Hello cat fanciers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your feature is an adult model from Redditch, England, born December 19, 1988, 30G-22-32 and 5’6″ at 108lbs. Please soak your duck and welcome, Miss Kitty Lea!








  1. Kitty. Meow. Get it?

  2. Well done btw

  3. Thanks n8.

  4. Nice. I want the red and black outfit.

  5. David Cameron is giving a Obama a run for his money in the petulance dept.

  6. The Queen is going to have to step in at some point, I think. Parliament is going to foot drag on this until civil war breaks out.

  7. I had to school the boys on what this means. They may not understand now but they’ll at least know where they were when it happened.

  8. Nice model Pups. Her face is not a liability.

  9. I haven’t really been following the brexit since I didn’t think they could pull it off against the globalists. So, what did you tell yer lads Jimbro?

  10. Well, well. AP was wrong last night.

    Good for the UK.

    Now that the sky won’t fall a lot of people are going to look silly.

  11. Congreats GB!! wakey wakey

  12. Didn’t Obama go over there and lecture them to stay? They should have known that was the kiss of death.

  13. Britain is … out? Britain is out.

  14. I am wearing this t shirt today.

  15. He actually told them they’d be in the back of the queue for trade deals.

    The queue.

    What a douche.

  16. ba haaa haaaaa

  17. Is she capable of closing her lips?

  18. Somewhere, Churchill smiles.

  19. The contrast between Morning Joe and Fox and Friends is hilarious.

    Black Friday™ vs Independence Day™.


    ICYI yesterday…

  20. Today’s model has that certain look about her … profound unawareness.

  21. Ms Lea either has the boob job in the history of bolt ons, or they’re real.

    A careful google search leads me to believe they’re real.

  22. Well then. I thought that the world was coming to an end on Facedouche last night.

  23. Happiest little man in England: Boris Johnson’s Johnson.

    That weird little dude is going to have to hire a pussy bouncer.

  24. the updates to twitter make it even worst than it was.

    I rarely go, but NOW when I get bored enough to check it out, my page is filled with “While you were away” bs, and the heck if i can find the current stuff.

    It’s not intuitive.

    LOOK, if I wanted to know what was going on “while I was away” – I wouldn’t have gone away.

    Stupid plateform

  25. I don’t even know how to get rid of all that. I just see what everyone was saying 18 hours ago, etc. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT.


  27. GNDs firm is putting out talking points about Brexit.


  28. TT: just the idea of the EU and comparing it to the scenario of a US state leaving the union (of course adding that the union they have is far less strong than ours). Also compared Cameron resigning with Obama stepping down to which they both said I’d be happy, right Jim?

  29. Please excuse the grammar construct of my last comment. Typing on an iPhone with crappy wifi is a pita

  30. Ok, I ordered my stain. It was mailed from Bloomfield Hills (about 45 min south of me. ) sent to Lake Orion – about 25 min from me – right by my costco. THen it was sent to Perrysburg Oh, and now it’s in Sagniaw.


    Why it was sent from Lake Orion (a major/huge Fed ex center) to Ohio and then saginaw… I don’t know . Someone please explain.

  31. Sagniaw is a good hour plus. I don’t know how far PErrysburg is – it’s somewhere south of TOledo.

  32. Leon to explain logistics in 3…2…1…

  33. Logistics is funny.

    I don’t know if FedEx still sends everything to Memphis first like they used to, but that would stimulate some interesting conversations with customers sometimes, when they would track their package.

  34. Logistics killed it.

    Way to go, MJ.

  35. Can you further describe how a load build works, or whether or not the logistics model further integrates with the supply chain?

    *balances anvil over bathroom door, puts turbo lax in leon’s meat smoothie

  36. >>puts turbo lax in ….

    That reminds me. I have to do my taxes.

  37. Ha ha ha haaa

  38. meat smoothie

    I love this.

  39. I imagine leon having a big glass of this every morning:

  40. ok, that is disgusting.

    I won’t be surprised if Leon really does consume that.

    He might come and scientifically explain to us why this is not disgusting, and the disgust is just a chemical malfunction in our cerebral cortexes.

