Alone, Like Ukraine, LETS SEND SOME AID!


  1. I’ll see next weekend if I can set it fully on fire.

    Have you tried putting it on a stick?

    You should JB Weld it to a stick.

  2. In the same vein as Lumpy’s link where The Lyin’ King was bragging about his intellect

  3. I must admit, although I’ve heard of JB Weld before, I’ve never used it or owned a container of it.

    The opening item on their scroll bar is Support Our Feathered Friends and not Support Our Trans Friends so I guess they’re okay in my book. After realizing what they make I have used similar products many many times.

    Good luck Jam! (fiery chainsaw video please)

  4. They also advertise on the Adam Carolla Show so that’s good

  5. JB weld is currently holding together our 22-year old Weber grill (just on a part that conveys propane, nothing important) and our 30+ year old lawnmower deck.

    It’s wonderful stuff. Saving my life every time I use the grill. So far.

  6. I was watching Glen Greenwald talking on the Jimmy Dore show about the Minitru-Dolores Umbridge kerfuffle yesterday and it got me on this train of thought of what is the difference between a liberal like these guys, and what they scornfully regard as a ‘shitlib.’

    I remembered the actor Ron Silver talking about his red pilled moment when Dems won an election and there was a military flyover (maybe he was at an inauguration? I forget the specifics) and whoever he was with cheered. He said something like, “I thought you hated the military,” and the person said, “But they’re OURS now!” and that crystallized it all for him at that moment.

    Unfortunately for liberals like Dore, the benificent structures they want to build or grow and can probably administer honorably if they were in charge- the welfare state, really- creates endless opportunities for those who only crave the whip-hand.

    When you are to provide more and more for people’s lives, from food to housing to medical care, this is what happens, inevitably. It is power, and power attracts and creates unscrupulous oppressors.

    Administering a powerful provider-state honorably requires honorable, highly civilized people, which is to say, it is unnatural. So it will always naturally be taken over by oppressive shitlibs and turned to their purpose, which is to harm people they don’t like.

  7. JB Weld is a must have. It’s as important as duct tape.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. As I viewed the products on their site I had the duct tape analogy in my mind

  10. Company towns were a thing once, then Carnegie’s dam broke and flooded Johnstown.

    Bezos will probably crash a penis rocket into his and private spaceflight will get outlawed.

  11. Unless Trump unveils a different strategy or message other than “2020 was stolen” I’d prefer Desantis. As important as it is to face the fraud and prevent another stolen election it’s just a losing message if that’s all you’ve got. The crapweasels in DC are running us into the ground intentionally, there’s ample low hanging fruit to run on.

  12. If DeSantis runs – watch how quickly it turns from TRUMP IS SATAN to DESANTIS IS SATAN. On a dime. And I doubt all the Never Trumpers will suddenly come around /back and say “Well, now that you got rid of the pussy grabber I’m BACK”.

    Nope. I think most of them will be just as vulnerable to the HATE DESANTIS message as they are the HATE TRUMP.

    Because … it was all a media creation anyway. ALL men have crude moments. The difference all along with Trump was the media portrayal . Or a LOT of it. Its like the thing they used to do presenting a movie trailer as a different genre. Comedies are horror movies.

  13. “Eyepatch McCain”

    Hadn’t heard that one!

  14. Oh yeah Carin, speaking of crapweasels, they loved McCain until he became the nominee and then returned to loving him following his loss to the JEF

  15. My FIL was here this weekend and I heard every NPC talking point you could imagine. It was hilarious. I told him he was silly about 20 dozen times and just laughed at him. He used to make me angry but now its just funny.

  16. This article is a signal that it is collapsing. The trans shit is going to be disavowed by the woke like they’re waking from a fever nightmare.

    They can’t be allowed to get away with it. DO NOT let them forget what they have done to people over this hideous cult ideology. Mutilation of children and character assassination and loss of making a living, of those who object. They absolutely have to have their noses rubbed in it.

