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Your model for today is an adult film star from Houston, TX.  She was born on August 24, 1982 and measures 36D-24-34, 5’3″ and 104 lbs.  Please stop cuddling Jewstin long enough to welcome, Miss Nicole Graves!










  1. Award worthy

  2. WTFITS?

    wakey wakey

  3. 4:45 wake up this morning.

    Thanks mind that won’t turn off.

  4. I think I’m going to go in and have a little talk with the AD at the school.

    Now, before you guys get all “YOUR CHILD” should speak to the coach on me …

    Yes. I know. But apparently that’s not the way the game is played anymore. One parent brought the coach a RESUME and kissed his ass at a basketball game.

    My talk is going to be more along the lines of “WTF is going on with this new coach?”

    And “if this roaster is any indication of his judgement, why should I encourage my daughter to continue.” I’m really ready to go nuclear – I have a friend who is a HUGE FAN of my daughter as a soccer plaer on the school board.

    Then I’m going to bring up the English teacher issue. I’m really THIS CLOSE to simply bringing her back home.

  5. She seems like a smart girl with a well thought out future.

  6. She probably turned to porn after her mom talked to the AD when she was cut from the volley ball team.

  7. Shut up MJ.

    Apparently that is what parents do now. You should be grateful to me that I’m doing this so you can learn from my experience.

    I was supposed to wine and dine the coach and make Erin a resume. I’m the chump who believed that coaches were able to evaluate talent w/o a parent in their ear. I feel so stupid.

    But actually the conversation will be more along the lines of this:

    1) Pay-to-play is $150. How many games will Erin be playing for that $150? Do you have ANY games set up for JV ‘b’ or is this just a way for you to get money out of me?


    3) This “star coach” you got didn’t even give my daughter a passing glance, and given the many glaring errors in the roaster – what confidence do you have that this coach has ANY FUCKING CLUE what he is doing?

    (I may work on point 3 a bit)

  8. What’s the English teacher issue?

    MJ, there’s no way this girl played volleyball. Or softball. She’s 5’3″ and not a Subaru driver. Pretty much had to be soccer.

  9. Well, according to my research she carpools in a Subaru occasionally.

  10. Gay for pay is a separate issue. Poor girl’s life is all sorts of messed up. It’s really a shame about getting kicked off the soccer team.

  11. In all seriousness, though, it’s more than likely that somewhere there’s a father who failed her outright. Either not enough love or way too much of the wrong kind.

  12. Erin’s had a substitute teacher for English this entire semester. THey’ve done – basically – nothing.

  13. She looks kinda cute in a girl next door sort of way. Granted, the two sisters who grew up next door to me were total semen receptacles. I suspect their mother was too back in the day.

  14. My English teacher’s husband died in August right before I entered 7th grade. We had subs for 2 months. Then she made us read The Pushcart War and I was glad we hadn’t had her for the full semester.

  15. Same teacher made us read Johnny Got His Gun, too. Total commie. I think I only had one non-commie English teacher.

  16. Car in-

    Unfortunately I’ve been through much the same, soccer, school musicals, ….

    My attitude is that my daughters will wind up kicking life’s ass once they’re out of school, while Sally Suckup wI’ll move straight from Daddy’s house to a trailer park in Shenectady. It’s already happened actually.

    Play the long game, IMHO.

  17. I was gonna use Nicole once, but fake ones.

  18. Hmm, I might have phrased that one wrong. hahahahaha

  19. Roaster:


  20. Our AD was appalled when we went into have a chat. That coach was eventually fired as he should have been. Second meeting was with coach and AD. Caught him in a.couple of lies,fun watching him stammer and squirm. He treated my oldest horribly. The AD still occasionally emails and asks how our daughters are doing. She was particularly impressed with our youngest.

    My kids still appreciate that we wouldn’t let a coach treat them like shit. Both on thier own, fully functional and knowing they’d do it for thier own kids.

  21. Ps we never asked to put the girls on the teams, just asked about process and let the AD know how they were treated. Oldest made team then was told two weeks later she wasn’t and another girl was put on. Daughters name was even on the tournament flyer. Everyone kept asking her why she quit…embarrassing and horrible.

