7 Degrees Down Bubble

Good morning.  Coffee?


Sean might find this useful.


We’ll need a crowbar to get Pendejo out of this place.



  1. Magnifique!

  2. I’m there dude.

  3. Why can you buy tits but frichen ist verboten?

  4. I found a mummified squirrel in my garage woodpile today. The section of wood we’re using currently has been there 3 years. He must have wandered in when the doors were open and froze to death. As the man of the house it was my job to remove it from the stack, identify the remains and dispose of them so the dogs didn’t drag it back in as a chew toy.

  5. http://tinyurl.com/oju53pw

  6. It was remarkably well preserved. Made me think of one of those Irish Bog Men Mummies.


  7. After much thought I’ve determined that its not that Kim Kardashian’s ass is so big as her head is so small

    It’s about the size of a walnut

  8. Your Friday model this week is a Kim Kardashian red carpet stand in, whatever that means.

  9. Morning.

    That latest Kardashian pic makes her ass look even more like a deformity than usual.

  10. http://is.gd/new_truck_pg?

  11. I’ve got two full bottles of Jim Beam that are about 45 years old.

    Will it taste any different than new Jim Beam?

  12. There’s really only one way to determine that. Send one to me and I’ll let you know.

  13. I’ll take the other, then Jim and I can do a Point-Counterpoint kind of analysis.

  14. How is it that someone like State Senator Joe Markley managed to get elected in such a demotardic state?

  15. I’d be willing to find out, Scottw.

  16. You should send one to me, Scott. I’m getting sick of fermented pumpkin. These damn people won’t throw their jack-o-lanterns out.

  17. It was 18 fookin’ degrees this morning and the power was out until 0830!
    Some jackass clipped a power-pole…

  18. *aims a fan to blow some of our warm AZ air up toward Jew and Chrispy*

  19. *quickly scribbles notes on “MJ” and “gin” and laughs evilly*

  20. Great show, Radiobud!
    Cool drink + bathroom-gin-story-tease, MJ!

  21. http://is.gd/0VB52A

  22. Radiobud

    I see the New England gas pipeline issue is heating up again..

  23. http://is.gd/self_sustaining ” means they use homemade bongs.

  24. Did somebody already link this? Hitler finds out Gruber spilled the beans:


  25. Photo taken at a feminist convention

  26. Wiserbud sure loves the popsicle

  27. Helped my kid with her AP Human Geography homework
    Real Lefty crap; it said that calling the hardworking industrious Asian immigrants the “model minority” was just perpetrating a myth.
    Yeah, right..

  28. TJ, Asians voted for GOP 52/48 this time. First time ever that they did that. They should be prepared to be village fied by the left now.

  29. So is it okay now to make the slanty-eyes face again, or no?

  30. Do it, Cyn! I’ll do it with you.

    TiF, Michelle’s Mirror is one of my favorites; she’s consistently funny and has the innocent little knife twist as well.

  31. >>Comment by Cyn on November 15, 2014 3:22 pm
    So is it okay now to make the slanty-eyes face again, or no?

    It is not ok. It offends them slitty eyed yello bastages.

  32. Btw, Indians are Asians too.

    In US, the word Asians is used exclusively for east Asians.

  33. Trip to Urgent Care took less than an hour. Hell, even stopping at Applebees on the way home to pick up lunch, it was only an hour.

  34. Doc was a filthy Scandi.

  35. Xbrad must not have spent much time arguing with the waitress about the soup of the day.

  36. The soup of the day was boneless wings.

  37. Carin will be sooo disappointed.

  38. Miss St. is underperforming. Alabama is gonna walk into the playoffs.

  39. I packed all day and barely made a dent.

  40. Went to Community Charity trivia night last night.

    Decided that I would write ‘Kim Kardashian’s Butt’ on any answer we didn’t know.

    It was very funny in the ‘College Mascot Category’.

    By the ninth round I was drawing pictures of it in the answer blank.

    Phat wife was horrified.

    Babe, it’s cool, not like this is a church trivia night or anything.

  41. That was a touchdown.

  42. Also, as soon as the ‘shirtgate’ shitstorm started to brew I knew where it would end up.

    So, like any good capitalist, I ordered a shirt before they sold out.

    Ironic that a feminazi protest made a bunch of women (the designer and the owner of the site http://www.alohaland.com) a crapton of money and resulted in more of the ‘offending’ shirts being sold.

    I don’t get irony right very often, but I’m pretty sure that’s it.

    Glenn Reynolds has a good op ed on it in USA today.

    My favorite quote: ‘Will we stock our Mars spacecraft with fainting-couches?’

