Boobous Double Dias Amigos, and Bienvenida to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is from Miami, Florida. She stands 5’4″ tall claims to be 125lbs and measures 38DD-26-33. Please stop giving nuclear weapons to those who wish us dead long enough to welcome, Miss Rosanna Castillo!








  1. Bam.

  2. Nice

  3. Aye Carimba!!!!

  4. Chi chis mas grande

    Verga duro.

  5. Are we sure those are not illegal alien boobs?

  6. Wakey wakey

    Missing a kitty. I am sad.

  7. They might be political asylum boobs. Either way, they look like factory originals, which is nice.

  8. She seems nice.

  9. When Azziz went “back to his homeland” and came back a year later with that beard – yea. That’s when they should have known.

  10. Talking head on the local news said, “They are calling it a domestic terrorist attack.” It sure as hell wasn’t a tea party member, and I’m sure she’s disappointed by that.

  11. Carin are you really missing a cat or was that a comment directed toward our model?

    If cat is missing, I’m bummed.

  12. Mine are bigger

  13. Me too. Hope it turns up.

  14. No. BUffy hasn’t been seen. She can be elusive but it’s been a day.

    It was just raining pretty hard and no sign. I sure hope she shows up. I lurvs her.

  15. pup knows boobs

  16. saw a woodchuck in the lawn…. time to go discourage it

  17. **waves at Sohos**

  18. Giuliani didn’t pull any punches on Fox News just now.

  19. I assume the topic was marines murdered by a muslim?

  20. I found a series of lectures for a course based on Probabalistic Robotics, so I’m set for entertainment until this afternoon.

  21. Moving day.

  22. I discouraged 2 of them last week.

  23. “Discouraged” IS a euphemism.

  24. crackfat done.

    Still no kitty

  25. crackfat done.

    Still no kitty

    That’s what he said…

  26. Maybe someone found your kitty and took it in as their own.

  27. I don’t really have neighbors. THe new folks haven’t moved in – and the other ones are a almost a quarter mile away (and out of town).

  28. On facefart yesterday, a Brit put up the story about what happened in Chattanooga. I made the remark that under Bush, this sort of thing never happened and it’s happened how many times since the PoS took office. A leftie shows up sneering and posts a graph of our gun violence.

    Um. C*nt.

    WTF does that have to do with muslims shooting up military installations or recruitment centers?

    Of course, I had to post articles from their own lefty sources that states the unarmed UK surpasses the US in violent crimes.

  29. Unfortunately, sometimes the kitty just goes away. Life on a farm.

  30. Gun violence in a gun free zone. Got it.

    Tell stupid brit there’s already a law against it.

  31. Ask the stupid brit about knife violence in her country.

  32. Great Googly Moogly

  33. The only way this chick is 125lbs is if she’s 3 feet tall.

  34. *tosses sohos $1.35 in drachmas

  35. drachmas….hahahahahaha

  36. “The only way this chick is 125lbs is if she’s 3 feet tall.”

    That’s hateful Wiser.

  37. Seems wry on several levels:

  38. No cancer. Results of needle biopsy back. She had another lump form next to first. Both are benign. MaryAnn does have an ear infection. Stress levels lowered.

  39. That’s hateful Wiser.

    You’re new here, right?

  40. Seems wry on several levels:

    *Bzzzzt* The International Astronomical Union (IAU) demoted Pluto, not NASA.

  41. *Bzzzzt* The International Astronomical Union (IAU) demoted Pluto, not NASA.


    You’re new here, right?

  42. Good to hear about your pup pups, Oso.

  43. “That’s hateful Wiser.

    You’re new here, right?”

    Oh sure. When I do it I’m met with protestations about how IT’S POSSIBLE SHE WEIGHS THAT MUCH.

    But when you do it it just is allowed to stand.

    I wonder what Caitlyn Jenner weighs.

  44. Still no kitty. I have one sad daughter.


  45. Thanks, Mare. Sorry about the kitteh, car in.

  46. But when you do it it just is allowed to stand.

    What I meant was, people tend to expect me to be mean. It’s kinda like my “thing.”

  47. I wonder what Caitlyn Jenner weighs.

    more than Bruce did, I’m sure.

  48. Yea there’s no way she weighs 125.

  49. She could be as tall as 4’11”, in which case I’d be quite pleased to make her acquaintance.

  50. Morning.

    **waves to SoHos**

    She seems nice tits.

  51. Yea there’s no way she weighs 125.

    “yeah, in her bra!”

