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  1. Lifestyle changes speaks to me.

  2. Pups, this is just the poat I needed. Thank you. And I LOL’d at the “I’m not sure what my wife thinks I do in the bathroom…”

  3. “Thanks but I’m full”


  4. The Target deal is right on Target.

    (I’m embarrassed and ashamed)

  5. And give me some of that cough syrup, stat.

  6. Mornin neer do wells. Has Jay been released from his corporate servitude? Or is he still being oppressed by the tyrannical capitalists?

  7. I screen shot the ball gag face mask and texted it to my wife. I could hear her giggling from the next room. Well done, Pupster.

  8. CHEETH!!

    Puma in argyle and the army ready to attack!

  9. MIL came back home yesterday. She looks gaunt. Seems weak. She’s hearing voices while we’re sitting there. BIL stayed the night but he said she only got up once to use the restroom and didn’t say anything.

  10. First

  11. Doreen was a little cunt.

  12. Where’s Heels Up Harris headed today?

  13. And will she blow it for Biden?

  14. Fifth

  15. SIXTH!

  16. And…….splat.

  17. Well, I accomplished by big household task for the day. I had the extra special privilege of washing the dogs ass. Ah yes, bending into the tub while kneeling is wonderful for your lower back and the wet dog odor…magnifique!

    I going to reward myself with a nap and then 50 rnds on the range.

  18. She is cooking with my eggplants from the garden. Did she ask? No.

    Altre due settimane, e non di più.

  19. Has she tried to borrow Scott yet?

  20. Prayers, Beasn. I thought roommate moved out?

  21. Yeah, she borrowed him to help her pick up a kitchen table for her new place today.

    Two weeks. Sept 1st. Dear sweet fuck, let it pass quickly.

    Scott is like, “Well, the eggplants were out on the counter, so…”

    I’m like, where else would I put eggplant but in the kitchen? Do I have to start storing things in my bedroom?

  22. Actually, in the first year or so she was here, I did store things in my bedroom because it drove me crazy how she insisted on touching and examining every new thing I brought into the house. I stopped doing that because I was fed up with myself. Thankfully I never put a basket of fucking fresh produce up there, for crying out loud.

  23. Leon, you need to do a controlled experiment using Korean Natural Farming methods on part of your new garden, record the results, and analyze the data for me. Thanks in advance, man. *fist bump*

    Shit, Leon is the best guy. He’s so good to do this for me.

  24. Familiarity breeds contempt. Glad this is coming to an end for you.

  25. I don’t get the Lazarus one. Cheeth and time of my life are my favorites.

  26. ‘Mama I just killed a mouse’ made me snort in my pantaloons.

  27. Lauraw, did she cook a dish for all three of you, or just, hey, eggplant for me.

  28. I don’t get the Lazarus one, either. I like Oso in a cab. I was singing “Mama I just killed a mouse”

  29. Who the what now? Farming Koreans with big naturals?

    I’m on board, but my wife might object.

  30. She cooked for all of us, Roamy. Scott won’t touch an eggplant so then I guess its just me and her. But I’m not touching it. Too pissed off. After she chopped up a couple eggplant, she came into the living room halfway through cooking the meal and said, “The recipe calls for 3 cups of mustard greens. What in the garden could I use for that?”

    I’m just done. It’s the entitlement. What’s mine is hers. She has to go.

    A couple of weeks ago she asked me if I had any white vinegar for this concoction she uses to soak her feet, right before she was giving herself a pedicure. Cheapest stuff I have on hand is 1/2 bottle of organic apple cider vinegar, and her foot bath would use all of it. I said, “Nah, I don’t want to use it all up on feet.”

    Does she go to the store literally 2 minutes away to get $0.99 bottle of vinegar for herself? No. She pouted at me. Then, reluctantly, sighing, “Well, I guess the recipe can do without the vinegar.”


  31. I like being able to choose what I share with the people I love. Not have it guilted out of me.

  32. I don’t get the lazarus thing either

  33. And also, if you live here rent free for years, also freely using my electricity, hot water, etc, you got giant elephant balls to be asking me for anything at all. She was trying to cadge more shit off of me to give to her niece recently too. I gave her instructions on how to buy it for herself.

  34. And also, if you live here rent free for years, also freely using my electricity, hot water, etc, you got giant elephant balls to be asking me for anything at all.

    and knowing that you’ve worn out your welcome already, with being shown the door.

    Who needs friends like that.

  35. Threesomes never work. They seem like a good idea, but nope.

  36. Mr. RFH and I tried to be friends with a co-worker and his wife many years ago, back before kids and when we were not broke but living lean. Stupid me, I made the suggestion we go out to dinner to celebrate her birthday, our treat, and let her pick the restaurant. She picked the Green Bottle Grill. I didn’t know it was a $$$ kind of establishment, I thought it was like a bar and grill. I got a rude awakening into what kind of people they were, especially after they ordered wine and appetizers. The bill for us, with tip, was $250. I was making about $28K a year at the time. That was the last time we went out to dinner. They dropped a couple of hints afterwards that they’d like to do that again. Yeah, I bet you would.

  37. Green Bottle Grill closed, and there’s a really good Thai restaurant there now where you can get a nice chicken satay and a bowl of that somewhat spicy soup with shrimp and coconut milk for $11.

  38. Ugh. She’s not THAT bad. Just a natural opportunist with some inaccurate assumptions.

  39. /uses Laura’s organic apple cider vinegar to soak my corns

    / spills is all over the floor and uses Laura’s greens to clean up the mess

    / flounces out of the room

  40. My local veggie stand has eggplants. I made a ton of baba ghanoush

  41. Good to know you finally realized eggplants come from the veggie stand, not the coop in the yard

  42. Your mom likes my baba ghanoush

  43. Razorfist on the Kamala pick. NSFW Language

  44. I feel bad imposing on couples. Unfortunately single at near 50 means that’s the landscape. Makes everything awkward.

  45. Love the cats as Queen, “Ammo!” , and the ballgag mask.

    I gotta get that mask – I’ll wear it on the plane when I go to visit my daughter and SIL….


    Now I want to make banh mi and my own sauerkraut.

  47. Anybody watch this? One hour 22 minutes on ‘Shadowgate’?
    Perhaps you should watch it twice.

    This is interesting, as is the circumstances of her arrest…

  48. Kimchi is great, but you can also just make easy kosher dills, Roamy. Kimchi is pretty stinky. Kosher dills are not.

    Your cucumbers should be less than four days from picked, be rinsed well and have the blossom-ends trimmed off.

    The brine should be a 3.5% salt brine, or 35 grams of kosher salt dissolved in a liter of non-chlorinated water. Either bottled water, or boiled-then-cooled tap water.

    In the bottom of a quart jar place 1 tsp each peppercorns and dill seed, some crushed in a spice grinder or mortar. Crush a garlic clove or two and drop that in. Pack the jar with your cleaned and trimmed cucumbers. Top with a couple grape leaves or an oak leaf. Pour in the brine to the top of the jar. If the cucumbers aren’t well wedged in and start to float, apply a small non-metal weight or wedge to the top to keep the cucumbers submerged.

    Burp the jar a couple times a day, and ferment for 3-6 days, depending on the room temperature. Start tasting on the third day and refrigerate when they are as sour as you like them.

  49. I swear that eating my months-old kimchi is what finally helped me kill the pestilence I had this past Spring.

  50. Don’t ever rebuke pediatricians.

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