Livin’ on the internet

Hello, Saturday people. Kids are off to a Doctor Who convention. Wiserradio in an hour and a half. I have the ingredients to try the 1735 fried chicken recipe that XBrad posted earlier in the week.
Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
liberal 101
Makes about as much sense as “xer”.
**goes to flash bewbs, forgets why I’m pulling my shirt up**
old bands
Thank you for your attention, and y’all have a good day.


  1. Pupster’s dude looks like he’s on something to me. Addrall or something.

  2. Did some baby time this morning so wife could clean a saddle up for sale. Added a chore I’d forgotten: add another diagonal support to corner 6×6 in pasture fence.

  3. Good poat roamy.

  4. Comment by Jimbro on June 25, 2016 10:55 am

    The first thing that goes through my mind when I have my morning coffee is not “Hey, a BJ sounds good!” but rather “There better not be anyone on the shitter when I get to the bottom of this cup”

  5. Hopped up on speed balls.

  6. That first one cracked me up. I heard a long winding story about GMO’s on NPR this morning that I eventually gave up on listening to when I got to the dump. It was prompted by VT’s new requirement for GMO labeling effective 1 July 16. The law required a definition of exactly what GMO was and there was so much hair splitting my eyes eventually glazed over.

  7. Gay peacock o too much caffeine looking for a blowie after his coffee.

  8. o = on

  9. You haters, making fun of a person with medical condition.

    That is clearly a man suffering from Restless Fag Syndrome.

  10. Sometimes you want to turn your life around 180 degrees, but life makes you turn 360 degrees.

  11. Sometimes 180 degrees is better.

  12. Looks like she’s an experienced rider

  13. She seems nice.

  14. Today’s goal – figure out why the Mosquito Magnet stopped working.

  15. Car in probably has a Restless Fag Syndrome album on her iPod.

  16. This is the first time I have seen someone ride the mechanical bull successfully, and gracefully to boot.

    I wonder if this was pre-practised routine.

  17. Today’s Goal…….try not to die. Ugh. My heart decided to remind me that Im getting old which resulted in a 18 hr “visit” to the hospital this week. My health is fairly good (all things considered). Unfortunately, the conditions I do have all seem to fall under the “unusual” category. I have chronic kidney stones for which there is no pharmaceutical intervention (other than pain mgmt) and I have “ideopathic” (big word for we dont know) re-occurrent pericarditis. When this pericarditis kicks in it fucks me up real good, real quick (feels like someone is stabbing you in the heart each time it beats.)

    Yay Me! Fortunately it responds to prednisone very quickly. This has prompted me to recognize that I must quit smoking cigarettes (and other, how should I say….non conventional material currently legal in other states). immediately. So if you see a news story out of central illinois about a man being insane…. it’ll probably be me. It wouldnt take much to get me into a “I have to burn down your house cause you looked at me “funny” mood.

  18. Today’s goal – figure out why the Mosquito Magnet stopped working.

  19. *wash work clothes*
    *wash boots*
    *wash sandals*
    *grill pork chops and hamburgers*
    *make minions move furniture*
    *flip mattress 180 degrees*


  20. Well, no broken bones. Doctor mentioned gout, but this is on the outside of my foot, and it doesn’t feel like my foot is on fire. Only when I stand.

    Xray showed a new spur, though. Guess I’ll take it easy, and see if it settles down. Foot is MUCH better than last night, still can’t walk without a cane.

  21. Tushar diagnoses TerribleTroy

  22. I was gonna move bedroom furniture today, this foot thing shot that…

    in the foot.

  23. Fixt!

    Stupid spiders.

  24. Younger daughter is visiting. Cooked breakfast. Ate. Am now getting an oil change and inspection sticker on her jeep. After that? not gardening.

  25. I feels your foot thing. been dealing with foot issues for a few months now.

  26. Made Matt do crossfit with me today.

    He may die. I’m not sure.

  27. Cleans, and then some workout called “Nutts”.

  28. He does like working out. I showed him how to work out hard.

    He’s gonna be sore tomorrow.

  29. He may die. I’m not sure.

    Cull the weak from the herd.

  30. and then some workout called “Nutts”.