  41. Hey, I eat that stuff! It’s delicious!

  42. I’m told it’s deadly to mimes, in the hands of an expert penguin.

  43. So, who’s n8, and why didn’t anyone ask him the traditional question?

  44. Fuck that, I drink coffee with cream in it in the morning, and I know fuckall about logistics.

    I just got done with my interview that started at 830 and didn’t include lunch.

  45. You know, this blog was much funnier when xbrad was here more.

  46. Bullshit.

  47. Leon preparing his breakfast. Just tenderizing the meat a bit.

  48. Cheap bastards! You sure you wanna work with them?

  49. Mare is getting frisky

  50. Funnier smelling.

  51. Bullshit.
    I’m dying over here! Totally hilarious!

  52. Cheap bastards! You sure you wanna work with them?

    The last guy got tacked on at the last minute, and we actually finished at 1245 or so, but I had to drive to Dearborn after that before I could come talk to you people*.

  53. Who you callin’ “you people”?


  54. A priest, a rabbi, a doctor and a lawyer are gathered at a mutual friend’s graveside to mourn his passing.

    The priest says to the others, “I think our good friend would have liked to take something with him to his next life.” He pulls a $100 bill from his wallet and drops it on the casket.

    The rabbi agrees, “That’s a fine idea,” and drops his own $100 bill on the casket.

    The doctor, not to be outdone, does the same.

    The lawyer murmurs, “What a wonderful thought,” as he gazes down at their friend’s casket. Whipping out his pen, he quickly writes a check for $400, drops it into the grave and takes the three $100 bills as change.

  55. That would be a pretty dangerous interview for me, Leon. When I get hungry I get wacky.

  56. I still haven’t eaten. Making keto pizza as soon as I get home.

  57. Looks like New Haven, CT got a shipment of our “Hot” west-coast heroin:

  58. How do you put Keto on pizza?

  59. That’s been all over the news today, Crispy.

  60. It’s the crust, Jay. Mozzarella, cream cheese, and almond flour. Then Rao’s pasta sauce instead of the regular stuff. Normal toppings after that. It’s pretty good.

    I also won’t be able to cook/eat it right away, now that I’m thinking about it. Wife needs some horsey time.

  61. The amount of butthurt British lefties are putting on display makes American lefties seem stoic in comparison.

  62. I am afraid that British politicians will drag their feet over actual exit, and try to subvert the will of people.

    The only thing that can preempt this? If 2-3 other countries manage to force a referendum and vote for the door, EU will weaken enough that attempts to remain will become pointless.

  63. So, London Stock exchange’s FTSE index down 3%.
    Pound was down 11% but now down only 9%. And it will recover over next 2-3 trading sessions.

    This is the train wreck they were predicting?
    Looks more like the train running a bit slow.

  64. The EU is going to allow the UK to leave, like Lincoln allowed the Confederacy to leave.

    There will be blood.

  65. Speaking of trains, the Seattle Assholes really like their “Light Rail” and want to expand it. In order to get the money to do so, they want the counties north and south of them to pay for it.
    They promise it will reach south to Tacoma by 2030. All we need to do is increase property tax, sales tax, and the motor-vehicle excise tax for the next 15 fuckin’ years before we ever see a train.
    I don’t think so, but the stupidity of voters is demonstrated again and again…

  66. So much for the vaunted Stiff Upper Lip.

    And I don’t know that I’d fear any part of the EU “war machine”. Germany’s gutted, and the average German wants to leave the EU as well, if only to stop the flood of invaders and quit paying for Greek and Italian retirements. The French might still have an army or something, but they won’t bother.

  67. Most European countries have Militaries that can fight only between 9 Am and 5 PM on weekdays, due to union rules.

    One SAS detachment can take out 2-3 EU countries over a weekend.

  68. And be home for the evening tea.
    Cheerio! Pip pip!

  69. Chris, that heroin was being sold as cocaine.

    Better margins I guess. Cops rain out of Narcan since most of the people required two doses.

  70. oh, and Toodle-loo too.

