Hello  sheet-tuckers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today got her start posting pictures to reddit gone wild for free, and has since attempted to monetize the assets.  Born on January 20th, 199o in Berlin, Germany, she stands 5’11”, 32GG-25-37 and 120 lbs.  Please stop overcomplicating your language and welcome, Miss Lana Kendrick!


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  1. Well fuck. Somebody’s gotta go first. Again. This shit is getting old, people.

  2. Other than the enormous appendages attached to the front of her upper torso, that is one in attractive female. Well done, Pupster.

  3. Unattractive female. You sorry motherfucking iPhone. Poat what I mean. Not what my fingers think I mean.

  4. I report, you decide.

  5. Me this morning:

  6. I’ve decided that I’m the only hostage with insomnia this morning. Also, I’ve decided that were I to meat this heifer irl I’d have to Odell Becham Jr. Her ass. No offense.

  7. These little comics about God are funny.

    I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by this lighthearted portrayal of the big dude.

  8. Tushar, I’m ok with that kinda humor as long as you’re ok w chick fil a commercials.

  9. I blame poor protestant catechesis.

  10. Could also be bad Catholic catechesis, Lord knows there’s plenty of that going around. Seems less likely, though.

  11. I found the Friday gif oddly mesmerizing

  12. Why won’t I be OK with Chick Fil A commercials? After that controversy couple of years back, I specifically went and ate their sandwiches.

  13. >>Unattractive female. You sorry motherfucking iPhone

    Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder.

  14. 120 pounds? Riiiiight

  15. At 5’11”?


    Also? 5’11”? That narrows the dating pool a tad, don’t it?


  17. nice guns

  18. 5’11” is perfect

  19. at 120 tho, she might need an extra chik fillet .

  20. 5’1″ is perfect, 5’11” is gargantuan.

  21. Chic fil a uses what some folks consider a diety in their commercials. Just sayin.

  22. 120 is the right side.

  23. The best part about those comics is how The Devil is dressed. Suit, tie, man-bun…

  24. Suit, tie, man-bun…

    Okay, at least they get that part right.

  25. OK, Francis, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass RIGHT NOW?

  26. She’s perfect. Tall, ugly, huge boobs, flat stomach, dumb looking.

  27. MJ nailed it.

  28. You forgot stick legs and no ass.

  29. Perfect:

    Although I think she might be 5’3″

  30. [i]OK, Francis, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass RIGHT NOW?[/i]

    That’s a personal question.

    (Just the one, but I have a doctor’s note.)

  31. We specialize in personal questions.

    How many melons have you sexually molested? Round to the nearest hundred.

  32. Please rank the following foods in order of deliciousness:

    Pickles- artisan
    Candy bar- Zero
    Lemon jello – lemon
    Frog legs- cheese eating surrender monkey
    Fish sticks- ghetto variety
    Dog- presidential

  33. Who set MJ on Babble this morning?

  34. I think the testosterone has overwhelmed his system after spotting pupsters prize hoochie.

  35. I gotta story (true) about the nipple gif thingy. I’ll tell it tonight when I get home.

  36. This morning. Heh.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to attend a Phish Phantasy camp.

  37. When PG called the BBF model ugly, I said ‘beauty lies in the hands of beholder ‘

    This would have been considered funny on any other place. But H2 is tough crowd…

  38. What nipple gif?

  39. Tushar, I assumed because of proximity and shit, that you were referring to the cuss fit I threw down on my iPhone for not typing words and shit the way I envisioned them in my head.

    I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings with my observations about this young lady. I’m just saying that I value my gene pool too much to take any chances on mixing it up with hers.

  40. Did any of y’all read the comments on the Neal deGrasse thread the other day at the HQ? I almost never wade through the comments over there but I did on that one and there was some funny shit. Not Dick Cheney’s penis level of funny but still worth a look.

  41. Went to Vermont earlier. I’m back now.

    Wedding at 6.

  42. So I was at a breakfast forum hosted by a couple of my professors that discussed the Ventura County urban growth boundary. At one point the host gave the various tables time to discuss among themselves the issues that had been presented and debated by the panelists. My table consisted of us grad students, the two professors, and a couple of journalists. We ended up discussing an issue that I brought up relating to the effects of the boundary on the local naval base.

