Super Thursday

Never had a chance to see Bob Mould play live in my youth. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll do a reunion tour for geezers.

Someone was talking about Lyft giving mustache rides which is a term I hadn’t heard since junior high. I laughed.


I had no idea. We don’t have Lyft in Bangor yet.

What were you storing under the mattress?


Sorry to hear about the H2Flu and the resultant poop fountains. Sounds rough. Hope you’re all feeling better.


I finally have a day that isn’t booked up and I hope it stays that way. Got to do rounds, shuffle some digital paperwork and plan a conference for tomorrow. I’m doing case reviews with interesting x-rays. I’ve got 2 students this month to pimp so it’ll be easy. Then, if all goes well, I’ll be fortunate enough to visit the comic book store and then get home to rescue my 4 legged friends from their crates.




  1. Good song! Never heard of these dudes.

  2. Yeah, he’s a talented guy. He’s got a ton of stuff out there but I mostly know him from Hüsker Dü, Sugar and some of his early solo stuff.

  3. I thought he had that thing were he was so shy he couldn’t perform in public?

  4. ww

  5. I was working, but Pat said Bret B did his 6 pm show from the Fox theater in Detroit and they were showing a lot of it’s beauty. It’s an amazing place. LIke unbelievably beautiful.

    I saw U2 there in 82 before they restored it, and it was still amazing.

  6. (no offense to skanky tatted up chicks)

    People who make bad decisions deserve to be offended for them.

  7. I like Mitt Romney. He seems like a good man.

    I’m not sure he’s relevant, though.

  8. Let’s talk about gardening. If one was to grow tomatoes, would they need direct sunlight? What about weed?

  9. Don’t you have a hydroponics store where you can direct your questions about weed tomatoes?

  10. I was serious about the tomatoes. There are some cages in 3 beds in the yard but they don’t seem to get much light.

  11. weed…need direct sunlight for 18hrs a day first 2.5 to 3 months of growth then needs 12 hrs direct light (and more importantly 12 hrs of NO light) for 2-3 months……least that’s what somebody told me, or I saw it on the net, and everybody knows if its on the net…is true

  12. Yes, you need a lot of light.

  13. 6-8 hours

  14. Obama’s flying to Milwaukee today to “deliver remarks about Obamacare”.

  15. They might get light in the summer. Our garden is almost full shade this time of year.

  16. It’s a small yard so I’m hopeful that the spot used by the last owner is correct.

  17. Didn’t think there was any decent golfing in Milwaukee this time of year.

  18. You should probably plan to buy plant starts the first year, MJ, unless you have interest in starting seed in a couple of weeks.

  19. He needs to get a grill first.

  20. He needs to get a life first.

  21. How can you live in North Carolina and not have a grill?

    It’s not natural.

  22. His neighbors will assume he’s a witch.

  23. Only if he gets a cauldron.

  24. This time of year, areas get a lot more sun than they do in the summer when everything has leaves. I mean, when the sun is high.

  25. The first thing MJ needs to do is chop down any bushes on his property. THat’s what I’d do first.

  26. We have a row of pine trees on our southern border. The yard is full shade until the sun rises above them.

  27. I don’t have a lot of pine blocking anything. thus, sunny spots now become mostly shade in the spring.

  28. If they decide to burn him, it will be easy.
    They all have grills.

  29. Plus they don’t need a very big grill. A Smokey Joe would get the job done.

  30. Indirect heat is preferred for long pig meat

  31. Why couldn’t Romney go after Obama like that? What a schmuck.

  32. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Trump, I’m just wondering where this level of backbone was four years ago.

  33. he lost the backbone after Candy Crowley picked it off of him covering for Obama’s lies.

    He didn’t attack, after that one. He had him on the ropes, too.

  34. Watch Trump get a four point gain in the polls after that.

  35. Let’s see, we’ve heard from Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, John McCain. Jack Kemp’s dead. Who’s next, Trent Lott?

  36. Prayers for XSis1 please. She’s in the hospital for pancreatitis. It’s quite painful, and worse, she was scheduled to leave Monday for a two week trip to Italy.

  37. Will do. Sorry to hear that XB.

  38. Ugh, that sucks, xbrad!

  39. I used to live in a condo mid rise in the city. No grills allowed.

    I was just saying to that lady that lives with me, ‘Hey you. I need a grill.’

  40. Prayers up, XBrad.

  41. ‘Hey you. I need a grill.’

    This is going to end well.

  42. jimbeam – i raffed and raffed at the pimpin’ article.
    i’m gonna share it with my wife.
    the doc she works for used to grill her pretty good when she first started. at one point he even asked if there was a nurse anywhere in the unit that knew anything – her response was “apparently not and it looks like you’re stuck with me for now. how should we proceed?”