    Sack up people.

  43. Phat, at the next meatup, we should all wear those shirts and strut around Roamy.

  44. http://imgur.com/gallery/EB4blWS

  45. The brown guy killed it.

  46. Well, it’s not a hate crime when a brown guy does it.

  47. Chad needs one of those shirts.

    Hell, he probably already has one.

  48. Chad designed it.

  49. Not looking good for Alabama.

  50. Now it is.

  51. is does. My fingers type what they want.

  52. If you don’t nip that shit in the bud, pretty soon your fingers are going to be dialing people and picking things you don’t want dialed or picked. It’s just gonna get outta hand, man.

  53. I’m watching the Cheese Badgers. Made me cold.

  54. MiL has been loading FiL’s clothes in the trunk of his car. It took 3 days, but she realizes he’s gone.

  55. Evan, Zero, and Kentucky Fire float.

  56. Awww.

    *doubles Oso’s drink and adds a straw*

  57. Gooooooooo Pokes!

    (I’m rooting for Ok State. SYWM)

  58. Greetings, Saturday night feebles.

  59. I wonder if Andy’s TV survived that last bad call against Georgia, on the fake punt.

  60. Why would anyone root for Texa$?

  61. OSU is Ohio. Not Oregon. Not Oklahoma. The Ohio State University.

  62. Who would root for Ohio State?

  63. Why do they make vegetable egg rolls, when they are so much better with meat?

  64. Notre Dame is going down!

  65. I have Buckeye genetics.

  66. O-Who-O??

  67. We beat the Gophers!!!

  68. J’ames, I had a corned beef and cabbage egg roll last week with a hot mustard horseradish sauce.

  69. mmm, soy sauce and sweet and sour. 2 of the finer things in life.

  70. that sounds really good, oso.

  71. Who knew the Irish had egg rolls?

  72. #ROLLTIDE!

  73. If you ever need a quickie “Chinese” fix, Jack In The Box makes a decent egg roll and Chicken teriyaki bowl.

  74. Local pub. O’Neills. It was awesome!

  75. Tilted Kilt (Sorry Sean, Andy, and XB) had a corned beef and cabbage eggroll in February. They were ok.



  77. #RMFTR

  78. * throws decoder ring into fireplace *

  79. Dude! Roll Mother Fucking Tide Roll. I’m not even a BAMA fan and I know that one.

  80. Is it too early for captain morgan?

  81. Seconding Cyn on Jack in the Box egg rolls. Get the sweet and sour dipping sauce with it.

    *tummy growls*

  82. Go for it, Jay.

  83. Thanks, birthday buddy!

  84. Hey, b-rad, I got your text msg reply from Tuesday this afternoon. Might just want to use USPS next time.

  85. Dan’s family is weird even for white people. No wake. No reception. We’re fielding calls by all these people that want to provide a reception. First it was my family. Then it was Sam’s. Now…Church organizations.

  86. That is the proper way.

  87. Rayciss!!!!

  88. Scott eats crackers.

  89. I re-sent it this afternoon, Sean, because it was annoying me seeing it in my drafts.

  90. Dan’s family is weird even for white people.

    They’re probably Scandis. If the funeral involves pushing the old guy off on a boat that’s on fire, run away and don’t look back.

  91. I kind of liked the idea of your cell service being so shitty that it took five days for a text message to go through. Oh well.

  92. Damn, that’s funneh! Shawn is the best moron.

  93. Sean, my sis DID have shit like that happening when she was in India.

  94. Ebola does that.

  95. Text messages would only take a day or two, tops if the Brits were still in charge.

    *drinks virgin gin & tonic*

  96. Sean, a Viking funeral would be preferable to lace curtain Irish.

  97. Virgin shirley temple would be better. Creepy, but better.

  98. I don’t understand funerals.
    I never have.

  99. I thought everybody at an Irish funeral is supposed to get stone drunk and punch each other in the face.*

    *I am sorry about the FiL.

  100. Irish weddings and funerals are similar, huh?

  101. That is regular Irish, Jew. (I was packaging in bakery today and thought of you)

  102. Scott, we used to bury our own. Dig the grave. Fill it in. After the campesino it was all about the party.

  103. I’m kinda afraid to try listening to this, but on the other hand, I send fb friend requests to a few girls in the comments:


  104. campesino,,,, Puppy sacrifice?

  105. At least now we know what Raj saw in her.

  106. Churchyard?

  107. Xbrad – tell ’em you’re Mormon.

  108. If you guys are ever driving between Roswell and Ruidoso, my Great grands are in San Patricio, the rest of the family plot is in Hondo. Across from the school. Scott, we cheated at my grandfather’s funeral. Used the grader before we went to the liquor store. As much as Dan H8D my grandfather, he still shoveled more than most of mi familia. In a weird sort of way, filling in the grave is very cathartic. More so than walking away after the services.