    After the forum was over, one of the journalists, a young woman, came up to me and told me how much she enjoyed my comments and we spoke for a few minutes. Then she gave me her card.

    So was she just being professional and polite, or am I completely oblivious to the obvious?

  43. ugh……I have to terminate a guy who’s father just died…..

    Hi! Sorry yer Dad died,….but that’s not the reason I called….

  44. Troy, sorry to hear about that.

  45. Col Alex, it could be either. good luck

  46. Lets see….. what information does that card contain ALEX?? Why would you..ALEX….need that information?? What could you ALEX do with that information??

    I suggest you send her a dick pick quick before she gets away.

  47. dick pic quick

  48. Troy, that’s excellent advice.

    Dick pic sent.

  49. or a quick dick pic

  50. Oooh, she sent me a picture back!

    It’s of a restraining order.

  51. Im here for ya man…but on a serious note…. I’de say she may have been fishing……give her a call….offer to have a beverage…she wanted you to have her info for some fucking reason.

  52. Wait, did she look you dead in the eye when she gave you her card? Hold eye contact at all?

  53. I’ll call her and see if she’s interested in a drink sometime next week.

    I used to give out my business card fairly freely when at events like this, since you never know when a meeting will pay off, so that’s why I’m unsure.

  54. Yes, there was eye contact.

  55. It’s of a restraining order.

    She’s playing hard to get. That’s a good sign.

    Find out where she lives and leave gifts on her doorstep. Like packaged meat. Women love meat.

  56. Did she laugh extra loud and long at your jokes? If yes, the dick pick *is* the next step.

    Disclaimer- I haven’t dated in over 26 years.

  57. Ah, but how many dick pics have you received in that same time frame?

  58. If she touches your arm over drinks, she wants the D. If she already touched your arm, she wants the D.

  59. What if she’s sobbing and screaming “BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!”?

  60. What if she’s sobbing and screaming “BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!”?

    She’s playing. Trying to be cute and coquettish. Smile and laugh along with her. Look her deep in the eyes and pretend to try and scare her into silence.

  61. The first time we met, my wife rubbed my head with a feather.

    That was the D-signal.

  62. Trump is giving a great speech right now.

  63. I enjoy reading Jonah Goldberg, despite his recent position regarding Trump, but this is just plain fucking stupid (from today’s G-File):

    Indeed, if it’s true that America is one election away from death, then America is already dead. Because the whole idea of this country is that most of life exists outside of the scope of government.

    Dude, where the fuck have you been for the last couple of decades? Nothing… NOTHING you do is “outside the scope of government” anymore. You can’t put a freaking pond on your own property to feed your livestock without the fucking EPA coming down on you like the fucking Gestapo and fining the living fucking shit out of you.

    Try running a bakery and attempting to reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. You will soon feel the heavy boot-heel of our government pressing down harder and harder on your throat. Try denying climate change on a college campus. (If you don’t think the fascists running our universities aren’t just another branch of our government, you’re fooling yourself.)

    The problem is not the idea that life should exist outside the scope of government, but the belief that it actually does anymore. And what Jonah and the rest of his high-minded hyper-pure hard-core Never-Trumper cohorts don’t see is that the path we are on is not a pendulum, that will eventually, naturally swing back towards conservatism, but a fucking straight line non-stop push towards the total destruction of everything this country initially stood for.

    While Trump may not have been my first (or even 16th) choice, at this point, he’s our nominee and Hillary must be stopped before she has the ability to irreparably destroy this country.

    And no, that is not hyperbole. Hand this woman the reigns of power and we are well and truly fucked.

  64. If she was touching your arm and touching herself with her other hand, she wanted the D right there, in front of all the forum attendees.
    You have already disappointed her

  65. If she was touching your arm and touching herself with her other hand, she wanted the D right there, in front of all the forum attendees.
    You have already disappointed her

    Usually that happens after I take off my pants!


    No No NO….. you call her this evening, tell her you enjoyed her “presence” when you met. Tell her she filled the area and was distracting so your comments weren’t nearly as coherent as usual. Tell her that you think you’d like to know more about her as a person and not just a journalist and that since your new in town maybe she could recommend a place to eat / drink / relax get to know someone……

    Now get in there and knock it out of the park!

