Let’s split a pie


Time to get ready for bathing suit season. Drop the pizza and pick up some iron.

“Let’s split a pie” is from a comedy bit by a comedian named Brian Regan. It’s not on you tube so I can’t put the video here. Here’s the link:


His facial expressions and mannerisms are about as funny as his material.


I seriously don’t know what’s going on here and don’t want to think about it too much.

When I visited my relatives in Dublin we drank Guinness. The relatives in Cork all drank Murphy’s. When in Rome…


And, finally


I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! Please don’t even think about drinking green beer.



  1. GrumblemumblehatelifeFIRSTgrumblemumble

  2. This comment from MJ was prize worthy;

    Comment by MJ on March 16, 2016 11:22 pm
    And every commercial has some sort of tie to basketball.
    At Dick Fluffer Ford we slam dunk the competition!
    Remove those unsightly varicose veins at Evansville Leg Therapy. Beat the buzzer on our ‘get ready for Spring’ promotion.
    Be part of the Final Fore at Golfsmiths!
    Box out your hunger and order the 3 Point Combo at Hotspur’s Sausage House. Each combo comes with two hard boiled eggs and a piping hot bag of dicks. No substitutions!

  3. As implausible as the business names are, the promos are probably spot on.

  4. I wish this guy luck with his concert venture


    I had to look it up on a map when I read a story about him buying a ski resort I’d never heard of before. The guy has some experience with setting up concerts so that’s a plus. Anything they can do to get people up north (or Canadians down south) and spending money is good for the locals.

  5. Oh yeah. It’s St Patrick’s day.

    I guess I’ll go to work.

  6. an irish breakfast:

  7. Wakey wakey

  8. THe news this morning is making me nauseous. George Soros is really building his little brownshirts, isn’t he?

    Luckily the teachers have done a phenomenal job of teaching them absolutely nothing. They’re able to parrot the little bumpersticker understanding of the world and march off full of righteous indignation and anger.

  9. Hasn’t it always been this way? Kids are dumb. Most are dumb because they are in the middle of the bell curve, the smart are dumb because they lack any experience, and the really smart kinda maybe sorta get it but FREE KOLLIDGE!

  10. Holy guacamole – we have been having SEVERE hail for the past 15 minutes or so, with no let–up. Sounds like rocks hitting the roof and windows –

    Guess the insurance adjusters are going to be busy after this.

  11. I blame the parents. My kids know what is what.

  12. One of my friends has a son who supports Bernie. There are going to be some changes in that household.

  13. Commie teachers miseducated them, and we need messicans and H1Bs to get anything done, so the native kids have plenty of time and energy to riot and a mountain of debt they can’t repay.

    Sometimes you have to stand back and admire the monster the Left has built. All those complex moving parts just fit together like a machine. I’m not saying they planned it that way, but they couldn’t have planned it better.

  14. I bought a shirt at Old Navy that says, “Irish Ish”

  15. My gramma’s maiden name is Fitzpatrick and her parents fled the ‘tato famine by moving to Newfoundland.

    I ain’t no poser.

  16. Oh, I have lots of Irish cred. Just not 100%. I may be more than you, Leon.


  17. My maiden name is Irish.

  18. I’m a quarter Irish and a quarter English, the other half is German.

    So I drink tea and whiskey and want invade Hamtramck.

  19. “Slovak”

  20. PD, I can’t remember if you fasted consecutive days or just any two of 7?

  21. I’ve mentioned this before, but every EVERY teacher I know is supporting Sanders.

  22. I blame the parents. My kids know what is what.
    I guess I do as well. I was in a bullshit HR seminar with about 150 people and the speaker, a 25 year old millennial was talking about how to manage a multi-generational workforce. He asked the audience about how entitled, spoiled, self centered, etc. his generation is.

    Then he asked the audience…so who raised these little monsters?

    Dead silence.

    It was pretty funny.

  23. My kids know what’s what too.

  24. That’s funny MJ. I can picture it perfectly

  25. We’re trying with the boys. The older boy may be a lost cause, not out of any intention on his part, rather due to innate intellectual deficits. The younger boy is slowly gaining insight about how hard work got his step dad and mom where they are. He’s still a kid though and there will be many lessons to learn

  26. It’s St. Patrick’s Day? Who gives a shit?

  27. Irish-Lebanese

    My suicide belt is a series of potatoes wired together

  28. You know who really really gives a shit? All the gay pride groups that insist that by not being allowed to march in the St Patrick’s Day parade in assleds chaps their civil rights are being violated.

