Big Boob Friday

Hi there. Yeah!!!!! It’s Friday again!!!!!! Boobs and beers for all!!!!!! Today’s model is what we in the boob business call ‘filler.’ She’s easily a 4 out of 10, on a good day, in the right lighting, if you’ve been drinking ether. But her name easily makes her a 10/10. Please stop banning muslims from entering this post and welcome Lillith von Titz!!!!!!!!!!







I need a shower. Yuck.




  1. MJ should be ashamed of himself.

    wakey wakey CYN

  2. How did she become a “model”?

    Wonder who told her, “you have everything it takes!”

  3. Jealous.

  4. How did she become a “model”?

    Being willing to pose in her underwear, and less?

  5. Finger doesn’t rhyme with ginger

  6. bored now.

  7. I went to a strip club that employed that level of talent once. ONCE!!!

  8. Jesus.

  9. If you were going for the Irish / Euro Trailer Park Mimf angle, Id say you hit that one outta the park. (“Mimf” = Mom I might ef. Might being dependent on her attitude and the amount of chemicals in my system at the time). I dont find her face to be ugly, but at the same time I don’t find her exceptionally attractive. Body falls into the acceptable range… I give this one a 7 maybe a charitable 7.5

  10. Don’t encourage him.

  11. I’d hit it. She looks fertile and plowable.

  12. Maybe it’s the Irish look of her, something tells me to chat her up and give her whiskey. Instinct handed down from generations of ancestors who nailed broads that looked just like her, I imagine.

    I bet she’s fun.

  13. Nothing inspires confidence that our country is in the best of hands than a man who’s first reaction is to figure out the PR angle of a crises.

  14. I know it’s late but a gift idea in case someone hasn’t done their secret santa shopping. Cheap enough that you could get two.

  15. She’s fleshy.

  16. Hunh.

  17. It’s hard to do ss shopping under $20. You either got to cheap or too expensive. I did a bit of justifying why I went over.


    1. I need more Christmas Tree or Mantle or Decorated Critter (and not your junk either) pictures from You People! Send these to me here: TheH2Secret(ing)Santa(at)gstring.combover

    ☻. You’re running out of time to buy and mail your Secret Santa Gift!

    #. Use our Amazon Link up top of the blog so that we can make more H2 Slush Fund Money! I’m using some of this for our meat-ups.

    Z. Book your plane to H2T2/H2TITS2 now and stand-by for the secret code word to get a better rate than your mom gets for the hotel!

    That is all; you may now resume your bread-making Jergens-using “party”.

  19. You won’t need to rent a vehicle as everything we’re doing is walking distance. If you need to make a booze or duct tape-and-feather-boa run, I’ll have my car to loan.

  20. Is the grand opening of SS gifts a week from Sunday?

  21. Yes, Sunday 12/20 at 9pm NECabal Time.

  22. Kitchen Gadget Blog

  23. Ha Ha – I forgot how funny Alton Brown could be.

  24. Body wise our “model” is better than your average female.

  25. That video was funny, Cyn!!

  26. I’ll be working that Sunday night. Won’t be home until 10.

  27. I want a Rollie. That’s like … magic.

  28. Is that so you can put eggs in a hotdog bun?

  29. You disappoint me. She’s disgusting.

  30. Rollies for all!!!

    Car In you pulled that last year.
    I’ll wait for you.

  31. I work every OTHER Sunday Chumpo. This Sunday is off so next sunday i’m sure I work. Bar closes at 9 so … depending on how busy /how much cleaning I have to do.

  32. Maybe someone would switch with you.

  33. It’ll all still be here for you to read.

    Blogs are like that.

  34. Ba haaaa haaaa haaaa …

    Oh. That’s a good one Cyn.

    (I get stuck with this shift because no one wants it. )

    I usually do pretty well – but I *do* kinda hate it. Ugh.

    I’ll be here at least by 10. If I were really pathetic I could bring the gift and open /read on my phone because the bar closes at 9. It’ll just be more fun to just do it when I get home.

  35. My secret santa gift is AWESOME.

    Just saying.

  36. Although perhaps my victim will hate it. They are formally invited to return it. lol ;)

  37. Return it to me of course.

  38. Who’s my secret santa again?

    What are the rules?

