Big Boob Friday

Yeah! Buffalone is pretending to work so I get to do BBF again !one1!!!!!!!!!! So what does everyone think of the new brick wall theme for our little piece of the webosphere? Good stuff? Well, it was all my idea.


Today’s musical selection comes from my hometown, sweet, er, home Chicago. The Smashing Pumpkins were the house band at a little club called the Metro so a bunch of people used to see them quite a bit. Turns out they got kind of big, although I was never a huge fan. I like that they are unabashed in their use of distortion. They put that shit at 11 and don’t really worry about anything technical. And then I found $Yourmom. Listen at stupid volume.


Today’s model looks a little brighter than Emily. I think. She sports an impressive six pack, booty, and pair of money suckers. Please stop gargling Baltimore’s balls whilst dancing around the May pole, and welcome Tianna G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












On this day in history:






  1. There might be a little clam in that second to last one. Not really sure.

  2. All these tattoos are going to be hilarious in 50 years.

    I’d buy her lunch, though.

  3. Another woman ruins her body with tattoos. Shame.

  4. Emily has been pushed down (like I’ve been doing to her head all week)

  5. Nice work,MJ.

    Also, here’s an early Happy Birthday since you’re going to be fucking off tomorrow.

  6. She seems nice boobs.

  7. Where’s Mare? I worry that she may be off eating carbs and sugar when she doesn’t show up.

  8. Underboob FTW

  9. fucking tattoos ruining an otherwise nice piece of …umm.. art.

  10. Tampa airport! She seems nice. Carin, you’ve inspired me to kickass on my diet. No sugar!

    Lol”d at the H2 phone icon. Saw it before but so ridiculous .

  11. Damn. One of my kids got Chicken pox. They say that the vaccines are only 95% effective.

    Of course, allowing millions of unvaccinated, undocumented Americans in plays a part too.

  12. *snorts line of cane sugar

  13. Ugh, Tushar; I hope they both only get a mild case. Keep ’em hopped up on Tylenol.


  15. Tushie, let the other one share a drink with the infected one. Get it over with.

    My son caught it when he was 3. It was pretty mild. The daughter, 18 months, came down with them a week or two later. She had them pretty bad.

  16. And why does skank chick, in pic 5, need to air out her business?

  17. Got some gardening done just out of sheer need for the therapy.

    Peeled all the ground ivy off the blueberry garden. MCPO’s irises (via Carin) are in there and have multiplied like crazy. They like it in there. Hope I get some blooms now.

    All covered in dirty dirt. Feels good.

  18. Must be a nice day everywhere, this place is dead! No offense, George.

  19. And why does skank chick, in pic 5, need to air out her business?

    Spring cleaning? Wash the rug, let it air dry?

  20. I have been installing laminate flooring in guest room. Apart from the tools I bought (which I needed anyway), the total cost will be around $300, and it is looking awesome.

  21. I got approved for all the overtime I want/need until midnight, so I may be working until then.

  22. You can never go wrong with puppies:

  23. Especially sweater puppies.

  24. >> All covered in dirty dirt. Feels good.

    You’re a dirty, dirty girl

  25. It’s the best day of the year so far. Sun is out, t-shirt warm for Maine, perfect.

  26. If anyone is in the market for a new smoker or grill, this is very helpful

  27. I’m reading “Agincourt” by Bernard Cornwell which is, of course, about an English archer prior to the titular battle.

    I don’t often use “titular” in every day speech but it seemed okay today for some reason.

  28. I found it by searching “what should I read after Follet’s Pillars of the Earth” .

  29. I wrote about the Battle of Agincourt:

  30. I’ll bookmark it…don’t want to know any spoilers!

  31. We are going to have to replace the Weber soon.
    It’s almost 20 years old.

  32. I think I read that after you posted it…seemed familiar when I just read it.

  33. I have a Weber that is 33 years old. I’ve had to replace a few parts, especially the wood handles, and the vent mechanism at the bottom, but otherwise it still works like it should.

