Big Blam Frooday

Tushar sent me an email yesterday after watching Trump’s press conference with dire warnings of peak boner. I believe our newest American is loving winning more each day even if he has a constant headache from lack of blood flow.

I wanted you to know that I gave your mom a chance to name this song. What a dirty slut.

Today’s model  hails from the country of Whatevestan. She’s smoking hot, has giant boobs, and to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not even sure these pictures of the same walking boobs girl. Please give a hearty, healthy, and very warm welcome to RION.





Now for today’s test:

Take the day off, losers. It’s President’s Day weekend and Donald F’n Trump is the President. What the hell is going on in this world???


  1. Did someone give HS control of the tagline above the comment box?

    Sure seems like it.

  2. My day already sucks. I hope the rest of the team takes the day off so I can get something done without the speed bumps.

  3. wakey wakey.

    We had a “side boob” rule, but do have a “side vag” rule? that last picture seems dangerously close.

  4. I’m not sure where your vag is, but I’m not sure there’s such thing as side vag.

    Side pube? Maybe.

  5. I see pubes, I tried not to linger the first time.

  6. I feel like absolute shit today. I’m super tired and slightly hung over.

    The bad part is I had one beer and a glass of wine. Goddam life has changed over the past few years.

    Also, I should have some very good news for you guys in a few months.

  7. It’s a shadow.

  8. Need a quick favor.

    If you enter ‘side of beef’ at google and click on images do you get the video or picture of Hillary being chucked into her medical van at the 9/11 memorial?

  9. I do indeed.

  10. Also, I should have some very good news for you guys in a few months.

    Insurance company finally OK the sex change?

  11. GND has a bun in the oven and it might be yours?

  12. You’re going to be on Jerry Springer?

  13. Amazon is carrying lift shoes with fish in the bottom?

  14. Slow clap for everyone. Nicely done retards.

    Leon was right, though.

  15. Don’t tell us until later, then. Don’t jinx it.

  16. Oh crap. I thought you guessed sex change.

  17. He was right on both counts?

  18. Also if it’s a girl I have piles of clothing I can send/bring.

  19. Actually we’re moving g again.

    And I’m getting a sex change.

  20. Where/what to?

  21. Did someone give HS control of the tagline above the comment box?

    Sure seems like it.

    I don’t see the word “cunt” anywhere.

  22. Actually, we’re not moving.

    Starting a chicken farm just outside of Novi.

  23. You’re going to farm chickens hundreds of miles from your house?

  24. What kinda Chickens?

  25. Meat based chickens.

  26. Your gonna feed yer chickens meat? Will the meat being fed to the chickens be free range & antibiotic free? Is this a free range chicken farm or one of those icky industrial ones?

  27. Industrial. I’m gonna feed my chickens garbage and uranium.

    Weaponized chickens are the future.

  28. I figured that’s what it was. Congrats. I was sure you’d be shotting blanks.

    Remember when that asshole Rosetta (*tears up slightly) didn’t tell us he was having a baby.

  29. He had lost one already, I get why he was hesitant.

  30. No he didn’t tell us about the first one. The second one – Henry – we knew she was pregnant with that one. She was preggo at the meet up.

    I generally held off until I heard a heartbeat/made it to the second trimester. I lost my first one at 12 weeks.

  31. Mons pubis

  32. Lots of women lose the first pregnancy. Lots keep it, too, so the muppet shouldn’t panic. Possum was a first pregnancy, but we didn’t say anything until 4 months.

  33. And with Rosetta’s first, we didn’t know until the baby had passed at full term, if I remember correctly.

  34. My wife miscarried on our first one. She was convinced for a long time that it was because she insisted on proving to some drunken friends that she could do a headstand without leaning against a wall or anything. She fell awkwardly the first couple of times before nailing it. She wasn’t very far along, maybe three months or so. I finally talked her down from that foolishness.

    It was an eye opener to me though as to how much I’d already started readjusting my life’s plans and goals without really even realizing it.

  35. Hahahahahahaha, this skank is perfect for this POS site.

  36. MJ, baby excitement is the best kind!! Prayers and love and what not, you little scamp!

  37. Mare, we don’t know it’s his yet.

  38. Congrats, MJ! Good thing you got a head start on the Muppet collection. Might want to rinse it off a bit before you let him/her play with it.

