MMM 263:No more poonch-keys

I seriously don’t think I’ll touch one next year.  Pretty sure they’re basically crack in Polish doughnut form.  Lent starts early for me this year.

I don’t remember the last time I swam.  Must be years ago now.


Hipster t-shirt.


Box jump.


Shoulder striations.


The message here really doesn’t match the image.  More like “no cheek coverage”.


Eva in heels.


Looks like Scottish yogi.



I bet she looks better here than she did at the competition.


Looks like a rough dance studio.


Ash Wednesday approaches.  REPENT!  Also have a good Monday.


  1. I’ve been reading the archives:

    Comment by leoncaruthers on June 16, 2016 9:27 pm

    I need a flamethrower.

  2. rough-dance studio

  3. Goooooooood Morning! What a fabulous day we have in front of us!

    We broke are getting ready for work record this morning, 6:17 CST.


  4. 6:15 EST for me.

  5. I’m not sure I understand how this will motivate me. Please explain in two words.

    Flame thrower should not be the two words.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Women in good shape don’t date fat dudes who aren’t rich. It’s easier to be fit than rich, so go do some reps.

  8. Meh. The alarm went off at 5 but we decided to sleep until 6.

    I’ll have to do reps later.

  9. Eva looks like she could pull a Farmall outta 18 inches of mud, then make you a delicious sammiches.

    Mornings suck, but not as much as the Oscars.

  10. I didn’t watch. I hadn’t seen anything nominated and won’t.

  11. I saw on Drudge they screwed up the best picture announcement. If that’s true that’s priceless.

    Not sure all the films nominated but didn’t see any, just haven’t done much movie going because they sound so bad.

    Gorgeous morning here in Florida. Grateful for that.

    Leon, you giving up anything for lent? Roamy? I think I’m giving up wine.

  12. And a few other action works.

  13. So … mare is going to be unpleasant for the next six week.

    I’m going to do something positive for lent. Find some way to improve the family’s quality of life.

    That may involve me drinking more wine.

  14. I saw one movie from the Oscars. That’s it.

  15. I think – for lent – I’m going to do that Flylady stuff. Hopefully it will become a habit.

    And – I’ll probably go pretty strict with paleo/IF stuff. Which is going to involve food prepping.

    Positive things.

  16. I’m pretty sure I saw zero movies that were nominated yesterday. I’m not sure, because to BE SURE I’d had to have paid even a moment of attention to any of the media stories about it.

    Which i didn’t.

  17. And a few other action works.


    Positive things.

  18. I think it’s funny Meryle Streep is turning into/is a complete diva. I believe she thinks her acting, her thoughts and the words that come out of her mouth are special and above the MMA and football loving scum such as us.

    I laugh that she’s mad Lagerfield calling her out on her greediness is overshadowing her 20 Oscar (autocorrect keeps capitalizing that against my typing) nominations. She actually said that.

  19. She’s surrounded by people who blow smoke up her ass 24/7.

    I don’t understand how Hollywood doesn’t realize that many of them really suck at their job. The ONLY folks who are improving their craft are the technical folks.

    The writing sucks. The acting – is acting. The movies are predictable. I refuse to be preached at my college drop-outs.

    And yet they still award themselves, and live as if they’re something special.

    Every time I try to go see a movie or rent one- there is LITERALLY nothing. Hollywood has ONE job. Entertain us. And they suck at it.

  20. I’m going to be stricter on diet, fast on Wed/Fri (black coffee/tea and water only, unless I make it to Mass). No liquor. Going to try and make it to a daily mass at least once a week.

  21. Every Wed – or just this one?

  22. Every. I know it isn’t needed, and my wife is still breastfeeding so technically no one in the house is bound to the fast, but I was doing it before I got sick and I felt like it was helping with both my addiction and my weight. Plus it saves on dishes.

  23. No-Food Wednesdays kilt it.

  24. No it didn’t, I was working out, but was interested in your Lenten plan.

  25. Mare, you do know that you don’t necessarily have to give up something for lent? You can, instead, take on some new service/charity task.

