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  1. Fine line up Pups


    H2 education

  3. Pretty good.

  4. Where is the ‘Your Mom . . .” jokes part of the brain?

  5. Have to agree with Baka.

    *High fives Pups on this excellent poat*

  6. Was thinking about CoAlex’s mission. So, to give him the best chances, he needs the truck, the raisin cookies (but with dates), a fully automatic gun and access to a full auto range.

    The only hits he has against him are the current* ownership of a house.

    God speed!

    I wanna hear how the tango bowling marathon goes.

  7. Comment by MJ on July 27, 2019 6:35 am
    Pretty good.



    MJ earns the coveted H2 Dick of the Week Award.

  8. ww

  9. Not that big of a deal, MJ wins it every week.

  10. Woot! A Saturday I could sleep in on! So glad I’m done with that IV crap.

  11. I workyworkied all last weekend, I’m doubling up on inactivity today and tomorrow.

  12. Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut coming to IMAX

  13. Couldn’t fall asleep last name ght, so I’m sluggish this morning. I should go to the gym to deadlift, farmer’s walks, and sprints, before I head up, but I may skip the early dance and just go up for the dance tonight. We’ll see…


  15. I’m waiting to go running. Feel bad putting Stella in her cage … 😦

    I gotta get moving, but pupper ….

  16. Work was horrid last night. One of those “I hate people” nights.


  17. I have been left alone today (as in “unsupervised”) for a extended period of time, this may not have been a wise decision on the part of the better half. There was as attempt at mitigating the threat level in the form of a “list”, but upon review I cant believe there is any reasonable expectation that i would perform these actions. I mean cmon! Put towels in laundry? Vacuum living room rug WTF?? Put away DISHES!!!? Little dog desperately needs a haircut (not on the list for some inexplicable reason) and i only know one style…..wait! It occurs to me i could give him a full length “ranger” cut. Just leave a shortened mohawk stripe from his forehead to his tailbone along his spine and then 00 the sides. That’d look cool…right? A tea cup yorkie with a high n tight……

    *Starts getting out clippers, setting up counter top while singing…

    Cee one thirty rollin down the strip
    Airborne Yorkie take a little trip….

  18. If you wash the red towels with the white ones, you won’t have to do laundry anymore.

  19. DId I say “win”? I meant earn.

  20. Teeroy, Jay gives good advice.

  21. Wait, WTF is Teeroy Jenkins?

  22. Teeroy = TT

  23. TROY!!!!!! How did I miss that?????

    Welcome back Troy. So good to see you back!

  24. Just a small section of tiling left to do, then grout and seal.

    Next phase is to do minor repairs, then paint wall and trim. Then the fun stuff: new light fixture, pretty curtain over the sink window, etc.

    Gonna wait until September to pour the counter. That will give me time to make more sample boards and play around with the material. I’m going to pour the counter a day or two before we go away for a week, so it will have more than enough time to harden up with no chance of getting messed up while it’s’ still curing.

  25. Number four, is no more.

    Number five, took a nosedive. (in my fancy diy vole trap)

    *cracks knuckles*

    Now to don some disposable gloves to remove a carcass. Brrr

  26. Okay, number five was not a vole. It was a Mole.


    It’s fur looked really soft.

  27. Mole-lined jock strap

  28. Paula’s parents have a small dinette table made from a cut section of a huge tree off their land. The surface is sealed with some clear epoxy with different levels of epoxy across the whole table. It looks awful up close but from a distance it looks great. I bet they wished they had more practice.

  29. Lauraw, please consider showing us some before and afters or at least afters.

  30. Mole pelts were once in demand for clothing. The fashion starting turned a serious pest problem in Scotland into a nice revenue stream at the time.

  31. Mole pelts were once in demand for clothing. The fashion starting turned a serious pest problem in Scotland into a nice revenue stream at the time.


    I expected, “he wore onions on his belt as was the fashion of the day.”