  22. Yea, I’m not about asking her to be put on a team. This is more along the lines “If the coach is such a fuck-up piss-poor judge of ability, why would i want my daughter to play for the team?”

  23. You should start your own team. Take all the rag-tag castoffs and non-conformists and then beat everybody else and win the title. It would be just like a Disney movie!!! You even have a puppy mascot.

  24. The lack of English work all semester seems like a much bigger deal, but I am biased in that direction.

    I think it’s great that you are involved and won’t let your kid get pushed around. My parents were barely aware that I was going to school. Making class choices and managing all that stuff was my business and they didn’t have an interest in knowing anything about it.

  25. We paid a crap ton of money for good schools (what you are really paying for is environment and teachers)happy to report I can’t recall a poor teacher (can’t recall doesn’t mean there wasn’t one but no one stands out) several were really good and some were what I would call spectacular. My kids had tons of homework and had very little time during the school year to mess around especially adding sports.

    Summer was just sports and vacation with us and seeing family and what not.

    Had we not been blessed with the opportunity to do that I would have wanted to homeschool like Carin. Don’t think I would have been as good at it as she was.

  26. I can remember 2 or 3 good teachers. All the others either hated kids or were just putting in time until they could retire and doing as little as possible. I hated school.

  27. I went to Catholic school all but 2 years and most of the teachers were decent. A few were awful and a few were stellar. Other than paying the tuition bill and sitting in the stands for my football games my parents had almost zero presence at my schools.

  28. I did make varsity as a sophomore which says more about the quality of the school’s team than the nature of my playing ability. It was a good year playing both JV and varsity games.

  29. I’ve been employed by Big Hospital since 2007 and thru must have hired someone new since they realized my contract hasn’t been renewed since then. When reading over the new contract I came across a subsection that titled to the effect of “Compensation for teaching”. WTF! I’ve been teaching students for years and I’ve not seen a cent! I also found out I can get CEU’s for teaching which is a good bonus.

  30. Gah. I still want to go on a 57 state murdering spree.

  31. I’m actually so mad/upset I cannot do a thing.

  32. So mad you could kick a puppy?

  33. Honestly, the “prove them wrong” thing even rubs me the wrong way. I’m more in the “make those fuckers pay” camp.

    Gah. I’m so mad. They humiliated her. Didn’t even LOOK at her when she tried out. Erin told me that when she would do her skills, they would turn away and close their notebook. They’d already decided who they were interested in, and she could have done backflips and they wouldn’t have seen.

  34. Some part of me wants to go get a teaching cert and go be a math teacher somewhere, but I don’t know if I could tolerate working with most teachers/school systems.

  35. At least Erin doesn’t have daddy issues like today’s model!

  36. Too soon?

  37. Erin’s the sweetest little nice girl Mare. If you were here, and knew her, you’d been loading up supplies for the 57 state spree.

  38. ONe of my friends offered yesterday that this would teach her humility.

    UMH … well, first she isn’t very prideful and very generous of other’s talents, etc. Second – she has been completely humiliated. Devastated. She does get a lot of her self confidence from soccer since she’s not as bright as her siblings She’s not as outgoing. This was “her thing”.

    I want to kill. I do.

  39. That sucks, if it was her “thing”. That’s the hardest thing to take.

    She needs to get a little angry, instead of being devastated.

  40. And its still “her thing”. The evaluator was a unprofessional douche. I lean toward not allowing her to quit and you speaking with the Athletic Director regarding your concerns. This wont be just your daughter you’ll be speaking for but in all probability for others that are a victim of professional malfeasance, or will be a victim in the future. Get the Guidance Counselor in there to discuss the fact this poor poor decision on behalf of this “coach” has had a profoundly negative emotional impact. This “Coach” needs to under that the decisions he makes has layered consequences. If it were just a matter of “unfair” that would be one thing, but it is obvious this individual isnt qualified nor has the skill sets for the position.

  41. Carin, I have a feeling Erin is EXACTLY the type of player I’d want on my team when I coached or my daughters’ teams when they played. Really.