  43. done xman

  44. XBrad, I am bad for immediately thinking “Crap, can she still take her trip? Get better fast so you can pack and not miss out! It’s ITALY” Although after a lot of pain one is usually weak and drained. Hope she gets better soon.

    Does she have travel insurance?

  45. I dunno, Lippy. I sure hope so.

  46. General tour of Italy or one city in particular?

  47. IIRC, Florence, Rome, Venice, and a side trip to Sicily, where XSis2 was born.

  48. Mr. RFH and I didn’t see Sicily, but we did see Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Padua, and Pisa. Should have seen Assisi, because an earthquake messed up the basilica there a few months after our visit. Seeing Padua’s Arena Chapel remains a highlight of my life, a bucket list item.

  49. Okay, confession time: You know how everyone else who went to TITS 2 got sick but I escaped unscathed? Well, it turns out that the expiration date they put on the Rohypnol bottles isn’t just a formality. My bad.

    And before you grab the pitchforks and torches, let’s look on the bright side here: Nobody* got anally violated in my hotel room.
    *Nobody you know, anyway.

  50. Glad you liked it Jam! I’m really not that mean. These are students mostly going into primary care and not hard core surgical diehards. I keep a bunch of humorous articles in a file folder that I’ve come across over the years and share them with some of the students. This is another satirical favorite:

    “legume anorexia” cracks me up.

  51. Sorry, Sean. I guess there was pretty much no way you could spend five hours in a car with me Sunday and not catch some of that crap.

  52. It sounds like Rio 2016 is going to be a good time.

    The Olympic Games in Rio 2016
    Come for the Microencepahaly and Open Water Sewage
    Stay for the Bankruptcy and Social Breakdown.

    I trained my entire life to be an oarsman…for this?

  53. Don’t forget the pickpocketing!

  54. Glad my niece got out of Brazil.

    And on that note, I’m going to take another nap and sleep off the Rohypnol gone bad / TITS2Flu / Mongolian Death Crud.

  55. Although Rio is so beautiful and most Brazilian people are so charming and full of life.

  56. Caipirinhas all around!! Chop Chop!

  57. I actually still haven’t gotten sick, b-rad.

    Oh, and just to twist the knife a little more, that car charger works fine with my phone. I think you had a bad battery.

  58. Roamy, what was your niece doing there?

  59. Ha Ha, I remember Dad telling me about a swarm of young boys surrounding him in Rio — you know, some distract and others rob. He told me that he “did my best Andre the Giant imitation” meaning he spread his arms and legs, stomped a foot and put an ominous look on his kind face and they ran. *sniff*

  60. Wait, it was he did his best George The Animal Steele imitation.

    Somehow it was important to correct that.


  62. It was done out of love

  63. Forecasters are excited. We could hit 70 degrees next week.

    There will be gardening.

  64. TBF, we kinda deserved to be poisoned.

  65. Poisoned? Did you have gluten? Alcohol? Saw Rosetta?

  66. We should saw rose in half for bailing on us

  67. Man, I wish I could just play this entire thing on my show:

  68. Also for being a dummy head

  69. Aw man, Bill is so great.

    He’s a shinning light.

  70. President Romney looked good on TV today.


  71. If Romney had a hair on his ass, he would have said to Candy Crowley:

    “Candy, firstly, what I said is accurate, and I can prove it. And secondly, are you moderating this debate, or participating in it?”

    That was the night he lost the election. Plus all of his milquetoast performances after that.

  72. Evening.

  73. McCain came out against Trump too.

    John Freaking McCain.

    Trump approval goes up by at least 5%.

  74. I find it pretty fascinating that these jerks don’t realize that when you lose an election, you’re dead to us. Just go away. You got schlonged.


  76. Lipstick, my niece married a Brazilian who came here to get his college degree. When his student visa ran out, she went with him to Brazil. Tried to make it work there, but the economy sucks worse there than here. Now they have done all the paperwork to come back to the U.S., and they both have jobs.

    I’ll admit, I don’t like him very much, and that started with the Ustream wedding ceremony bullshit where the preacher (his brother) talked about even if they aren’t faithful to each other, they can be faithful to God. This was repeated several times. He comes across as domineering and controlling. Since she married him six years ago, she’s gotten quieter and quieter. She’s been back in the U.S. since Thanksgiving and still hasn’t visited her grandfather.

