“That” Humor

Not like anyone looks at content or anything.

Oh, I made breakfast… who’s hungry?!


Thank you. Have a nice day. Come again.





  1. Stealing the Game of Thrones one.

  2. Too many frijoles refritos would break this device:


  3. wakey wakey

  4. That is a very large square of butter on the short stack of pancakes next to the dick cake.

  5. Got fence posts, staples, and 100′ of galvanized wire mesh.

    Time to go get really, really tired.

  6. this shithole is a mess.

    Would it kill you people to pick up after yourselves once in a fucking while?

  7. Derby Day Drink


  8. http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Ludlowe-seniors-to-vote-for-1-gown-or-2-6234672.php

    Yes, we all must be perfectly equal in all ways. May I also suggest that the skinnier seniors wear fat suits for weight equality and the better looking kids wear Lena Dunham masks for ugliness equality.

  9. Has anybody seen Doug lately? or do you think the Mesothelioma got him?

  10. Stoopid. All of my graduations, including reform school, had one color robe. And the only thing I was presented was my diploma.

  11. potty mouth

  12. Well looky here! A non-stupid student!

    “Another student, Hillary, who didn’t give her last name, said she wasn’t really sure what the fuss was all about.

    “It’s just something you wear for one day,” she said.”

  13. Only 2 colors?

  14. Only 2 colors?

    Good point. They should be able to wear whatever color they self-identify with most closely.

  15. If you put nonsense like this up to a vote, the majority votes sanity every time.

    They’ll have to get a federal judge to order them to wear one color.

  16. And why do different schools have different color gowns anyway? What makes one school better than any other, with their different colored gowns and all.

    Every single school in the state… nay.. the country, should be forced to wear just one color gown.

    And I say it should be green.

  17. Works for me. I can’t see green it looks like North Korean grey to me.

    I’m good with that comrades.

  18. ln addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half hour.

    Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check.

  19. Why do men get a color while women get white?

  20. Green Sucks.

  21. Coming soon…..rainbow gowns.

  22. Gawd… can you just imagine that?

    I miss my country.

  23. I miss YOU

  24. An audit shows the Hartford police gun range is missing 1.8 million rounds of ammunition.

    The cop who runs the range retires.

    End of story.

  25. Plus the guy was buying the ammo in MA!

    I hate living here.

  26. I miss you!

    And you, and you and you!!

  27. Wonder if he paid the Use Tax that he was subject to for buying the ammo out of state?

    Or does that not apply when you are purchasing items for resale?

  28. scott, do you have a link to that story? I have Sen. Markley in studio today. I’ll ask him about that.

  29. I miss you!

    And you, and you and you!!

    not me?

  30. Coffee break. Two posts to go, but I have to saw them to height.

  31. not me?

    Yes; you too


  32. Jimbro, that website was an assault to my senses on several levels.

  33. I just disappeared my comment since my security blocked it for some reason when I went to look for other humorous items on the menu.

  34. This is the image from a search: http://is.gd/ShFpRU

  35. Your security has good senses too.

  36. Sweet Lawdy Reegus, I was unaware of this phenomenon:


  37. Are we really going to go without a meatup this year?

    Don’t make me host another one, because I’ll do it!!1!

  38. I don’t think I’ll be travelling much for pleasure in the next few years.

  39. I don’t think I’ll be travelling much doing anything for pleasure in the next few years.


  40. I almost asked if this tasty morsel: http://is.gd/hUd4a5 had been a Load Heat girl but when I saw the One Tree Hill acting credits I had my answer: http://xbradtc.com/2014/01/06/load-heat-sophia-bush-2/

  41. More of “That” Humor: http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/shit-gold-pills

  42. Sorry Wiserbud, I was out. courant.com, should be on top.

  43. The government is so good for us! Gas water heater in PA now require a motorized venting system that vents outside, a leak pan (even in the basement) and a carbon monoxide sensor (in addition to the ones already installed in the house). So, a $500 job now costs $1600.
    Only a socialist idiot believes their is no cost associated with a nanny state government.
    Oh, and FML!

