Hello butt-touchers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




This is for Xbrad nobody else click.

Your specimens today are totally fake and attached to an adult model, born November 6th, 1990 in Colne, Lancashire, England, UK, Great Britain.  She measures 40GG-22-36, 5’5″ and 126 pounds.

Please stop making the galaxy great again long enough to welcome, Miss Katie Thornton!

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  1. AOA FTW.

    Time to up the wakings…

  2. I’m scared of those things.

  3. The “oo” and XBrad links are my favorites.

  4. The miniskirt gif is hypnotic.

  5. Her boobs weigh 125.


  6. Yes, Fox theater is absolutely amazing. The lobby is also a work of splendor with the balcony and stairways. Just amazing.

    It was amazing even before they restored it.

  7. Recruiter from the old place contacted me with typical recruiter questions. Game status: afoot.

  8. She looks slutty with maybe a touch of skank thrown in.

  9. There’s some tensile strain goin’ on.

  10. The real winner last night was the theater.

  11. Heh, galaxy gif is spot on.

  12. Great Britain: home of the butterface

  13. Puffy lips in a few of those pictures. Why do women do that? It never looks right.

  14. Why do women do that? It never looks right.

    I’m always searching for the valve stem.

    Duck lips selfies are all the rage now. Ugh.

  15. I know a 20 something year old that got her lips done. It looks fake, but I kind of like it.


  16. They’re not fake if you can touch them.

  17. Trying to defend your flight experiment idea while strung out on Dayquil is not a good idea.

  18. Ok, so … one of our employees was a straight-up thief.

    We had a break-in two months back – but for some reason Pat had been suspicious (found duct tape on a back door – thought perhaps it was forgotten aid used by the boys to keep it open) and had taken all the money home that night.

    Well – the one employee the police were suspicious of? Arrested yesterday for 17 B&E.

  19. 3 days

  20. Good on Pat for trusting his gut.

  21. Poor girl.

  22. Holy crap, those knockers are huge.

  23. So, this was the highest rated debate? When is the next Hillary/Sander’s debate Monday overnight? Sunday afternoon during a March Maddess basketball game?

  24. Oh and yeah, the tupperware boobs today are gross and sad.

  25. aaaand now I have to study for a genetics test next week. Ta!

  26. Sohos needs to chime in right about now.

  27. So, apparently Donald Trump is all Boosh’s fault.

    How novel!

  28. Morning talk shows are skewering (sp) the debate. When they should be ripping Donald trump they are broad brushing it.

    Hop boy.

  29. Our “model” today, like most Fridays is screaming “Daddy issues!!”

  30. Mine are smaller.

  31. Wow, what a prick Taibbi is, HS.

    If Bush is that stupid, where does that put Jean Francois Querie? He didn’t have as good of grades as Bush did. Frakkin idiot.

  32. I’ve given up on any pundit, writer, hack, commentator knowing anything.

    They all have no idea what they are talking about. None.

  33. I’ll bet that Bush would reduce Taibbi to a bubbling crying mess if they got into a battle of wits.

  34. Taibbi is like the two year old who isn’t getting noticed. He’s the prick who wrote Death of a Douche when Breitbart died.

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t stabbed him in the face.

  35. Bernie Sanders is trumping today in that egalitarian land of Traverse City today.

    ba haaa haaa haaa

  36. I’m not ready Taibbi.

  37. reading.

  38. Obama is the dumbest President in decades.

  39. Look at his schedule today, Carin. Obama does NOTHING. F’ING grifter.

  40. Just noticed the TITS2 hazmat gear. Hahahaha

    Good one.

  41. I got a call and an email from the recruiter. Application time.

    She’s jumping on this like Rosetta on a Sybian. I should have asked for more money.

  42. I simply can’t comprehend the level of stupidity in people. I keep getting people pissed off because Rubio/Cruz/ etc. are attacking Trump instead of attacking Hillary. Evidently they don’t understand how the system works.

    Also, you can’t spell Trump without “Rump”.

