Teh Luv Sessy Poat

V-Day has come and gone and hopefully your celebration was everything you wanted it to be.  I’m not really a Valentine’s Day guy because I think it’s a manufactured holiday designed to ring up sales in the retail market during a slow time in the winter months. Try telling that to your partner if he or she is a “believer“. I think something small is in order like a witty card, some good chocolate and a home cooked meal (do leftovers count?). “Toys” are a dicey proposition that can come back to bite you in the ass so to speak. Maybe your celebration consisted of some dancing involving a ‘good’ female dancer, performed by an (nsfw) avatar: Because…science.

Love is a many splendored thing


Wine, flowers and chocolate are overrated








Sometimes after sorting through a lot of rejects, and despite all our attempts at sabotage, things just work out.


You get to find someone to grow old with and that’s a good thing.

Got some good memories of a woman who liked her some Etta James back in the day


  1. Mr. RFH is not a Valentine’s believer, which has resulted in some ugly moments. This year was low-key but okay.

  2. Late for St. Valentine’s Day, early for St. Patrick’s Day and always on time for your mom

  3. I missed yesterday’s comments about H1B visa.

    I largely agree. The purpose of the H1B program was to import cheaper labor and depress wages. The only upside was that I got to come to US.
    Wait. Not an upside from American POV.

    As Trump reforms/winds down the H1B program, companies will try to shift jobs outside instead. He needs to be aware of that and head off. Some kind of tax akin a border tax may take away the cost differential and discourage outsourcing.

    My proposed formula: if a company’s gross revenue is 30% foreign and 70% domestic, whereas their headcount (not salary bill) is less than 70% domestic, that constitutes indirect importation of labor and will be taxed accordingly.

  4. There are likely accounting tricks to get around such a thing.

    OTOH, nothing stops the government from publishing the ratios.

  5. I take that back, there probably is something that prevents that.

    Better to just tweet vagueries and put the offenders on the defensive.

  6. Businesses are not going to do anything, include improve wages, if they believe it is unsustainable. Wage and labor issues are probably not really going to be helped by anything but a healthy, expanding economy. There’s a lot of people sitting on their ass right now (or underemployed) who can only be stirred by opportunity.

    And even if that happens- the national debt is hanging over us like….a big scary thing. Use your imagination.

    Need coffee.

  7. The only upside was that I got to come to US.

    This is what I was thinking during that whole discussion yesterday. Well, at least we got Tushar!

    Not an upside from American POV.

    Shush, you.

  8. A ton of development is off shored but complimented with H1b. My guess is that it will push more of the work off shore and crest some increased demand for higher wages and developers in the US.

    The downside is that the H1b folks are generally the people we want. Hard working and smart. Entrepreneurial.

    But by all means let’s open the border so we can have more cheap service labor for rich people.

  9. Side note: the discussions on this blog are more interesting than the media obsession with palace intrigue and throne sniffing.

    It’s almost as if 80% of the press is made up of high school gossip queens wondering why Chad has Amber’s lipstick on his collar. They were supposed to be studying!

  10. MJ, I am a bit surprised that American kids are shunning programming jobs. People like me are not exactly underpaid. But I see new kids coming in, and they want to go in other areas of the company even at lesser pay, but avoid tech jobs.

    Granted, programming can be mentally taxing and you generally don’t get to leave at 5, but the pay is worth it.

  11. Trump has the right idea. H1B allowed but at a higher pay. That achieves two things. One, only more capable people will come in, and the riff raff will stay out. Two, H1B will stop being a cost reduction tool, and spur locals into competing for these jobs.

    Tech employers have always maintained that H1B is justified on high skill and shortageof talent, not cost. Take them for their word.

  12. If I had to pick, I’ll take H1b and a wall over a porous border and no foreign tech workers. At least H1b means people paying rent and grocery bills locally, and they generally bring some nice ethnic cuisine with them.

  13. Tushar, tech is hard. I know that sounds stupidly obvious, but a lot of our young folk have never been allowed to do anything they might fail at, and have no idea how to introspect and try something different. Writing code is an especially humbling endeavor, since the source of every error is your own dipshittery.