  77. Thor is in the new Ghostbusters trailer posted at the Hq. Le sigh

  78. Sorry for your niece is married to a domineering Latinx douche.

  79. What did I just write? English motherfucker do you speak it?

  80. Ghostbusters didn’t need a remake, and Hemsworth is a fool for signing onto that garbage. He’s the biggest name in the cast, for heaven’s sake.

  81. I never saw the first Ghostbusters, no way I’ll be seeing this douchebaggery.

  82. I’m team Ace. I watched the original. I enjoyed Bridesmaids and Spy. Thor was wearing sexy Cyn glasses.

  83. Did anybody pay to have drug-sniffing dogs go through anybody else’s room and then pay extra for them to leave the drugs they found today?

  84. “English motherfucker do you speak it?”
    hahaaaa –
    easy there oso or we’re gonna have to trank you from a distance
    it’s prolly just a side effect from the titsgineers disease

  85. Susana endorses Rubio. Yawn.

  86. I still messed up!!! Should’ve been English motherfucker do I speak it, but nooooo. Tiara isn’t helping.

  87. Does the intestinal version of H2N1 cause weight loss? Asking for a friend.

  88. I’m trolling vegans again in youtube comments. I can’t stop myself.

  89. Hotspur. You hit something that I think is bedrock to our problems.

    now Romney is the Man?! He who handed Barry a second round of golf on my dime?!!

    That daug dont hunt.

  90. It does Oso, but it’s not worth it unless someone else is doing your laundry.

  91. sad –
    that baby was quite cute:

  92. Jam, that is beyond depressing. I’m crying. RIP little baby

  93. Pups, I’ll be ok with the mucus version.

  94. Debate night!!!

  95. I ain’t watching no debate.

  96. “I ain’t watching no debate.”
    did you spit after you said that?

  97. I love debates. Nothing more polished and honest than politicians trying to hump a greased pig.

  98. If you had a grill you could cook a greased pig.

  99. If you had a grill the pig would grease itself.

  100. Dan just told me to stop with my debate commentary. I’m too angry. Blah blah blah. LIVs are assholes

  101. I am watching and it’s pretty horrible.

  102. did you spit after you said that?

    No, I sipped my manhattan.

  103. It’s in Detroit, I could have attended.

  104. Grilling. I’ll be in those green, sun drenched fields this weekend.

  105. This is BS!!! Dan made Gumbo. He served me a salad bowl. Served himself a soup bowl. I want GUMBO!!!!

  106. I got her to claim that murder is the killing of any innocent being.


  107. I’m rather proud of this:

    You’ve redefined murder to suit your derangement. Slaughtering an animal can be cruel or humane, but it cannot be murder. This is why I argue so strongly, because insanity like that is so desperately wrongheaded. It starts with seemingly harmless statements like “meat is murder” and ends with vegans putting people like me in jail. You don’t get to change the English language to suit you and thus make those who disagree with you into criminals. This is what you are doing, whether or not you are cognizant of it. Murder means something very, very specific: a serious, grave crime against a fellow human. I have a farm and regularly have to kill possums that get into my hayloft, you’d have me in jail next to a man who slaughtered a room full of people. If you’re still sane enough to see the distinction, please be smart enough to use accurate language to describe it.

  108. The Olympic Games in Rio 2016
    Come for the Microencepahaly and Open Water Sewage
    Stay for the Bankruptcy and Social Breakdown.

    Don’t forger Glenn Greenwald and gangs of wig-stealing transsexual prostitutes (although that may be repeating myself)

  109. Trump is a little man.

  110. Cruz just asked to copy my homework and that he’d pay me next Tuesday.

  111. He’s good for it, MJ, let him copy.

  112. Carin, you are correct, Sir!

  113. Why is Kascich on that stage?

  114. Mare, how have you been?

  115. And he’s probably doing your mom.

  116. Kasich is staying in so he can win Ohio, and keep those delegates from Trump, so the smart people can determine the candidate.

  117. Why is Kascich on that stage?

    Rubio’s replacement. OHIO!!!!!!!

  118. Kasich won’t win Ohio. Romney/McCain have handed Ohio to Trump

  119. Really, no one is impressed by my poking the vegans?

    Rosetta would be cheering. If he were still alive.

  120. How is anyone voting for trump? I’m copying from Cruz’s paper. And occasionally Rubio.

  121. The photo of Kasich’s face when Trump wins Ohio would be priceless.

  122. Vegans are stupid Leon. You’re wasting your time.

  123. I’m voting for Hillary!

    I want my president to smell like gin and ciggies.

  124. I’m so sick of trump touting poll numbers to support his point.

  125. I’m Cruzing. Dan is totes Team Trump. He even H8s me

  126. Trump university!!!

  127. Vegans are stupid Leon. You’re wasting your time.

    They are a special subset of SJW. I’m not trying to save them, I’m trying to save anyone who happens to read it, or at least let the sane people know that they aren’t alone.