    “C’ mere you horny little leprechaun and let me find your pot o’ gold”

  29. assless

  30. My son is 16. Just now becoming “politically aware”. They are discussing Politics in Social Studies this year. I decided to lead with conceptual ideas…. What is Freedom? Rights? Where do you get them? What is a governments role in society. What ISNT a government role in society? Why Utopian thinking always fails (all utopian thinking hinges on the exclusion and elimination of human nature) etc. etc.

    We live in a very rural community (town of like 900) and have been dealing with the whole trannie / homo I want to use different locker and shitter than my actual gender bullshit this year. He see’s right through that garabage, so I hope I can counter act the messages he’s been getting from public school. So far so good.

  31. Maternal Granny was a Kelly, and maternal Paw-Paw was a Carroll.

    I’m all British Isles on both sides (Paternal side is from Scotland and England).

  32. Mare, pretty sure he fasted 2 consecutive days, one 60 hour period.

  33. “…by not being allowed to march in the St Patrick’s Day parade in assleds chaps their civil rights are being violated.”

    What about MY civil right to not be assaulted by that kind of stuff in public places?

  34. This week’s episode of Serial details how the WH totally screwed the pooch on the Rose Garden ceremony for Bowe Bergdahl. It’s a microcosm of how they’ve done everything.

    No one knows what they are doing, but they think it’ll look good on tv.

    Obama is just Trump 1.0.

  35. San Patricio is the nearest town to Hondo. Established by Irish guys that fought for the Union in the Civil War and were later sent to Forts in NM. In this case, Ft Stanton. Married local women. Catholic. I’m more Irish than Native. This months New Mexico magazine features the Hurd-Wyeth gallery and shows the area around San Patricio

  36. Thanks, Pepe!

  37. What’s Serial?

  38. I’m half black and half Japanese.

    Every December 7th, I want to bomb Pearl Bailey.

  39. Mare, I think it’s the docu on Bowe Bergdahl.

  40. Back when I imbibed I always consider this holiday, New Year, and cinco de mayo to be amateur hour.

  41. Anyone heard from Beasn? She seems to be AWOL.

  42. Cinco de Quattro – that was some mighty intelligence from shit for brains El Presidente.

  43. Thanks, Oso!

  44. Hotspur, I think she was trying to take a break from some social media for Lent.

  45. Ahh…I sort of remember now. Well, I miss her.

  46. Another example of Obama administration totally muffing up something is the Arab Spring catastrophe and the labeling of ISIS as JV. Also, releasing Gitmo scum who then become big players in ISIS. Well played, administration! #HashtagsSolveProblems

  47. Me too, Hotspur.

  48. I hate living in this state. After the two biggest tax hikes in history we are facing another deficit. The Governor announces BIG SPENDING CUTS. All the news outlets are talking about HUGE SPENDING CUTS of $65 million. (1/3 of one percent of the budget) HUGE.

    And, all the cuts are to children’s hospitals, and mental health agencies, so of course there is plenty of faux outrage.

    Soon, there will be photos of dying children because of these horrific 1/3 of one percent cuts.

    Tax hikes are coming….for the children.

    The most likely solution? A $1 per hour tax, per employee, on every large employer that doesn’t pay $15 per hour.


  49. We also missed you when you bugged out for about a year. What the hell were you thinking?

  50. Riiight… cause that’s the reasonable thing to cut first….. same as when they immediately talk about cutting fire and police……cause everybody knows thats where you cut first! You don’t cut raises, bonuses, for executives in all agencies first, that’d be crazy…..

  51. Cutting executive pay doesn’t make the news.

    Won’t you be cutting kindergarten funding, too? head start?

  52. They assume that large employers will simply reach into their pockets and pay the tax, or pay everyone $15 per hour.

    Nope, they will cut their workers pay.

  53. Watch out. My dander is up. Ready to go on a rampage.

  54. Girls soccer team roaster was just released and my perfect wonderful awesome soccer playing daughter isn’t on Varisty. Or Jv A. She’s on JV B. Which is basically a freshman team – that’s who they’ll be playing.