  67. Look at that?!! It’s beer thirdy already. Must be New York time

  68. Heh.

    And at the end of the G-File, Jonah forgets his own point re: “We can survive a Hillary Presidency just fine…”

    Earlier, I spoke about cleaning up messes. Well, the best-case scenario is that the mess these fools [Trump and his team] are making can even be cleaned up at all.

    So a Hillary Presidency will just be a glitch. A little bump in the road as as the country naturally and inevitably moves back towards a bright, beautiful future.

    But Trump? Oh no, the harm that HE will do will be irreversible.

    What a fucking tool.

  69. At wedding? I’m surprised it’s not gin o’clock.

  70. Agreed wiser. I’m not reading that. But how do we survive Hillary? By our staunchy republicans being staunchy with her agenda?

  71. It could have been gin o’clock but they have about 30 beers on tap her

  72. Jonah is either a dipshit or saying what his paycheck told him to say.

  73. I do so wish I was running for President.

    Press: How would you reduce spending?

    Wiserbud: Well, to start, I would eliminate all unnecessary Federal agencies, like the EPA, HUD, IRS, Depts. of Education, Agriculture, Labor, HHS, Energy… all of them.

    Presss: OMG!!! How would you do that??!?!

    Wiserbud: Alphabetically.

  74. It’s of a restraining order.


  75. Tell her you’re a hostage, and you know me. She’ll go out with you in a heartbeat.

    Don’t tell her you know wiserbud.

  76. Wiserbud: Alphabetically.

    Fucking Endorsed

  77. The part of energy department that deals with nuclear weapons (I think they do have some jurisdiction there) can be taken over by DoD.
    I suggest a new Strategic Weapons Command that would have thermonuclear devices, plague and other germs in easy to carry briefcase sized devices, bunker busters and your mom.

  78. How much energy is produced by the Dept. of Energy? How much education does the Dept. of Education do?

  79. Now now hootspur, those aren’t the purposes of any of those Depts. Or any govt dept. Control is.

  80. Day One – shutter the DoEnergy
    Day Two – bye bye Education
    Day Three – cut EPA’s budget in half, then tell them it will get halved again in a month
    Day Four – eliminate farm subsidies
    Day Five – halve the budget of all other departments except defense and INS
    Day Six – order immediate deportation of all illegals, close door behind them with a wall.
    Day Seven – rest

  81. Day Eight – withdraw from the UN. Kick them off US soil
    Day Nine – order profiling at TSA checkpoints
    Day Ten – make public employee unions illegal
    Day Eleven – end affirmative action
    Day Twelve – make colleges responsible for student loan payback – student defaults; college pays money back
    Day Thirteen – nuke Iran
    Day Fourteen – rest some more

  82. I think I’d make the gutting of the IRS my first priority. Followed by the EPA, then Labor, then Education.

  83. I’d let IRS ride for a while, otherwise taxes would dry up before I could complete the other stuff. But they would definitely get the axe soon.

  84. What nipple gif?

    Good god womanhorse, are you really so obtuse? As in deliberate?

  85. Alex, maybe she was trying to cultivate a “military sources say” contact person or “many conservatives think” source. Even if so, quid pro quo, “I give you a quote you get nakie that’s the deal”. I don’t trust journalists AT ALL, but I’m not single.

  86. Follow Pupster’s advice. In college he was awash in poon.

  87. The first time we met, my wife rubbed my head with a feather.

    Turkey farm?

  88. In college he was awash in poon.

    Close…oh, so close.

  89. Pups, I honestly went through all your excellent gifs. I had to go through them again before seeing that anime deal. Oopsie.

  90. Pretty sure he was talking about “Friday”.

    I’m just yanking your mane Mare.

  91. Perfect:

    She reminds me of a waitress I met in Rockford, Illinois. Short hair, nose ring, a bit taller…

  92. …smaller mouth, narrower shoulders, librarian glasses, thinner legs.

  93. So pretty much nothing like her?

    The feather was on a hat.

  94. But other than that, practically a twin.

  95. But other than that, practically a twin.

    Besides that one had a penis.

  96. Besides that one had a penis.

    Just the one?

  97. >>
    In college he was awash in poon

    Pupster was a douche?


  99. Lmfao. Nice, Scott.

  100. Future BBF model

    Miss Dillon Harper

  101. “Shitters clogged”

    Reminds me of Rosetta.

  102. Future BBF model
    Miss Dillon Harper

    But…..she’s skinny. Somewhat attractive.

