Hello ewes and rams, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today is mostly famous for her voice work, she’s been the annoying high-pitched voice in pretty much every cartoon series and video game, ever. Born February 12, 1973 in Toronto, Canada, she seems like a nice person with big boobs so please be generous with the pours to welcome Ms. Tara Strong!




  1. Boobalicious fouist.

  2. Nerdelicious

  3. She doesn’t count as a brony. She is Twilight Sparkle.

    And Raven. And Harley Quinn. And the protagonist in Lollipop Chainsaw.

    And Batgirl. Which must have been weird if Batgirl had a scene with Harley.

  4. The Many Voices of Tara Strong

  5. Ww.

    I like that this week’s boobs actually has a skill.

  6. Well, she is still an actress, but voice work requires considerably more talent and skill than on-camera. More humilty, too. Not many aspiring actresses would even try to get a choice role as Tommy Pickles.

  7. Most of the boobs with talent don’t also advertise the goods so it’s difficult to get enough good BBF pics for a poat. Many talented boobs stay undercover.

  8. Melissa Rauch comes to mind. I think she’s deliberately modest about her incrediboobs, but they simply overwhelm any garment. Ditto for Milana Vayntraub.

  9. Unicorn = PJM bait

  10. did someone really photoshop her into a fan picture? That’s funny.

  11. I spam-canned the spammer.

  12. Nice work, I didn’t even know we had a spammer.

  13. She looks short enough to give blow jobs standing up.

  14. Only if you’re freakishly tall.

  15. butter-face

  16. She goes to comic conventions, I don’t think that’s a photoshop.

  17. The last one sure looks like a photoshop.

  18. Gross.

  19. Does anyone on the left remember that Hillary started the birther thing?

    It appears not.

  20. Weird Twitter:

    Dāvids @BumbleDC
    “Penny for your thoughts,” a coworker chirps, about to make a purchase he will regret for the rest of his miserable life.
    11:11 AM – 13 Feb 2016

  21. No, the birther thing was a vast right wing conspiracy thing. If you tell the facts, then you are a racist.

  22. I am working from home/sick today. I’m mostly all right, but my right eye starts watering sporadically and I’d rather not drive.

    So right now I’m updating my Centos lappy to do some R work.

  23. arf arf arf

  24. Neither Hillary nor Bernie have a chance in hell of being elected unless Trump is the candidate.

  25. You know Leon, if you had a self-driving car, you wouldn’t have to worry about driving with watery eyes (I think I’ve unearthed F*rd’s eeevvilll plan)

  26. Cyn, run as much as you want, but Pupster will get you.

  27. Tom, I’d worry more. Ever worked on software?

    Would you trust it with your life?

  28. Yes, I have. No, I wouldn’t. I usually don’t even trust my *data* :)

  29. I usually don’t even trust my *data*

    No shit! *shivers

  30. Awww….cute video, Tush!

  31. Rape prevention kit:

    Give every young lady on campus a photo of Cankles.

  32. great. now wiserdaughter wants a tiger…

  33. Give her a photo of Cankles. More useful.

  34. wiserdaughter and wiserbride are home today.

    Wiserbride and I are talking as she is getting dressed. Wiserdaughter walks into the room just as wiserbride removes her top.

    Wiserdaughter: “Why are your nipples darker than mine?”

    I immediately leave the room.

    As I’m leaving I hear “look, mine are darker…..”


  35. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  36. Nipples darken when babies come.

  37. I say that mostly for MJ, because he may not be aware of it.

  38. Who will rid me of the troublesome buffoon?

  39. Seriously, the guy is a blithering idiot.

    Trump responded, “Well, I like the mandate. OK. So here’s where I’m a little bit different. I don’t want people dying on the streets, and I say this all the time. And I say this — look, I did five speeches, maybe six speeches today. We had a lot of rallies. We had of thousands and thousands of people. I mean, we get big crowds.”

    Trump added, “Every time I talk about this I get standing ovations. The Republican people, they’re wonderful people. They don’t want people dying on the streets. Sometimes they’ll say Donald Trump wants single payer because there’s a group of people — as good as these plans are and by the way your insurance will go way down, you’ll have better plans, you’ll get your own doctor, which Obama lied.”