  26. I’ll be nicer to your mom.

  27. I’m going to try and make it to Stations on Friday nights if I can.

  28. Good luck with that Scott.

  29. I have no idea what I’m going to give up for Lent. Last year it was hot showers, which really sucked. I might to that again.

  30. Finally getting over this sinus ebola. Wondering if the manufacturers of Kleenex seed some boxes with germs to spread colds. I swear, with as much as we’ve gone through the last couple of weeks, they must love cold and flu season.

  31. Okay, I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again:


    And a few other action works.

  32. I’ve finally found a significant # of wild chives in my yard. Going to leave them in place until the first lawn cutting, then transplant them to the garden and treat them like first-class citizens.

  33. Wrote this in the see small hours of the morning, reposting it on this thread:

    Well, it took 12 years, but Hollywood finally got their revenge for “Brokeback Mountain” not winning Best Picture in 2005.

    And best of all – for them – this time the tender story of the love between two men is told from the black perspective.

    I’m sure the black community will rush to embrace this picture (not). It’s something they can take their kids to see….oh, wait.

    But all that Hollywood cares about now is whether Obama liked it (and you just know that’s who they will all be interviewing tomorrow).

    Read the synopsis of the movie on Wikipedia – what a dumpster fire:

    Liked what an Ace commenter called it: “Brokeblack Mountain”.
    Another one called it “Brokeback Compton”.
    Both work.

  34. I dont understand the whole “give up shit you like” for periods of time thing in the theological sense. I get that it shows “discipline” but Im not familiar with other motivations. Not trying to start shit or anything, just curious as to the individual motivations, is this something the church strongly recommends or is a mandatory thing ? Respects for those that practice this (if for nothing other than the self discipline needed)

  35. /passes mare a box of wine.

    You have until Wednesday.

  36. I read your comment earlier Teresa and it prompted me to want to know WTF that film was about. Been working away all morning and will investigate it further this afternoon. Like you said, I can’t imagine anyone but Hollyweird critics attending and/or enjoying this film.

  37. The whole point of Lent is purification. We reaffirm ourselves to God and to resisting temptation. Observing Lent and a period of abstinence and fasting commemorates many figures from biblical history who have separated themselves from the physical comforts in order to be closer to God. Most notably Jesus spending forty days in the wilderness.

    Developing self-discipline, yes, but also it serves as a reminder that these things are just things, and we can live without them. It also reminds us that there are less fortunate in the world for whom such denials are not chosen freely, but imposed by circumstances. It allows us to break our habits and examine more closely our lives and our behaviors. Do I drink wine because I like it, or do I drink wine every night because it helps me avoid other issues in my life? Have my behaviors affected other people negatively in a way that I don’t realize? Do I spend too much time watching television at the cost of neglecting my family? It’s a time for self-reflection and improvement before Easter.

  38. Forrest Gump beat Shawshank Redemption for best picture (1994). That’s all the evidence you need. But if you need more Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan (1998). And Birdman won, being a horrible movie.

  39. Moonlight has grossed $25mm worldwide.

    Jordan Peele’s Get Out made $30mm this weekend domestically.

  40. I’m sure Moonlight will go over really well in Iran…..

  41. Can they even watch movies in Iran?

  42. * invents burka version of TV Hat *

  43. Chicks are ordered.

    6 light brahmas, 2 white cochins, 2 black cochins, 5 black star, 5 silver laced wyandottes, and 5 buff orpingtons

    All females.

    I pay a bit extra – I *could* get many of these breeds locally, but they’d be straight run. So, it’s actually cheaper, because I know that I don’t get any boys.

  44. Usually they only have pullets – locally – for the really popular breeds.

  45. Troy, Alex’s explanation is spot on. It’s about expressing love for Creator above love for a created thing. For a Catholic, it’s also about uniting any suffering or deprivation with that of Christ on the cross, per the writings of St Paul. Yeah, it’s a little thing like “oh, it’s Friday, no bacon today darnit, I’ll offer it up”, but it’s a reminder of what’s more important, and the act of will involved in placing God above your own desires in the moment.