  103. Miss Dillon Harper

    She’s been featured here before, but I can’t seem to find the poat. Wierd.

  104. Future BBF model
    Miss Dillon Harper

    Chris Hansen just asked me to sit down and have a chat.

  105. I did a search with hostages big boob friday and her name and got nothing but sites looking to extract money from my wallet for the privilege of seeing her starfish up close.

  106. Yeah, I might have gotten her mixed up with Shae Summers.

    *commits to further research*

  107. Miss Connecticut 2016

    humina humina humina…

  108. She looks friendly

  109. Nice tiara.


  111. I recently heard an interview with Miss Maine on an outdoors show on local radio. She does shark tagging with NOAA. It also turns out she attends my alma mater which was mentioned at the beginning of the story and caught my ear, forcing me to listen to the whole thing. Miss Connecticut beats her in the tight dress competition though.

  112. Miss Michigan is a rug muncher.

  113. *looks up Miss Michigan*

    I’d watch that.

  114. Jimbro, NOAA is one of the shark tagging orgs I follow. She’s awesome!

  115. I’m a rug muncher. Why shouldn’t Miss Michigan be one as well.

  116. Car in is probably pretty drunk (lesbian) by now.

  117. I think it’s Miss Missouri that’s the rug muncher. She’s a 6 on a good day.

  118. I am about six Indian. Which makes me conflicted.
    Should I count it as 7, because I am 1 Indian to begin with?
    Or just six, because I am an American now?
    Am I an American Indian? An Indian American? Or just all Red White and Blue AMERICAN?

    Am I feather now? Instead of dot?

    You motherfuckers are lucky. You have no conflict. You were born as Americans.

  119. You should blow something up.

  120. A couple glasses of firewater should make things better.

  121. ‘Murican. Feather Indians like to be called Natives or Indigenous.

  122. …..and you are an American,

    Plain and simple.

  123. >>You should blow something up.

    Scott, I am an American and a Hindu.
    Blowing things up is something I can do, but only in service of my country, not my religion.

  124. >>couple glasses of firewater should make things better.

    Bcoch, I have downed more than half a Scotch. Scott knows I can handle attleast that much. It is not helping yet.

  125. Jackass neighbor’s mailbox is asking for it.

  126. Scott, yes, I am an American. I was not drunk when I decided to become one.

    But that decision was made by my brain. And after a few drinks, my heart is doing some thinking too.

  127. Tushar,
    You are an American, no hyphen, plain and simple, as Scott said.
    Welcome, my friend…

  128. Scott, I am curious to know what heinous crime your neighbors mailbox has committed.

  129. ChrisP. Yes I am. And very proud to be one.

  130. Tushar, the majority of my ancestors are Scottish. Drink up.

  131. PG, I want to meet you someday. Being a Texan, you are likely to be almost as brown as I am.

  132. Not drunk although I really should have been. A couple of very small glasses of wine over the course of 5 hours.

    My cousin married a guy from Ghana. Lots of colorful outfits. His mom was a twin who died a few years ago, and by tradition her twin stands in as mother for everything. They don’t even do a funeral until they’re both passed.

  133. Car in,
    Who the fuck is from Ghana? How did they get here? What is their objective?
    I mean, seriously…

  134. Car In, tell your relatives not to marry anyone from Ghana. They are like Nigeria. Basically a scam.


  136. Too late. Where were you five hours ago?

  137. Sir Tushalot:
    the entire world was born as AMERICANS; some by chance and geography, some elsewhere and moved here, and the rest elsewhere and haven’t figured out yet that freedom is their birthright and can be established wherever they call home… my comment is not nationalist or egocentric, it’s based on the HUMAN condition and the desire to be free. the biggest problem we have in the world is the 0.001%ers – The government elitists and their masters who are compelled by massive moral flaw, to make the rest of the world bow to them in ways minor to major.

    I greet you as brother

  138. PSA:

    I finished a bottle of Single Malt and didn’t want to open a new bottle. So I decided to break open a sample of some abomination called Desorono.

    Basically foul smelling sugar syrup.

    Avoid at all cost.

  139. Jam2, I always say that I was supposed to be born as a Texan, but was born 12 hours premature, and the earth had not completed its rotation

  140. Basically foul smelling sugar syrup.
    Avoid at all cost.

    Back when it was a new thing, I was given a bottle of Crown Royal Maple by my FIL as a Christmas gift. It’s awful. Like someone poured a bottle of Mrs Butterworth’s into a bottle of Crown.