  52. I don’t weigh ’em in, I just pass on the stats from the boobpedia.

  53. *lowers chin and whispers, “Boobpedia”*

  54. What Pupster doesn’t say is that he’s a primary contributor to boobpedia.

  55. Why is her belly button airbrushed out of pic #4?



  57. prolly ’cause they had to p-shop out the spare tire she actually has and forgot to replace the belly button when they were done.

  58. Good news about your Pup. Osita.

  59. Sorry about Car in’s kitteh.


  60. I wish that attention whore, Bruce Jenner would go away. Get some serious therapy and just. Go. Away.

  61. I think the navel is under her shirt, it’s sort of high in the earlier shots, and those panties are quite plunging.

  62. if you look at where her bb should be, you can see the incredibly bad p-shopping. Either that or she has a really weird tan

  63. What does Leon know? His wife probably hasn’t had a belly button in months.

  64. It’s an outtie now. Almost.

  65. I need someone to photoshop my midsection.

  66. That means it’s DONE leon.

  67. I really really really don’t feel like going to work .


  68. Carin, hope your kitty comes home. Maybe it’s just on a long walkabout.

  69. Comment by Car in on July 17, 2015 3:01 pm

    That means it’s DONE leon.

    So it’s like a turkey, then?

  70. Thank you lippy. It’s taken the air out of the house. :( I’m hoping perhaps she got stuck in the neighbor’s pole barn. They only come sporadically to work on the house at this point.

  71. I’m hoping perhaps she got stuck in the neighbor’s pole barn.


    Something similar happened to us and our cat was locked in a neighbors garage for 6-7 days. Don’t know how it lived. But he did come back and was a happy little bugger too.

  72. That means it’s DONE leon.

    Then it’s been done for like a month.

  73. Tonight’s the night, Leon.

  74. Nice poat, Puppy, now what did you do with the damn cat?

  75. I’m never going to direct-sow my carrots and parsley and celeriac again.

    They take three or so weeks to germinate, and when the row finally comes up, it’s spotty. I could have almost-raised a crop of hakurei turnips or baby pak choi in the same time on that land. A month later, and all I have are teensy seedlings. Ridonkulus.

    Gonna try the pre-sprouting method next time.

    Sigh. Almost time to go to weekend jerb.

  76. I havn’t had any luck with my Ridonkulus either, Lawra nor my Bidonkadonks.

    *consults Farmer’s Almanac*

    Turn’s out I’m doing it wrong.

    Leon, I’m going w 6lbs 7oz

  77. I didn’t bother with carrots this year.

    I have way too much mustard, and I’m going to be overwhelmed with peppers in about a month. I’m planning to pickle or can a lot of them.

  78. little leon picked a peck of pickled peppers.

  79. H2 Nursery Rhymes!

  80. She’s about 160-170.

    You guys have met GND. She’s 5’5″ and 120.

  81. So what has everyone been up to?

  82. The little Pupster laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon.

  83. we’ve been swapping mushroom spores, and sea yarns; but mostly sea yarns.

  84. Just waiting for the baby and trying to learn robotix stuf for my new jerb.

  85. She’s a very comfy-looking 160-170.

    I’d let her make me a burrito.

  86. “Comment by wiserbud on July 17, 2015 11:15 am

    The only way this chick is 125lbs is if she’s 3 feet tall.”

    midget pr0n!

  87. Gonna tempt fate and have a cognac and soda.

  88. “Comment by Mr Chumpo on July 17, 2015 4:37 pm

    The little Pupster laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon.”

  89. So tomorrow is Granny’s first of possibly three memorial services. My son put together a 15 minute video with pictures and clips from her commercials and her appearances on Conan.

    He also used some clips from this video, done by the BBC when Granny ws 100, of her walking around Central Park and enjoying a martini with friends.

    Skip to 4:30 for her segment:

    He set that to Five for Fighting’s 100 Years.

    Yeah, he’s going to make people bawl their eyes out tomorrow

  90. I’ll put his video on YT when I get a copy.

  91. leon – your soda on me:

  92. Cool, wiser.

  93. Yeah, this is gonna be a tough weekend.

  94. I’ve been absent lately, but sorry big guy.

    You have my heart felt condolences. You’re a good dude, and I’m sure your elders, although incredibly embarrassed of you, are looking down upon you with great love.

  95. Prayers for you and Granny.

    Jam, I’ve just got some Hennesey from the class 6 store and some run-o-tha-mill club soda from Meijer. Your suggestion is much too fancy for my office’s Friday cocktail hour.