  46. The three aspects of Lent are service to others including almsgiving, fasting, and praying.

    When you give something up, it falls into the fasting category. Let’s say you give up wine, you can then donate the money instead to charity. Kill two birds with one stone.

    No aspect is more important than the others. You do all three.

  47. Love your Cadillac links, Jay.

  48. My dad is three hours in to a six hour surgery- no news is good news so far.

  49. Gonna be a long day

  50. When you give something up, it falls into the fasting category. Let’s say you give up wine, you can then donate the money instead to charity. Kill two birds with one stone

    Let’s just say I give up feeding my children instead?

    Or the dogs? They don’t need that much food.

    I think most of you guys should give up “your mom” jokes for lent.

  51. No way!!!

  52. I think most of you guys should give up “your mom” jokes for lent.

    Let’s not get crazy, now…

  53. All the best to you and your Dad, Jam!

  54. Your mom jokes comprise about 52% of all funny here. Can we survive the deficit?

  55. Your mom jokes comprise about 52% of all funny here. Can we survive the deficit?

    It will be the H2’s Lenten offering.

  56. Prayers for your dad, Jam.

  57. I liked Hell or High Water. Waiting to Redbox the Mel Gibson movie. I’ve heard that Moana is the worst disney ever.

  58. I’m officially on the STFU George W Bush team.

    What a worm.

  59. Yeah, the Bushes need to go away. I never felt the anger towards him that a lot on the right did, but I’m sick and tired of this petty bullshit. Trump won. Get over yourselves. The Republican Party isn’t your special little clubhouse where only the people you want in get to play.

  60. Another team I’m on is STFUAGTFO Kasich.

  61. Prayers for a successful surgery, Jam.

  62. Colorado Alex, I was always angry (and said it at the time, many times) that Bush was never really serious about terrorism or he would have been serious about our borders.

  63. My son is in surgery for a new kidney right now.

    Thank you all who prayed and continue to pray for him.

  64. Hoo boy, we’ve got lots of surgery prayers to do.

    Hang in ther MrScience.

  65. I’ve been given a glimpse into hell.

  66. Of course we’ll pray for him, as well.

  67. I’ve been given a glimpse into hell.

    Dystopian nightmare future. Taylorism taken to its logical conclusion. A vast, globabl, urban Skinner box complete with digital opium.

  68. Thanks guys

  69. Prayer for mr science s boy sent

  70. Someone should check on carin – she must have had a stroke last night when she was with your mom

  71. I’m fine.

  72. Knock knock

  73. Prayers for Mr Science and son.

  74. Congrats and good wishes on the Kidney Mr Science.

  75. What’s dad-Jam’s surgery?

    Oso – that movie is at Redbox. I saw it in there over the weekend.

  76. Busy day for Hostage families in the OR. Good healing thoughts are sent your way.

  77. Carin said pullet

  78. Thoughts and prayers for son and dad!

  79. Prayers for you and the boy, MundyScience.

  80. Thanks, Car in.

  81. Prayers to mundy and jam!

  82. Elk horn girls won their state game, woo hoo!

  83. Dystopian nightmare future. Taylorism taken to its logical conclusion. A vast, globabl, urban Skinner box complete with digital opium.

    *Takes picture of nutrient cube and posts to BigBrotherGram*

  84. We have a meeting with “Spa” nurse assigned to MIL and her hospice representative tomorrow. Meeting realtor at MILs home before meeting. SIL can’t make the meetings.

  85. Wiserbud is having me on as a guest tomorrow. Listening is sure to be humorous.

  86. I had to be at work at 4AM. MaryAnn took her sweet time finding the perfect pooping place. I was late to work.

  87. I wonder who’s going.

  88. Leon, I was in a stall, and IF restarted the weight loss. Down almost 25 lb now. Another 20, and I will call it a victory.