  32. Onion-lined jock straps weren’t the smashing success that they were predicted to be

  33. We’re hosting a birthday party for one of Paula’s friends daughters. It’s an annual event unfortunately. A large group of her friend’s friends are here with a bunch of kids. Star gets locked up for the day and Rowan was allowed to be out. The girls were wrestling and of course Rowan got excited and tried to join in. I got a frantic phone call from Paula that Rowan bit one of them. Of course the cell coverage sucks at camp and I had to wait till I got home to discover it was just a scratch from him nipping at her. I had visions of being sued and getting involved in a lawsuit. So far so good but now Rowan is locked up with Star and has been barking for the last hour. I offered to take him home but she didn’t think that was needed. And I’m getting The Look about having my cigar.

  34. Sounds like a situation full of suck all the way around, Jimbro.

  35. I think I’m changing my mind again, and I’m looking at wallpaper pictures. I love a nice washable kitchen wallpaper with a little satin in it or maybe a soft damask. There’s so little actual wall left between the fixtures and cabinets that I could go a little bold without it looking like too much. Tempted to go for a cottage floral, too, but I think Scott will hate that.

  36. Cottage floral = supersonic faggotronic

  37. Zactly. Although I did find some florals in neutral colors that look pretty low key and not so, you know, Pink.

  38. Are you really prepared for the “I told you so”s from Scott when you have to remove it in a few years?

  39. Put the flower pattern in the bathroom. It helps to imagine a nice floral scent after Taco Tuesday

  40. How was the paella?s

  41. On the game camera this morning at 0200 was a young elk, running directly away from the camera, at speed. Two steps behind him was the cougar. The herd bull went after the cougar.
    Pretty cool, unless you are out there in the dark…

  42. Really cool, Chrispy.

  43. The paella was quite good. She made it from her grandfather’s recipe in his huge pan, over a wood fire. It wasn’t over produced like a lot of people do with paella. You could imagine simple folk whipping this up on the beach.

  44. Very cool, ChrisP.

  45. Daughter and I hit two malls this afternoon. The one was super busy but it’s located in a wealthier area where there aren’t so many strip malls around. Found a dress there…it’s a contender AND $52 on sale.

    The other is the super-dee-duper ritzy area….Plaza Frontenac. Had to see what Saks and Neiman Marcus had. Not impressed. Though Saks Fifth Ave has an outlet store that has more affordable dresses I may have shipped.

  46. The dance is interesting. A good crowd, lots of younger dancers. The dance is at a bowling alley, so there’s a very fifties vibe in the decor.

    The women are all dressed very well, the men are a mixed bag. A lot of jeans or slacks with Hawaiian shirts.

  47. Destitute, Edwin roamed Pittsburgh.

  48. Good morning ☀️

  49. Good morning. Busy day yesterday, but I think we have everything for Mini-me for college. She has been emailing her roommate and found out the roommate is looking forward to joining a sorority! (Epic eyeroll) I’m kind of hoping she does so Mini-me has the room to herself.

    Missionaries from Haiti were at Mass last night, fundraising. I can admire people who want to spread the Gospel, because I don’t think I’m brave enough for that.


    “Yes, the education systems bear some blame, but the parents are primarily at fault. No white racist can stop a black parent from reading to his child every night or teaching him basic multiplication.”

  51. @kimKBaltimore documented the conditions in West Baltimore on Twitter, which got the attention of President Trump and started this whole foofaraw with Elijah Cummings. I’m wondering how long it will be before she is deplatformed.


  53. Chrispy, that’s a cool update. Love to see that camera footage!

  54. The women are all dressed very well, the men are a mixed bag. A lot of jeans or slacks with Hawaiian shirts.

    That’s interesting. My 30 and 27 yo daughters talked me and their mama into doing a river float trip on the Guadalupe in central Texas yesterday. I wasn’t prepared for the level of hedonistic behavior I was gonna see. I’m 59 and in “work” shape but nowhere near Car in shape and I’m pretty sure I could’ve whipped the shit out of at least half of the under 35 males out there. Man, we are a nation of softies.

  55. Given that the activity of floating down a river is fairly sedentary i would imagine it draws a more sedentary lifestyle crowd resulting in a over representation sedentary body types.

    Back in the day i did one of those floaty things down a river outside of Tempe Az. I enjoyed it. But it was self guided so we just floated alone away from other groups.

    PS Your word for the day is …………not “sedentary”….

