Emily Nut Gargled Thor?

Greetings fans of all things nut. Welcome to the post where we discover which nut is your favorite. It’s a big world with all kinds of nuts in it so it’s hard to choose just one. In order to limit weight gain it is important to choose one nut. No one said it had to be a small nut. Go ahead and grab a huge one if you’d like. ‘Merica … the freedom to choose your nut! I bet Bernie Sanders would stand behind that statement. Hillary? Not so much. How old is Chelsea? Add her age plus 9 months and there’s the last time someone nutted on Hillary.

Nutz meet boltz





  1. Pool party at Hillary’s house.

  2. Not a euphemism

  3. You forgot Thor. Cyn’s gonna stomp your nut.

  4. I tried to calculate Chelsea’s age in dog years but my calculator won’t do exponents.

  5. This is dirty.

  6. Holy Toledo…thanks for reminding me Jay!


  7. Comment by Jimbro on April 30, 2015 12:49 pm
    Holy Toledo…thanks for reminding me Jay!


    hahahaha…Well done, Jimbro.

  8. Is this the post where some dick points out that peanuts aren’t really nuts?

  9. Holy Toledo

    Heh, Die Hard with a Vengeance has been on a lot lately, always reminds me of that.

    Someone had fun.

  10. Is this the post where some dick points out that peanuts aren’t really nuts?

    That’s leon’s job.

  11. Did I slip an areola in there? http://is.gd/AwbQwk

  12. >>>Is this the post where some dick points out that peanuts aren’t really nuts?

    Dick nut.


  13. Check out this guy’s nuts. He’s always visiting Hate House.

  14. Oh man, Ace’s latest is a classic. Feminism is in trouble now!

  15. I’d say Huma nuts on Hillary but I think even she just uses Steely Dan.

  16. Patti Murray wants the fed minimum wage at $12 per hour in her new bill.

  17. This shit with the Clinton’s is truly incredible.

    It reminds me of a time when I was babysitting for all of my nieces and nephew at the in-laws. I sat them all down and said “okay, we’re gonna make some rules here. Rule #1, do not give Uncle Wiser a headache. Rule #2, if you think it might give Uncle Wiser a headache, see rule #1. Rule #3…” and on and on.

    I came up with about 7 or 8 rules, before they started raising their hands and saying “I have a rule!” And they would come up with stuff like “No running on the kitchen counter!” and we would laugh and I would say “good rule!”

    This went on for about 20-25 minutes and we came up with about 100 rules.

    The rest of the day went well (Uncle Wiser never got a headache) and eventually the parents of the nieces and nephews all came home.

    A little later, we were sitting at the dining room table and I saw one of my nephews climbing up the outside of the staircase.

    “William! What re you doing?”

    “There’s no rule against this.”

    I thought for a minute and said “Yep, you’re right. Proceed.”

    You can make all the rules you want to try and stop the Clintons from being corrupt, money-grubbing scum, and they will still find the loophole.

  18. Revising my last comment
    Patti Murray wants every fast food resto and convenience store to go out of business.

  19. We’re sleepwalking that harridan into the White House.

  20. Would this be a good time to ask how to harass Wiser on Twitter?

  21. Almonds aren’t nuts either. Or cashews.

  22. Drupes were listed on Wikipuss as nuts. Will the madness ever end?!?

  23. We scoff at the minimum wage, but the left comes back with this:


    I don’t believe it will do any good, to raise the minimum wage. But when you present it like this, it’s a good thing to most people.

  24. $15 is an insult. $45 is fair. Maybe $65.

  25. Would this be a good time to ask how to harass Wiser on Twitter?

    Step 1: Force Wiser to go onto Twitter..

    Get back to me when you have accomplished this…..

  26. They won’t let you on Twitter. Not with that avatard.

  27. From Jay’s link:

    He said he also is considering cuts to MasterPark’s advertising budget, but he called layoffs “foolish” and rejected the notion that cashiers soon would be replaced by automation.

    “Whatever we do, service is key,” he said. “We want an employee answering our phones, and anytime someone pulls into one of our lots, they’re greeted by a human being.