  109. Bakery Racks!!

  110. I agree, oso. I stayed all the way to the end of my uncle’s funeral, sealing the grave, and filling it in. The workers said it was more common than you think.

  111. YES!!!! We are hitting peak bakery season and we have old racks. Nasty racks. Worked as a packager for 2 hrs. 3 hairnets, 12 gloves, several wasted bread bags. Thought about beasn. 8 cake pickups. Only 1 knew the name of the cake order.

  112. J’ames, we see to our own. It is becoming less common. I’m with you. Fill it in. Party on.

  113. I’ve been a pall-bearer at every funeral I’ve attended since I was a teen. I guess it’s a good way to say goodbye, but honestly, it creeps me the fuck out.

  114. Did anybody have trouble figuring out whether or not anybody else was being sarcastic today?

  115. Nope!

  116. Uh oh. Tonights ONT is discussing cover songs.

  117. Lorde did NOT improve on Everybody Wants to Rule the World. That version is terrible.

  118. Sparky is starting! Did Cyn go to the game?

  119. Yeah yeah yeah I am Lorde…

  120. I went to the game… in the family room. And what the hell just happened?

  121. The Beavers got a score.

  122. We’re gonna lick them Beavers. We must.

  123. Strangest scanner call, EVAH!
    Your patient is a 60 year-old male who did a half-rack of beer and tried to do a DIY “Gender RE-Assignment”.
    He is unable to control the bleeding, is getting weak, and may lose consciousness.
    PD is on scene, attempting to control the bleeding.
    So, I’m sitting here trying to picture a Pierce County Deputy trying to stem the bleeding from that goofy fuck who just tried to cut off his nuts and penis, is drunk on his ass and wants to “Be a Woman”.
    I have no words…

  124. I liked Lorde for a good 17 minutes. I still like that one song. But I am a switchah. So when I catch the flavor of that song that I still kinda like, quite soon I switch over to another channel.

  125. She’s pretty good for a 45-year-old male geologist.

  126. We must? you mean we much, right?


  127. Pretty clear we deserve that 6th place ranking.

    *rolls eyes

  128. Well, #4 almost lost to Kansas today, so you probably do deserve it.

    Just come back and win this. I don’t want Obama’s BIL to get any benefits from a win, even though it’s a different sport.

  129. I think I’ve read Chrispy’s scanner call comment five times now and it’s funny every time.

  130. What is a rack of beer?

  131. Wooo hooo!

  132. Well, I think a half a rack is one-quarter of a pallet.

  133. Whoa, that’s a lot of trips to the bathroom.

  134. What is a rack of beer?

    Two Titties full.

    (And those are Imperial Titties.)

  135. Kerrie Marie titties?

  136. Kerrie Marie titties?

    That’s just crazy. More than a half-rack.

  137. I think Kerry Marie’s titties are measured in terms of square footage.

  138. I think Kerry Marie’s titties are measured in terms of square footageyardage.

  139. Half a rack is a twelvepack, you halfwits.

  140. well, a keg is a half barrel, so why is that mr wizard?

  141. Do I look like I drink tap beer? What the fuck do I know?

  142. how many half racks in a keg?

  143. How many Chads in a (pre-sober) Sean?

  144. Non hanging Chads?

  145. home again, home again, jiggity jig.

  146. I get 40 rods to the hogshead, and that’s the way I like it!

  147. Welcome back, Car in! I hope you didn’t have to pay for your co-workers tonight.

  148. Fetch me a drink, Sugar.

  149. No payout tonight. Tired though. Get your own drink, xbrad

  150. Just listen to this. It’s awesome.

    Genesis – Genesis [Full Remastered Album] (1983)

  151. What can we get you, Car in? Glass of wine? Footstool? Pitcher of chicken?

  152. I’m gonna watch the blue birds fly
    Over my shoulder
    I’m gonna watch them pass me by
    Maybe when I’m older
    What do you think I’d see
    If I could derp away from me?

  153. Pack all the things!

  154. The chicken/pitcher jokes are hurtful.

    wakey wakey

  155. >>>The chicken/pitcher jokes are hurtful.


    Not a joke

  156. MOOOOOMMMMM! Jimbro’s ventured into the weird side of the internets again!!

  157. Someone obviously broke the internet today.

    I’m gonna blame mare.

  158. Doh.

  159. But I don’t wanna get out of bed……

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