    Ooo, I know that one.

  31. Close, Pupster.

    I posted the workout – in great detail with pictures – on the H2 workout blog.


  32. Matt’s shaky and feeling not well.

    *that’s what it feels like when your mom kicks your ass in a workout


  34. Cool, Carin. Be sure to tell us how Matt’s Rhabdo goes.

  35. Terrible Troy, do not die. I repeat, do not die!

  36. Matt’s going to live. He just hasn’t had structured workouts in a while.

  37. Shaky? That’s also what it feels like when sugar gets too low.

  38. Comment by Pupster on June 25, 2016 1:11 pm

    Been there… miss that.

  39. That’s what I told him TT. He had a nice smoothy with protein powder fruit and yogurt.He feels fine now.

  40. Quitting smoking really isn’t that bad.

    Your inner junkie is a lying bitch.

    I remember driving back from NC, my inner junkie convinced me that I would fall asleep at the wheel and die if I didn’t pull over and buy some cigarettes.

  41. Lawn mowed, weeds pulled in one quadrant. The phragmites yanked out last week are not yet dry enough to burn without dousing them with fuel.


  42. I would hope living would be a good motivator for you, TT. For many, the idea that cigarettes “can” kill you is more hypothetical, and thus easier to push out of your mind.

    But if they are literally /actively contributing RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT …

  43. I didn’t really do shit today.

    I was having an issue with my washing machine, so that kinda occupied my morning.

    Then workout. CLeaned the kitchen. Made spag sauce for dinner. I work at 4.

    Maybe I’ll go pull weeds for an hour.

  44. Do I have to do a whole “quadrant?”

  45. The areas right near the house are sort of split by terrain features into 4 nearly-equally-sized areas with different weeds.

  46. Good luck Troy.

  47. *wash work clothes*
    *wash boots*
    *wash sandals*

    *grill pork chops and hamburgers*
    *make minions move furniture*
    *flip mattress 180 degrees*

  48. Well, I mowed the lawn. I have ADHD when I go outside.

  49. Heh, eyes glaze over and you look vacant when you walk out the door?

  50. I want pork chops and hamburgers, too.

  51. No … I go out to do one thing then get sidetracked about eight times. LOOK – there’s a weed over then , oh I need to water that, did I plant that yet/ OMG THAT’S GETTING WAY TOO MUCH SUN.

    It’s pathetic.

  52. Car in, when she goes outside

  53. Pupster, when he goes outside:


  55. Hunt for Red October, here we go.

  56. Comment by Pupster on June 25, 2016 4:24 pm

    Please tell me that she’s single.

  57. Bernie Worrell died yesterday

    Parliament, Funkadelics, Talking Heads…….

  58. I bet you a quarter DiT can play that from memory.

  59. The TiFWs just ordered a new bed and it will be delivered tomorrow. We bought the one we’re currently sleeping on in 2001, so it’s long overdue!

    Taking everyone to see Finding Dory in a little while – should be fun….

  60. Best comment so far on the Brexit…

    “Britannia waives the rules.”

  61. Greetings, cornhole champions.

    I have a theory about Puppeh’s airport guy: He has spent the last couple of hours drinking copious amounts of fluids in preparation for appearing in a video meant for perverts whose weirdly specific fetish is watching people piss in airplane bathrooms.

  62. Just got back from interviewing another horse. It spooked while we were there, reared up and pulled the metal gate it was hitched to right off the hinges then dragged it around for awhile and hit my car with it. Mostly cosmetic damage to the front bumper and grill, but I’m sure it’ll estimate over my deductible, which the horse’s owner did at least volunteer to pay.

    I think my case that “horses are incredibly stupid pets” is being made without me having to say so anymore.

  63. Get a car.

  64. I have never interviewed a horse.

    I wouldn’t know what to ask it.

  65. Simple yea or nay questions work best.

  66. Horses are 1,100 pound panicky claustrophobics. They can be really, really dangerous. I have no idea why one would want a horse as a pet. Maintenance is high as well.