  14. Leon, we are facing some really tough issues at work. We need to process orders at a rate of at least 3-4000 per minute. I am incharge of that piece, and we are holding up fine.
    But the end of day book calculation and report generation are horrendously slow, and are impacting the clients. I was up till 10.30 yesterday, and got up again at 4 am. Yeah, it is tough.

  15. wakey wakey

  16. One table is getting thousands of inserts per second from 300 different threads, and the database is struggling to cope.

  17. I think if we cut out some of the bullshit (generous social welfare to immigrants, voting ballots in foreign language … bending over backwards for cultural sensitivity) we’d take care of a LOT of our immigration issues.

    Want to live here? Learn the language. Get a job. Support yourself. Stay out of trouble.

    And hopefully cook me some of the delicious food from wherever you’re from.

  18. Is it a parallelizable problem, Tushar? That could make a huge difference. Depending on the data, you might be able to test such a thing in AWS as a proof of concept and see if more hardware would help, assuming you don’t have a cluster you could throw it at.

  19. MJ, I am a bit surprised that American kids are shunning programming jobs. People like me are not exactly underpaid. But I see new kids coming in, and they want to go in other areas of the company even at lesser pay, but avoid tech jobs.
    Granted, programming can be mentally taxing and you generally don’t get to leave at 5, but the pay is worth it.
    I’m surprised too but it is a thankless job. People like me ask for things that aren’t remotely possible in very short time frames. And then at the end, ask if the color can be changed. It’s frustrating.

  20. Tushar, have you looked at ElasticSearch rather than a classic RDBMS? You might be able to cluster enough VMs to mitigate the issue. Alternatively, you could collect and cache the inserts for later if they don’t need to be immediately indexed.

  21. *eyes glaze over at programming talk

    I can’t believe you guys complain about GARDENING

  22. If I had to pick, I’ll take H1b and a wall over a porous border and no foreign tech workers. At least H1b means people paying rent and grocery bills locally, and they generally bring some nice ethnic cuisine with them.
    This should be the H2 official immigration policy.

    It’s not about anything other than skill set. You want in, get in line and bring a marketable, in demand skill. Other than that, lock it. up!

    Sorry! America is busy and can’t come to the door right now!

  23. People like me ask for things that aren’t remotely possible in very short time frames. And then at the end, ask if the color can be changed. It’s frustrating.

    Our DBA is trying to be useful and “testing” for us right now. Keeps opening JIRA tickets for “bugs” that are literally the system working as intended but in a manner she doesn’t like because the user is allowed to fail (non-catastrophically) when they do something wrong. I have thought about asking if she rides a bicycle with training wheels. In a slot. On a bike path lined with Nerf.

  24. I’m going to shop for chickens. You guys suck this morning.

  25. >>assuming you don’t have a cluster you could throw it at.

    We do have a cluster. A clusterfuck.

    The db needs to keep the indexes on each insert. It just can’t keep up. The DBAs are trying to tweak the indexes. We will solve it, it will just take trial and error, long name ghts and heartburn.

  26. Also, AWS is out of question. We would shut the bank down before losing control over data.

  27. I wouldn’t use it in practice, just test the approach with some dummy data.

  28. What kind of chickens, Carin? Any special desires?

  29. Foreign Medical Graduates or FMG’s (now called International Medical Graduates—*jerk off motion*) have to jump through a lot of hoops to practice in the US. Around the time we had the airport rallies/riots my hospital sent out an inclusion/diversity email describing their commitment to our foreign practitioners. In the rural US there are a lot of FMG’s in practice and most of them are good. I think the selection process weeds out a lot of the shabby ones.

    Here’s an article about the process if anyone gives a rodent’s ass


  30. And in the spirit of inclusion my comment did include the words “weeds out”, so it’s almost like gardening

  31. Well, Erin wants more Buff’s. She loves how they look so fat.

    I just like a nice mix.

  32. Ugh, just got a text from my mom. My cousin in FLA is having a BM biopsy to rule out cancer. She’s in her 50’s and her dad lived with lymphoma for years before ultimately dying from it at a too young age. He was a great guy, from a farming family in Ohio and had a million dollar smile. Guy was a funny bastard that always had us kids laughing.

