MMM 496

Getting close to the 500th. I should, like, do something special for that one.

Nice hat.

Prepping for pullups.

A contemplative moment.


Looks warm there.

Nice use of natural light here.

Redhead bonus points.

Last week of May, 2022. Make it count.


  1. Our live trap has a bent trigger stick, and we seem to have a raccoon issue.

    Former boss and friend texted me yesterday asking about my availability for an “opportunity”. Could be a thing.

  2. Oh come on, I toss out “bent trigger stick” and nothing comes of it?

  3. Raccoons are a pain.

    Really smoky here this morning. Forest fires are still going strong. Our windy season should end soon, which will really help slow down the fires. 49 degrees now, it was 34 yesterday morning.

  4. There’s a commercial or something for some disease/condition that causes a bent trigger stick.

    Wakey wakey

  5. Oh, and we had to throw out $12 worth of peanut butter.

  6. That wig looks awful on that last gal. Looks like something she got at one of those Halloween stores.

  7. I assumed it was a dye job on a brunette who bleached it first.

  8. Hey, everyone, good news!

    Guess what’s #148 on Pfizer’s “complete” list of adverse reactions?

    Autoimmune blistering disease!!!

    Isn’t that fun!!

    Never take a fucking vaccine from Pfizer.

  9. I’m sorry for any of you who got sucked into taking this cluster*uck of a vaccine (and boosters—yeah!!). You were duped. You fell for the fear porn.

    I’ve done it myself. Not on this bullshit covid deal, I was ahead of the curve on that from the get-go. But I voted for McCain, Romney and liked Ryan so I’m a bigger dumbass than any of you.

  10. $Moneypox.

  11. The really clever part by Pfizer? Make the rubes take a vaccine and boosters that make you more susceptible to new diseases that you have vaccines for.

  12. Who bish this is?

  13. Monkeypox isn’t marketed well enough to be a good sequel. The name is silly and apparently it’s all about the butt sex so I don’t see how this works out.

    The boomers aren’t going to lock themselves up for the gays.

  14. I figure we’re a month out from them just flat lying and saying moneypox is airborne and we all need to mask up and stay 6′ apart. WHO and UN are in charge of US health policy now, so they’ll say whatever Xi tells them to say.

  15. Hey, at least we have the reverse Berlin Airlift with baby formula.

    Their patting themselves on the back is just precious.

    twitter: Baby Formula, imported from Germany!

  16. when is the deadline for mail in voting, That’s when monkeypox will be in top form


    everyone should just start making trans jokes all the time, just to drag these people.

  18. Don’t stick your schlong up a dude’s butt.

  19. Belgium is doing 21-day compulsory quarantine for those testing positive for moneypox.

    With a PCR test.

  20. Correction:

    Don’t stick your schlong up anyone’s butt.

  21. Clarification, not correction.

  22. did you have an accident this weekend? ahahahahaha

  23. twitter: this is what Brandon wants, re: gas prices

    Started with Obama. Now Brandon has prices up to where Green Energy is economical

  24. We should just mandate butt plugs to keep everyone safe from moneypox.

    You know someone’s already suggested this at a high-level meeting where everyone at the table has an income in the high six figures while producing nothing of value.

  25. Speaking of making America stronger, ‘merica model already looks like she can and would kick my ass.

    Good job Leon.

  26. Linda Durbeson (sp?), Pupster.

  27. Durbesson. She gets photographed a lot.

  28. There’s a commercial or something for some disease/condition that causes a bent trigger stick.
    Peyronie’s Disease aka Bent Peter Disease

    “It is characterized by the triad of bent erections, pain in the penis with erections and palpable penile plaque.”

    Nothing worse than a palpable penile plaque. There is an association with Dupuytren’s Contracture of the hand which is how I first heard about it in residency. When I trained the only treatment for Dupuytren’s was splinting, therapy or surgery. Now they can inject a collagenase into the contracture.


    My dad, brother and I went to Ireland in 1977 for a couple of weeks. I remember stopping in Tramore and walking on the beach for a little while on our way to somewhere else.

  30. Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.

    Mark Twain

  31. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 23, 2022 11:57 am
    Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.

