Hello silly-gooses, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your topic for today is a model from California.     She stands 5’4″, 32J-25-36 and 120 lbs.  Please smoke ’em if you got ’em and welcome, Miss September Carrino!







  1. She seems nice

  2. I second those tits.

  3. She’s like a chameleon with that hair.

  4. CILF

  5. HOOTIES!!!!!!

  6. September makes me happy.

  7. I bet she’s not a runner.

    Wakey wakey.

  8. I bet she’s no a screamer either.

  9. This video is damn funny. Has profanity like a typical hip-hop song, but no usual freaky shit you guys are afraid of.


  11. Timely.

  12. She needs a flying buttress. And she seems to be suffering from intermittent mole syndrome.

    Who the hell throws the hammer one-handed, and what moron stands within 50 feet of her???

  13. Try to remember,
    The boobs of September…

  14. Metalheads. They don’t realize that this song is made for today’s model.

  15. I want to know why CoLex had a butt failure last night.

  16. She looks retarded.

  17. Oh yeah. She looks like she might fail at boiling an egg after watching a dozen videos and getting lessons.

  18. She’s been posted here before. And still has the empty look of a struggling knocker model.

  19. Tushar, that video is loaded with social issues. It triggered the fick outa me.

  20. I’m not sure I get what’s going on. Where is leon?

    Is Trump actually a racist, now? Milo, who I assume is the biggest character on the so called alt right is gay and loves black guys. WTF?

  21. MJ, MJ, MJ. alt right is the far right, the racist ones, not the good ones.

    But there are no good ones, so everyone is alt-right.

    Clearer now?

  22. Like neo nazi groups?

    WTF does that have to do with frog memes? I guess guilt by association is cool again.

    So hard to keep up when it’s not ok just a few weeks ago after a homo-terrorist endorses you, but it is ok when internet trolls make mischief.

    My head is spinning.

  23. I have to assume the 120 lbs. refers strictly to her boobs?

  24. Some racists like Trump and have endorsed him, so he’s a racist.
    Some racists like Hillary and have endorsed her, so she isn’t racist.

    That’s pretty much it.

    Pointing out that supporting democrats has been a disaster for most blacks is racist. Continuing that disaster with a D after your name is not racist. Voter ID is racist. Felons not voting is racist.

  25. Ah, so we’re at peak racism then.

    It’s just the usual RACIST charge to shore up her support among women and minorities.

    Must be some really bad internal polling for Pickles.

  26. I can almost do a pistol squat on my left foot, but my right ankle doesn’t appear to be strong enough to balance in that position at all.

  27. If Dems lose 10% of the black vote, they can’t win in most states that have a black population. Ergo racism.

  28. Well, even if it’s racist, I’m not giving up my Pepe memes.

  29. Unfortunately, I don’t think the internal polling is bad enough. I think it’s showing a lack of enthusiasm among black voters, but I also think that this election is about ripping the mask off. The GOPe thought that Hillary! was an easy victory for them, so they didn’t have to court conservative voters and could push full ahead with their big-government, corporate cronyist instincts. Meanwhile the Dems see Obama as the beginning of the Permanent Democratic Majority that they’ve long dreamed of, so they’re letting loose with everything they have in service of protecting it. They don’t feel that they have to worry about wooing blue-collar voters that they’ve long sneered at from their mansions in Palo Alto or walk-ups in Brooklyn. They think that they have the numbers thanks to blacks and hispanics and hipster douchebags.

  30. Thank you, CO Alex, for enumerating one of the myriad reasons I’m in a foul mood this morning.

  31. Scott?

  32. I’ve been looking at the demos in most polls and the race would be tied if Trump got the usual level of support from Republicans.

    I agree that his pitch to black folks is aimed at bringing in white, suburban women voters. I also think people are incredibly naive to think that he’s not aiming for both. It’s a twofer.

    I also think her RACIST pitch is a twofer. If the 12% of Rs that are supporting her revert back to the mean, it’s a toss up. That’s not a great position considering its a change election.