  43. I don’t think people grasp just how big the FBI offering immunity to Hillary’s IT guy is.

    Hillary might not be going to jail, but someone is.

  44. Every single public school teacher I know (and I know plenty) is a Sanders supporter.

  45. *passes out Tequilla shots and lime and tacos and TINY SOMBREROS (gasp)*

    Fiestejamos!!! Viiernos a Vivo Friday!!!

  46. mmm, don julio

  47. No one thinks it’s a big deal, xbrad, because it’s been downplayed so thoroughly in the media. If it was a R, it would have been front page news, and the impact would be felt.

  48. Same thing here, HS. Government workers are big Sanders fans, too.

  49. The thing I like best about the Sanders campaign is that it is causing people to fully expose themselves for the commie fucks they are.

  50. Softball coach hasn’t played Mini-me in a game yet. Mr. RFH dropped a big hint that if he’s going to drive an hour and a half for the tournament (minimum 3 games), he’d like to see his daughter play. Mini-me and I are of the opinion that the bitch won’t play her now, just for spite. Place your bets.

  51. The usual Republicans at work seem to be split between Cruz and Rubio. One Carson fan. No one likes Trump, several cheered along with me when Jeb! dropped out. The usual Democrats at work are awfully quiet, especially after all the classified email stuff.

  52. Sanders supporters are all older, white, educated, gentry liberals.

    And dumb kids.

    I see no difference except for age.

  53. The old people are old enough to know better.


    (tiny sombreros)

  55. Old enough to know better, too young to resist, and dumb enough to try it again.

  56. Hahahaha

    Trump just schlonged CPAC.

  57. All anyone ever wanted from The Donald was The Wall. If there’s no wall, what’s the point of him?

  58. BTW, if you want to see more of Roller Girl Candice, here’s the music video that gif came from:

  59. That video has all of the good things.

  60. Younger daughter is trying to build herself a career as a personal trainer. So she’s working at a fitness club now and building a client base from the customers there. But she still has mundane everyday duties. She called Tuesday evening and was bitching that none of the weekend crew did any cleaning or laundry while she was gone and so she spent all day Tuesday washing, drying, & folding towels. As well as picking up shit and wiping off surfaces in the workout areas.

    She says, “it pisses me off cause we all get paid the same but the rest of them stand around and visit all weekend and I have to do all the work when I get back. They’re making the same check I am and I’m doing all the work. It’s not fair.” I responded that she really doesn’t sound like someone who believes in what Bernie is spouting and yet he got her vote.

    She thinks Bernice’s a modern day Robin Hood who will right all wrongs. She hasn’t had the life experience to think it all the way through I guess.

  61. Haha, nothing like real life to straighten out your priorities. If you pay attention, that is.

  62. Got a new furnace wednesday. Bigger BTU’s, bigger fan, 1/2 the size. Amazing.

  63. Trump just schlonged CPAC.

    What a great President he’s going to make, running away from adversity, as opposed to taking the opportunity to perhaps convince them that he is a viable candidate and not a clown.

  64. He’s accomplishing exactly what he intended – hand the presidency to the boulder in a pantsuit.

  65. He’s accomplishing exactly what he intended – hand the presidency to the boulder in a pantsuit.


    How anyone cannot see that is beyond me. Music store owner honestly believes that Trump is going to destroy Hillary in the debates and crush her on election day. He also believes he will make an awesome President.

    It’s going to fantastic to watch him defend his beloved Trump when he pulls the sting on this con.

  66. I have the solution to our immigration problem: Elect Bernie (Hillary would work, just slower). In four years the latinos will have self-deported, not wanting to live in a shithole, and Venezuela, Brazil et al, will be sending money to Mexico to help build a wall to keep the rest of us out.

  67. I think Cruz will do well in the closed primary states.

  68. El Lurko, like the nickname!

    Howo manyo bullwhipso?