  17. Take screenshots. It’s going to get scrubbed.

  18. Last night one of the women going to the concert with me tonight said her 21 y/o brother just announced he was trans. She is very conservative and like minded to me. He sounds like he is a very sick young man. He doesn’t even know what he wants – he just thinks he’s trans.

    A therapist disagreed with how he said he felt, so he stormed off and refused to go back.

  19. It’s seriously just an update Carin. They don’t care about the message at all, they just say whatever they need to feel superior or keep the grift going.

    My FIL made fun of someone wearing a mask at a school event over the weekend. A few months ago he used to follow people through stores and teach them how to wear masks appropriately.

  20. Poor Red Flag McCain. Thank you for your service, now go back to Texas.

  21. sad about that trans man. It must be hard to manufacture symptoms for the cool disease going around. Hope he gets the helpattention he needs.

  22. Does he understand now that masks are worthless and that behavior was stupid? Or does he not have enough self-awareness even to process that?

  23. the complete lack of awareness of his former position point to option 2, from this angle.

  24. some people just like to feel superior, no matter what. I have lots of blue friends that get irritated with me, since I just point out they are wrong and wait to be proven right.

  25. twitter: fallout from State Farm going woke

    How many of these trans stories are like this, someone hijacking a company policy. Someone that should even be doing it. Sounds like there are a LOT of agents rightfully PO’d about this, as they are about to face the wrath of people and the financial effects of being cancelled.

  26. haha, just caught roamy’s cover song in the last poat, nice!

    Not as pretty as Susanna Hoffs, though.

  27. It sounds like a rogue person in the organization of State Farm and the fact that they’ve reversed that position and aren’t doubling down like Disney is good. Hopefully the individual is named and shamed and the company only experiences a slight downturn that they take to heart.

  28. Meanwhile, walmart rolls out Juneteenth ice cream, fails miserably

    This popped up in the twitter sidebar, and promptly disappeared. Wondering if this is developing into a bigger story, or a non-story.

  29. They already named the person. Sounds like they are far down in the food chain. I posted the original link to redstate last night. Looks like this is the twitter live breakdown.

    Nothing from corporate yet, as far as firings. Van Laar is going after the cost of this, and who greenlighted it.

  30. Fuck Juneteenth

    There, I said it. And I mean it. Yeah, it’s an interesting story of our shared American history and deserves to be remembered for what it was in relation to the Civil War and slavery. But increasing its significance as a national holiday is heading down the wrong path. The Racial Justice Warriors will have a field day with whitey over this and reap guilt money for their grievances no matter how it’s played.

    Juneteenth ice cream? RACIST !!!
    No Juneteenth event? RACIST !!!

  31. Aren’t most black adults lactose intolerant?

  32. Hmm, looks like a runoff sitch for Alabama? Britt leading, Brooks second, Durant third.

    What’s Georgia looking like? Kemp gonna pummel Perdue? Or will Perdue manage to close the gap?

  33. So, the Monkeypox outbreak in Belgium happened at an event called “Darklands”. The “motto” for this year’s festival is “Are You Ready To Go Deeper”. Yes, it’s some nice family fun there.

    They also have this event:

    You’ll be happy to know they’ve dropped the “mr” (although it appears that the majoirty of the folks at this freakfest are “men” – although they really don’t deserve the title). nope, now you can be ANY GENDER and win the title that was formerly “Mr Puppy of Europe”.

  34. Well the article has an ice cream brand with the same flavor that’s “black owned”. So I guess we’re getting to the root of the problem.

    I think it’s a good holiday. However, we will not be able to celebrate any of it, being white people. We have to sit back and take it.

  35. Catch the Crowder breakdown of Darklands from yesterday’s show. Pretty graphic!

  36. Also, right on the main page is a link to buy pants with zippers in the back. Because why not?

    Easier to get your monkeypox or whatever that way.

  37. I don’t really watch anything – so I missed the crowder bit. I just looked it up after a friend linked the news story about the outbreak.

  38. Blake Masters taking the lead in AZ race. I thought Brnovich was a good one, but Masters seems to be taking all the flak. Usually indicates the right person.