  33. It’s not me, I’d have brought my wagon.

  34. Kids begin school next week so we’re moving back from camp Monday with hopefully a few more weekends there in September. I think I convinced Paula that we can stay till Monday and leave for work and school from there. It’s guaranteed either me or Paula will leave work and be halfway home before we realize we’re going to the wrong place.

  35. As of two days ago I had never heard the phrase alt-right.

    Today I can’t escape it.

    What the hell is going on?

  36. I had heard of it but I assumed it was memes and weapons level stupid for the sake of being stupid.

    Kind of like what the H2 used to be like.

    I guess it’s actually a bunch of white supremacists. I think its so new that whoever defines it wins.

  37. Part of it is “on the right but not conservative, because we need some way to distinguish ourselves from dicks like Paul Ryan”, but there’s a lot of “human bio-diversity” and “Bell Curve” folks in that crowd. Not exactly white supremacists in the “White Pow’r!” sense, but not excluding them outright, either.

  38. Need to label La Raza, New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, BLM, Communist Party USA, as “alt-left.”

  39. I had heard of Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow

    Don’t do it. It messes up the screen orientation

  40. Throw CAIR and the SPLC on the list also….

  41. Once again, the media setting the terms, and the sheep follow.

  42. Epic Troll

  43. The alt-right seems to consist of a lot of people who either a) agree with the right’s conclusions or goals, but not the route they took to reach them, or b) start with the same premises, but come to different conclusions.

  44. Not sure I should continue associating with you racists.

  45. It’s all just a bunch of herp-derp meant to lead the masses to a given conclusion. Any resemblance to reality is purely a fluke.

  46. I like Troy’s list of alt-left organizations

  47. But they aren’t “alt”. Those are mainstream leftists.

  48. My favorite part of Hillary’s speech was when she made fun of Trump being a birther, when it was her campaign that came up with it.

    And all the morons (small case, bad ones) believe her.

  49. I’ve been cutting tomatoes for 80 minutes. Taking a quick break.

  50. That’s either a lot of tomatoes or a really crappy knife, leon.

  51. A lot of tomatoes. 40# so far.

  52. “But they aren’t “alt”. Those are mainstream leftists.”

    Yes, and by labeling them “alt” it will require the Democrats to either embrace them openly or deny them. Either way they become tied to them (as they should be).

  53. alt.right is the boggieman the left just made up out of whole cloth.

  54. What does Brent have against infowars? I love PJ Watson. His funny videos are keeping me sane.

  55. I guess I’m supposed to stick to the serious conservatives. Because they’ve done so well in guiding conservative thought these last 20 years …

  56. Puck that. I’m going outlaw.

  57. I’m just in it for the memes. They’re so funny.

  58. I LOVE the videos. So funny. And honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Watson video that had anything very disputable. I don’t read infowars – outside of his stuff.

    But I refuses the YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN READ because it’s related to Alex Jones. I don’t give a crap. Shit, Daily Kos post the biggest crap in the world and people still link it.

  59. That’s sort of the point. “Conservatism” hasn’t worked, because the culture it was supposed to conserve was lost. The heart of “alt-right” is that there things more valuable than mere economics, and losing them is bad. The racism that gets lumped in a lot is frankly silly. Being a good citizen, neighbor, and parent has nothing to do with race, it’s cultural, religious, even. It’s ” high executive function”, “delayed gratification”, and “respect for those who came before you” as a way of life.

  60. infowars might be funny, but there’s some fringe in there.

  61. Criminy! Leon, you need a food mill. You’d be done by now. They are cheap.

  62. There are fringe everywhere. So what?

  63. Nothing but a transparent attempt at “othering” from the progs. It is an attempt to umbrella the fringe.

    Does this mean that islamic radicals are no longer fringe and should be considered as representative of the whole?

  64. food mills are great, I don’t use mine though. Just jam a bunch of tomatoes in the jar and can em.

  65. infowars has really fringy fringe, like 9/11 conspiracy fringe. I can’t get past that point.

  66. I’ve decided I’m neither alt-right nor left. I’m alt-freedom. Please join my counter revolution. Donations accepted.

  67. They’ve got some tutor up introducing herself. She’s cute. Latina with a nice booty.

  68. I can laugh at Kos, cuz that isn’t “my side”. Infowars supposedly is, and that results in me getting painted with the same brush. There’s just better places to waste my valuable time.