    Mark Twain


    *clapping in that obnoxious way that everyone hates but I don’t care*

  32. She is so fucking stupid:

  33. yeah, can’t figure out why women are so willing to listen to this bs

  34. Literally his job. He’s on the hook for every soul in his archdiocese when it comes time to talk with St Peter. He’s telling her not to take it out of concern for her immortal soul.

  35. Maybe Sobek can come and explain what they’re doing in this song:

  36. Besides Mario showing what a GOD he is at drums.

  37. I’m no sobek but my guess is that they spent years taking lessons, still weren’t worth a fuck, and filmed the resulting melt down. I hope they’re somewhere with padded walls and lots of pudding until they can figure it out.

  38. “Maybe Sobek can come and explain what they’re doing in this song:”

    Maybe. I’ll take a listen later.

    Just read the comments on Bill Maher’s thoughts on transgenderism. I thought his take makes sense, but so simplistic that even I could make the counterargument.

  39. Pendejo forgot to yell “GET OFF OF MY LAWN”.

  40. ust read the comments on Bill Maher’s thoughts on transgenderism. I thought his take makes sense, but so simplistic that even I could make the counterargument.

    Really? let’s hear it. Because there is no rational defense for invasive medical interference on young kids due to “feelings”.

  41. Bill said something to the effect of “either Ohio is shaming trans kids, or California is creating them.”. Okay, the liberal responds, Ohio is shaming them. We’re only seeing a spike in trans identification because people who were already trans now feel free to publicly identify as trans.

    I’m not saying I believe that, just that’s it’s the easiest argument in the world to make. And you don’t need a single scrap of evidence, you just have to label everyone in Ohio as a hater.

  42. He’s also engaging in the fallacy of monocausalism. Another easy response to his claim is “it’s actually both.” And again, you don’t need any evidence to argue for this view on the Internet.

  43. meh, 38 Special has 2 drummers, so does Phil Collins, and Rush had Neal Peart.

  44. I like .38 special.

  45. we are sympatico, mare

    I saw Bon Jovi in concert. They were opening for 38 Special, and they weren’t good.

  46. Okay, I have a couple of thoughts.

    1. The sound quality in that video is excellent. I don’t usually like videos of live performances. Live is great to catch the live energy, but you don’t get live energy from a video, you just get diminished sound quality (usually). So this was nice.

    2. These guys sound great together.

    As to what’s going on in the song,

    3. Christian is playing the main theme, which consists of a tapped inversions pattern that generally moves like this: C/E, Bb/G, C/Gb, while Jean-Michel is doubling the low end with E, G, Gb. I can’t tell from that video if Joe is doubling Christian or not. (They’re in drop-C tuning, and it’s really hard for me to work out these note names in my head, so I might be getting some of this wrong.) The flat 5 and flat 7 means there is a very weak tonal center, which gives the theme a sense of chaos and groundlessness that metal musicians tend to like a lot.

    4. There’s another cool thing going on there with the inversions. Christian’s upper register is paying a very simple, boring C-G-C (or a I-V-I), but the whole thing is made much more interesting by the lower register moving under it, which re-contextualizes the upper register and creates the sense of movement. I watched a video on YouTube about composing for metal bass this way, and I wish I could find it again. Basically, if you have the guitar playing the exact same thing over and over again, you can still create a sense of movement in that guitar if the bass is changing underneath it. The C/E is a major third, but when we come back to the C, it is over a Gb, which is flattened fifth. Same C note, very different feel. It’s a really cool effect.

    5. I generally don’t listen to drums because I’m focused on the strings and the vocals. Mario is, obviously, very very good at what he’s doing, but I can’t comment in much detail. I will say that I’m a sucker for double bass, I like that he’s tastefully restrained here (instead of just straight blast beats for the whole song, which wouldn’t fit), and the frequent shifts in time signatures and tempo are part of what bother some people about prog or technical metal.

  47. So Caught Up in You is my favorite 38 Special.

  48. the Ohio argument was sorta weak, but he does have a point. The cluster phenomena is the stronger argument to make. Especially with young girls.

    There are zero good arguments for moving medically forward with transgenderism in young people – and he is trying to be funny so the weak/cheap line is sometimes what’s best.

  49. Joe is definitely doubling for a while. You can see him doing it. It’s a cool sound.

    me like cool metal sound and boom booms.

