BBF- Repeat from Back When I Was Funny


THIS IS A REPOST from March 16, 2012.  I usually do these a week in advance but I am sick and it (was) my birthday so deal.

Hello monkeybutt faces, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. EMJAY took the day off to prepare for some sort of parade or mud run or something, so be sure to contribute tax dollars for his retroactive contraception out of your next paycheck. I’ll never forget his future last words to me…“You don’t have the balls.”

If memory serves me correctly, I’m supposed to make like MCPO and link a music video that nobody clicks on or cares about.

Man, those douchebags can really play.

Today’s model is of the sweet-faced almond-eyed variety, born on May 26th, 1982 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. She stands 5’5″ tall in the saddle and is a manageable 100 lbs. She is listed at 37-23-35 but I would like some verification before I commit myself to such a bold statement on the internets. Please look up in horror, point, and open-mouth scream “godsrilla” to welcome Yoko Matsugane.



I made this p.o.s. poat last weekend so if anything just happened today in history that was important please shove it up some crevice sideways and report back next week.  Pencils down.

1621 The first Indian appears to colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

1802 The United States Military Academy is founded by Congress for the purpose of educating and training young men in the theory and practice of military science.

1850 Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is published.

1913 The 15,000-ton battleship Pennsylvania is launched at Newport News, Va.

1926 Physicist Robert H. Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket.

1935 Adolf Hitler orders a German rearmament and violates the Versailles Treaty.

1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson submits a $1 billion war on poverty program to Congress.

Born on March 16

1751 James Madison, fourth President of the United States (1809-17).

1789 George S. Ohm, German physicist.

1822 John Pope, Union general in the American Civil War.

1912 Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan Nixon, first lady to President Richard Nixon.

1926 Jerry Lewis, American comedian and film actor.



She seems nice.


  1. No time!! I’ll click on the links after clinical.

  2. And you’re still funny.

  3. Worthy of a repost. I’ll look at linkies later, gotta head off to work now. Nice to see Chumpo even if it was a drive-by.

    Hope you feel better Pups

  4. How long ago did Rosie stop doing these? This is FIVE years old?

  5. MJ did them for a long time too. A couple of years of MJ BBF’s, a couple of Pupster’s…5 years seems about right

  6. This poat smells like sushi. Five year old sushi. Pass the wasabi.

  7. How long ago did Rosie stop doing these?

    When weight restrictions started to be enforced.

  8. Pupster, you’re still funny. I’m impressed that the links work.

  9. Still work, I mean. A lot of the links on old poats don’t.

  10. Shall I zap the goodstuff spam?

  11. Beth?

  12. I think Bama Pachyderm is the right nic.

  13. I didn’t look at the ONT at the HQ until this morning while I was voiding my bowels. (tmi?) The beatdown of Lena Dunham made me giggle like xbrad in a lime orchard.

  14. Doctor PERSONALLY just called to check on Ethan. How cool is that?

    He actually called at the exact time I was about to call the nurse for a few questions.

  15. You can Roamy, I was about to.

  16. Did the Dr. ask what you were wearing, Carin? Offer to come by later and check on the lad?

    You think there was some kind of complication during surgery and he’s been really worried the leg would fall off?

  17. She does, indeed, seem nice.

    It’s funny to me how I’m more attracted to Japanese chicks and redheads in my old age…

  18. Maybe it’s like the Snickers commercial, and he’s looking for his phone. Is his leg ringing?

  19. Off to Lesbianville USA.

  20. She’s five years older now. Probably fat.

  21. Are you sure I didn’t put this together?

  22. I didn’t, fo’ sho’.

  23. I think the doc is just concerned because he’s so young.

  24. Did he need to drill through the growth plate to place and secure the graft or did he spare the growth plate when he placed it?

  25. drill through the growth plate

    Just what kind of medieval torture is this?

  26. I drilled your mom’s growth plate.

    I’ve never heard cervix referred to as growth plate but then again, I’m pretty naive in a lot of areas.

  27. He spared the growth plate.

  28. He curves the anchors /drill things.

  29. Does the whole thing below the growth plate.

  30. Good job, those are tough to do

  31. Left hip

    Left thumb

    Left ulna

    Tough one for the left today

  32. the dude seems like a perfectionist.

