Thorsday has turned it’s back on the H2



add “content” as you see fit, peasants.



  1. Damn, I’m good

  2. I’m ok with his backside too.

    It’s all good.

  3. That’s a delightful picture, Jay. You’re not the total douche Roamy says you are in her secret emails.

  4. I’ve been meaning to ask how your diet is going. I’m always looking for inspiration.

  5. I’ve plateaued, but I lost some inches. But I could afford to.

    *just to head that line of questioning off at the pass

  6. Thor does not need “content”.

  7. Umh … that depends where you lost those inches.

    Leon’s been making “claims”.

  8. I am “content” for this post to have no content.

  9. Ok I spread THREE of the 10 bales of hay … and I have a lot of fricken hay.

    Just saying.

  10. I have to get hay down from the loft later. We’re running low and no one has any to buy because of all the damned rain.

  11. You farm people work hard. But I like that kind of work.

    I worked at a farm zoo section of a zoo and it’s non stop feeding, cleaning, brushing, watering, chasing, clipping, spreading, milking, etc,.

    I loved it and when the zoo closed and I had an hour of twilight alone with the animals as they enjoyed the cool part of the day, swallows swooping around the goats goofing off, horses being affectionate with me (shut your whorish mouths) it was just great.

  12. Chickens, two baby rescue otters, pygmy goats, horses, rams, ewes, deer, llamas, cows.

  13. Nice ass.

  14. Why, thank you, Cyn. I’ve been upping my squat reps.

  15. it’s non stop feeding, cleaning, brushing, watering, chasing, clipping, spreading, milking, etc,.

  16. I just killed it in a phone interview. KILT IT!

    Anybody ever live in Minnesota? The interviewer told me they have 2 seasons; Winter and Road Construction.

  17. it’s non stop feeding, cleaning, brushing, watering, chasing, clipping, spreading, milking, etc,.

  18. hahahaha….I should have known some jassax here would comment on the “spreading” part.

    Well done on the interview, puppetypups. Now I’m going to go ahead and pray you don’t have a face for radio when you interview in person.

  19. Ohai, Wiser.


  21. LOL?
    Robert Granger
    Breaking more things by 8:00AM than most people break all day.

    From: “The H2: As cliquish as a 7th grade girls sorority but not nearly as self-aware.”
    Reply-To: “The H2: As cliquish as a 7th grade girls sorority but not nearly as self-aware.”
    Date: Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 9:56 AM
    To: Robert Granger
    Subject: [New post] Thorsday has turned it’s back on the H2

    Jay in Ames posted: ” So THERE! add “content” as you see fit, peasants.”

  22. minnesota: get used to potholes. But it’s a nice place, just colder than Iowa by 10 degrees year round.

  23. Oh look a lurker surfaces!

  24. You could move to Lake Woebegone.

  25. Only if he drowns Garrison Keillor.

  26. Lotta lakes. Good lord. On the plus side I can justify buying my dream 1978-9 Bronco with no air conditioning. On the minus side it will be a rusted out hulk in 2 years.

  27. So, now that GND has moved in, do you think that she’ll finally man up MJ’s place, or will the lace doilies and flower pillows continue to reign supreme?

  28. Plus you get to vote for Al Franken, and Amy Klouchabar!

  29. Lurkers are a scam.

  30. You’re going to have to learn Canadian.

  31. Not a lurker… a subscribed semi-de-lurker-er.

  32. I always wondered what that would look like.

  33. Minnesota is like Michigan without the glamour and industry.

  34. I really could use a juicebox.

  35. Big congrats on the killer interview, Puppeh!

  36. I really could use a juice box.

  37. No,

  38. Good job puppeh! Come here…

  39. mare!

    Meghan McCain, the political scion who has won public fame as a blogger, commentator and TV-show host, will join Fox News Channel as a contributor, Variety has learned.

  40. scion?

    I’m not sure of the exact meaning of the word. Does it mean “idiot” because then that’s accurate.

  41. JAY!

    Plus you get to vote for Al Franken, and Amy Klouchabar!


    Meghan McCain, the political scion who has won public fame as a blogger, commentator and TV-show host, will join Fox News Channel

    You are a killjoy, sir.

  42. I think it’s like a car or something, cARin, the ones with the dancing hamsters?

  43. Megaton McCain is a low-end Toyota?

  44. You know I have the next 24 hours off. It would be a great time for Mrs. Leon to go into labor.

    WHy don’t you tell her that?

    *waits for fun to begin

  45. Meghan McCain, the political scion who has won public fame as a blogger, commentator and TV-show host, will join Fox News Channel as a contributor, Variety has learned.