  44. Suckage, MCPO.

    I’m dreading when our A/C goes out: in addition to the sheer cost (we have two units) an upgrade to the next highest SEER is now required.

  45. Hey, no periscope on WATR?

  46. Aw poop. I was looking forward to wiservideo.

  47. Jimbro, Sophia’s actually been featured on LH three times.

  48. Who has the record for LH repeats?

  49. Well, I’m watching wiser but I don’t think they know anyone is online

    And I’m the only one!

  50. Are he and Ben still awake as TH does his segment?


  51. “Limerock”


  52. My phone is incompatible. *sadface

  53. They should have given you a shout-out, George.

    Quit the Stream! That’ll show ’em.

  54. I *think* Sarah Michelle Gellar has been featured four times.

  55. I love this tune he uses for MJ’s intro.

  56. Lawn mower is being a bitch.

  57. Earthquake in Michigan… 4.2

  58. The feed worked fine today after all but I’m not sure they were seeing my comments based on their remarks

  59. In Michigan? Weird

  60. There’s frakking in Michigan?

  61. Well, if it had been centered in Detroit, I’m not sure anyone would have noticed the difference

  62. Blaming global warming in five, four, three, two, one…

  63. Ski slopes are still open up north.
    You can ski and golf in the same day.

  64. There should be golf-skiing. Telemark skis on snowbound links.

  65. I swear to God, I’m going to stab TH in the fucking throat someday.

  66. You seemed well under control, wiser

  67. At least the plant blocked his head for this viewer

  68. He interrupted your interview with Sen. Markley several times. Annoyingly so.

  69. My phone is incompatible. *sadface

    we’re gonna try meerkat next week. That’s android compatible.

  70. He interrupted your interview with Sen. Markley several times. Annoyingly so.

    Plus, he kept handing me notes with questions to ask.


  71. At least the plant blocked his head for this viewer

    we saw your comments…. eventually.

    I can’t watch my screen while streaming.

  72. Okay, looking for Meerkat

  73. Installed.

  74. For us Android peeps, i.e. the rest of the planet:

  75. TH the Third?
    What, he believes he’s royalty?

  76. Installed.

  77. I should ski today.

    *checks out the central TX slopes*

    Ok maybe not

  78. Meerkat for GayOS! It works everywhere except from IP addresses of Christian pizza parlors.

  79. A meatup with skiing sounds fun. Where could we do that in June?

  80. I get the Senator in and Hill makes an ass out of himself trying to show how he is a big part of the show.

    And when he said “That’s part of my biz news report..” I was gonna flip. “Part?” Fuck you asshole, you’re lucky you get as much time as you do. You’re done.

  81. I like how he was hitting up your tech guy for some sucker intern to do his online marketing.

  82. I usually go back and listen to every show. Critique myself.

    I’m so fucking pissed right now, I can’t.

  83. I like how he was hitting up your tech guy for some sucker intern to do his online marketing.


    Like I got an endless amount of time to waste with his shit.

  84. He sounds like one of those guys who wants a new logo treatment, talks to a real designer, finds out it costs at least $1500 for the bare minimum and then hits the community college to find a student to do it free ” for the experience.”

  85. drive time.

    later, gators.

    Sorry about today’s show.

    Maybe it’s a good thing I’m streaming it. Keeps me from throat-punching the fucking douchebag

  86. Keeps me from throat-punching the fucking douchebag

  87. Keeps me from throat-punching the fucking douchebag

    That could be an interesting show angle.

  88. Does it have to be stage blood?

  89. Stage blood is a scam

  90. Cyn, did you find that .png file of the wall with irregular edges?

  91. No, but I didn’t look for it either. Should I?

  92. I got the ignition switch to work.

    Then I got the starter to turn.. ….just before the battery died.

  93. It’s a Sign: You are not meant to mow today.

  94. They now sell these rechargeable battery packs not much larger than a paperback book that can jump start a car engine.