  33. Doctor PERSONALLY just called

    And you answered? j/k

    Perfectionist is probably a good thing.

  34. Seems like an admirable trait in a surgeon.

  35. I got the impression that he moved Ethan’s up to the first of the day because he wanted to be fresh. And I wonder if he calls all his patients the next day. The nurse called an hour later – as if she was unaware that the doc had already called.

  36. Hmmm..

    “FRANCE: Facebook lies about why they shut down 30,000 pro-Marine Le Pen accounts right before the presidential election..”

    Facebook (aka Fascistbook) says it has targeted 30,000 “fake” (aka pro-LePen/anti-Islam) accounts linked to France ahead of the country’s first round presidential election on April 23rd, as part of a worldwide effort against “misinformation.”

    By “misinformation,” Facebook means accounts that expose the truth about the far left fascist “Antifa” thugs as well as all the rioting, rape, and crime directly related to the massive invasion of Muslims.

  37. Back from the Emergency Room. Kidney Stones that make you puke are a bitch…..but that Dilaudid is a helluva drug! I get to try and pass a kidney stone that measures 5mm. This is going to be fun with a 50 yr old prostate. I’ve also been advised that the multiple sixes and seven in both my kidneys will need to be remove by lithotripsy. Oh, and to top it all off, “we’ve found a enlarged head on you pancreas…might want to get that checked out”……

    ER Doc: You have a urologist?
    ME: Yes, but he’s basically worthless to me.
    ER Doc: Why?
    ME: Well, when I have these kidney stone episodes and I call him, he can never get me in and tells me to go to the ER. ( I have a 30 yr history of kidney stones and have had 3 separate lithotripsy adventures)
    ER Doc: Well you need to see him cause you need more lithotripsy.
    ME: Probably aint gonna happen Doc.
    ER Doc. Why?
    ME: Cause my insurance considers lithotripsy to be “elective.” (Most insurance companies have the same protocol)
    ER Doc: I dont know what to tell ya…..
    ME: Thanks for the Dilaudid and Zofran…

  38. I think my last comment went to spam …..

  39. taken care of

  40. lots of jam2 comments in there. What are you spammersguys doing?

  41. How one earth is lithotripsy considered elective? Kidney stones almost killed my mother. They had to come out and lithotripsy made it happen.

  42. Yikes, Troy. That’s horrible.

  43. mucho grassy ass Jay, first time its happened that Im aware of. That Jam guy…. he prolly deserves it. /s

    Apparently you have to wait until the are actually “obstructing” before it becomes medically “necessary”.

  44. Jimbro – Ethan has a big bruise on his shin. You think that’s from the restraint while they did the surgery?

    ANd lauraw can feel free to answer this question, since she’s medical now too. And also, does this look infected … ?

  45. Which shin? They do use special leg holders during the surgery to make it easier. If it’s the same side it may be from drilling through the bone. Any time you drill through bone it’ll bleed for a bit and show up later as a bruise especially in a thin person

  46. Same leg as repair

  47. Headline at Drudge:

    Tucker’s First Guest: Caitlin Jenner

    Is Carlson a Hostage?

  48. Or maybe Drudge…

  49. Can we set swifty’s comments to go to spam?

    Hotspur was wondering.

  50. They were probably practicing giving indian-burns, Carin. I’ve seen surgeons and scrub nurses have little competitions. Easy to get carried away and maybe make a bruise. Happens alla time, right Jimbro?

  51. Shhh!!!

    Ixnay on the Dianinay Operay Urnbay Ompetitioncay

  52. Comment by Car in on April 21, 2017 1:06 pm
    I wonder if he calls all his patients the next day. The nurse called an hour later – as if she was unaware that the doc had already called.



    or maybe he’s interested in your son…… 🙂

  53. BTW, the OR is a great venue for learning how to put urinary catheters Laura. None of that pesky moving around and you can really shine the spotlights in there.

  54. THe nurses at this surgical center have it made. Regular hours. No emergencies. Everything is pretty much on a schedule. They all seemed happy.