  71. Scott,
    The stuff that showed up here was sold as heroin and in pills that looked like norco, Oxy, and vicodin.
    Came from China, through Mexico, and up the coast.
    Killed lots of people on the way.
    Still hearing the calls on the scanner…

  72. Young Brits are kvetching that the older folks voted for EXIT, and the youngsters will have to live with that decision far longer.

    Hey young assholes, maybe the old people, who have seen more life than you, are worried about your future, and are doing what they think is right for you, even if your heads are filled with nothing but lofty ideals and vegan muesli.

  73. Come on, Tushar, everyone knows that the young is the pool of knowledge in every society!

  74. The EU is going to allow the UK to leave, like Lincoln allowed the Confederacy to leave.

    There will be blood.

    Given the state of Continental military capability, that’s going to look more like a slapfight than Gettysburg.


  76. #Breastxit?

  77. Scott, that is awesome!!!! 🎶🎶🎶

  78. Hanging out at a nearby farm with Possum while the wife interviews a new horse candidate.

  79. WTF puts radishes in a salad? Oh, right. Dan. Dan to Oso: pick them out.

  80. Hope the new horse isn’t glue factory or steak bait.

  81. I’m kinda heartless on the bad drug/overdose issue. It’s just part of Darwin’s plan IMHO. Of course, the fact that I never took any of that shit, even once, because I was skeered I’d like it too much to quit may be influencing my lack of concern for those who ride it all the way to the grave.

  82. PG, my law dog cousin lost his 23 yr old son to it in OCT. It’s a hell of a drug. I’m Darwining with you though.

  83. Greetings, Brexit enthusiasts and sour, pinch-faced fans of sclerotic, unaccountable transnational bureaucracy.

  84. Brexit? Texit!!! Yee haw!

  85. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 24, 2016 3:44 pm

    Wife needs some horsey time.

    Leon humming “Back in the saddle again” as he hurries home…..

  86. I have an 11 month old, I don’t even remember the saddle.

  87. They want too much for him, but he seems like a good candidate for the farm. Going to see if we can haggle them down a bit, methinks.

  88. https://

  89. Fuck you, Colex. Fuck you.

  90. I’m not opening that shit.

  91. Evening. Let’s seem some Breastixts.

  92. Big, giant, and comfy!

  93. It’s just a video about horses.

  94. Maybe there’s hope for these silly fuckers yet.

  95. Face chimp comment:

    “Britain went to the dentist today. Yes, it will hurt like hell in the short term, but long term there was no other choice but to go and get it sorted out.”

  96. Was Lemming of the BDA behind the leave campaign?

  97. They’re still gonna have messed up teeth.

  98. Wiser at the music store.

  99. I’m old. I broke bones as a kid. AC kills me as an adult. In the Winter, my collarbones forcast snow. Broken collarbones were my fault. My mom screamed and interupted my perfect execution of a somersault from the top bunk to the bed across the room. Arthritis sucks

  100. Mr. RFH said after stopping at Harbor Freight and the grocery store on the way home, he felt like he had a Hostage shopping list there in the trunk. A 400-lb. hoist, a 12 pack of beer, a 4-foot long pry bar, three frozen pizzas, a folding chair, a bottle of wine, and two rain jackets.

  101. he forgot the 4 1/2 Morse Taper….

    how in the hell are you supposed to align your weekend now??!!!111

  102. Whatever Wiserbud says about dinner is a lie.

  103. Hahahaha…..Mr. Roamy is awesome!!

  104. Why no flamethrower?

  105. He forgot the midget.

  106. Beaver Utah has a Wendy’s.

    I’m sure the food is just fine.

  107. Why no flamethrower?

    3-day waiting period for brass fittings.

    He forgot the midget.

    Mini-me does get to ride up front.

  108. Dinner was awesome.


  109. 3-day waiting period for brass fittings.

    If it saves just one life…

  110. Buy your fittings online.


  111. If you say loophole three times, Hotspurs mom appears.

  112. You should get that cough checked out, wiser. Food-borne illnesses are no joke.

  113. Xbrad is chanting loophole right now.

  114. I’m sure the meat was cooked properly….. eventually….

    And the potatoes were done to perfe…..

