I really dig this band, I haven’t heard a song I don’t like.



Your features today are a current TV Personality and former Adult Model, born February 8th, 1978 in Frankfort, Oder, East Germany.  She measures 37-24-33, stands 4’11” and 123lbs.  Bitte hol mir ein Bier and say hello to Miss Bettie Ballhaus !


  1. She is a Teutonic Titwillow, in the same vein as Lili VonShtupp

  2. 1/3 of my crew stayed out drinking until 0230, going to be a rough morning I think.

    Hit the site for a walkthrough then head to the airport, home for dinner.

  3. Couldn’t sleep because of work thoughts, so I’ve been working since 5.

  4. No, thank you.

  5. Al Gore must be in town. 3″ or more of global warming on the ground in Houston.

  6. Royal Blood opened for QOTSA. They’re opening the Detroit show too – they’re really awesome live.

    wakey wakey.

  7. I mean, the London, Ontario show. They’re opening that one too. LOTS of energy.

  8. She looks MILFy, top heavy, and none too bright.

  9. We’re finally getting our first measurable global warming this weekend. 4-8” forecast. Time to get the garden hoses inside and clean the shit pen one last time before it’s covered in snow till March

  10. I’d agree to spank her given the price was right.

  11. 4′ 11?

  12. The brilliant idea that got me out of bed didn’t do the trick after all, but at least it can now be formally excluded.

  13. I hate it when that happens. But sleep ideas are usually good ones.

  14. I got up around 0415 because Rowan was shaking out his ears and scratching at them. I’m still not convinced the Vet is on the right track with him. We’ve been treating him with antibiotics for 2+ weeks and drops for about10

  15. It was a good idea, Jay, but the technology doesn’t work as expected. When a servlet calls another servlet, the original remote user isn’t preserved, and I needed the second thing in the chain to get the user from the first, and instead I get the user running the servlet at the server.

  16. yes, you have to pass in the user, if you want to use it. I learned that one, too, aspx works the same way.

  17. servlet isn’t hosted by your user. It’s hosted by whatever user hosts tomcat, or apache, or whatever that java crap is.

  18. Ear mites?

  19. She’s had a lot of guys attempt to make babies on her.

    Just sayin.

  20. At the bottom of the servlet stack, I pull the remote user and check against Active Directory. That works fine, it’s the hops that are the problem.

  21. Leon, have you tried unprugging it and prugging it back in?

  22. This model has a distinctly unwholesome and cheap air about her. Last week’s girl wins the bracket.

  23. Unprugged, clean compile dist, rm -rf’d, Alex. It’s a design flaw that I brought up 5 months ago that no one spared much thought for because it was over the heads of the UI team.

  24. Oh come on, leon, you code behind devs are supposed to pick up the slack.

  25. Next time I hear any of them claim “Full Stack” I will laugh my ass off.

    Especially the guy who has taken two vacations since May and appears to work about 12 hours a week.

  26. Our previous UI was in a toolkit that had a well-defined server-side component, and the whole security model leveraged that. The toolkit was no longer supported, so we switched to a newer, sexier thingy that’s entirely client-side.

    I said:”This is an issue, because X, Y, Z. The UI team needs to build something server-side as middleware to make the security model work.”

    UI team: *blank stares*

    Leon: “Eh, we’ll be fine as long as we aren’t pentested or something, but we really should do this.”

    Pentesters raped it all this week.

  27. Dude, you’re stroking out. Call 911.

  28. No way, nofap4life.

  29. Do you still have a job, MJobless?

  30. Do you guys think bubblewrap or packing peanuts for shipping Erin?

    I’m going to need a bigger box, because I’m including the dishes she PROMISED she’d clean last night and her friend Brian who has no where else to go.

  31. When a servlet calls another servlet, the original remote user isn’t preserved, and I needed the second thing in the chain to get the user from the first, and instead I get the user running the servlet at the server.

    I always put a piece of tape around the handle so I can find it easier.

  32. Unemployment killed it.

  33. Or not.

  34. Nobody wants Brian, Car in. Maybe the Navy, but no one here does.

  35. Are they nice dishes?

  36. MJ is giving McBJs behind the McD.

  37. Tell Brian to go back to his own home.

  38. Meathead is on Richard’s show right now.

  39. This model has a distinctly unwholesome and cheap air about her. Last week’s girl wins the bracket.

    You are comparing an Australian swimsuit model with an East German porn star. If you factor in redhead bonus points, approachability, daddy issues and date-ability it is really no contest.