    Are you f’ing shitting me, Jay?

    Fox is crap.

  46. Yeah, she’ll contribute alright, she’ll contribute mind thoughts that are so stupid, vapid and incomprehensible (but loaded with hip shit) that she’ll make the other people on the panel seem temporarily smart.

  47. Meghan McCain is our Chelsea Clinton, however we know how stupid and untalented she is, the left likes to cling.

  48. Fat boobs really are magical.They can even make Meghan McCain marketable. Yes, yes, a crappy market but she’s getting a paycheck.

  49. Fox news motto:

    We hire slightly higher functioning morons to eat up air time than our competition!

  50. Fox News Motto:

    We hire blondes with fat knockers to hypnotize you into a sense we are serious news agency.

  51. Fox New Motto:

    We hire blondes with fat sweater puppies to make Rachel Maddow look even more manly.

  52. American Digest guy (Van der Leun) on twitter posted a pic of George Bush (the dad), Bill Clinton and George Wallace sitting around at a picnic, yukking it up, his comment:

    “It’s all a sleazy game.”

    He’s right, we’re suckers.

  53. Thanks, Fox!

    We need a stupid blonde, with fat boobs telling us how we must love and accept all gay all the time, love and accept our brown brothers crossing over down south, and that our social issue stances are just too, too old fashioned to win elections.

    FU you Fox, Meghan and your stupid mother and father for raising you to be a total twat!

  54. Well, I found something to make me feel better IYKWIMAITTYD:

    I don’t even know what I mean.

  55. Here’s another, shut your corn holes:

  56. Mare – I need to get/see OUtlander. I’ve read the books of course.

  57. Yes, Carin you do.

    Nothing can be as good as the books but they’ve done a hell of a job in casting and they’ve found an actor sexy enough, ernest enough, and interesting enough to pull off the job as Jamie.


  58. Meghan McCain thought bubble:

    If only these old, white, stogy conservatives could watch cool shows like I do, I never miss an episode of The Fosters and of course, Modern Family, from these shows and of course Brett, who does my highlights I understand the hurt and abuse these groups have to deal with and these middle class people who don’t have time for TV because their mom’s aren’t super rich can’t relate to these groups like the millennial I am. Ooooh, is that a salted carmel truffle??

  59. Most of the images for Meghan McCain that come up feature her from the waist up and highlight her rack.

    I wonder if she has issues with thigh chafe?

  60. My cases went well. First kid lives about a mile or so from me, nice family. Second kid was a handful. Even with oral sedation he was climbing the walls.

  61. Just ate a combined breakfast/lunch. Now on to chores and getting the dogs from doggie prison.

  62. Well done, Jimbro. Must be satisfying.

  63. Just so we’re clear…I’m very OK with the fat-sweater puppies portion of the agenda, Fox.

  64. Mmmm, the Notorious PAB…

  65. No worries Pupster. We knew where you stood on the issue.

  66. Your mom is good at oral sedation ……………..

  67. PAB’s Red Eye Intros

  68. Ahhhh, I miss some of the guests on Red Eye.

  69. Pupster, I’m really okay with it too. Just not attached to Meghan McCains face and stupid opinions.

    I wouldn’t comment here on Friday’s or any other day If I wasn’t okay with fat boobs.

  70. *watches mare’s Jamie gifs over and over*

    *gets pissed because they move too fast*

  71. Good thing I’m not talking to my obama-voting parents. Supposedly my dad doesn’t like him anymore.

    Every thing the f*cker does, and they’d bitch about, I’d say, ‘you voted for it, you own it. How does his ass taste now?

  72. Re: Outlander.

    The guy they cast as Jamie is handsome, but the character is supposed to be a BIG guy.

    The gal playing Claire, is pretty enough, but her character is supposed to possess more curves…as in a larger ass. The one they cast is too skinny.

  73. Comment by mare on July 16, 2015 2:02 pm

    Fox New Motto:
    We hire blondes with fat sweater puppies to make Rachel Maddow look even more manly.

    Aaannnddd we have a WINNER!

  74. Yea – Jamie Frasier is supposed to be HUUUUUGE.

  75. Strange silence regarding the shooting in Chattanooga.

  76. Is Obama still in prison?

  77. Jamie is 6’4″. I am rereading the first 4 books.

  78. The gal playing Claire, is pretty enough, but her character is supposed to possess more curves…as in a larger ass. The one they cast is too skinny.