  56. It damn sure draws a drunken crowd. I drank six beers over four hours and was waaaaayyy behind the curve. Watching a 350 lb slob with a bac around .30% try to get out of the river walking on wet, slick limestone while carrying an ice chest and a tube is most interesting. If you’re uphill from him.

  57. Just got a tourism ad for the not-quite-a-shithole half of hispaniola.


  58. The black parent being illiterate or innumerate would stop that, but there are programs for that, too. The problem isn’t race, it’s low executive function or low IQ. Dipshittery is color-blind.

  59. “Yes, the education systems bear some blame, but the parents are primarily at fault. No white racist can stop a black parent from reading to his child every night or teaching him basic multiplication.”


    So very true.

  60. The problem isn’t race, it’s low executive function or low IQ. Dipshittery is color-blind.


    This is also very true.

  61. The upside of that: unless you a literal idiot, EF is teachable. A dim person can learn to plan carefully, execute scripted behaviors, and avoid obvious pitfalls. They will likely never innovate or improvise, but they will be useful, healthy people. All these retarded UBI proposals would just turn them into bipedal pets, assuming they can even manage said income, which is piss-poor assumption without training of some kind.

  62. Maine’s version of a float trip

  63. I’m thinking of getting a suppressor for my .22 semi-auto (i.e. my assaut rifle). Anyone have one they’d recommend?

  64. Of course “bepedal pets” is what too many of the UBI crowd want. So long, of course, as they can be trained to pull the right lever every couple of years.

    Forget wheat or soy, more money is spend and made farming electoral constituents than anything else in 2019 America.

  65. I was one of the guys in jeans and a Hawaiian shirt, because it was last minute and I didn’t know how formal the event was going to be. I agree about the softness of younger men. I see it a lot in Columbus: chubby or scrawny with a beard and soft hands. I’m no specimen of physical perfection, but I lift and run and occasionally hit the heavy bag so that I’m more fluffy than soft.

  66. “Aside from excessive alcohol it is unknown what caused the woman to collapse.”



  67. This is a river I’ve rafted a long time ago before moving to Maine. West Branch of the Penobscot River. This video is of a crazy kayaker because it looks more dramatic than the guided raft tour I went down the river with. They schedule trips to coincide with dam releases upstream.

    We camped near the rocks on the left side of the screen where you can see people overlooking the river. It’s in the middle of freaking nowhere on logging land off the Golden Road where most of the traffic is logging trucks going way too fast for the conditions.

  68. Missionaries from Haiti were at Mass last night, fundraising. I can admire people who want to spread the Gospel, because I don’t think I’m brave enough for that.


    Ditto, Roamy.

    On the other hand Catholics like you and Leon are great examples for anyone who is looking at the Catholic faith. You are a walking, talking kindness and thoughtful representative. Leon is a deep diver (Roamy is too) and really interesting in his analysis of scripture, saints and Vatican teaching.

    Those are both valuable in spreading the word.

  69. I’ve toyed with the idea of job centers providing a guaranteed job and hourly wage, but the work would be useless. Dig holes all day and fill them in, type up pages from classic novels, sort colored marbles by color and size, etc. You’d get paid a set wage, paid out each Friday, and would earn a half hour PTO for each day of work. Fridays would be required attendance at a job fair in the mornings.

    In return, the minimum wage would be eliminated.


  71. the level of hedonistic behavior I was gonna see

    PS Your word for the day is …………not “sedentary”….

    I’d be interested in your definition of “Hedonistic” as well.

  72. I guess I’ve never heard of Josh Harris before reading that article. In one ear, out the other.

    The best part of Christianity, for me anyway, is knowing that God understands we’re imperfect people and is willing to forgive most everything under the right conditions.

    *waits for Leon to shatter my understanding of the concept*

  73. Josh Harris is a classic, fervent, douche.

    “Do as I tell you, I’m certain it’s the right way because I’m making a shit ton of money off these books I’m selling. And being a pastor gives me the accolades and power I’ve been looking for my whole life, regardless of who I hurt along my journey of self-discovery and douchyness.”

  74. And his face is smarmy.

  75. The Baltimore thing is hilarious. Once again Trump gets the left to make asses of themselves and shines a light on Dem corruption and incompetence.

  76. I think it’s interesting how God uses the most flawed people to get things done. Trump for example. David of course, and then there’s Peter.