  40. I love when everyone refers to Wiser as Richard. Always makes me laugh.

  41. Well, seeing as thought Brian was punched in the face by his stepdad, and his real dad sells crack… I’m running out of options.

    i’m sure my ss with think of something to do with him.

  42. Actually, it’s a really nice metal bowl that goes to my kitchenaid mixer, two good pans, and some coffee mugs.

  43. Sounds like Brian should be doing dishes, and maybe not talking shit about Total.

  44. Dammit, forgot to tune in to Richard Radio.

  45. Me too, and I haven’t had the spare time to solve his stream-recording problem yet either.

  46. Heh, accuser admits to adding notes the the infamous Moore Yearbook.

    Of course that will make no difference to anyone.

  47. Me too, and I haven’t had the spare time to solve his stream-recording problem yet either.

    He records his stream?

  48. Not yet.

  49. Can someone check if I have a comment in the spam bucket? Thank you.

  50. Out.

  51. Thanks. I know a few of you were fans of Lex.

  52. This place is deader than Gloria Alred’s nethers.

  53. The fallout from this morning is that I have 5 business days (i.e. fuck my weekend) to do what I said was 3 weeks’ worth of work.

    I’m distracted.

  54. I am slammed with work as well.

    7 day work weeks.

  55. I have to fucking bartend tonight.

  56. Bad weather is on its way, so we were outside moving leaves around (covering my garden beds even more deeply) plus I pulled out all the giant Lutz beets that have been under plastic since the first killing frost.

    They are nestled on the porch in a bin full of leaves. See how long they store out there.

  57. I was going to take my birthday off (next Friday) so I could go catch up on a bunch of errands. That’s probably boned too.

  58. Sorry Leon, that sucks.

  59. Par for the course. We’re firing the customer ASAP, just getting a better deal before we walk.

  60. My company is dying. The Accountant / Bookeeper resigned without notice last friday. It was all they could do to produce this weeks payroll for 8 employees, and paper checks were issued because they were locked out of the Bank direct deposit. They were smart enough to bring in a consultant, who is unearthing “discrepancies” in practices. None of this surprises me as they have refused to update any practices since (conservatively) 1992. Be glad you have stable employment. On top of everything else I suspect I will be out of a job by mid Jan at the latest if not sooner. Not because of any performance issue on my behalf, but because they fold.

    PS. Met with new Dr today. Scheduled for surgery next thurs. Still not as confident as I’d like to be with this outfit. But Hey, its the Chief of Surgery for Southern Illinois University Urological Dept. so I’m probably ok.

  61. I’m grateful, always, but the current customer has done nothing to deserve continued service. There are other, more reasonable customers who would not abuse me as a provider.

  62. I’ve decided Im interested in attending bible study but dont know how to find a church that fits my perspective. I dont want any fire an brimstone kinda vibe and especially dont want anything focused on Social Issues. You guys got any idea’s? I believe I was baptized Catholic, but I’ve never been affiliated with any church with the exception of one year of catholic school. Any ideas on how to go about checking my local churches to determine if what flavor they are without exposing myself to a sales pitch? (You know what I mean, some of them are just all up in your grill in their motivation to attract new members)

  63. Sorry for your troubles TT. And Leon.

    I’m home now, Nessie the Wonder Dog has her head on my foot.

    She never does that.

  64. A Catholic church will almost certainly have an RCIA program, that’s how I re-entered. That’ll be Bible study and catechism.

  65. I’ve heard The Church of Christ is pretty much what you’re looking for, perhaps some one a bit more Theologie could confirm or deny.

  66. Our Lutheran church resisted the rest of the churches taking down the flag, joining another group, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. They have never been in your face types, and I’m not appalled at anything that they stand for.

    My Dad was a Catholic, and found a home in this church.

  67. I hear Scientology has some neat things going for it.

  68. I’m planning to start my own cult. You’re welcome to join.

    I’ll be taking applications in January. I have to give my work my two-weeks’ notice next week.

