Big Boob Friday

Greetings rebrobates and hot chicks, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born on March 27th, 1992 in Birmingham, England. She has the face of a barbie doll and stands 5’2″ tall, her weight is a closely guarded secret and she measures 32DD-24-34. Please stop bailing on your co-workers and give a warm welcome to Miss Demi Rose Mawby!













  1. Shama-lama-ding-dong. Need some alone time.

  2. She has very pretty eyes, for a WHORE

  3. She seems nice.

  4. In answer to Oso’s question, no I did NOT get an Foo Fighter reviews.

  5. And by “nice” I mean sleezy.

  6. Car in, we’re gonna need your responses quicker. You’re just gonna have to stay home from now on.


  7. I don’t know how I’m going to swing that, J’ames.

    I just agreed to pick up Sunday night bartending shift until Christmas. I’m going to be awfully cranky, but the extra $$ will help for the holidays.

  8. Luckily, it’s NOT a double.

  9. I bet she’s taken money in exchange for removing her clothing.

  10. Meow!

  11. I’m starting another Paleo challenge on Monday . This is a partner one. I’ve suckered one of the girls from work to join me.

  12. Call me catty, Cyn, but I’m pretty sure I’d choke a bitch if any of my sons brought home a girl who would broadcast that gif up there.

  13. I’m starting another Paleo challenge on Monday

    I’m gonna win.

    Good luck with Thanksgiving.

  14. Looks like a real crappy weekend in Ferguson.

    Expect a 4:30 PM news conference.

  15. You’re NOT going to win. I don’t care about thanksgiving. I can eat all the shrimp and turkey I want. I’ll be too busy that day to eat anyway. Erin and I are running the Turkey Trot in Detroit. I’ll rush home to cook, etc.

    i’m good.

  16. Turkey Trot sounds gross.

  17. It’s not the turkey Trots.

    10k, parade route before the parade. We’re going to wear costumes.

  18. I am so tempted to stalk you now.

    But I’m probably driving to South Bend that day.

  19. the run is nice and early, so you could get in some stalking before the drive.

  20. Or I could sit out back with the crossbow and hunt deer.

  21. my bil is maybe coming to my house Wedneday before thanksgiving, which is really cool.

    But he’s bringing his girlfriend. Not sure how I feel about this just yet.

  22. Or I could sit out back with the crossbow and hunt deer.

    Will the deer be wearing costumes? Just saying. Probably not as much fun.

    I got our shirts yesterday. THEY ARE SO CUTE. I mostly just run for the cool shirts.

  23. No, they will not be wearing costumes, and I’m an admitted fan of costumes. But I spent money on the license and all the equipment, and I really have no excuses that day unless I managed to kill one earlier in the week.

  24. Maybe you can get them to wear orange vests. That will make hunting easier.

  25. Call me catty, Cyn, but I’m pretty sure I’d choke a bitch if any of my sons brought home a girl who would broadcast that gif up there.

    I made that gif from about the only SFW portion of a widely available lesbian soft-core porn video. So, yeah. Meow.

  26. Judging from the 5th picture, our model is quite tidy in the pubic area.

  27. I made that gif from about the only SFW portion of a widely available lesbian soft-core porn video. So, yeah. Meow.

    So, I should ditto my comment regarding if my girls brought her home?

    Fine. Done.

  28. Of course she’s tidy in the public area. All Librarians have to be to get their super hot glasses and.. their…cocktail dresses… and their….pumps.

    She’s a stripper isn’t she?

  29. She looks smart, probably an engineer or a Doctor.

  30. Girls that pretty don’t get degrees in engineering or medicine, they go into mining.

  31. Or floor coverings.


  33. Black Richard Dawson is funny.

  34. Chumpo! If you get a chance, google The Richard Dawson Experience. It’s a website that hasn’t changed for 15 years. Total blast from the past.

  35. I shall indeed.

  36. I emphatically do not want my own boobs to play with.

  37. “Made me check my zipper. I was very worried when I get that kinda ovation.”

    Richard “Dick” Dawson from The Richard Dawson Experience.

  38. She seems nice tits.

  39. Leon, come on. You’re home alone. All day. It’s snowing outside. A little tea, Paul Anka is on the HiFi. The Fire is just right. No one will know.

    Give ’em a little squeeze.

    Just a little.

    Let ’em out.