  69. Yeeesh, Jay, I don’t even know what info wars is but 9/11 dicks get on my nerves.

  70. Pix plz.

  71. Like H2. That’s a worthy place for me.

  72. #alt-freedom

  73. That’s the Alex Jones type stuff, mare. I’m painting with the same wide brush, I guess.

  74. uh oh, leon’s on a haunch-hunt

  75. Trump will just keep calling her a bigot and because he speaks to 3 crowds and does 3 interviews a day it’ll stick.

    What is she going to do? It’ll only stay in the media so long and she won’t talk to reporters or hold events. She can’t.

  76. I’m a Tea Partier so I’m a racist-bigot-misogonist-litterer-scumbag-killer-gun nut-meat eating psycho.

  77. No way to do so without giving myself away.

  78. But then you all knew that.

  79. HUZZAH!!

  80. The only thing wrong with JPW is that he’s on infowars’ site. Has he pushede occasionally? Sure. But I still like him. And his videos. If he starts on weird shit, then I stop. But so far I’ve agreed with everything he’s put out.

  81. I’m a Tea Partier so I’m a racist-bigot-misogonist-litterer-scumbag-killer-gun nut-meat eating psycho.

    How YEW doin?

  82. She’s not latina, she’s Russian/Lebanese.

  83. Even better.

  84. I ran across a childhood friend on Facebook the other day. I’ve only spoken to him once since sometime during our college years. After doing a little research, it appears that his first wife up and ran off on his ass leaving him with two teenage boys. She probably had some valid reasons to do so as he used to be an asshole when he was young and I doubt that it’s gotten any better. Anyway, he’s up and married him a Ukranian woman who appears to be in her late twenties to early thirties. I got to admit, it’s… interesting concept.

  85. I will remember today as the first day Alex laid eyes on his wife.

  86. I know this is completely hypothetical due to the fact that our CiC is a complete and total pussy. Plus he’s crawled in bed with the Iranians and is currently in a tits down ass up position.

    But if the Iranians keep fucking with our navy, I wonder what would happen if our navy decided to take the gloves off? Any of you ex-sailors or other smart military blog types…..I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  87. we get people at work who appear to be mail-order brides.

    It looks really weird. Some old guy with a young girl who barely speaks English. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun.

  88. If I were somehow widowed, my next wife might not speak much English, but that would only be because I’d mastered enough Spanish.

  89. Go Ukrainian. If Hillary! gets elected, you’ll be able to get them at a discount.

  90. Don’t like American women as much, Leon?

    And there is only one circumstance I could think of that would even wildly hypothetically make my 22 or so year old self sleep with an old guy (money or not).

    Saving my children.

    Remember, wildly hypothetical.

  91. I use to have what I considered gross guys approach me on the beach and ask me to travel with them on their sailboat. Happened at least 3 times. Some idiot takes them up on their offer.

  92. Not so much that, Mare, I’ve just watched too many telenovellas not to have developed something of a fondness.

  93. Hola! Hemlock cocktails for all! Drink Up, everybody!

  94. If something happens to Pat my next husband will be a vampire. I’ve watch too much True Blood not to have developed something of a fondness.

  95. I totally get that, Car in. I think I have a better chance than you do, but I get it.

  96. Speak of the Devil……

  97. If I have to have a next wife, and I pray that I don’t, she could very well be a Mexican-American. 1st – because demographics bend my choice of replacements in that direction. 2nd, because I love me some rice and refritos.

  98. I mostly love Carmen Villalobos.

  99. If something happens to Pat my next husband will be a vampire. I’ve watch too much True Blood not to have developed something of a fondness.

    For gay men?

  100. I’m a Tea Partier so I’m a racist-bigot-misogonist-litterer-scumbag-killer-gun nut-meat eating psycho.
    Mmmmmm. Nut-meat.

  101. posted here before.


  102. Nuh-uh

  103. But if the Iranians keep fucking with our navy, I wonder what would happen if our navy decided to take the gloves off?

    Google “Operation Praying Mantis.”