    *looks up nervously*

  77. “By all the measurements that I have for defining a Christian,”


    You don’t believe he existed?
    Don’t believe he is the savior?
    Don’t believe he performed miracles?
    Don’t believe he’s the Son of God?

  78. I’ve never heard of Josh Harris either.

  79. The Baltimore thing is hilarious
    Agree. I heard just a little about it on local news earlier and have missed most of the kerfuffle but I think when they actually shine a light on Baltimore, and the idiots polishing the turd that it has become, it will be amusing.

  80. Wasn’t “The Wire” about Baltimore? That has to be over 20 years old and it sucked then!

  81. Randy Newman had a song dissing Baltimore in the mid-70’s.

  82. I’m on Mr. RFH’s computer because mine is doing some shitty Windows update. I didn’t want to do the update now and clicked on “set time”, which immediately started the update. It’s been stuck on 25% complete for nearly an hour.

  83. I’d be interested in your definition of “Hedonistic” as well.

    I’ve been on bourbon street. This float trip was pretty similar to a night on bourbon street other than you bring your own alcohol as there are no vendors along the river. The part that pissed me off was young men standing in the shallows with bead necklaces trying to lure chicks to show their tits. If they weren’t getting the participation rate they wanted they’d run out and grab a tube or several and haul them to the shore turning up the pressure on their sales pitch. They were trying to act playful, but as the father of two of their unwilling customers, I found it menacing. And I’m getting too old to fight a dozen dudes at once.

  84. Ah. So we do have the same definition. Spring Break on the Guadalupe.

  85. Still at 25%. POS software.

  86. Jimbro,
    The Wire was Baltimore. I was reading the comments on an article about this Cummings/Trump dust-up. Comments by folks in Baltimore, who said that in the time of the show, the city was much more livable than it is now. That Cummings has never done shit for Baltimore. He’s much more interested in illegals and fucking with Trump than doing anything to clean up that shit-hole dump.

  87. I read up a bit on the Josh Harris bruhaha yesterday. The likelihood that his next announcement will be his adoption of penis-sipping as his new vocation and greatest source of strength and piety seems extremely high.

    I was also unaware of his arch-heretical “sexual prosperity gospel” (basically, total abstinence prior to marriage will get you the hawtest mate and best sex evar after marriage) from the earlier part of his ministry. Makes Osteen seem tame.

  88. Many thanks for the compliment, Mare, but I’d be terrible at teaching the faith these days. The best I can muster is “look, I have no reasonable hope of Heaven, but you do, and if I have to be in Hell, I want it as empty as possible because I hate crowds, here’s what you need to know…”

  89. Some dumbass was saying that because Johns Hopkins is in Baltimore, everything is hunky-dory. I’m sorry, you can’t use the number of Ph.D’s there as “proof” of the education level of the Baltimore public education system.

  90. Leon, I know we are supposed to approach the Lord with fear and trembling, but God is at work in you (Philippians 2:12-13), and we have hope in the Resurrection.

  91. Did Leon murder someone and he’s working up the courage to tell us?

  92. Heh. Most I claim is “a prime example of a bad example”…

  93. Thank you, Mare, I try. I don’t want to be over-confident in my salvation, but neither do I want to be like my paternal grandparents who, despite being lifelong members of a Christian church, were both clearly terrified of dying. One of my patron saints is St. Therese of Liseaux, who wrote about the Little Way of doing small things with great love. (My other patron saint is St. Jerome, who was a curmudgeon.)

    What I fear is the part in the penitential rite about “what I have failed to do”. I am lazy and self-focused, and I’m sure God is going to show me what I could have done if I’d looked up, reached out, taken some action. And I really ought to go to Confession more often, but I don’t like going to my priest (he is impatient).

  94. And this POS computer is still updating. Someone get me a voodoo doll of Bill Gates. (That’ll get me another year in purgatory.)

  95. My mom’s patron saint is also St. Therese. I am familiar with the idea of the little way.

  96. We did some white water kayaking in Maine. I don’t remember the name of the river but it was basically white water for dummies.

    The water was deep, so if you flipped over you wouldn’t get knocked out by anything.

    Still, it was quite the rush.