  79. Is Obama still in prison?

    In a sane world, he would be – along with his evil grifting twin, Hillary.

  80. Shooter was…
    “Muhammed Youssef Abudulazziz”.

    Damned Amish…

  81. *wonders if Mrs. Leon’s water is breaking*

  82. Jay, HA!

  83. She’s puttering around the dining room. It won’t be today.

  84. Whoa, I thought chrisp was kidding. Just wow.

  85. Yea – well it could be any second. You could be sitting down to a nice dinner when WHOSH. Water breaks.

    You’d better start a pot of coffee.

  86. Is Abdulazeez Irish?

  87. Yeah, Jamie’s height and size was a significant factor in the books 6’4″. But you can’t have everything. But you can have this:

  88. Clearly that’s a Dutch name.

    One of them high-steppin’ Quakers I bet.

  89. No wonder it’s not plastered everywhere.

    Those tea partiers are sure violent and we need to put them on the Nation’s watch list for outbreaks of violence, graffiti and littering.

  90. Heh, I didn’t see Ace’s headline until just now.

  91. Damn that Confederate flag!

  92. More better…as in slower…gifs, mare.

  93. We need to deport everyone with more than 3 A’s in their name.

  94. I’m working on it, Beasnsnsnsns, I was frustrated the were too fast also.

  95. Comment by Car in on July 16, 2015 4:32 pm
    Damn that Confederate flag!



    I’m serious when I say, NO GUN ZONE signs offend me. And, evidently, they kill a lot more people than the Confederate flag.

  96. high-steppin’ Quakers


    HA! The worst kind!

  97. OSU researchers discover the unicorn – seaweed that tastes like bacon!

    The sell on this is that this seaweed is loaded with protein.

    You know what else is full of protein and tastes like bacon?

    Your mom

  98. Contrary to Ace’s post, I frequently use the internet for education and try very hard not to use it for porn.

    I’m learning about robot motion now from youtube.

  99. You know what else is full of protein and tastes like bacon?



  100. I should count the number of A’s in my name.

  101. Ah shit, The Five isn’t on. It’s SHEP!!!!

  102. uffff, Shep’s eyes give me the creeps.


  104. Funny, I learned about robot motion from your mom………….

  105. My mom knows fuckall about robot motion, so I really hope you didn’t program anything significant based on that.

  106. Pretty sure your mom didn’t say “robot”:

  107. Poat updated for the Mr and Mrs Leon.

  108. so i try to screw with scott’s {“We need to deport everyone with more than 3 A’s in their name.”} gambit by googling :

    alexandra applebaum — (truly a random name choice)

    mutha f’er here’s the return:

  109. The picture of John (MAVERICK!!) McCain and the pig on Drudge is great. Two doltish looking dumbasses.

  110. the parking garage at the hospital where my wife works collapsed today – don’t know if there are any injuries…
    she just sent me some pictures from her units window – looks pretty bad

  111. Holy heck, Jam, that’s horrible.

    Glad she’s okay.

  112. i think its a two story job – bottom is for the ER/ED parking and top is for Docs? maybe The nurses have to park out in east bumfuk.

    i pray no one was killed

  113. last year some guy wigged out in front of the main entrance and gunned down a cop… he had a brain tumor or something like that and the coroner / docs theorized he had a psychotic break – he was known for being an upstanding guy…
    weird stuff

    that place has some bad juju goin’ on

  114. time for lawn work

  115. Evening.

  116. I suspect my legs will be stiff tomorrow. I had to carry a sow on my knees to her pen.

  117. No hands, right?

  118. My box of wine says it’s great for camping, picnicking, something with binoculars, and a picture of the sun. Can I still drink it if I’m not doing any of those things?

    Asking for a friend.

  119. Beasnsnsns, they really need to slow this one down:

  120. No hands.

  121. time for lawn work

    Worst euphemism evar.

  122. Mare, tell you friend to turn on a light fixture and dangle some reading glasses around your her neck.

  123. Worst euphemism ever.


  124. Hahahah…. Shut up Jew, I may be old and gross but I don’t need spectacles.

  125. Just spent four hours moving shit. Movers come tomorrow AM. Then more moving Saturday and Sunday. I’m gonna die in the new house. No move evar again.

  126. Officials haven’t decided if the muzzie asshole who killed the marines is a terrorist.

  127. What does it take? A fucking ton of bricks?

  128. A giant Wile E. Coyote sign with an arrow blinking TERRORIST.

  129. What does it take?

    A Republican President

  130. Muslims suck.

  131. Comment by Hotspur on July 16, 2015 6:57 pm

    Just spent four hours moving shit.