  104. Hahahaha H, good catch, M J.

    I loves me some nut-meat.

  105. Heh, Obama/Jarrett would NEVER do that!

  106. Looking back at that 2009 vintage BBF I have the following observations.

    1) Rosetta was an incredibly funny fucker. What a pitiful loss for all of us, not to mention his family.

    2) A bunch of other fuckers were funny back then too.

    3) I wasn’t one of them. I don’t think I’d nutted up out of lurkism at that time.

    4) Even xbrad made me laugh by labeling pierced nipples as putting tow hooks on them. 4) No garden talk.

    5) No workout talk.

    6) No recipe/cooking talk.

    7) No gardening talk.

    8) Even xbrad made me laugh by labeling pierced nipples as putting tow hooks on them.

    8) We’ve become a fucking afternoon talk show here. I don’t blame myself……I never was funny.

  107. I’m going to whip up a nut-meat galette. Since this is a cooking and garden blog now, is it important to use free range nut-meat or is that just an old wives tail?

  108. Reading about the attacks on Trump supporters. Fucking cops just stand there.

  109. I’m sorry, MJ, we’re gonna have to ask the panel.

  110. Need grass-fed and grass-finished nuts. Don’t get stuck with nuts that weren’t fed right up until harvest.

  111. Google “Operation Praying Mantis.”

    Interesting. Pretty limited engagement. I wonder if anything has changed in the last 20 years.

  112. PD, if you read the thread right after that one, Rosetta does a deal where he’s excited to be “FIRST!!” It goes on for about 10 comments. It made me almost cry thinking about how funny that big, fat, bald head was.

  113. Plus he was subtly riffing on a commenter who was s pain in the ass.

  114. Look at all that delicious nut-meat.

  115. PD?

  116. Welp, it’s Friday. I’m gonna knock off early.

  117. *packs up armband, takes off little mustache

  118. Dear God this is painful. He’s trying to do a quick review of linear algebra.

  119. The guy with the great ass?

  120. I had a semester junior year where 3 classes out of 5 started with a nearly-identical review of linear algebra.

  121. The girl with the great ass is gone. The geeky professor is talking about linear algebra and is way behind schedule for the rest of the day.

  122. I spent the last two days building and painting a cold frame for Laura.


  123. For those of you who have missed the college footballs, they start up again tonight. Cal vs. Hawaii from Sydney, Australia. 10 PM Eastern, 7 Pacific on ESPN.

  124. What’s a cold frame?

  125. I think that’s like when you get sick, and you cough something up or blow your nose and something impressive comes out, you save it in a tissue and frame it.

  126. Laura will make sure GND lets you know. She’ll be needing one as well.

  127. I had a semester junior year where 3 classes out of 5 started with a nearly-identical review of linear algebra.

    All I remember from linear algebra is Gaussian elimination and something something basis vectors.

  128. What’s a cold frame?


  130. Golf frame?

    Goof frame?

    Grimey frame?

  131. A cold frame is for when you cook something you’re really proud of and you want to display the leftovers.

  132. It looks like this, but our door is a Pella storm door

    Now the only two months without a garden are January and February.

  133. I painted it white and taught it to hate brown people.

    It’s an alt-greenhouse.

  134. Lol, good one, Scott. Alt greenhouse. I’ve never heard of it before today either.

  135. You should have made the brown people pay for the alt-greenhouse.


  137. I think bcoch is right, they are little drunks


  139. Hold my beer

  140. I encountered the alt-right on Twitter around the same time I saw the “Cucks” flying.

  141. Sean, we were talking about the Cal-HI game last night. WooHoo!

  142. Go Bears!

    I know a couple of you saw this on teh Twitties last night, but this absolutely happened: I was trying to get Riley to go out and poop, and he wouldn’t do it. That is, until I said, “Come on man, do it for Harambe.”

    Bam. Right then and there.


  144. Scott wins the internet with alt-greenhouse.

  145. Loving Scott’s Drunken Midget links.



  148. Former associate at Sam’s finished the police academy phase and is shadowing different LEOs as they do their jobs. He sat in on the interrogation of the Meth Mom. He said she smirked her way through and actually bragged about the things she did and what her boyfriend and his cousin did. Sickening. Prayer service for the first responders tonight at our substation.