    And we understand the embarrassment/humiliation aspect. Completely.

  42. And while Im at it……. at the meeting, ask the “coach” to see the notes from her tryout / skills evaluation. Any paper they have with you daughters name on it should be available for examination. If they cant produce notes, the question becomes “What methodology did you use to evaluate the candidates.”

  43. Well, you can probably predict the lack of paperwork on evaluations.

    I don’t think any of my coaches had paperwork like that. But then they didn’t suck.

  44. That’s good terriible troy. I know they used sheets because Erin had to fill out her information for them to then use it as a score sheet.

    I’ve got Pat fired up. I think he’s going to go talk tonight. It’s really best that he do this, because I’m more than likely to bust a cap on someone’s ass.

    If Pat loses it? They will have totally deserved it and there really was no other option.

  45. J’ames – Erin said that when she was working, the coach would turn away and close his notebook. So TT is probably right. Her sheet will be empty.

    I suspect this coach is a total poser who really has no idea what he’s doing.

  46. This will be the beginning of the end of his charade. Unless he’s blowing the principal or AD.

  47. It’ll corroborate her version where they turned their backs and didn’t observe / note her skill demonstration. But I advise that you time the request so no opportunity is avail to “create” the documents.

  48. forgive me, I didnt read up thread and contributed a redundancy.

  49. Do I recall correctly the Xbrad was saying he has a surprise for today?

  50. His surprise was contingent on loading a video on YouTube or X-hamster

  51. […] blog of the day is The H2, which, of course, does their Big Boob Friday, and has an art post on Louis […]

  52. Car in, what is your desired end-state?

    Is it for Erin to get placed on the varsity team? For the coach to be fired? Be very careful how you proceed, because it could easily backfire on you and Erin.

    Let’s say you complain, they realize the coach is a dipshit, and force him to put Erin on the varsity team. That means some other girl gets bumped down to JV and publicly humiliated, and Erin is known as the girl who was put on the varsity team because her parents complained to the school.

    If they fire the coach, then you’ll be known as the parents who got a coach fired. Even if your daughter gets a fair evaluation by another coach, the stigma that she only got her position on the team because the new coach was protecting his job may follow Erin.

    The AD is going to lean towards defending the coach, at least publicly. He may get his ass chewed out in private, but the instinct will be to not open up a giant can of shit by admitting that he fucked up royally. You can bet that if they make an exception for Erin, every other parent will be in the AD’s office demanding the same thing.

  53. Carin i see some good advice from the dumbasses here –
    your daughter will eventually win this skirmish and excel. Good players always do.
    A parents timely help/intervention isn’t coddling in my opinion; so go for it.
    Don’t let her quit.
    It’s been my experience that whenever i’ve approached a situation like this in the middle of a berserker rage it didn’t work to my advantage (luckily my wife has been able to head off most of my rages: she tells me that using the f’bomb more than 5 times in a sentence and threatening to stuff unpleasant object up ppl’s asses sideways is off putting – go figure).

    I’m not a world class coach, but any reasonable coach or AD worth their salt will be able to see if the roster has been filled incorrectly and make the appropriate adjustments before the season starts.

  54. Anybody’s kid not make varsity today?

  55. too soon

  56. Wow. They might be closing Obama’s $2 billion solar energy plant.
    It’s the one that is incinerating eagles.

    Apparently it’s not producing as advertised, and it costs 6X more than electricity produced by typical power plants.

    More stimulus success.

  57. If she’s labeled “the girl who got the coach fired” it will have attached ” because he sucked”. Her peers know where she should be and I’m betting she hasn’t been a prima donna with them. She may recieve criticism but it will only come from stupids & sub-standards.

    Don’t quit

    Wage war now on all fronts and be fucking ruthless. Do not allow this guy to burrow into the school. He will spend a career unecessarily stressing young girls

  58. Yes.

    Good dog.

  59. *shits on the carpet and rubs his ass across the floor.