  97. My patron saint is your mom

    *in before Hotspur*

  98. I still remember the safety briefing about how to orient yourself if you went into the water in the rapids. “Point your feet downstream and float on the surface so you don’t get wedged under any branches at the bottom. If you do, no one will be able to pull you out before you drown.” Shit got real. Thankfully we managed to stay in the raft.

  99. I tried kayaking in New Zealand and discovered it was nothing like sea kayaking. Aside from being dunked once in Casco Bay and being mildly hypothermic for a couple of hours afterwards it was a lot easier. I spent most of the time in New Zealand swimming after my kayak and gathering my gear from the river.

  100. Should New Zealand be on my bucket list? Even if I don’t kayak?

  101. Definitely. Well worth the trip. I went in my intern year. Our schedule gave us one month rotations through various services and the vacation came as a whole month all at once. The trip to and from NZ took 24 hours with multiple connections so it was affordable. We spent 3-1/2 weeks there and stayed at both campgrounds and low budget motels. We rented a car and pretty much made our minds up on destinations along the way. Spent the time on the South Island which is a little wilder than the north Island.

  102. Boston to Houston to San Francisco to Honolulu to Auckland to Christchurch on the way there. Completely forget the itinerary on the way home. It seemed shorter coming back but I may have just blocked that out.

  103. No murders, I fall into mortal sin continually. When I do, I get angry first with myself, then with God. Not for making me flawed — He didn’t, the flaws are mine alone — but for making me at all. I didn’t have to exist (and be bound for Hell) that was His choice. I shouldn’t be here at all if all I’m going to do is burn. Further, because I have no hope, I have no hope to share. I am not His hands on this earth in any meaningful way, I’m not inclined to evangelism in the slightest.

    At best, I’m an arrogant scold telling people that whatever awful thing we’re seeing wouldn’t have happened if we’d just followed the rules God laid out for us. So, as I’m perpetually not fulfilling the great commission, even if I were to somehow stop forfeiting my state of grace, I’ve still been no good to Him in any real way. I still pray, but it’s anger, never gratitude, because I have none. You’re supposed to start real prayer with thanksgiving, and I’m not thankful, I’m angry that I was made. I’m tired of struggling and failing, I hurt all the time, and I’m trapped. I exist, I hate myself, but I know that I can’t change because I’ve tried for years and haven’t. Every time I think it’s really behind me, I’m wrong. I fall to temptation. I’m pretty sure that eventually I won’t bother getting back up.

    Yes, I know how unreasonable all that is. I know that scripture should give me hope, I know that continuing to confess and struggle with sin is “enough” even if I never truly conquer it this side of the grave. Doesn’t help, probably because I’m also convinced that if I think for even a moment that I’m going to Heaven, then I’m damned for sure out of pride if nothing else.

    Please ignore this comment and go on with your day or just keep chatting. I sensed curiosity and wanted to answer it, but this is my burden. Sharing it makes it worse, not better, if only because I don’t want anyone to worry on my behalf. Don’t.

  104. Oversharing killed it.

  105. Dancing again. Good crowd. Leon, I’m sure that there are a lot of people who feel the same way that you do. You will be fine.

  106. Leon, the love that you feel for Possum is an infinitesimal percentage of the love that God feels for you, whether you believe it or not. (When she gets to be a teenager, you will understand). And His love for you is always there, no matter what.

    You will be welcomed into Heaven with open arms, because you will be coming home to the One who has loved you from before you were born.

  107. He loves me, I know that. My actions and anger suggest that the feeling isn’t mutual, and that’s on me.

  108. Mass today only left me slightly pissed off. When we were in CO, a few weeks ago, there was a priest from Goa, raising money for a monastery that the Carmelites only recently were allowed access to, we gave more money to the second basket than to the church. It was St Thomas More and 7AM was packed. 💰💰💰It was a weird mix of money and traditional Catholicism. We have been going to our traditional parish. Downtown is too dangerous. Diocese priest is almost as SJW as the Jesuits. I just hold my tongue and take deep breaths. Dan deserves a more faithful and less angry spouse.