    BTW, I tried that Carbalose flour. Made some chicken pot pie.
    Tastes to good to be true. Will probably avoid.

  89. Hello from Brussels! I’m about 7 Chads, which is bad.

    I have 3 days off and was planning on going to Bruges tomorrow. Weather looks like crap so I will maybe go on a self guided beer tour of Brussels.

  90. Weather is crap. Rain and sleet.

  91. Glad to hear it, Tushar. I don’t trust much of the packaged “low-carb” stuff. I just finished Deep Nutrition by Dr. Cate Shanahan and highly recommend it. Her food quality suggestions combined with Fung’s dietary approach seem like a very solid combination.

  92. Phat, what is the beer situation at the hotel?

  93. Phat, don’t climb up that tower in Bruges. You are a bit too American and a bit too Phat for that tower.

  94. What time will you be on, Leon?

  95. Welp, Ace is pissed at the Horde again. Might be time to lie low for a while, even though I’m certain I’m not on the list.

  96. >>I just finished Deep Nutrition by Dr. Cate Shanahan and highly recommend it.

    I just texted that to wife, and then realized I mistyped it as Derp Nutrition.

    Fitting, I guess.

  97. Cavil, what happened? I saw the thread, but didn’t read it, and then it was gone and Ace posted his new thread.

  98. I bailed before the “Good” comments. 💩

  99. 11:10 EST

  100. The short form, post was about some dimwit fymynumbskull talking about how Siri was “sexist” (even though you can change the voice, to a male one, which the “author” of the “study” admitted to knowing, but also admitted to being too lazy to do…)

    So of course, predictable Horde Standard Behavior ensued.

    Here’s the thing. I know one commenter–Cannibal Bob–had sorta danced on the line earlier today. And there was clearly something that set Ace off. The problem is I never saw what it was, I guess the banhammer was efficient? Anyway I have no clue what it was, and am not inclined to walk on eggshells for ANYONE, so I’m away for a spell while the dust settles.

  101. What are you going to talk about, Leon?

  102. I saw Fung’s Dietary Approach open for the Dandy Warhols back in ’99.

  103. I just assumed the Trumpateers were upset at President Boosh’s remarks and Ace’s non TRUMP RULZ reputations. If there was a dissapeared thread I didn’t see it. Honestly, the comments over there move too fast and get off my lawn.

    George W. was out of touch before he became President, he is never going to get it. I still believe he is a good man. He didn’t say boo about jugears pulling his country apart, he should STFU about PDT now.

  104. Tushar,
    I am solid. Bad weather in brussells, but I am here for three days.
    Saw this coming so laid in provisions.

    By provisions I mean alcohol. So I’m good.

  105. Health and weight loss stuff, diet and nutrition, maintaining for as long as I have.

  106. How your low-carb physique will help you survive the Reptiloid invasion.

  107. W lost me with shamnesty and never fighting back. Two things I love about cheeto dollhandz. DJT is my FY;NQ candidate.

  108. Oh, cmon…give the people what they want and deserve!

  109. We see this guy in the neighborhood several times a week. Uniform: weighted backpack, pants, and hoodie. We started calling him “Forrest”. Sun, sleet, or snow: Forrest. We think “Old guy with walker” passed. We watched him walk the block for 10 years. Poof! Gone.

  110. I promised myself I wouldn’t mention Reptoids.

    I can’t promise anything re: gardening, flamethrowing.

  111. That sounds more boring than xBrad’s sex life.

  112. I promised myself I wouldn’t mention Reptoids.

    WHO GOT TO YOU??!!!

  113. It’s punchier subject matter than you’d think.

    Reptoids are for next time.

  114. Car in should call in and talk about crossfit.

    It could be a weekly thing.

    Crossfit Friday.

  115. Prayers for jamDad and SonOfScience (sorry this is so late)!

  116. passes mare a box of wine.

    You have until Wednesday.