  39. One of my new fav Northlane songs has a line in it “And you call yourself a man” … that goes through my head as I watch these crazy sex freaks/dog bullshit.

    You call yourselves men? You can’t even control your most basic primal urge and degeneracy. Don’t even know enough to be PRIVATE about things that actually should have some shame attached to them.

  40. And it’s not just the gay thing. its the PRIDE in being degenerate.

    I really don’t know how they reconcile all the messages that come out of the gay community. They want to get married and have kids, they’re just like you and me.

    I mean, I like dogs too, right?

  41. Just remember this weekend:

  42. I think it’s a good holiday. However, we will not be able to celebrate any of it, being white people. We have to sit back and take it.

    Not at all, we can celebrate by decorating with plywood and door bars.

  43. It took a while, but whites eventually commandeered cinco de mayo. Eventually juneteenth will experience the same fate.

    99% 0f the people who celebrate St. Patrick’s day aren’t Irish. 80% of the people who celebrate Christmas aren’t christian, and probably 60% of the people who celebrate Valentine’s Day aren’t in love.

  44. American blacks should be all-in on St Patrick’s Day. Most of them are as Irish as I am.

  45. AL Senate seat (replacing Shelby) is chaos. Brooks was the favorite but faded because he fumbled the campaign, lost the Trump endorsement. Katie Britt worked for Shelby and is backed by McConnell & crew. Durant, I don’t know WTF is going on with Durant, he came out of nowhere and apparently never was as he appeared, now he’s basically in hiding.

    Shitshow top to bottom.

  46. so Britt is the establishment, ugh

  47. Durant built his candidacy on the whole Blackhawk Down thing (yes, he’s THAT Mike Durant). Turns out he might not have been entirely solid on key issues and may have Lincoln Project ties.

    Brooks has his own J6 issues. Needless to say I’m less than happy about the whole clusterfuck.

  48. Yeah, I heard about the Lincoln Project. That definitely made the antenna quiver.

  49. Eyepatch McCain

    Cumshaw will never live that down, and the sooner he’s voted out the happier I’ll be.

    Only thing that surprises me at the moment is that the libs haven’t pounced on it and called Carlson ableist.

  50. oh they have all the guns firing at Carlson, from multiple angles.

  51. I should read 1984, since now it’s an instruction manual.

  52. Maher is repulsive, but broken clocks are right twice a day

    He’s been more and more right more and more often lately. Still, watch the Shapiro interview, and he still shows his true colors.

  53. Oh, Maher’s still a garbage degenerate antitheist, he just wanted the degeneracy to stop at a point where he was content with it. He’s only mad now because the slide to Sodom has passed him by.

  54. 1984 is a great, very interesting, scary book.

  55. So, Eyepatch McCain is in Ukraine now, for a photo op with Zelensky.

    Wonder what he’s getting out of this.

  56. A job for his cousin at Burisma, most likely.

  57. So, GA early voting was up 212%. Who else thinks that isn’t a good thing? Just me?

  58. I specifically requested the non-dystopian future. This is not what I ordered. I demand to speak to the manager.

  59. how’s things, mitch? settling down yet?

  60. Don’t get me started about the 2022 I wanted.

  61. In fact I pretty much consider the 21st century to date to be a complete waste.

  62. Morons (capital M) calling Boebert and MTG embarrassments in Congress on twitter. Disappointing.

    Why are they embarrassments? I disagree.

  63. Twitter: more wisdom from Stacey Abrams

    “We know that increased turnout has nothing to do with suppression”. Is she taking lessons from Kamala?

  64. I feel gyped that we don’t have flying cars like Blade Runner predicted.

  65. I was recently invited to re-read Job as I was questioning the telos of sanctity, and I will happily remind you that the end of the story is God saying to Job “how dare you even question Me, who made literally all the things that are, were, and ever will be?” and Job saying “I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me” and then getting cash and prizes.

    The will be no explanation, there will be no apology.