  55. And it does look kinda like blood, versus a regular bruise.

  56. I have a question for the med community. It has to do with terminology. In the medical world, regarding diagnosis what does the word “aberrant” mean?

    from my er paperwork under “you were seen today for:….”Pancreas, aberrant”.

    aberrant to me means a gross deviation in my normal usage…

  57. Maybe they misspelled “abhorrent”

  58. Usually means that some abnormality is present.

  59. Im out. I have a meeting with some narcotics to attend.

  60. It sounds like a medical coding term for an unspecified abnormality of the pancreas. Very nonspecific, vague terminology. Could be nothing, could be something important.

    The one that I come across frequently is “internal derangement of the knee”. Could mean anything from a minor meniscal tear to a (figurative) grenade going off in the knee.

  61. Now what should we talk about?

  62. Let’s talk about Aaron Hernandez hidden bisexual lifestyle.

    Who knew?

  63. Now what should we talk about?


  64. Books??

  65. Oooh, I know what we can talk about!

    *cleans toilet*

    *one day later*




  66. we should talk about TT’s aberrant behavior and why it’s now in his permanent record

  67. sean……?

  68. we could talk about how incredibly intelligent, accomplished, and beautiful chelsea clitton is….

    hotspur should start that one

  69. I went to the gym yesterday and saw a very small improvement. Squats, overhead presses, deadlift and pullups. I’m still way below what I used to be able to do, but there’s hope. I just need to get through this term.

    *stares at spreadsheets*


  70. i heard someone say that they think maxine waters should run for prez….

    i would send her 20 bucks if she promised she would…. that would be epic

  71. colex – your music links have been interesting: i’m considering going to see Mandolin Orange if they play in my area

  72. Jam, thanks!

  73. sean……?

    It wasn’t quite that bad this time, but I think I’ll be giving that particular burrito joint a wide berth for a little while.

  74. btw – the header pic is classic this place….

  75. is that xb trying to get a date?

  76. i’ll prolly get sent to the spam box on this one

  77. lauraw you may need to catheterize TT if he doesn’t check back in soon….

  78. thanks for saving me from the spam toilet Jay!

    i can continue to abuse the blog and more importantly, amuse myself

  79. i haven’t been able to link this much in months


  81. Remember when we used to show up and spout out some new and clever way to ask “What the fuck is this shit”?

    Well, what the fuck is this shit everybody’s poating on here??!??!!

  82. Going to be home alone most of tomorrow. I’m either building garden beds, building a bridge to the peninsula, mowing the lawn, or some other absurd chore.

    Thinking about joining a gym again just so I can deadlift and press.

  83. I’m going to deadlift and clean tomorrow at open gym. We’ve been doing split jerks and snatchs for weeks and weeks.

  84. I saw Split Jerks and Snatches open for Jesus Jones back in ’91.

  85. You should circumcise the peninsula.

  86. My grass is still mostly brown.

  87. Wasn’t Split Jerks and Snatches a Tom Weights album?

  88. The bridge will help a lot and will get lumber out of the barn, so I’m leaning towards that.

  89. I saw your Mom open for Jesus Jones.

  90. No one talks about castration.

  91. I talk about castration all the time. Mostly in traffic.

  92. If you get the lumber out of the barn, you’d have a place to store a barbell.

  93. but it’s not table conversation. You know what I mean?

  94. That’s a good observation. Why do you think that is? Why don’t families spend any time talking about castration at dinner?

  95. I have seriously considered just making a barn gym, but it gets brutally cold in the winter and really hot/sweaty in the summer. If I stuck to cals during the bad times, I could maybe make it work. I should price it out.

  96. I blame the erosion of family values and the loss of the nuclear family.

  97. The LGBTQ people need to include eunuchs in their initials somehow

  98. The barn also lacks hot chicks in gym clothes, so there’s that.

  99. I think it’s because no one really considers castration a viable option.

  100. hot chick in gym clothes are nothing but temptation, Leon.

  101. Anyone else think tomorrow’s “Earth Day” rallies will be anything but thinly veiled anti-Trump marches?

  102. When we get stuck in traffic, I throw the car in park and run like hell.

  103. No one talks about castration.

    Well, not when you’re tied to your mother’s apron, anyway.