  50. The most 38 Special song is First Time Around, or Wild Eyed Southern Boys

  51. The left doesn’t care about trans kids anymore than they care about black people.

    They care about power and using political weapons to gain it.

    We all know this is true…if trans kids were voting republican they’d have them in conversation therapy. If illegal immigrants and their kids voted republican you’d see the wall from space. And the moment black folks start voting republican they’ll try to enslave them again.

  52. Joe did say no Amendment was absolute…

  53. Right. You never saw Dems falling all over themselves to get more Cubans to our shores.

  54. Should have seen Five Finger Death Punch at the Iowa State Fair last year. They have been quite prevalent in the youtube playlist today. Must have been influencing to the heavy end recently.

    i blame Car in and Sobek

  55. Obama went to a baseball game in Cuba

  56. FFDP get a lot of grieve from the prog metal community, but they put on a heck of a show. At least they have since the singer got sober.

  57. grief.

  58. I think the Coast Guard just brought a bunch of Cubans back to Cuba

  59. heh, he isn’t very friendly to progs who bash the military and police, is he?

  60. now Metallica. I like where this is going.

    The Unforgiven


    When you search there are pages of results with the same story

  62. 38 Special is great. They were so overplayed that I used to reflexively change the station when they came on but now I turn it up and wonder why they don’t make music like this anymore

  63. The Coast Guard has interdicted 1,952 Cubans since October 1, 2021.

  64. twitter: media walking back Brandon’s Taiwan gaffe

    But, why wouldn’t we defend Taiwan? Not sure it’s a gaffe.

  65. I hate when I feel all tinfoil hatty about what libs are doing. Vaccines that don’t prevent disease but do cause heart problems, especially in young boys. Abortion as healthcare. Your girls are boys, and your boys are girls, we’re going to give them drugs and surgeries whether you approve or not, you transphobe. Now don’t you dare have a child (even if you can get pregnant, which may be in doubt) because there’s no formula to feed it. I’m sure I’m missing pieces of the depopulation push puzzle.

  66. Like starving infants?

  67. Dr.’s appointment this morning (all is well, thank God), then shopping at Costco. I took back the recalled peanut butter and got a refund. I don’t know what was going on today, but Costco was PACKED, more like a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon than the usual Monday morning.

    They had a couple of pallets of those 160 serving emergency food buckets for $75. No sale. I got some canned chicken, pork, and tuna to go with the beans and rice I bought from the LDS.

  68. Staind, breaking Ben, FFDP are all very pro police and military

  69. Didn’t know that about Breaking Benjamin

  70. Don’t Look Back

  71. Katie Pavlich
    · 25m
    I just paid a plumber, young guy in his mid-20s and immigrant, a very large amount of money. A good (for him, ha) reminder of how valuable a trade is. He has no massive student loans and says the company he works for is wall-to-wall busy/can’t keep up with demand.

  72. This is a real book, written by a real person, with cover art.

  73. Roamy, if you’re not a conspiracy theorist at this point, you’re wrong.

  74. how did they get into space?

  75. what’s the difference between conspiracy theories and facts?

    At this point, about 8 months.

  76. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 23, 2022 4:45 pm
    what’s the difference between conspiracy theories and facts?

    At this point, about 8 months.


    That’s not just a witticism, that’s happened several times in the last two years. Several thousand times in the last few decades.

  77. how did they get into space?

    Passengers on a cargo vessel en route to an Amish colony. It’s less absurd than the title would suggest.

  78. Lyin Eyes has to be a top 10 singalong song for guys. It’s in the perfect range.

  79. Oh wow, Simple Man, Lynyrd Skynard, haven’t heard this in Ages.

  80. “what’s the difference between conspiracy theories and facts?”

    If you believe it, it’s a conspiracy theory. If I believe it, it’s a fact.

  81. WiFi took a major sh*t yesterday, stuck using this damned phone until service tech shows up.

    Re: J’ames 3:30 Twitter link, apparently Hillary was half right, it takes a village IDIOT, to raise a kid.

  82. haha

  83. There must be a story here:

    Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

    bear spray
    work like bug spray.

    We would like to not have to say that again.

  84. “Simple Man” was the song Rocketboy and I danced to at his wedding reception. He picked it, and I approved.