  34. Imma gonna build me a UDS this time. the old smoker (offset) becomes a grill, along with the Weber.

  35. Jay, there is one in that review I linked.

    $300, fully assembled and shipped to your door.

  36. Wow. 33? There’s hope I guess, and parts are plentiful.

  37. I haven’t read many good things about offsets.

  38. This one is green, and the color has held up well. It has a few chips in the porcelain from the cover falling to the patio.

    The black ones seem to turn sort of a dingy grey over time.

  39. I like Scott’s new look. Very tropical.

  40. Tomorrow is graduation. The city is an absolute nightmare to drive through.

  41. Another batch of unemployed liberals.

  42. Laura’s finals end next week. I can’t wait. She’s been getting up between 4 and 5 AM to study.

  43. School here for the boys until the end of the month.

  44. And on a completely different note, let me just say that I FUCKING LOVE IT when the husbands of injured women call me to piss and moan about how long the claim process is taking with various mentions of bringing in an attorney for them to be rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then, in my unassuming sweet and understanding way, let them know that their wives have not given me the FUCKING PAPERWORK I need to settle the claim not to mention that their FUCKING BLUSHING BRIDE wasn’t paying attention to where she was FUCKING WALKING.

    Bring. It. The. Fuck. On.

  45. *does the Incredible Hulk move with a roar*


    *smooths a wispy hair and demurely kicks toe in the dirt*

  46. The offset is temperamental, but useable. You can make good things on it. The UDS should be an improvement, fuel wise.

    Plus Imma gonna make the temperature control unit, using the phone, and twitter updates. Then taunt everyone with temperatures.


  48. Git em, Cyn!

  49. Whites have long been interested in Asian culture.

    Look at all the Rising Sun flags and samurai swords that dweebs own.

    This is what I go back to AOS for. Hahahahahahaha.

  50. 10 hours of overtime clocked. 7 of them struggling to get another guy to pull and scan the code I actually checked in.

    I worry about him.

  51. Now I get to spend however many hours I can stand trying to validate our system admin guide by actually following every line of instructions in it.

  52. Heh, I get to do that a lot too, leon. Plus write stuff to defend what I do when the documentation doesn’t exist.

  53. >>let me just say that I FUCKING LOVE IT when the husbands of injured women call me to piss and moan about how long the claim process is taking

    You don’t sound like you fucking love it

  54. Then, in my unassuming sweet and understanding way, let them know that their wives have not given me the FUCKING PAPERWORK I need to settle the claim

    *makes note not to tweet Cyn without full documentation*

  55. **borrows Cyn for next telecon with HQ**

  56. BBF relevant .gif

  57. I

    Some people are douchehats. You can quote me on that.

  58. Also, has anyone seen my stack of Lost Dog Flyers?

  59. MJ has them shoved up his ass.

  60. And you know this how?

    ‘Erm, on second thought, never mind how you know.

  61. ;)

  62. Mayweather vs Pacquiao ppv is $100.

    Holy smokes.

  63. My last ppv was a Mike Tyson fight that lasted less than a minute. I think I paid $35 for that one.

  64. What’s Mayweather vs. Mrs. Mayweather goin for?

  65. May weather kilt it.

  66. I can see The Hostages on The Wall on the left side on my phone today. Nice change!

  67. The Wall looks unchanged on the monitor.

  68. Comment by Cyn on May 1, 2015 4:16 pm
    *does the Incredible Hulk move with a roar*

    You’re supposed to tear your shirt off when you do that move.

  69. I’m trying to refinance the house in El Paso. I applied back in February, but got a note from the company saying that they couldn’t verify my income even after I sent them two pay stubs and bank statements. I figured I’d give it another shot.

    Loan company: “Oh, your file is still open. You’ll have talk with the agent who worked on it the first time.”

    Me: “I’ve tried contacting her several times but received no response.”

    Loan Company: “I’ll send her an email letting her know that you want to speak with her.”

    Me: *headdesk*

  70. I always use local people for that stuff.

  71. Ask for a new agent, Alex.

  72. Greetings, mustache riders.

  73. Gery good article, WarBrad. Thank you.

    Happy friedegg, all ye all. Im going to din, BBL.