  95. I do, however, need a decent size of this background for making shirts at Cafe Press.

  96. I saw your comment about the wall image being too small for a shirt so I made a bigger one for you. E-mailed it.

  97. Assuming you’re cool with that, of course.

  98. Mwah!


  99. Sent Thursday night

  100. Gstring or Cocks email?

  101. That c dot so and so address?

  102. Checking…

  103. Got it!

  104. It’s a .png so the empty parts remain transparent.

  105. My goodness!

    Your attachment is so… huge!

  106. And damn, that looks fantastic, George! I don’t care what Jay says about you in his private emails.

  107. I’ve heard that many times. While it’s very high and wide, it’s also very shallow.

  108. Being from the Corn State, J’ames’s attachments are always ribbed. Like a corn cob.

  109. Shallow was exactly the word that Jay used in his hatey email time before last. And a few times last year too, IIRC.

  110. *hopes for a email soon from J’ames*

  111. I’ll see about working on a few shirt offerings in the coming days. It should look damn cool, even if we may not always be able to wear it to Parent-Teacher Conferences.

  112. Looks like Emily has become a permanent fixture here. Has she her own tag yet?

  113. I never wear pants to PTA meetings.

  114. Potemkin everything.

    Charges filed against the six Baltimore police officers for their involvement in the death of Freddie Grey will be dismissed, a George Washington University law professor predicted in an interview with The Daily Caller.

    John Banzhaf, who teaches public interest law, says that the charges announced by Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby on Friday “go too far.”

    “I think a prosecutor is going to have a hard time proving that the actions did in fact cause death, since they seem to have no theory as to how it occurred,” Banzhaf said in a phone interview.

    Second round of riots in Baltimore?

  115. LIB

  116. As soon as the charges were announced I knew that there’d be no way they could make them stick.

    Fucking Bread and Circuses

  117. Once the gay rights movement began gaining power, all sorts of letters, representing all sorts of different sexual preferences, started to be added to the mix. As it now stands, the acronym has grown. The most-recently updated acronym is now:

    “L.G.B.T.Q.Q.I.P.2S.A.A” ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Pansexual, 2-Spirited, Asexual and Ally)

    Some other sexual orientation and gender terms include:

    Gender queer, gender fluid, gender-less, gynesexual, bigender, transsexual, transvestite, transitioning, agender, poly gender, androgynous, androsexual, pangender, omnisexual, omnigender, Demi sexual, skoliosexual, cisgender, third gender and boydyke.

    And Rosetta.

  118. How would you like to be a Baltimore cop right now?

    First they are ordered to stand down while dozens of them get hurt, then they arrest 6 on bs charges.

  119. Skoliosexual? I don’t want to know.

  120. Wouldn’t blame Baltimore cops if they all cashed in on early retirement.

  121. Okay, apparently skoliosexual means you’re attracted to people who look inside their pants and can’t tell if they are male or female.

  122. Did you see that hidden cop on Hannity last night?

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

  123. Obama called Baltimore rioters “thugs” during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday, shortly after Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake also used the term…

    Some Baltimore community leaders and media personalities criticized Obama for using the word. City Councilman Charles Stokes rhetorically said Obama should “just call them n*****s.”

    Well, Obama isn’t a rapper.

  124. I saw that Stokes interview. Fine. They’re niggers.

    And I don’t care what color their skin is.

    Stupid silly PC bullcrap.

  125. Hmm. So Freddie Gray was positive for H and weed. Is this normal for gentle giants?

  126. Totally.


    Anybody need anything from the vape shop? I’m headed there.

  127. This Mosby bitch will earn a top slot in Cankles’s administration.

  128. Prediction: Mosby will try to get an injunction from a court to force Fox to reveal this cop’s identity.

  129. Wow, Cyn. This cop’s story is astounding.

  130. Leon is installing fence posts, earthquake in the state up north.


  131. This is looking more and more like a repeat of the Ferguson deceit.

  132. http://is.gd/heads_up

  133. Mowing. I have people for this.

    Undocumented people.