    She’s not going to make it.

  117. Leon, you should ease in slowly. Start with a discussion of the Hollow Earth.

  118. Man, that chick is blotto. She might have had a headache next day.



  121. We have 10$ off a 50$ purchase at Total Wine. Good thing booze ages. We’re emptying the open bar today and tomorrow. Lent. Hiccup 🍺🍷🍹🍸

  122. Can we ban Pups for the weak Geneva pun and earworm?


  124. In my l yearbook there’s a picture of me and a friend shotgunning beers with the Washington Monument in the background. Road trip to DC in a passenger van for a conference in our 2nd year. When we pulled up to the hotel and opened the side doors about a dozen empty beer cans rolled out onto the sidewalk. Great trip.



  127. Strange day. Who’s got a beer?

  128. No besos

  129. Can we ban Pups for the weak Geneva pun and earworm?

  130. Strange day. Who’s got a beer?

    GND’s pregnant with a reptoid baby?

  131. Har har.

    No, a bit more strange than that.

  132. You’re pregnant with a reptoid baby?!

  133. You realize we’re used to Muppet sex now, right?

    Just trying to establish a baseline for “strange.”

  134. Ace’s crap commenters are a large part of why I quit posting there. There were some decent commenters, of course, but on any serious topic 90% of the thread was idiotic.

    Now Ace himself is being driven off the site.

  135. Ace’s crap commenters are a large part of why I quit posting there.

    …and commenting.

  136. …and reading comments.

  137. Getting called a moby pretty much pushed me off the comments.

  138. Strange day. Who’s got a beer? ?

  139. Pumped a lot of taint down in New Orleans.

  140. We know.

  141. Hotspur, what issues would a home buyer face if he were to buy a house built in, say, 1955?

  142. Supposition that lead paint is present.

    Possibility that asbestos is present. Especially in floor tiles.

    Possibility if orangeburg pipe for the sewer service.

    No insulation to speak of.

    Those would be the main things.

  143. ok, nothing much can be done about lead paint and asbestos.
    Those pipes can potentially be replaced, at least those portions not buried beneath a concrete slab.
    Has anyone considered creating small openings in drywall, pulling out old insulation and blowing new one in?
    Of course, I am assuming that by 1955, we already had the 16′ studs and drywall construction, and not those old wooden slats.

  144. How about basic structural strength?

  145. That’s my house.

    Asbestos and lead build character.

  146. >>Asbestos and lead build character.

  147. My house was built in 1948.

    I am the 2nd owner.

  148. Scott, your house, with your land, would be worth a lot of money in NJ. Any builder would make you an attractive offer and build a million dollar house (or more, if subdividing is feasible).

  149. I posted 4 times at Ace’s. Granted, I had no idea what I was doing but one got stomped, one got deleted, and two actually made it up for a bit.

    I sort of understood how thankless it was because the commenters are funny but also kind of petty and mean. It’s a weird experience and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do that full time.

    I feel bad for him.

  150. One issue you might also face with a house built in 1955 is the ghost of a woman with big, pointy tits.

  151. Are there any quick talking men with really high pants ghosting about?

  152. MJ sounds lonely.

  153. For Lent, I plan to say a rosary on the drive to work, make rosaries for the catechumens entering the Church at the Easter Vigil, help Mini-me with her American Heritage Girl religious emblem, and declutter.

    Mr. RFH is home. He brought more of his parents’ stuff, so the declutter is going to move up the priority list.

  154. A substandard electrical system Tush, probably just the service wiring was better in the 50’s than the 30’s or 40’s

  155. MJ, I thought the little known facts about Trump was a good poat. I told the Meghan McCain one at work, to the right crowd, of course.

  156. Thanks!

  157. MJ sounds lonely.
    I’m thinking of joining a frolf club.

  158. Granted, I had no idea what I was doing but one got stomped, one got deleted, and two actually made it up for a bit.

    Yeah – I didn’t like having to coordinate posts and then have them stomped anyway.