    Man, there are some things I’m gonna miss about this place.

  96. You’re a good dude, ……

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. dude, I have a rep to protect.

    And congrats on getting GND successfully locked up in your basement without getting caught!

  97. Thanks, Leon.

  98. >>>>my office’s Friday cocktail hour.

    I thought you worked out of your home.

  99. I do.

    *puzzled look*

  100. See, when we established the Sumpter Township office for my company, the office manager – in an effort to boost morale – instituted the Friday cocktail hour at his expense.

    He’s a swell guy. He makes sure the place gets vacuumed, too, and keeps great stuff in the fridge. Brings me fresh coffee in the morning, even.

  101. *toasts mirror*

  102. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

  103. And you’re leaving this incredible job???

  104. The other one has a signing bonus and robot cars.

  105. Cool! SIGNING BONUS!!!!

  106. And you’re leaving this incredible job???
    I thought we established in our secret email list that he’s a boob.

  107. Greetings, sweater puppy whisperers.


  109. I don’t know how that FPS Russia guy in the video is still alive. Every video I’ve seen him in he puts himself at risk. When he blows up the gas can it flies back at him and lands just out of the camera shot, showering the area with flames.

    Dude is crazy. No way he has to be that close, but he wants to get himself in the frame with all the action.

  110. If I trusted my management even a little, I’d hang around.


  111. Just added 8000 BTUs to our arsenal.

    Screw you heat wave!

  112. Is Hotspur still alive?

  113. At this point what difference does it make?

  114. Evening.

  115. Today was no good.but I did not wear a shirt so that was good.

  116. ~Waves at Jew~ are you getting any of the precipitation from Dolores? Is it going to be snow up there?

  117. I believe so Oso. We’re supposed to get thunder storms this weekend.

  118. I’m sorry, but I don’t know any of the people involved here, so this story is hilarious:

  119. Do the piggehs respond to thunderstorms? Sean, that story is funny. 30 years for a wedgie? We are all criminals here. Wait, am I the only bully?

  120. Piggies don’t worry about thunder unless it is a really loud clap. Then the startle.

  121. Death Wedgie would make a pretty good band name.

  122. Horseplay: The Boisterous Killer

  123. Any deaths by swirlies or indian burns?


  125. Pig Stampede would also make a fine name for a band.

  126. 😂 at Pups. We really are a bunch of 4th grade boys here.

  127. Purple nurples for everybody!

  128. Cajon fire south of here. The smoke made it here already, however.


  130. Seems a bit hazy out. How close, X?

  131. Xbrad, buy some marshmallows and try not to catch on fire.

  132. It’s about 100 miles.

  133. well, now the local news is saying it isn’t smoke, but a haboob.

  134. Leon got quiet quickly.

  135. He’s probably just cleaning up the chicken coop.

  136. Watched some live Helicopter vid from ABC over SanBerdo fire a while ago.
    Their camera pulled back from the burning 40′ semi trailers and zoomed to a little white speck. The little white speck turned into a DC-10 heading in at about 100′ to drop retardant, and then pull up and out.
    Very cool.

  137. “Looks like someone finally did it.”

  138. Haboob. Always makes me giggle.

  139. Ran into a Tio at the grocery store. Dan is blaming me for forgetting to buy ice, since he had to talk to my Padrino. Anglo math.

  140. whut?

  141. Dan would’ve remembered to buy ice if he didn’t have to talk to someone. Anglos apparently never run into familia and have to visit.

  142. Dan gets irritated sometimes that I’m related to “Everybody”.

  143. I H8 singing in public. Had to sing yesterday to a bunch of Millennials that had never heard the Bee Gees original “I started a joke”. Suicide Squad trailer totes wasted on the young.

  144. The great thing about Anglo privilege is never having to acknowledge anyone you don’t want to talk to, just act like you didn’t see them or know them. But we don’t forget the ice.

  145. Home Depot sells sprays for familia.

    You need to catch it early.

  146. Did anybody discover that using reverse psychology on anybody else might not be an effective way to keep them from committing suicide today?

  147. Hahaha Pups. Dan is so funny. He only knows 2 of his 7 first cousins. He really resents that he’s expected to chat with and recognize familia. My Mom’s first cousin has restaurants in Roswell and Hondo. His son has expanded into Albuquerque. 2 restaurants. Dan won’t go. Thinks they are overpriced. Everyone at Sam’s loves mi familia. Loves my great grammo’s recipes. Dan is so Mexican, he thinks he can do it just as good at home.