  39. J’ames – I’m your secret santa. Make sure you don’t spend less than $50 on the gift.

  40. I’d hit it.

  41. Jimbro?

  42. I would not kick her out of bed.

  43. Ugh. Trying to contact verizon – and you have to check which state you’re from. There is no Michigan option. Huh. Every other state. i picked Florida.

  44. The dumbest sentence you will read today:

    “It’s not helpful to ban Muslims from this country. (It’s more helpful to learn Arabic, read the Koran, & befriend Muslims all your life, which I have, but that is way beside the point.)”

  45. I really want a candidate who stands up and says, “Not only am I opposed to a ban on gun ownership, I support mandatory gun ownership. Every 16-17 year old in this country should receive basic firearms training, as well as instruction in squad tactics, first aid, security, checkpoint operations, and anything else that local officials may need to call upon them to do. And every man between 18 and 65 should own a rifle and ammunition. Every woman should own a handgun.”

  46. Whaho Black Betty Bam ba LAM

    Whaho Black Betty Bam ba LAM

    *The above represents some deep shit serious philosophical lyricist stuff at work. Either that, or they were way high when they wrote it.

  47. This sweet young woman will keep some man nice and warm on very cold nights.

    In some countries, she would be much more valuable than some stick figure with add-on fun bags :-)

  48. Alex sounds like one of dem der right wing militia gun not types….. I would like to buy him a adult beverage of his choice one day.

  49. Yeah, I don’t see what’s so repulsive about her. Except the dye job.

  50. I hope that license plate belongs to a massage therapist Pepe. Although it was spotted in the Portland area so it may be just like a rolling Craigslist ad.

  51. Is fingerbang her

  52. I’d

  53. She’s repugnant. What the hell, people?

  54. She looks like the kind of girl you could pick up at the bar, as long as she got home the next morning before her ex-husband dropped off their kid.

  55. She’s repugnant. What the hell, people?

    Listen, just because she isn’t made of felt, is no reason to say she’s repugnant.

  56. She isn’t repugnant, but holy Toledo, have we used up all of the good ones?

  57. I bet she makes one helluva sammich…..

  58. We’re scarping the bottom of the tit barrel. Twas bound to happen.

  59. She has a certain inner beauty…

  60. Well hell, she looks a helluva more like a real women than those muscle bound chicks with dicks we see each week.

  61. And I already said I’d nail her.

  62. AoS Lifestyle™ has now reached level-nirvana:

  63. Built for comfort, she is.

  64. Hehe, free for Prime, if you can wait 2 hours!

  65. NYC is so awful that no one can even do a liquor run in an hour, that’s what that tells me.

    Eff that, man.

  66. Zino’s Pizza and Liquor is 2 miles away. They’ll bring me a Chicago-style stuffed pizza and all the rum I’d like 45 minutes. If I remove the pizza from the order it will be 15 minutes.


  68. No, I’m saying NYC is a sucky place to live it.

    Plus hookers here are way cheaper.

  69. No one delivers liquor here. Stupid Iowa.

  70. Was kidding/joke

  71. She kind of gives off a “World’s Tallest Midget” vibe.

  72. Yes! That makes so much sense, Geoff!

  73. I’m surprised that more liquor stores don’t deliver. It seems like a sure-fire business opportunity. Plus the opportunity for promotions is endless. For example, on Valentine’s Day you could run a special, “Order at least $30 in wine and we’ll throw in a pint of Chunky Monkey at no additional charge!”

  74. They used to deliver beer in college. It was awesome.

  75. I never had a bad time in the Big Crapple.

    I’ve never lived there.

    In the old days many liquor stores delivered. It was a standard first job like pizza delivery.

  76. And the world’s tallest midget if you buy $100 or more of Patron tequila.

  77. She’s got something going’ on all right.

  78. Thinking Shirts and Koozies!!

    Anybody got any any fun ideas for a logo for H2TITS2?

    Muddler in the sun?
    Cactus shaped muddler?
    A fallen down drunk guy in a crosswalk??

  79. Speaking of muddler… *stares pointedly at Carin*

  80. Geezer posted something totally freakin’ cool on IB:


    (it’ll get there on time)

  82. Heh!

  83. I just ship my gift. Right here


  85. Hi Goob!

  86. yo goob

  87. anyone want to make pizza for me? I don’t feel like it.

    Car in?

  88. Does anybody really believe that Mohammad Ali is capable of making coherent statements about the muslim question? His daughter is making media appearances “quoting” him and defending the religion of crude murder.