  40. I don’t like that image.

  41. I felt up leon.

  42. Girls that pretty don’t get degrees in engineering or medicine, they go into mining.


  43. Took me a bit to realize he just called her a golddigger.

  44. She’s just like the girl next door if you live next door to a strip club

  45. I suggested a likely career path.

  46. I did used to live next door to a strip club.

  47. She’s just like the girl next door if you live next door to a strip club

    This has potential.

    She’s just like the girl next door if you live next to a porn production company.

  48. She’s just like the girl next door if you live next door to a Hooters

  49. SJLTGND if you live next to The Mayor of Memphis

  50. I used to eat lunch next door to a strip club, and there’s one on I-94 on the way to my parents’ place.

    How are these places still open after the internet?

  51. Motorboat

  52. SJLTGND if you’ve been targeted by the KGB for a honeypot op.

  53. Also works for Mossad. Not so much North Korea.

  54. SJLTGND if you live next door to the hotel where the Secret Service agents are staying

  55. SJLTGND if you live next door to Lake Havasu (in the winter)

  56. *cries because the KGB has never targeted him for a honeypot op*

  57. You can’t get VD from a toilet seat.

  58. You can if there’s a hooker on it.

  59. You can during a blumpkin.

  60. 10k, parade route before the parade. We’re going to wear costumes.

    Sexy indian and sexy pilgrim? How about sexy turkey? Oooh, sexy chicken dead in a pitcher!

  61. Keep fucking that chicken, CoLex.

  62. If I ever run 10k, it’ll be because the bear ran 9k.

  63. SJLTGND if you live next to YOUR MOM.

  64. I don’t want to go out into the box today. 😦

  65. ^surprisingly, not a gimpsuit reference^

  66. I found this photo of Kim Kardashian’s huge ass

  67. Man, that ass is bigger than I thought.

  68. Tushar, What style of cooked beef have you been enjoying lately?

  69. Bah haa haaaa …

    A friend’s husband posted a picture on facedouche. He felt the need to “explain” his art.

    “#‎loveislove‬ ‪#‎equality‬
    I don’t useually explain my art or do political cartoons but equal rights is important to me. This picture is to explain the constant push of the Republican Party to try to crush Marriage equality”

    The picture is an elephant running at/trampling over same sex couples.

    How fucking stupid are leftists that he thinks I need that explained to me? it’s an elephant running down gay couples. Thanks for the 411, but I can figure out your deep message all on my own.

  70. Mr Chumpo,
    I found something that I am now kicking myself for not finding sooner.
    Rotisserie chicken!

    That thing is so convenient and tasty!

    I may never need to buy anything else anymore.

    Rotisserie chicken, a few spices, Scotch. Thats it. That is my life now.

  71. It’s warmed up to 32. Almost time for a run.

  72. I heard Kardashian actually got implants. It’s disgusting.


  74. Hi Buffalone, you seem new here.
    I don’t see my old friend Pupster around anymore. You seem nice.
    But I wonder if you can replace Pupster.

  75. Yes. Rotisserie chicken is a subtle temptress. Try a beer can chicken and make this sauce.

  76. Pupster still photobombs a lot of MMM photos. We’ll always have that.

  77. Pupster was a scam. Not real.

  78. Whole birds are surprisingly easy to cook, and very cheap. Like, I looked into farming them myself and I’d have to do a LOT of volume to get down to supermarket price, though my birds would at least see the sun and breathe fresh air.

  79. It says it’s supposed to be mostly sunny today, but it is extremely overcast here.

    how am i supposed to run when it’s like this outside? booooooooo

  80. Go for a run you pussy.

  81. Snowing here. It will be there soon enough.

  82. NSFW but funneh

  83. Crap, I always forget that wordpus just renders images now.

  84. Implants.

  85. And ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  86. Fixed it.

  87. Leon, I saw the first episode of Mike Rowe’s new show and half of it was about some French woman who sells free-range chickens. She contracts Mennonite farmers in PA to raise them and they are fed vegetable scraps from the finest restaurants. They go for 7 to 8 times what supermarket chickens cost.

    It was great to see Mike back; he’s such a natural. The show is on CNN and is called something like “Somebody’s Got To Do It”. Fox should have grabbed him.

  88. Hey, Lipstick, you pretty lady!

  89. Thanks, Leon

  90. Heh.

  91. She’s totally disgusting.

  92. While I remain totally and completely uninterested in anything Kardashian and have attempted to avoid seeing the pathetic attention-whore’s ass, it seems that was an endeavor that was doomed to failure.