  141. The people who think alcohol and sweet flavor go together should be tried for high treason.

    Or at the very least tarred and feathered

  142. Honestly I don’t mind a bit of sweetness in booze, but my fucking crown shouldn’t taste like it got raped by pancakes.

  143. random thought:
    has mare-z-dotes figured out where the nipple gif is yet?

  144. >>my fucking crown shouldn’t taste like it got raped by pancakes.

    That comment earns you unlimited booze from me when I am in Jacksonville next time. I will make sure I meet you.

  145. Mare, if you haven’t already purchased at Costco, Sam’s has the piano keyboard.

  146. Tush, amaretto is an ingredient not a “Drink”. IMHO

  147. Cheap bourbon night. My birthday is Sunday. Asked for a better bourbon. Blah blah you get to go to Oahu in October blah just paid for the trip blah blah no Dickel for Oso

  148. Oso, I am a simple man. I pour some booze into a glass, add the ice cubes, and drink up.

    If you want to come up witn faggoty cocktail ingredients, instead of alcohol, it should have a warning label ‘Not for Tushar’

  149. No dick for Oso? But it’s your birthday! You should at least get dick for your birthday.

  150. Tushar, we shall drink to our shared Americanism.

  151. I’ll get the D just not the Dickel. IYKWIMAITTYD. I ❤️ the Dickel. Bulliet is the bartenders choice 2 years running. No Bulliet for Oso. Evan. The cheap stuff. Not even Single Barrel

  152. I like Bulliet Rye for making Manhattans.

  153. You need a shirt that reads, “I (heart) the Dickel”

  154. CoAl, did you call or text her? I think better late than never. Don’t be all Aspy about it.

  155. I ❤️ the Dickel. Even more than Single Barrel Evan or Four Roses. Makers.

  156. Oso, no I was busy running errands tonight. I’ll call her tomorrow.

  157. CoAl, close enough birthday twin! Oblivious is our anthem

  158. Oso, pretty much. I’ve had people smack me in the head and say, “She was hitting on you!”

    The one time a woman seemed interested that I picked up on was graduation from college. We got rear-ended by some kids in a Toyota, and I ended up chatting with the redhead cop. I was about to ask for her number when my mother comes over and starts talking about her nephew and how he wants to be a cop and blah blah blah. Officer lady does the, “um, sure, gotta go.” thing. Mom couldn’t understand why I was pissed when we got back in the car, until my Aunt bursts out laughing, “Rhonda, you cock-blocked him!”

  159. I helped carry Tushar’s ass back to the Mission Palms before he was an American. What’s that get me?

  160. Dan cut me off. Blah blah Hippie Co-op shop tomorrow. We have to get up early for early hippie organic delivery.

  161. CoAl, I have a litany of missed signals. Not sure if they were a Virgo or an Aspy thing. Lean Aspy.

  162. Missed out on good fellowship at h2 tonight cause I went to a concert. At a bar. If you get a chance to see a little hand from east Texas called Whiskey Myers, do it.

    Re Crown: Don’t fuck with a good thing. Apple crown. Maple crown. Black crown (rayciss). And all those other variations are not nccseary.

  163. They’re calling all the shots
    They call and say they phoned
    They’ll call us lonely when we’re really just alone
    And like a funny derp, it’s kinda cute
    They bought the bullets and there’s no one left to shoot.

  164. 12 yard pour (concrete) starts in 1 hour

    you are all welcome to come on over and help

  165. If, by “help”‘ you mean dispose of multiple corpses I’ll be right over.

  166. I have a bottle of Maple Crown waaaayyy back in the liquor closet. I think it took me two glasses on two different nights to confirm I had wasted my money. I’m waiting to hear from someone who really likes it to give away or to find a recipe that calls for most of a bottle of it to use it up.

  167. At the bakery I worked at after high school, we would douse layers of Italian cakes with rum before icing. Seems like you could use it for that sort of thing and not mind much.

  168. I’m going to go cut tomatoes for the last time this year, one more batch of sauce and then I’m done. Going to start on the flamethrower while it’s cooking down.


  170. Thank you, PG, for the Neil DeGrasse Tyson thread recommend. I, too, don’t read much of the AoS comments, but that was worth it.

