Saturday Imgur/Tumblr Dump

These are all taken from Imgur, Tushar will have to come up with some new material.






  1. Good morning all. So anyone have any familiarity with Plano Texas? I am pursuing a job there and know nothing about the town.

  2. Holy crap I wasted a first with that piece of crap comment. *Bangs head slowly and methodically*

  3. Fakechad, Plano is really nice. Excellent suburb of Dallas.

  4. Song about Jesus teenage years

  5. If you have kids, good public schools, a wife, great shopping (anti feminist!!!!)and for your dog parks and rec.

  6. Scalia’s son gave an awesome homily. I’m impressed by not only what was said but also his poise. Not sure I could hold it together like that.

  7. I lol’d at the new header.

  8. What does the first picture mean?

  9. Mare, it’s Minesweeper, marking where the bombs are.

  10. Ahhhhhh, thank you, Roamy.

  11. Not a Trump fan, but I liked his tweet, “I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque?”

  12. The woman who sang “Panis Angelicus” did a great job.

  13. Plano has very few African Americans. Not because of racism or anything but because nobody wants to be known as a Plano Ni##ah.

    *old assed joke.

  14. That funeral has been going so long that I’m starting to suspect that Scalia was a closet Hispanic.

  15. I lost count of how many priests there were.

  16. PG, but the funeral started on time.

  17. Wish I understood Spanish. The painters are here (an hour later than they said they’d be), and they are jabbering like magpies.

  18. Happy Saturn’s Day

  19. If you hear those painters say, “el gringo,” they’re talking about you.

  20. Gringa?

  21. Trust me, they’re talking about you.

  22. La Senora, I should hope.


  24. I thought they were just painting around the fireplace where there was water damage, but apparently they do corner-to-corner in a room. I freaked out when they moved my grandmother’s china cabinet. I heard it rattling and thought, that’s all I need, for them to break my crystal and china.

    This wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been sloppy with the flashing right before another fucking rainstorm. Two inches of rain into the fireplace, down the walls, and into the carpet. I am so ready to be done with this.

  25. You’ll get kibble and like it.

    With gluten.

  26. ert for Colorado Alex

  27. Boing

  28. She seems nice

  29. I thought of Cuffy and shotgunning.

  30. The future former Mrs. Colorado Alex.

  31. Evening.

  32. I was beginning to think hot beer chugging skimpily clad chick killed it.

  33. Scores are in, and Mini-me kicked ass. 1st place in all four of her events. Going to State!

  34. Day off, Jewstin, or were there piggies involved?

  35. I should say, the team is going to State. The coach has seen her shadow, six more weeks of Science Olympiad.

  36. Great news Roamy. I hated science fair. My Honors Biology grades my junior year in HS for each quarter were A, A, F, A. You can probably guess what quarter the science fair was in.

  37. Weird. The only thing that shows up for me here is the poll. I had to go into the dashboard to see any of the actual images.

  38. You didn’t deserve an F

  39. Heh.

  40. Congrats, Roamie.

  41. Mini-me hates science fair, too. We got into a prolonged argument with the science teachers and the principal (whose principles are delay, lie, delay, lie again, delay until it doesn’t matter any more). The middle school division goes up to 9th grade. High school freshmen were allowed to compete in SO instead of science fair when Rocketboy was in school, then the school changed their policy. Mini-me wasn’t giving up SO (she correctly predicted that she would be put on the HS JV team and not have any chance of going to State), so she’s been competing on the HS rocketry team, too. We were really pissed that the HS pumpkin chunkin’ team got credit, but she didn’t for that, either.

    I lost a lot of respect for the principal after this. He told me twice that he would look into it, that he was going to ask Rocketboy and other alumni about their SO experience, and he just flat-out lied. We argued about learning about a variety of sciences, not just one topic. We argued about learning leadership skills (the 8th and 9th graders work with the younger kids to cross-train and pass on corporate knowledge), which you don’t get with a solo science fair project. We argued that they were putting the middle school and high school in contention rather than cooperation. We should have saved our breath.