  39. That’s true.^

  40. But I’m a muppet. What is this collection you speak of?

  41. Does this mean no weaponized chickens?

  42. Egg grenades 🙂

  43. Good job Swifty. You’ve killed it dead now.

  44. /plays taps

  45. I’m here. Just waiting for some workout tips.

  46. AWESOME> And then we can do gardening?

    i’ve been going to crossfit a lot more lately. I’m expecting to see those HUGE GAINS any day now.

  47. I’ve been going to crossfit in the Morning, then I hit the spinning bike in the afternoon.

    Which I’m about to it in …3 … 2 … 1! GO

  48. Do yourself a favor: read David Brooks column today.

    The left has devolved into a weird wishcasting routine.

    Trumps non connection to Russia is worse than 9/11!! He’ll never last one term!! Republicans will impeach him!! He’s going to resign!! Trump did it this time! No one takes on The NY Times editorial staff of paunchy, middle aged, French speaking white guys and gets away with it!!

    I remember the right being pretty depressed after Obama but I don’t remember the divorce from reality where unnamed hero saves the day and everyone’s dreams come true.

  49. select burpees as TheySuck
    from Crossfit
    where owner = psycho

  50. Another one

  51. Took out the weirdest ganglion cyst today. The size of a grape or pearl onion from the ring finger flexor tendon sheath. Atypical location and a yuge one…not as big as whatherface’s boobs up there but still impressive. When the pain wears off the hand is gonna feel much better.

  52. you’re full of cheerful news today.

  53. Youse guys are hoarding water, right? I’ve been informed that our clean water is now gone, because Pruitt was confirmed.

  54. I’ve invested in pork bellies

  55. Did you know that you might find bacon in a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich?

  56. How long did it take for the cyst to develop to that size?

  57. For her it was about a year. Totally benign but they usually show up on the dorsal wrist which is a chip shot to take out. Every once in a while they show up near the radial artery and they make me cringe when I take them out. I was reasonably certain this was a ganglion because it transilluminated. Just weird overall.

  58. I keep all my hoarded water buried in this place I call “the aquifer”.

  59. Iowa just passed Wisconsin style public sector union reform, and our state is about to vanish, according to people in the know.

    I decided to study a bit.

  60. Iowexit?

  61. I’m pretty sure that Iowa is just going to disappear.

    Like Wisconsin did in 2011.

  62. Trump states vanish a lot. I think Michigan is basically Atlantis now.

  63. heh. That squirrel gif looks like mare after a box or two of wine.

  64. congrats on the behbeh news, MidJet

  65. Watching the Trump presser from yesterday now.

  66. Oh… he really did go there. To their faces. Immediately.

  67. Urrrggh, long morning. Up at 6:00, working in the shop. #1 son calls at 9:15 with a cow problem. Heifer went to the back of the pasture and had trouble calving. I load the calf puller and assorted equipment and drive as close as possible. Carry everything 1/4 mile to check her. She’s already calved. She is down and can’t get up, no calf anywhere around. No drag marks, so evidently something big picked up the calf and walked off with it. Carry equipment back to pickup, get a gun and put cow down. She’s in bad enough shape she wouldn’t survive. Back the truck down a narrow road, start to turn around and the bank caves in. Truck is severely stuck. Phone girlfriend of #1 son to bring truck #2 to pull out truck #1. 20 minutes later, get a call from GF, Truck #2 is stuck. Walk 1.5 miles to check, yep, stuck. Walk 1.5 more miles home, get truck #3, load boards, shovels and Hi Lift jack. Pull out truck #2, pull out truck #1. Get home for lunch at 2:30. Back to work in shop.

    TL:DR – rough morning.

  68. American steel. Nice.

  69. Damn, Pepe, that’s rough.

  70. Jay, google kettle pizza.

  71. Adds “calf puller” to list of things I did not previously have knowledge of and wished I hadn’t been curious enough to investigate

  72. Congrats MJ & GND.

  73. “Adds “calf puller” to list of things I”‘d like to have
    so –
    went to a friends farm to say “hey” (many moons ago)- spent the next 12 hours helping pull foals out of horses (shakes fist in air and yells “””””Mare!!!!!eleventy””””””””)”

    they lived

    it’s kinda cooll


  74. I’ve watched Dr Pol use a calf puller. Those are the good days. The bad days are when he has to use a saw chain to get the dead ones out before it kills the cow.