  148. I think Dan is more Messican than me. He’s doing yard work at his mom’s instead of paying a landscaping crew.

  149. My thoughts on Wisergranny. I H8 it when people talk about long lives. I never expected my great grammo and my grammo to actually die. They both hit 100. Didn’t make it hurt any less. My Tia Ane made 105. She was hilarious. Survived all her kids. Dan is always first with the “Age” argument. Doesn’t hurt any less. Prayers.

  150. It’s a hard world. It’s tough to see anyone die, even someone whom you’ve been expecting to die for years. I mean, death is really close to you all the time. I ‘m going to have at least 30 opportunities to die in the next 10 hours, & while I’m kinda pissed that most of those are because dumbasses are talking on their phones while driving, it is what it is. Weird to think that despite all the (hundreds of) thousands of chances, most of us are still alive.

  151. Bring back the memories
    I can’t take away the misery
    Take my derp, fly away
    To a world that
    We can find today

  152. I had a good night. Went dancing with a pretty girl. The only problem is that she lives here in California and I refuse to live here, especially after trying to navigate traffic on 91 and 55 at 10pm.

  153. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s not interested in me.

  154. Good morning.

  155. Where in CA are you?

  156. No baby yet, no bad contractions this morning, either.

    So I’m having coffee and then going out to finish my pallet project.

  157. wakey wakey

  158. I’m at Big Farm today.

  159. Update on kitty, Carin?

  160. No. :(

  161. I think buffy’s brother has finally realized she’s missing.

  162. Sad for you, Carin.

  163. Yea. Erin is really sad. It would just be so awesome if she just appeared. :(

  164. Uh oh

  165. Oh, Carin that stinks. I’m sorry. There is still hope!

  166. This is from WWTDD and I thought his riff on millennial men was good:

    Lesbianism is where upscale young women have turned for social acceptance since adding cocaine to their organic cold pressed juice diets became more than their allowance. At some point we need to start pointing fingers at 20-something guys. Don’t take this the wrong way, millennial men, but all your chicks are banging other chicks. Have you noticed you’re all home in your porkpie hats spinning vinyl and memorizing Rachel Maddow rants and you can still hear girls moaning through the apartment walls. God didn’t give you a dick just to feel guilty while reading rape culture essays. Get in there and claim your birthright. Maybe ask nicely if her friend wants to stay.

  167. He’s so wrong he’s right. He cracks my shit up.

  168. Me too. But he’s nailed the vision of a millennial guy. I’ve seen those hats, the new trend in record playing, thinking you’re smart watching Maddow and the whole rape culture bullshit. Perfect.

  169. Lesbianism is a selective pressure in our current culture. If there’s any truth to evolution, they’ll be gone in about 3-4 more generations, along with anyone who wants to spend their prime baby-making years chemically sterilized.

    I’ve seen some math on this, actually. Basically, homosexuality can’t be genetic at the rates we see it in the population (1-2%), because traits that eliminate or strongly decrease the chance of reproduction don’t last more than a generation or two in simulations. The same holds true for the people delaying childbirth into their 30s. Over time, they have so many fewer offspring that the trait or even just the tendency just dies out.

    I still think there’s room for some kind of infectious vector combined with an innate tendency, which would explain a lot, including the visceral disgust some people feel around gays. If it’s an infection and it harms reproductive fitness that much, the people who originally felt (and acted on) that disgust would have been much more likely to breed. The stigma associated with childless couples in many cultures is probably a similar reaction.

    No hatred or anything in these thoughts, just detached biological curiosity. If it’s an infection, we’ll never find out. The West can’t do that science, and it’s not like the islamojihadis are going to, much easier to throw them off of rooftops.

  170. Miley Cyrus and her Victoria Secret model, Lindsey Lohan, the two models shown on WWTDD, Johnny Dep’s fiancé, these are attention whores who got burned by men and are jumping on a current fad of lesbianism and politically correct attention currency.

    I, in no way, think this is biology trending.

  171. It is and and it isn’t. Any flexibility in these women’s sexual preference is a tendency that is selecting against their offspring. If they prefer men but will choose women for whatever reason, they aren’t going to breed.

    It’s not really all that different from someone who could choose a heroine addiction. If there’s no heroine available, they might end up totally normal and have a few kids. Heroine available? They hop out of the gene pool. It’s the reason alcoholism is rarer among peoples who’ve had it longest. German alcoholism is very rare nowadays, but it’s epidemic among Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals.

