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Someone linked this before. Still funny.



Happy Sunday everyone




  1. I looked at the old thread and it had a ” comments are shut down” sign hanging on it. Hence this understated masterpiece. Feel free to add to it or push it down.


  3. sunday sports review:

  4. Retired sumo wrestlers must not live to a ripe old age. I’m sure there’s research on that but I’m too lazy to look for it.


  6. That poor kid has nowhere to go but down from this point.

  7. gastric bypass and swimming

    no problems

  8. everybody is beating Tiger now

  9. off to church

  10. We are forecast to hit 58 degrees on Wednesday. Yesterday I was watching a preseason Red Sox game and there was a commercial for a sale on wood pellets at aubuchon Hardware which is a regional chain up here.


    Nothing about longevity

  12. I think Sumo is one of the few sports where they lose weight when they retire.


  14. Finally saw one of our coyotes this morning. Wandering past the pond, then between the pasture and the barn on his way to the neighbor’s land. Size of a big dog.

  15. Good morning, Leon.

  16. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  17. Thanks Pepe, she’s a cutie.

  18. dance to our favorite music?

  19. We’re picking the puppy up a day early!!!!


  21. We’re picking the puppy up a day early!!!!

  22. Damn, Nancy Reagan passed away.

  23. She was a class act.

  24. RIP, Mrs. Reagan.

  25. Great head……er.

  26. She’s the reason I never did drugs.

  27. So mature.

  28. Got a little choked up thinking about Ronald Reagan.

    How far we’ve fallen.

  29. Reagan’s autopen signed both my Eagle Scout certificate and my commission as an officer into the US Army.

  30. Nice, Jimbro!



    “I think the moral of the story is you just never know who’s packing heat,” said Conte. ” ‘Old man Sal’ was packing so you gotta watch out. And it’s a shame it went down. I hope those kids are OK.”

    Yeah, that’s the moral, be careful when you’re beating people…..

    Stay classy, Philly.

  33. That’s funny, jimebro. His autopen signed a presidential fitness award I earned in 8t7th grade (I ran a mile in 5:40 big whoop)

    Also as governor he signed both my parents Master’s Degrees.

    He had great hair.

  34. Are the big wigs like Sessions embarrassed yet they endorsed Trump?

    The priest today mentioned Trump’s name in the sermon and everyone was laughing and shaking thier head.

  35. Always envied Mr. RFH for his first Presidential vote for Reagan.

  36. 3 hours at the doc-in-the-box later, I have meds for bronchitis.

  37. Mine was for W. Didn’t bother in the Clinton-Dole election.

  38. Feel more better Roamie.

    I had to take boy2 to docinabox yesterday at Mrs. Pupster’s insistence. Surprise, he has a virus, probably influenza.

    7-10 days. Fluids, rest, throat spray, Advil. Tested negative for Flu types A and B, negative for strep throat.

    I told him what the results would be before he saw the doctor. I tried to tell him “sometimes you get sick and it sucks but then you get better.” He still has an expectation that there’s a medicine that just makes it all go away. Sorry.

  39. Get well, Roamy. If my cough continues, I’m going in as well. MA picked up something at doggie care. Anti-biotics. We have to keep monitoring her poop. Yay?

  40. My first vote was for Reagan.

  41. Holy crap I’m stupid. I didn’t know Puerto Rico gets to vote and have delegates.

  42. Anybody heard from XBrad? There are a couple of “Sorry to hear about your mom” posts on Facebook.

  43. This is really corny, but you should all share it with your kids.

  44. Mom passed in her sleep sometime this morning.

  45. Prayers for you, Xbrad.


  46. I’m so sorry, XBrad, prayers and sympathies.

  47. My first presidential vote was for Ted Kennedy in 80. Back in those days the Republican party was null and void in rural parts of Texas so if you voted in the R primary there were very few if any down ticket candidates. So I voted for Kennedy figuring that Reagan had a better chance of kicking his ass in November than he would against Carter. It was a false flag operation of sorts, I guess.

  48. Sorry to hear it, xbrad. Lost dad on 8/14 and thought about him today while I was checking the ingredients on a loaf of bread. He became a nutrition expert in his latter years.

  49. Sorry to hear that, Brad.

  50. So very sorry about Pogo. Prayers are with you all.

  51. Xbrad,
    Sorry, Mon. Prayers up…

  52. Sorry, XBrad. Thoughts and prayers…..

  53. My condolences XB

  54. My condolences, XBrad.

  55. Shucks, Xbrad.

  56. Prayers for Xbrad and family.

  57. Sorry, Dude.
    You’ve been a good son.

  58. Condolences, XBrad.

  59. Sorry, XBrad. (((hugs)))

  60. 😦

  61. So sorry to hear about Pogo, xbrad. She was a nice lady, and I’m glad I got to meet her. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  62. Condolences, Xbrad. She was lucky to have you with her.

  63. So sorry to hear this news, xbrad.


  65. Dan has you in his prayers as well, XB.

  66. MMM scheduled for 510am.

  67. You’re still up?

  68. Not for long.

  69. Love the header


  71. The hard drive for our security camera system is beeping loudly at me every few minutes. Texted my boss about it, and he called me.

    Boss: “Yeah, I think that means the hard drive is full and it’s erasing old data to make room for new data.”

    Me: “Okay, so how long does that take?”

    Boss: “It could be just a little while, but one time, I think it took two days.”

    Me: [eying golf clubs to see which is the most smashy] “Oh. I see.”

  72. That dog didnt write that.

  73. You’re right. That’s the kind of thing a cat would write.

  74. I don’t drink PBR!!

  75. My cousin, Lauren, was hospitilized on Friday. She is the poster child for anorexia. Got tubed for the first time. Mi familia creates eating disorders. I stay out of it, unless specifically asked. I hope her ER doctor is as good as mine was. (2nd tubing. 1st tubing ER dr listened to me)

  76. What kind of hipster are you? All the cool kids drink PBR.

  77. I’m not a hipster!!!! I can sing the Hamm’s song!!!

  78. Oh, XBrad, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Mr. TiFW and I are sending thoughts and prayers your way.

  79. Did anybody start to suspect that anybody else was deliberately using their stupid exhaust to set off their car alarm today?

  80. I’m still Cockney rhyming.


  82. XBrad, I’m so sorry about your mom. As Chumpo said, you were a very good son.

  83. I am a little derp soldier that wants to jump into your fire
    You are a look in your eye
    A dream passing by in the sky

  84. Can’t sleep. Can’t take anything for it. Hip replacement surgery later this morning. Holla atcha on the other side.

  85. Good luck on the hip PG

  86. MMM at 0510 was a FTF

  87. Good luck, PG.

  88. ww

  89. Except for PG. You go have a nice little sleep.

  90. I swear it said “AM” when it went was scheduled. Fixt.

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