    So now that I have had that monstrosity forced upon my consciousness despite my best efforts, I do have one comment regarding that photograph:

    I find it wholly appropriate that she is posing in what looks to be a trash bag.

  93. I learned some cool facts about rabbits the other day on Youtube.

    1) No lobby, so barely any rules preventing market access.
    2) Deliver live to processor: $2/lb, deliver dressed and frozen: $8/lb.

    If I could find some buyers, I could make a pretty decent income without building much infrastructure.

  94. Wiser, it is worse. Now she has put her pendulous breasts and her shaven pubic area on public display as well.

  95. Wiser, it is worse. Now she has put her pendulous breasts and her shaven pubic area on public display as well.

    Again, i honestly don’t care.

  96. Leon, what kind of dressing are we talking about?
    Something like this might eat into your profit a lot.

  97. More like this.

    They used to bring them to market with the heads on them so the consumer could be assured that it wasn’t a cat/dog/possum/etc.

  98. Well, lets see some rabbit recipe blogs and we can discover who your typical/ideal customers are.

  99. I would have to be really serious about my gardening to get them fed through winter, though.

  100. It’s not a commonly-eaten meat in the US. Niche market, really.

    I could maybe find some rich people who want to feed their dogs expensively.

  101. Actually, if I ground them with sweet potatoes and spinach or kale I bet they’d be perfect dog food.

  102. Yeah. I know at least six friends who feed their hounds fresh meat daily.

  103. 1) No lobby, so barely any rules preventing market access.

    Sometimes the internet does fib.

  104. They served rabbit in the mess hall in Germany about once a week.

  105. Jewstin, my comment was specifically about market access. Check how hard it is to sell poultry, beef, or pork. It’s as bad as trying to run a distillery.

    Nothing helps you if the government wants to hurt you and some activist wants to ruin your life, but that’s because we live in an an overbearing Orwellian police state.

  106. Hey, Lipstick, you pretty lady!

    You funny guy! (I feel like I’m missing a joke)

  107. In Russia, they still sell rabbit with a leg attached so that people know it’s not a cat. Left over habit from the siege.

  108. What’s wrong with cat?

  109. Understood, Leon but there is definitely a rabbit lobby with sympathetic bureaucrats.

    I think bunnies are delicious. I would buy your fresh bunny meats. But not for $8.00/lb.

  110. What’s wrong with cat?

    Tastes like fish.

  111. Direct-to-consumer sales would be at a discount, of course. Commercial packagers sell to chains of grocers and get $10-12/lb, at least near me.

  112. I promise you that the rabbit lobby is an angry toddler compared to the Michael Brown that is Tyson Foods.

  113. We got fried rabbit on the ship at least once a month. I LOVE it!

  114. Is anyone getting news withdrawal like me?
    So many things happening in the world, but nothing that truly interests me.

  115. Tushar, I burned myself out reading news up to the election and analysis afterwards.

  116. Kilt it deader than a wabbit.

  117. Bloddy Beers For All!!

  118. This Extra Requirement Is Thought To Be Behind Maine’s Sudden Drop In Food Stamp Enrollment

    Good job, Jimbro! I’m waiting for the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  119. Dang, xbrad, you really did put a pickaxe to this one, didn’t you?

  120. “Wake the Dead!”

  121. *debriefs, for a little while*

  122. Happy Fryday Kitten

  123. In case anyone was interested, all the construction to the freeways in Tucson are now complete and you can fly through unimpeded. But for the other asshole drivers and the highway patrol and local coppers.

  124. Meow, Mr. Chumpo.

    Is everyone drinking already?

  125. That was rhetorical since it is after 10 in the morning.

  126. Yep. Bloody Beer numero dos on deck. Systems normalizing.
    What can I make for you?

  127. You can make me something tall and wet with some fancy ice cubes. And a cherry on the top with the stem left on, please.

  128. Right O. Classic Mai Tai coming up.

  129. There we go.

    *Slides fancy drink East on i10*

  130. *grabs and sips*

    Perfection. And it came out prettier than our little miss BBF up there. Gold star for you, sir.

  131. Here’s a catchy little tune I heard on the ride up from north Mexico. It’s got a sweet beat and you might could dance to it. Enjoy.

  132. And while I’m at it, here’s what inspired the title for yesterday’s poat.

  133. Jay, there has been much wailing and teeth gnashing with LePage’s tightening the welfare screws. Another example is cutting off state reimbursements to cities that give general assistance to illegals. Here is a lengthy blog post no one will read:

    In summary, Portland loves to be multicultural and feels obligated to give out money to the “needy”. If they don’t get the reimbursements property taxes will be raised. Wonder how long the love will last if that happens.