  171. One of my favorites was that NdGT is the Carrot Top of science.

  172. And the OT discussion of the Eat Pray Love author turning lesbian was pretty funny, too.

    274 Eat, Pray, Goat was always one of my favorites.
    Posted by: Achmed

  173. Anyone who uses their middle name as how they wish to be referred to is an asshole. Anyone who reveals that their middle name is deGrasse is a buffoon and an asshole.

    No wonder liberals love him.

  174. XBrad, I know you like some weird combo of whiskey and beer, or something. You get five of those on me, when we meet next.
    Honestly, I thank God I was with you all when I decided to taste the asphalt on a busy Tempe intersection.

  175. Anyone who uses their middle name as how they wish to be referred to is an asshole.

    Solid rule. I’d throw in a middle initial as a likely case as well.

  176. Hotspur, in India the naming convention is that your middle name is your father’s first name. It would be weird to be called by your dad’s name.

  177. Farrier is supposed to be here between now and 1, and the wimmenfolk still aren’t up yet, so I had to feed the horses. Still haven’t fed myself. I think I’m at 42 hours fasted now. I don’t dare cook breakfast yet because the horse guy could show up and I could have to watch the baby. Coffee it is.

  178. PBC is full of chickens.


  179. Ribs on the grill, chicken moar later.

  180. Does anyone have experience with painting interior walls with a spray gun yourself? Should I try it, or leave it to professionals?

  181. And the OT discussion of the Eat Pray Love author turning lesbian was pretty funny, too.

    When was this?

  182. Room should be completely empty. Over spray gets everywhere. For anything other than empty / new construction I prefer a roller n brush.

  183. Pat’s name is John Patrick. Dads name is John.

    My moms name is Mary Lynne. Goes by middle name for similar reason / moms name was Mary.

    Most of these things were begun by the parents.

  184. TerribleTroy, the rooms will be empty, and some big pieces of furniture will be moved to center and covered. The carpet will be covered, but will be replaced later anyway. I am lanning on buying a HVLP spray gun. Those have lesser overspray and are recommended for indoor use.

    Lets hope I don’t screw up big time. I am too lazy to use brushes and rollers.

  185. Maple crown-

    The two drinks people make me prepare for them with that is Apple Butt (butterscotch and crown Apple) and another drink with crown Apple and sour apple. I forget the name of that one ( it has a dash of cranberry juice)

  186. I think it would be easier to paint a room with a roller.

    Much less prep work and much less cleanup.

    What about that power roller Pupster likes?

  187. Hmm, power roller. I like the sound of that.

  188. A guy on my street painted the exterior of his house several years ago. He oversprayed his roof and the last foot or so of shingles was yellow.

    It looked like hell for years.

  189. A powered roller does sound more sensible. I hope to find one with extension. My ceiling is about 14ft high in the entryway and stairwell.

  190. Wagner power roller extends to 8 feet. I was wondering how I can paint a 14′ ceiling with that. After some pondering I realized that I am almost 6 feet tall.

    I is not a smart person.

  191. If I remember correctly he endorsed the $25 one, and rather than cleaning them he throws them away.

  192. Doing final parts inventory while the sauce finishes cooking down.

  193. Missing two parts. F%@$!

  194. Okay, in the Amazon cart, time to go see if Ace has ’em.

  195. Back in business. Just as soon as I finish canning the tomatoes, anyhow. Stupid farrier business probably means I’m building tomorrow instead.

  196. PBC chicken is delicious.

  197. Paint stick, no power needed.

    Not sure if you can use an extension, the paint is in the handle.

    Painting sucks, I’d hire somebody if I had the means.

  198. Pupster, I am not going to throw away 3-400 dollars if I can do it myself. I guess I will try to do one room, and then decide for the rest of the house.

  199. Calculate based on your hourly rate and I doubt you’ll do better by DIY for painting. I only do chores like that if I’m going to learn something from them or if I really like doing the activity.

    I’ve considered hiring a lawn guy just because I hate weedwhacking and mowing takes 2.5 hours. He doesn’t even have to be cheap given the time I lose to it.

  200. I’ve painted. Painting is actually pretty fun. It’s the prep work (moving the furniture, patching the holes, sanding, taping, tarping) and the cleanup after painting that sucks hog. I encourage you to do a room Tushar, if you’ve never done it before.