  69. Why the hell do we let democrats vote in our primaries?

  70. Cruz wins closed primary states.

  71. Why the hell do we let democrats vote in our primaries?

    Because to not do so would be racist.


  72. Roller Girl Candice

    She seems nice.


  74. The thing I like best about the Sanders campaign is that it is causing people to fully expose themselves for the commie fucks they are.


    So true, Hotspur!!

  75. All anyone ever wanted from The Donald was The Wall. If there’s no wall, what’s the point of him?



  76. Another vegan took the bait.

  77. I don’t know how anyone who saw the debate last night could support Trump.

    He was at his clowniest.

  78. Bean based bait


  80. Rainbow Wig. Little tie. High Waters.
    A Real Bozo!


  82. After 200+ years of democracy Americans aren’t immune from backing the strong horse without regard to issues.

  83. Evening.

  84. Hammer, how many sows did you castrate today?

  85. I lol’d at the bear deal.

    Thanks Pup.

  86. Salmon patties.


    Chumpo gets it. Its really great. Terrific commenting.

  88. Greetings, people who would like to wake up now, please.

  89. No sows were castrated. Curiously, I have castrated a gilt.

  90. Is that, like, a gold-plated pig?

  91. A gilt is a girl pig that has never been bred.

  92. Holy shit pupster those tits might have like a gravitational field or something

    Good job

  93. All of the FSA associates are Feeling the Bern. LIV managers that usually don’t vote love The Donald. Old GOP greeter told me she would vote for a “Retarded Orangutan” before she’d vote Hillary. I guess she meant Trump.

  94. Thanks Dave! Hey, Dave’s here everybody! Good to see you. Really Terrific. I’ll tell you. Dave’s great.

  95. I was shocked SHOCKED! that today’s BBF wasn’t dusting a bed.

  96. Hey Goober, we missed you in AZ. But since practically everyone got teh EbolAIDS, maybe you were better off not going.

  97. A gilt is a girl pig that has never been bred.

    Melissa McCarthy?

  98. Meghan McCain.

  99. I’m sure that she’s thrown her gymnasium at any man who’ll try.

  100. One week ago tonight, we met, to infect the hell out of one another. It was still fun. Cyn is a peach.

  101. Still symptom-free. I’m baffled as to why.

  102. I’ll tell you, Sean. It’s clean living. It’s fantastic. Really great.

  103. Sean is a robot?

  104. Sent from the future to kill us all.

  105. We prefer the term Cybernetic-Americans.

  106. HS, Dan has been providing me with updates all day. Week ago we were at Oggi’s. Week ago I dropped you off at the Meatup.

  107. CA not AI. Got it

  108. Dave. Great Musician. Likes the water!
    A Great Guy!

  109. Mr Chumpo. Trumping on DIT. AKA Dave in Water!

  110. Dan. Doesn’t say much. Enjoys sports. Tremendous!

  111. My brother is texting me from Royals/Padres. Do I mind missing Spring Training this year? Nope. I actually got to meet people that I’ve loved vicariously through the interwebs for years. It was totes worth the H2N1

  112. Cyn! Great planner! Beautiful! Shuns future meatups! Kidnapping? Cynnapping?

  113. Tom the bartender. He’s Johnny-on-the-spot with a drink! Possibly infected with cholera. Classy guy.

  114. H2N1. That’s no license plate. It’s a serious disese. Like Marco Rubin’s Immigration plan. It’s a bunch of Baloney!

  115. Minor freakout today. MA was sick. Came home to a Condo full of dog vomit and poop. Dan went into full Mr Clean mood. Put her on chicky/rice. She’s already feeling better. We are pretty sure it was a one-off. One-off. Nothing to see here. Her new lumps are nothing. NOTHING!