  134. What’s wrong with cat?

    Chinese restaurants have driven the price up.

  135. Sorry, I must have missed the bloody beer DOTW episode.

  136. Gotta go make Zee Carnitas. Adios.

  137. Red beer is the best. It made me sad to find out that nobody in Texas has heard of it.

  138. Time to drive the boy to grampie’s for hunting. They start out at the ass crack of dawn so it’s easier to drive him out now. Last week he saw an 8 point buck within 20 feet of their hunting shack. It hung around for 5 or 10 minutes. He was too nervous to pull the trigger. (Paula said the only easier time he’ll have is if the buck walked up to him and dropped dead on its own). He’ll get his nerve up sooner or later. His dad was a good hunter and we have a couple of mounts in our spare room that he left him. We were joking that we were gonna bring the mounts out to the backyard so he’d know what the hell to shoot at.

  139. Thats Ok Jew. Now you have something to teach ’em. what section of TX do you live in?

  140. I live in Wyoming now, Chumpo. I used to live in Houston.

  141. Oh! fuch Yeah! yer stoked. I would live there too. WY, MT, and ID for me all the way. I happened to marry a mermaid or else I’d be right there with ye,

  142. Greetings, people who are smart enough to avoid talking about how you’ve told great big seriously consequential lies while there are cameras present.

  143. Hooo boy, ain’t that the truth.

  144. It occurs to me that this is why the big shadowy conspiracies can never actually be real–there’s ALWAYS gonna be a Jon Gruber involved who will want to talk about what a genius plan it was and how they were super smart about pulling the wool over everybody else’s eyes.

  145. The whole Gruber thing reminds me of “A Few Good Men”. He wants to publicly admit what he did, and it rankles him that he has to pretend otherwise.

  146. How fucking hard is it to get the goddamn primary care doc to call in a fucking scrip?

  147. Belated birthday for Dan. Strolling mariachis. If I could take a sneaky pic of the woman at the next table I would. V-neck down to her belly button. Dan says she has to show them, she paid $$$ for them. Sorry, I can’t get a pic for you guys.

  148. You’ve failed us, Oso.

  149. Oso, pretend to take a selfie but turn the phone backwards. She’ll never know.

  150. I know.

  151. Lipstick could’ve gotten the shot.

  152. How fucking hard is it to get the goddamn primary care doc to call in a fucking scrip?

    On a Friday afternoon?

    Damn near impossible.

  153. Dan thinks I owed you guys the pic for BBF. I told him BBF was for real bewbs.

  154. I’m gonna fucking curbstomp this doc.

    XMom’s been on antibiotics for 2 fucking weeks. Not doing a damn thing to clear up the infection. So we get an appointment with the doc yesterday, and she changes the scrip to cipro. Go to the cardiologist today, and he tells us, cipro and the heart meds she’s on is potentially fatal. So the cardiologist calls the primary, and the primary agrees to put in a new, different scrip. Which she promptly forgets to do. So we call and badger her. And what fucking scrip does she call in? The same ineffective fucking sulfamethox that XMom has been on for two fucking weeks.

  155. That’s your problem right there: woman doctor. Flighty. Scatterbrained.

  156. That’s a paddelin’. Good catch on the counter indication.

  157. Glad you liked one of my late Matlock gags, Chumpo.

  158. Ha! Double you are Top Moron.

    All the time.

  159. *looks down at shoe, kicks pebble*

    Aw, shucks.

  160. Is that a pebble that was previously stuffed in Lena Dunham’s little sister’s hoohah?

  161. If your mom gets all her meds at the same pharmacy they should pick the interactions up. You’ll still be pissed off because you’re at the pharmacy and not at the PCP’s office where she can write you a new Rx. The promise of all the EMR initiatives are that they’ll eliminate stuff like this. If the primary entered an e-scrip it should recognize the other meds she’s on and flag the interaction. I just read about cipro warnings and it scared the bejeesus out of me.

  162. Jimbro, she gets the propafanone via mail. But antibiotics are almost always a retail purchase. So I’m always leery about the possibility of interaction. That’s why I often update the local pharmacy with a list of meds, and ALWAYS personally check what each of the doctors has listed for her current meds.

    Apparently, also, there’s no listed contra for sulfamethox and propafanone, but rather it’s a matter of XMom’s particular condition.