    “That’s great news for our employees,” he added. “They’re pretty happy campers right now.”

    Yeah, all that matters is the happiness of your employees. Who cares that your prices are higher and that you business will suffer because you can’t afford to advertise..

    These people really are fucking stupid.

  28. They won’t let you on Twitter. Not with that avatard.


  29. At the Clarion Hotel off International Boulevard, a sit-down restaurant has been shuttered, though it might soon be replaced by a less-labor-intensive cafe.

    In other words, people have lost their jobs and will not be offered new jobs to replace them.

    But yeah, $15/hour is great for low-income workers..

  30. BBF gal.

  31. BBF gal.


  32. Don’t you think you should use your H2 avatard on Twitter? Because sexy.

  33. Ten bucks says tattoo chick has herself a new black boyfriend.

  34. Or maybe use Chelsea.

  35. SJW boyfriend.

  36. Oh, I H8 the Dove ads and the idea that “All bodies are beach bodies” BS. Memo to women in ABQ: Wear fucking underpants. You’re disgusting.

  37. All bodies are beach bodies

  38. There’s no lack of social justice that can’t be redressed with a can of Pringles and a twelve pack of toilet paper.

  39. The Junior High kids are using H9 now Oso so if you want to “keep it real” “get widdit”.

  40. At the Clarion Hotel off International Boulevard, a sit-down restaurant has been shuttered, though it might soon be replaced by a less-labor-intensive cafe. The nearby Cedarbrook Lodge, by contrast, is undergoing a $16 million expansion.


    Ah, Jay, they’re idiots if they think this doesn’t impact businesses.

  41. Oh, I H8 the Dove ads and the idea that “All bodies are beach bodies” BS. Memo to women in ABQ: Wear fucking underpants. You’re disgusting.

    Of course all bodies are beach bodies. Anyone who’s had the misfortune to see German land-whales at a nude beach understands the horror of this.

  42. HA! Wiser and I are on the same page.

  43. I saw other articles (can’t find the links, they were on facedouche) about how some of the people that were complaining the loudest about the minimum wage and its effects were actually expanding their businesses.

    I know there has to be another angle to it, but when it’s presented that way then the LIV will swallow it hook-line-and-sinker. It’s too much for them to comprehend that there is another side to the story (if there is, I haven’t looked right now). Tis the world we live in.

  44. German land-whales at a nude beach

    Just don’t push them back in the water, they really hate that.

  45. heh, I remember that Clarion Motel on International Ave from the year I spent in STL. Believe me, the majority of walk in customers they had there were either wearing ski masks and waving Sat Night Specials or they were zombies looking for a place to smoke the flacca.

  46. From Ace:

    It is pretty obvious what is driving this. Sexually insecure, unattractive women, who feel under-valued in the sexual market, are using simple and brutish strategies to bring down their Higher-Valued Rivals and thus increase, relatively, their own sexual desirability.

    Just ask Hotbride sometime how very attractive business women get treated by other not-so-attractive women in business.

  47. Just ask Hotbride sometime how very attractive business women get treated by other not-so-attractive women in business.

    How would she know?


  48. Holy shit, this is awesome—–


  49. There is hope, there is hope, there is hope….

  50. No Thor
    No Peace

  51. No nuts

  52. Yeah, baby!

  53. Ha ha ha! Apple iWatch is rayciss!!!!


  54. Woo boy. I am packed out.

  55. Better packed out than packed in, I always say.

  56. Fudge, Scoot?

  57. I’ve seen a lot of the ugly-girl-hurts-prettier-girls-career thing. The hags in HR can’t be anything but bitchy to the women doing actual work, it seems.

    Also HR is worthless, fire them all and get me a secretary.

  58. So Apple is both gay and racist?
    iRedneck is out of the closet.

  59. Why in the pluperfect hell are there no more secretaries, only “administrative assistants?”

  60. Seriously, when we went through round after round of layoff, we lost almost all our (useful, helpful, friendly) admin assistants and literally no value-subtract HR hags.