    SHe’s a sophomore and the new coach didn’t even LOOK at her. I’m beyond pissed and don’t even know how I”m going to tell her.

    Most of her friends are on Varsity (and she’s as good if not better than them) and the rest are on the JV A team. I’m really ready to go on a 57-state murdering spree. Pat is trying to talk me down.

    Her old coach is offering her positions on their teams (boys teams), etc.

  55. Obviously I’ve scared everyone and they’re hiding in their basements.

    No worries. Just mark a sign over your door and I will pass right by.

    The Animosity International slogan would work just fine.

  56. One of the girls who made the varsity team is straight up HORRIBLE. Erin could wipe the floor with her.

    But that’s none of my business.

  57. Honestly – those parents I know who’s kids made varsity – should be seconding guessing the coaches judgement when they see where they put Erin.

    The soccer mom/manager is telling me to give them time. That they’ll move her up.

    I’m really not in a mood to deal with that. She doesn’t have a broken hearted kid right now.

  58. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, Hawtsausages. May you be in Heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you’re dead.

  59. Carin, calm down. It’s just soccer fer cripe’s sake.

  60. SHut up Hotspur.

    I would have kept her homeschooled – which would have been better for her for a variety of reasons.

    But she wanted to play with her friends.

    WHich she’s not going to do now.

  61. Use this to re-enforce that life is not “fair.” Expecting “fair” out of life leads to disappointment. Use it to teach her how to hide her emotions in the face of stupid. Its a skill she will need if she doesn’t already have.

  62. I mean fuck. SHe’s had a substitute for English this entire semester.

    You know, today is that day that I’m going nuclear about that. Use this energy for “good”.

    This won’t be pretty.

  63. “Use it to teach her how to hide her emotions in the face of stupid. ”

    Yes – this.

    I’m really raging here so I am calm by the time she gets home and I can give her the “use this to drive you. To PROVE not that they just made a mistake – but they were REALLY FUCKING COMPLETELY WRONG”.

    I may need to word that part better.

  64. *hunkers down*

  65. You’d better hunker.

  66. Let ‘er rip here Carin!!! I’ve been where you are and it tastes like shit!

  67. She needs to kick so much ass on the JV B team and she will because she’s one of ours and we’re not losers.

    Also, Hotspur, STFU.

  68. “Use it to teach her how to hide her emotions in the face of stupid. ”


    That’s a really good line and great advice, terribletroy!

  69. That’s the plan Mare. Some of those girls who made varsity better not crow to much. One look at the roaster by anyone who knows – can see how it’s got a bunch of glaring errors. Not just Erin.

  70. Car in,

    Has she spoken with the coach and asked why she wasn’t placed higher?

  71. Does she know now, Carin?

  72. The meeting is tonight – but the roaster was just sent out via email.

  73. I’m sure she does. Some of the girls already have put up on FB that they’ve made varsity. I don’t want to text her because I’m sure she’s upset and doesn’t want to feel like she has to … talk to me about it right now.

  74. Did other sophomore’s make varsity?

    When I was in high screwl you could only get on varsity if you were a junior or senior.

  75. Yes. A freshman who is HORRIBLE horrible made varsity.

  76. Take your puppy outside and plant your peas.

  77. Some big, loudmouth girl with a big, loudmouth dad.

    You know what my mistake was? I didn’t go to all the tryouts and say something like the following to the coach:

    “See her over there? That’s my daughter Erin. She’s been playing soccer since she was 4 and travel soccer for 5 years as a starter, playing the entire game. SHe runs 10 mile races and never tires. She is an awesome soccer player and has been coached by [insert list of coaches here]. SHe lives and breathes soccer and is just dying to see what you can teach her.”

    Bam. Varsity.

  78. Scott knows things.

  79. It’s too windy to plant peas today. I have a vet appointment in 45 min.

  80. Then it sounds like the other parents got to the coaches – politics.

    I know I kid you, Carin, because I love you, but I don’t envy having to raise kids in this day and age. I can see what you are up against. The parents are the problem.

    Like MJ’s excellent example earlier.