  74. I tripled the jalapeno input in the last batch of salsa. I bet Laura notices.

  75. Did you put cilantro in it?

  76. Yep.

  77. I’m one of those “Cilantro tastes like soap” people.

  78. Are mustaches coming back into style?


  79. Dan prefers cilantro salsa places. More for him. He even adds cilantro to his queso so he doesn’t have to share.

  80. “Are mustaches coming back into style?” So far mine hasn’t.

  81. Nephew graduates from U of A soon. Just got accepted to Georgetown Law. He’s a smart kid. Pretty sure the Messican card helped. He’s not “Ted Cruz” bright.

  82. Pretty sure I have family members contributing to HS’s traffic woes. Cousin’s daughter graduates from Michigan.

  83. Birth control is really expensive there.

  84. He comes from a CINO background. Has no problem with birth control. My “Baby-Jesus loving evangelical” sister was getting my Mom worked up at Christmas over my bros kids.

  85. Can’t see if Fukksized is on the wall.

  86. I’m not seeing it.

  87. Here is the background, um, unbackgrounded

  88. Birth control is really expensive there.

    When were you in the market for birth control in Michigan?

  89. Thanks, Cyn.

  90. Georgetown.

  91. Oh, yeah, it’s practically a car payment there.

    Still working, if I make it to 930 I get 13 hours of OT.

  92. Crap. Free code at Redbox. Steelers made their pic. Night over.

  93. Done. Time to go sleep so I can get up early and fence in the garden.

  94. “fence in the garden.”

    Heh. Good one.

  95. Police corralling the curfew breakers.

    Hell yeah.

  96. We put the flats with our corn-starts in our little box on wheels(mini green house) that we rotate to face the sun, which we had today.
    There are 446 of then.
    They went from just showing a green nub, to 3/4″ tall today.
    Some were actually bending toward the sun.
    They will be bumping their heads before it’s warm enough to put them in the garden.
    Oh Boy, this is gonna be great!


  97. Waiting for Dad………….

  98. I just tried out that … I’m 110.

    Stupid computers.

  99. Yeah, Baltimore!
    “ME switched ruling on Gray’s death from accidental to homicide after “meetings.”
    Hot Gas…

  100. Did anybody polish the patina off of anybody else’s Tiffany lamp–on purpose–today?

  101. ” polish the patina ”

    Heh. Good one.

  102. BTW, if you happen to have EPIX, Jim Norton’s latest comedy special is awesome. Ace just retweeted this:

  103. Watching the wedding part of the Outlander. They should have gotten a meatier chick for the part of Claire. Like me.

  104. Meat is good.

  105. Beasn is skinny as a rail, the other chick must be dental floss.

  106. Like John Bender once said, Claire is a fat girl’s name.

  107. I am feeling kind of weird using the innocent Sally Field to host this magnificent meta / retro / vintage / blog. Ah never mind, let’s fidget with Gidget!

  108. God knows I pimp my own blog here enough, GOODSTUFF, but I usually have the common fucking decency to say hello first.

  109. I dunno. His stuff was…okay. I guess.

  110. If wiser is around, you might want to head down to Texas and pay mesa a visit…

  111. So, Christina Hoff Sommers was hosting a GamerGate gathering at a bar in DC.

    The fucking Anti-GG clowns called in a bomb threat.

    But the GGs are the evil censorious ones.

  112. You know, because the GamerGate people want to shut women up or some junk.

  113. Just tried that age-guessing site. It said my friend was 29 and I was 44. :(

  114. 1. Fuck that guy in Seattle.

    2. I uploaded a pic from my friend’s wedding of the two of us. We’re both 39. It guessed he was 52 and I was 81. So…shut up, Colex.

  115. Last night I dressed in tails, pretended I was on the town
    As long as I can dream it’s hard to slow this swinger down
    So please don’t give a derp to me, I’m really doin’ fine
    You can always find me here, I’m havin’ quite a time

  116. Is Goodstuff spam? I’m not clicking that link.

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