    I had a frisson of joy when they were all let go after the building was sold because they were redundant to new company.

  61. State Department officials began allowing the Clinton Foundation to review emails the government planned to release to Congress and Freedom of Information Act requesters in January 2014, prompting a process that has delayed the publication of agency records for months, according to the group pursuing the records.

    Many of the emails Clinton Foundation officials were permitted to review discussed the charity’s work, as well as the hundreds of ethics reviews that former President Clinton faced as a result of his paid-speaking engagements around the world while his wife, Hillary Clinton, was secretary of state.


  62. Also, when did personnel become “human resources?”

  63. “Why in the pluperfect hell are there no more secretaries, only “administrative assistants?” teh gheys. Also gluten.

  64. Without gluten, who be pootin’?

  65. So what post will Sandra Fluke earn in the Cankles junta administration?

  66. http://www.wngd.org/

    *rustles Car in’s bushes*

  67. Gross.

  68. Comment by Jimbro on April 30, 2015 3:40 pm

    I’m not coming near this blog on May 2.

  69. Hey, anyone up for trimming bougainvillea while naked?

  70. Okay, who is fucking with the brick?

    And why isn’t Dickbutt up there?

  71. Okay, who is fucking with the brick?

    damn those kids..

    fucking juvenile delinquents.

  72. BALTIMORE, Md. (WJLA) – An investigation into the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray has found no evidence that his fatal injuries were caused during the videotaped arrest and interaction with police officers, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

    Sources said the medical examiner found Gray’s catastrophic injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van, apparently breaking his neck; a head injury he sustained matches a bolt in the back of the van.

    But is this good enough for another riot?

  73. Next thing we’ll see on the brick are flyers for massage parlors.

  74. Wiser and wiserbud. I can’t be on this weekend. I’ll be at a cabin in Asheville without cell service.

    Please accept this gift as my apology:


  75. Whoever did the brick wall is a genius.

  76. Hey, she looks pretty good there.

  77. Please accept this gift as my apology:

    what a perfectly empty look

  78. Whoever did the brick wall is a genius.


  79. I hope I can periscope into WATR this Saturday. As long as Wiser isn’t broadcasting naked in solidarity with World Naked Gardening Day.

  80. She’s an empty vessel, waiting to be filled.

  81. Ah, Dickbutt. Much better.

  82. I was going to make a joke about Chumpo not being the artist because hostage is spelled correctly. And the.


  83. Lots of great textures here

  84. I could call in and do a markedly less fancy drink.

  85. Call in with a nut butter recipe.

  86. I hope I can periscope into WATR this Saturday.

    I may have gotten my mom to sign up for twitter, just so she can watch her son work…

  87. Looks like Periscope is working on an android app.

  88. I do have a face for radio, so I’ve got that going for me.

  89. The brick wall looks pretty cool. Nice work!

    Might be a bit of a challenge for peeps who work in an office setting to keep open. Unless you work at the Dickbutt and Fuck Salt Factory.

  90. But the Syphilis and Gonorrhea mention should be fine for Jimbro, him being a doctor and whatnot.

  91. i’m not sure I’m digging the poster…..

  92. Who buried Cyn?


  93. http://is.gd/eSiNM0

  94. Dickbutt never gets old.

    I do so love Fourth Grade.

  95. MJ,

    No worries. Be sure to bring along some music with you.


  96. Mesh tank top and cutoffs. It’s like someone robbed the wardrobe in a trailer home.

  97. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/12pMmhy

  98. Mesh tank top and cutoffs. It’s like someone robbed the wardrobe in a trailer home.

    Don’t forget the porn stash

  99. Looks like she ain’t so … (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) … mobile now.

  100. MJ, the president suggests you take this music along.


  101. Here’s a topical album. Don’t think it’s in the iTunes Store yet.


  102. You know, it’s sad that those who SHOULD garden naked aren’t the ones who do.

    Just saying.

  103. Chris Hemsworth should garden naked.

  104. ^exactly.

    I bet he could pull the shit out of weeds.