  109. part of the sermon today was sophistry. on display on facebook

  110. Ours was about “Persistence”. We did get to sing the “Die Hard” song. So, there’s that.

  111. Our new block schedule. I work 4-12:30. Dan works 5-1:30. I don’t drive. Wait for Dan in the breakroom. MaryAnn is getting used to eating between 3-4:30. Days off are Thursday and Sunday. Today, she let Dan sleep until 5:30. She’s generous like that

  112. An die Freude. One of my favorites. Very pretty, even in German.

  113. I’m cleaning the air filter on Monster, going to take a little jaunt around the outerbelt when I’m done.

    I thought that the confessional provided absolution and a fresh start once you did some chants and beads. That’s how it works in the movies. If knowledge of the Lord’s plan just makes you miserable and lose all hope, what’s the point of being scholarly at all? If all you get is guilt then the Baptists have that and some snappier hymns, too.

    I know you didn’t want to talk about it Leon but I do wish you would lighten-up on yourself, Francis.

  114. I thought that the confessional provided absolution and a fresh start once you did some chants and beads. That’s how it works in the movies. If knowledge of the Lord’s plan just makes you miserable and lose all hope, what’s the point of being scholarly at all?

    It does, absolutely. After a valid confession and the associated penance you walk away in a state of grace no less than one freshly baptized. You can lose that state, and validity of the sacrament requires a firm intention to avoid future sin. My firm intentions are shit, I’ve learned, and that makes it hard to approach the sacrament, or to feel any genuine relief when I am able to do so. It becomes a question of how long I can white-knuckle it until the next time.

  115. Had a little 2nd Amendment celebration with Rocketboy, FDIL, Mini-me and Mini-me’s boyfriend. MMB brought his AR-15. Lunch was grilled hamburgers, broccoli and carrots with homemade blue cheese dressing, and peach shortcake. Rocketboy and FDIL have left, MMB is still here. I just took out some chicken to thaw for dinner in case he hangs around for another meal.

  116. Computer is still updating. We have moved off the 25% complete to “restarting”, which has been the last half hour or more. Bill Gates still needs a kick in the jimmies.

  117. I packed a pile of china and a drum set.

  118. Sounds like a good time Roamie, although if MMB is going to stick around we are going to need a better nickname.

  119. Very interesting reading your comments.

    Thank you for your honesty.

    A lot to think about.

  120. It has to be a valid confession. Dan isn’t angry. He just expects me to be his shotgun. I am angry. I H8 our previous and current Archbishop. I H8 the Church. I H8 the Pope. I see his pain that I cause with my anger. He supported me when I walked out on SJW priests. I see his pain from being away from the Eucharist. Time to support Dan and bring him home.

  121. Hotspur, back in the day…..

  122. Damn, Leon, nobody’s perfect. If you set your standards too high, you’ll never meet them. Keep it simple: try to do the right thing, don’t lie, cheat, or steal. If you make a mistake, learn from it and then let it go.

    I have a real issue with setting too high a goal, then failing to reach it. Setting a lower goal, that you can reach, is much more rewarding.

  123. I was speaking Spanish and making fun of white people. With a Chimayoso co. We were laughing. Dan understood “Blanco Basura”. He was offended. He likes my paycheck

  124. if MMB is going to stick around we are going to need a better nickname.

    I am open to suggestions. I’m just a little surprised that he is still around. Mini-me talked the big talk about not getting serious because she was leaving for MO, but he’s been here a lot the last few weeks. She bought a souvenir for him in Maine, and he brought back a souvenir from his family vacation. He also sent a postcard. She is working on a craft project for his dorm room.

    They are currently watching classic Star Trek (“I, Mudd”).

  125. For Beasn, and Leon.

  126. Pepe, they aren’t my standards. That’s the trouble.

  127. Exactly, Leon. We are Simpatico. I am not technically in grave sin. I despise our hierarchy and I feel hypocritical for receiving Communion.

  128. For Beasn, and Leon.

    I don’t think you are helping.

  129. What should we talk about now?

  130. Before we talk about ass potatoes or something else equally excellent, I just want to tell Leon the besides being a good father (which is enough) God is using him for other things, even here. That will be enough too.

  131. Probably best I wasn’t here to chime in this afternoon. Would have been redundant anyway.

  132. Possum took a nap today from 530 to 730. I’m going to have to stay up half the night with her now.

  133. There is only one perfect being and it isn’t us. Sin and fail was baked into the cake. It’s a given.

    Try being a confirmed Catholic who has never been to confession. Ever. Too scared that I’ll have to give all the horrendous details of my sins and too ashamed. Too dumb/stubborn to get my head around the idea of having to go through a third party.