  149. Canning 4 quarts of tomato sauce. Gave away 30# of tomatoes earlier.

  150. What happened, oso?


  152. OK, I am done…..for now.

  153. The 10 year old that was horrifically murdered in Albuquerque, was the same little girl I was talking about on Wednesday. Section 8 residents of the apartments next to our Condos. NM may get the Death Penalty back.


    OK now

  155. Gruesome. You guys may get the death penalty back, but don’t be like us–fucking use the thing for this one.

  156. You guys may get the death penalty back, but don’t be like us–fucking use the thing for this one.

    Can’t happen. The crime will have been committed before it became the punishment.

    Personally, I think these animals should be put in the general population and let nature take it’s course.



  158. Of course you’re right, wiser. Dropping out of law school may have saved my eternal soul, but it means I occasionally look foolish in discussions of legal matters.

  159. Our current DA has allowed POS to plea to lesser crimes for years. We are seeing the result now. WB, you are right that they won’t be subject to the DP, but at least this heinous crime may give us the option back.

  160. Dropping out of law school may have saved my eternal soul, but it means I occasionally look foolish in discussions of legal matters.

    It would make me very, very happy to be wrong here.

    Hopefully these fine folks “accidentally” get lost in the system only to be shot multiple times while “attempting to escape.”

  161. Look Sean, no one has ever made the connection between public indecency and scraggly beards.

    Just ask renowned lawyer Charles Manson.

  162. but at least this heinous crime may give us the option back.

    or perhaps they could start coming down hard on the meth dealers and addicts?

    Naaaaaaah… that would be racist or something.

  163. We are under DoJ purview. Progs at work were all wishing that the cops had just administered justice at the scene. Feelings running hot and high.

  164. I should move to New Mexico and start robbing people.

    Free money.

  165. I commit all my indecencies in private, MJ.


  166. Feelings running hot and high.

    As well they should be. This is a result of a fucked-up legal system that looks the other way as people destroy their cities and their lives.

    We started noticing what looked like drug deals going down at the end of our street. We went to the cops immediately and the local guy started doing drive-throughs and occasionally knocking on their doors.

    Haven’t seen a deal go down in over a month.

    Shit like that fucks up a neighborhood as badly as it fucks up people’s heads.

    I hope some good comes from this, as opposed to what happened here in CT, where after a horrific event like this, our esteemed leaders decided to get rid of the death penalty, even commuting the sentences of ever person on death row to life.

    Look up the Petit case here in CT. Fucking animals, who were caught leaving the burning home of the mother and two daughters that they had savagely raped and murdered. No question of their guilt. They were convicted and given the death penalty. They are now going to live very long lives on the taxpayer’s dime.

  167. There are probably billboards in Mexico explaining the fucked up NM laws.

  168. There are probably billboards in Mexico explaining the fucked up NM laws.

    And we wonder why Breaking Bad was set there?

  169. GOOD DAY!

  170. Driving out to TITS2 earlier this year, I noticed there were fewer billboards as you got out in the desert advising people (read: tweakers) not to steal copper wire. So, either that’s progress or they’ve just given up.

  171. I would encourage them to steal copper wire.

  172. I would encourage them to steal copper wire.

    Just lay some copper wire all over the place that is hardwired to the power grid.

  173. The copper wire at MiLs was stolen. SiL is still dragging ass about doing anything. Scott, our DA is despised by the LEOs. All about the plea. Including one of the stellar citizens in this story. Cops arrested a guy today for the emptenth time. LEO went on a rant about catching and recatching people time after time only to have them out on the streets again and again.


  175. WB, I remember that story. 😡


  177. Earlier this year, a 4 year old was killed in her car seat during an act of road rage. Her dad and a guy that should’ve been in jail, but Brandenburg. Her name was Lily. FF to last night. Lily’s mom was being interviewed on local TV. She asked everyone to consider their ballot this Nov. She always voted for the Hispanic last name or the D after the name. No more. We have a lot of Illegal crime here. Dan and I both understood her to mean Vote For Trump.