  60. Erin doesn’t want us to say anything. Of course. The girl who SUCKS who made Varsity (because her dad wrote her a resume and he’s at every practice BESIDE the coach) twitted out “I deserve this”.


    So many life lessons here.

  61. I had to do that, H2 is blog of the day….. wanted to make a good impression on the visitors

  62. Then she should challenge her. We dealt with a similar situation last yr with my sons best bud during foolsball season. This kid is a beast (my future muhrine) At our school a player can challenge another player for a slot. Openly call them out and be put to the “test’. We trained a bit more, selected a victim, and did what was required. He played where he was supposed to last third of the season. And everybody knew it.

  63. She should just go break the shitty girl’s leg. Then a position on varsity will open up.

  64. I meant good pup

  65. The NRA just tweeted this..

    “Iowa State Senate passes the Hearing Protection Act, allowing for the sale, use, and possession of firearm suppressors!”

  66. I applaud the appropriation of the left’s tricky wording tactic to make things more palatable to the general public.

    Deadly assassin “silencers” become about hearing protection. For the children.

  67. Here’s what I was up to yesterday:

  68. I would love a silenced .22 for small game.

  69. Worky worky

  70. That looks like a good time, Xbrad.


  72. Pretty neat, xbradtc.

  73. I am seriously envious Xbrad. I been up in a restored biplane, but going up in that 25 would prolly give me a chubby. You even got to sit in the tail gunners….I’m jealous and am now required to hate you a lil bit cause you did something cooler than I have. We get the Commemorative Air Force calender each year…I can remember when they were the Confederate Air Force..

  74. Honestly, the “prove them wrong” thing even rubs me the wrong way. I’m more in the “make those fuckers pay” camp.

    That’s my girl.

    *scoots over to make room on the waiting/planning for vengeance bench*

  75. XBrad, my parents taught me never to put my arm out of a moving vehicle. It might get hit by another nearby vehicle.

    Clearly, your parents neglected that simple lesson

  76. I was gonna use Nicole once, but fake ones.

    Her crooked little smile is real. Honestly, the fakies just make you appreciate the naturals even more.

    Right, CaRIN?


  78. I love the NRA.

    Oh goodness Michigan State lost.


  80. “I would love a silenced .22 for small game.”

    Just use the subsonic rounds. I am heavy residential and have no problems target shooting in the yard, and I have a crazy neighbor that calls the police all the time, It’s pretty quiet, and if heard it certainly doesn’t sound like a gun.

  81. In the picture where Nicole is wearing the sheer pink trimmed undies, her boobs look real.

  82. Just thought I’d mention that, because, you know, boobs.

  83. Thank you, Mare.

    I’m off to the liquor store, anybody need anything?

  84. Duct tape, always get duct tape.

  85. Wise words Mare….wise words…..

  86. Also, pellet gun technology is off the charts. Leon.

    Check out Gamo Whisper. Plenty powerful for small game, and quiet too.

  87. Haters can hate but UConn girls are going to with their 4th national championship in a row.

    If you want to bet on it you need to risk $900 to win $100.

  88. It’s a perfect squirrel gun for when the zombies come, and you can buy a 30 year supply of ammo for about $50.

  89. Scott what did you pay for your Whisper and do you know anything about Silent cat?

  90. I don’t remember, somewhere between $150-$200 I think.

    I just went to their website, crap its confusing. I had no idea there were that many different models. If it’s 1200 fps, I can’t see anything different about the Silent Cat other than the shape of the butt.

  91. Thanks!

  92. You need to hold yhem different. The pellet is launched by a spring so it “kicks” in two directions. If you grip it tight, your accuracy will stink. Hold it very loosely, or rest it on something, and you can hit a quarter at 50 yards.

  93. Wrist rockets are very quiet also. Can use a variety of ammo, (rocks, metal bearings, marbles.) I use mine on the neighborhood “thumpers”. I don’t appreciate hearing bass thumping after dark. Frozen glass marbles work best. Time it to the beat and the dummies think they blew the window out with their own stereo.