  42. What poll?

  43. This is my weekend to work. I did find a new pet cull. I call her Monkey. She hoots when I scritch her ears.

  44. Wasn’t Unprincipled Principal a c-list member of Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery?

  45. Ah, I had polldaddy blocked with NoScript.

  46. Polldaddy lets you tweet the poll out


  47. It’s weird. When I reload the page, I can see where the images are supposed to go when it’s loading, and then nothing.


  49. Oh, that’s nice. They picked a restaurant 40 minutes away, then waited to tell me where they’re at after they’ve ordered dinner.

    I guess I will have leftovers here by myself.

  50. Go to a better restaurant and treat yourself. Text them pictures of the food as it arrives.

  51. Well, I’m going to TITS2, so that will do.

  52. So cool, Roamy. You done good with these kids.

  53. Your kids.

  54. Except for the restaurant thing.

  55. I don’t see the images either, but I had to add filters in AdBlock to keep from getting all the .gifs that are posted in the comments. I have limited bandwidth and re-loading them each time I refresh eats it. Links are much mo’ bettah for me.


  57. Must be a free HBO weekend or something. I’ve watched Jupiter Rising (meh) and Kingsmen (liked it).

  58. We ended up at Ruby Tuesday’s. Paula wanted to go out with her friend and her husband and I was volunteered to go.

    –Not bad for a chain restaurant. I’ve never been to one but the food was decent. Rib eye steak, baked potato and steamed broccoli for me. Paula had chicken, spaghetti squash and rice pilaf.

    –One waiter, thankfully not ours, had the man bun going on

    –Paula’s friend has celiac disease and genuinely needs a gluten free menu. She got a burger with a gluten free bun and asked for a salad from the kitchen with a list of specific ingredients. Another waitress was helping our waiter out and she assembled the salad which was large enough for a family of 4. (As she was ordering I had flashbacks to an ordering experience 16 years ago in San Fransisco with one of my ex-wife’s friends but that’s a whole other story.)

    –When the waiter brought our bill back he leaned over and said to me “My daughter’s arm is healing great, thanks doctor”. After smiling and asking him to say Hi to her I realized the following: I had no idea who he or she were, I needed to tip him well since my cover was blown and why the hell did we have to go out to dinner with the gluten free couple who made everyone work extra hard

    –$12 on a $39 bill.

  59. Why not $13?

  60. Looks like we won’t have ¡Jeb! to kick around anymore.

  61. It was 12 and change. Less than .50 so I figured leave the change take the cannoli.

  62. Jeb! is out huh. I guess he can drop the exclamation mark and go back to using Bush as a last name.

  63. I wonder what the final $ per vote was. Someone said he could have handed out Rolexes for votes and come out ahead.

  64. Carson is staying in.

    I am losing respect for him.

  65. Merge grandpa!

  66. Carson’ll get out when the donations stop coming in.


  68. Hola.

  69. Maybe someone could dress up like Jesus and ask Carson to drop out. I’ve got the beard, but I’m not nearly skinny enough.

    Also, not good at quoting scripture.

  70. Carson is selling books.

  71. Carson is selling a BUNCH of books. His wife’s book outsells The Donald 3 to 1. Members treat Trump’s book like Hillary’s. I’m constantly having to fix them. After a sluggish start, D’nesh’s book is finally starting to sell.

  72. My cousin just posted this:

    I have the distinguished honor of being a member of the Committee to raise $50,000,000 for a monument to Hillary R. Clinton. We originally wanted to put her on Mt. Rushmore until we discovered there was not enough room for her two faces.

    We then decided to erect a statue of Hillary in the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame. We were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed. It was not proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, or beside Barack Hussein Obama, who never told the truth, since Hillary could never tell the difference.

    We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of them all. He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he did not know where he was. He returned not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else’s money.

    Thank you,
    Hillary R. Clinton Monument Committee

    P.S. The Committee has raised $ 0.16 so far.