  40. Yes, Wiser (and Wiserbud) but the media isn’t doing anything criticism that will actually HURT him with his supporters. The people who are supporting him as a “middle-finger” aimed at the establishment. Virtually all the “stuff” that comes out does really nothing but solidify his support with his base.

    Then … just wait. If he becomes the nominee – then the real journalism will start. They’ve played this game with the last two elections, they’ll do it this time.

  41. You know, I constantly hear stories about children walking in on their parents. I have heard these stories mostly from Americans.

    Pajama Momma had her son walking in on her when she was undressing.

    You guys sent a man on moon! You can certainly figure out that little lockable latch on doors!

  42. Nobody was denied care. People with pre-existing conditions were getting care, their bills were paid with the taxes we pay.

    Now that they get insurance, shouldn’t there be a pile of unspent taxes somewhere?

  43. Oh no, that’s the rebate everyone gets for signing up, scott. You know, with the website that doesn’t work.

  44. Mare! You’ll like this guy

  45. unspent taxes


  46. Got asked for a resume by contact at old place. He says he’ll either match it to some open reqs or open one at the right level.

    Open. At the right level.

    *thanks Jesus*
    *starts shopping for sweet new home office chair*

  47. Office CHAIR??? What happened to the standing desk thing?

  48. Carpet is too soft to stand on, and I found it was hampering my productivity overall. Felt like ADD. I get up and walk around plenty when I’m home, so I’m not going to sweat it.

  49. I also did pullups and dips during meetings. I figure it evens out.

  50. Maybe you need a squat rack in your office?

  51. The weight would be too much for the floor.

  52. If you’re going to be working from home again, maybe you need to look into building a dedicated office/workspace?

  53. It’s a thought. I have space enough for a garage-sized building on a slab, and I could window it for greenhousing. The trick is getting power and bandwidth out to such a structure. Wifi that far won’t be enough.

  54. I took over the dining room.

    I doubt we ever used that room more than once or twice a year.

  55. I never eliminated the old office, it just has some surplus baby stuff now.

  56. If only there was a way to run an extension cord out to the building…

  57. It’d have to go across the driveway, Jay.

  58. *extension cord

  59. I have to shower for work.


  60. God willing, soon I won’t even have to wear pants for work.

  61. “voice work requires considerably more talent and skill than on-camera.”


  62. Emoting and acting without being visible? Seems harder.

  63. I love that guy, Scott, I think the ONT linked a WaPo article on the guy he sounds like a really good man.

  64. Its hard.

    Real actors must put on a visual performancebefore they ever say a word.
    If they dont sell it with thier presence then it wouldnt matter if they had a voice like honey.

    See Anthony Hopkins for an example.

  65. Also, I’m sorry if I came off as harsh.

    I’m very hungover.

  66. I never eliminated the old office, it just has some surplus baby stuff now.

    Yeah, but the Little Tykes Power Rack is gonna take up a lot of space. Best to move your office now.

  67. I got a Wifi booster for the house, and a Wifi receiver with an antenna for my shop. Plugged right in and it seems to work fine, 180 feet.

  68. You’re the expert here, Chumpster, that’s just an impression I have as a layman. Good looking actress needs a lot less talent than a voice girl to get parts, I’d think.

    Witness Kristen Stewart’s entire career.

  69. We have 2 netgear wifi boosters that help share the signal. This house was built with electric heat in the ceilings which we don’t use anymore but whatever metal wires were put in when they built it interfere with the free flow of the wifi signal.

  70. Little Tykes Power Rack


  72. I once spent a few days working with Crispin Glover in a sound booth. He was doing Automated Dialog Replacement for a film.

    It appeared to me that acting in a booth would be difficult because there was no one to act with so in that you have a point.

    We ended up rigging a monitor so that he could see the scene.

  73. 60º

  74. After watching Crispin Glover movies, I’ve decided he has to be weird.

    Is he weird?

  75. Or a *brilliant* actor (at being weird)

  76. So Cruz pissed off all the Celiac disease victims. No Gluten Free meals in the military.

    Isn’t that a disqualifier, anyway?


  78. Yeah, if you can’t handle gluten then you probably should find another job. Military service involves a lot of privation and hardship, and if your body can’t endure eating whatever is available, then that’s a problem.