  66. Crowder has a good rant today, look for it online. It’s about green energy and lib expectations.

  67. The Book of Job has always bothered me. It reads far too close to an apologia for an abusive relationship. I get what everyone says I’m supposed to take away from it but it just does not feel like it fits with the rest of what I’m supposed to believe about God.

  68. Things are going well J’ames. Still waiting for the house to get built, but they aren’t making any progress as far as I can tell. I hate the whole process of buying and selling houses.

    The whole squandered promise of the last 20+ years is very depressing.

  69. look on the bright side. You aren’t starting RIGHT NOW, in the middle of a dumpster fire at a tire plant.

  70. And no way would I want flying cars. Drivers are bad enough on the ground…

  71. Mitch – you should become one of those YouTube sensation iguana hunters.
    Call your company Desert Duelers. Your logo can be dice with snake eyes.

  72. “Shoot fast – Take chances”

  73. Heh, Tucker filled out his twitter bio

  74. twitter: they tried with MTG, and will continue to try and disqualify GOP candidates

    Five Republican contenders for governor in Michigan could be disqualified after a state elections bureau said it found tens of thousands of forged signatures gathered by petition circulators

    This includes James Craig.

  75. Election fraud is only done by Republicans

  76. They pulled the same shit on Thad McCotter, too.

  77. I did my civic duty. Not as heavy voting as a presidential year, but I’d say double the usual for an off-year.

    Durant said something about if there’s a runoff, that he would throw his support behind Brooks. That is a weird thing to say right before a primary.

    The governor’s race here is another one to watch. Not sure MeMaw Ivey has enough support to prevent a runoff. I didn’t vote for her, not after saying the unvaxed let everybody down.

  78. “Johnny Depp is the one guy that could’ve benefited from an Amber alert.”

  79. Leon, you still planning on coming to my place tomorrow?

  80. Oops, I just saw your email Will respond.

  81. How many hours until one of you dickswillers announces you have monkeypox?

  82. *cough


  83. Perfect time for linking the swat-rape video, I’m disappointed in you MJ

  84. anyone keeping up with the Tim Anderson/Josh Donaldson dustup in MLB? Whole lotta butthurt in that one, and Anderson deliberately trying to destroy donaldson, because he’s an asshole

  85. “Perfect time for linking the swat-rape video, I’m disappointed in you MJ”


    I was just thinking the other day that MJ hadn’t posted that in forever.

  86. David M
    Gay bathhouses are to monkeypox what nursing homes were to covid, and so the obvious solution is… close kindergartens!

    And Mail In Voting!

    How are the race riots in GA, from all the voter suppression?

  87. Perfect time for linking the swat-rape video, I’m disappointed in you MJ
    I’m disappointed in me as well. I’m really slipping.

  88. And it’s correct name is swat hump gif.

    I’ve been linking this for 10 years. Oh, how time humps.,Kdg1G,lCm3k

  89. Its the monkeypox. He’s not feeling 100%.

  90. oh no, another school shooting, started outside, moved inside

    Uvalde TX

  91. 2 dead, suspect in custody

  92. suspect is supposedly dead

  93. Why do (trans men)-women think they’re better off as plump men with beards?

  94. it’s too much work to diet, so we’ll make up fat rights too.

  95. The shooter was exchanging fire with border ptraol before entering the school.

    Supposedly an illegal alien escaping. So this will be a story for approximately 2.5 minutes

  96. we’re already up to 16 dead by some sources

  97. 24 or 48 hour rule here

  98. How the fuck does a school anywhere in Texas not have electronically lockd doors?

  99. Has the media made any claims yet that the 18 y.o. shooter in Texas was a right wing MAGA voter, or white supremacist yet?
    Curious, that’s their fall back statement when this shit happens. Salvador Romas definitely sounds white supremacist, and we always let 12 & 16 year olds vote in national elections.

  100. twitter is on fire with taking away PG and DNH’s guns, in addition to mine, because reasons.

  101. Bring it.

  102. They’re too late for mine, J’Ames, those were taken in 2015.
    But as the saying about taking guns goes, only outlaws will have guns.