  95. Mare, what does your husband carry? Is it a small Ruger?

  96. Greetings, people whose teams probably weren’t eliminated by fucking “Rainbow Warriors” today.

  97. Amazing dog

  98. I can do all that stuff.

  99. I thought Rainbow Warrior was Greenpeace.

  100. Surfing might be a challenge,.

  101. He was wake-boarding. I can totally do that.

    I just don’t want to.

  102. I thought Rainbow Warrior was Greenpeace.

    That was their ship, which the Frogs sank. Thankfully, we were beaten by some other Rainbow Warriors.

  103. WOW! SF Austin is beating W Va at the half.


  105. SF Austin is kicking ass! Brackets will be destroyed if this holds up.

  106. Big XII is screwing the pooch big time. Baylor got their ass handed to them by White Priveledge.

  107. One of my old dead trees fell into the crazy lady’s yard. She wouldn’t let me chop it up because the “area was too dangerous”.

    I know her, and know she was going to try and use that as a way to get me to pay for some more tree work she wants done.

    This morning I spotted her leaving the house so I ran out there with the chainsaw, chopped it up, and disposed of it in the swamp.

    She has NO TRESPASSING signs plastered all over the place, including her front door, so I wont be surprised if she calls the cops.

    If she does, I am blaming it on a rogue herd of beavers.

  108. Firewood rustlers.

  109. Rogue Termites

  110. I didn’t leave a trace. This is going to drive her ……well, she’s already crazy.

  111. Yes a Ruger LCP. Genera!ly in his truck.

  112. Does that whisper break at the bore per shot?

  113. Can’t wait to hear if she says something.

  114. Gift idea…..Sneaky Pete holster.

    High quality and fits like a glove.

    I really like mine.

  115. What tree?

  116. Tree Rapture

  117. One shot per break.

  118. I just got a alienwear3 for my xd. Havent tried it yet.

  119. We’re gonna need a bigger boat

  120. I think we want one of those Whispers.

  121. Been wearing a Blackhawk CQB leather for years. I wanted the new one for better summer clothing concealment. Least that’s how I justified the expenditure in my tiny brain.

  122. Pretty sure Hawaii dropped the “Rainbow”. Last few times we were on Oahu, it was just Warriors. Dan’s cap is just the Tribal H.

  123. W Va is going down.

  124. We haven’t had Lady Lobos for years. Media still calls them Lady Lobos. School calls them Lobos or Lobo Women. All a bunch of crap.

  125. 3 seed is blown out by a 14 seed.

    Wow. Today was the biggest bracket busting day I can remember.

  126. 15 beats 2
    14 beats 3
    13 beats 4

    I am sensing a trend.

  127. Tree Rapture!!!!


  128. 7 ate 9

  129. Your mom beats two


  130. I’ve heard good things about the Alien Gear holsters, Troy.



  133. That SF Austin game was great. 23 turnovers on WV. Wow.

  134. I don’t know anything about sports, and it’s really frustrating. I was trying to watch with Scott, then I gave up and puttered around in the house for a while. Scott was having a fit watching this game. I have no idea what is going on.

    Then I come upstairs and Mare watched the same thing and is saying there were turnovers. I did not see any turnovers. Or pastry of any kind.

  135. Hahahaha, raspberry turnovers are my fav.

  136. Ha! Lauraw, my husband got a kick out of your comment.

  137. Notre Dame vs Michigan…turnovers already making an impact.

    Sorry, MCPO.

  138. The good thing about having your team eliminated early (and not gambling on the rest) is that you can stop giving a shit right away.

  139. Ha! I just said to my husband, “it is March Madness, I’m all into it and I don’t even like basketball.”

  140. I shouted downstairs, “WHAT KIND OF FRUIT WAS IN THEM?” and he didn’t reply, and then we got into an argument that made no fucking sense.

    I hate sports so much.

  141. “The various sporting diversions are but war for those who are squeamish about killing.” —Stuff Jefferson Said, Vol VII

  142. Dunkin’ Donuts.

  143. We don’t argue.


  144. How about the O’lympics, Hump?

    I betchya like curling as much as SeanM

  145. I’m so glad I haven’t participated in Bracketology for 3 years. I H8 TFG. This year, no Vegas. No tourney. Nada. My ESPN bracket was top 5% 6 straight years. Top 2%, 2 years. 1 year I nearly got money. ESPN ruined it for me. TFG sucks.