  79. Totes stole that.

  80. The wife laughed at that, Jimbro.

  81. CAlex is right. I’d add a minimum 5 pullups regardless of sex for the same reason. Can’t do that? Not strong enough for soldiering.

  82. We had to do five pull-ups just to get int the (gluten laden) chow hall.

  83. Well, a couple of Celiac sufferers are posting Huffpo links. Apparently Cruz thinks Celiac is a liberal conspiracy.

  84. I was gonna say it’s logistics, but decided not to waste my time.

  85. Hey Xbrad, maybe you can squeeze a poat out of this:

  86. Pups, I thought about it when I saw it yesterday, and in the end just shared it on Facedouche.

  87. Kay.

  88. ONE WEEK UNTIL TITS2 – Squeeeeeee!

  89. He is totaly weird.

    His George McFly act isnt.
    Thats him being himself.

  90. Went with this instead:

  91. No way those guys in the video are getting the deposit back on their apartment.

    Also, nice rack.

  92. My mom’s BF passed away last night.

  93. We finally found another gluten free dog food for MA. Our dogfood company went out of business Monday. Yeah, my dog has the K9 equivalent of celiac.

  94. BARF diet would be easy for a little dog.

  95. So, held a fundaiser for the blog. Two people have each contributed $100.

    I’m stunned!

  96. Greetings, woofers and tweeters.

  97. Scott, we would’ve gone the full BARF diet route, but when we take MA to doggie camp, we need to package her food for every meal. She won’t get any chicken when we are in AZ as it is.

  98. Oso, my condolences to your family.

  99. Sorry to hear about your mom’s BF, oso. Hope the new chow works out.

  100. Thanks guys. Cancer sucks.

  101. Sean, we have to monitor her poop. I H8 being on poop patrol.

  102. Evening.

  103. Poop patrol is the worst patrol.

  104. Poop Patrol would be a horrible tv show.

  105. Sorry, Oso.

  106. Star Ranger and the Poop Patrol!

  107. New Chow

  108. I saw Crispin Glover do a karate kick at David Letterman’s face. (Later I would wish he’d landed it.)

  109. Sorry, Osita.

  110. Dan calls me Junior Brown. He sings Just doing her job on the poop patrol 🎶 to me.

  111. Thanks, Roamy.

  112. Salmon patties again.

    Got another email after I sent the resume. He wants to make sure I have a wide array of options so he’s going to look around on Monday, but there are at least two he knows of immediately on his project.

    I’m daring to hope. Starting to practice my resignation letter/dialogue.

  113. Comment by scott on February 19, 2016 7:55 pm

    The last paragraph of that is…um…interesting.

  114. Cyn!!! Checking out menus and figuring out what I can eat! WooHoo!!!

  115. I used to worry that these fragile snowflakes would be our future leaders.

    No longer.

    These idiots are our future fry-cooks and toll-takers.

  116. Safe room attendants.

  117. Toll-takers? Last time in FL the booths are no longer staffed. They do the scan dealio like Cali and CO. Take license plate pics and ticket by mail.

  118. Now that WalMart is paying more, they are starting to hold associates accountable. What a concept!!!

  119. Tobin Bridge into Boston has the same dealio with the cameras

  120. Safe room attendants.

    Welfare recipients.

  121. I’ve read a passel of stories over the past few days outlining WM’s woes and predicting a downturn for them.

  122. Our stock keeps dropping…picks up a bit…drops… Company is focusing on taking on Amazon. Putting lots of money into online shopping, Club Pick-up, in store pick up, home delivery etc.

  123. I made salmon patties, too.

  124. Closing WalMarts in areas that are pushing $15 minimum wage. One in Oakland. One in LA. Not even opening 2 in DC.

  125. I was impressed by all the former clerks (appropriately dressed) lined up to pay their respects to Justice Scalia.

  126. Store pickup has come in handy a few times. I can get stuff delivered to the WalMart Grocery store a minute away from my house when it’s cheaper than Amazon and I don’t need it in two days.

  127. We use store pick up quite frequently. Both times we used Club Pickup at Sam’s, we were irritated by the wait time. We work there and we won’t use it. I told the front end manager that the response time pissed us off to the point we won’t use it, they have to be pissing off regular Members as well. The amount of $ WalMart is putting into the program should be a clue about having a sense of urgency. New update tracks response time from check in to check out. Corporate is making us give out GCs to Members that complain. Starts at $50 plus an additional $ for every minute they wait.