  178. We’ve had people burnt up all nice and crispy around here, but it seems like a while since I’ve heard one of those stories. A few years ago, people were stealing ERRRRRYTHING that was metal. Manhole covers, pressure regulators, pipes, you name it. It seems to have actually calmed down a bit.


  180. Scott, did I tell you that someone released Cobras in the Sandias and they are flourishing? 10$ at least for Cobra


    ( a stack of old pennies works just the same)


  182. You perhaps remember that one of the reasons you can’t buy a Blitz plastic gas can anymore is due to a meth addict burning the fuck out of himself while cooking the coating off of stolen copper wire in an oil can.

  183. FREE GAS CAN!


  185. I get really tired of the Darwin candidates.

  186. *Some restrictions apply. Offer not valid on Hugh Jackman’s urine. We have enough of that already. Can’t unload the stuff.

  187. Warriors just tied it up in Sydney.

  188. Nobody knows what that means.

    * sips wolverine milk *


  190. Last install of Wolverine just wrapped last week in Rio Rancho. Hugh has been posting pics from Albuquerque all summer long. Cal just scored

  191. That would have never happened if Cyn were still here.

  192. We should talk shit about Cyn,

  193. I can’t believe we’re almost through pre-season football with no Cyn asking if we’re ready for some football

  194. Oh, shit. I forgot to tell you guys. I had to take Riley to the vet this morning, and this guy had his bulldog there in the lobby with us.

    Her name was Daisy.

    I honestly had a little trouble keeping my shit together when I heard that.

  195. Cyn is all about baseball.

  196. Who the hell is Cyn?

    Unless she has tig ol bitties and resembles Sarah Palin I’m not interested.

  197. Cyn thinks the ABQ killers should be shown some leniency

  198. You should try infusing the wolverine milk with a Thai chutney reduction.

  199. Cyn’s favorite James Bond is Peter Sellers

  200. Sean, that hit me right in the feels.

  201. Cyn bets on the Giants.

  202. Cyn loves the designated batter.

  203. Cyn’s favorite Joker is Jared Leto.

  204. We all know what that means.

  205. Designated batter? AUGH!!!!’

  206. Cyn doesn’t Netflix and Chill.

  207. Cyn hates all gardens except this one:

  208. Cyn thought Genesis totally sucked until Peter Gabriel left and Phil Collins took over.

  209. Cyn’s college nickname was Pussy Galore-ious

  210. Cyn bought the first Las Vegas Raiders jersey. Popped a cap on AZ Cardinal wearing ass

  211. Cyn has the complete Pink Floyd on vinyl

  212. Cyn loves horse-front riding.

  213. Cyn just attended TIT3. All by herself.

  214. Cyn was bummed when Michael Jordan came out of retirement the first time because she had really been enjoying Scottie Pippen’s overall adequacy.

  215. Cyn is the reason the Japanese pole vaulter to hit the bar with his dick.

  216. Cyn is campaigning for Kelli Ward. Last attempt to get rid of McCain

  217. Cyn still maintains and updates an Angelfire Jar-Jar Binks fanpage.

  218. Cyn was the one who started the garden /workout talk at the H2.

  219. Cyn writes Pog fan-fic

  220. The only thing that explains it is that Cyn found happiness somewhere else.

  221. Cyn is working for the Hillary campaign.

  222. Cyn is working for the Hillary campaign.


  223. Cyn drives a gas-powered Prius

  224. Cyn put the boob in Haboob

  225. Cyn runs a gang that steals approximately $5600 each from Sam’s Clubs across the country

  226. Cyn has a tattoo of Chinese characters that translate to “The Jews Did 9/11.” This is not a mistranslation, a prank, or a joke.

  227. Cyn prefers LePage to Collins.

  228. This was funny, A 10″ tall, 5 pound dog, just chased a 1,000 pound elk away from an apple tree. It was great!
    Stupid elk should have stomped on that little yappy bitch and eaten the apples that it eats every year at this time.
    The dog is new here and doesn’t know the drill.
    Elk are really not very bright.