  134. I wish I were undocumented.

  135. Comment by scott on May 2, 2015 4:04 pm
    I wish I were undocumented.

    If you’re Disney, you just get documentation and fire the Americans.

  136. Can wiserbud charge Tom ad time?

  137. http://is.gd/come_ out of the shadows, Scooter.

  138. The boys were riding their bikes around the neighborhood and the little guy thought he saw a cat up in a tree. Turns out it was a porcupine. My old cattle dog mixed it up with porcupines twice. First time I was able to remove the quills. Second time he had so many he required a trip to the vet for anesthesia and removal. Silly dog.

    Different breed but he looked a little bit like this:


  139. Ouch. What’s the trick? Do you cut them or leave them whole?

  140. IT’S RUNNING!

  141. Scott should get one of those reel mowers.

  142. Scott should make Laura push one of them reel mowers.

  143. Augh!!! Sold 3 “Outside” tvs for tonight’s fight before 9AM. Only one guy bought the warranty. I bet the other 2 come back. Our Club manager had us doubling regular Saturday orders and we still couldn’t keep up. We sold more wings than Super Bowl. Insanity.

  144. We had an earthquake today. They are rare, but I remember a few.

    The left are all blaming it on fracking.

    Shit heads.

  145. What fight is going on tonight?

  146. What fight is going on tonight?

    Rosetta’s in a match. Here’s a previous fight:


  147. Heh. Pacquiao/Mayweather. Y’all will be happy to know you are paying for lots of ribs, wings, chips, hotdogs, cookie trays, sammiches, etc. SNAP. Paying for $100 PPV parties.

  148. Scott, I used a needle holder ( http://is.gd/q4UPUq ) and was able to pull them out whole. The second time around he had more in his mouth and it was hurting him so it was too tough. My ex-wife wanted to take him to the emergency vet across the river that night but I put him in his crate overnight and took him to the local vet in the morning. I can’t imagine what it costs to get a vet out of bed at night to pull quills out of a snout.

  149. …and yes, I keep a few surgical tools around the house.

  150. Jimbro, you shouldn’t feed your dog porcupine.

    *ducks and runs*

  151. Y’all will be happy to know you are paying for lots of ribs, wings, chips, hotdogs, cookie trays, sammiches, etc. SNAP. Paying for $100 PPV parties.

    I’m going to riot. Anyone have bail money? I’m white so I’ll be arrested.

  152. There is a trick to make removal easier.


    Ah yes. People tell you that they are easier to remove if you cut them first. It’s bad advice and can make it a lot harder.

  153. I’ve read that too Scott but there is no reasoning with a dog that’s got a face full of quills. I wouldn’t want to put anything sharp including good scissors near a dog acting like a bucking bronco. It was more than enough to pull them.

  154. …and yes, I keep a few surgical tools around the house.

    Me too.

    No, Officer, I haven’t seen any transients or homeless around here.

  155. Anybody have any money on this race?

  156. Our local Catholic HS had the “Gown” controversy last year. Gender fluid chick wanted to wear the male gown. School wouldn’t let her. Protests blah blah UNM held a “Rainbow” graduation just for her.

  157. I have never seen a porcupine.

  158. I’ve only seen the quills. My little guy has an eye for spotting animals. He calls us to the windows about every week or two to look at some critter: deer, eagles, groundhogs and dogs roaming through our fields. His dad was a pretty good hunter so maybe he got it from him. His grandfather was impressed with his ability to spot deer from the blind.

  159. ‘Sup, horse racists.

  160. So, theoretically, if any of you mothers got a Kitchen-aid stand mixer for Mother’s Day, would you:

    a. gobsmack the gifter?

    5. drop to your knees and open your mouth like Emily while making the come hither sign?

    z. make cookies immediately?