  105. You could garden naked to music.


  106. My family made me make lasagna for dinner, so I have nothing to eat.

  107. I’d like to see this guy garden naked:


  108. He can garden clothed also, I don’t give a shit either way:


  109. Where’s the urine stain, Wiser?

  110. I have a fundamental response to this man’s face:


  111. And blood stains.

  112. I bet he could pull the shit out of weeds.



  113. My company built the Dickbutt and Fuck Salt factory.

  114. I dunno, Mare. Gardening is hard, hot work. It seems cruel to force them to wear shirts.

  115. Where’s the urine stain, Wiser?

    there ya go.

  116. “Space Pens” looks like “Space Penis”


  117. Where’s the urine stain, Wiser?
    there ya go.



  118. I get what you’re doing, but shouldn’t pieces of the cover-song theory be SOMEWHERE on there?

  119. I bet he could pull the shit out of weeds.

    He’s prolly an expert on trimming bushes too.

  120. and maybe we could do BBF w/o the OBVIOUS boobs. I mean, I don’t care. I don’t have work issues

  121. I bet he could pull the shit out of weeds.

    He’s prolly an expert on trimming bushes too.

    That ain’t no weed wacker …

  122. Well, I’m starting a garden club and it has nothing to do with anything green.

  123. blood stains added

  124. I see the blood stain.


  125. Wait, I think it’s blood.

  126. Are those bloodstains?

  127. *signs up for Mare’s Garden Club Newsletter

  128. Ok, I actually have a little time to go out and garden.

    *hopes Chris Hemsworth just shows up

  129. That not the way urine stains looked when I lived in Baltimore. This person seems a bit dehydrated 🙂

  130. the BBF graffiti reminds me of this.


  131. That not the way urine stains looked when I lived in Baltimore.

    You would be surprised how difficult it is to find a decent looking and usable urine stain on the internet

  132. Everyone needs to pick up a Veggichop. This thing is amazing.

    I just made fresh salsa in about 60 seconds.

  133. The thing is you need to find a stain with an alpha channel for transparency or better still, composite it over the brick using a multiply or hard light blending mode.

    *stretches his massive Photoshop muscles*

  134. *stretches his massive Photoshop muscles*

    A) I’m using GIMP

    B) I am not an artist

    C) I have no idea what you just said.

    You want to fix it, have at it. I’ll send you the raw graffiti’d wall.

  135. Everyone needs to pick up a Veggichop. This thing is amazing.
    I just made fresh salsa in about 60 seconds.


  136. Actually, I found the image and converted the background to transparent before pasting it onto the wall.

  137. The blood and urine is a nice touch.

    Thank you for not putting on “Brownfield Remediation” matter.

  138. Love the wall. Reminds me of Ace’s bathroom

  139. I’m just being a dick.
    In GIMP, you’ll paste your stain as a layer above the brick. Then set the mode to multiply. That will make it darken everything below it, just like a transparent ink. That way it will look more like a real stain where you can see the brick beneath it. Or try the overlay mode.

    If’n you want, I can make a filthy seamless brick tile with (insert graffiti requests here) all over it and mail it to y’all. I sort of do this stuff as part of my living.

  140. Heh.
    Great minds think alike.


  141. What?

  142. Heh.
    Great minds think alike.

    Rosetta is a dude? Not buying it.

  143. I’m out of here for a few hours. Maybe I’ll send the stuff over when I get back.

    Although I think part of the charm is it’s amateurishness….

  144. My shocked face 😐

    (CNSNews.com) – “Immigration is a key element of our country’s success,” Jeb Bush, a possible contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, told the National Christian Hispanic Leadership Conference in Houston on Wednesday.

    An advocate of immigration reform, Bush said the 11 million people who are in the country illegally “should come out from the shadows and receive earned legal status.”

  145. They ain’t nothin amateur about your mom.

  146. >>>>Heh.
    Great minds think alike.

    Okay, time for a brick wall contest, it seems.

  147. So, Jeff Bezos sent a rocket to the edge of space. Pretty impressive, but mostly, if the rocket was painted purple, it would look just like Car in’s dildo.