  103. I’ve heard at several places, but not through traditional “news” sources he was in the country illegally. And probably never will since it would shift blame onto Biden’s handlers, and democrats in general, border policy.

  104. It just hit me that it’s Tuesday and the price of gas didn’t go up another 20 cents a gallon. Biden is out of the country. Is there a connection? Are the Japanese willing to keep him? How much will they charge us to do so? I’m willing to pony up a few bucks if we’re all in this.

  105. A lot of people save pocket change coinage in jars, so do I. I also have a cashew jar that I toss stripper singles in, since they breed in the wallet like pennies in the pocket.
    I’d happily grab a handful of one’s out of that jar for Japan if they agree to hold him there until 2/1/25

  106. ^paper currency always goes in cashew jars because CASHew’s.
    Get it?

  107. That’s nuts

  108. Part of the joy of the swat hump GIF is clicking on a link thinking you’re getting something else and being served up a heaping helping of humping unexpectedly

  109. JFC, on Fox, the chain link fence around the school didn’t stop the shooter. No shit. That was never its intention, dumbass. It was meant to keep kids from running into the street & getting hit by a car while the kid is on recess.
    WTF is wrong with these people? Use the muscle God placed betwixt your ears or it will atrophy, as it clearly has.

  110. If that’s the case, Jimbro, and I have to admit I haven’t watched it since I’m currently limited to data on this damned phone, shouldn’t it be reserved for hump day?

  111. Flippin 48v transformer for my WiFi hub died. I used to have a variable transformer that could handle taking over, had it for 20 years and never needed it, so I gave it away 10 years ago.
    No biggie, the service I have/had was way more than I need now and expensive. Gonna dump it for a smaller, less expensive plan with a competitor. Only problem is to to it I’ll likely get a 10 pm visit, “we’re here to install” on a work night.
    When did “customers” become an inverted term?

  112. When did “customers” become an inverted term?

    Right after “Personnel” became “Human Resources”.

  113. Uvalde shooter killed his abuela. Mexican-American. Was probably triggered by the Gervais standup. I have no idea if he even watched Ricky, but pretty sure the MFM is deadnaming him.

  114. ugh up to 18 kids dead

  115. brandon speaking? or did I miss it? Guess I’m delayed on Tucker

  116. Comment by Pendejo on May 24, 2022 5:10 pm
    How the fuck does a school anywhere in Texas not have electronically locked doors?

    Paul grew up 40 miles from Uvalde – that town is remote. Next closest town is at least 10-15 miles away, with nothing but mesquite trees in between.

    Town population is now up to 15,000; it started growing after shale oil was discovered. Now all of the illegals are dumped off there. There is a Border Patrol checkpoint just outside the western city limits.

    It’s one of those places where “nothing like this could ever happen here”, but now it has. Frankly, I doubt if they have enough funding to pay for high tech security.

  117. and here we go, stand up to the gun lobby

  118. countdown from sandy hook

  119. Ugh. Sandy Hook is 45 minutes from here.

  120. It’s one of those places where “nothing like this could ever happen here”, but now it has. Frankly, I doubt if they have enough funding to pay for high tech security.
    It’s south Texas and thus, full of illegals and druggies. It could happen. Recapture gives everybody in the state semi-equal funding. They could afford it.

  121. We’re the Chicago of the Southwest. This 💩 gets old

  122. Moderna CEO is bitchin’ about throwing away 30 million vax doses, and I’m thinking GOOD.

  123. I’ve seen a couple of pics – was the shooter a girl pretending to be a boy (testosterone rage?) or a boy pretending to be a girl? I can’t tell.

  124. What I love about Ricky Gervais’ trans comedy bit is that there’s no writing, no contrived jokes in it. It’s pretty close to just repeating the same conversation between insane people and sane people we’ve been witnessing all along. People laugh because it’s really that fucking crazy. “HER penis, you bigot!” etc.

  125. Given the way he was talking about the obvious bulge in his sweatpants, I think it’s pretty safe to say that he was a guy.
    Who liked to dress up like a girl.

  126. Diane enjoyed Ray’s presentation.

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