    *asking for a friend*

  161. Speaking as a person that has worked forever in retail, appliances are “Never” a good gift, unless they have been specifically requested. JC Penney even had a hilarious online commercial about it called “The Doghouse”

  162. Sean, I made Dan change from the Angels game to The Derby. Angels lost while the horses were running. Some how…it is my fault.

  163. If it’s someone who likes to cook and has mentioned on several occasions wanting one, it’s a great gift. If not, then it’s mostly going to take up counter space.

  164. So, theoretically, if any of you mothers got a Kitchen-aid stand mixer for Mother’s Day

    If you fill the bowl with Cartier jewelry, go for it.

  165. I just watched Oso’s “Beware of the Doghouse” video.

    Jewelry it is!

  166. I gave mine to my cousin that has limited function in her arm after breast cancer/lymph node surgery. I only used it once. I learned to not buy books for Dan. He learned to not buy appliances for me.

  167. Paula burned out the motor on her hand mixer a year or two ago and mentions it once in a while while making things. I’ll probably buy a mixer but not for a specific holiday.

  168. Jimbro, around Black Friday most retailers have deals on KA mixers. I know that Target used to, and Sam’s usually has rebate offers.

  169. oso, the Angels had runners on the corners, two out in the bottom of the ninth, down by a run when…the pinch runner on first was hit by a batted ball. Game over. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  170. Rough day. A fellow knife maker died this morning. Really nice guy, only 32. His girlfriend woke up this morning and noticed he was having trouble breathing. They got him to the hospital, but the doctors couldn’t revive him. No idea yet what caused it.

  171. AUGH!!!!!!

  172. Sorry, Pepe. That’s horrible.

  173. Too young…

  174. Shit, Pepe, that sucks. Friend of mine is a flight nurse in Seattle. Her co-worker, 38, just died in her sleep.

  175. Leon is installing fence posts, earthquake in the state up north.

    I had to tamp them in before backfilling the holes.

    *looks surprisedly at arms*
    *smirks and nods*

    Gym’s payin’ off.

  176. Prayers for people around him, Pepe, that’s awful.

  177. For one day I applaud the Seattle Seahawks


  178. HBD out of contact MJ. Today in NM, there are tons of Cinco de Mayo parties. WTF? Happy Dos de Mayo, Mare J. (Mare has no wifi in FL)

  179. Mayweather wins if he doesn’t get cut.

  180. Scott, I’ve heard more about boxing today than I ever cared to know. Mayweather is a “Boxer”. Pacquaio needs to have worked on his endurance or he’s going to lose. I have no idea what anything means, I just know we sold lots crap for lots of $$$$ today. It is insane. At least half of my co-workers paid for the fight.

  181. All I know is that one brown fella is fighting another, browner fella. It’s terrifying, really.

  182. Sunday is usually the Mojado Day at the Club. I guess Fight Night brings out the best.

  183. Bought the latest manifestation of Zima. I’ll let you know.

  184. For Leon


  185. Excellent biceps femoris.

  186. Watching Draft Day. This better not suck, oso.

  187. I was surprised, J’ames.

  188. Pepe, I was bitching about ass hangers in the Club today. Tone it, Don’t fucking show it.

  189. I got three hundred bucks on his wife’s legal team

  190. Dan is making dinner before watching the fight with co-workers. And by co-workers, I mean Diego. Nice guy. Mom died of cirrhosis. Dad was Dan’s age. Died of drug overdose.

  191. I could go, but I’ve become a mom figure to a bunch of the guys that are going. Dave’s MOM works at the Club and he thinks of me as a mom.

  192. Oso, in general, NewMexicans are not beautiful people. I always cringe when they show a NM football game on TV and the camera pans the crowd.

  193. Pepe, THIS!!!! Stay in the canyons! My Salcido familia are beyond banjos!!!!! (Dan was totes freaked first time he saw freckled Americans at WDW)

  194. Our Anglos tend to look like Scottsdale/Jacksonville types. Not hill people.

  195. Looks like more trouble for Disney in the wake of their decision to fire their American IT staff.

    (AP) Los Angeles – 02 May, 2015

    Disney is facing a new round of legal troubles after Customs officials in the Port of Los Angeles seized the Disney Cruise Lines ship Mickey Triumphant. Officials, speaking anonymously, reported that they were tipped off that the ship was involved in human trafficking from South and Central America into the US.