  81. That was a nice comment, Hotspur. Kicking you in the vagina is OFF the table.


  82. Hotspur – my goal is to NOT do those things. They are bullshit and wrong. My kids are old enough that they are the ones who should have the relationship with the coach. If I eventually meet and become friendly, that’s later.

    And yes, I’m sure the parent/politic thing had a lot to do with it. Erin’s past success as a soccer player have had NOTHING to do with me and what I say/do. I’ve picked the coaches I like (when there is a choice) and my job SHOULD BE done then.

    Other parents need to live through their children and be their drive/support. I push Erin at home. But I’m not paving the way for her with a high school coach. That’s wrong.

  83. Just tell him that you drive her to school every day in your Subaru. He’ll give her a spot on the team because her mom’s a lesbian and he doesn’t want to be branded a h8er.

  84. Hotspur – my goal is to NOT do those things.

    I understand. And I admire you for it.

  85. No Rush. WJR has some stupid politcal flint water hearing on .

    That’s it. It’s time to burn this motherfocker down.

  86. COal is a thinker.

    DId I mention that when I picked up my car, two lesbians were finalizing a purchase and that when I went back to get an accessory a lesbian was driving off my in my exact same car?

  87. Meh.

    They will make it right when they see her play.

  88. Car in, you’re doing the right thing. It’s hard, but Erin will be better off by you keeping your distance. All the special little snowflakes will eventually discover that mom and dad can’t run their entire lives for them, and it will be an ugly discovery.

  89. I was at a show back in January at a local bar. I was sitting on the patio smoking a cigar and talking to this cute blonde gal. She said to me, “I work at the Subaru dealership. I know, how stereotypical is that? A lesbian working at a Subaru dealership!”

  90. If the weather were nicer that would cheer me up. No luck. Overcast. WINDY. tut tut,looks like rain too.

  91. I’d say let her take her anger at being snubbed out on the opposing players at other schools. No mercy, run the score up. If the coach isn’t a pussy he or she will leave her in because winning feels good.

  92. I’m 100% Indonesian. I was born and raised in Jakarta. My whole family is radical Islamit.
    I think they take life too seriously.
    After jr high I sailed my fishing skiff to San Diego and due to a genetic abnormality I actually look Irish American so here I am.
    People say Indo is a great place to visit but I’ll never go baht.

  93. Car in is gonna get rain, wind, and hail this afternoon.

    TiFW already has golf-ball hail all over the place.

    We are going from 25 to 53 this afternoon, with SUN,
    After 100 days of rain…


  94. So the left seems to be in all out panic mode over Trump. They keep referring to how horrible a person he is.

    Thing is though, they would be in all out panic mode over any republican. They did it to Bush – twice, McCain (spit), and Romney (spit). To a lesser extent they are doing it to Cruz, but if he pulls ahead they will be full court press. They did it to Carson, Rubio, and Fiorina. Only reason they aren’t doing it to Kasich is that it would be a waste of time. He doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell anyway.

    So, when my liberal pals bash a candidate, I remind them of this. And I remind them that I hate every single politician that they’ve floated out there, including the current embarrassment in the WH.

  95. Amen Hotspur!

  96. CNBC is saying that T Rump will meltdown the world economy by invading every country and wiping his ass w every trade pact.

    You know they are crazy by the foaming and the bawling.

    (Your mom “works” at CNBC?)

  97. Oh, I left out the part where people on the right do not go full freak out over lefty candidates.

    This Democracy Spring thing is going to get ugly fast.

  98. I’m just hoping the JV scrimmages the varsity. And Erin does some floor wiping then

  99. Top Ace post “Reuters Poll: Half of All US Women Have “Very Unfavorable” View of Trump”

    ^^ This is precisely why I think Trump is running a stealth campaign for Cankles.

  100. Trump doesn’t care. As long as it’s not someone who will upset the apple cart. Like Cruz.

  101. Dan is a freaking saint. He stays so patient with his mom. I’m hiding in the den.

  102. I agree w you HS.

    Trumps not for real as he cant win the general.

    It seems to me that the real play is to dampen and reverse the republican gains accross the country in the State Houses and at the local level.

  103. I can only hope that Herself strokes out before Nov, otherwise my kids will wonder why we dont have a tv in the house.

  104. Perhaps the media will ask a few inconvenient questions about this.

  105. So, they think there is a hidden chamber in King Tut’s tomb, but they don’t know what’s in it.

    Duhhhh….It’s his twin sister, Queen Tits.