  104. Because you’re smart, Scott, I think that how you’ve survived this long.

  105. When we get stuck in traffic, I throw the car in park and run like hell.

    Is THAT why you always do that?? Jeeez, that’s been annoying me for years! Could never figure it out!

  106. When I headed out to Safeway for the weeks grocery shopping, Anita hopped on the mower. This is the fifth(!) dry day this year!
    It will be followed by another week of rain.
    If it didn’t get mowed today, it would be another 4″ taller and a PITA.

    On the other paw, I got a call from Morgan Stanley about my idle account with them. They had not had any contact with us for10 years. They needed to check-up on net-worth, income, other investments, etc…
    One of the equities in that account is Amgen. I never bought Amgen. I bought a Seattle BioTech start-up called Immunex in 2002.
    I bought 150 shares @ $4.50, for $675.
    Immunex was acquired by Amgen, and the stock was exchanged 1 for two. I now have 66 shares of Amgen worth $10,665.
    The guy was all like:
    “At your age, you should be moving conservative, and Amgen is not, but you’re good on all the other investments. You could lose this whole account and not feel it. You can’t really just sell it because capital gains would screw you. What the hell, just leave it alone.”
    He is amused that I call the account “Just another place where we Rat-Holed some money, long ago.”
    It’s too bad that we did not have children that we could “Write out of the will” and give the money to cancer research, or something…

  107. If it makes you feel better, Crispy, you could write me into your will and then change your mind and donate it to cancer research. I won’t even make a scene at your funeral or anything.

  108. I was not trying to go “Look at us, we have money”, there.
    We live on $50K/year, pre-tax.
    We’re old retired, and have no mortgage…

  109. Next door neighbors are selling their house. When we moved in to our house (in 1985), we paid $23/sq.ft. They are selling theirs for $203/sq. ft.

    And they will probably get it – we backed into a “hot” neighborhood way back when it was definitely NOT hot.


  110. We’re trying to convince my parents to buy it and move in there, but I think they are going to balk at the asking price.

    Then again, so would we…..

  111. Today’s WTF moment:
    Co-worker’s husband cancelled Easter at their house because she hadn’t cleaned enough to suit him. I heard this, and I didn’t think too much of it because he’s made asshole moves before. (He wouldn’t talk to the secretary because she’s black. Even over the phone. Shit like that.) She says that she wants him to do more of the housework because he’s retired and she’s not. Okay, fair enough. Then she blurts out that she’s only cleaned the toilet once since he’s been retired.
    **needle scratching across the record sound**
    Ummm. He’s been retired for 3 years.

    Okay, maybe the kids shouldn’t come over.


    Then I found $20 and a paint study from 1997.

  112. $203/sq ft? Holy cow.

  113. In happier news, I’m hoping for a mini-meatup in Houston this summer.

  114. IKR?!?!?

    Our little neighborhood is the new “it” place to live, I guess. We keep getting people calling to see if we want to sell our house.

    They think we’re nuts when we tell them we bought this house to stay in ’til we die….

    We’ve put in too much sweat and memories to want to leave now. We fell in love with the old girl when we saw her – and we love her still. Lots of people don’t get that these days.

  115. ” we tell them we bought this house to stay in ’til we die….”


    Careful, they might see an opportunity there. 😉

  116. The kids that live there now have only been there a couple of years. They just had their second child, and want a bigger place.

    I had to bite my tongue – the previous owners lived in half the space (it’s a re-converted duplex) with 3 kids for years. Both of their mothers lived in the other half of the duplex (at different times).

  117. LOL, Pepe 😁

  118. He wouldn’t talk to the secretary because she’s black. Even over the phone.

    Jeebers. How does someone who’s ostensibly a professional get away with that kind of behavior in this day and age?

  119. Im claiming bullshit on this post. Pupster was never funny

  120. Also yes, it’s bama pachyderm. Thank you

  121. our house increased in value 25% this year.

  122. Pjm, hush. It’s the only thing the poor pup has going for him in his life…

  123. our house increased in value 25% this year.
    yeah, but did you save a lot of money on your car insurance?