    Speaking of ‘not bright’, my face still hurts. It took two hours for the doc to pull the roots of that molar. She told me I was gonna be hurtin when the anesthetic wore off and I should have some drugs to fix that.
    I told her that me and opiates ain’t friends.
    “Oh, that don’t matter. I gave the scripts to your wife in the waiting-room and told her to get them filled, as you would need them when this wore off.”
    I could sell these to pay for the procedure, and come out ahead.
    I took none of them…

  229. WB…not funny!!!! Augh!!! FYI sale on Cowboy cut this week. Rib eyes and strips right now. Cowboy cut 9/1

  230. Cyn only pays Full Price.

  231. Cyn is actually Alex Jones. And PJ Watson. And Huma.

  232. Sean knows the DP. Earlier this year, Gov Moonbeam stood between the parole board and compassionate release for one of the Manson Girls. I’m still shocked that she was denied. Still pissed that Tex was able to marry and have children. Conjugal visits? FU

  233. Cyn thinks our BBF babes look a tad “heavy”.

  234. Cyn is Hilldawg’s fashion advisor. The Ms Swan Nail Smock for the Cher 💰? Cyn

  235. Cyn once offered to donate a kidney, until they raised the price by 50 cents/pound at the local Try & Save

  236. Cyn doesn’t care when people put saguaros outside of Sonoran context.

  237. Cyn wears the purple and teal AZ D-back gear. Didn’t know about the Sedona Red.

  238. Cyn thinks Hopi and Navajo are “Close enough”

  239. Cyn goes to the one dentist who doesn’t recommend that his patients chew Trident.

  240. Cyn knows what you did last autumn

  241. Someone just broke the blog.
    The background is gone and it’s fucked up.
    I’m going to bed…

  242. Cyn goes to the one dentist who doesn’t recommend that his patients chew Trident.


    Earlier, I was gonna write “Cyn goes to the 5th dentist”, but Ithought it might be too obscure a reference.

  243. Cyn was sitting next to Steve Bartman at Wrigley, yelling “YOU GOT IT!!!!”

  244. Average minds think alike, wiser.

  245. Cyn is actually a sockpuppet created by Mare. If you have ever attended a meat-up with “Cyn”, you have actually met Mare.

  246. Cyn once dated Chuck Norris. He still keeps her picture under his pillow.

  247. Cyn thinks Amy Schumer is sexy. And funny.

    But mostly sexy.

  248. Cyn has actually traveled back in time more than a dozen times to protect Baby Hitler.

  249. Cyn watches NASCAR races for the commercials.

  250. Cyn has actually traveled back in time more than a dozen times to protect Baby Hitler.


    nice one….

    Cyn’s real name is Eva Braun

  251. Cyn reads Playboy for the tits.

  252. Cyn never wears white before Labor Day.

  253. cyn roots for the zombies

  254. cyn roots for the zombies

    Don’t we all?

    Cyn shot a man in Reno… because the fucker owed her money.

  255. Cyyn “gets” David Lynch.

  256. Cyn sold River Phoenix the shit that killed him. On purpose.

  257. Cyn hates “Grease”

  258. Cyn hasn’t stopped by H2 lately because it’s blocked by the prison where she is currently doing time.

  259. Cyn gave Lena Dunham her first big break.

  260. Cyn fearlessly says “what” again.

  261. going to sleep now, my beloved friends.

    and Cyn.

  262. Cyn is all like dicks IN for Harambe

  263. Cyn doesn’t care when saguaros are geographically misappropriated

  264. Goodnight, sweet wiser. And flights of angels sing thee cover songs to thy rest.

  265. Is Leslie Jones a tranny? I don’t watch SNL and the like, so I don’t know for sure.

  266. Cyn always takes a penny.

  267. Cyn cheats at Punch Buggy.

  268. Cyn put the “kids with cancer” card in Cards Against Humanity.

  269. Cyn plays her 45 records on 33.

  270. Cyn only looks one way before crossing the street.

  271. When the dog farts, Cyn takes the blame.

  272. She started talkin’ shit, wouldn’t you know?
    Reached back like a derp and slapped the hoe
    Her father jumped out and he started to shout
    So I threw a right-cross cold knocked his old ass out

  273. That sounds like a nice tune there, Sean. Mantovani?

    New poat:

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