    Look, all I’m saying is ….. we survived.

    And isn’t that what a good dinner party is all about?

  115. The lawn-meat was rinsed well.

  116. >>>>The lawn-meat was rinsed well.

    And we should know, by this time tomorrow, who recieved it.

  117. Look, all I can say here is….

    Lots of BTUs were generated in honor of the Brexit.

    And hopefully, someday, somewhere, Lauraw can redeem herself.

    And this is from the guy who tried to serve raw shrimp.

  118. Raw shrimp are fine as long as they’re fresh to begin with.

    I’m pretty sure that’s right.

  119. Ok, I need help here.

    I swear I saw a story online recently about a covert op guy saying that his ops were suddenly starting to fail. The guys they were going after suddenly weren’t there when his team arrived.

    So he decided to stop coordinating with the state department. After which, his ops started becoming successful again.

    Does anyone else remember reading about this? ‘Cause I seem to be having trouble finding this story.

  120. >>>>Raw shrimp are fine as long as they’re fresh to begin with.

    Sushi, amirite?

    Btw, Sean, have you gotten an”ok” to post at WFP again yet?

  121. i haven’t seen anything since Chris sent out that last email saying not to post anything new until further notice. Which is okay because I can’t think of anything to write about at the moment.

  122. >>>>i haven’t seen anything since Chris sent out that last email saying not to post anything new until further notice

    Ok. Just making sure I hadn’t missed anything.

    Meanwhile….. Seriously? After this week’s insanity? You’ve got nothing??!?!?

  123. Oh, I could probably write something if I had to, but I can’t think of anything original to say about any of it. I was thinking of doing something on the Brexit, but it would involve some actual reporting. You know, talking to people. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  124. Talking to people?

    Fuck that shit.

    We’re pundits now. Spew whatever makes you feel good!

  125. So he decided to stop coordinating with the state department. After which, his ops started becoming successful again.


    Please let me know if you find this link.

  126. I was kind of thinking about calling the British consulate in L.A. to see if I could ask some dumb questions, but I’m not sure that would actually work. I was also thinking about going to one of these restaurants and talking to the manager as if I thought they had something to do with it.

  127. Dude…. You are far more experienced than I am in getting “news”

    And now you have a press pass.

    Go for it!

  128. Well, somehow I managed to fuck up my foot. Man it is sore.

  129. >>>Please let me know if you find this link.

    I’ve been searching for a couple of hours.

    I heard it. I read it. And suddenly, it’s gone

  130. Well, somehow I managed to fuck up my foot. Man it is sore.

    Ooooooh. I hope for your sake it’s not…El Goutcho.

  131. I don’t think so, but NO El Goutcho!

  132. I heard it. I read it. And suddenly, it’s gone

    If they can make youtube videos disappear, I’m sure an article is child’s play.

  133. I don’t care about your past
    I just want our derp to last
    I don’t care darlin’ about your faults
    I just want to satisfy your pulse

  134. Oso, I’m not saying your childhood clavicle fractures are not the cause of your AC joint arthritis but unless the fracture was at the AC joint and/or an AC joint separation the likelihood is pretty small. Plus, AC joint arthritis at our age group is pretty common in its own right.

    I had an AC joint separation as a 17 year old and had surgery to reduce it which I later learned was a mistake. Beginning about 10 years after I had arthritis and pain. Finally got a resection in 1999 which gave instant relief.

  135. This is all I found wiser

    I bet XBrad knows more. If we can just get him to stop saying “loophole” and start searching….

  136. *shakes head*


  137. A-ha! I think this might be it.

  138. From the last one,

    “We had good intel. We knew where he was,” Johnson said. “He would be gone three hours before, sometimes as little as a half-hour before. We knew he was getting tipped off somehow.”

    Johnson came to believe that unsecure chatter between Clinton staffers in DC and the US Embassy in Manila was to blame.

    I figured it had to be a normal news site, not one of the tinfoil hat ones.