  172. Women might stop picking other women if the men would man-up. I’m sure progressive liberals would argue that in cosmopolitan cities you see more lesbians/bisexuals because they are more “OPEN” cultures. I posit that the women look at the “men” and figure why bother?

  173. Honestly though – so many young people are lost lost lost. The 20s are party time. They act like sluts and wonder why they can’t find nice men. The men chase after whores and then wonder why women are basically horrible.

    One woman I know has been dating a guy for several years – and I keep telling her to pin him down. Force the issue. THey live together- have built a home etc. He obviously just sees no pressing need.

    Shit or get off the pot I say.

  174. Oh, I don’t doubt it. The culture is offering them another sexual outlet that they are taking. Some women won’t take it even when offered, and they’ll breed even if these don’t. Men do the same thing when they choose pr0n and CoD instead of women.

    Both are victims of a culture that hates children, commitment, and genuine maturity and instead celebrates sterility and novel sexuality.

  175. I did think it was humorous immediately after Shwarztenagger’s kid embarrassed Miley (in Mexico with another girl… she thought she was going to marry this guy) she tells the oh, so after school special story of how she had a conversation with her mother when she was about 10(?) that she’s attracted to girls too. And of course her mother (level 11 skank) was supportive and understanding and so worldly.

    Miley does take a lot of drugs, she smokes dope (she’s been photographed doing that a lot) but she also takes adderal and something else. That came out when she goofed while she was high and sent a private IM to her twitter feed by accident.

  176. But I get Leon’s point, if they are with other women, drinking, taking drugs and wait to have children they’ll have none or fewer.

  177. Time to go outside and do some orbital jigsawing.

  178. I do notice more femmy young guys lately. I’m not sure if I’m simply noticing them when I didn’t before or what.

    I will say when I see a young guy who looks manly he seems to stand out.

  179. In conclusion, MJ is 100% correct, pop culture is a sewer.

  180. Leon, here’s some gays saying it’s a choice due to molestation/rape and sexuality being fluid.
    I believe for many it is. *remembers when Rosie ODonnell said she was molested as a kid and she learned that men were something to be feared*

  181. How can MJ be correct? He’s not even here.

  182. Weird. I was molested and didn’t turn gay.

  183. It did though make me dislike upper lip facial hair.

  184. One woman I know has been dating a guy for several years – and I keep telling her to pin him down. Force the issue. THey live together- have built a home etc. He obviously just sees no pressing need.
    Shit or get off the pot I say.

    YES, this^^^
    My SiL and I were talking about this over the 4th. After several years dating my BiL, she told him that she was done dating and she was ready to be married. If he wasn’t on board, then they need to part company so she can find someone who would be. She forced the issue because she knew it would be another 5 years before he would make a move and she wasn’t getting any younger. He was already 31. (she, mid-twenties)

    Likewise, I forced the issue with Mr. Beasn while I was still in college. He graduated a year early and was off working on the east coast. He never talked of marriage because in his family, you don’t even think about marriage until you had a job….and his parent’s attitude was, you don’t think about marriage until you pay cash for a house. Er, no. You are either with me – as we have dated long enough – or we stop wasting each other’s time and go our separate ways.

  185. I had an aunt who dated a man for nearly 20 years. She finally discovered he never divorced his wife – they were separated. Dummy. If you wanted to get married, you should have held his feet to the fire 15 or so years ago.

  186. Weird. I was molested and didn’t turn gay.

    I suspect most don’t. Some do.

  187. Pork pie hats make me stabby.

  188. Regards to my linky, we’re talking about ‘some’.

  189. Fully disassembling and de-nailing two 6’x3′ pallets takes me about 90 minutes. I have 8 more to go. Not looking good for finishing this today.

  190. Also, it’s hot as ballz out there, 90% humidity, and my shorts and hat were wetter after I stopped than if I’d jumped in the pond.

  191. Nothing new in this for most of us, but a good look at the evil, shallow thinking of the “Social Justice” crowd.

    View story at

  192. Weird. Medium won’t let me link to just the URL.

  193. Lesbianism among millennial women is the result of a couple of factors:

    1) Social pressure. It’s considered hip nowadays to be “bisexual” so more women will claim it. Furthermore, their boyfriends all encourage them in hopes of getting some threesome action.

    2) Lack of adequate men in their lives, from their fathers down to the pork-pie hat wearing beardo that they’re dating.