  33. Erin is into fat chicks? Interesting.

  34. There’s a song about big Buffs.

  35. Well, when you put it like that ….

  36. The big storm fizzled out for here and we only got a light coat of snow. The kids were incredulous when I woke them up to get ready this morning. I laughed at their misery. Prepping them for the real world.

  37. I think we’re planning red or black sex-links again.

  38. Ok, here’s what I have in my “cart”:

    2 black cochins
    2 white cochins (they both look like little fully snowballs – and are more pricey – but I need a few glamour chickens)

    Black star – 5
    Light brahmas – 6
    silver laced wyandotts 6
    Buff Orpingtons – 5

    All those are good layers.

  39. I’m thinking I’ll have ’em delivered the middle of march.

  40. 1000’s of inserts/updates in a table? Yeah, never seen that before.

    /your mom

  41. I don’t mind H1B over undocumented. Like Dennis Miller says, come on in, just sign the guestbook as you enter!

  42. I know you’ve probably already done it, Tush, but I’ve divided everything up in code before, instead of letting SQL procs do it. Inserting at lower levels sometimes increases throughput.

  43. Joins are expensive, just sayin

  44. They are making it easy for us again:


  45. That’s a really nice looking FORTRAN program, Car in, good job!

  46. The kids were incredulous when I woke them up to get ready this morning.

    They cancelled school preemptively a couple times around here. Leaving the kids home with a beautiful sunny day.

  47. They won’t actually be missed. At all.

  48. I feel pretty confident that all the immigrants at my restaurant will show up for work today.

  49. i still haven’t replaced my phone.

  50. Have you asked about getting it fixed? Replacing the glass isn’t as expensive as a new phone.

  51. Replacement glass is $25

  52. Day without immigrants or illegals needs to be offset with no payments for social benefit programs for a similar time to get a sense of how this really works

  53. My phone gets horrible reception anyway, and I can’t load certain things because of the small amount of memory.

    I’ve really just been riding this out for a while since I didn’t NEED a new one.

  54. Good morning, all. I get to sign the papers to close the sale of the house today. Not nearly everything is out, but apart from a few last things to get today, I got as much as I really care about at this stage.

    Never enough labor to get it done, or money to hire folks to do it, and I had a month and change to do it. Eventually I just stopped caring.

    This three day weekend will be a nice stressbuster. I’m staying with friends for a while until the money comes through. I’m going to take some A+ and such certs, even despite our H1B discussions, because I seriously need to upgrade my paychecks now…

  55. Wanna see some crazy shit? Look at what the “immigrants” have been doing in France for the past week. Wonder why Im not seeing the story in our news? The fight for France has started.

  56. I’m very jealous, Carin!! Still want chickens here. Not getting them though, because we want to be able to travel this Summer.

  57. I want to grow my own food, but…

  58. The people running the school here used to wait until school was supposed to start to call it off. Assholes. You’d have to get up and get ready and fight your way through the snow to get there, then they’d call it off.

  59. Yep, pepe, I’ve driven to school and had to go back home after they cancelled classes. It’s like lawyers didn’t exist when we went to school.

    There used to be “hard surfaces only”. Buses would only go on highways, everyone else had to get there on their own.

  60. Jay, I agree. We only do simple inserts.
    The issue is that the table I am talking about has a few billion rows, and we are inserting literally thousands of rows per second, and db is unable to update the indexes fast enough. Our dba thinks he has a solution. We will see.

  61. Laura, I have never considered my residency and citizenship in US to be some kind of right. I was always aware that it was a hard earned privilege. And thus I am sensitive to whether this transaction (of allowing me in) is beneficial to both parties.

  62. God Forbid if an immigrant should follow the rules AND want to honor us by proving their worth. God Forbid it!

    *stamps around in street, waving the flag of some other country while demanding more welfare bennies from this one*

  63. OK, I have to go to school soon. Giving a mini-presentation today and already getting jitters, dammit. I hate public speaking.