  67. Q: So… you fick on the first date?
    A: Naaaaayyyyy

  68. Horse people are crazy, Pepe. My wife not excluded.

  69. A dirt bike would be more fun.

  70. *tells Esteban ‘The Shiv’ Martinez that Sean is the one who killed his father*

    *kicks in that Sean also insulted his mother’s honor*

  71. TiFW, what a coincidence. My bed that I bought in 2000 finally had a loud enough creak that I know it is time to move on.

  72. Sean, can you do me a favor and sleep on a tarp tonight? Thanks. It’s gonna make my life really simple.

  73. I’ve been sleeping on a tarp since March, 2009, laura. Makes my life a lot simpler.

  74. *backs away*


  76. So, I’m assuming everyone is just replaying that video over and over and over.

  77. That’s what I’m doing.

  78. I was eating dinner and then giving a garden tour to someone foolish enough to ask “what are you growing?”

  79. Yeah, it’s a stunner


  81. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 25, 2016 7:18 pm

    Horse people are crazy, Pepe. My wife not excluded.

    Haha, I have a friend who is a horsewoman who says the same thing. Then she starts talking about setting me up with one.

  82. Be careful about getting set up with a horse, Colex. If it’s good-looking, it probably has a bunch of emotional baggage.

  83. You sure she didn’t say whores?

  84. Sean,

    Sarah Jessica Parker is still off the market. This woman isn’t so bad.

  85. Alex, the upside is that you know going in. You won’t be waiting for the crazy shoe to drop, you’ll already know her particular kind of crazy.

    Other upside, most horse-crazy women appreciate genuine masculinity. I have never seen one of them dating or married to a Pajama Boy. Also, not many obese. Chubby, yes, but not obese. Can’t ride if you are.

  86. That woman is an extreme outlier. The horse people I’ve met are completely disgusted by the “I’m a pony” loons.

  87. you sumbitch

  88. Leon, I know. I just wanted to get a rise out of Sean.

    She’s gonna haunt your dreams, Sean.

  89. Off work. Catching up on comments and watching youtubes…backflop or pony play? Tough choice. BRB

  90. Book time.

  91. “Book”

  92. Book time.

  93. He’s feeding his whores.

  94. Kinda hate to think what search terms Shawn used.

  95. I hope that horse gets the job, it would do wonders for its self confidence.

  96. That would do more harm than good, Pups. I mean, if the horse gets the job without deserving it, how is it going to learn to make it out there on its own merits?

  97. When I said BRB, I meant “What kind of sick people post here?”

  98. In my experience, horses are about as smart as a stack of firewood, but very strong and heavy.
    They can bite really hard, break bones with a kick, and are assholes.

    We were boarding an Arabian mare for a friend, because her stable-mate was a complete asshole, and they fought.
    She was a real sweetie and was very fond of Anita.
    One day, I walked her along the fence where Anita was sitting, and Anita swung a leg over and sat on her back.
    The horse had never had so much as a blanket on her back, was startled and snapped her head around, saw it was Anita, and completely relaxed. Anita rode her around the north pasture for a half-hour, guiding her by her mane, and hopped off.
    We were much younger, then, and not as busted-up.
    Anita would never try that, now…

  99. I wonder why Leon likes to have a horse at his house.

  100. Tush with the WTF?

  101. I hope Teresa enjoys finding Dora, she deserves it. However, I read that there is a character who is transgender, Sting Ray to Sting Rhonda….well I don’t want any of that bullshit, child propaganda. Really unbelievable.

  102. Horses are smart, they like Anita.

  103. I have NEVER liked George Will, just saying.

  104. I was thrown from a horse as a child. Got back on…thrown again. Didn’t break anything. Buckeye fam raised thoroughbreds. Assholes. College BF had horses. They H8D me. She still has horses. Draft and carriage. Competes at State Fair. I avoid the equine. Cousin (Scott, I know) is on Auburn Equestrienne team. She’s vying for Olympics.

  105. MARE!!!! Are you visiting your mom?

  106. George Will is a douche. His baseball writings are suspect due to lameass bow tie. And douchebaggery

  107. Dan AKA Mr Itinerary is plotting our Oct Oahu vacay. London game wknd. Do you know what HI time is for a London game?