  69. Steer clear of the Unification Church of America.

  70. My partner gave his notice. He told me it was imminent about a month ago and just made it official. Smart guy but unfortunately not happy here. Mostly about the inefficiencies of our practice and the administration’s lack of will to change anything. We’ve worked together for 10 years and he helped keep me sane. I’ll miss working with him. It’ll be hard to replace him quickly so I’m getting ready to be overwhelmed for the next several months.

  71. Unemployment blog.

  72. My old practice partner works one day a week and refuses to retire. He hastened my partner’s departure with his bullshit antics. He is a horse’s ass who views himself with rose colored glasses. I’m dreading him trying to exert his influence in the practice now. He has a knack for self promotion and isn’t above stabbing people in the back. He needs to go missing in a sailing related accident.

  73. Owner of the company works from 10am to 3pm every day. Of the next two senior people at the company, one is retiring next year, and the other is a micromanaging liberal whom everyone dislikes, based on the chatter behind her back.

  74. Pun for the day

  75. Jimbro, maybe it’s time for you to assume the role of the company Asshole, and clean house. I don’t know if you’ve got it in you, though. That’s such a specialized skill set. For sure you’re not a ‘natural.’

  76. MJ’s available for a short-term contract as an asshole, so’s Alex.

  77. Yeah but they’re so literal about it.

  78. I’m a conflict avoider.

    I’d rather sever brake lines than have an argument.

  79. I’m trying to talk scott into dropping and leaving a job site right now and quit this client that is an unscrupulous operator. This guy’s company is dead in the water, he’s looking for scapegoats, and I can see the damage coming down the pike. But Scott is not going to listen to me. Scott always hopes the best of people. We are about to get burned by being associated with this sack of shit.

    I got into it with this same motherfucker a few years ago when he told me that when he is several weeks slow to release merchandise to us, I am supposed to tell the customer that it was *my fault* their stuff didn’t ship for a month after purchase. He literally told me to my face that I was supposed to lie, and sacrifice our company reputation to save his.

    He’s a fucking psychopath.

  80. Whoever got Jimbro needs to send him this.

  81. Current customer got second-hand smoke that my departure is imminent. The next few weeks should be interesting.

  82. First snow tomorrow, and I am bottomless-pit kind of hungry. Just can’t eat enough. This happens every Winter.

  83. I have been off and on this week. Putting off breakfast until sundown seems to help.

  84. Greetings, bozacks and nozacks.

  85. Greetings, bozacks

    I’m NOT doing the ‘secret handshake’ again. Don’t even try.

  86. Trust me, laura, it was no picnic for either of us.

  87. *cough*

  88. KMN We converted to 6 staffed registers and 8 self-check. Members are pissed off.

  89. Breakfast time.

  90. You guys got any idea’s?


  91. He said no fire and brimstone, scott.

  92. I’m in DC at the hotel, listening to Trump’s speech. Not even Leon could handle this much red meat.

  93. http://tinyurl.com/ya5umah9

    never heard of this/them – but it’s got bozack in it

  94. lots of running around tomorrow

    lil’ jammette has a bball game in northwest bummfuk

  95. Stupid nephew’s wife posted pics of the snow and ice WHILE DRIVING IN IT. WITH THE KIDS IN THE CAR. I want to get all shouty and drop f-bombs.

  96. About 0740 this morn I went out onto the ice to have a smoke and a cuppa. I was standing there looking at the mountain as it got light and saw a couple elk walking south along my east fence-line. Then a couple more, and a couple more. They were walking slow, single-file, with each elk just following the elk-butt in front of them.
    There were 26 of them. It was cool, and I was freezing my butt off by the time they were all by…

  97. I better watch that tomorrow.

  98. I truly believe that Kate’s killer used the “Se cayo” defense in regards to the gun. Pope Francis is SJW to the extreme. Totes Argentinian. Waiting him out.