  106. I’m so out of it I’m still scratching my head about HTF it’s possible we elected (twice) someone we know so little about, who had done nothing, hung out with scum, and while campaigning said idiotic things consistently.

    We were toast 8 years ago.

  107. Mare, in answer to your earlier inquiry: I always fasted on Monday and Tuesday because it’s easier for me to suck it up early in the week rather than late. IN general I’d eat supper Sunday night about 7:00 and then not eat again until Wednesday morning. I did allow myself one cup of coffee w sugar free creamer each morning. This allowed me a calorie intake of about 30 calories each day. Other than that it was just water and Splenda iced tea. Tuesday afternoon and evening were the times I really had to bare down on that squealing pussy in my head that is always after me to eat, but by then I could see the finish line. Weds morning I had to be careful not to gorge. After 60 hours, It’s easy to justify three eggs instead of two and maybe a little shredded cheese…..

  108. Crying child on my hand. I’m going to choke a bitch.

  109. Thanks, PD for filling your plan.

    Hang in there, Carin.

  110. Sorry, Carin.

  111. Sorry, Carin.

  112. Hang in there car in.

    Now’s her time to shine. Tell her she’s gotta get Mad Dog mean and play like she’s possesed.
    You should watch Josey Wales w her.

  113. You should watch Josey Wales w her.

    I like where your head is.

    Buzzards gotta eat. Same as worms.

  114. Right now she’s saying she doesn’t want to play high school. Her old coach is coming over right now.

  115. That movie kicks every ass.

  116. I’m sure the disappointment is epic. But at her age, I’m sure the embarrassment is epic too. Even if she gets on varsity, the damage is done.

    But I know you will pull her through this.

  117. Both of my nephews switched to basketball because of HS baseball politics. My niece changed schools to get away from no cut cheer. Too dangerous for high flyers if everyone makes the team.

  118. The tryouts were on a gym floor. SHe said they basically did nothing. They’ve humiliated her based on nothing but … I don’t know what. There are only two sophomores on the “b” JV team. If there weren’t three teams she wouldn’t have made any.

    SHe’s started for travel soccer for FIVE years. She’s played up for years and played on a boys team last spring.

    This is just insane.

  119. Is travel no longer an option for her?

    I mean, it doesn’t fix things in the halls at school, but it would give her the satisfaction of saying “Fuck ya! Full alla ya!”

  120. Traditional travel is opposite the school teams so they kids can play both. So she does travel in the fall. If they form an “Academy” team, they don’t play on their high school team and just do travel both seasons. Her old coach just left and told her she thinks the best thing for her is to tell the high school coach to take a flying fuck and for her to play with the boy’s travel team.

    Coach knows the entire system intimately, and says this joker they’ve hired doesn’t even have a coaching license. He doesn’t have a travel team or done any team training. Said that she is absolutely NOT to play on the b team and probably not even the A (she would have placed her on varsity and went through the entire roaster saying all the other mistakes these asses have made. )

    I told erin to think about it – don’t make any hasty decisions. Right now she doesn’t want to play – or attend – high school.

    Honestly, I could finish her high school education at a much higher level than they are doing.

  121. Car in, you should talk to a local reporter and the super intendsnt of schools in your area.

    Its a good story and I’m sure the super would like to onow whats going on.

  122. I tested out of hgh school, went to city college, and got a jib when I was 15.
    It was a good fit for me

  123. I was emancipated by the court @ 15. Had already been working full time 3 months when the hearing occurred…..I still have never decided if that was a good or a bad thing…..

  124. Carin, I absolutely know what yore going through. Most coaches are has been high school peaked, insecure, ego driven, dicks ….including the women.

    She will come out of this and through you tougher, smarter and in a better position to successful. I know we’ve done it.

    My kids have been through the embarrassment of being better than most players and getting dicked via politics.

    I just told my oldest about Erin and she’s bummed. Her comment was, “something better happened for us!”

  125. In my case it was un-avoidable. I wasnt going to go to school 40 hrs a week to learn a curriculum that would take me 10% of that time to learn on my own. Especially when there were good jobs out there.

    Car in, maybe a local city college has a team for your daughter?