    When he goes, his family will be all Weekend at Bernie’s.

  89. Ali hasn’t made a coherent statement since the fight in Manila

  90. Just want to say I’m looking forward to playing Cards Against Hostages again.

  91. pepe –

    that plate is funny – not sure how it got past the vanity plate nazi inspectors tho

    i worked with a guy from Worcester that said that shit constantly; with his accent it was always humorous

  92. time for bball

  93. Twitter must be broken.

  94. Glad the FBI knows how things work

  95. Jeez, I know that.

  96. Just want to say I’m looking forward to playing Cards Against Hostages again.

    Me too! And I will gladly buy the first four shots for Wiserbud to emcee that again.

  97. I’ll buy the second four!

  98. He had the deck too…


  99. I just found the cards taht will add our names to the deck… muahahahahaha

  100. CaH would be fun.

    I’ll mostly likely miss the meatface. I think we may have bought a house so I’ll be all like…

  101. Talk to his manager.

    Chad wants to be his manager.

  102. dead man walkin’

  103. I only mentioned that her body is better than average. The American average. Her face is kind of not great.

    Oh, and, COCK!!

  104. Congrats on the house!

    This will not waive you from your meat face attendance obligations.

    I have spoken.

  105. It’s a write off, dumbass.

  106. That’s great MJ!! You know I’m going to want pics. Very happy for you!

  107. You stay.

    Send GND.

    We wright you off.

  108. OK, quick, someone go and make a bigger offer for the house MJ and GND are offering on so they can come to TITS2.

    Chop Chop people!!

  109. Ok, fine. Hang on.

  110. Which do you think will make GND happier, a boring old house, or a long weekend with all your drunken internet friends?

  111. der

  112. The latter, most certainly.

  113. Dude – you can buy a house ANYTIME you want – this will be the only time in your life for TITS2.

  114. CoLex Luther, I recall that as you committed to TITS 1 you gave the parting shot:

    “all right I booked it, you people better be fun…”

    or something like that.

    How did the group measure up?

  115. Everyone was great. I had a blast.

  116. Although, when Phat and Chad stepped out of the elevator wrapped in towels, and Phat says to me, “We’re going back to Chad’s room. Come on.” I was a little nervous.

  117. It’s possible, but not probable.

  118. Do you need me to contact GND? I’ve already got your names on the CAH cards.

  119. Nah. I’ll just buy the tickets and then tell her a few weeks before.

    *writes book about successful marriaging

  120. Yer gonna be the best husband evar.

  121. So has anybody come up with any better ideas for a TITS2 shirt logo? If not, why not?

  122. A hanging Chad somewhere on the design, maybe the paper version or a human version clutching a tequila bottle.

  123. Just let Chumpo do his magic.

  124. I quit drinking for this?

  125. It IS looking sweet.

    I had asked Dear Sweat to bring it up here; however the funny left the station today around 1300 PST.

    We’re lucky to have her.

    As you were.

  126. Oh, he’s hangin.

    Hangin low.

  127. This post sucks. Except for the boobs.

    I’m a smart man so I should know this but is that chick’s hair really that color?

    She looks like Ronald McDonald’s sister.

  128. MJ, what a great time in your life….((((hugs)))!!

  129. *replaces Sean’s Diet Dr Pepper for the real deal*

    Also, you looking at coming in February? And, you should probably hose out your inbox.

  130. Rosetta, I admit, I’m happy to see your fat face around here again.

  131. with a hose

  132. That shirt is going to be epic, Chumpski. I’m giggling at the thought.

  133. Interesting how I said, “COCK” and Rosetta showed up.

  134. Not sure yet if I can make it in Feb. I’ll have to see how things look after the holidays.

  135. Re: BBF

    I’d fuck her

  136. *nods at Mare*

  137. Things are going to be looking like you’re going out to PHX w me and HeXBran

  138. Chumpo – IIRC, PJM isn’t far from you either.

  139. Mare, are you going to Arizona so I can finally kick your horse ass?

  140. I like your moxie, Chumpo.

    It’s that crazed, faraway look in your eye and the roll or duct tape you’re holding that I’m not terribly thrilled about.

  141. Has no one here still never met Mare?

    If not I strongly suspect she’s a sock puppet for some fatty shut-in.