  108. Comment by Colorado Alex on June 25, 2016 9:40 pm

    Leon, I know. I just wanted to get a rise out of Sean.

    Your mom got a rise out of Sean…….

  109. People absolutely sucked today.

  110. Mare,
    Yes, they don’t like me, but they like her.
    I guess that there’s something there…

  111. Carin, yes, they did. Feral children and asshole adults. Applewood bacon and King’s Hawaiian rolls

  112. Mare! Are you visiting Leon?

  113. A Hørse once bit my sister…

  114. Horses are about as bright as cows. Pigs are smart. I H8 sheep and goats.

  115. 🎶This is what it sounds like…when your phone dies 🎶🎶🎶

  116. Mare, if the stingray was transgender, I sure didn’t pick up on it.

  117. TiFW, transgender stingray and Lesbaru couple. Was there a Lesbaru couple? Did RW Social media lie?

  118. Gorgeous family member ended up battered and bleeding at Parents. Ex has 💰 and power. Her new beau is ugly. Serial ugly. Nice guy. Happy for her? (BTW did I mention how ugly the new guy is? )

  119. Oso, did a 19 song sing-a-long with mom and others and it was a blast! Had some great laughs with Mom. Seriously, I hadn’t sung like that in years. So fun.

  120. Had a nice night with eldest phatspawn.

    Her time working as a counselor at the Jesus Camp is paying off.

    She was always the more outgoing of the two daughters, but the combo of her sorority and camp experience is bringing out some leadership skills.

    Doesn’t hurt that she may have been raised by a military dad and an OCD mom.

  121. Billy don’t live in his spirit
    Billy don’t live in his heart
    Billy walks around times square at night
    His body is his art
    Derp is easy when you’re pretty and 16
    Just make sure that your underwear is clean




  125. Singing mare
    Movie watching TiF
    Travel planning Oso
    Horse shopping Leon
    Proud Phat
    Gardening lauraw/Smoking Scott
    Pup at home
    Horse buggering Alex Tushar Sean

    These are a few of my favorite things

  126. Learning that the EU lovers want a revote makes me laugh. Cynically, but still a form of laughing. Someone here said they’ll make you vote until they get what they want. I’ve seen it here many times. Maine rejected gay marriage at least twice but the citizens referendums kept coming till they got it. A north country federal park, bear hunting, gun control measures are all perennial referendums. When they’re voted down they wait a year or two and reintroduce it. When it passes: Settled Law!

  127. Youngest brother finagled free Disney admission for himself and new girlfriend from middle brother, posted pics on Faceplant. Her face tattoo makes her look like Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager.

  128. ww

  129. Face tattoos are code for “please raise the minimum wage so I get a raise”.


  131. *wash work clothes*
    *wash boots*
    *wash sandals*
    *grill pork chops

    and hamburgers*
    *make minions move furniture*
    *flip mattress 180 degrees*

    *pack suitcases and tools*
    *cancel SoCal meatface?*

  132. These seem to be a thing around here:

    I might try to make one or two. Normally I’m opposed to stuff in the burger instead of on the burger, but I had a burger that had caramelized onions and bbq sauce in the middle and it was purty good.

  133. mass
    weed garden
    weed pond
    weed whack
    die of heatstroke

  134. I’ve done those with cheese in the middle. Determined it wasn’t worth the effort.

  135. Face tattoos are code for “I make lots of bad decisions, which is why I’m with your brother.”

  136. Also potentially true, but I don’t know your brother.

  137. Moose has his first dog obedience class today.

  138. I had a burger that had caramelized onions and bbq sauce in the middle

    Ooooh, that sounds good. Pioneer Woman made patty melts on her show today, and that sounded good and easy, like your mom.

    I totally cleaned out the pantry yesterday and pulled out all the expired food. Some of the canned stuff I’m sure is still edible but doesn’t need to be hiding on the back of the shelf. Cake mix from 2011 can get tossed. How long does Jello last?

    sort mail and pay bills
    write out grocery and Costco shopping lists
    declutter at least one garbage bag full
    make 1735 fried chicken

    Hopefully Costco will have unfucked itself from the Amex to Citi changeover later this week.