  126. In case Pupster has not posted this already

  127. 1/3 of one percent is cut from the budget.

    Tonight’s headline –

    “State budget cuts could hurt those with special needs”

    Kids with special needs hardest hit.


  128. Scott, is it Republicans that are pushing the budget cuts that hurt the most vulnerable citizens?

  129. Nope. It’s the dems.

    It’s all part of their plan.

  130. 1) promise not to raise taxes
    2) make insignificant cuts to various social welfare programs
    3) have the press report on the massive spending cuts
    4) have the press report on all the suffering caused by cuts
    5) raise taxes to end the suffering

  131. Dem cuts don’t hurt the poor, because they make ‘smart’ cuts, and the PR would look bad if poor people get hurt.

  132. As if childrens’ hospitals are the money suck of the state. More like the asshole politicians and government employee pensions.

  133. I thought you guys already had stupid high taxes that kill business?

  134. CT can’t stop spending. Best thing in Texas, legislature meets every other year.

  135. Pat thinks she should suck it up and stick it to them by proving them wrong. Working hard. Kicking ass.

    But then they benefit by getting her talent.

    I’m still in the FUCK “EM ALL mood.

  136. I mean this in the best possible way, there IS life after sports. I know you know that, but it’s amazing how fast other things fill the void of an all consuming sport.

  137. Dan and I saw 18 govt vehicles that weren’t LEOs. Why do government officials need State provided vehicles? DoT? CYFD? ENMU provided my Aunt Monica with a vehicle for 20 years just for working there. Why is this a thing? Aren’t they paid enough to buy their own damn cars? Pay their own insurance? Why do they get to fill up at State funded gas stations?

  138. It is her one activity, and I’ve seen what happens when kids drop out of sports in high school.

  139. I’m not advocating she do that. Plus no kid of yours is going south. Nope.

  140. Is it clear yet or has Carin killed everyone?

  141. Carin killed us earlier. She’s over it now.

  142. Why is this a thing? Aren’t they paid enough to buy their own damn cars? Pay their own insurance? Why do they get to fill up at State funded gas stations?

    Because it’s cheaper. Otherwise then you have to pay for wear and tear on their vehicle, reimburse them for gas, pay for part of their insurance, etc.

  143. Ghetto bar is a bit crowded.

  144. It is her one activity, and I’ve seen what happens when kids drop out of sports in high school.

    They smoke dope and have sex, just like every other normal, well-adjusted teenager.

  145. MJ, what I know about Indiana is not much. A state we drove through to get to Ohio. Reds fans. 3 Time zones. Hoosiers. People in MO call blanco basuras Hoosiers

  146. I’ll fill you in on the rest of IN, Oso.

    It sucks.

  147. GND has already gained 50 lbs and a light mustache.

  148. CoAl, I H8 most govt workers. Workfare. Nepotism. Sexism. Racism. Why does a random legislator need an SUV and a vanity plate they don’t pay for?

  149. My husband, eldest and I went sailing and it’s right at downtown ST Pete, husband asked if we wanted a drink afterward . He forgot it was St Paddys day. People everywhere, but it’s always hopping down there.We went into an Irish Pub and they had wonderful Irish dancers and a couple of Irish bands. The people watching was interesting. Cops everywhere!

  150. We were watching baseball in OH. Drove until Dan got tired. No vacancies at most places in IN. Ended up at an old school Motel 6. We just wanted to sleep. Everyone was sitting outside on lawn chairs with coolers full of beer. Smoking cigarettes. Hoosiers

  151. I gotta go w Pat on this one.

    Life gets a shit ton tougher than that.

  152. Sticking around won’t actually prove them wrong. They’ll just say, “See, the time on the JV squad motivated you to improve.”

  153. Oso, it depends on the legislator. A congressman I could see needed a vehicle to get around while in the state. A town councilman, not so much.

    I’m driving out to Kansas in two weeks, and I’ll drive a rental because it’s cheaper than reimbursing me for driving my POV.

  154. That’s what I’m saying. Play hard, no mercy.

  155. Speaking of Indiana, Purdue just got schlonged.

  156. http://is.gd/Crjhtv

  157. I enjoyed the Yale game today.

  158. I don’t do brackets because I don’t gamble, but I love upsets.

    That’s what I’m talking about, Scott. Wish I’d seen that game.