  73. Did anybody finally clap for anybody else today?

  74. blreg

  75. Trump wins by ten, ugh.

  76. Glarble

  77. I’m Cruzing. That’s it. 2nd choice: Gary Johnson.

  78. I H8 the being supportive part of marriage. I am so ready to go totes Messican on SiL. Totes.

  79. Cruz. Or SMOD.

    So I’m down to two candidates.

  80. SMOD.

  81. So I made $150 between the hours of 12 and 4 and $100 from 4-10.



  82. I’m with Carin.

  83. 6 moar days!!!

  84. Will there be a cam there?

  85. No, J’Ames. Some people here said some ugly things about him when he left that postgame press conference.

  86. And sometimes we would spend the night
    Just rolling about on the floor
    And I remember even though it felt derp at the time
    I always used to wake up sore

  87. BBF candidate for Pupster

  88. Possum has decided that 545am is a fine time to wake up.

  89. Star feels the same way. Rattles her crate door which sets Rowan off. Two dogs whining to get out is pretty annoying. If we can sleep past 6 that’s “late”

  90. Big day today, almost a fake double.

  91. BBF candidate for Pupster

    Thanks! She seems nice.

  92. Image search her.

  93. Sooo sick of politics already. Can you imagine President Trump/Clinton/Sanders? *shudders* Seriously? WTF is wrong with people? SMOD take me away.

  94. SMOD is now the candidate of hope.

  95. Sanders/Clinton with 3 Supreme Court appointments……..

    “Help me Obi Wan SMOD, you’re my only hope.”

  96. I’m pulling a triple today. Three soccer games.

  97. Ww

  98. One game down.

  99. One mass down. Need to sneak into the next one to drop off envelops before RCIA.

  100. Catholicism seems complicated.

  101. Well, that was pretty stupid on my part. I should have realized when they were moving cabinets that they would see the liquor stash. 2/3rds of my whiskey and half my vodka are gone. Why couldn’t they take the gin, I hate that stuff.

  102. Mr. RFH’s cousin bragged on Faceplant about eating Texas BBQ on Friday. There were some interesting responses.

  103. Pupster, when you reach the Pearly Gates, St Peter’s only going to ask you two questions:

    Do you love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind, and strength?
    Did you eat meat on Fridays during Lent?

    We’re just trying to make sure you’re covered, pal.

  104. The contractors stole your liquor, Roamy?
    Have you filed charges yet?

    And buy better gin. I’ll take good gin over vodka.

  105. The rules of the Lenten fast/abstinence are actually very reasonable. Children, seniors, laborers, pregnant and breastfeeding women, all excluded. Anyone in the same household is too so they don’t have to be in conflict or prepare different meals.

    I am doing it because it’s not a burden to me, but I don’t have to.

  106. The bottles are still there, but a bottle I bought around Christmas time and hadn’t opened is now open and half gone.

    The worst part is I probably gave them the mixers and cups for it. I asked them if they would like anything to drink, trying to be nice to these strangers in my house, and brought them the sodas they requested.

    Things are going to get shouty again.

  107. I’m a laborer, right?

  108. Honestly – WTF? That’s just horrible Roamy.

  109. The laborers took Roamy’s liquor under their Lenten abstinence exclusion clause to wash their fish sticks down.

  110. Laborers take half of Roamy’s booze- thieving bastards.

    I take half of Roamy’s booze- “honored guest”

  111. I’m a laborer, right?

    For these purposes, yes. If your job relies on your physical exertion, you count.


  113. I was stupid for not moving it out of temptation. I didn’t know they would be moving cabinets to paint corner to corner, I thought they were doing touchups around the fireplace.

  114. Now I really wonder what they were saying in Spanish. “Some fine hooch here, pass me that bottle again.”

  115. ‘Round these parts that’s called ‘keeping the honest honest’.

  116. SMH. A friend’s father was going in for open heart surgery. They do the whole prep thing and are wheeling him into the operating room when a nurse comes in and says no surgery today. It seems the doctor decided to go on vacation unexpectedly and neglected to tell anyone. WTF??? I’d be looking for a new doctor, and raising hell.