  116. Thomas knew a little too much about who created the lava cake. New York values. New York handwash. Vote Trump!

  117. I’m heading out to the Gulls game. Center Ice. Watch for me on SD cable Access

  118. Quit freakin’ my friend out, dog.

  119. Dog vomit and poop. What a mess! Nobody needs that. Make Mary Ann healthy again!

  120. Leon works in a mall?

  121. Hilarious Trumptalk, dicks!

  122. Mare! Checking in from FL. Much Wow!

  123. Not sure if Trumping or Dog!

  124. Doge! Funny meme. Much YUGE! Classy.

  125. The Keanu shooting video is pretty cool.

  126. The Keanu trailer is hilarious!!

  127. Sean with the win! LOL

  128. Did anybody find out that anybody else was trying to claim sole credit for the catchphrase they created together back in the mid ’90s today?

  129. How rude! SWIDT?

  130. Hola Hostages

  131. I guess I killed it.
    What is new?

  132. Hey VMax!!!

  133. Hi Pepe.

  134. Guys, this is Friday night which means I am drunk like a skunk. So let me be honest. What represents US in the best possible way? Is it mount rushmore? No, that is just a bunch of faces carved in a rock. The statue of liberty? The fucking frenchies made that. No. What really represents the might of US of fucking A is the Carrier Strike Group. The Nimitz and the Ford class carriers are the fucking greatest thing ever devised by mankind, except maybe the Saturn V rockets.

    We may have elected an asshole like Obama for two terms, and we may be on the verge of another choice: between an asshole called Trump or a vagina called hillary. But we are still the greatest nation in the world. Because we created the aircraft carriers and Saturn V. Long live USA.

    USA, USA! USA!

  135. My truck is getting old. It has been fabulously reliable, it is a Toyota after all. I am looking to replace it with a newer Challenger SRT, well I will keep my truck, because…What comes first the boat, or the truck that pulls it?

  136. vmax, if you ever use anything except a Toyota, you will have to answer to me! There is only one great thing that did not come out of America. And that is Toyota. They make vehicles that are indestructible.

  137. Tushar,
    While I love the reliability of a everyday driver like aToyota. They make nothing comparable to a Hemi. I can buy 2- 485 hp entry level Hemis for the cost of 1 F Sport anything. I looked.

  138. The Toyota Hilux, choice of budget conscious third-world militiamen the world over.

  139. The Nimitz and the Ford class carriers are the fucking greatest thing ever devised by mankind, except maybe the Saturn V rockets.

    And if we’re being honest, the Saturn V’s were, like, 40-50% Nazi tech.

    (I may be off on the percentage. roamy can doubtlessly set me straight on that.)

  140. Sean, it does not matter where the genesis of the technology was. What matters is who was able to put their might behind the tech to make it happen.

  141. Btw, Sean, US jealously guards the technology behind the electromagnetic drive that replaces the steam catapult on the Nimitz class. They won’t share it with anyone. But apparently they are talking with the Indians to share that tech. Both US and India are sufficiently spooked by those slitty eyed chinky bastards to share tech to whoop some ass.

  142. Islamist fuckers are bush league. The real threat are those yellow skinned slitty eyed chinky bastards. They may have tiny dicks, but they have huge egos fuelled by …. Um… Cheap labor and little red books

  143. Car in, duct tape left on the door is what did in the Watergate burglars.

    –I read G. Gordon Liddy’s autobio and also skipped to the end of the thread so someone surely beat me to this.

  144. And OMG what gigunda bazoombas. Freaky and scary.

  145. >>And OMG what gigunda bazoombas.

    Gigunda? Bazoombas?

    Either you are drunk or I am drunk. There is no other explanation

  146. They are so mind-boggling YUUUGE that a new language is in order.

  147. not to mention the fact that due to not having a sufficient navy they have been invaded by sea over 400 times in their history.

    What are you drinking? Prison hooch?

  148. Ralph’s brand vodka and Hawaiian Punch. Of course!

    And gigunda isn’t a word?

  149. I’ve done this before.
    And I will do it again.
    Come on and derp me baby,
    While you smile like a friend.
    And I’ll come running,
    Just to do it again.