  128. Why do store pickups when they deliver to your door for free?

  129. In our case, theft. We have a little wall that would block packages from view…our packages are left in front of the door. Every vehicle that leaves the Condos, drives right past our door. Landscapers park by our building. APD doesn’t investigate theft. Puts the onus on homeowners to have insurance.

  130. When Laura met me I didn’t lock my doors, hadn’t for years.
    I also kept my cash in a kitchen cabinet.

  131. I’ve used it for stuff where the shipping isn’t free if I’m getting it sent to my house. I think you have to spend fifty bucks for the shipping to be free.

  132. Load up!

    Everything is cheaper there.

  133. Oh, and I hate you all.


  135. Back atcha, scott.

    *gun fingas*

  136. If Car in were around she would help spread some hate.

  137. Car in is at work and hating it right now.

  138. Scott, True Story! When we took possession of our Condo, first thing we did was change locks and put up a steel screen door. 4 locks. Put an extra lock on the door from the garage to the Condo. Put a steel door on the master bedroom closet. Dead bolts everywhere. I have a fire escape ladder in the bedroom in case of fire. Guns everywhere. Charlie bar for patio door. My mom thinks Dan and I are weird. She finally started locking doors and windows after family members started stealing from her parents.

  139. What kind of scumbag steals from their parents?

  140. Meth head Messicans.

  141. CoAl it is stupid. Messicans won’t call cops after being burgled because they know the family member that burgled. My grandparents kept getting burgled by druggies in familia. Extended family too. Won’t call cops. Bitch about cops not doing anything. In ABQ, we call cops. They never show up. If they do, they ask about insurance and expect us to go to pawn shops, flea markets, and garage sales. Property crimes are LOW priority.

  142. My sister-in-law used to steal from her grandma (the lady who was attached to an oxygen tank for the last decade her life) for heroin money.

    Drugs are bad. Like, really bad.

  143. Home invasions are on an uptick here. We have graduated response not castle doctrine.

  144. What kind of scumbag steals from their parents?

    This kind of scumbag. One of the first amends I had to make when I got to the 9th step.

  145. My youngest brother stole from our grandparents for drug money. My grandmother made a quilt for their 50th wedding anniversary – a square for my dad, squares for the grandchildren, all the places they’d lived and worked. It was a unique work of art and instant heirloom. He “borrowed” it, hocked it for drugs. I’m still pissed about it.

    Y’know, with the magic of the internet, I wonder if I could track it down and get it back.

  146. Sean, how many days sober now?

  147. Roamy, maybe? Good luck. Sean, Blessings.

  148. Sean, God bless you for taking the difficult path to sobriety. You’re a good man.

  149. Sorry about your Mom’s BF, Oso. I hope your family can comfort her.

  150. work sucked

  151. I pretty much hated everyone.

  152. I’m pretty sure a tornado just went over my house. fack.

  153. I took a few minutes out of my evening to close my eyes and hate on your customers tonight, too, Carin. Did you feel that? I was really churning it out.

  154. Lauraw, the wagons are circled. She will be ok. We’re waiting on arrangements to see if we can attend the funeral. Dan had scheduled a bunch of appointments for his mom on Tuesday. So far, his sister hasn’t stepped up. I may have to try to hitch a ride with ABQ familia.

  155. I had a party – 20 people. Split it with another gal (10 people each). They were there FOR THREE HOURS.


    My bill was bigger than my partner and it was only 100. For my THREE FUCKING HOURS we each made $17.

    FUck you you fucking fucks.

  156. >>My youngest brother stole from our grandparents for drug money.

    Roamy, I have had a bit too many whiskeys, so I am not in a fit state of mind to express my outrage in the best words, but here goes:

    Fuck your brother. Fuck him with a pineapple, sideways. No one should hurt his parents like that. Your parents were not hurt because he stole. It was because he fucked up his life.

    Fuck him.

  157. I did feel it Lauraw. And I thank you.

  158. tonight’s word is FUCK.

    ANd the number is : to infinity.

  159. Tushar, earlier you talked about locking doors. It took us years to get my mom to lock outer doors, let alone doors inside the house. I’ve been a door locker for years. Used to get in trouble for it.