  117. Cocktor

  118. Bleh, my back needs to stop hurting.

  119. OH. They were Mexican? No offense, Oso, but our Mexican cooks will drink all day long if they opportunity arises.

  120. I’m sorry Pepe. That’s horrible.

  121. I’m Mexican?

    Well, that explains a lot.

  122. I packed and loaded an entire kitchen today.

    350-400 pieces plus all the small appliances.

    Lady bought it at auction for $60. My bill for picking it up will be more than 6x that, and we still need to ship it to Arkansas, but I still think she’ll turn a decent profit on it.


  124. The salmon smokes.

  125. That is NOT how XBrad plans on using his VR set

  126. Pupster, what specifically, is that guy doing in that video. I’m guessing sex of some kind but I don’t know.

    Also, the comments are hilarious.

    Oh, look, it’s wine’o’clock.

  127. South American (I use that term because I don’t know if they were from Mexico, Guatemala, or another country) working on our house in Texas and in Florida were the nicest, most polite, hard working guys I’ve seen.

    It pains me to hear there a some pretty shitty ones, sorry about your thieves, Roamy.

    Do you guys ever see work crews, never fewer than 4 guys, standing around looking in a hole?

    I see it all the time.

    And if I have to say shut your pathetic whorish mouths I’ll stab xbrad in his inflatable love doll.

  128. hahahahahaha…Pupster do you think that orangoutang looking at the reporter is photoshopped? Gosh, I hope not, that is just gold.

    Not, silver, I SAID GOLD.

  129. Well, I haven’t owned the comments in many, many moons (feather not dot).

  130. Hey did you guys hear the one about a socialist, a political whore and a huckster running for President…and winning?

    Yeah, I didn’t think it was funny either. Really in poor taste.

  131. I just checked to see if there was another thread.

    So, you assholes finally pulled the trigger on H3.

  132. People, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world!

    God, I hate that song.

  133. Fine, I’m going to go dust my husband’s office. Not a euphemism.

  134. I’ll say this, the illegals working for the landscaping company here are doing jobs Americans won’t when they’re out there mowing and trimming and it’s 120F in August.

  135. Don’t forget the bed.

  136. Millennials wont do anything that might cause sunburn, blisters, or perspiration.

  137. We just got back from dinner, where my MIL was informing Boy1 that Trump is not a politician, he’s a businessman who can’t lie or else the IRS would be all over him and he’d go to jail.

    *applies gauze bandage to tongue*

  138. Watching the Pistons lose.

  139. Watching some guy I never heard of choke in a golf tournament. He had a 2 stroke lead with 4 holes to go.

    Nerves got him. Now he’s tied with 2 to go.

  140. aaand down by one with 1 to go.

  141. Greetings, rangers of rump.

  142. Home from work. Don’t get me started about Messicans and theft. Mi familia is the worst!!! They really don’t have the same values as Anglos. They don’t believe in private property for the most part and Los Ricos are reviled. My grammo was constantly having rosaries, medals, and when they had the orchards, fruit, stolen. Family members…ALWAYS.

  143. Yesterday I was about to take my break and was washing my hands at the lunchroom sink, when I heard a coworker telling a mentally retarded kid who is our janitor “automatic weapons have no purpose but for killing people. The second amendment says that guns are for militias only, meaning the military…” I dried my hands, walked back out to the sales floor and worked another 1 1/2 hours before trying to take my break again.

  144. Lauraw, Dan and I sneak up to the conference room for break and lunch. I can’t handle the stoopid. Every now and then, I engage, but most of the time I leave. Militant black guy that I finally lost it with, now considers himself a Republican. I started him off with Allen West. African at work told him to watch Gifted Hands. He started reading and watching Dr Carson.

  145. Okay, I’m going to admit it, I’m scared shitless Trump will be our nominee. Oh and South Carolina shove it up your ass.

  146. My favorite work moments from today: 1. Grandmother letting her grandkid push the cart, stopped suddenly, kid ran the cart right into her. Ouch. 2. Woman pushing cart while texting. Head down and focused on her phone. Runs over her asshole kid with the cart.