    —>>>Insert many paragraphs written and deleted of how much I’ve been struggling like you are, here. <<Insert another paragraph of feeling like it’s really going to suck sitting in a really hot place having to share the same sulfuric fumes with the Clintons. If you guys are there too, can you sit with me for a while?<<–

    On my good days I recognize how exhausting it is to continually beat myself up, so I get up and try again. What else can I do? And I am thankful that I do get up. I focus on little things – how happy the birds sound this time of year, a nice breeze on a summer day. Baby steps to get me out of the hole. Helping my neighbor even though a tiny part of me regrets agreeing to it (the part I'm continually working to STFU). Helping MIL even though I feel our only connection is her son. Trying a different tactic and killing my daughter with kindness when she picks a fight and hurts my feelings…then try to use it in other areas instead of snarling. Ahhh, but can I ever do that with my estranged family? Then I fall on my face again. Rinse, repeat….one reason why I lose track of time and all of the sudden five months go by and i panic that I can't fit into a nice dress without looking like a potato in a nice dress. It's paralyzing and life wasting.

    At the very least, leon, what mare said. You are a deep diver and I too am interested in your analysis of scripture, saints and Vatican teaching. I learn things. That's worth something. You are a father and you care for your family. That's a big something.

    And you are our friend. We care about you and we can worry about you if we want BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT OUR REAL DAD!!

  134. Naps are bad, m’kay?

  135. leon, other than today, have you guys been able to get Possum on a workable bedtime schedule?

  136. Yeah, never let a little kid nap that late in the day. Keep their crabby behinds up as long as you can and then send them to bed early. And then teach them how to keep themselves safely entertained if they get up too early. Or just move to the sofa when they get up and snooze while they watch cartoons and eat Cheerios off the floor.

  137. It could be worse, leon.

    You could wonder from time to time which is worse–the possibility that you’re bound for Hell, or the possibility that you’re already there.

    With that cheery note, g’night all.

  138. I think we all wonder that, Bro.

    Even Mother Teresa struggled.

    Pepe, they aren’t my standards. That’s the trouble.

    You’re meeting some of them mostly, yes? Accept that you’re human and you’re going to screw up.

  139. Speaking of screw ups, the husband barbecued some pork loin and I forgot to put them away after dinner. They’ve been sitting out for five hours.
    I think they’ll be okay.

    *frets about pork ebolas*

  140. Downtown Edinburgh restricts parking.

  141. Good morning, good people.

  142. Wakey wakey

    How long is it going to take this stupid browser to learn that and stop correcting?

    It seems to me that leon needs to let go of his anger. it’s non-productive. Whatever you’re trying right now isn’t working. Try something else.

  143. Busy day today. Going to crackfat. Then pre- laser installation eye appointment. D-day is Wednesday, so if you have anything you want me to see before I put my vision at risk, send it now.

  144. Stella and moose are SNUGGLED up at my feet.

    When I got up, the chickens were out (in my veggie garden). GAH. So I go to round them up and that asshole rooster starts acting like a total asshole.


    She was a good girl. I mean, not a GREAT girl, because that would have ended with a dead rooster. But she chased that stupid rooster into the coop.

    I think I can earn Leon’s salvation if he drives over and kills that rooster for me.

  145. CoAlex, when you come up for the concert I have a present for you. Bring a little box. Some chicken feed. IT’S A SURPRISE.

  146. For whoever needs this. Which should be everyone to one degree or another.

    2 Corinthians 12:7-9?

    To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

  147. D-day is Wednesday, so if you have anything you want me to see before I put my vision at risk, send it now.
    Jessica Yanniv lingerie set coming your way!

  148. leon, other than today, have you guys been able to get Possum on a workable bedtime schedule?

    We had her on one, but the last two days she’s decided 5pm is naptime.

    MMM in about 15.

  149. I think I can earn Leon’s salvation if he drives over and kills that rooster for me.

    I’ll ask Possum if she wants to spend 8 hours in the car today.

    Have a sharp knife and some twine ready.

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