  163. Long QT, that was the issue.

  164. Is that a pebble that was previously stuffed in Lena Dunham’s little sister’s hoohah?

    You know, there’s really no way to be sure. Good thing I have this big container of Lysol wipes here.

  165. You definitely have the right idea. I’m fortunate that my list of meds I prescribe is very limited (narcotics, NSAID’s, a couple of antibiotics and not much more). As long as I know the kid’s weight and dose appropriately it’s pretty safe. We have an inpatient pharmacist that reviews all the pedi drug orders on top of the computer program.

  166. What about meth. Can you prescribe meth?

  167. Narcotics?

  168. It got into the 40s today and I’ve been sucking down water and sweating like I’m trying to hike across Death Valley in July. I had to open the window when I got home.

    My internal engine always runs a little hot, but this is ridiculous. I think I did something to fuck up my mental thermostat.

  169. Oxycodone is my drug of choice for oral pain med. Fentanyl for IV. I used to use a lot of Tylenol with codeine but they figured out the codeine has a lousy risk::benefit ratio. And the Tylenol can creep up on you. I’m lucky because most of my kids aren’t addicts looking for a score. Never prescribed meth, maybe when it’s FDA approved. Back in Denver during my fellowship the ER docs would give ketamine for fracture reductions right in the ER.

  170. Crackfat today was a large loom down a flight of stairs.

  171. There is no way this could possibly go wrong. And, in case you were wondering…

    Bang said the machines sell primarily medications needed urgently, such as pain medications and antibiotics.

    “You know, the things that you’d like to have right now to feel better,” he said.

    Nope. No way that could possibly go wrong.

  172. I’m going to bet that machine will dispense penicillin and pubic shampoo.

  173. Plan B pills are going to fly out of that machine

  174. I bought rabbit this past Summer at a grocery store for around $6/lb. But we have a lot of ethnics here.
    Leon, I would think that where you are, you could make more money selling lamb or kid.

  175. Those “Kid For Sale” signs must result in some hilarious misunderstandings.

  176. you could make more money selling lamb or kid.

    Don’t walk run!

  177. Is that Garmin?

  178. Scott, Jew, Sean, X, Leon, Spur,
    The park is closing. Pack it in pack it out, O.K. Let’s go. get outa here.

  179. Seen in the comments at Wretchards place:

    “Amnesty will be dead the instant some well-placed Republican casually notes that an “amnesty” database of information on illegal aliens can become a deportation database in the blink of an eye and a change of administration.”

    Yeah, That’s the ticket…

  180. Hotspur’s Sr prom.

  181. That’s Mare in the white dress.

  182. Did anybody find out that anybody else’s offer to give them a pearl necklace was considerably less generous than it initially sounded?

  183. ICE doesn’t act or respond. Chatted with my Mom this week (Sign of the cross). She attends a Church that has been taken over by illegals. No one speaks English. Pobrecitos. She doesn’t understand why her cousins are so hostile toward all the DREAMers. She didn’t like it when I said the FSA are fighting amongst themselves over FS.

  184. Just a pair of Q’s.

    What or who is FSA? Likewise FS?

    Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

  185. I was going to go home for Christmas, but the flights were double, the rental cars were 5x more than a few months ago and hotels are double except for the no tell motels in crack alleys

    I am thinking January might be better

  186. Hi Vman. How goes?

  187. Free Shit Army fighting over Free Shit.

  188. Hey Chumpo!
    How is St.L? Warm enough?

  189. Traditional D-rats are fighting with non-citizens over benefits. It is EPIC!!!

  190. Lamb requires heavier infrastructure. Rabbits just need a cages and a carport. I’ll look into local prices. There are rabbit farms in the area, but all of them are small hobby ops. Never seen it at the grocery store for less than $10/lb, but I haven’t looked in a while.

  191. Vman, does that mean you have to stay in Houston for the holidays?

  192. Dan’s family is very reserved. They are weird even for Anglos. No reception/wake at either the Rosary or the Funeral. Mi familia is offering food, location, etc. I told them that that isn’t what the family wanted. Sam’s offered fruit and cheese and deli trays for both services. Dan thanked them and said no. My cousins are planning a family reception anyway.

  193. *re-debriefs and cocktails*

  194. Evan and Diet 7 with a Jim Beam Kentucky Fire float

  195. Evan and Diet 7 with a Jim Beam Kentucky Fire float

    That sounds perfect.