  150. Wakey wakey. It’s gonna be great. YUGE day. Have you seen my poll numbers?

  151. Leon works in a mall?

    I can’t grow the sides of my beard, plus I think it looks weird when you have no head hair to link up with.

    Got a vegan to state that eating eggs is simultaneously wrong and equivalent to abortion, which is fine. So he’s 1) got the moral consistency normal to a psychopath and b) ignorant of basic chicken farming facts.

  152. Did you explain to the Vegan that even chickens will eat their own eggs?

  153. Saving that for later. Might not reply after this, I threw down the “give me concrete moral reasoning for why killing animals is wrong, not an argument from incredulity, not ‘it just is’, reasoning” and he came back with a description of factory farming written by a vegan Goebbels. So, like many SJWs, he cannot actually read or reason.

    I used to think that studying the humanities was something of a waste, I could not have been more wrong. The kids getting humanities degrees today simply aren’t being taught it, because they might accidentally have to read something written by a dead white man.


    “Notre Dame professor Patrick Deneen laments, “My students are know-nothings. They are exceedingly nice, pleasant, trustworthy, mostly honest, well-intentioned, and utterly decent. But their brains are largely empty, devoid of any substantial knowledge that might be the fruits of an education in an inheritance and a gift of a previous generation. They are the culmination of western civilization, a civilization that has forgotten nearly everything about itself, and as a result, has achieved near-perfect indifference to its own culture.””

  155. Dark Age imminent. The Endarkenment is under way.

  156. Speaking of which, I’m starting to wonder how it’s going to play out when the Vatican is sacked by Arab “refugees” and Pope Francis is martyred. I don’t want that, I fear for the lives and safety of all within, but I don’t see how this doesn’t happen.

  157. They have a wall.

  158. Not on all 4 sides, and the tourist gates are wide.

    That said, I think there’s a real future in wall-building as a profession as the Endarkenment proceeds.


  160. A wall, oh, a wall
    Seems like there needs to be walls
    Instead of a street

    Wall-building haiku

  161. That’s actually not a terrible idea. Aside from me not knowing frackall about building walls.

  162. My friend had some nice old stone walls at his house in Princeton, MA. They were showing their age and he had them rebuilt by a guy he knew from mountain biking. They now look great but he paid handsomely.

  163. This pope is a a radical leftist. It’s a mental disorder and its rotting the saps brain.

    Every time he opens his empanada hole he makes an ass of himself.

  164. That’s the thing, stone walls are a serious art/profession. Fences aren’t enough to stop looters/zombies/millenials, so there’s room for a book about walls that are less than the former but sufficient for the latter.

  165. Obstacles to channel the zombies into the kill zone are a practical addition to any property

  166. I should spend a season training the black raspberry vines and document the process. They’ll trip zombies, tear up looter skin, and provide vitamins and other nutrients.

  167. If the pope thinks suppression, rape and pedophilia are “culture” he’s a bigger dumbass than I thought.

  168. I love Tushar’s comments.

  169. Someone get Mare a box of wine.

  170. tush was rockin’ the booze comments last night – good job!

  171. i went to a card game that they promised me was going to be fun – filled with alcohol and foul language –

    it wasn’t

  172. i hate card games


  174. Cards with the ‘tards

  175. Poker is cards.

  176. I should spend a season training the black raspberry vines and document the process. They’ll trip zombies, tear up looter skin, and provide vitamins and other nutrients.

    Gardening for Practical Defense actually would be a neat book.

  177. I used to think that studying the humanities was something of a waste, I could not have been more wrong. The kids getting humanities degrees today simply aren’t being taught it, because they might accidentally have to read something written by a dead white man.

    The people who discard the humanities are often the ones who want to reduce humanity to numbers, abstract concepts, or cogs in a large machine.


    The fate of humanities majors

  179. Humanities include History, philosophy, and theology, all of which are critical for understanding the rise and the dangers of Islam and Marxism.

    “Humanities” students aren’t actually studying the humanities, because the left has replaced them with propaganda.