  75. Certain things make me squeamish: the whole birthing thing, mucous and eyeballs. Choosing the form of my destructor would result in a pretty gross entity

  76. Birthing class taught me the glorious miracle of mucus.

  77. Scott, if you are keeping score: 2 60s, 1 70, and 1 78″ Curved Samsung. I sold one of the 60″ Vizio returns this morning. The 78″ Samsung is $700 off because it was used and doesn’t have a box. Member to Oso: Is there anything wrong with it? Oso: It was bought for the game and the Holly fight and returned. Member: People do that? Oso: Every year. Fin

  78. Congrats MJ and GND. There are worse things to be than short and good looking.

  79. Where can I get these open box TV’s?

  80. Cuffymeh made insty

    I wish he would come back here and make me laugh. Fucker.

  81. Sam’s Club. WalMart. Most electronic retail post big game. 30 day return policy hardest hit.

  82. Are you going to Denver and/or Cheyenne Miss Crazy Bear?

    This is important.

  83. Auction tab at Sam’s Club .com can get pretty good deals on boxed items. Black Friday or VIP duds. Members should check it out

  84. Waiting for my boss to approve my vacation.

  85. I trashed a clock today.


    This is a first for me. I feel awful.

    Fortunately it wasn’t a $6000 clock, it was a piece of crap that sold for $90.

  86. Scott, insured? You have to replace?

  87. When I talked to Mrs. Pupster about the meat face, she wanted to know if you, Roamie and Cyn were going to be there.


  88. All the illegals that boycotted shopping yesterday, shopped today…a Friday before a holiday. Even with holiday staffing, it wasn’t enough for all the illegals that pushed their business from yesterday to today.

  89. I am buying it, and I offered to ship the remnants for free.

    I have no idea what happened. I was home alone, and in another room, when I heard……. CRASH.

  90. My TO request has been in the computer for over a week. I can now bypass my boss for another MGR. Dan will be talking to his MGR tomorrow.

  91. Biggest storm of the season started today, and with the gale-force winds going right now, it’s raining horizontally. My boss told me that if there was a long lull in customers, I could lock up and go home early, but I can almost guaran-damn-tee you that there will be two or three maniacs here hitting balls until 10 or 10:30.

  92. Does your old house have a ghost?

  93. Sean, is the storm named Lucifer, or is that the East Coast Storm?

  94. It’s something Bubba would have done.

  95. Bubba’s ghost! We can tell ghost stories in WY

  96. I don’t think they actually bother to name the storms here. At least, not that I’ve ever noticed.

  97. Comment by scott on February 17, 2017 8:11 pm

    I have no idea what happened. I was home alone, and in another room, when I heard……. CRASH.


    One of Laura’s experiments trying to escape?

  98. Baldilocks has no power and Bing confirmed the SoCal storm is named Lucifer. I’m guessing Sean will have patrons all night. Retail 101

  99. Squeeee!!!!!

    So excited for you and GND 😁

    When is the little one due? How is mama feeling? Any morning sickness or cravings?

    GND is gonna be a radiant pregnant lady – be sure and pamper that sweet girl {{{hugs}}}

  100. When he goes on Springer it will be revealed that GND is………

    guy next door.



  102. When he goes on Springer it will be revealed that GND is………

    guy next door.


    Having met GND I can say that if this is the case, the surgeon deserves the industry’s highest awards and accolades.

  103. hello hostages
    Congrats MJ

  104. Is everyone over at the super secret H19?
    Well I am drinking Makers Cask strength. It is good.
    I am getting a visitor next week, I am so excited!
    The way I am driving my new beast (all urban surface street, and frequently putting my foot down) I am getting 11! MPG

    Not complaining about the mileage you have to feed the pony’s. I will gripe about the civic sized gas tank, what are you thinking Mopar?