  201. Everybody thinks painting is easy, and anyone can do it. They’re wrong.

  202. Professional painters are worth the money in my opinion. Just don’t expect them to be on time, look professional, or be sober.

  203. Heh, two comments at 4.45. One encouraging one from a young hearted optimist. Other from a crotchety old curmudgeon who has seen shit and is totally jaded.

  204. I had painted a kitchen 12 years back. Made some mistakes and learnt from it. Let’s see how it goes.

  205. Canning the last 6 quarts of tomatoes now. I know it’s the last 6 quarts because I’m not even going to bring any more into the house unless I’d serve them in a salad. To Kate Beckinsale.

  206. I’m not discouraging you, Tush. You should go for it.

    If you’re careful and thorough, you’ll do a good job.

    My statement was just an observation of the many people I’ve known who thought it was easy, anyone can do it, and their results were crap.

  207. I probably painted 50 dorm rooms by the time I was 18.

    I enjoy it as long as there is a radio on.

  208. I painted a condo I owned during my residency before I sold it. I was living solo at that point and could leave my mess right where I stopped for the day. It took me weeks to get it done and it was definitely a learning experience. When my house needed painting I hired a guy who did a great job. Not sure Paula and I would survive a painting project together.

  209. I am pretty good at it, but I wouldn’t enter a competition against a guy who does it for a living.

  210. If I had boobs like that, I’d suffocate my husband to death and get away with it. The smile on his face won’t indict me.

  211. Can anyone recommend a good dishwasher. Nothing fancy but no piece of crap. Stainless. Quiet.
    Ours still works after 16 years but the racks are losing their coating and rusting what’s beneath.

  212. I had back spasms all day yesterday and then a huge storm blew through after midnight ’til 6ish? 2am..lightening set off the smoke detectors…4am..flood warnings blared off the phone.

    Had four hours interrupted sleep. Feel like crap and then ate a bunch of candy corns making me feel worse. Have a shit ton of housework to do but too afraid to move too much and setting off the back again.

  213. Anyone see that storm system? F*cker was HYOOOGE!

  214. I like painting. Getting ready to paint beasnette’s old room and the guest room. Mr. B is not allowed to have a paintbrush, in the house.

  215. “Nothing cleans like a fresh coat of paint.”

    My Mom.

  216. Painted the room the husband snores in, in a really nice blue color. ‘Mountain Air’ by Sherwin Williams. It has a teeny tint of green making it a very relaxing, pleasant, color.

  217. I hate painting. I must’ve flunked kindergarten, ’cause end up with paint everywhere.

  218. Hi Beasn!

  219. Off to get some bread and lettuce. I hope to see some dishwasher suggestions when I get back.

  220. Hey Pepe! How you doin’?

    The worst part of painting is taping it all off and cutting in. But mostly the ceilings. That’s why I’m super careful so I don’t have to do the ceilings. Preparation takes the most time.

  221. The quietest dishwasher I ever had was a Bosch. It did a shitty job of drying the dishes because it relied on the dishes getting really hot from the water. Unless it has a drying cycle, I don’t recommend it.
    Our current is a GE. Does a good job, but it’s a bit noisy.
    I had an Asko once and it did a good job, and was quiet, but it died after fourteen years. Not sure how good they are now.

  222. I would be tempted to replace or recoat the racks.

    New appliance don’t last.

  223. s


  225. hotspur, ours is a builder’s grade GE. Sixteen years and no problems other than the rusting.

    I thought about just replacing those, scott, but don’t know if doing so would cost as much as a new dishwasher. Guess I’ll have to check with the local parts store. Replaced an oven heating coil before..wasn’t too pricey at the time.

  226. Floriduh is dissolving.

  227. Nessie the Wonder Dog ate about 1/4 rack of ribs, bones and all, while I was taking Boy1 to work. I left them on the dining room table to clean up when I came back. At least I haven’t found any bones yet.

  228. PBC chicken is good. PBC ribs are better.

  229. Greetings, tweakend weekers.

  230. Nessie is no dummy.
    Check under your pillow.

  231. The bobblehead sold for $175.

    Ha ha ha….people are dumb.

  232. Some guy in a smelly old Whalers sweater is sitting somewhere going, “Nabbed it for only $175! People are dumb.”

    I mean, he was totally ready to pay $176.