  160. Seriously, my house is going to blow down tonight.

  161. Sean, how many days sober now?


    Sean, God bless you for taking the difficult path to sobriety. You’re a good man.

    Thank you. I mentioned what I did because that’s the kind of shit I do when I’m left to my own devices. Thankfully, me and the Lord, we got an understanding.

  162. Fuck.

  163. Wind advisory or actual tornado?

  164. It’s horrible. VERY very windy. We lost power but (I don’t know how) they got it back on. I walked in the door and the power came back on – the kids were impressed.

    THere are LOTS of home w/o power – which really is more of an issue in the summer (when there are leaves on the tree) or an ice storm. Neither of which is occurring.

    It really sounds like a freight train.

  165. We have a “severe watch and warning”. Gusts up to 55 mph.

  166. sustained winds of 20-30 mph.

  167. shit shit shit

    *tries frantically to dial back the previous hate thoughts aimed at Carin’s customers*


  168. You really should just send the monkeys. They are usually pretty accurate. That one time with MJ was an honest mistake.

  169. It’s weird though because you’ll hear the wind COMING. 15 seconds out. Like a train. Crazy.

  170. That sounds like straight winds, Carin. Do you get them a lot?

  171. Stay safe. Shelter in place.

  172. Yep. We get those. Straight-line winds took out a ton of trees a few years back.

  173. Sending good thoughts your way, C arin. Look at this if you start to feel too stressed:

  174. G’night guys. Had a bad sugar day today. Still feeling loopy. Stoopid diabeetus and stress.

  175. Sean loves me.

  176. Oso … don’t make me come down there.

  177. >>Sean, how many days sober now?

    God bless you, Sean. I am drunk right now, but that is what I do on Friday evening. If I ever start drinking in the middle of the week, I swear I will go cold turkey like you. I have seen too many lives destroyed by the demon drink. I won’t fall pray to that.

  178. Some of us like to say that we don’t have a drinking problem so much as a stopping problem, Tush. But be careful–I hear Indians are especially suscepti–

    Wait, what?


    Oh, never mind. Carry on.

  179. Ok, I think the worst of the winds are over and hopefully I can fall asleep.

    Early wake-up tomorrow.

  180. >> Tush. But be careful–I hear Indians are especially suscepti–
    Wait, what?
    Oh, never mind. Carry on.

    Heh heh! You wascally wacist.

  181. I showed a friend my TITS2 T-shirt today. Had to explain where the man down reference came from.

  182. Dubai’s Emir released prisoners.

  183. 1,635 is a good number, please keep adding to it.


  185. condolences oso

  186. Seriously, my house is going to blow down tonight.

    It was just as bad here. I was in the barn and it felt like the roof was going to leave. Thankfully no trees came down, but there’s an enormous one right on the other side of the property line that could crush the whole structure if it goes.

    I have to figure out who owns it and get permission to have it cut down.

  187. The house is still standing.


  189. Comment by Car in on February 19, 2016 11:41 pm

    We have a “severe watch and warning”. Gusts up to 55 mph. sustained winds of 20-30 mph.


    Typical Spring day in NM. :)

  190. I just had a bunch of trees cut down prompted by my neighbor calling me. He called my attention to a massive pine tree on my property next to his house that was dead. When I looked at it I realized there were no needles on the tree in the summer. It happened over 2-3 years. Maybe whoever owns it will man up and get it cut down for you Leon. When I realized it was MY tree that could damage his house it was time for ME to act.

  191. He might, it’s on a completely unmanaged part of the property. I think it’s a big choke cherry tree, though, so the wood might actually be worth something. The tree service would have to come in on our side to get to it.

  192. I’ve gotten pretty good at felling them in the desired direction, but 2 of the 5 trunks are already leaning toward the barn. Getting them to fall off to the side is more than I think I can do with an axe and some rope tied to the truck. I might be able to take it down piecemeal with a chainsaw and a climbing kit, but at that point I’m better off paying someone.


  194. **hands Pupster a quarter**

    Science Olympiad today. I made two dozen sammiches.