  196. Marry me.

  197. yes Oso
    It is not bad though.

  198. Oso, was the funeral today?

    And no eating after the service??

  199. Meow, Vman.

  200. I hate it when Cyn rebriefs. 😦

  201. Are bananas involved with said float?
    I bought 32 oz of Abita root beer tonight

  202. Howdy Mrs Cyn!

  203. Cyn, there was ME issues for unexpected deaths. Rosary is Tuesday. Funeral is Wednesday.

  204. Did you ever get the antibiotics thing worked out for your mom? My mom has learned over the years that she must have TWO rounds of the Z-pack 500 or the infection will not clear up. I think the docs have listened to her oh… maybe once. I think a 69 year old lady has figured out what’s going to fix her by now.

  205. Dan is being needy. I’ve been going to bed early this week. G’night. Sleep tight. Bedbugs.

  206. A week for the exam? That’s unfortunate. But it does give a bit more time for planning of the services.

  207. *bites Oso*

    Nighty dreams.

  208. No, Cynabuns. Her PCP took off for the weekend. We’ll just hit urgent care tomorrow and get the scrip we want.

  209. I don’t think I have the Spanish required to tell the guy who’s working down in the shed that it really doesn’t do anybody any good to stack up empty baskets around the upstairs machine, which has been shut down and locked up for the better part of a week.


  210. That’s a shame you’ll have to make another trip out to get what you need.

    One of the radiation docs at mom’s cancer treatment clinic ordered a diuretic for her this morning from Walgreens. She got an automated message from Walgreens at 6:30pm saying they had to get with the ordering physician (I’m presuming some sort of contraindication with one of her other meds). Some eight hours later. Riiiiight. @@

  211. Sean, you just have to say it loudly. He’ll figure it out if you shout.

  212. If you were so inclined, Shawn, you could bring him over to your computer and fire up and type in your message to him.

    Or you could just kick back and MYOB, which is probably the safer route.

  213. Shout! Shout! Let it all out!

  214. I’m off to attempt to sleep, perchance to dream.

    Nighty night, cool kids.

  215. God why am I still awake

  216. The shouting method is okay, but it’s much more effective if you add an “o” to the end of each word.


    Then I add “gracias, por favor” because I’m not a monster.

  217. Haven’t thought of a creative way to off Sean today?

  218. Who says it needs to be creative? Sometimes, the simple things are the best things.

  219. No…I could…I could. Um.

    ok think I can sleep now

  220. ‘night Laura. Sleep tight, you hard-working mujer.

    Two nights ago I had a cat on my lap and kept dozing off and bonking her with my vape thing.

  221. Whoa, just noticed the timeline, she’s way asleep by now.

  222. I’m not a prophet
    Old derp is in me
    New derp just seeps right in
    And it makes me guilty

  223. Pack all the things!

  224. Wakey wAkey

  225. Fake double today

  226. Hunting season starts today. Hunting widows could make it busy.

  227. I’m going to wear bright colors for my pre-work run.

  228. Don’t forget everyone. New crackfat challenge starts Monday. Email me for details !

    *checks email

    *checks again

    If anyone needs my email addy , lmk

  229. gemima

  230. Someone take Laura some coffee.

    But I think she just said she was IN.

    *writes lauraw’s name on my list

  231. Dorkus let me actually sleep past seven today! He’s been whamming the bed at 6 lately. Switching his bigger feed /dinner time to later in the evening must be the ticket.

  232. In?? In what? What? Hey what’s going on, no. NO. I have to go to work this morning.
    *crawls away, toward coffee pot*

  233. No, I’m pretty sure you said you wanted to join my crackfat challenge




  235. Made sourdough buns yesterday before work. They have butter and an egg and milk in them. They came out kind of brioche-like. Scott likes.

    Last time I made bread it was bagels. They went moldy in a few days, which is really strange for sourdough. Usually the acidity keeps them fresh and prevents spoilage for a long time. Then I remembered you boil them in a bicarbonate solution before baking. That no doubt neutralized the acidity on the skin of the bagels.

    Next time I do bagels I’ll split and freeze them.

  236. OK, time to get ready for work.

  237. Hello Good Morning Coffee please.

  238. I’ll pour you a cup Cyn. I just got home from rounds and Paula made a fresh pot for her morning 2nd cup before work. It’s a store brand called Black Velvet.

  239. Oops, my imagination ran away with that…Midnight Velvet.

  240. There’s an unspoilt poat just ahead.

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