  147. Gary Johnson is looking for delegates for the Libertarian Convention in FL. Email him! LOL

  148. Yeah, Mare, not real happy to be from SC at the moment. I wonder how many Dems crossed over to vote in the Repub primary.

  149. There’s a special place in Hell for rosary thieves.

  150. I’m feeling the same dread Mare. Not sure what I’ll do if that’s the case.

  151. A bunch. He’s probably the only one Clinton can beat.

  152. Oh and South Carolina shove it up your ass.

    Lindsey Graham is already on it.


  153. Trump saying Planned Parenthood, “does very good work”, makes me want to cry…he’s the republican front runner.

  154. I’m giving to the candidate I want, I’m praying like crazy, I’m trying to use my influence on anyone I know. What else can we do. I have not yet campaigned but have done it in the past.

  155. And to make matters worse I don’t know if Leon is still carb cycling.

  156. I don’t see Trump losing unless Rubio and Cruz strike a deal soon.

    If one of them were to drop out, Trump is history.

  157. Keep taking care of the things that you can do, mare. Remember that even if things turn out in a way that you don’t want, things are going to happen the way that they’re supposed to.

  158. Planned Parenthood is the devil on earth. And I mean that sincerely.

  159. Sean, my faith and experience tells me that is so…it’s getting over my nature to see people as reasonable and rational that holds me back.

  160. But I thank you for the reminder.

  161. I won’t vote for Rubio. I won’t be shamed into voting for someone I despise again. Juan McCain was my final Turd Sandwich vote. Romney was a squish, but I believe he is a decent man. All in for Cruz. No more GOPe for me.

  162. Leon, did someone steal your rosary?

  163. Leon, my grammo told me to always take my purse with me to Communion. Catholics were thieves. At my Aunt Dolores’ funeral, my cousins asked what they should do with their purses while her cremains were being placed in the grotto. I reminded them that Grammo said to keep your purse with you always while in church.

  164. Oso, I absolutely understand how you’ve got to this point and respect your decision.

    I’m just praying Hillary doesn’t win, she is an evil, coattail riding, lying, unaccomplished, political whore. And those are her best qualities.

  165. Trump is a disaster, but he would be better than Obama or Hillary..

    He would at least get SOME things right

  166. Leon, my grammo told me to always take my purse with me to Communion. Catholics were thieves.

    Was your grammo Jack Chick?

  167. Hillary appointing 2 or 3 supreme court justices frighten me.

  168. Clinton is completely corrupt, Sanders is a loon, Trump cares about one thing……”Trump” no morals. Rubio is the establishment guy. Cruz wants to shrink government, and actually follow the Constitution……. Only one decent choice for me.

  169. Trump is a disaster, but he would be better than Obama or Hillary..
    He would at least get SOME things right


    I do believe this is true.

  170. Jimbros comment is true and gives me chills.

  171. I agree Pepe, just doubt he’ll be an option on election day.

  172. Cruz is my guy too.

  173. Sean, hahaha. My Grammo would never admit there was any religion other than Catholicism. She’d make my Jewish cousins go to CCD and Mass when they’d visit her.

  174. We all know I’ll cave and vote anyone but D on election day.

  175. Bush seemed to have spent most of his time attacking Rubio, but for some reason, I suspect the Bush 8% will flow toward Rubio more than Cruz.

    Personally I prefer Cruz, but I can live with Rubio.

  176. We had such an opportunity to have something good happen, and our establishment betters created an f’ing monster. Thank you power hungry pricks. Bohner, McConnell, Rebius, Ryan, the whole effing country owes you something. Which will not be mentioned here.

  177. Since Trump is actually just another self-enriching liberal with autocratic freedom-crushing tendencies, there would be little difference between a Trump or a Hillary presidency, except perhaps in personal destructive action. Maybe. He’s nearly as petty and vindictive as she is.

    But if Trump won, Congress might suddenly rediscover its constitutional power to balance (curb) the powers of the Presidency. That’s the only difference I could possibly see.