  195. I miss those. I only got to compete twice, but I brought home two golds and a bronze.

  196. Cherry wood would be good to have. Maybe if you go halfsies with him he’ll give you half or more of the wood. That tree I had cut down was pine, suitable for the wood chipper. I let the tree cutter keep the wood shavings and donate the other types of wood to the county tree bank for firewood. My general rule for tree cutting is that I handle things I can get with pruners and a bow saw. Anything that needs a ladder or a chainsaw gets hired out.

  197. Some LEGO block history I found interesting. The first 5 minutes of the video tell the story and the last part is just a show and tell of things he built.

  198. I use my axe for anything smaller than 12″ or so in trunk diameter. Still haven’t bought a chainsaw.

  199. I actually have another 5-trunk scrub tree I should be cutting down today if I have time. Going to try and scrub out the coop, too, maybe spray some bleach water to kill mites and so forth. Less than 2 months until new chicks.

  200. Well, that article ruined flying.

    The bacteria count on your airplane tray table is about 10X higher than any surface in the bathroom.

    * whispers *

    it’s a changing table

  201. We carry an extra pad to protect Possum from any surface upon which we change her. Not everyone does that.

  202. We hate you right back, Scottw.

    I had a cougher right behind me on my flight Thursday. 2 hour flight, 3 wet coughs every 2-5 minutes.

    It’s a wonder I’m not dead. Or in jail.

  203. Colony forming units / square inch

    Tray table – 2155
    Toilet flush button – 265
    Bathroom lock – 70

  204. Sean may be a scumbag, but he’s OUR scumbag.

  205. I usually just threw them over a shoulder.

  206. Actually, that’s pretty freakin impressive. Overhead squats are really hard.

  207. I got my first set of seeds. The specialty toms and buckwheat. Not sure what to do with that, but I’m sure Lauraw will come over and help me.

  208. I have all of my seeds now. I failed to get my garlic started outside last Fall, so I’ve got three cloves started in a pot in the kitchen.

  209. So far, I have 3 gardens planned. The main square garden out back with the three small mounds and two row beds (nightshades, alliums, and leafy greens go here), the giant mound out front where I’m doing the jarrahdales, and another small bed in the middle of the yard where I’m going to do sunflowers and nasturtium.

  210. Leon are you being Confirmed on Easter? Have you already?

  211. Make tomato pancakes.

    I’m a problem solver.

    Mrs. Pupster’s mom is staying with the Pupster Boys while we are in AZ. She just started talking to me about her husband’s medical condition which I’ve never heard of. He’s passed out in the bathroom several times. I didn’t realize that asking her to come here was jeopardizing his safety, as his trigger seems to be related to urinating during a kidney stone attack, of which he has several a month. If he faints and doesn’t lay flat theres a good chance he’ll suffocate.


  212. He was invited of course, but he hates to stay with other people and is not very helpful with the kids.

    Next time we are bringing them to her and boarding the wonder dog.

  213. I was confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass in 2014, Mare. This Easter my first RCIA sponsee will be confirmed.

  214. Ahhh, sorry I got that messed up.

  215. Celebrity/gossip/reality shows and magazines are sewers.

    It’s hard to believe people are so gross. And it’s not just one incident, just everything they do is pretty much disgusting.

  216. I was just reading this morning about vagal tone, Pupster. Key component of early childhood development. It’s also basically obliterated if you let kids cry themselves to sleep, apparently. They stop crying, but their cortisol level stays high and vagal tone never develops right. Parasympathetic nervous system can’t actually calm you until you’re 3-4 years old, baby has to have a parent holding it to calm down properly.

    Poor vagal tone correlates very strongly with depression, anxiety, and all sorts of other bad stuff.

    My parents let me cry myself to sleep.

  217. I used to bounce myself to sleep every night. I’d bounce and bounce and bounce while singing until I wore myself out. I wasn’t really crying per se, mostly just trying to get Mom to come get me. My older sister was miss perfect baby and they were not prepared for the bundle of needy and noise that was me. I remember very clearly bouncing and singing for hours one night, waiting for someone to come get me, and finally getting picked up and held for a few minutes, then getting put back in the playpen in the basement. Dad had enough, he held me while he carried the playpen downstairs and then he put me as far away from his bedroom as possible. He claims to not remember that, but I bet it happened a lot.

  218. New poat, Chad ruined it already. But it’s new.

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