  148. >>>
    They ain’t nothin amateur about your mom.

    Funny, that’s not what she said about you…..

  149. These are awesome. I love the wall.

  150. Jeb Bush can FOAD. Perhaps if those 11 million criminals stayed on their side of the border, places like Baltimore wouldn’t sink deeper into state fed and vaccinated pet status.

  151. Just ask Hotbride sometime how very attractive business women get treated by other not-so-attractive women in business.

    And some so-called attractive women are bitches who use their looks to get out of doing work. Had a dept. manager who the guys oogled. She would stay out on the floor, filling shelves, bending over, giggling with the male managers….and we were stuck doing the rest of her job on top of our own.

  152. -Okay, time for a brick wall contest, it seems.

    You heard the man. Screencap this blank brick wall and then figure the rest out.


  153. Limeys


  154. Although I think part of the charm is it’s amateurishness….


    Of course, like a real graffiti wall is coordinated.

  155. Yes, Beasnsnsnsns is correct, Jeb Bush needs to FOAD.

  156. Did any of you tools look at my “this is awesome” link?

    They interviewed the kid whose mom beat his ass for acting like a thug at the riots. It’s pretty good.

  157. Mare, I did. Ha. My wife has the same name as that mother. I sent the link to her and she laughed, then she slapped me.

    I need to work on my attitude evidently.

  158. hahah

    Yes, Chumpo, yes you do.

  159. I’m going to Hockeytown. Later Goldbrickers.

  160. The Googleman is off to get his Instructional Permit Driver’s License.

    Pray for me.

  161. The Googleman is off to get his Instructional Permit Driver’s License.Pray for me.


    *Calls the Pope*

  162. Okay, here’s a wall.


  163. All “The Walls” are lookin’ good!

    I went minmalist: http://i.imgur.com/Q9aY7GJ.jpg

  164. Ha!

    On second thought, instead of “minimalist”, it looks “preschool”.

  165. All in all, I love the wall.

  166. The other day, there was a 70 yr old wearing a bare-midriff tee and low-cut tight jeans. Today, 60-something wearing yoga pants and a lace crop tee. WTF is wrong with people? Don’t get me started on the young girls. Let’s just say, you can see why NM has the highest teen pregnancy rate

  167. Had to make an addition to my wall.


  168. All in all, I love the wall.

    *moves Oso up on the “Kill First” list*

  169. *books flight to New Mexico*

  170. Nice addition!

    Don’t tell anybody, but I like that Richie tune.

  171. What was interesting about the mom slapping the shit outa her kid is, that she did it to get him out of the riot because she was afraid of what the cops would do to him. Not because he was throwing rocks and rioting…

  172. Oh, yet another revision to the wall.


  173. I think I like The Wall better than the Ice Floe. I LOVED the floe.

  174. http://is.gd/SdoAiq

  175. Holy shit that is funny, Shawnne.

  176. I forgot to add Sean.


  177. http://is.gd/HqBzp6

  178. Did anybody ask anybody else for a file and then stare in blank amazement when they returned with a floppy disk today?

  179. Scott, that is adorbs! I was with both Gingy and MA the first time they farted. It was hilarious. Silly puppehs.

  180. http://is.gd/Mzvq2v

  181. What,?

  182. GO, your wall is fucking awesome.

    Just one problem… most of the stuff on the left will not be seen.

  183. Dan added Chile Pepper Oil to our popcorn for Draft Night. Burning!

  184. All this “wall” talk has given me an idea for bumper music for this weekend’s show.

  185. Lionel Richie?

  186. OMG. It keeps getting better.

  187. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR5ApYxkU-U

  188. Wiser, I can move all the elements and resize them. I just need to know where the wall will be obscured.

  189. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, your weenus was average?

  190. Not me.

  191. Wiser, I can move all the elements and resize them. I just need to know where the wall will be obscured.

    It changes depending on the size of the page, but at the size that works well for me, I tended ot keep everything to the right 3/4 of the page.