  139. Jimbro found it first. Man, there’s a lot of crap out there.

  140. I did a search and immediately discarded over half the links as being tinfoil hatters.

  141. Paula went to Def Leppard last night with one of her work friends last night. During the concert she turned around and was shocked to see a woman, in her words, “an old lady with her top lifted up showing off her boobs”. She said Holy Fuck!! loud enough that the lady and her friends heard her and they all started laughing.

    When I asked her what she meant by “old” she said 50’s.


  142. I can’t immediately discount those anymore. I have no doubt there are hundreds of horror stories about which we hear nothing at all and which can never be proven. I won’t cite them, but I don’t always disbelieve, either.

  143. wakey wakey

  144. But the coffeeis, great!

  145. By “horror stories” I wasn’t referring to 50-something boobs. I’m sure many of those are quite nice. I’m sure some are also horror stories, but I wasn’t referring to them.

  146. 400-lb. hoist, a 12 pack of beer, a 4-foot long pry bar, three frozen pizzas, a folding chair, a bottle of wine, and two rain jackets.

  147. Roamie, this may be relevant to your interests:


  149. Today:

    weeding around house
    weeding garden
    hang out with daughter while wife interviews more horses
    weed pond if there’s still time before mosquitoes

  150. Idiocracy:

    The service at this place sucks.

  151. Today:


    something something


    What is wrong with people???

  153. I have nothing to pack!

    My 32 day work week has come to an end.

  154. Imagine the tips, though.

  155. Hey Scott, I need a link to the garden blerg.

  156. Carin, if I had to guess, it’s that they like beejers and aren’t getting them for free. Also man’s fallen, depraved, and sinful nature.

    That said, it’s really just a brothel selling coffee. And antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea.

  157. Why not 33?

  158. I need a ruling here. I video recorded a guy at the airport without his knowledge or consent. I want to share the video for fun but not profit.

    What are my liabilities?

  159. Pupster, I think that’s from Smarter Every Day. He lives here in HSV and works on the Army side of the Arsenal. Nice guy.

  160. Comment by Car in on June 25, 2016 8:59 am

    What is wrong with people???

    So I’m guessing you’ve never been blown while drinking your morning coffee?

  161. Ok, so if Brexit was so bad for UK, why is the London FTSE down only 3% while the German DAX and French CAC 40 down 8-9%?

  162. We’re talking oral sex here Tushar. Take that serious shit somewhere else. 😃

  163. If mrs. Pendejo goes to a def lepard concert, I’m going with her. If she’s gonna flash her magnificent 55 year old rack, I wanna see it too.

  164. No liability Pupster….. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in public spaces. Wont stop em from suing you. Anyone can sue anyone for just about anything. Doesn’t mean they will prevail.

  165. PG! Racks usually develop around the age of 15. So, you are saying Mrs PG is about 70 years old?

  166. I stand corrected. I met her when she was 18. She barely had one at that time.

  167. >>She barely had one at that time.

    The fuck? She grew them one at a time?

  168. File this under “Weird Shit That Happens to Pupster”

    So I’m waiting for a flight at a crowded gate, I’m seated in the waiting area and this guy is about 5 feet away in front of me. He’s constantly in motion, moving from foot to foot, flexing his legs, doing stretches and toe touches. There are about 100 people around but he’s right in front of me. He kept this up for about 15 minutes, the whole time I was sitting there. I moved away.

    My contention is he is a gay peacock in heat. Mrs. Pupster says he just had leg cramps.

  169. Black raspberries are ripening all over today. I could probably gather a quart if I wanted.

  170. I used to get fidgety if I was missing a workout and I had been doing it regularly. I was manlier about it than that dweeb, though. Especially at an airport when I could just walk a bunch or do some pushups.

  171. New poat.

  172. Yes, I have done pushups in an airport, what?

  173. He looks like he’s maybe on a little something to me.

  174. That guy is gay. Clothes tell that story. He might have been preening for you and your man beard, Pups.

  175. The first thing that goes through my mind when I have my morning coffee is not “Hey, a BJ sounds good!” but rather “There better not be anyone on the shitter when I get to the bottom of this cup”

  176. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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