  146. I love CURLING!!! I H8 the Flyers and anything Filthydelphia. Whew. I can say that now. 1000 miles away.

  147. I shouted downstairs, “WHAT KIND OF FRUIT WAS IN THEM?”



  148. That’s ok. You’re a Raider.
    We dont want you.

  149. What about Rocky?

  150. Even Rocky!!!!

  151. Especially Rocky!!! WTF would you drink raw eggs?

  152. M3P0 loves his Eagles.

  153. Yo.

    Awesome BBF. One of the better ones we’ve had in a long while.

    In case you are interested, Gabe’s my guest tomorrow.

    Oh, and Kurt was fucking hilarious on Monday. Definitely worth a listen.

    Hope everyone is well. Catch up with y’all soon.

  154. Did you link the Kurt show and I missed it?

  155. Gabe is a card.

    Good for you, amigo.

  156. Don’t hate Rock. He was only yolking.

  157. >>>>Did you link the Kurt show and I missed it?

    3rd hour of the past Monday’s show.

  158. Danke

  159. “Dear Alexander,

    Upon recommendation of the faculty, I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to graduate study at San Diego State University for the Fall 2016 semester. On behalf of the faculty, students and staff, I welcome you to the University and express our shared hope that your studies here will be both productive and rewarding.”

  160. Sweet.

    Find a place in North Park.

  161. SWEET!!! San Diego meat up!!!! Make it happen!!!! (Congrats CoAl)

  162. I’m waiting to hear back from one other school and then I’ll make my decision.

  163. Did anybody figure out why anybody else was the only person who could ever seem to get photographs of their local superhero today?

  164. Is it Minnesota State?

  165. Peter Parker is a better photographer than Jimmy Olsen? Marvel!!!!

  166. Cal Luthern, Colex?

  167. Heh.

  168. Sean, yup.

  169. Cali meat up!!!!

  170. Bring water.

  171. Fiji water FTW

  172. My bad. I prefer Philly Sound to Motown

  173. I want to stay up all night watching Daredevil. Dan is playing the old card. True story, Dan has always been an 8 hr + sleeper. 25 years of marriage later, he still doesn’t get that I get by on 4 hrs.

  174. I get about 4-5 hours per night, but I take a nap during the afternoon.

  175. Dan decided we should head to MiLs house tonight to pick up papers. MiL knows something was decided. Can’t remember what. Only knows she’s angry

  176. I have night terrors. I try to limit my sleep or control my dreams.

  177. I’ve got pizza and wine and Daredevil.

    Life is good.

  178. You wander around on your own little derp
    When you don’t see the why or the wherefore
    You walk out on me when we both disagree
    ‘Cause to reason is not what you care for

  179. There was a bakery that made the best raspberry turnovers when I was a kid. I’m sure they used lard in their dough because, on the rare occasions I have turnovers these days, it’s just not the same.

  180. BBF candidate with no back fat or sex tape controversy

    (yet)(that I know of)

  181. wakey wakey

  182. keep lookin’

  183. Thanks Jimbro…I’m on it in the figurative sense.

    *douses soccer ball in diesel fuel*

    Mornin CaRIN. Got a light?



  185. They seem nice.

  186. I haven’t gotten Erin on board with my KILL “EM ALL approach. She’s still moping and depressed.

  187. My parents are coming to visit today. Still have to take all kinds of crap out to the barn/trash bin, shop for dinner groceries, and vacuum.

  188. Just put everything in the closets Leon.

  189. Boy1 started working at a grocery store 2 weeks ago, cleanup crew and carts. Today he learns about working on Saturday, in the snow.

  190. Closets are already full.

  191. Extra bedrooms are handy. Do you have one of those?

  192. Half day work (every Sat) and then Vet today with the two doggies. Is there some new Vet rule where no matter what your going in for you have to bring a shit sample? I just looooooove handling dog shit…..