  64. have a great day errybody

  65. Im curious Tushar, when you first came over, was it your intent to permanently immigrate and become a citizen? And if not, should that requirement be built in? After __ yrs one must either shit or get off the pot so to speak?

    *I know about zero about H1b

  66. How’s everyone’s day w/o immigrants going?

    Anyone starving yet? Grass overgrown?

  67. I’m having a taco bowl to celebrate.

  68. That’s YUGE!

  69. TT,
    When a newbie embarks ashore, and you ask him if he wants to be here forever, there is no way to answer that. What if I say yes, but then feel homesick? Or say no and regret it?
    Most people will answer yes, because they csn always change their mind later.

    The H1B rules solve this dilemma. It is issued for 3 years, with one extension allowed that takes it to 6 years. Within these six years, you either have to start the permanent resident (green card) or leave.

    So basically you get six years of grunting before you are asked to take your stanky ass back to where you came from.

  70. Finished my last final exam of the term last night. I think I did ok. I get the rest of the week off along with next week.

  71. I’m going to celebrate immigrate by going to taco bell.

  72. Whatcha gonna do with all that spare time?

  73. There’s no shortage of dipshittery around this shithole dump.

  74. Today I’m going to change the brakes on my truck, do laundry, and then go swing dancing tonight in Pasadena. Tomorrow I want to go to the Getty Museum. Next week I’m going to try to go to the range a couple of times, as well as the gym on Tuesday and Thursday. Other than that… read, work on the Duolingo Italian course, and try to get at least one day of research in the library so I can get ahead of the curve for next term’s project.

  75. I suspect that if H1Bs were eliminated, you would see some short term shifting of jobs overseas, but that in the med to long term you’d see a shift of jobs away from their concentration in big expensive cities like SF, NYC, Austin, etc. Why pay someone $80,000 a year to live outside of San Francisco when you can pay them $50,000 a year to live in Wichita and throw in an extra $10,000 a year in airline tickets and hotel rooms for each employee and their spouse who wants to go visit SF?

  76. Thanks for the response Tush. My question regarding intent was specific to you, not in general.

  77. Why pay someone $80,000 a year to live outside of San Francisco when you can pay them $50,000 a year to live in Wichita and throw in an extra $10,000 a year in airline tickets and hotel rooms for each employee and their spouse who wants to go visit SF?

    This is my argument to a potential client. I’m paid very well for rural MI, but I’m a bargain in DC.

  78. Not everyone grasps the work from home concept.

  79. My immigrant bride made me an egg salad sammich for my lunch.

  80. Well, not every employee can be trusted with the responsibility of it.

    *considers putting on pants*
    *keeps considering*

  81. Sleep at work then.

  82. Doesn’t she know she’s not supposed to work today?

  83. I don’t think she got the memo. She’s white.

  84. The Obamacare death spiral was a planned feature. Make it look like you tried, but it just didn’t work. Cankles was supposed to be president, the senate and house were supposed to flip, and then we were going to get single-payer.

    Nice try assholes.

  85. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 16, 2017 12:45 pm
    Not everyone grasps the work from home concept.

    It’s not even working from home. Iowa isn’t the backwoods where indoor plumbing is some newfangled thing. Set up an office in the Midwest vice Palo Alto.

  86. From what I’ve read, which admittedly isn’t much, it sounds like the GOPs problem isn’t a lack of ideas, but a whole bunch of ideas the people are fighting over which to include. Some are good, some are bed, but everyone has their preferences and there’s no consensus.

  87. Oh I fully understand, CoLex. I’m referring to people that would just sit all day, because the boss isn’t breathing down their neck.

  88. Exactly. There are a bunch of tech companies in Ann Arbor now, which is still stupidly expensive, but way cheaper than Silicon Valley.

    The real trick is spreading out Federal contracting work. Fairfax county needs to be neutered of that concentration of wealth extracted from taxpayers.

  89. I worked from home the last 2 days, even though I’m not supposed to. Our company does not condone that, you should be in the office.

    Unless you aren’t. Then things.