    Wait Fiat Chrysler, must be those Italian’s

  105. OMG Boomer fight. Dan and I are arguing over Cloris Leachman. She isn’t on the MTM site on imbd. On MTM on Wiki. He’s like “anyone can change wikipedia”

  106. Shit just got real! He accused me of saying Cloris was on the Bob Newhart show

  107. Hey Vman, glad to see you. Who’s your visitor going to be?

    Well, oso, the MTM IMDb page might not list Cloris Leachman, but her personal page shows that she was in 38 episodes.

  108. My boss thought I was nuts or some kind of OCD for asking for Aug. 21 off this early, until I told him it’s the solar eclipse.

  109. Mini-me will get a couple of excused absences for college visits, so we’ll pull her out of school that day and go look in TN. The path of totality will be a little north of Rolla, so Rocketboy may skip, too.

  110. Will that be vuisible on the West Coast, roamy?

  111. Heh Roamy calculating how many Fiat (fix it again Toni) sized gas tanks it will take

    Thanks Sean
    My niece is visiting. We will take a day trip to the Texas Hill Country, shoot machine guns, and go out to eat often

  112. I just scanned the thread, but Cloris Leachman is visiting V-man?

  113. Tonight was horrible at work. People are generally assholes and I hate most of them.

  114. Confession from drunk brown guy: I got drunk and then watched an Andrew Breitbart video clip of him fucking some MSNBC flunky right in the poophole. And I cried.

    Why did He have to take all the good men away from us? Breitbart, Rosetta, Michael….

  115. Heh Car in
    I did talk to a pretty lady today, she however did not offer to visit me.

  116. Sean, you would need to go to Oregon. I think XBrad’s niece is there.

  117. I hate the embed, but I’m leaving it.

  118. I *might* take a road trip to Maine this summer. Is Michigan on the way Car in? I am a good tipper.

    That is life Tush, hang in there

  119. Michigan isn’t really on the way to anywhere. It’s more of a “side trip”.

  120. Yep. That’s pretty much exactly over her house.

  121. Well Google says Fly, but if I cut through Canada it is only a 5 hour detour

  122. Why did He have to take all the good men away from us? Breitbart, Rosetta, Michael….

    Hard to say. But maybe the lesson we’re supposed to learn is that we should appreciate the good people in our lives and be good to them and tell them that we love them because we never know how long we’ll have them with us.

  123. The derp was all purple
    There were people runnin’ everywhere
    Tryin’ to run from the destruction
    You know I didn’t even care

  124. Overtime and telenovelas until the womenfolk arise.

  125. Cloris Leachman is a prolific actress. When I opened Sean’s link I wondered if she was still alive. Holy shit yeah! Alive and doing lots of stuff. I really admire an actor who can just do their job without trying to influence my opinion on social or political issues. I mean, I’d be shocked if she wasn’t an advocate for something, but the fact I don’t know about it makes me happy.

    I just looked on line and she does the typical animal rights and meat free stuff.

  126. High of 43 degrees tomorrow

    *searching for suntan lotion*

  127. Young Mare

  128. Her cameo role on Blue Mountain State was pretty degenerate/lewd, but that was sort of the whole point of the show.

  129. Supposed to be 62F here today. I’m mad as heck that I’m still coughing. I could get a lot done outside today before the Spring flooding.

  130. Three day weekend to recover from the past week, hooray!

  131. I’m in the office Monday for a full schedule. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. Thursday/Friday are light so far but my partner is off this week and it’s school vacation so I guarantee kids will be doing stupid stuff and winning stupid prizes. With all the snow we have I’m assured of a couple of femur fractures from sledding.

    Here’s a locally famous sledding hill dubbed “Suicide Hill” where I get a lot of business from

  132. I was watching Milo Yiannapolous on Bill Maher’s show.

    I was just thinking, ‘this guy is the best thing to come out of UK since Christopher Hitchens’

    And literally, the next moment Maher says, ‘you remind me of a young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens’

  133. Morning.

    Boy2 and I sat on a local pub’s patio for dinner last night. 64 degrees. It was awesome. Today we will be cleaning up the cars and the backyard.

    Sorry for the devil storm West Coasters, but MN is due a nice weekend. Highs in the 50s today and tomorrow.

  134. WW.

    I work today.

    So Murph( crossfit workout) on tap before I have to put on the dreaded bartending outfit.

  135. I saw a report on the warm temps in MN which was what prompted me to look up my weather. Not quite the 60’s but still better than what we’ve been having.

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