    Here’s mine: https://thehostages.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/bricks_graffiti14.jpg

  192. You can dream.

  193. Okay. I’ll move some of dat shit around.

  194. Why is Scott dreaming? I thought whitey could no longer reference MLK Jr or riots?

  195. MA is a Black & Tan. We call her “Rosa Parks”. Dan to MA: Get in the back, Rosa. (Throws Do)

  196. Needs a little Spanglish. Thinking Osos Locos. Haz no link fu or skillz.

  197. Okay, I moved stuff, so: another wall


  198. much better. what do you think?

  199. Very nice. Like the color. Pronounced ‘Colour’.

  200. Oh yeah, awesome layout now, Wiser.

  201. Those bewbs hanging over the wall are a crack-up.

  202. Si.

  203. Truly amazing job there, buddy. You really do know how to do this shit well. I’m impressed.

  204. Who needs the tee?

  205. Would be good for a meatup tee.


  206. I could thow it on a few shirts for the H2 store at Cafe Press.

  207. I don’t know what you people are looking at.

  208. when I was making mine, I was wondering if I should have used different colors for each of them. But I decided against.

    Like I said, I’m no artist.

  209. I don’t know what you people are looking at.

    Not showing up on your phone, huh?

  210. It’s a pity there is so little control over the layout with Wordpuss when you look at this stuff on a mobile device. Looks good on a regular computer, but the main column for blog content on iOS falls in a different spot.

  211. Even on my monster Galaxy Note 4, I see from the “a” in Hostages and to the right, even with screen rotation. 😦

  212. Computer.

  213. I might do another version with some stuff also shoved on the left side; I see it’s a bit blank when viewed on a GayPad.

  214. Boobs hanging over a wall?

  215. Yeah, Cyn, I see that too. On a desktop or laptop it looks okay.

  216. Computer.

    Really? And you can’t see the wall to the right of this column?

    Try hitting ctrl – minus a few times

  217. It’s probably a gayphone or facedouche thing.

  218. Boobs hanging over a wall?

    directly beneath the ST in Hostages, with the letters BBF over them

  219. I’ll fix another one up later tonight. Off to feed wife.

  220. really excellent work, GO. thanks!

  221. I ❤ u guys.

  222. Scott: http://courantblogs.com/colin-mcenroe/dana-whalen-we-love-you/

    They finally got rid of the idiot.

  223. There it is. If I shrink stuff enough it shows up.
    I can’t read it, but its there.

  224. What browser do you use, Scott?

  225. It’s not a browser issue.
    My eyes suck..

  226. Dana Whalen was so bad at her job. She would mispronounce the easiest words.

    I swear, ff she was doing a story about someone named Dana, she would mispronounce their name.

    Just ridiculously bad.

  227. I just tried to make a shirt with The H2 Wall but the image is too small dangit.

  228. Why don’t you get glasses or contacts??

  229. I’m not falling for that.

  230. I think GO might be able to size one for you, Cyn, he’s probably got a monster source image.

  231. If it’s any consolation, Scott, my eye doc told me that it wasn’t my fault, just a function of when I was born.


  232. glasses are a scam….

  233. I love you dickbutts.

  234. Yep, Jay, I’ll hit him up for that and whip out a few shirts and junk. I’ll set the profit margin to break-even so everyone wins. Besides: all our slush fund money comes from the Amazon buys.

  235. glasses are a scam….

    *runs off crying, slams all the doors*

  236. I’ll ask my ear doctor for a referral.

  237. In case anyone was interested in the old H2 TITS mdse:

  238. I’m out. Getting up early to study.

  239. I have issues. This morning, Dan and I went to Taco Cabana before work. Nearly got T-boned 7 times. I H8 cops. They didn’t even have pico or roasted jalapeños when we got there.

  240. Dan: Is it in bad taste that Freddy Gray is off the Big Board before the Ravens pic? ( I love my cell mate)

  241. Nighty night, Scott – go get your eyes checked. It’s really sooooo worth seeing what you’ve been missing. I promise.

  242. I miss Scooter and Lauraw. And Jewstin. Boobs better be epic tomorrow.

  243. What do cops have to do with roasted jalapenos? Wait, you mean they ordered all of it and left you with none?!? Those Bastards!