  142. Or a fatty shut-in.

  143. Wiserbud – did you see my earlier comments that you have to come so you can emcee the Cards Against Hostages game (and bring the cards too)?

  144. Hahahaha. “shut-in” is a funny term. Someone look up the origins of that term and report back.

  145. Rosetta, I would very much enjoy hugging your neck (and kneeing you in the balls) in person.

  146. Technically this is tits squared:

  147. I wear a protective cup at all times.

  148. Mare is actually a teen boy commenting between pr0n binges and Warcraft raids.

  149. Rosetta, why don’t you just worry about “shutting in” your latex + hoses+ birds+ poodle fetish?

  150. Hahahaha! MJ’s avatard reminds me of Bart. I used to link these pictures all the time which he didn’t particularly like.

    Safe for work if you don’t have a job.

  151. If not I strongly suspect she’s a sock puppet for some fatty shut-in.
    I carry an iPad around in my pants because I’m so gigantic.

  152. The origins of the term “shut-in” date back to the days before indoor plumbing. People who did not want to go outside to use the privy would have to clench their anus closed, and thus “shut in” their feces.

    It may also be a corruption of the words “shite in” as in, “I took a shite in the parlour because I didn’t want to go outside.”

  153. Well done Professor Cassidy.

  154. MJ, how many STDs do you have currently.

    Round to the nearest dozen.

  155. You’re really not allowed to call your Nano an “iPad”.

  156. Hahahah a, good one, Cyn.

  157. Shut your mouth mare.

  158. I secretly replaced Rosetta’s jenkim with a small amount of LSD recommended by the Obama administration (instead of actual anesthesia), let’s see what happens.

  159. You know what I’ve missed, Rosie? Calling you a DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  160. Rosetta, Scott and I were talking about Fake Kenny Rogers the other day and how they reminded us of you. Especially the Fake Kenny Rogers jackass and Fake Kenny Rogers reality show.

  161. Sean, I miss that too.

  162. I had forgotten about fake Kenny Rogers. That is some seriously funny shit. Whoever came up with that deserves a MacArthur Genius Grant, a Nobel Peace Prize and one night with a big fat hooker. No offense Mare.

    Now pardon me while I go feed the pigs.

  163. Rosetta, you should be on Twitter because you know how to say a lot of stupid stuff in 140 characters.

  164. I’ve missed that too Shaun.

  165. *sharpens screwdriver*

    *buys Greyhound ticket to Missouri*

  166. Well, Cyn. Peej can ride with us, of course.

    You let her know that we’re off the Red Devil Dust, at least Sean M is.

  167. *smokes some Red Devil*

    Where’s DiT?

  168. Now pardon me while I go feed the pigs.

    Worst euphemism ever.

  169. MJ, how many STDs do you have currently.
    Round to the nearest dozen.

    How many grey pubes do you have?

  170. 10 seconds of internet research reveals that Miss Von Titz looks better naked than clothed.

    Good jerb Em Jay. If you don’t come to TITS2 I shall be disappointed.

  171. Mad TV is having an anniversary special and I think Fat Kenny Rogers will be on it, even though Sasso has lost weight. Hi guys!

  172. Oops, Fake not fat.

  173. Will Lil Possum be mobile enough for TITS2?


  175. Remember when there was a habeeb last time in AZ?

    That was weird.

    We need to bring better drugs this time.

  176. How are you feeling, Oso?

  177. load heat

  178. How many grey pubes do you have?

    I don’t know because they’re all dyed orange like your BBF circus freak.

  179. How many beds have you dusted in the past 12 months?

  180. Scott’s new ornament

  181. We need to bring better drugs this time.

    Or, you know, just ask Tushar to not take all of them on the first night.

  182. Rosetta, you should be on Twitter because you know how to say a lot of stupid stuff in 140 characters.

    I hate people already. If I was on Twitter my heart would go full black hole.

    In 150 years we’ve gone from the Lincoln-Douglas debates which if I can add correctly (which I cannot) lasted a total of 210 hours to Kim Kardashian talking about her skank ass in 140 characters.

    My new business venture is called Rosetter and you’re limited to 2 characters and they have to be FU.

  183. Pups, I worked today. No fever. Good meds. Probably should have held off until tomorrow. Oh well. I asked my supervisor to check my TOR. It has been on the computer since Cyn announced Tits2

  184. Salami party.

  185. She might be meh, but I still want a purple lace outfit like that. Wouldn’t turn down the black outfit either.

    I’m trying to figure out if we’re commenting more here or in the email.