  99. Oso,
    I thought it was funny that his lawyer immediately told him to shut-up about his “I was shooting at a seal.” excuse.
    After all, if you even annoy a California harbor seal, you can get ten years. Dropping a white-woman on the pier? Perhaps they will get you for littering…

  100. I’m convinced that Francis’ successor is going to be Pius XIII.

  101. ChrisP, lawyer was the Messican Johnny Cochran. Leon, I’m praying for an African Cardinal that is hard core.

  102. Cardinal Sarah would be amazing. So would Burke, but he’s American, so that’ll never happen.

  103. Isn’t there some prophecy where this the last or next to last pope?

  104. I’m convinced that Francis’ successor is going to be Pius XIII.

    I’m not following you, Leon.

    Gotta agree with Oso on a hardcore African cardinal.

  105. Benedict should have never stepped down.

  106. Well, I feel like a super mega giant dumbass right about now. A friend I’ve known since junior high has an annual Christmas party, and he sent me the invite via Facedouche messenger. I made sure I could get the night off next weekend and was looking forward to it. Weeeeelll, I just looked at the invite again and realized I had been looking at his message from last year. His party was last Saturday. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that he needed people to RSVP because they have these things catered and I hardly ever get to see any of the people who were attending.


  107. G’night guys. Getting OT to work tomorrow. Dan’s cancer free checkout yesterday, turned into a let’s cut a mass out of your back, but not melanoma…yet. Dan is confident that having my cousin as his Dr keeps him alive. No one wants custody of me

  108. God, you’re such a dumbass. And an asshole.

  109. G’night guys. We made bonus last month. I’m finally getting my pure profit setups. I was losing $800 a day to LY without my set. My boss thinks I can sell all 4 pallets in two weeks. My back is in spasm mode. Meh. Wah

  110. From the last poat:

    Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on December 7, 2017 8:25 am
    >>>Comment by leoncaruthers on December 7, 2017 8:20 am
    Parents used it to explain my sister.<<<
    My parents just showed me an empty bottle of Boone’s Farm and Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell record.

    It is entirely possible that Mr. TiFW and I both lost our virginity to each other while that record was playing….

  111. God, you’re such a dumbass. And an asshole.


  112. WOrk sucked tonight. Bartending blows.

  113. Sorry to hear that, C arin. Next time you have a night off, murder a couple of extra teenagers.

  114. There are some things you can’t cover up with lipstick and powder
    I thought I heard you mention my derp, can’t you talk any louder?
    Don’t come any closer, don’t come any nearer
    My vision of you can’t get any clearer
    Oh, i just want to hear girls talk

  115. … ust showed me an empty bottle of Boone’s Farm and Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell record.
    Alex’s comment gave me the lolz too Teresa

  116. I’m going with the Aussie swimsuit model over the East German pornstar as well Pupster. The intangibles that you mentioned, while important, still don’t apply to us and our votes as pure spectators of the pageant. If there was a round of groping they’d factor in, shall we say, immensely

  117. Roamy, Pius XIII is the fictional pope from The Young Pope. I haven’t watched the series, but there are a bunch of great short snippets from it where he comes off as a complete hardass.

  118. Planning where the strawberry row is going to be moved to next Spring.

  119. Smegma in the news


  120. *sprays lysol on poat*

  121. Shit’s getting real upstairs. Overheard from Paula:

    “Your rooms are a hot fuckin’ mess! Clean that shit up or someone’s not gonna be happy!”

    *”someone” = you

  122. Leon, I loved his speech to the college of cardinals.

  123. I’m locked out of my customer laptop by what appears to be another botched and hamfisted security update. These people really, really want to fail.

  124. Never let dormroom dipshits who think they’re smart run a war. Or a Country.


  125. I STILL get livid when I think of Jonathan Gruber bragging about lying to the American People and how utterly stupid he thought WE all were. He’s one I’d like to see prosecuted. RICO.

  126. So, where should I go today on my day in DC?

  127. How’s the weather? I like walking the banks of the Potomac, but it can be nasty in bad weather.

  128. It’s snowing lightly.

  129. Smithsonian, maybe, then, or the Spy Museum. Something indoors. I’d say Marine Corps museum, but that’s all the way over in Quantico.

  130. National Aquarium is neat if you like that sort of thing.

  131. The Young Pope speech.

  132. I’m leaning towards the National Gallery of Art.

  133. Also good, I liked it when I went.

  134. https://thehostages.wordpress.com/2017/12/09/weekend-funnies-6/

    New poatness.

  135. Haven’t seen The Young Pope either, but sounds good.

  136. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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