  233. It’s the first sale of that item on the interwebs.


  234. and you found it in the garbage?

  235. Pretty much. A customer asked me to toss it with a pile of other stuff.

  236. One man’s trash……

  237. My mom gave my brother all her baseball cards that she collected when she was younger. He found a Willie Mays rookie card, and gave it back. She remodeled the living room with a loan taken out on that card.

  238. Getting a snack all by my lonesome.

    All by myself ….

  239. Snacks? That better be in the bar…

  240. Having a Schell’s Grapefruit Radler, pretty good.

  241. Actually a salad and yes at the bar.

  242. The Ghanaians were all very nice. Huggers. Food was good.

  243. What is Ghanaian food like?

  244. Car in, you in Ghana?

  245. We joke about the chess thread at Ace’s but I love the pet thread, the book thread, the diet thread, really all of them. They’re fun.

  246. Car in, you in Ghana?

    Now’s your opportunity! Say yes, and nobody will ever try to call you again!

  247. 12 yards pourd’d
    jimeseses’ cadaverzs’ entombed
    no one hurt

    win win win
    time for nipple tweakin’

  248. Only 12?

  249. another 10 in a couple of weeks… be glad to have you over to help


  251. WooHoo! Trash bobblehead makes $$$ and BBF is approaching 300 comments!!!

  252. I don’t want to be in a Basket of Deplorables, I want to be #CoalPeople. Sounds like children of the corn, only less creepy and cool.

  253. Oso, thanks for the Sam’s keyboard tip. Will check it out Monday!

  254. Spicy. Lots of rice, starches. It was uummy

  255. Interesting how our betters are letting the mask slip when the pressure is on, coal people? Deplorables? They really think we’re dumb and kind and f worthless.

  256. Debate Question: Should the designer who first thought up those terrible, sack-assed “boyfriend jeans” for women be shot or merely horsewhipped?

  257. Watched a Netflix movie called Hush. Deaf author stalked at an isolated cabin by a killer. The boys watched it last night and said “you guys need to watch it”. It was okay I guess. Paula’s comment during the movie was “Huh, that killer must have rode the short bus to school”.

  258. Kneecapped. Which is getting shot I guess. Only, rather than death, it incapacitates long term.

  259. “You know what I think is gonna be a hot look?”

    “Pants that accentuate the natural curve of a woman’s buttocks and hips?”

    “NO! WRONG! Think of those overalls the ‘Come on Eileen‘ guys wore. But just the lower half.”

    “Well, you’re the gay guy who gets paid the big bucks to tell women what to wear. For some reason.”

  260. What the hell are boyfriend jeans?

  261. See what the guy I made up said after “NO! WRONG!”

  262. Your mom’s name is Eileen?

  263. I was wondering what happened to DaveinTexas

  264. BB Friday

  265. Ugh, turnovers are killing Virginia Tech.

  266. Ugh, being a horrible team is killing ISU.

  267. Another turnover. I give up, going to bed.

  268. I like apple turnovers.

  269. And the ground’s not derp
    And if the ground’s not derp
    Everything is gonna burn
    We’ll all take turns, I’ll get mine too

  270. How was the ballgame, Sean?

  271. Wakey wakey. Drive day.

  272. I guess we are going to ride these boobs all weekend.

    I’m flying to Portland, OR for the week. Try not to break anything.

  273. riding boobs…

    could be a movie title

  274. Wake up wake up you deplorable rabble!

    The never ending saga of the kenmore 70 series continues today, followed by the classic tale of auto maintenence, ending with a reading of the timeless “ode to my lawmower”.

  275. For some reason, when I think of the word deplorable I think of Charles Barkley saying it like he says the word “turrible”.

  276. Raccoon keeps coming in the barn looking for cat food and pooping out choke-cherry pits. Took the marshmallows out of my trap without springing it last night. I’ll re-bait it and hope he just got lucky.

  277. Happy Birthday CoAl in exile.

  278. Happy Birthday CoAl and Oso. :)

  279. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

  280. Happy birthday, Osita and CoAlex.

    Shall I put up a new poat? If I do, it’s going to be a birthday one because I really don’t want to poat about 9/11.

  281. Yes please. And yes, I’d like a refuge from 9/11.

  282. ^this, especially since I’m getting on airplanes today.


    Would have been done 20 minutes ago except my computer tried to do a scan then shit the bed.

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