  186. I’ve never seen more drunkenness than I saw the first night of TITS1. Between xbrad and Tushar the entire city was blowing 0.4.

  187. You people still have pubes? I thought civilized people all shaved those now.

  188. *tries to be a good boy and not picture Roamy in purple lace ensemble*

    Crap, I can’t go to Confession tomorrow, my parents are visiting.

  189. Rosetta, you are right about the state of discourse and also, FU!

    And by FU I mean when was the last time you blew tittyface Jenkins?

  190. I’ve caught myself musing about building a new nation in Antarctica. No wall needed, no one would come unless they were just sick of all the bullshit, and anyone who could survive there would be worth having.

    We could run the place on all the 4th gen nuclear reactors the NRC won’t let anyone build.

  191. If I hear one more ad for “The Danish Girl” being the best movie “of the decade” I’ll slam
    Xbradtc’s junk in a car door.

  192. You people still have pubes? I thought civilized people all shaved those now.

    Civilized people do, yes.

  193. My new business venture is called Rosetter

  194. We could load up a mass of shipping containers with sawdust and build all our structures from corrugated steel and pycrete.

  195. “The Danish Girl”

    Never even heard of it.

  196. Pups, you win a prize. I don’t know what prize but maybe something with a guy pointing a finger .

  197. The Danish Girl:

    The heartwarming story of a young woman who learns to shut the fuck up and just bring me breakfast.

  198. Fuck me. I haven’t watched this in a year or two but it still makes me cry. Seriously, there are 25 hilarious lines in that 4:30.


    Good job Mare! Thank you for reminding me of that.

  199. You people still have pubes? I thought civilized people all shaved those now.

    That’s, like, soooooo 2011. Pubefros are the hot new thing.

  200. Jungle hut.

  201. That’s, like, soooooo 2011. Pubefros are the hot new thing.

    Well crap, I’m stuck then. Got mine lazered off in 2010 when it was trendy.

  202. Rosetta, we’ve really had some good laughs…you dick!!

  203. *buys leon a merkin for Chrimmas*


    You have no idea how close that is to reality. Henry is a cup stacking genius and both pigs are lazy enough just to lay there for that.

    Well done!

    Now quit spying on my house!!

  205. New guy that replaced old man-bun guy, had a man bun today. He’s halfrican American so it’s man bun fro.

  206. **didn’t have to look up pycrete**

  207. 7 weeks on the couch followed by a hard day of work.

    I feel like I was in a bad wreck.

  208. Poor Oso can find no escape from the man-buns. It’s like a natural law: conservation of douchebaggery.

  209. Saw one of my brothers-in-law at the hospital today while visiting wife’s gramma. Man-bun. I held my tongue.

  210. I’ve never seen man-bun, but I don’t hangout with douchebags.

  211. At least his hips are too wide for skinny jean capris

  212. You don’t work with millennials.

  213. At least his hips are too wide for skinny jean capris

    Man-bun will find a way. Man-bun always finds a way.

  214. Rosetta, we’ve really had some good laughs…you dick!!

    I agree, tubby. I have never cried laughing more than I have due to the stupid bullshit on this blog.

    Mare, for the Arizona meat-up I want you to bring the following:

    A spoon, Fruit Stripe gum, 13 bottles of Camus, some running shoes, a couple of Hasidic Jews, a copy of the Constitution, 11 candles, construction paper, safety scissors with the safety plastic removed, pubes, a staple remover, 5 packs of Red Apple cigarettes, a 55 gallon drum of lube, Froot Loops, an i-pad charger, a Maserati Quattroporte, a nail file, a blue teddy, a small thumb drive in the shape of R2-D2, 1,000 blue racquetballs, a wash cloth, 4 pictures of Hitler, a small can of yellow paint, a signed copy of “Flowers in the Attic” signed by Charlie Sheen, 9 bottles of Tito’s vodka, a liver packed in ice, ice, a pink rubber fist, Bill Murray, one post-it note and every AC/DC song ever recorded downloaded onto a stolen iPod.

  215. Hey guys, what do you think of my new hairst–

    *reads comments*

    *decides not to post picture*

  216. …and we have our Rant.

  217. Lists are my favorite!!!

    Mare loves Rosetta!