    Have you tried Metamucil?

  132. Whomever is keeping Mare’s Musings up to date is doing a bang up job.

  133. Did anybody change the desktop wallpaper on anybody else’s computer to an extremely pornographic photo today?

  134. I am making pepper steak for supper. With elk steaks. I hope it’s good.


  136. That is the worst looking frito pie …ever! (Good luck, Pups. Scary stuff Jam 2)

  137. Comment by Cyn on July 16, 2015 4:54 pm

    I should count the number of A’s in my name.

    You mean the thing written on my birth certificate? Precisely zero `A`s.

    Four `E`s, an `I`, and a `U`, though; for a smashing total of 6 vowels out of 16 letters. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

  138. That is the worst looking frito pie …ever!

    Best. Euphemism. Ever.

  139. Shooter was…
    “Muhammed Youssef Abudulazziz”.

    I just shitfanned my Grand Cayman flag. Just in case.

  140. Why no O?

  141. Shitcanned.

    How the fuck does autocrack come up w shitfanned. ??

  142. “Shitfanned” is awesome. We have to find a way to use it.

  143. Jewstin could use a shitfan.

  144. Fukksized has a new friend.

  145. “Bob was talking about how the boss was porking his secretary, and didn’t see the boss right behind him. I guess he really shitfanned himself.”

  146. I have 4 A’s in my name. 5 with Confirmation.

  147. When the shit hits the fan, you’ve been shitfanned.

  148. I have a Y in my name.

  149. Today was a Grassroots meeting to discuss our Associate Engagement Survey. Club Manager was recently in Dallas getting Generational Leadership Guidelines. Millennials really need to be managed differently. They don’t understand Coaching or Consequences. Have to be approached through emotion and respect. You have 9 seconds to engage their interest. Tone is important. The world is seriously shitfanned

  150. We actually had Role Play on how to address Millennials in the workplace.

  151. There are millennials in the workplace?

  152. ‘You’re fired because you’re a dumbass’ seems like an emotional interest-getter. Can I be a manager there?

  153. Please tell me it involved wedgies and purple nurples.

  154. A’s in Anna Maria’s don’t count.

  155. In important gardenblog news, I now have some mustard going to seed, so I get to start harvesting that soon.

    I will never buy mustard again!


  157. Comment by osoloco11 on July 16, 2015 9:19 pm

    I have 4 A’s in my name. 5 with Confirmation.


    Funny, though, I had three As in my name until I married Scott. He gave me #4. I guess he wants me deported.

  158. First job. OMG do they suck. Entry level jobs that they can’t emotionally handle. Hard and fast rule: No cell phones on Club floor. 12 associates currently on coachings for phones.

  159. Scott, Constancia Maria. Same-same

  160. “Comment by Cyn on July 16, 2015 6:48 pm

    time for lawn work

    Worst euphemism evar.”

    plantains pulled
    thistles throttled
    weeds wacked
    clover crucified
    dandelions dispatched
    ivy immolated
    madder murdered
    hog weed hit
    hedges handled
    E. alatus – left for xb

    done for today –

  161. Lauraw, we need an Iberian exception.

  162. BTW Jack M Coldcuts is following me on Twitter!!!! Suck it Pontifex!!! I finally got Coldcuts!!!!

  163. Oso, you have my sympathies.

  164. Plaintains and dandelions make a pretty good salad together.

  165. OK. We can amend the rule.

    More than 3 A’s and a Z or a Q.

  166. How the hell can you not emotionally handle stocking shelves, ringing up customers, and handing out samples?

  167. Zachary Quattlebaum disagrees with your policy.

  168. As does Zebediah Matthiason.

  169. 💩 the -ez designates “Son of” in Espanol.

  170. Jack M? I met him, in DC. Great man. Nice guy. This is me bragging about meeting Mr. Coldcuts in the flesh.

    His Southern accent is almost painfully twangy. You can hurt yourself, listening to that sharp stuff.

    He steered me and kept me from stepping into a mud puddle – he looks out for the ladies. He was raised right.

  171. 💩 the -ez designates “Son of” in Espanol.

    How you say “-a bitch” to complete the phrase?

  172. CoAl, I have issues with a few of the associates. I thought they were idiots. Found out today they’re just Millennials. Walker. He closes on Wednesdays with me. Alan is off. Every single fucking Wednesday, I have to ask him to zone Hardlines. What needs to be done is not automatic with him. Chappie either. You have to spell out expectations every single shift. I’m not even management. Chappie is the “Manbun tightpants Technology Associate”. Dan H8s Chappie. He works there and is too dense to get out of the way of the Lift. Watch your tone with him. Open doored a manager for tone.