  124. Pjm, hush. It’s the only thing the poor pup has going for him in his life…

    You mean aside from my love and affection? Cuz that’s TOTALLY what I meant when I said he wasn’t funny. I misspoke..I hate it when that happens
    *looks around*
    Did anyone buy that?

  125. the all seeing eye is back

  126. Your secret is safe with me.

    For a price.

  127. I don’t buy insurance from lizards or progressives. Farm Bureau baby!

  128. pupster is so funny.


  129. the all seeing eye is back
    I see what you did there

  130. Wait…what?

  131. I first read that as “The all seeing eye is black”.

  132. Who bitch dis is?

  133. Yer mom

  134. I first read that as “The all seeing eye is black”.

  135. Not raciss.

    Just wondering what she had to be told twice.

  136. Deposing Eric, Rudy prevailed.

  137. Oh miy goodness, the eyeball was here! The Eyeball was here !!

  138. She’s just another sockpuppet.

  139. *puts rudy on “terminate with extreme prejudice” list*

  140. Im claiming bullshit on this post. Pupster was never funny

    I’ve been waiting 24 hours for this comment.

    Teh goat curtains deliver.

  141. wakey wakey

  142. Remember that list from last night?

    I’m just going to do all of it today. Starting with something that wasn’t even on it: potting chives from the yard so I don’t mow them.

  143. I work today, which is a shame because it looks like it’s going to be a nice day.

    First I go do some cleans and deadlifts, then I work.

    Afterwork I’m going to take Ethan’s dressing off. It’s so stiff, he has a hard time bending his leg and I think that’s more important. The nurse said 48, the doc said 72. So I’m splitting the difference.

    JIMBRO OR LAURAW- what about the anti-embolism sock? That’s my only concern. The doc had me run out and buy one yesterday, because they hadn’t put one on his operated leg. Once the dressing is off – I can’t imagine I’d put the sock back on?! ? There is dressing and wrap. Discuss.

    (and I added Lauraw to this because it’s funny)

  144. If we get a new poat soon, and I’m not around, will someone repost my question for Jimbro?

  145. Finally got around to rereading this POS post and its hilarious.

    Nice job whatever your name is. Poofer? Panter?

    Anyway, good boy.

  146. She’s just another sockpuppet.

    How dare you, madam!!

    If i didn’t have to go get ready to go shoot stuff and Krav Maga it up, I would stay to taunt you a second time!

  147. Carin: The reason the dressing is stiff is from dried blood that oozed in the immediate post-op period and clotted in the gauze. Splitting the difference sounds right.

    As far as the sock, only apply if you can without constricting the leg. He’ll get more benefit from gentle motion of the foot/ankle and knee than laying there with a tourniquet sock on his swollen calf. Within a day or two with continued elevation and gentle motion of the foot and ankle the swelling will begin to decrease.

    DVT’s can happen in kids but they’re less common than in adults. Adequate liquids, gentle foot and ankle motion (I tell kids to draw the alphabet with their big toe to keep it interesting*) and get up and walk around the house with whatever weight restrictions his surgeon gave him. I have no idea if he asked him to take a baby aspirin or regular aspirin…the recommendations change on that so often and I’d defer to his protocol.

    * because writing the alphabet with your big toe is far more interesting than anything on youtube or youporn

  148. What’s everyone doing for Erf Day?

  149. Doing family protection, survival, shit hits the fan survival stuff in the mountains with my krav instructor and peeps. Getting cpr recertified too in the meantime…which is kinda nice

  150. My only chores are trash to dump, get mail from PO Box, do dishes, take kid to work. I guess I could pay some non electronic bills that I’ve been putting off. My water/sewer bill needs to be paid by snail mail. There’s an option to pay online but it’s through a 3rd party vendor that charges a friggin’ fee to take your money. Ridiculous that in 2017 a small municipal water department can’t bill electronically as an automatic payment.


  151. Your day sounds vastly more interesting than mine! It’s in the 30’s here and still overcast and rainy. The warm up begins tomorrow.

  152. New post.

  153. Krav maga cheese……mmmmmmm

  154. From the mothership. Not good when real life imitates Archer.

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