  218. I wonder if any Hasidic Jews read this site. I hope so.

  219. Hahahaha…. Flowers in the attic.

    You douche.

  220. Hahahahaha!!

    Rosetta loves Mare right back.

  221. Mare, do you remember when you first started hanging out here?

    You wouldn’t even swear and now look at you.

    Stupid corrupting wiserbud.

  222. Rosetta, I’ve learned so much filth here, I’m not exactly sure if I should be grateful or not. Remember when you linked OFB and I was shaking for a week?


  224. Mr Mare is grateful.

  225. I know my punch is stoked on all the red headed tall midgets, and Hasidic Fist Smugglers, and the Gay Vampires vs The Horned Werewolf Brony Chicken Fight Invitational links that Leon comes up with.

    “It’s cultural”, I tell her as I close he tab when she walked in the room.

    She says, “Why are your pants smoking and why are you weeping?”

    “Rosetta’s frog died today. We are all writing haikus.”

  226. Hahahaha. That OFB picture is one of the worst things ever.

    And my frog isn’t dead, he’s just sleeping.

  227. bball game over –

    the girls beat their opponents harder than rosettas left right left spastic movements while trying to perfect his priapismal paradidal

  228. Since we’re reminiscing. Harmonica is still my favorite.

  229. The payphone always cracks me up.

  230. Tiara Fight Club!

  231. ^^ Princess Osobuttafucco; she texted this to me ^^

  232. Ignore the grey!

  233. Silver.

  234. Evening Hostages. How goes it?

  235. Platinum

  236. How’s it hangin’, BC.

  237. Poorly. Our best customer threw a Christmas party thing today, like he does every year, and so my dad and I were obligated to go. Usually not a big deal because they have good food.

    Except this time someone didn’t fry the fish long enough. It very well may be barf time soon.

  238. I stopped by to see Paula on my way out of work today and noticed a gray hair on her head. When she asked me what I was looking at I shoved a nearby Christmas cookie in my mouth and held up a finger until something else distracted her.

  239. Sohos, Rosetta, and BCock all show up in the same 24 hour period. Is it 2013 or what?

  240. A solid plan, Jimbro. Quick thinking.

  241. Should have said, “The cute nurse with the nice butt.” Would be a safer answer.

  242. Yick, that doesn’t sound like a fun happening. At all. :(

  243. The old cookie trick – sneaky!

  244. I wondered this morning why Lilith only got three pics in this poat. I assumed that MJ paused to rub one out and never came back. After doing a Google image search and looking at her extensive body of work, it seems that MJ posted the only three pics she has with clothing on.

  245. Dan had grey when I met him. His wedding pics look like he has brown hair. It’s a lie! I am not responsible for his grey.

  246. The old cookie trick

    This is a fine euphemism.

  247. FYI: When someone posts the top 5 things you’d do if you won 500 million, never be the first to answer. I look like a total selfish douche on FB.

  248. The very first thing I’d do is take care of family. The second thing? Tell of a lot of people to go fuck themselves.

  249. Everybody looks like a douche on FB.

    Nobody will notice.

  250. The first thing I’d do?

    Cocaine and sorority girls.

  251. I was going to say that.

  252. What Scott said, I mean.

  253. sure you were

  254. Uh huh

  255. I feel like the loser in a pageant. I didn’t say poop about world peace or charity. Thanks, Scott.

  256. 500 million? You can do whatever you want.

  257. If I won $500M the first thing I’d do is your mom.


  259. I’m still the most selfish douche on the thread. We used to want to buy the homes on both side of my bros house and move my parents in. My bro got divorced. My dad died. Mom’s BF has stage 4 lung cancer. Looks like my bro is getting my mom.

  260. If the Moslems take over France, you will never see something like this again:

  261. Did anybody admit that in spite of their many, many, many initial misgivings, anybody else’s rock opera based on the life of John Wayne Gacy was actually a pretty entertaining show today?

  262. Oh.

  263. Sean, I enjoyed all the clown references.

  264. Most recent adult coloring book I stocked is a Donald Trump making coloring great again. Already sold 5 in one day. It is ridiculous.

  265. I. Am. Serious.

  266. BCock’s podcast with the shoutout tonight in the ONT.

  267. Heh. We got the insult link. I care not. I’m a link whore. Any mention on the main page at the HQ causes a huge jump in clicks/listens.