    And again, there’s a big maybe attached. Because they’re all for sale.

  178. Jeb! just proves you can’t buy an election if you’re a Republican.

  179. Whoever wins, we’re all gonna die.

    Man, I need to stop reading that Nihilist Arby’s twitter feed.

  180. Because they are all for sale.


    So true, it took me a shit ton of years to get they WILL screw me (the base) over for their own bullshit needs.

  181. I felt like an abused girl friend with the whole Ryan bullshit. And I don’t even know what that means. But thanks McCain for softening me up.

  182. Faced with a choice between Hillary and Sanders, Hillary WILL win. It doesn’t matter what the votes are, she’ll get the nomination. The establishment will do everything in its power to prevent a Cruz win. I think they are afraid of him. Rubio is the same old same old. Trump is a buffoon, they’ll eat him alive.

  183. The establishment doesn’t fear Cruz–they hate him. And it’s 50% his ideas, 50% him doing everything he can to step on peoples’ toes. I like the ideas Cruz espouses. I don’t particularly like him. I’ve always got the vibe off of him that he’s trying to sell me Ted Cruz.

    That said, I’ll vote for him if he’s the nominee.

  184. Watching Grease:Live because wife and daughter want to watch it and I have no choice.

    I’ve never seen Grease and have always considered that to be a badge of honor.

    Pity me.

  185. Did they work out the whole nipple color thing, Wiser? Are yours darker or lighter than your wife’s?

    *There, that should distract you from Grease!!!*

  186. My favorite part of Grease is where they’re all at the school dance and FALUN DAFA MESSIAH descends from clouds and leads the reverent and obedient children to glorious and harmonious future of auspicious prosperity.

  187. Kids were at the grandparents with wiserbride this weekend. Wiserson asked wiserdaughter to give him a haircut (she’s going to Paul Mitchell school.)

    Wiserdaughter forced wiserson to show her his nipples before she agreed to cut his hair.

    I guess, from what I was told by wiserbride, he inherited my nipples.

  188. Watching 60th Anniversary Disneyland. 2 hour commercial. Don’t care. Dan is MST3K ing it. I DON’T CARE!!!

  189. >>>>My favorite part of Grease is where they’re all at the school dance and FALUN DAFA MESSIAH descends from clouds and leads the reverent and obedient children to glorious and harmonious future of auspicious prosperity.


    This comment goes in the hall of fame!

    Omg, my stomach hurts…..

    You, Sean, are a genius…

  190. I never saw Grease.

  191. *looks down at shoe, kicks pebble*

    Aw, shucks, I’m nothing special. In fact, I cribbed most of that off the side of a moving truck used by some Chinese neighbors.

  192. Comment by scott on February 21, 2016 9:36 pm

    I never saw Grease.

    And as long as there is breath in my body, you never shall.

  193. Up until tonight, I useta could say that.

    Although, wiserbride and wiserdaughter are giving me a dispensation because I’m not actually watching while I comment here.

  194. >>>>>And as long as there is breath in my body, you never shall.

    You just stunned both -bride & -daughter

  195. Omg, they’re singing again……

  196. She stunned with her breath? I thought it was the hump toxin that does that?

    **runs like hell from the flying monkeys**

  197. >>>>>some Chinese neighbors.

    Cultists, you mean….

  198. And to make matters worse I don’t know if Leon is still carb cycling.

    I’m having a small treat now and then on Sundays, but not a loading at all. I’m getting basically no exercise now that I’m commuting to Dearbornistan and parenting the li’l one.

    No one stole my rosary, Roamy, I was referring to Oso’s comment. Mine is always in my front left pocket.

  199. Watching -bride & -daughter dance around reminds me of seeing RHPS in the theater….

  200. On of the best parts of Grease

  201. Grease the movie was 78. Rainbow Connection was just performed on my Disney special. Me: OMG this movie was almost 40 years ago! Dan: No way. Me: 1979. Dan: FUCK! When did we get old? FIN

  202. Ok, have to admit….

    This scene was really cool…

  203. WB, remember while watching that Rizzo’s dad in RL died the night before. My favorite performance.

  204. >>>WB, remember while watching


  205. Leon, good. I obviously missed that.

    I’m making rosaries for the catechumens. Only 5 this year.