    Customs agents and Coast Guard personnel boarded the ship in a predawn raid that roused the sleepy crew. In the bowels of the ship agents discovered a hidden compartment behind the bulkhead of a crew break area. The compartment, approximately the size of a shipping container, held eight Guatemalan men in Micky Mouse costumes, three Indian network engineers, and a French-Algerian man described as having “increadible register skills”.

    In addition, agents also discovered 15 kilograms of cocaine and twenty under-aged Honduran prostitutes in a second compartment. Current evidence suggest that they were bound for brothels and massage parlors across southern California, however officials suspect that in fact they were to be supplied to a rumored network of underground “Micky Mouse Clubs” in L.A., San Diego, and Las Vegas.

  196. Who lives on the hill?


    *sassy head/finger shake*

  198. I’m still pissed that Dan’s parents weren’t chill with orthodontia. Dan would’ve been even more out of my league with good teeth.

  199. What is a Scottsdale “type”?

  200. 43, bottle-blond, tanned leathery skin, and an alimony check.

  201. CoA capture.

  202. Generic attractive. Like Officer wives.

  203. Officer wives? Are they on or off the hill?

  204. My fav Marine is a Major now. His wife is a butter face. Nice lady. Not as attractive as his pre-wife chica

  205. Yeah, officer wives are pretty interchangable. And if the rumors around post were true… often were.

  206. I used to stalk my AMERICAN half-sister on FB. She got married and changed her privacy settings. I have a few asian sibs that I can’t tract.

  207. 43, bottle-blond, tanned leathery skin, and an alimony check.

    Sounds like many LA women.

  208. we are cracking on my bro, because his latest chica is just regular. Doesn’t get ringside seats.

  209. In a Hollywood bungalow?

  210. On the hill?

  211. My bro was dating chicas with Palos Verdes, La Jolla, and Mt Soledad property. His latest chica is a cougar with big tits and no property. Her name is Tiffani. She’s a beautician. She isn’t even a lingerie football player! She’s a butterface.

  212. [i]Her name is Tiffani. She’s a beautician. [/i]

    In other words: crazy.

  213. In addition, agents also discovered 15 kilograms of cocaine and twenty under-aged Honduran prostitutes in a second compartment. Current evidence suggest that they were bound for brothels and massage parlors across southern California, however officials suspect that in fact they were to be supplied to a rumored network of underground “Micky Mouse Clubs” in L.A., San Diego, and Las Vegas.


    cancels Saturday night plans

  214. I KNOW! I want to tag him with the crazy post, but he’s even worse savvy than I am.

  215. His latest chica is a cougar with big tits and no property.
    Those tits had better be enormous. Needing their own hangar.

  216. Big tits or not, one should only date landed cougars.

    *sips tea with pinky out*

  217. a rumored network of underground “Micky Mouse Clubs” in L.A., San Diego, and Las Vegas.

    This explains why Disney has so many grown adults running around in furry costumes.

  218. *cocktails and debriefs*

  219. Cougars in Burke’s Peerage, if you please.

  220. She drinks her appletini with her pinky out.

  221. They’re HUGE and don’t sag. She has shown no interest in meeting family. Previous chicas were $$$ and started setting him up with Clothing Peeps. He broke up with Rose when her clothing guy thought my bro needed a $800 belt. Bro thought her kids were losers. Current chica has a kid that plays for Bishop Gorman. Couldn’t even score tics. No cred

  222. :So your brother is basically a professional boy-toy?

  223. She enjoys elevenses by pouring a dram of Everclear into her Earl Grey.

  224. So is the fight over? Who won?

  225. Lawyer. He’s owned his own firm for 30 years. He’s every lawyer joke you’ve ever laughed at or shared.

  226. Not yet, Cyn. There’s a $$$ matrix at work tonight.

  227. Lawyer? Oh. He gets what he asks for.

  228. Draft Day, meh, it was ok.

    No way that would happen.