  90. Trump Rally Orlando.. I wonder what kinda party is going to take place outside? Those considering attending should also consider being prepared to defend themselves. Its a little bit different climate than before the election, so I suspect the push back from attendees may manifest in a more aggressive manner.

  91. Leon, I’ve advocated for years that the government agencies be pushed out of NoVa to the rest of the country. Restrict the number of federal workers for any one agency to the agency head, two assistant heads, and no more than 100 other people. That, by the way, includes the military.

  92. My last job allowed for telework, although I rarely did. If the weather was nice, or I was sick, and all I had to do was reading or reviewing slides, then I’d do it from home some times. The problem was that there often wasn’t enough work to justify a full day at home.

  93. TT, when I came here in mid 1999, I was open to the idea of settling down here, but not 100% sure.

    I made the decision to stay here in the months after 9/11 when I saw how the country responded.

  94. I’m referring to people that would just sit all day, because the boss isn’t breathing down their neck.

    I’ve found the opposite to be true. Management expects to see results from me, since they can’t see me. The guys at the office seem to get away with murder. I’ve got one guy who’s written copied and pasted from the internet maybe 200 lines of code in the last 6 months. Goes into the office for maybe an hour at the start of the day, then sleeps in his car for a few hours, makes appearances at his desk a few times, then goes home. Project lead keeps asking me to task him, and I finally said something like “what parts the project don’t actually matter? Because that’s all I can task him with.” And yet he’s not fired, not even in trouble, because he’s got his clearance, and adds to headcount, which makes the project look bigger than it really is and adds status to the project lead.

    He’s the worst like this, but he’s not the only one. Lots of people’s primary tasking appears to be seat warming.

  95. People are gonna be LIT over this press conference.

  96. What happened, Car in?

  97. He didn’t hold back. At all.

  98. I meant to watch it live and got sidetracked. Darn it.

  99. That press conference was a home run!

    I can’t wait to see how NYT and CNN responds.

  100. It was long, but he got the truth out and he made the media look really, really, bad.

  101. If Trump does nothing else but bash media for next 8 years like he did today, it will be a more substantive presidency than the last 8 years.

  102. I heard a few mins on Rush.

    Whoa. That was really affective.

  103. The quote i loved the most:
    ‘HIllary gave the Russians this stupid little reset button. Made of plastic. Really cheap looking’

    I am obviously writing from memory, but you get the gist.

  104. After 28 days I had started to go a bit soft.

    Damn you sexy media bashing Trump!

  105. After that press conference, I need a cigarette and a cuddle.

  106. I only saw the last five minutes, but he was brutally frank with those assholes.

  107. First lesson in business: piss off the people with money to spend at your establishment.


    Wow, what a surprise, the original post has disappeared!

  108. Can’t find the presser on youtube yet. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  109. youtu.be/W5FRUM-AK9k

  110. Thanks Tushar, but I think I’ll check again later for the White House edit. The ABC news one kept losing video on me. Gonna go turn compost while it’s sunny out.

  111. Heh, someone posted the local list of businesses closed for the Day Without Immigrants on a facedouche list.

    One person wished they could support the businesses later, but they have a sensitive stomach.

    Aww, poor snowflake.

    Comments are pretty interesting.

  112. Nothing was closed here. The ME immigrants ain’t gonna stop selling schwarma, and the greenhouses aren’t open for the season yet.

  113. The way people work is changing. A radiologist friend of mine works from home. The group he works for contracts with hospitals all over the country. They take X-rays, send them to the company. They go into a queue. He can work anytime. Logs on downloads a case from the queue, analyzes it, writes a report, and sends it back. He gets paid by the case. Hospital doesn’t have to have someone on staff. No commute. Brilliant.

  114. I’m planning to telecommute for the remainder of my career. Going to be talking with my aunt the realtor about finding something closer to my parents and other family. All I need is enough bandwidth and another 15-20 years of semi-steady work.

  115. Too bad this only has 1 bath. I’d still be interested.


  116. One of the 5 bedrooms is 5 x 9.

    Turn it into a bathroom.