  193. Wife bought a new kid-more-friendly tv console that we spent 3 hours building yesterday. Never again.

    Also got a new giant ottoman to replace my beloved but sharp-edged coffee table. So we have two giant boxes and a smattering of smaller boxes. If it were going to rain today I’d be burning them already, so they’ll have to sit in the barn. Some of the cardboard can be reclaimed for the sunflower and good king henry beds.

  194. The “spare bedroom” is my office. It’s already full of baby things that she’s grown out of or isn’t in yet.

  195. Troy:

  196. I’m shopping at Sam’s. Anyone need anything?

  197. 5 gallons of olives, 8000 rolls of paper towels and 350 cans of cat food.

  198. I need a pallet of Ramen…. I figure a 50 should cover it

  199. I’ve seen all of those things and I’m not even halfway through the store yet. Glad I brought my truck today.

  200. I have to wait 2 more hours for basketball?


  201. 46lbs of sliced Virginia ham (thin), 75lbs of black peppercorn and 14 gallons of Drano.

  202. Still sick. I have decided this is the new normal, and I will have this stupid cough forever.

  203. Passing by books now…SHRINKAGE TIME!!!

  204. Books… hmm…..

    Could you pick me up a couple of dozen copies of the complete Encyclopedia Britannica, Unabridged?


  205. Free books!

  206. Still sick. I have decided this is the new normal, and I will have this stupid cough forever.

    Have you seen a doctor yet? It might be the Zika virus.

  207. It took me a good two weeks to get over this years grunge….whatever it was it was highly contagious, got the entire family and workplace.

  208. Soccer update. One girl who didn’t make varsity cried in front of the coach.

    So they moved her up.

    This may be hopeless.

  209. One girl who didn’t make varsity cried in front of the coach.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  210. Been to the doctor twice. Antibiotics didn’t help. My prescription cough medicine doesn’t help. Mini-me’s prescription cough medicine does help, but they are serious about the blurred vision and “do not drive or operate heavy machinery” warnings. I feel guilty about taking her meds, especially since it’s about to run out.

  211. Car in, get Erin out of there. I stand by my earlier comments.

    Make your criticism to the AD, and pull Erin so that she can play on the boys’ travel team. If next year she wants to try again, then you can see where things stand, but this year is likely to be an epic shit show that she’s better off avoiding.

    Think of it like two job opportunities: which one is she more likely to be happy at, and which one is going to offer her a chance to continue to improve and advance?

  212. Did any of you know this existed?

  213. Cadillac Mirage. They produced a couple hundred of them.

  214. Is that a truck bed? Or just a HUUUUUGE trunk for body disposal?

  215. I’m right there with you, Roamy. I’m still eating Mucinex-DM and Sudafed. The thing that seems to help the most is Albuterol from the nebulizer machine.

  216. Pups, I can’t explain it but the one job at a grocery store I don’t want is cart rounder upper. Gives me the willies.

  217. Truck bed. Cadillac El Camino.

  218. I have the albuterol, too, but it revs up my heart rate something awful.

  219. You and your daughter should sit down and watch Patton.

  220. Never seen that before, Scott. Dodge made their own version of the El Camino, called the Rampage. I had one for a NASA vehicle. Typical K car.

  221. Look at CoAlex being all rational and stuff…….I say you terminate the “coach” with extreme prejudice.

    There is no problem that cant be solved with high explosives..

  222. Chumpo – that’s a good idea.

    worky worky

  223. Me too. I only try to use it every other day or so, but then after using it, and being able to breathe easily without coughing… I stop caring how fast my heart is racing for those few hours 😦

    Everyone here is complaining about the after-effects of this flu – it’s one of the worst years evar.

  224. I bet she hasn’t planted her peas yet.

  225. Albuterol+nebulizer saved me. The heart race thing is scary though.

    Roamy, see if you can find a nubulizable form of NAC. I hear good things.