  229. My bro was local sport guy. No debt. All the Ivies in mi familia are jealous. In 1991, my bro had a $70,000 bonus on a single insurance case. He’s a LIV ass, but he makes all the Ivies in the familia look like retards. His son is the U of A kid that just got the Georgetown Law blah blah blah.

  230. J’ames, Draft Day totes owned Badgers and put up a Wha Wha for the Buckeye’s

  231. What the hell is he doing with cougars instead of barely legal blondes?

  232. Crap. Buckeyes.

  233. GO, he totes owns the MiLF night at certain bars in Vegas.

  234. He just prefers older wimmenses? Because that’s not the usual deal with Peter Pan men.

  235. He pretty much hooks up with women in the little league Summerlin group. His bitch ex-wife married a Orthopedic surgeon. He does Dr’s without borders. My bro has been dating MILFs. Dan and I are still waiting for my bro to introduce even one of his chicas to us.

  236. Has anyone here tried the Amazon Echo?
    I am thinking of purchasing one.

  237. The thing that listens to you and sends everything it hears to Amazon? No.

  238. Actually it would be pretty ballsy if a bar actually advertised an explicit MiLF Night.

  239. Did anybody find a match for anybody else with a buxom, if not overly beautiful matron with an estate in Surrey and a charming summer villa on the Côte d’Azur today?

  240. Yes.

  241. GO, pretty sure my bro has a Thursday night Vegas MILF place. He told us about it, but Dan is happily married and didn’t pay attention. ( I know Dan. 25 years on the 19th)

  242. I can’t imagine being around middle age and wanting to hang around bars picking up women. Or men.

    But then I’m not Rosetta either.

  243. Why are we discussing the Moro Islamic Liberation Front?

  244. Because Obama wants to join with Iran to get them a jobs program or something.

  245. Lots of young guys think Dan is lucky to have me. Funny and relevant. No,just no.

  246. Super serial. Dan is constantly having to tell young guys that they need to avoid me. And women like me. Most of the young guys at Sam’s have serious crushes on me.

  247. *nominates Oso for Mrs. Robinson Award*

  248. Vman,
    Yes “Marble Falls” was what I meant. It was late. I was drinking…

  249. He told us about it, but Dan is happily married and didn’t pay attention.

    Besides, Dan has all those young girls at work with daddy issues crushing on him. Why would he need to chase MILFs?

  250. I saw the MiLFs open for KMFDM in 1993.

  251. Well George,
    I don’t talk much at home. Telling Zeke to “get your ball” 3x a day is not very revealing.

  252. Also, I don’t think Amazon understands golden retriever vocalizations. .

  253. Also, I don’t think Amazon understands golden retriever vocalizations. .——–


  254. I’ve heard things about you people………..

  255. You say you still care for me but your heart and soul needs to be free
    And now that you’ve got your freedom you wanna still hold on to me
    You don’t want me for yourself so let me derp somebody else

  256. So, tonight at the bar that I normally go to, some douchebag puked in the corner and didn’t tell anyone. The poor bartenders only found out because another customer saw it. Who the hell does that?!

  257. I used to go to a topless bar where there was always about a half inch of liquid on the floor of the tiny one toilet/no sink bathroom. Was it water? Was it whizz? A mixture of the two? You were never really sure and it was always there, so you just stepped as softly as possible to keep the splashing to a minimum.

  258. I’ve heard things about you people…

    Some of them are true.

  259. Who the hell does that?!

    Drunks, mostly.

  260. No fight results on Drudge.

  261. Please send an oxygen tank, bear mace, and a bullwhip.

  262. Lemon Bear Face Punch?


    The backstory:


  263. Pace yourself MJ. Drink some Gatorade. I’ve heard rumors about watermelon too, something about nitric acid or some such shit.


  264. Nuu Poatse:


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