  85. Folks dump on the Eagles but at least they had a generally realistic vocal range on their songs.

  86. twitter: NBC’s @Yamiche on Ga.’s “voter suppression laws”:

    Republicans think “these black people don’t deserve the access to citizenship in the way that other Americans do, that they haven’t worked for it and they don’t understand the weight of American democracy.”

    Should be legal to punch someone in the face when they say something like this.

  87. And she said it on television, in front of people.

  88. Whenever they trot out as a commentator someone who reminds me of the prototypical DMV lady they get zero credibility.

  89. I’ve seen quite a few saying Biden is the stupidest person to serve as POTUS. I disagree with that. Obama took him under his wing, setting Biden up to become POTUS. Because of that Obama retains the title.

  90. Watching Ancient Aliens. This guy has more credibility than anyone in the SBSP maladministration and all the “news” outlets.

  91. And his hair is perfect, Mitch.
    …shout out to Warren Zevon…

  92. A classic.

  93. Ancient Egyptians had gliders you guys.
    Russians found nanotechnology tens of thousands years old.


  94. So, I was doing my afternoon PT at about 1510 and started hearing a large propellor aircraft. Being near McChord, we hear lots of aircraft, but not like this. This sounded ‘Round’…
    I went out on the deck and looked up to see… a B-29!
    It was “DOC” leaving Boeing Field and headed south. Pretty cool…

  95. Just spotted the missing “k” in Leon’s “moneypox”, so much for observational skills, eh?
    Just wait. Money will be the next transmission agent of a new, vax required to participate in life, scary, non life threatening pandemic central uses to keep pleebs in their place.
    Welcome back, iron curtain.

  96. Monkeypox is going to disappear muy rapidamente. Lavender mafia isn’t going to allow this kind of PR to proliferate.

  97. Ha, I was just about to link that article!

  98. Watching an auction for a nice older Hardinge lathe. Killer fees. 15 to 18% buyers premium plus NM sales tax of 7.875% Ridiculous. Makes bidding expensive.

  99. Comment by ChrisP on May 23, 2022 7:28 pm
    So, I was doing my afternoon PT at about 1510 and started hearing a large propellor aircraft. Being near McChord, we hear lots of aircraft, but not like this. This sounded ‘Round’…
    I went out on the deck and looked up to see… a B-29!
    It was “DOC” leaving Boeing Field and headed south. Pretty cool…


    Being from Tacoma and having a view of the planes flying in, brings back memories, Chrispy.

    B-29 Very cool.

  100. ST:TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” Majel Roddenberry is in this one.

    Kirk always getting paperwork shoved into his hands, no matter what else is going on.

  101. The truly shocking part of that old Biden video is where all these journalists are telling the truth about a democrat being a lying piece of shit instead of covering for him.

  102. Giant alien android is David Cassidy, the guy who played Lurch. And also Thing. Lots of other roles too.

  103. How long until SecTrans Buttplug pops positive for monkeypox?

  104. Can’t happen Leon, he’s “married.”

  105. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrright.

    In other news, my garden is now buried under a literal ton of grass clippings, or close to it. After I get the chipper and add a bunch of maple, it should be all set for potatoes this year.

  106. Dang man, hurry up, it’s getting late to start potatoes. I have to finish up soon too. Started my first batches in the greenhouse in April. Doing mine all in pots this year. Sick of the stupid mice getting cozy in the potato patch.

  107. Unfortunate chainsaw incident today…
    The gasket between the cylinder and muffler leaked and cut a hole in the case.. damn near set the saw on fire.
    Wild design – the crank case and fuel and oil reservoirs are all a single molded unit.
    No joy on replacement.
    500 dollar saw possibly down the drain.
    I redneck rigged it with jb weld. New gasket on the way.
    I’ll see next weekend if I can set it fully on fire.

  108. Full lineup of tuckers this week I see.

  109. Btw – amazing taataas on Friday Pup.

  110. make sure you have a bottle of water along jamster

  111. I buy seed potatoes and plant starts and put them in the ground on Memorial day. I meant to get a bag of grocery store potatoes and let them get sprouty, but I kept forgetting.

  112. walk off grand slam for the cardinals!

  113. well I hope someone sees the poat tomorrow.

  114. Mitch, it’s Ted Cassidy. David Cassidy was on the Partridge Family.

  115. Weird, but I enjoyed it.

  116. Download eight retouched photographs.

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