  226. Good for hangover’s too… I hear.

  227. I didn’t know about the truck bed, but I saw a ’76 Cadillac station wagon for sale on Nashville’s craigs list, looked like this only red with white trim/top:

    They wanted too much money for it, I guess some old country and western star owned it originally. Before I bought my truck I would look for station wagons for sale, nobody wants to drive them so they are real cheap, like american made mini-vans. The Japanese mini-vans are still expensive used.

  228. Does the JV team practice against the Varsity?

  229. My MIL is convinced she got the H2N1 AND some other virus/crud because it hung on so long and had different symptoms at different stages.

    I’m mostly over it, but I still have an occasional cough. I hope you feel better Roamy. Everybody at my office is or has been sick since I got back from AZ. I stayed home until the fever broke, but the cough must have still been contagious.

  230. If I’d have stayed home while I had the cough I would have missed a month of work.

  231. Pupster Flu.

  232. Albuterol/nebulizer followed by a hit of Advair.

    And yeah, three weeks on and I’m still fucked up.

    **shakes fist at sky**

    MARE!!! This is your fault!

  233. Ah, the Dodge Rampage. I was almost killed in Basic Training when I was riding in the back of one, and the Drill Sergeant decided to go off-roading, and I fell out.

  234. I forgot I’m using Advair too. *sighs

    The H2: Rattling off drug names to treat our rattling lungs since March 2009.

  235. I still haven’t made time to watch Patton, darnit.

  236. Finally got Wiserradio to work.

  237. Leon, turn in your mancard immediately.




  241. Protesters block the hwy leading to Trump rally. Ooweee…..this is going to be fun in a few months.

    My response to vehicles parked it road? Call for owner to move vehicle, owner doesn’t present or move vehicle, declare vehicle abandoned and drag (not tow properly) the vehicle off the road with no concern for the integrity of the vehicle. Hell if I had push bars on the squad I’d consider just pushing it off road.

  242. I watched police do that very thing about an hour ago.


  243. Push bars should be standard equipment.

    Nothong could stop me from making my way aroumd an illeagle raod block.

  244. Eeesh. I think I just heard that they’ve now blocked the other major route to get to Ftn Hills for the rally.

  245. M1 tanks with dozer blades would solve that problem most ricky tick.

  246. Nothong cud stap me phrom misbellink evry werd on teh komants

  247. Yer duuin reel guud sew phar.

  248. There’s the Mayo clinic hospital where these fuck-sticks are blocking.

    Good jerb, assholes.

  249. Pass the albuterol.

  250. Go to jail. Do not pass go do not collect $200.00

  251. *reconfigures nebulizer machine into a multihose hookah.

  252. This area where the protesters are is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Territory.

    He will not allow fuckage.

  253. *makes all the tiny umbrella drinks*

  254. Shrrif Joe must be part North Korean.

  255. Someone’s mom told me that Pup is part asian part irish part lady



  258. Nice job, Wiser, Gabe, and MJ.

    Am I the only one who didn’t drink Boone’s Farm in high school?

  259. My response to vehicles parked it road? Call for owner to move vehicle, owner doesn’t present or move vehicle, declare vehicle abandoned and drag (not tow properly) the vehicle off the road with no concern for the integrity of the vehicle. Hell if I had push bars on the squad I’d consider just pushing it off road.

    Pull them off to the side of the road, light up thermite on their engine blocks.

    And there’s gonna be violence at the GOP convention. Bet on it. Personally, I want to see some lefty thug’s skull caved in by a Trump supporter wielding an axe handle.

  260. They pulled this crap in Boston last year.

    The whole planned protest arrest thing is a little too convenient for the cocktail party radicals. Letting them cool their heels in a fenced in compound eating nutraloaf for a week or so would cut down on the willingness to be down with the cause.

  261. Yes.

  262. Certain alcoholic beverages were a rite of passage. Anyone with half a brain knew they were for shit but knowing they were rotgut was half the fun.

    Boone’s Farm, Mad Dog, SoCo, Colt 45 malt liquor, etc.


  264. I just realized that my self-worth has become dependent on how often I’m in the Top Comments section of Instapundit.

  265. Southern Comfort (((shudder)))

    That and Yukon Jack.

  266. Puke on Jack.

  267. New Shit:

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