Tuning The Page

Good Job.  We kept The Candle going for a whole year.

Catch ya later, Phatass.

On with Teh Funnah headers!


-sorry for the stomp, Jimebro.  xoxo


  1. Hi Chumpo! Bye, dude.

  2. Come to WY Chumpo!!!

  3. Funneh header needs to go bye bye.

  4. I haz sincere H8 for hot air balloons

  5. Why do you hate hot air balloons?

  6. They are noisy and wake me up on days off. Worse than Messicans with leaf blowers.

  7. I’ll go to fuchin why Oh Ming. How come no email?

  8. Rosetta would have approved.

  9. yeah, I had this planned for six months or more. I an’t believe we made it.

    Hey Hump, are you inserting catheters officially yet or just on the side?

    I once had one inserted and the shock knocked me into a coma of five days!!

    true story.

  10. I don’t know email. I blame Cyn. WY is H2

  11. I did my very first catheter insertion three weeks ago. Not a lot of opportunities to practice on the floor I’m working, unfortunately. And I’m still amateur status.

  12. The funny part of that is that It was a case of mistaken identity! I was at the hospital to drop off my Aunt Ginny at the chiropodist!!
    I turned a wrong corner, said something I shouldn’t have, mistakes were made and bloop there ya go, a catheter and a five day coma.

    It’s like Venezuela!!

  13. Not a lot of opportunities to practice on the floor I’m working,

    No one get too drunk at the meatup…

  14. No chance for a Dorothy Hamill. Short hair scratches my ears. Scabbing. I’m a scab addict. Can’t stop picking. Really proud of my cutting progress. I’m down to one cut. Haven’t been yelled at in weeks

  15. No one get too drunk at the meatup…

    Curses! Foiled again!

  16. See ya in WY. My vacation is approved. Baseball in CO.

  17. Seriously, wtf is that thing?

  18. Butt balloon photoshop

  19. Dan just made me cry. Sweet pic of MaryAnn. Still trying to hookup

  20. did that really answer my question, Oso?

  21. Mission Impawssible http://tinyurl.com/muhqcos

  22. Candle flame swapped out for massive ass flame

    Sounds about right!

  23. Male urinary catheters are chip shots unless they’ve got a big prostate then you use the coude tip.

    Women? No one knows where the damn urethra is.

    Is it in yet? I don’t know, there’s no urine. Aw man, we’re in the vagina!

  24. Rosetta would have loved that, Chumpo!

    And welcome back sweet man.

  25. Anyone have a salt bug killing gun?

    Fun? Useful? Stupid?

  26. Chumpo sighting. Huh. Stick around for a while Sherry Vacation. We could use the upgrade.

    Tomorrow’s BBF is a repeat. Not just a repeat model, a repeat poat. When I’m looking for a subject I try and search the H2 archives to see if she’s been poated before. She had, by me, and as I read through the old poat and comments I was astounded at how I used to write and hotlink just a few years ago.

  27. Anyone have a salt bug killing gun?

    *raises paw*

    Fun? Useful? Stupid?

    Yes, all that and more. I got the backyard/garden model, it’s a little more powerful. It is a lot more fun than a flyswatter, not particularly effective unless you are close and the bug doesn’t have a hard exoskeleton. Works really well on skeeters and gnats, houseflies and spiders get knocked down but don’t necessarily die, wasps and hornets get the message but don’t always fall down. Only one pump so you can’t make it more powerful, shoots about a 1/4 teaspoon of salt.


  28. Tornado sirens going off in Southern Canada for the second time today. Must be a malfunction, skies are clear for miles.

  29. I love this guy’s vids but at night his voice puts me to sleep every time. It’s uncanny. In half an hour, I’m going to be nodding off.

  30. >>>>Rosetta would have approved.

    Rosetta would have made it a BBF gal

  31. “…tortillas, hominy and grits…”

    You had me at hominy

  32. I don’t go to church.

  33. Thomas Hooker would still let you vote. Probably.

  34. wtf wordpus

  35. i was looking for a bbf to honor Rosetta, and wordpus wont let me link her – she’s magnificent


  36. for xb –
    this chick is load heat material – never heard of her, not being a bollywood aficionado and all

  37. I know you guys all know Beth….I can’t think of her moron name argh, but I wanted to give you guys an update that I just heard about her. Ugh
    “her brain cancer has spread. last rites have been called for “

  38. That sucks, pj.

  39. Women? No one knows where the damn urethra is.

    Try finding it after she’s given birth and can’t pee on her own, things are so swollen.

  40. Never gets old. I lurve Stuart’s mom.

    “..boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes…of Vagisil. …”


    MOMMA’S ITCHY VAGINA! Just taking care of the slum areas.

  41. Daniel enjoyed restoring Packards.

  42. I don’t recall which Moron is named Beth. But that’s terrible news. Sorry, PJ.

  43. Bama Pachyderm?

  44. Yes bama pachyderm!!! Thank you!

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