  139. Michael Herr, author of the book “Dispatches”, died this past Thursday. It was an eye opening book about the Vietnam War. I think I read it in junior high school, maybe high school. Worth a re-read to see if it still has the same effect on me as it did then.

  140. Paula cleaned out the pantry the day before we made the move to camp for the summer. A lot of stuff didn’t make the cut.

  141. I think it’s time to go buy ten bags of mulch. WHAT SAY YOU?

  142. Sounds like a plan.

  143. Something mulch something something subaru.

  144. GAAAAAH!!!!!

    Had a wasp in the house!


  146. I fit 15 bags of mulch, 5 bags of dirt, and random flowers I found all into my Lesbaru.

    Also, Scott- Pat told a story of yours to someone yesterday – the one where you had something in your pocket which a customer wanted. LOL.

  147. Part of my garden walkways keep stubbornly trying to grow more grass, but I’ve already spread 20 bags of mulch. I’m just going to tear out what I can see and cover the area with straw instead.

  148. That guy looked like he saw a ghost.

  149. Taco zone valve

  150. Moose has his first dog obedience class today.

    Are they gonna make him do burpees?

  151. Sooo nice sleeping in my own bed again. It’s noon, so I think I’m required to get up and be a productive member of society.

    Grocery Shopping
    Sort Receipts for expense report

  152. *wash work clothes*
    *wash boots*
    *wash sandals*
    *grill pork chops
    and hamburgers*

    *make minions move furniture*
    *flip mattress 180 degrees*

    *pack suitcases and tools*
    *cancel SoCal meatface?*

  153. Moose was a good boy in class.


  155. The phragmites, cattails, and tall grass up by the street were blocking the view off to the left as you departed the driveway, so I spent an hour cutting those back with a machete and scythe, then weeded the garden, then I started to feel very lightheaded. I guess it’s like 95F here and 100% humidity. I had lost 5 lb since this morning. Gonna just go lay down for awhile and sip some iced tea.

  156. Pupster you should travel to Michigan. We’ll meet ya.

  157. There’s apparently something of a riot going on in Sacramento.

  158. My first time grilling for real (something other than chicken and veggies)

    It is a nice enough cut. Let’s see how it goes.

  159. Leon, once you build your flamethrower, you can use it to clear snow in the wintertime.

  160. I forgot there was a 40th anniversary party for friends from church. We went, and it was nice. Shouldn’t have gotten the punch, it had diet soda in it.

    Everything but the chicken on my list is done, and it’s marinating.

  161. Does this theory hold any water, or just conspiratorial wishful thinking on somebody’s part?

  162. WIshful thinking. The Remain camp is desperately trying to figure out a way that they can pretend the referendum never happened.

  163. Tushar, what’s on the grill?

  164. Ah, the reverse sear. I use more coals, too.

  165. Scott, I am not sure. I threw away the wrapper that had the information. But I think it is a top round roast.
    It turned out beautiful.

    I did not trust that just salt and pepper would be enough, so ended up using some dry rub. I can’t believe something can taste so good with so little seasoning.

    I feel a sense of accomplishment, and I must thank you, Laura and Jay for encouraging me.


  167. Jay, that is exactly what I did. Used indirect heat to bring the core temp to 140, and then seared for a minute or two on direct heat.
    Takes so little time and effort.

  168. Good evening, meat heaters.

  169. And meat beaters.

  170. When is lauraw gonna invite me to poat on the H2 garden blog …

  171. I could just do a garden post here …

  172. Osita!

  173. Car in: She probably knows how busy you are with the H2 Crossfit Blog and the HTool fan page.

    roamy: Miss Manners can eat a bag of dicks. With ladylike bites and while using the appropriate utensils, of course.

  174. Wonder if the bone doc is gonna be around. Had a question to get some free medical advice about my foot.

  175. “When is lauraw gonna invite me to poat on the H2 garden blog …”

    Check your email.

  176. She invited you whatever day she put that post up.

  177. She needs to turn off comment moderation over there too..unless she is askeered.

  178. Question for all meat enthusiasts (except Leon. That man is wild). How much meat consumption per day is the norm. Half pound? One pound? More?