  244. I’m really not a fan of cops. Fuckers. Still better than criminals. They are just a step above teachers IMHO.

  245. Hahahahahahahahahaha, I love the wall.

    Should have brought a space pen to Buffalone.

  246. Comment by Cyn on April 30, 2015 10:48 pm

    Yep, Jay, I’ll hit him up ….. and whip out ……. junk.


    Sounds intriguing………..

    Great wallpaper, I’m in for a shirt.

  247. You know who I H8 most of all? Asses that refuse to testify against familia.

  248. Cyn’s naughty librarian glasses give her specs appeal.

  249. TMI. Dan is Mr sleepy time. I’m Night Owl. I’m Night Terror. Dan is 10 pm to 7AM Doxie time. I’m “Block the stairs, night walker”, Draft night is full of micro aggressions. I don’t care. I’m terrified, but I’m ok.

  250. I’m due for new ones… thinking about going with a red or a purple this time.

  251. *makes sure to double the pricing when Pepe orders*

  252. I thought about Big Hero 6 dying my hair.

  253. having rough day. Go with purple. Watch Big Hero 6 with axe and Google

  254. Do they have a shade of purple to match Car in’s dildo?

  255. No color purple will ever be as perfectly purple as Car in’s dildo.

  256. Cyn’s Big Hero 6 captured the perfect purple.

  257. Our local cops(Pierce County Sheriffs Department), are cool.
    We don’t have to deal with city cops.
    These guys live out here with us and share our pain.
    I’ve no problem with them.
    We don’t live in “The City”, and never would.
    I really like the wall.

  258. Getting ready to cuddle with Dan.Watch the freak out on Hulu.

  259. Dan is clock work. Going to happy fun time lala right now.

  260. I had my second annual review this week. Another 3% raise, and all category’s meets expectations.

    Hoping to exceed expectations for next year.

    and a bigger raise.

  261. In the spam bucket again
    what did I do to deserve this shite?

  262. WordPress says you need to post more Zeke pics.

    Congrats on the employment news front.

  263. Thanks X,
    5 am is early I need to go.

    Pics tomorrow I promise!

  264. So here’s another one that might be better on handheld devices? Dunno. Wiser will have to plug it in to see.


  265. I feel inclined to blow my mind
    Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun
    They all come out to derp about
    Be nice and have fun in the sun

  266. Good work on the wall

  267. early in the morning

    The Kilroy was here BBF cracks me up.

  268. Chad needs to be on the wall.

  269. Since it’s technically May is buffalone doing BBF or am I?

  270. This post is really good, btw.

  271. Wakey wakey. The wall isn’t showing up for me today. WTF?

  272. THERE it is finally.

  273. That urine stain looks pretty darn accurate.

  274. Kilroy boobs.

    dying here.

  275. I can’t see the Kilroy boobs unless I close all my toolbars.

    Lab practical this morning. So tired.

    Later, taters.

  276. link to kilory? I don’t remember it.

  277. Can you cover the boobs MJ? Buffalone is tied up.

  278. Yeah ok. But tell that cocksmoker that his check bounced.

  279. Car in, the new urine stain is much more realistic than the one Wiser came up with. His looked like someone broke a bottle of yellow tempera paint against the wall 🙂

  280. Pretty high up on the wall, though.

  281. Tom – I’m kinda worried about Wiser if that’s what his urine looks like. He should get that checked out.

  282. You know, I think our new wall is going to really bring in people.

  283. It’s not what I’d call “welcoming”.

  284. I see Sean’s Penis has been added. That should make you happy.

  285. It doesn’t say “I want to hang out with these people” to you, Leon?


  286. Gotta tell ya, that’s not the vibe I get.

  287. We are supposed to get up to 80 on Monday.

  288. 80 here on Sunday, sunny all weekend.

    I foresee a trip to Lowe’s tomorrow for my garden fence supplies.

  289. How can Kilroy Bewbs not be welcoming?

  290. I don’t want to know about the vibe you get.

  291. New post, money suckers.

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