  206. Cultists, you mean….

    Actually (and I’m pretty sure oso can back me up on this) there’s some kind of law somewhere that says a Chinese business* has to have at least one of the following words in its name:

    Auspicious, lucky, happy, harmonious, prosperous, dragon, golden, garden, or jade.
    *Rule can be relaxed for restaurants, though if they apply for a variance, they must use the word “palace” in their name.

  207. You are watching!!! (Dan is being an ass about Idina Menzel looking like Caitlyn Jenner. He is such an ass)

  208. Sean, yes. And the waving cat.

  209. How about this scene, Wiser?

  210. You forgot “peace” and “noodle”

  211. Harmonious?

  212. We went to Rising Star yesterday. New owner is from Taipei. I H8 speaking my limited Chinese more than my limited Spanish. We scored almond cookies in addition to fortune cookies. Grrr

  213. When I worked in the hood we had Hartford Number 1.

    L-16 was a tasty shrimp dish

  214. I hate speaking my limited Chinese too!

  215. WHOA!!!

    I did not expect this!

  216. Our take-out place is called China City.

    MMM @558am.

  217. I know 13 words of japanese* and not a single word of chinese. That’s enough.

    *1 to 10, chest, grasp, and idiot

  218. Bedtime.

  219. RL friend had her kids musical instruments stolen out of her car. APD being APD have her checking Pawn shops and Craig’s List. She started a GoFundMe in the meantime. I H8 druggies. I H8 LEOs that don’t do their jobs.

  220. Heh heh heh…

    Wonder if any SJW realized that the Vince Fontaine character was based on real-life pedophile predator Jimmy Saville?

    Not such a cute silly flick now, is it?

  221. Oso, tell her to also check local music (not record) stores. People who steal instruments usually try selling them to music stores cheap.

  222. Bride & daughter are now doing something called the hand jive….

    Kill me nao

  223. The one here is Ding How. Dim sum for Mother’s Day is now a tradition.

    Speaking of food, someone slipped 11 sandwiches into our cooler after Science Olympiad. They are the saddest sandwiches I’ve seen since my parents were financial straits in 1980-81. One thin slice of deli meat per sandwich. I can’t call it a sammich, it’s not a proper one, it’s a wish sandwich. There were items on the volunteer list that didn’t involve money, like helping with impound.

  224. WB, the local music stores have a better database than LEOs. I get really tired of LEOs expecting civilians to research theft.

  225. Ding hao means very good.

  226. Closest real Chinese food is 100 miles away in ABQ.

  227. Ding How has the best hot and sour soup ever.

  228. >>> I get really tired of LEOs expecting civilians to research theft.

    Music store has cameras all over the place. Owner refuses to be ripped off.

    Subway a little further up the strip mall was recently held up at gun-point.

    Cops came in begging for music store’s video. We’ve solved a whole lot of cases for them, thanks to the cameras

  229. Did anybody take anybody else to court claiming that the Harmonious Lucky Garden restaurant infringed on the trademark of their Garden of Lucky Harmony hair salon today?

  230. WB it gets really old. LEOs take their sweet time to show up. Use our video etc to establish a case. I H8 having to tell people to call cops always. We are limited with what we can do

  231. Szechuan Chinese Restaurant in ABQ has the best hot and sour soup I’ve ever tasted.

  232. Which one? Location? Budai is my fav.

  233. Binge watching The League. Each season gets more offensive. O M G. I’m so glad that I told Dan’s boss to watch. If he had recommended…AWKWARD.

  234. Dan: Go to bed. Me: G’night H2

  235. Heh, one might be well advised to skip the continental brefast.

  236. Hey?! Are the Lionel Ritchie posters gone?

  237. Deanne rejected Erik’s proposal.

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