  159. Sticking around won’t actually prove them wrong. They’ll just say, “See, the time on the JV squad motivated you to improve.”

    No, if she’s really that good, it’s going to be obvious right from the start that the coach is a retard for sticking her there.

    It’s better for her to kick ass and be a big Winning Star on the B team. She might be able to help some of the B team kids, too. Who knows?

  160. Pups, that gif is A+

  161. The UConn vs Cinci game was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

    4 overtimes and a full court buzzer beater.

  162. Who won, Scott?

  163. The old coach’s suggestion is fine too, but she may have an axe to grind?

    I might have an old-fashioned thing against girls playing on boys’ teams. Adolescent boys are swine. Apologies to all….but they are, and you know it.

  164. UConn eventually. This is the end of the 3rd OT


  165. Omgosh, just that 28 seconds was thrilling.

  166. Your mom said the same thing last night.

  167. 11-hour work day, came home to make dinner, finally have my feet up and The Quiet Man on TV. I’d drink a beer or some Irish whisky, but I don’t need to Karen Ann Quinlan myself.

  168. HahahahA, that was funny CoAlex, you dick!

  169. Good Evening, Citizens!

    Went out and shot at a couple of hundred defenseless clay pigeons today (Trap shooting).


    I think this is my new favorite thing.

    I hit more than 50%, which isn’t bad for a new guy using his dad’s 30 yr old Remington 11-87.

    Just ordered a new trap gun.

  170. Binge watching our Greg the Bunny DVDS. I loved this show.

  171. Trap and skeet are two of my favorite things to do.

  172. Sporting clays are my absolute favorite.

  173. Mare,

    My local gun club kicks ass. 6 trap houses, outdoor pistol and a 120 yd rifle range.

    Plus a full bar and kitchen.


    If you ever get down to Southern Illinois, give me a shout. I’ve got lots of shotguns.

  174. What a day. Time for cocktails.

  175. Have used 12, 20 and 28 gauge.

  176. Car in, where did you finally decide to bury the bodies?

  177. Niiiiiicd, Phat!!

  178. Where the bell did that d come from?


  179. Where the hell did that b come from??

  180. KINDLE FIRE!!!

  181. You probably never will. Nobody knew we had bobcats until somebody ran one over with a car.

  182. Mare,

    All shooters I’ve seen use 12 ga.

    The youngest phatspawn is 16 yrs old and about 5′ 5″ and 100 lbs.

    I’m still going to start her on 12 ga.

  183. I found bobcat prints in the snow once. I was pretty excited about that, but nobody ever sees them.

  184. I’ve seen deer, moose and turkeys in my yard. I’ve also come across a few moose in the woods when I used to hike a lot. One time I was hiking with a friend in NH and there was a patch of mud in a saddle between two hills and there were moose tracks in the mud. My friend said “Moose. Fresh tracks. Recently near” like some kind of Indian tracker. I was turning around to say shut the fuck up and as I turned back around I nearly walked into a huge bull moose’s hind quarters. I calmly laid my pack down and retreated behind some big trees while the moose finished grazing on some plant shoots and then left.

  185. Scariest thing ever was mountain lion prints at White Sands. Scarier than bear scat.

  186. Years ago a buddy of mine was fishing on a lake in Maine. He heard a horrible noise, and then what sounded like something big rolling down the hill smashing everything in it’s path.

    The moose finally splashed down into the lake and started swimming towards him,

    He fired up the outboard and got the hell out of there.

    I guess they get a little nutty at certain times of the year.

  187. It’s possible I’m addicted to chicken tikka masala.

  188. The one and only time I went skeet shooting last summer, I probably shot a 12 gauge 120-150 times, got a huge bruise on my shoulder, chest and underarm. I wish I would have used a 20 gauge. Ouchie.

  189. http://is.gd/K8U0nB

  190. Shot a coyote this morning. We were looking at some cows and my son spotted it in some trees about 300 yards out. It played hide and seek for a while. Finally stopped where I could see it through a hole in the branches of a tree. 318 yards. Lots of coyotes this year they’ve really been hanging around the cows.