  179. 1 lb is normal for me now. Back when I was lifting regularly it was often closer to 2 or 3.

  180. And even now, that 1lb will be my only real meal for the day. Appetite’s greatly diminished without the weights being a factor.

  181. We have crap for internet access at camp Jay. I spend a lot of time on my kindle and reading dead tree books and magazines.

    I read yesterday there was pain at the lateral aspect of your foot and a bone spur. A bone spur on the calcaneus is pretty common and, more often than not, an unrelated finding.

    Anything else going on?

  182. Went in on Saturday, had an xray to make sure nothing was broken. That’s all that was done, office called back to say nothing broken, nothing else. No followup or anything. I was gonna call Monday to see what else, if anything there was to do.

    Didn’t do bloodwork or anything else. It wasn’t swollen then, but it is a little now. But it doesn’t hurt as bad, either.

    I’m going to work in sandals tomorrow. Hope they don’t mind!

  183. When the roast beef is really good, 2-3 lbs.

  184. Don’t you kick a bag?

  185. Ok, upto 1lb sounds about right.
    A friend is visiting next weekend. Imma grill a steak again.

  186. Yes, I kick a bag, but the last time was Thursday, and I felt great after that workout. Felt weird on Friday morning, and by Friday night I couldn’t stand.

  187. leon is lying. He has more than a pound a day.

    Just like your mom.

  188. Weekend up north was spectacular Back home and it’s 85°. Floors are finished, walls and trim painted, done with renovations for the time being.

  189. Jay can’t be kicking a bag on a regular basis. The nearest bags are Amy Klobuchar to his north, and Claire McCaskill to his south.

  190. I’m glad it’s improving. By the time you get in to a specialist it may be resolved. Given the location it might be related to the muscle out on the side of your foot. And kicking a heavy bag could be responsible.

  191. Most of my muscle aches don’t show up for 2 days now.

  192. 1735 chicken was good. Mr. RFH and Rocketboy had seconds. If I made it again, I would either cook more chicken or cut back on the amount of batter made. I threw out a lot..

  193. Yeah, Tom Harkin retired.

    Thanks Jimbro. Sounds like I’ll just take it easy until swelling goes down, and all the pain goes away.

  194. Is that on H2 recipes, roamy?

  195. OK, I think I fixed moderation. I need Carin to check her gmail for my invite, a few days ago.


    I would use 1 cup flour and 2 egg yolks per 8 pieces of chicken or 1 whole chicken cut up.

  197. It really is rare anymore. I either have a big salad for lunch that has a pound of meat on it and that’s all I eat for the day or I have a big steak or a set of burgers for dinner if I skipped lunch, and breakfast is a never thing for me.

  198. If I have stuff to do, dinner is often my first meal.

  199. I can’t eat two big meals a day anymore. I’m getting no exercise except yard work lately. Snack and a meal at most.

  200. Tomorrow is a vacation day. We are going to check out secret lake.

  201. Man, the internet here at the office is being a butthole. Frontier can eat all the fattest dicks.

  202. Roamy!!! Starting to see young women and teen-aged girls wearing tiaras in the Club.

  203. I blame Arianna Grande.

    Also it’s bedtime. MMM @6AM sharp.

  204. Car in: She probably knows how busy you are with the H2 Crossfit Blog and the HTool fan page.

    Ha hhhaaaa ha.

    I didn’t see any email Scott. I didn’t check my spam folder though.

  205. Besides meat and garden crappola, what is the funniest thing that has happened today?

    Was the queen for or against Brexit?

  206. I don’t think the queen will let her preferences be known publicly. She is classy, not trashy like Obama.

  207. The only quote I saw from HRH was “Oi! Tell vem grotty snail-eating wankers to sod off!”

  208. Sean, the queen can repair a truck, fire machine guns and still drives a Land Rover Defender offroad. She is more badass than all current heads of state combined.

  209. King Abdullah of Jordan is probably a close second.

  210. Roamy!!! Starting to see young women and teen-aged girls wearing tiaras in the Club.

    Tiaras, tank tops with muffin top, and skinny jeans?

  211. Darren elbowed Ricky’s paunch.

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