  268. Is it OK to throat punch your spouse if he’s badmouthing The Ohio State University?

  269. Brent,
    If you and AtC showed up at TiTs, it would make the MSM “News”…

  270. I would think he deserves a sammich for such an astute observation.

  271. What if he keeps calling you “Princess” if you have an awesome tiara?

  272. Brent,
    If you and AtC showed up at TiTs, it would make the MSM “News”…

    Hah. I would love to come. Like I was telling Wiser earlier, Phoenix is just a bit much. I’ve already got one cross country trip planned that I’m saving for. No way I can swing another. You guys need to come to at least the midAtlantic region of the East Coast for a MeatUp.

  273. Then the sammich should include bacon…

  274. Hate clicks are the best clicks.

  275. Dan thinks Tiara=Waitress.

  276. ACC vacay on hold until TFG moves to HI. Nephew at Georgetown Law. Cousin in Baltimore. Hundreds of friends in NoVa.

  277. We’re up in NoVa twice a year. Christmas/NY’s time and late June. Late June is when we do the HQ NoVa MoMee.

  278. Bcoch, I know. I was in TN with my Taiwan group. They are all going to Taiwan this year. Dan is such a child of the desert, he H8s to travel outside of his climate comfort zone. 3 month window for AZ, FL, and ACC

  279. The payphone always cracks me up.

    That should be the official name of a sex act.

    Then I took her skort off and totally gave her “the payphone”.

  280. Taking off the tiara and saying G’night.

  281. Goddamn. I just found out a guy I know OD’d and died this morning. Just saw him yesterday.

  282. I’m sorry, Sean. Stay strong. Prayers for your friend.

  283. That’s fucked up, Double.

    Sorry, Dude.

  284. So sorry, Sean, stay strong!

  285. I wish that I was born a thousand years ago
    I wish that I’d sail the darkened seas
    On a great big clipper ship
    Going from this land here to that
    In a sailor’s derp and cap
    Away from the big city
    Where a man can not be free
    Of all of the evils of this town
    And of himself, and those around
    Oh, and I guess that I just don’t know
    Oh, and I guess that I just don’t know

  286. Sean, I’m so sorry.

  287. Lots of sleeping in slackers this morning. Including me I guess. Paula is off working 7-7 and the boys are still asleep. That TITS2 email thread is entertaining and took a while to get through.

    Rough news Sean. Too bad.

  288. I did my own internet research on “Lilith vonTitz” aka Slavka Solnechnaya and she has an impressive, erm, body of work.

    After mulling it over for a while I added my “Like” to this post.

  289. Speaking of mulling, Mulled Wine is one of those beverages you think about over the holidays. My first wife was of Swedish descent and they had glogg ( at their grandparent’s house which was always good for one cup per year. The whole mulled wine/glogg thing just seems like a lot of bother for what you get.

  290. Home sick today. Going to do a bunch of online stuff for school that’s due before the finals next week.

    Is Wiser’s show still going on, on Saturdays?

  291. I’ve never had mulled wine. For a hot winter boozy thing I used to like hot buttered rum, back in the day.

  292. I won a bottle of gluhwein, and I guess this would be the season to drink it, except it’s going to be in the 70’s today.

  293. AFAIK yes lauraw. I’ve been other places at airtime for a while and have missed most of them.

    I just checked the archive and it calls the 12/5/15 show the “last show of the season” so, maybe not.


  295. And hot apple cider with spices for a hot winter non-boozy thing. Sounds good right now.

  296. I know Romy! It’s mild and nice weather here too. I felt guilty calling in to work, like they’d think I’m playing hooky or something.

  297. I saw the manger Pupster. It reminded me of work my CiL’s father used to make. He was a retired cop and, in retirement, began making furniture at a rapid pace. He made some good stuff, solid and simple in design. He must have bought his dark wood stain in 55 gal drums because every piece of furniture was DARK brown and covered with polyurethane. I have a tall dresser and a coffee table from him still.

  298. …and the boys are finally up. I’m outta here to do rounds and buy groceries.

  299. dwakey wakey

  300. Pat is determined to send me to TITS.

  301. …new post in the works…


  303. Ha! ^^ Hold me! ^^

    Sean – my condolences on the loss of your acquaintance {{hugs}}

  304. Okay you lazy supersonic-faggotronics… POATSY!

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