  191. I don’t think i could see a coyote at 318 yards.

  192. That’s a pretty fair distance there, Pepe. Nice shooting. I saw a coyote trying to get across the freeway about 1/4 mile from my house yesterday morning. The only things in danger around here are the trash cans and the neighborhood cats.

  193. Good work, Pepe

  194. My belly kinda hurts. I wonder if it’s the Indian food?

  195. It could be cancer.

  196. Did you have chili mac?

  197. Go Stony Brook!

  198. You’re prolly overdue for a prostate exam.

  199. I don’t need to bury bodies CoAl. I’ve got wetlands. They’ll just keep sinking into the muck w/o any effort.

    SO -Matt (son number 2) actually PLAYED soccer with douchebag coach. He was a clown. Ian also updated us – when he attended an indoor game, the “new” coach was coaching and he never played Erin.

    Erin is saying she’s not going to play. We’re trying to encourage her to keep her options open.

  200. MJ – Moose has a little issue with his wiener, and i need to squirt some sort of liquid up “there” with a squirter thing.

    Perhaps the same thing is wrong with you?

  201. I have the air on…but I’m sweating bullets.

  202. http://is.gd/3ts28Z

  203. Moose has a little issue with his wiener, and i need to squirt some sort of liquid up “there” with a squirter thing.


  204. Take some Gaviscon now while you still can; it’s hard to swallow when you’re doubled over in pain.

  205. Moose’s new name will be Caitlyn.

  206. Vision has gone blurry. Dry mouth. Trembling.

  207. ER time.

  208. Go now.

  209. GND has poisoned him.

  210. Are you sure that wasn’t the chicken masala that laura made for sean?

  211. Belly ache and fever = ER

    Go there.

  212. + Blurred vision …ER

  213. I am never trying chicken tikka masala.

  214. It sounded snobby anyway.

  215. I think I”ve had it before and it’s good.

    Of course, if your girlfriend/fiancee isn’t trying to “off” you.

    just saying.

  216. I bet the “chicken” in Chicken Tikka Masala was in quotes on the menu.

  217. Eyelashes just fell out.

    Quivering toes. Seeing spots.

  218. Not funny. If MJ is sick, he better be getting medical attention.

  219. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Talk amongst yourselves.


  221. (MJ is not sick)

    But he really should try spraying something up his pee-pee just to be sure.

  222. I’m not a medical professional, but I’m a mom and I can pretty much tell when someone is faking.

  223. http://is.gd/lv2rfH

  224. Squabbling with siblings. My bro is an attorney with his own firm. He is feeling the Bern. Lucky for us, he has never voted. He thinks I’m racist. He employs illegals for his home and represents them. He H8s Searchlight, but his former partner was a Jack Mormon. My brother still gets clients from Searchlight and his son.

  225. >>>http://is.gd/lv2rfH

    Clean up in Aisle 37, Bay 020!

  226. 318 yrds? Nice shot. What kinda rifle?

  227. My sister is a counselor in DISD. Gets extra $$ for being bilingual. She also relies on that sweet illegal cash from our govt

  228. Rem 700 .243. I’ve gone through a bunch of different calibers/cartridges, and nothing works like the .243 for me. Everything just drops right there.

  229. MiL watches local news. We’ve had an uptick in home invasions. She wants her 38 back. Not happening. Looks like we’ll be moving her in to a Memorycare facility in 2 wks.

  230. She is convinced she’s in danger. Works for me. SiL has already begged off from moving day. Dan told his mom today that mi familia is stepping in. He’s turning everything over to my CiL, Phil. My mom would blanket blame white people. I know lazy millennials when I see them

  231. Back in 88, I dropped a yote at 730 yards with a Ruger 77 in .300 Win Mag.

  232. “Sporting clays are my absolute favorite.”

    *Thump thump thump goes the heart*

  233. My longest coyote was around 650 yards. Before laser rangefinders, so just an estimate.

  234. Phat! My little brother lives on Troy Il! I hope to see you at the gun club. What a break!!

  235. One time I petted the barn cat when I fed it. But when it looked up it was a possum. That kinda freaked me out. Never saw my mom laugh harder.

  236. I know that I’ve been mad in love before
    And how it could be with you
    Really hurt me baby, really cut me baby
    How can you have a day without a night
    You’re the derp that I have opened
    And now I’ve got to know much more

  237. Here’s what I was busy doing yesterday:


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