    Ah well, I was never meant for stardom in the big leagues.

  159. So the graduate program director pulled me aside tonight and told me that all my professors last term were very impressed, and he offered me a part-time job. Unfortunately they can’t pay me, just reduce my tuition, but since the government is paying for my schooling that doesn’t actually help me any. I might agree to work as an unpaid internship (it’s only a couple of hours a week) just for the experience.

  160. Alex, I also have a job offer for you. There is no pay but the experience is great.

    What do you know about MDM or supply chain? Or doing laundry?

  161. I’m thinking of joining a frolf club.

    I am going to attempt to play ultimate this spring & summer.

    Unless my body doesn’t last through the spring.

  162. I really liked your posts, Geoff. Very thoughtful.

  163. What do you know about MDM or supply chain? Or doing laundry?

    I can supply you with MDMA made from laundry detergent. Does that count?

  164. Middling Dwarf Muddling?

  165. Hired.

  166. For Lent, I’m Lutheran. So that’s pretty easy.

  167. I really liked your posts, Geoff. Very thoughtful.

    Well thanks, but I always considered them dry. Not really Ace material. At least not Ace-of-yore material.

  168. xbrad getting called a moby was a classic. More than a few commenters had your back.

  169. You are the chart-master, geoff. Embrace it.

  170. Evening.

  171. Alex, I also have a job offer for you. There is no pay but the experience is great.

    What do you know about MDM or supply chain? Or doing laund

    MJ, your missing the essentials. Can Alex change a diaper? Is he willing to learn?

  172. Why did someone call Brad moby?

  173. Anyone read “The Case against Sugar”? Is there any reason to read it?

  174. I haven’t read it. I’m sure it’d be mostly a retread of the other stuff I’ve read along those lines.

  175. Ok, just checked – after the first week I’m 39 in Michigan for my division in the crossfit open.

    WINNING. Well, not exactly, but I’ll take it.

  176. Pretty awesome, Car in. I’m 39 in the 70+ group.

  177. I did pretty well on the workout … better than I expected myself to. I did a trial run (with a lighter weight) on friday and I think that helped. the weight was REALLY heavy for me, but I just had a plan. The burpees/boxes … I can just keep going on those. The snatches slowed me down.

    I don’t know if I could repeat it …lol. Not until I get stronger. I had about 4 no-reps where I had to redo it because I couldn’t get it all the way up.

    I’m sure MJ understands.

  178. A 20 year old re-did it this morning trying to beat mine and another woman’s score.

    She beat the other woman’s but not mine. lol. She sent a text to Hannah (they’re friends) telling her- lol – “your mom’s a bad ass” . Ha ha ha …

    Love it.

  179. The snatches slowed me down.


  180. Snatches are hard.

    Make of that what you will.

    I’ve always wanted to play the straight man.

  181. Son of Science (Thanks TiFW!) is out of surgery and in ICU. I am sleeping in a chair while he sleeps on bed. Pee is already looking like it should, no pink from blood, and copious amounts

  182. Straight men are susceptible to being slowed by snatches.

  183. Awesome.

  184. To Mr Science. Not to snatch.

  185. Where’s the late night crew?

  186. Come on now, snatch is pretty f’n awesome.

  187. My snatch sucks. Just saying.

  188. If a snatch is hard, you’re doing it wrong.

    And probably in Bangkok.

  189. Good news, Mr. Science.

  190. Yeah, Mr. S! Glad to hear things are going well with your boy. I woulda said something, but I was all caught up in the snatch.

  191. Hurrah, Mr. Science! Now YOU need to get some (well-deserved) rest 😁

  192. Dogs everywhere require petting.

  193. No Tuesday post yet?

  194. I just made a stompable one.

    Worky worky

  195. Been tossing and turning since 2 am, mind racing. Miserable. And now, like every Tuesday morning, an exam. Of course. What better day for one?
    This is one I’m going to bomb and not be all too upset about it. Just too damn tired.

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