Hostage Oscar Party (Now With 100% Fewer Slow-loading GIFs!)

Well, the Academy Awards are here again. Yay. If you think you’re sick of hearing about them, try living in Southern California. It’s all they talk about on the news for the next goddamn week.

Most of us aren’t big fans of Hollywood (or as one guy I heard one time called it, HollyWEIRD–delightful!) but maybe you saw a couple of the movies that are nominated this year. Are you rooting for La La Land? Hidden Fences? Something else?

Ah, who am I kidding? We’re all boycotting the Oscars. Not for the politics (okay, maybe a little bit because of the politics) but because the most deserving film of the year wasn’t nominated:


I’m just hoping John Wick 2: The Wick and The Dead gets nominated next year. Probably not, though.


  1. IT’s on in my living room. Which is why I’m not in there.

    Why these folks need more accolades on top of their huge salaries, I have no idea.

  2. I’ll just buy the special Oscars edition of People magazine to get my news.

    (Is that magazine still out there?)

  3. There should be an award show for soldiers.

    And wine makers.

  4. Anyone have any thoughts about Dana Loesch?

  5. And your mom.

  6. That was an addendum to MJ’s comment, mare. As for Dana Loesch, she’s a solid conservative and a tireless 2nd Amendment advocate. Why do you ask?

  7. Oh, are those tonight? Huh.

  8. She was a never Trumper. I like her, but she’s a Egg MacMuffin supporter

  9. Anyone have any thoughts about Dana Loesch?

    Yeah, but her husband would probably object to me carrying any of them out…

  10. She looks like she makes good cookies.

  11. Just curious. Her radio show late night is not that good. But I know she’s a second Amendment stalwart

  12. If she is an Evan Mcmuffin supporter she’s got friggen issues. I did not know that, Oso.

  13. Her books sell very well at The Club. I haven’t noticed her dialing back the MacMuffin love yet


  15. Dan is pissed that Viola was able to go long without getting the cut-off music

  16. And…he’s weighing in on the crappy short films that Wal-Mart funded.

  17. We only watch this crap to MST3K it

  18. It’s kinda funny that Ace put up an Oscar Thread, but only one or two Morons are watching and the thread is at 600+ comments…

  19. There should be an award show for soldiers.

    Why aren’t you working on this

  20. We work at 4AM tomorrow. I can’t find my RLS supplement. I was informed I will be sleeping on the couch. I didn’t wake myself up last night, so I thought I had a good night. MaryAnn and Dan begged to differ 😜

  21. I just looked at the last month of Dana’s Twitter account. Couldn’t find any mention of McMullin. And the stuff about her being a current NeverTrumper seems to mostly be coming from Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, who’s a nutjob.

  22. We watched Luke Cage. Cottonmouth won Best Supporting Actor.

  23. I have thoughts about Dana Loesch. Lots of them.

  24. Dana Loesch never impressed me that much.

  25. I’m sending you this photograph of me in my new car
    But I hate to say I miss you cause you don’t derp me anymore
    You politely say, “I miss you,” but we know you don’t mean that anymore
    Like when the doctor thought he caught you
    Then you weaseled through the door

  26. Well, it took 12 years, but Hollywood finally got their revenge for “Brokeback Mountain” not winning Best Picture in 2005.

    And best of all – for them – this time the tender story of the love between two men is told from the black perspective.

    I’m sure the black community will rush to embrace this picture (not). It’s something they can take their kids to see….oh, wait.

    But all that Hollywood cares about now is whether Obama liked it (and you just know that’s who they will all be interviewing tomorrow).

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