  117. Pretty sure Coon Hollow is racist.

  118. You can buy a similar house in NJ for a low price of $500K.
    And the land will be 4000 SqFt instead of 12 acres.
    And the yearly tax will be $8000 only.

  119. You’ve made a fantastic case for not living in New Jersey, Tushar.

    My grandma and one of my uncles (the one that listens to Rush) live in Three Rivers. I’ve driven past Coon Hollow Road probably a thousand times and giggled most of them.

  120. I could start attending mass at the same church where I was baptized.

  121. It’s been on the market for a year.

    They would probably be willing to throw in an additional bathroom.

  122. Check-out the ‘objective & independent media’, right here:


  123. Why pay someone $80,000 a year to live outside of San Francisco when you can pay them $50,000 a year to live in Wichita and throw in an extra $10,000

    I’ve been to Wichita. No thanks.

  124. Too bad this only has 1 bath. I’d still be interested.

    It’s cute, I just don’t understand why you would put that much obvious work in to modernize and renovate and not put a half-bath in the basement. New kitchen, new floors, new dining and family room, 1 bath. Nope.

  125. I suppose some additions can be made to that property relatively cheaply.

  126. I’ve noticed the chaos theme too Chris.

  127. Yeah, a basement half-bath would be essential, along with some TLC for the ceilings.

  128. I bet an outhouse could be made for real cheap. Solar powered too.

  129. First thing would likely be a pole barn and a pasture fence, though.

  130. I could just get a composting toilet for the first few months.

  131. The missing bathrooms are the least of the problems That house is a guaranteed POS. It bears hallmarks of being a homemade house made by someone who didn’t know how. Effed up ceilings. Wavy plaster and lath. Stay away. I bet all kinds of shit freezes up and doesn’t work in Winter.

  132. Composting toilet?

    Do you want a divorce?

    Because I think that’s how it starts.

  133. The downstairs looks nice. Some suspicious activity down there too though.

    What’s that big trench in the cellar floor?

  134. Vietnamese restaurant owners were making jokes all day about the #DayWithoutIllegals. Older mojado came in this afternoon. We had no Spanish speakers today, he used the translate feature on his smart phone. So much for living in the shadows.

  135. Hello bastards.

  136. http://tinyurl.com/jmvyumq

  137. https://is.gd/2tRw1s

  138. I’ve been to Wichita. No thanks.

    “Ah!” God said. “A challenge.”

  139. “Hello bastards.”

    wut up bish???!!!!!??? 11enty no math

  140. Had to watch the CSPAN replay of the Presser…SQUUEEEEE

  141. Watching Mattis speech replay on CSPAN now.

  142. Wichita is indian for we pee indoors.

  143. Wichita is weird. Like two separate cities.

  144. Cousin lived in Wichita before moving to Altus.

  145. I probably know some of your 20,000 cousins.

  146. Trump was oddly calm at the presser.

    He must be very confident that despite all of the news to the contrary, he’s doing well.

    Even Wiser probably liked what he had to say. Not sure about wiserbud.

  147. Scott, you might. My 3rd cousin Mike, has 3 kids that went to MIT and all 3 are still in NE. Torrez. Only family I have in the region.

  148. MJ, his numbers keep going up. More so with Independents. Gossip in the Club shows him gaining D-rat support with regular people. Teachers and illegals are very afraid. You should follow TexasJew on twitter. Border report

  149. I was so ANGRY yesterday. Some media cunt compared my vote for DJT to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I am back to LIFB and WAR. Today’s presser has me totes in love with the Small Handed Cheeto. He is actually more mannered than what I want.

  150. Progressives should always be identified, isolated, made fun of, humiliated and ultimately left with only one recourse … go home to mama so they can change the diaper they just soiled.

  151. In you I’ve found so many things
    A derp so new, only you could bring
    Can’t you see it’s you? You make me feel this way
    You’re like a fresh morning dew on a brand new day

  152. A bottle of wine rode shotgun with a rose.
    As I was headed cross town and thinking bout turning back.

  153. TGIF.

  154. Oh, and Day Without Immigrants was pretty much ignored here. If there was a protest, I missed it, and the Chinese and Korean food trucks were in their usual spots.

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