  180. We need to take the “M A N” out of “Humanities”. It’s triggering.

  181. I just turned a large sheet of cardboard into a perfectly sized box in under 5 minutes.

  182. Was there paste involved?

  183. Hot glue. I remember when we first learned, and how complicated we made it.

  184. Forms to fill out….diagrams.

  185. Mare when she was little

  186. Early results are looking good.

    Big difference when we keep democrats out.



  189. Bad dog!

    Get outside!!

  190. Bad!!!



  193. Cruz wins Kansas!

  194. What’s the Matter with Kansastm?

  195. Let me guess, closed primary?

  196. Cruz seems to be doing well in Maine also.

  197. Cruz leads in Maine

  198. Ha! F5 is your friend!

  199. Woo hoo! There is hope!

  200. Michigan may go to Trump, but the only signs I’ve seen are Cruz and Kasich.

  201. Democrats and union guys won’t put out a Trump sign, but they’ll vote for him in a primary.

  202. That’s my suspicion, Jay. It’s an open primary.

  203. I have it on good authority from liberals on FB that MI dems are only voting for Trump, because Superdelegates have already given Shrillery the nod. Not because they actually support him like those ignorant rayciss GOPers

  204. MA caught a bug at doggie camp. She’s had all of her shots, but she still caught something. Chicky rice has helped. We napped most of today.

  205. Oso, I’m in WA STATE right now and I’ve been seeing lots of Bernie stickers on the dipshit’s (Chris, Anita excluded) cars here. Lots of hipster dicks and granola girls. I love the Bernie stickers on Mercedes. Lots of that bullshit in St Pete too.

  206. This election cycle has ruined my discourse. I’ve gotten so coarse. Everyone looks like a face to punch.

  207. And that poll that says Obama is at 51% approval makes me want to puke.

  208. Mare, tell your mom Hello from the H2. I have RL friends in the PAC NW. I think it’s the rainy days. And bike riding. Mostly, the bike riding.

  209. Oh and Blackiswhite too.

  210. “Everytime he opens his empanada hole” may be my fav Marism EVER!!!!

  211. Corrales is the part of Albuquerque where the rich hippies and Californicators live. My Sam’s is close to Corrales. Lots of Berning going on by people that didn’t realize Corrales translates to stinky animals in enclosed spaces.

  212. “Everyone looks like a face to punch.”

    Man, I have that bad these days.
    I need renewel.
    I might have to go walk-about.

  213. I’ve see two different people wondering (literally) around this outdoor fish place looking for a recycling bin.

  214. Mare,
    The only Bernie sticker I’ve seen was on a little “Smart for Two” POS…

  215. Why isn’t there a recycling bin? Outdoor fish place H8s Gaia?

  216. My cousin, Celena, is hosting a fundraiser for my cousin, Raul, next Friday. Why does anyone think I would attend this? How am I the bad guy?

  217. Evening


  219. Hahahaha good one, Pups.

  220. Chris, I was at the mall with my sis and we saw 5 Bernie stickers. Evidently a concentration of commies.

  221. Howdy, Jew

  222. I have seen a few Bernie stickers here. No Hillary stickers.

  223. My sister and her husband are kind of in Trump’s camp. They are just sick of all the Obama nonsense.

  224. I’m a Cruzer.


  226. I’m a Cruzer.

  227. Ich Liebe Dich means “I Love Dick” at the H2

  228. Wouldn’t you like to be a Cruzer, too?

  229. I might have to go walk-about.

    Cool. While you’re out, can you bring me back a milkshake?

  230. Thanks, Oso, my sweet little Mother is very happy. Turns 91 on the 18th. Recognizes me but can’t remember my name. I tell her and she says, “Of course, I like your smile!”
    She’s a sweetie and everyone who works there calls her “Sparkles” for her happy personality and glittery Tom’s shoes.

  231. “They are just sick of all the Obama nonsense.”

    Then why vote for the Republican candidate most like him?