  173. Oso, how old are they?

    “Manbun tightpants Technology Associate”? WTF is that?

  174. We call him MJ.

  175. How you say “-a bitch” to complete the phrase?

    Not fluent, but my best guess would be ” de la puta”.

  176. Is your laputa plugged in?

  177. CoAl, early 20s. Chappie is an Electronics/Connection Center Associate. He sells phones. He wears tight jeans. Manbun. I H8 manbuns. Dan H8s Chappie and the rest of the Millennials. No work ethic. No sense of urgency. Lazy.

  178. En Fuego-ez

  179. Lauraw, I have loved JackM from the early days. My favorite COB. After you and DiT. Yeah, after.

  180. True story: Drink!!! Health and Beauty (HBA) is now Health and Wellness. Cell phones/Electronics is now Technology. Where is George Orwell?

  181. De la puta is technically of a whore. Bitch isn’t quite the same in Spanish. Cabron is Old Goat. Considered real bad. Cochina is female pig. = nasty. Cochon is masculine but my mom never said that. Cabrona and cochina.

  182. I was going for same level of insult. “Perra” doesn’t have the same connotation.

  183. Leon, yep. I wonder why that is? What is the obsession with goats? Moorish influence on Spain?

  184. No idea. I’ve never understood why “female dog” is an insult, or why we associate nasty female behavior with it. Most female dogs are pleasant enough, so it’s never made sense to me, but it’s a really old insult in English.

  185. I guess everything is awesome as long as you watch your tone.

  186. If harsh tones hurt them, they need to hear a buttload more harshness.

  187. Leon, you are stuck in pre-Millenial mind thought. Special snowflakes are our future. Don’t hurt their feelings.

  188. When you look at the history of the pejorative, “bitch” is a term referring to a specific part of a female dog’s cycle. They get weird when they really want to mate. Really fuckin weird.

    Cut their uterus out? Completely different animal.

  189. SOOOOO many millenials have the tone problem. I’m the mean one at work, so I guess I’m the anti millenial.

  190. I’m mean, too, J’ames.

    I got a debit card in the mail from GoBank. This is apparently Walmart’s checking account thing. I wonder how many people will fall for it.

  191. I agree with Snoop. Pussification of America. You can’t even set expectations and hold people accountable with these fucks.

  192. That was a total non sequiter. Sorry. It was a long day.

  193. My kids are millennials. They have a good work ethic.

    I’ve always had to watch my tone with beasnette. She’s a pleaser and doesn’t want to make anyone mad.

  194. Sext sexpectations & homo peeholes accuntable with fucks?

  195. I had a millennial coworker who smoked weed quite a bit. Emotional mess. Our problem was one of the managers telling us to quit picking on her when we went to management to complain she was messing up orders and not working.

    ‘Treat her like you would your own daughter, beasn.’

    ‘If I did that, I’d be beating her ass, BeetleJuice.’

  196. The only time I’m mean is when someone isn’t doing their job. They aren’t pleasing, they are getting away with doing nothing.

  197. “Here is the stick I would whoop her stupid as with. I will be happy to treat her like my own daughter.”

  198. I’m not mean. I just have standards and I expect co-workers to perform to the same standards. I’m still so pissed about minimum wage laws.

  199. Erik is a lazy AA that H8S America. He think our two Africans from Africa are lazy. I love watching them fight it out. AZ Navajo Darren is the laziest person I’ve ever worked with. AZ Navajos are more militant and lazier than NM Navajos. I blame ASU.

  200. I wished Brent Happy B’day at Aces and find that he’s 34!
    It depresses me that I’m about twice that.
    Time to die…
    /Ray Blaty

  201. I am yet to work with a millenial.

    Be assured that I look forward to being considered mean, harsh, and intimidating,

  202. Praying for Leon bebe tomorrow. 60th Anniversary of the Disneyland opening.

  203. At Target, I had issues with BPT(CPT) that I couldn’t coach around. I understand it is worse at Target. Bad enough at Sam’s. Any associate can Open Door at any time. We have to investigate every issue fairly. Almost a year ago, I was asked to fix Clothing. It is getting ugly.

  204. LOL.

    SMOD2016 got namechecked at Insty.

  205. I used to love her but I had to derp her
    I used to love her, oh yeah but I had to derp her
    She bitched so much, she drove me nuts
    And now I’m happier this way

  206. Morning.

  207. Newbs

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