    3) The gay rights movement and feminist movement have created enough space that more truly bisexual women can come out. Of course the vast majority of those women would be happier settling down with a man and being married, but they are necessary sacrifices for The Cause.

  194. Personally, I think homosexuality is a combination of both genetics and environment. Some people are born gay and always have been, and this benefits the tribe (gay uncle theory), but the human brain is malleable enough that others can be convinced/trained/converted by strong environmental pressures.

  195. brb, downloading lesbian pron

  196. The gay uncle theory doesn’t hold in population simulation models, though. Even a mutation with a 1% overall decrease in reproductive fitness doesn’t make it more than a few generations. Admittedly, there could be an error in the model, but the same one will tell you why sickle-cell trait has been so well preserved. Environmental factors likely loom large here, even if it’s the cultural pressure to reproduce when you aren’t particularly interested.

  197. It’s also possible – and likely – that the causative factors vary somewhat between the sexes.

  198. It’s also possible – and likely – that the causative factors vary somewhat between the sexes.


    This is my theory and like assholes, everyone’s got one.

    I don’t know what I’m saying. But I feel derpy talking about gays and assholes.

  199. Interesting article, xbradtc. Confirmation.

  200. We could talk about the extended kalman filter for simultaneous localization and mapping.

  201. We could, Leon and then I would go on and on about how all the algorithms I’ve devised have been flaming turds and how this has impacted my life as a would be scientist.

  202. It all started with that stupid Katie Perry song, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

  203. It started well before then, Mare. Girls were kissing other girls for free drinks at bars back when I was in college in the mid-90s.

  204. The clocks are done!

  205. You bunch a homoanalysers are gunking up the bewb thread.

    Leon, an orbital grinder or reciprocating saw would make short work of the nails in the pallets, and probably save more wood. There is a wire-cutting tool that has two pinchers that come together, like fingernail clippers, that if you dulled the edges a bit would be perfect for pulling headless nails, or look for staple pullers in the barbed wire fencing section at TSC.

  206. Rocketboy took some facedouche quiz about your age based on political views. He is conservative and patriotic, therefore he is 62.

  207. I’m able to save most of the wood, but I can’t risk the nails going into the yard by cutting them with a power tool. I’ve been clipping them with bolt cutters while holding them with my other hand (I brace one handle against my body and pull with one hand), then pounding/pulling out the stubs with a hammer.

  208. Last night, I walked through my room, on my way to the master bath, for a shower. No smells.

    Twenty minutes later, I open the bathroom door to my room, I got hit in the face with carcass smell. WTF?

    Oh, and I got a summons for jury duty in the mail today. FUUUU

  209. The nails all have heads, most of them end up bent as I wrestle the pallets apart, though. We’re due to have a thunderstorm shortly anyhow, so I wasn’t going to finish today no matter what.

    Time to go to Confession. Father wasn’t there on Thursday, so this is my first chance to go this week.

  210. Left, mare…right, pupster

    My favorite comment:

    The dog has been awake for hours, but he is too afraid to get clawed if he moves.

  211. Leon, save the nails and make a mace out of a baseball bat. You can name it Tetanus.

  212. therefore he is 62.


    I’ve been telling you guys I’m a little old man for years.

  213. Rocketboy has political progeria.

  214. You could be sucking it into the house with the bathroom exhaust fan.

  215. I was born old.

    *likes Jewstin’s mace idea*

  216. bathroom door to my room, I got hit in the face with carcass smell. WTF?

    Have you checked your butt? You should have that checked out.

  217. Posto de nuevo

  218. Beasn, maybe it’s Leon’s zombie possum coming for you.

  219. My butt is clean, thank ewe very much.

    Pepe, it is the six zombie voles come back to haunt me.

  220. Scott, I never use the masterbath exhaust fan. It doesn’t smell in the bathroom or any other room.

    The smell always happens between 10 and 11 pm. Day before yesterday, I barely noticed it. Last night – huzzah…after a very hot day.

  221. I got up for a potty break at 4 am, and went in the room to sniff and it was still there, not as strong. By 8am, gone.

  222. Leon, save the nails and make a mace out of a baseball bat.

    As much as I like the idea, most of the nails are about 1.5″. You need the 3″ ones to make a good tetanus mace.

    Which I totally didn’t already do after the first zombie attack, and positively does not already hang on it’s own peg in the barn under a small engraved plaque (“Here Hangs Tetanus”), and I absolutely never brought home holy water to bless it/rust the nails with.

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