    YouTube will not be a Safe Space. Not while I’m watching fitness videos, at least.

  128. He has told me to shut up and let him listen to the Faux News

  129. I want my president to smell like gin and ciggies.

    If it’s Rubio and Hillary, consider writing me in. Cigars count, right?

  130. Oso – call me. J/k

    Every day I have to explain why Trump is a disaster to pat and I have to end th conversation. It is ugly.

  131. LIV boy is solidifying behind Trump. He is more likely to vote for Donald than I am. I’m Cruz or Johnson

  132. I work with a vegan. I think she’s a little bit touched.

  133. I was meh about the debate. LIV boy was all about the debate. Sorry Car in.

  134. I think this debate is very revealing about trump

  135. Car in, I feel your pain. Dan is totes all in for Trump. I’m like WHA?

  136. Dan H8s Rubio.

  137. Last year I was in a clinical and somebody said something about venison, and I mentioned I would love to go deer hunting someday. There was one of those pregnant pauses where everybody is deciding what kind of Connecticut they can afford to be in public (in addition to leftardedness, we have a strong hunting tradition here, you may be surprised to know). Fortunately there were no left-ass vegans in the group. It’s not that kind of university. I got surprisingly supportive statements from my classmates.

  138. Love Cruze. I would even think he hired Rubio to go on attack so he could stand above.

    Gah, he’s going on about polls and eye now.

    Little man

  139. What I find scary is the mass exodus from Democrats. Mi familia really despises D-rats

  140. Kasich – yawn

  141. Lauraw killed Bambi’s mama and CT approved.

  142. I’m voting for Cruz.

    His face would look good on Mt Shamwow.

  143. Everyone hunts up here. The vegan is a weirdo. No one years to be like her.

  144. Dan is dismissive of my MST3K commentary. I don’t even know how to score losers from BOHICAville

  145. I worry about Cruz in the general, but I’m voting for him next week.

    I’ll vote Trump if that’s what I’m stuck with. I won’t vote for anyone else at this point. I’ll vote for Trump enthusiastically if he says Cruz is his AG or SCOTUS pick.

  146. Rubio gave good answer on flint

  147. Kasich is a boob. He’s a good guy but he’s a boob.

  148. Boob. Yes. Cruz is killing it.

  149. You can’t reason with liberals, Leon. They wholeheartedly believe completely opposite views at the same time. For example:

    1. Pregnant women should be prohibited from smoking or drinking to protect the fetus.

    2. Women should have the right to abort a fetus at any point before birth.

  150. MJ, I’m good and I want pics of you’re new place! We are loving our location n St Pete.

  151. I’m still reading the GB thread at the HQ. They’re making fun of Doctor Detroit. Philistines. I bet they hated Yellowbeard, too.

  152. Your

  153. Pepe, one of my favorite troll comments is to ask the vegan if it’s pro-abortion. Then ask how the cognitive dissonance isn’t killing them.

  154. Good one, Leon.

  155. Dammit, all of Yellowbeard was on youtube a few years ago. Gone now unless you want to pay for it.

    But this is still there:

  156. Kasich is going to tell China to stop hacking us.

    Why didn’t anyone think of that?

  157. I think I saw Yellowbeard many years ago.

  158. Christy McNichol was a huge, huge influence on my young mind.

    And by that I mean wanted to do things to her but didn’t know what they were, what with me being 8 or 9 when I saw it.

    But, you know, things. A lot.

  159. Kasich is going to tell China to stop hacking us.

    We tried that. I used to be gainfully employed trying to prevent them in a more realistic fashion. In case anyone wondered why robot cars seem like such a silly waste of time.

  160. Cruz speaks like a preacher. This is a debate — speed it up, Reverend.

    (I’m 20 minutes behind.)

  161. My goodness that theater is stunning!

  162. I’ve been there, it’s wonderful. Makes me wish I could live in Detroit in the 50’s.

  163. I neglected to mention this, but I broke my citrus reamer earlier and cut my left index finger pretty badly. I still managed to power through and make a cocktail after some first aid.

  164. So it was truly a blood orange?

  165. Lime. I staunched the blood before crushing it with a suboptimal grip.

  166. The cut was shallow but long, I’m sure it will scar. That poor finger has a lot from all the accidents I’ve had cutting meat. I finally got smart and started wearing a kevlar glove for that, but I didn’t have it on for getting the reamer off the shelf.

  167. Punctured bicycle
    On a hillside desolate
    Will nature make a derp of me yet?

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