  232. BTW, I finally got around to listening to Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Outfit and liked it. I know him from his band Drive By Truckers which was a favorite of mine. Here is a younger Jason Isbell doing a concert version of 18 Wheels of Love which no one will listen to since it’s 11:34 in length.

  233. You are an awesome daughter, Mare.

  234. Scott, I’m working them off the trump train. Got into it a bit. They looked like they were gob smacked when I told them about Trump’s debate remarks. They were out and didn’t see it.

  235. I’ll say this, Thank God (and I do daily) that my Mom had some money to pay for a very beautiful, high end care place. Piano players, Zumba (not cross fit), constant activities, hair, nails, laundry, the works. I better start saving NOW! But I don’t think I’d ever have enough. Yikes. I hope Mr Mare’s greatest dream is to take care of me when I’m feeble.

    Ps Green Acres was on in the meeting room and I Lol’d. I also participated in group sing-a-long.

  236. A couple of days ago Trump and Cruz were tied in Kansas.

    The last debate just killed the clown.

  237. I suspect a lot of the UAW R&F are voting Trump outright, not as a crossover.

  238. I hate shopping for running shoes.

    Fucking millennial douchebags at the two running stores ignored me, and there’s nothing available online that isn’t ridiculously expensive.

  239. That’s fate telling you that running isn’t for you.

  240. Fate can suck my ass.

    I don’t want to run far, but I hate how out of shape I’ve gotten. Mostly I just need to get back to doing sprints and short (2-3 mile) runs.

  241. Like Hillary!, the more people see of Trump,the less they like him. At first I thought it was a vanity campaign and he would fizzle quickly. Then I liked how Trump shook things up and said stuff other Repubs weren’t willing to say. For example: calling Bill Clinton the last guy to talk about a war on women which invalidated Hillary!’s platform in that regard. But Trump has gone full clown now.

  242. Go to Dick’s

  243. Yeah, I’m going to check there next.

    The problem is that I have wide feet, and most places don’t carry that many options.

  244. Zappo’s.

  245. Fight night. Headed to Casa de Valdez.

  246. Heh. Dicks.


    New Balance is known for their wide Dick’s, er, shoes.

  248. Just staple some cardboard to the bottom of your feet.

  249. New Balance. They make wide shoes. Great designs. Tremendous.

  250. Perfect for short-toed vulgarians.

  251. Huh.

  252. Kentucky is stupid.

    Kentucky gave us Mitch McConnell.

  253. Cruz wins Maine! 4 down 4 to go.

  254. Merrell makes great wide shoes. I’ve got wide feet too, and those fit the best.

  255. Sanders wins Kansas and Nebraska! HA HA HA HA HA !1!1!!!!

  256. Nebraska? How many delegates does a fictional state have?

  257. White people love them some Bernie.

  258. If you have the chance to watch Spy starring Melissa McCarthy, do it. It’s hilarious.

  259. Everyone looks like a face to punch.

    My new mantra. Hoping to keep it limited to just punch.

  260. Hey, where’s Pupster?

  261. pshaw, they would have checked before the meeting.

  262. How is Elliot?

  263. Elliot is doing well. More confident all the time, now he doesn’t wolf his food down all at once. Got to get him to behave better around others, especially people who visit.

  264. At this point it’s now a two-man race, and Rubio ain’t one of them. The only thing that he can do is give the race to Trump by undercutting Cruz.

  265. Yay.

  266. Did anybody finally tell anybody else to knock it off with the goddamn Cockney rhyming slang today?

  267. Kentucky and Louisiana are much closer than first thought.

  268. The movie Pixels is not very realistic. No way they would let the President play games like that.

  269. no way you guys went to bed already. You’re sitting there laughing at me.

  270. Watching UFC

  271. i went to bed early, now I’m laughing.

  272. I’m at work. And it’s totes not like I dozed off or anything.


  273. Thought you were clever when you lit the fuse
    Tore down the house of commons in your brand new shoes
    Compose a revolutionary symphony
    Then went to derp with a charming young thing

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